The Home Depot
130 W 1250 N, Logan, UT 84341, United States

Review β„–1

Update: Talked to another employee and he was more helpful. He used Home Depots app to help us look up a portable air compressor, which they didnt end up having.They didnt have what I needed (3/8 fine threaded nut or a small metal bracket to hold a bookshelf to my wall) and I got very little help from the employees when I was looking around the store. I dont like giving a bad review because maybe they (the 4 employees I tried to get help from) were just having a bad day, so Ill give them the benefit of the doubt and still give a 3 star for now, because I will be back and will increase my rating if it is warranted. I mean, heck, I would be grumpy too if I had to wear a 😷 all day.

Review β„–2

I spent some time in this store today β€” a busy day for shopping. I needed advice, questions answered, a lock re-keyed. To a person, every sales person was helpful and friendly. When I was waiting, several salespeople asked if I had been helped. And two went out of their way to find the one person who could do the re-keying. A cashier stepped to another counter to help me with heavy items. What a great place to shop! It’s been a long while since I shopped where personnel were so friendlyβ€” unusual for these times. And I’ll certainly be going back.

Review β„–3

I so far havent had a good experience at home Depot. I went yesterday with my kids to buy some appliances. Just to be left disappointed. So, I signed up for my home Depot card and had it. But when came time for me to pay. The person helping me had no clue what they were doing. At the end I was over charged and had to cancel my order due to the fact that the employee had no clue what to do. So now I am put back from what a wanted to get done. Because know Im waiting for home Depot to refund my money. So I can restart the process all over again. I think more training is needed when it comes dealing with transaction and applying for credit card based transactions. This experience I have had with home Depot. Has been horrible. I have been battling with them for a week. Due to a home Depot representative messing up my order. And lied and told he didnt one thing and didnt not. So more updates with my home Depot battles. Now Im missing money from account. Home Depot has decided they are going to make me eat the cost. And I still have a home Depot credit card to pay off. I will not refer anyone to go to home Depot. Because at the end no matter how nice I tried to be about the situation. Knowing Im the one loading and home Depot didnt care. Once Im done paying by the credit card for home Depot. I will no longer shop there. Its sad home my decision to improve my apartment . And trust home Depot to help me ended with me suffering to get money. I earned working back. So think before you make a decision that can mess up your while week. But this isnt it I am thinking of seek legal action against home Depot.

Review β„–4

Went to pick out carpet. Signs everywhere reading 7 DAY INSTALLATION in the carpet section. Pick one of the carpets eligible for the 7 day install. Get install scheduled.Get a call days later from the contractor saying that carpet is unavailable, we wont be able to install for at least 5 weeks.Go back to home depot to ask what the hell? and am told by clerk in carpet center: We havent done 7 day installs since covid hit!Me: THEN WHY ARE THERE SIGNS EVERYWHERE SAYING YOU DO?Clerk: What signs?Me: *points to several signs atop carpet samples saying 7 day install*Clerk: Oh, I dont know why those are upMe: Well I was sold a 7 day install, so how are you going to fix this?Clerk: *Shrug*Yeah. Im going to be cancelling that install and taking my business elsewhere. I will NOT tolerate being lied to and jerked around like this

Review β„–5

Really a good Home Depot for the West/South West. I noticed the friendliness usually switches from Southwest Lowes friendly and Home Depot opposite to in the Northeast Home Depot friendly and Lowes opposite. Maybe a monopoly on everything like covering it up. But anyway I like stores, and this one has helpful friendly staff.

Review β„–6

Great customer service! You can also go to the website/app and it will tell you exactly where it is if they have it in store. They have many things for all sorts of projects you might want to do. Also a garden area where you can buy plants/outdoorsy things.

Review β„–7

The quality of the plants here is hit or miss. They dont always have very knowledgeable staff in the garden section, but thats to be expected from a Home Depot. The store is otherwise pretty much your typical Home Depot. Lowes has higher quality plants, usually--at least in Logan.

Review β„–8

Went into Home Depot needed an item spray bottle you know the sprayers Pump It Up LOL but thats all I needed it was clean customers on every isle, on every area of the floor. What I found when I walked. I like to walk around its fun pick up good ideas on stuff shut that you want to do... kitchen ideas

Review β„–9

They dont always have everything I need, but most things I need can be found here. Between the two major home improvement stores Im usually good.

Review β„–10

We come here to get different things for my husband. We have gotten lots of his power tools, a grill cover, wood for different projects, shingles, you name it. And while he is off looking at tools, I am getting plants! I think I am now up to 4 plants from Home Depot. Whenever husband needs something, I get rewarded with a new plant! Win-win! And they have really cute plant pots as well. This is my sago palm and lucky bamboo :)

Review β„–11

Helpful, friendly employees. We easily found exactly what we needed. My one criticism is that the store is EXTREMELY hot during this heat wave. Had it not been so uncomfortably hot in the store, I would have shopped longer.

Review β„–12

Getting supplies for 3 projects at once!Its nice to do a single stop.

Review β„–13

I love this location, it’s close to home. It has everything I need and it’s open on Sunday, which is definitely a win for emergencies that can’t wait until Monday.

Review β„–14

Staff is always helpful and they almost always have what I need in stock.

Review β„–15

This place is downright dangerous for me to go into unless I’m ready to spend a lot of money. I love everything about this store including their multifunctional orange buckets! Myra is hands down the best person for customer service with whom I’ve ever dealt. They have a few duds working there which can be expected anywhere. Sue and Christine are also extremely awesome to help you out.

Review β„–16

Associates were helpful when asked, and they had everything I needed. Prices were somewhat higher than I was used to elsewhere, but some of the items I needed I could only get here so it was worth it not to waste time driving around.

Review β„–17

Home Depot is the best. Needed some nuts and bolts and Brandon stepped up to the plate and made sure I got everything on my list that was needed. Pleasant experience from walking thru the doors and asking the service person where I needed to go for my nuts and bolts. Meeting Brandon, and checking out. Good Day at Home Depot.

Review β„–18

Its hard for me to find things in this store. There were at least 8 employees that walked past me, with their heads down, not making eye contact and not asking if I needed help. I finally found someone that was working and he gladly helped me.Ill go to Lowes next time.

Review β„–19

Decent prices and so much to choose from and friendly helpful staff!

Review β„–20

Honestly? I applied here for an asset protection position. They said theyd contact me the next Thursday about my start date. I was basically told that I had the job. Waited, Thursday came and went. I called, the hiring manager was Out but theyd be told I called. I suspect its because Id given them a bad review a year prior commenting on the absolutely revolting state of their bathrooms. Its unfortunate because honestly, Id have taken my time to clean up the bathrooms since nobody else was going to do it. Funny fact, I came in recently just for some flex seal and the toilets were a disaster still.Lowest rating for lying to me about being hired, as well as being my being a customer and not being provided a safe and clean place to relieve myself.

Review β„–21

Brock was very helpful with an exchange. Couldnt have made it easier.

Review β„–22

The only reason Ill give 4 stars is due to how hot and muggy it is. I get it they use swamp coolers, but Id rather go to Lowes so I can at least feel the AC

Review β„–23

I had the nicest employee help me find a small wire brush last night. (I didn’t catch his name but he had awesome tattoos, and wore a bandana as a mask.) He asked questions about what I was working on, fixing my washer, as we walked me to the right spot to find what I needed. He was so kind and made my day!

Review β„–24

Cashier needs to pay better attention. Several small electrical items were not placed in bag.

Review β„–25

We bought a few paint samples to try out on our wall. They made one that was 25% lighter than the standard paint chip and another that was 50% lighter. Its nice that they can do that. We ended up going with the 25% lighter one. It was perfect.

Review β„–26

During this crazy time home depot has done very well to keep people healthy and safe and still provide us with supplies to keep our hands busy while we are all away from work. They were one of the first to impose a occupancy is limit. And now they inforce mask wearing and even provide some for people who forgot. They are still helpful as ever.I recently tried their truck for rent. It was an amazing deal for me and my husband. We just have a little car, so halling plywood is not really an option. They take about $120 in the beginning then when your return the truck they refund you for the time unused. For us, we just did the 75 minutes, and got refunded about $100. So it is really only $20 which I think is extremely fair. Only catch is you have to refill the tank. Even if you only used a gallon. If you dont refill the tank, they charge like $6 a gallon.

Review β„–27

Never lost there. Always an employee around at Logan, The Home Depot!

Review β„–28

Nice place they usually have anything I am looking for

Review β„–29

Home Depot Logan UT has the worst customer service. In our search for lumber, we were treated like we were wasting the employees time. 2 other employees stood and visited while an elderly gentleman searched for red wood. They made no attempt to help and were upset when he asked for help. They pointed him in a general direction away from them and continued visiting. As long time customers, we have decided with the decline of customer service, we will no longer frequent that store.

Review β„–30

Their 3” x 8’ boards were not 3” and now my garden boxes look bad. The boxes made from boards from Lowe’s were much better.

Review β„–31

This Home Depot has been one of the few businesses in Logan that has been serious about enforcing mask-wearing for employees and customers - until about a month ago. The last few times Ive gone, numerous employees have had masks pulled down around their necks and numerous customers have strolled right in with no masks at all.Im taking my business online, since nobody in Cache County seems to take public health seriously.

Review β„–32

The employees were really helpful and made finding the things I needed easier.

Review β„–33

Home Depot is the best hardware store. If I cant find the item Im looking for I ask an employee like today and was happy we found what I was looking for Thank you home depot.

Review β„–34

Everything is easy to find but its even faster if you ask a employee to help you find everything your after

Review β„–35

Worth your time to look online and compare prices between here and Lowe’s. Sometimes Home Depot is better and sometimes Lowe’s is better. I find Home Depot has a better selection of wood and lumbar.

Review β„–36

I always love shopping at Home Depot, but lately with everyone in masks I feel very disconnected with people. Today an emlpoyee named Myra was so kind and friendly. It made my day:)

Review β„–37

Kenna in the paint department is amazing!!! She can match anything. She is fast, knowledgeable, friendly and she totally knows paint. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for paint matching. Love her!!!

Review β„–38

I have been able to buy the insulation sheet here for many years.

Review β„–39

Rob Brown in the cabinets department has given amazing service. He is patient and very knowledgeable. Thank you for all your help!

Review β„–40

Lowes has better price on almost everything.

Review β„–41

Terrible service, got a washer machine from them, was defective, call like 5 times until finally got them to process a return, they told me I couldnt take back to the store, just horrible place to buy anything

Review β„–42

We recently purchased a new dishwasher online at Home Depot. It was scheduled to be delivered on Mar. 24. On March 23, we received and email stating the delivery date had changed to April 2. On April 1st, I received an email saying it would be delivered between 9-1. I reached out to the company, via online forum and was told it WOULD BE delivered between 9-1. At 3 PM I called customer service and they also said it should be delivered between 9-1. Even though it was 3 when I called. They directed me to another person and they put me on hold to reach out to the delivery service personnel, got back on the line and said they couldn’t reach them and to wait for a phone call from them, which I still haven’t received... we will NOT be using Home Depot for any major appliance purchases in the future.

Review β„–43

I’m sharing this review with my emotions very high right now.I went through the self checkout at about 8:00 PM on Sunday night. It was closing time, everyone was getting ready to leave, if it wasn’t an emergency to get a project done I would not have been there.I was having a hard time ringing stuff up. My wife is in college and had schoolwork to do so I had to carry along our 5 month old son. He was not happy and I was struggling to ring anything up.On top of that, I forgot my wallet and only had 30$ Cash. My total came out to be 32$ and I told Nora, the employee who was over the self checkout that I needed to put something back and asked if I could give it to her. Without hesitating, she came over and said let me take care of you. She spent 10 minutes after hours looking up a 10% off coupon for me, helping me lord my stuff and re ringing everything up for me after it wouldn’t take my cash.She was a true delight and I can’t express my appreciation enough. She went above and beyond why was expected of her, interacting with my son and I and calming down what was a hard situation.Even after. Other employees helped me take my stuff out to the car, as previously mentioned, I was struggling.Blown away by this experience and I won’t shop anywhere else.

Review β„–44

Great service and very easy in and out . even when the line was long they were fast

Review β„–45

Had what I was looking for, and naturally a few things that I wasnt looking for. Those front displays will get you almost every time!

Review β„–46

Had a paint color that didn’t turn out how I wanted, and Tom in the paint department helped me figure out what we could do to fix it. He was patient and very nice. I’ll definitely come back and deal with him again. Thanks Tom

Review β„–47

Home depot, where to even begin. The smell of the lumber, the numerous carpet samples, or the sweet taste of paint. Theres simply too much to say. First Ill start with my favorite place; the bathroom displays. Somedays I sit on the toilet and wonder what it would be like to wake up to heated tile floors, and a faux granite countertop. One day, oh Home Depot, one day.

Review β„–48

When you go to a store it is so hard to find the color sample you want! But Home Depot added like a screen thing and you can find it in its exact location! It is really handy!!!! It did take us a while to find a carpet cover though.. But other than that I think their store is great!

Review β„–49

I have tried to get Home Depot to stop sending me emails for over a month. I do not have an account with them I did not sign up for anything, and I have unsubscribed four times according to their website. I have photos of every submission.BE WARNED, DO NOT CASUALLY BROWSE THEIR MOBILE APP NOR WEBSITE.Home Depot has no respect for privacy and as a result, does not honor their own requests to be unsubscribed. Good luck.

Review β„–50

I love shopping at the Home Depot. The staff are friendly and helpful, especially Adysen in the garden section

Review β„–51

Always very friendly and helpful

Review β„–52

The store is very clean and organized. You do not have to run around looking for items or carts to haul larger purchases with. The app is almost always accurate for product location and the staff is exceptional. You can tell they enjoy what they do. I needed help purchasing a new Samsung washing machine. I was pleased to see a friendly smile from James Metivier from the appliance section. He was very knowledgeable about the products. He even made me laugh a little which brightened my day.

Review β„–53

Wish they would put the big carts inside. they are most the time in the parking lot, so you have to go back out to get them.

Review β„–54

I absolutely love the management at Logan Home Depot. I had a paint issue a year ago and they fixed it for us without hesitation. They also stayed open 10 minutes longer as I had a long drove down the canyon.This week they dropped off a new washer as the manufacturer sent a bad one. I have really felt taken care of at this location and will always use them over any other locations. High five team! Thank you for caring!!!

Review β„–55

We were in a bind and had to take the whole family here for a quick stop last week. While we were there, my 9 year old accidentally broke a decorative bulb that was on the bottom shelf. I made her get an associate and tell them what had happened. The wonderful person she talked to told her about how Santa gives extra points to kids who tell the truth and told her that she had done a great thing by coming to them. My 9 year old, visibly upset and embarrassed, was then invited to bring her sisters to get some DIY woodcraft kits to take home. A very sad moment for them instantly changed into the highlight of their day. I cant say how impressed and grateful I am for these wonderful people who handled this situation so beautifully and turned it into a positive learning experience for my kids. ❀

Review β„–56

We love the free kids craft on the first Saturday of each month (used to have a place you could do the craft in the store, but with the pandemic now you just pick it up and do it at home, but I appreciate that they ate still doing it).Employees were friendly and helpful.

Review β„–57

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Ordered carpet and supplies within minutes. Felt confident that every aspect of the job was discussed, questions answered, guidance provided and cost with in budget. Thank you

Review β„–58

Great customer service fast friendly. Thanks for cutting the wood ty!

Review β„–59

They need help. Asked a guy to help me he took me to the item and walked off.

Review β„–60

Quick and fast...

Review β„–61

Great place! The store usually stocks what I need, and more. Really wish plant containers were on sale. Thx for being one of my favorite stores. I can find anything from nuts & bolts to paper towels & cleaning supplies.

Review β„–62

Very nice employees, and east to navigate. Would visit again!

Review β„–63

I had a wonderful experience today at the Logan Utah Home Depot. Yesterday’s experience was not so good but today was fantastic because of a young gal by the name of McKensie. I was on my way to another store to buy a new Weber grill. My wife talked me into giving Home Depot one more chance. I went to the service desk to ask for help and Brock was extremely helpful. He asked Averre to help. She was helpful but then McKensie showed up and wow she was terrific. She was able to answer my questions and helped me make a decision of which grill to buy. I walked out very happy and thrilled with my over $600.00 purchase which would have gone to the other store. I then talked to Sue who has been fantastic in setting my delivery. I will come back to the Logan store because of Brock, Sue , Averee, and especially McKensie. Thanks. John Paul Murphy

Review β„–64

Went in to get 3 different items. Wood sheet siding box of nails ridged sander. Web site said all 3 were in stock. All 3 were out of stock this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks this has been the case. Checked to make sure that my location was selected correctly to logan store it was. Very disappointing

Review β„–65

Unbelievable that masks are still required after state guidelines eliminated the need. Will start going to Lowes!

Review β„–66

The only issues I have is that its 26 miles to the nearest home depot from where I live Id be so happy if they opened a store near me

Review β„–67

Home Depot has all of the product that I need to do my jobs employees are very helpful

Review β„–68

Good service. Polite. Great prices. Wanted a little bigger selection of time but what we found was good. No real complaints. It continues to be or go-to store for building supplies

Review β„–69

The service is the best and 9 times out 10 they have what parts Im needing. Great brands carried in this store and very friendly customer service.

Review β„–70

Great store great location its a hit or miss with the employees sometimes you run into ones that dont want to help dont want to really do their job would rather not be bothered and then some of them you run into are super friendly ready and eager to please but they dont know their store well enough to be able to help you because you get a lot of help from the opposite department of what youre in other than that theyve got good prices great selection and sometimes their sales are fantastic

Review β„–71

Very helpful! Workers helped me find everything I needed and in a timely manner!

Review β„–72

Great customer service for several items I had returned. Fast and friendly service and the clerk was able to effectively lookup my orders and knew the system and how it worked. Nice to have an employee who knows the system and familiar with their software. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers! Thank you to the clerk who returned my items today and knew what she was doing!

Review β„–73

One of the three best stores in the home depot fleet. Run by a great manager and his staff

Review β„–74

Trevor at customer service is awesome. He does a great job and is willing to do extra to make sure we are taken care of. He has been especially helpful with our specific needs for picking up orders even when it means going out of his way. He even noticed the board we were picking up had a split in it and offered to go back into the store and switch it out. Can’t say enough good things about how well he helped us.

Review β„–75

Even on a very busy Friday, we were Help Very Well by the staff! In and out with we needed, quickly friendly, and no hassles! Not a small order but not super large either. Thanks Taki and Vic in app. Dept!

Review β„–76

Great foe all your gsrdening!

Review β„–77

The loan home for is really great! The staff is friendly and willing to help, just make sure to ask. You can make your shipping easier by searching for products on there online store and it will give you the aisle and bay number. I would say that the only draw back its the size of the home depot. It is very easy to get lost in it. Someones it may be hard to find owns if they qualify for two different areas such as piping and specific house connectors/adapters may be located in garden or plumbing so if you cant find something ask an associate. They always have had what I need and finding it is the only tricky thing. Checking out is easy and the aisles are easy to shop in, even if you use a large wheel chair the ability to maneuver would be fairly easy. Home dept does a great job with what they do.

Review β„–78

Fast and friendly curbside delivery.

Review β„–79

Great place for all your home projects. The employees are amazing

Review β„–80

Quick in and out trip. Self check out girl very helpful.

Review β„–81

They are the only ones who sell (online only) Chem Dry stain extinguisher locally, which I love and have been using for years. I was able to place the order online and pick it up there a couple of days later.

Review β„–82

Was a little disappointed that they did not have some variety but still well stocked

Review β„–83

If looking for odd parts they have it.

Review β„–84

Its a nice store. I love all home depots

Review β„–85

The store was clean, the associates were helpful. I really wished they had what I was looking for, but they are significantly backordered. The associate was very helpful in getting it ordered and explained when I should get it and how I will be contacted regarding it.

Review β„–86

Great selection, great prices.

Review β„–87

Real helpful ladies in tht office dept

Review β„–88

My 4th trip this week. Home away from home.

Review β„–89

Look, Ive been going elsewhere because of the number of folks walking around the store without masks and chin masks by some of the employees. All the signs and public service announcements throughout store mean little if the management doesnt back it up.

Review β„–90

Great store has the plumbing and electrical parts in same location as all the other Home Depots with plenty inventory stocked

Review β„–91

There is one clerk that goes above and beyond the average employee her name is Myra Thank you Myra for making me feel special.

Review β„–92

Im here just about every day. I highly recommend working with the pro desk if you are a contractor. Kendall is one of the nicest guys in the world and is very knowledgeable and professional. He will take great care of anyone!

Review β„–93

Had what we needed but were out of stock so we ordered it online.

Review β„–94

I was trying to decide on a product that had many options and a floor assistant saw I was having some concerns and asked if they could help. I felt like they were honest about all of the different products and he wasnt trying to just push something. After we were done he let me go on my way and was gracious about the experience. I appreciated the encounter very much!

Review β„–95

Great home improvement merchandise. Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Review β„–96

Love going to this place. Its my home away from home

Review β„–97

I was impressed at the care that this store had during a pandemic. I had to go to get a part to fix something and they limited the number of people in the store, employees were wearing masks, it was great! I do wish the employees were more knowledgeable about things but it was a good experience.

Review β„–98

Always helpful, great prices, clean environment and the employees are very cheerful. Highly recommend the Logan UT store

Review β„–99

Cashier doesnt know how to do her job needs to be sweeping the floor.

Review β„–100

Great deals but when I called to check on my order the lady I spoke to wasnt very nice and acted like she was irritated that I called. I tracked my packages through UPS and it said that they had arrived at the store and since they are only open until 6:00 MST, I just wanted to make sure I got there in time because it said my order should be ready by today. I understand that things are crazy but customer service should still matter.

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  • Appliance store
  • Home improvement store
  • Bathroom supply store
  • Cabinet store
  • Christmas store
  • Fireplace store
  • Lighting store
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  • Wood and laminate flooring supplier
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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