Review №1

I have been to two locations the one in Everett and the one in Lynnwood. Even though they are short on clothes these days what they do have is usually a pretty good selection. I cannot though ever go in there on any day unless I have the entire day off. The reason for this is that no matter what they only have one cashier ever theres often two up there but one is always doing returns. I realize there is a shortage of staff but back in the day thats when the manager would jump on and help bring down the line. That never happens here. I can spend an average of 45 minutes in a line to buy one thing I just dont have that kind of time to waste.

Review №2

Wasnt a horrible experience with employees. Employees were friendly and helpful. The tidiness and cleaniess of the store however could use some improvement. A lot of the clothing was on the floor, clothing wasnt hung on the correct corresponding size or in the right area and in comparison to the Lake Stevens Ross (which I understand is newer so its probably in better condition) this location however seemed like it needed another shipment to come in to stock the racks with product. It seemed like bare pickings through out most of the store.

Review №3

As their tag line says Dress for less its truly a value for your money kinda place. You can get good clothes specially if you are looking for workout outfits.

Review №4

They were nice as far as Roscoes it was really kept up well there was no clothes everywhere this things were well-stocked prices for awesome day had a good clearance section this was one of the best experiences I had it at Ross department store

Review №5

I have to give a shout out to some of the employees there really nice and respectful and the security workers are always kind and conversation enthusiasts!:)

Review №6

Girl on register 3 last night had no customer service. If you cant be nice then dont work somewhere you are faced with people every day. Didnt say thank you or anything and seemed mad we were using our store credits to pay for partial purchase.

Review №7

Awesome affordable place.The displays are kind of hapazard looking .

Review №8

Making me wait extra long while they check their cameras as they don’t take a customers word on a teturn.

Review №9

It was OK no one asked if I needed any help 🤷🏽‍♀️ they was too bz following a honest shopper SMH who bought all of her items in 2 of her carts .

Review №10

Dressing room was closed due to shortage in staff. Found a few good items and clothes.

Review №11

This store was way overcrowded - far too many people. There was no social distancing whatsoever, and masks were not enforced. Very crowded. Lines were long. The two security guards at the entrance were menacing and unfriendly. The store was messy and disorganized. Had almost no selection for luggage, which is what I came in for. (They usually have plenty of suitcases.) Disappointed by everything and couldnt wait to get out of there. I bought nothing, and doubt that Ill ever go back to that location again.

Review №12

The most organized Ross Ive ever been to!

Review №13

Great deals. Also they have someone cleaning after every person. I used the restroom and it was super clean, only one person at a time. I love this store!

Review №14

My favorite shopping place, cheap and good quality.

Review №15

Nice selections. Check out lines are always full.

Review №16

Good stop for home decor and dresses as well.

Review №17

Prices are okay not a great selection

Review №18

Me and my husband and baby always had excellent guest service there. theyre always very informative about whats returnable and whats not very friendly and seem to go the extra mile for us. We go out of our way just to shop at that location because of the atmosphere and the guest service. We appreciate it very much!

Review №19

A good store where you can buy clothes and home decor. The staff is friendly and polite. I recommend.

Review №20

Its one of my favorite stores and is lottery AMAZING.

Review №21

Not alot of clothing for Men who are small. Good prices and quality is mostly made in China...

Review №22

Its okay sometimes they have a lot of stuff sometimes they dont. A lot of the times its extremely disorganized

Review №23

Good store, if youve been to 1 ross youve been to all of them

Review №24

Always so messy and not much for kids selection.

Review №25

Generally ok selection, lots of bare spots on shelves. Staff was A+, very sweet and helpful, without being overbearing.

Review №26

Found my son a Lakers Jersey, at the most amazing price.

Review №27

I need to return something, had my receipt, value around $34. They would not credit back my card because it was 2 days past the 30 days even though I had Covid and had to quarantine. This was literally the first day I could get out of the house. I have a health condition so I can’t drive and had to get a ride here. Spoke to the manager and they were inflexible and not sympathetic. Will not be back and will let others know that the store is not helpful during these pandemic times.

Review №28

I absolutely love Ross! They have literally everything from snacks, to bedding, household items all the way to clothing!! And the prices cant be beat! Not Even at Walmart

Review №29

Not sure what it was about this store but it just seemed a bit off. It was like they never restock the racks and some of them had barely anything on them, especially in the kids department. There was a lack of workers too and we stood there to check out entirely too long for there being only about 10 customers in the store. Be sure to look your item/items over before checking out because many have flaws you dont see till you get them home.

Review №30

Its a good place to shoppe.with las money.

Review №31

I like Ross just to see what I can buy that I dont need. Only complaint is I hate the lines due to only having minimal staff

Review №32

Great location, good prices, products and staff

Review №33

They are treating customers bad. When i was returning an item the cashier said that she has to talk with her manager but she was talking with one of her colleagues(like whispering) and acting like talking with the manager ; even they didnt care about the long lane. I spend an hour to get the cashier and to return. This is the worst experience that i have ever in the store

Review №34

Legally steal your money. If you lose receipt, and items are priced lower than originally purchased at the time of return, Ross will profit, or steal, the difference. Then, Rods will jack up the price of same item and profit again. Out of hundred shopping stores and Ross the only one could not afford looking up original receipt. What a way to profit. Bad business. Way to legally steal people money Ross.

Review №35

Food section was hopeless. Nothing healthy or organic.

Review №36

Good 👍and flexible pricing I like it

Review №37

Shop there alot

Review №38

I love this Ross. I live in kirkland and will only shop in Lynnwood or Redmond due to customer service and atmosphere.

Review №39

Love the discounted name brand clothing & Accessories here! Can save you a lot of money if you have a smaller budget!!

Review №40

I found a lot of great stuff for my new home but one lady working there had a very rude sassy attitude when I went to return an item. made me feel very unwelcome and uncomfortable.. which made my experience bad.

Review №41

Its always a mess .there never anything on the racks 😴

Review №42

Way too many people

Review №43

Good cheap, Made in China stuff to fill up the house, rent a storage unit, and buy more stuff.

Review №44

I found everything I needed and the prices was very good

Review №45

Great prices

Review №46

I enjoy shopping at Ross, but the ladies that work in this store were unfriendly. The cashier woman was rude, and packed my purchased items including sweaters, pants and fragile glass jars in one big bag. I had to take the jars out and carry them separately to the car and left the store feeling unwelcome. I will not come back to this location.

Review №47

I walked in I walked right back out. There was way to many people in the store. THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING ANY GUIDELINES. The line alone wrapped all the way around the inside of the store plus people trying to shop down those isles.It’s not a safe place to be unless you want to get sick

Review №48

Good ☺️

Review №49

Great prices and well organized with good social distancing procedures.

Review №50

Love the cloths. Love the snaxx. Always a good experience.

Review №51

Not over crowded, easy to walk through aisles

Review №52

Good place to shop

Review №53 anywhere. Staff is great. Amazing random snack selections.

Review №54

I like Ross I always seem to find something I need

Review №55

Messy, racks were almost empty like they were going out of business, and the line went to the back of the store. We left without buying. Went to homegoods instead.

Review №56

Best shopping there ever!

Review №57

Got the pretty and warm coat I needed! A little more expensive than the east coast but still reasonable.

Review №58

Its a good place I like it 👌

Review №59

Lady who was checking out was rude. Its chaotic getting to the counter with so many ppl and different cashiers in what looks like a jig saw puzzle

Review №60

No good no bathroom for costumers

Review №61

Its OK little hectic but should be expected during these times but sanitized

Review №62

The line to pay was so long so I left

Review №63

I love Ross but over the last year visiting Ross stores from Arizona, California and Washington one thing has remained consistent. Messy stores, short on staff and outrageously long lines. Even if I am there at 10 pm. I dont know what corporate has do to fix this but I feel this may be the downfall of this store. It is literally on track with shopping in a thrift store.

Review №64

I found this beautiful purse here, and the clothes are priced very reasonably

Review №65

I always find bargains here and really good deals!!

Review №66

Great location, good prices, products and staff. Surprisingly had a great selection of shorts in my size for a GREAT PRICE! Saturday night, few employees, the place was a mess.

Review №67

This is one of the better and mostly stocked ross Ive been to (also organized/things in the right spot). Found what I needed and was overall happy with the experience.

Review №68

You can find cute outfits for under $10. But, therere lacking in social distancing enforcement .

Review №69

Always busy very large store but lately has not been stocked. Could be due to covid19 stuff?

Review №70

It was very hot and muggy inside there made you feel very uncomfortable sweat p*** down your face

Review №71

The only thing I dont like about this store is the checkout line.

Review №72

Its a Ross, better-than-average nice employees!

Review №73

It smelled kinda like a stinky bathroom...not trying to just make a lame review. I have never noticed it before but havent been here for a few months. Pretty good merchandise except that its right before Easter and I didnt see any decent dress clothes for boys or nice dress shoes...only a few random boat shoes. Pretty nice staff :)

Review №74

Very good prices for everything except shoes, but you can still find some marked down treasures to hunt for. Place gets a little unorganized as the day goes on though so if youre looking for something specific arrive early or it may have gotten purchased or set somewhere else by a customer who changed their mind.

Review №75

Great deals for clothes and random household goods

Review №76

Limited supply of knockoff clothes, lefy emptyhanded

Review №77

Its a really good place to shop in my opinion. I find most of things Im looking for or just to binge shop. Really cute clothes and accessories. You can kinda find everything for the whole family.

Review №78

This used to be a great store to shop. They used to have larger inventories with name brands prominent in their stores. They used to have racks that were full, shelves that were bursting with merchandise! Now shelves are empty, racks are empty, and the personnel looks like a Goodwill store! Except that the Goodwill personnel will actually Say something to you! The stores look like they are going out of business!! Im just waiting for the Chapter 11 to be read in the media.

Review №79

Love the store but cashiers r too slow and very rude.

Review №80

Who doesnt love Ross!!!

Review №81

The reason that I am giving 2 stars is because the store was a mess!! Very chaotic and hard to find things.Shelves were either too crowded or empty and I had to step over stuff in some aisles. I did manage to find some really great deals and it was 8:30 at night..I will have to go earlier to see if there is a difference. It looked like a store after Black Friday. I am just happy I found good deals....just had to look a lot harder for them.

Review №82

Check out wait time was horrible! I didnt keep track of exact time because I wasnt in a hurry but I bet I stood in line a minimum of 10 minutes probably more like 20. There were only 2 registers open. 1 was doing returns. The cashier was friendly and fast. There was just lots of people in line.

Review №83

Cool selection of nice clothing and accessories, home stuff, kitchen stuff and really cheap prices on brand name stuff. The guys section is pretty small and its hit-and-miss with really good finds. When its not on a miss day, but a hit day you score

Review №84

Not that impressed with clothes selection. Will go again and hopefully theyll have another truck delivery soon. I did manage to find 3 simple dresses. The store was pretty well organized.

Review №85

I really like this particular Ross. Theyve always got a really great selection, and I have never failed to find something I like for myself, my kids, or home decor here. It does tend to get a little messy. But its nothing unreasonable.

Review №86

Lots of relevant items here. Great prices and good quality. Stock changes often. Popular store so it can have long checkout times especially around holidays.

Review №87

Good prices and selection. Horrendous, wait to check out as only one cashier working and super busy. Not sure exactly what management is thinking

Review №88

I loved it. Got an awesome pair of pumas for$40.00

Review №89

Small selection and also the security seems to be incredibly strict. I came in for a tie clip (which they did not have), but I was followed by a man wearing a Loss Protection shirt on. I dont think I look the type to steal and certainly never have been. Not sure what all the casing was for. . . Guess it must be really common, theft, here at this store.

Review №90

After going to the Everett and Woodinville stirs this store is trashy in organized. And lines are crazy long. I thought I just got there at a bad time but I tried this stole three more times never changed.

Review №91

Waited in line for 25 min not enough cashiers but the two they had working were very polite and doing their best with the 22 people in line .

Review №92

I go to Ross all the time! Great prices, trendy styles, and fast service. I visited the Lynnwood store after having a bad experience at the Renton location and I was so happy that I was able to find what I wanted and maneuvered easily through the furniture section.NOTE: If you are disabled, use a wheelchair, or a walker you will have a difficult time with the aisle at Ross (no matter which location you visit). I noticed that when another patron had a very hard time moving through the aisles in their wheelchair. They couldn’t turn around they had to back out.

Review №93

I realized stock had been updated and new wares were available especially for guys 👟🥾👙👔👖👚👛👜🎒

Review №94

Low quality store.

Review №95

Good place to shop; The prices are really good. But, theyve got to figure out how to better organize this place somehow.

Review №96

The store itself is something to be desired. The lighting makes me nauseous. But the savings make me a static. So I still visit every now and then. But I have to know I cant stay long because some reason the store gives me a headache.

Review №97

I got a toilet bowl light here and let me say it was best investment of my life. No more missing for this guy at night!!

Review №98

It can be hit and miss here. Great discounts if you can find something though.Their machines allow you to choose whether to pay in Canadian or US dollars. This can be useful for Canadians to save the foreign exchange fee on your credit card.

Review №99

Great place

Review №100

I bought shoes for my dads birthday that were too small for him so when trying to return them to Ross dress for less the girls there had terrible customer service and treated me like a number..

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