333 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504, United States
Review №1

Im so good price at the time

Review №2

Excellent selection and products. Always quick at registers with jovial employees.

Review №3

Nick, the front end manager absolutely THE RUDEST person I have ever met. He denied a return for sneakers for my child, that had All tread and No Wear on the rubber sole, the knitted fabric on shoes were falling apart with 2 months time. Target has a return policy, 90 days. He REFUSED the return of shoes with my presented receipt and proceeded to tell me, if you purchased Cat and Jack brand, I would of returned them. Literally, what he said to me. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.TARGET CAN DO BETTER!

Review №4

No cashiers at all. They want you to do the work yourself so they can increase profits by paying one less person.

Review №5

I always find what Im looking for at a great price.

Review №6

Target has been my favorite big box store for decades. You work well with the local community, your prices--although not the cheapest--are reasonable, quality is good, and customer service is top notch. Plus my favorite color is red, lol!

Review №7

Check the expiration date of all food products, especially shelf stable items. I have had to return items on multiple occasions because their best by date had passed by several months. Shame on me for not checking after its happened multiple times, but they need to be much more proactive about rotating their stock.

Review №8

A little more expensive than wall mart but worth it as a lot less people and they actually have employees in isles that can help.Thanks for the great customer service and selection

Review №9

I always have awesome service, and my orders are often ready early!

Review №10

Management ruined my order and made it so I couldnt get my items. Nobody was helpful. Worst experience of my life

Review №11

Jasmine (Jazz on her name-tag) went above and beyond my expectations! She is a fantastic employee, and has me loving Target even more now!

Review №12

Cashier wore face mask below nose, nose fully exposed. Unbelievable for Target.

Review №13

The store was laid out for social distancing. The merchandise was fun. Very clean.

Review №14

Picked out my daughters Christmas gift online for store pickup. All I had to do was park my vehicle let them know I was there and they brought it right out. Thank you Target for making my shopping easier. Great customer service!

Review №15

Very happy with the customer service

Review №16

Target has managed to bring class to a discount store. It imports too much from China, but otherwise it is a superb retail operation.

Review №17

Online experience was bad. Actual pickup (at the wrong store) went well. Hiring customer service representatives with some social skills would go a long way to improving their overall score.

Review №18

Lack of care and customer service just at a typical grocery store level. The majority of employees are teen or college. They have a big rate of turn over as I shopped here often and notice through the years. All the good employees are gone and left with the bad apples . Most people who work here, especially upper management are not helpful even answer the most common questions. If its not because of the locations, I wouldn’t even try to shop here and go to the super target close to south point.

Review №19

Love their up and up brand of baby diapers they are cheap and soft plus Good quality which of course is a must! But i did go and buy a few undergarments from here and im not impressed by the bra but then again im picky 🤷

Review №20

Quick, friendly, cheerful employee delivery to my car - even though I arrived after my designated pick up time. Such a great, convenient, and safe way to shop.

Review №21

Always such fast service with Target pick up or drive up! 10/10 would recommend to tell your husband you have to go shopping forr a while, have your order ready for pick-up, then go do whatever you want! Lol

Review №22

Ive never had any issues anytime Ive shopped in store or order pick up. Super fast and friendly service.

Review №23

Stores are always clean, workers are always nice and the checkout lines move quick even when it is busy.

Review №24

Target is generally well kept and alway has amazing items or deals to find.

Review №25

I don’t know who this manager was, but she was really tall with long brown hair and a full figured lady like myself. This angel of a lady came out of the back of the Starbucks area when a preteen girl accidentally dropped a mug. She started crying, everyone was looking at her, it was a rough moment to be a 12 year old girl. This manager came out and assured her everything was fine, and asked what her favorite drink was. They made it for free. Idk who this lady was but she was so soothing and kind and just made my heart warm so I wanted to share.

Review №26

I love target, for the most part I don’t have issues but as of late I’ve noticed some of the employees are not super friendly. This could be with the current pandemic we are facing or just new workers. I’ve noticed the issue mostly with returns. There is one specific employee that dreads my returns for some reason. There is always an issue. I do my best to make sure I have everything needed to process it but there is always some excuse which makes me embarrassed. I’m always able to fix the problem via online it just sucks having to go to the trouble printing labels and all that when I’d like to just take it in and swap it out for something similar in store. The store is always clean. Most employees are pretty nice

Review №27

Well Target is up to its usual geo locational extortion.I went into the store to find 2 baby gates for my puppy. They were priced at $54.99 and $56.99 in-store.When I looked online at home and in store w location switched off, they came up for $46.99 and $54.99. I saved $10 from $111.98Ive been saving for years after reading a news article investigating them for said extortion.

Review №28

Great service, easy to use.

Review №29

No cashiers, all machines

Review №30

Great deals, very busy store, we are glad their prices are now competitive with online retailers!

Review №31

Great service fast delivery and when I used the curbside pick up they were very friendly on time and everything was done in a safe manner. Very impressed. Will definitely use this again

Review №32

I enjoy going here compared to others places. The clientele is a big factor. Very nice selection of jeans for men. Plus the parking spot are able for you to park an SUV without worrying the car next to doesnt have room.

Review №33

In love this Target. The location is perfect and fairly central and the parking lot is large enough. Theyre very efficient on order pick up and drive up and Ive never had a bad experience with staff. Its generally a very well stocked store too.

Review №34

I love everything about Target.

Review №35

Incredibly easy. Walk in, scan barcode, go. Associates were wonderful.

Review №36

This Target was very clean & organized. Staff was friendly & willing to assist when needed. I was able to get just what I needed & more.

Review №37

Good my friend works there Alexis shes sweet sure is nice store I got shoe laces yep

Review №38

I love Target! The products are great quality and reasonably priced. My go to place for homey things!

Review №39

I love being able to sit in my home, order what I need then go pick up without any hassels. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Review №40

I’ve always gone to this target as it has been the closet one to me. I’ve seen it change a lot over the last 20 years. I love to stop in as it’s a well kept store, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I experience this at most target locations and it’s nice to know that no matter the town. I can go into a target and an associate will help my find the item. Many times walking me directly to it.

Review №41

When I was shopping at target Joe was very kind and helpful. I was looking for an item and there was one left on the floor and when I asked Joe if they had anymore left he offered to bring some from the back and stopped what he was working on to get me more. He also answered any questions I had and was super kind!

Review №42

Target is my favorite place to shop but lately the staff has seemed very rude and not educated on how to use the app. They usually price match the items online to the price in stores but there is an online special going on to which they cannot. However, yesterday I confirmed with a cashier as to whether or not I could price match the items today and she said yes. After an hour+ of shopping and collecting the items I wanted/needed, I went to check out. They turned me down and told me I had to order the items online if I wanted the online price. I said okay, but is there anyway I can just order it online and then take the items with me since they are already collected in front of me? and they said no that it would take 3 hours to a day to process I was slightly annoyed but I just said OK and caved.I went ahead and ordered the items online. This morning I got a text that my order was ready to pick up. After a long shift of work I drove to target to pick up my order. for whatever reason the order was split into thirds so I only got one portion of my order and I have to come back in a couple days for the rest of the order.however I was not notified that that would be the case when I was trying to be informed about the purchase. it was just very annoying and woulnt have happened if the staff knew what they were talking about

Review №43

One of the best targets ever. This particular store seems relaxed, clean and well stocked. The electronic section is fun and has an amazingly large selection. The toy section is amazing, and I recently discovered that their clothes are designed great from high quality materials.

Review №44

I have shopped at Target more often in recent months. I have purchased bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, towels. I like every thing that I have purchased ---no returns. I like the fabrics and the way the fabrics feel against my skin. Your staff members are helpful and efficient. I am shopping at Target more often because I am now retired and have the time.

Review №45

Its convenient and priced well. I had a really great experience ordering online and picking up the item.Specifically I ordered an Xbox One that was in stock. It took maybe half an hour (probably less) for them to have it ready for me to pick up. I enjoyed this because I saved time. I also was able to use gift cards online that Id been saving.

Review №46

Fantastic service. Easy. Safe.

Review №47

Great place to shop, hard to find the customer service counter. Love the new design of the logo out front, very welcoming and people already know it is target.

Review №48

Everyone today was very friendly and helpful!! We got exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much

Review №49

Love the curbside service.

Review №50

This target is awful if you want to wait in line for a mile long not really sure why not have every checker available and more self-serve checkouts! absolutely ridiculous for coming in there wanting to buy one product no way would I be willing to wait for 20 plus minutes.

Review №51

Very poor customer service. I asked to speak with a manager and was told I didnt need to because they would fix it for me. They did not fix it and I wasnt given the opportunity to speak to a manager, Christen did not do what he told me he would do over the phone. Very poor service!

Review №52

I like the way the store is set up and the staff is very helpful when trying to find something. The staff is also very friendly! I was looking for a swim top, found 3 that would work but settled on one. The lady in the fitting room was super nice when asking me about how everything went and if I found anything that worked. The cashier was a blast! Loved her sense of humor!

Review №53

I asked no less than FIVE employees to help me find something, responses ranged from I just got here to Im going on break. I asked each of them of them if they could get on their radio and see if anyone could help me, andeach of them refused. I went to customer service where they also declined to offer any help. After searching for over half an hour, I managed to find the item myself. When I returned to customer service and asked if I could speak to the store manager, Noah, they refused to put me in touch with him, refused to tell me how I could get in touch with him, and flat out refused to even tell me the name of the assistant store manager. I could seriously not believe the lack of customer service at this store.Im sure they dont care, but Ill never return.

Review №54

My hands were full of items & dropped 3. Two people immediately came to assist me. I was very grateful. Customer service personnel were so friendly & quick to bring me my online order I had made earlier in the day. I was pleased with my entire shopping experience.

Review №55

Customer service

Review №56

Great selection and prices for the items Im looking for. Good website, easy to order and checkout. Pick up orders are filled quickly.

Review №57

I saw a mouse near the grocery area one time a couple weeks ago, so that was odd. But overall, its a good Target. Especially since the remodel.

Review №58

Its a convenient way to shop. You can pickup in 2 hours and the process was quick and organized.

Review №59

Everyone in the store...extremely helpful and very friendly. Excellent service!

Review №60

Employees are kind, attentive. The store is well stocked & clean.

Review №61

Quick and easy, can find whatever I need here. Great place for gifts.

Review №62

Always friendly courtesy employees and always ready to help find what I cant find since store was rearranged.

Review №63

I placed an order on line and was to pick up the order at the store on Sunday. I was unable to pick it up, and the order was returned to the shelf. I still wanted the suits, so I called the store and talked to Shelby.She put the order hold at Guest Services and I picked up the swimsuits on Monday. Brooklyn helped me and was very efficient and pleasant to work with. The suits are of great quality and they were a great price. Thank you Target... You made my day!!!

Review №64

Stopped in for a quick trip, and we were able to find what we needed quickly. They have new furniture in the store that we checked out.

Review №65

I love target in general but this location is one of my least favorite. Almost every trip they are out of what I need or don’t have it in stock even if it says so on the website. However, The super target on the south side almost never lets me down.

Review №66

Your store is worst in Lincoln. Never can find help and when do there rude. Never enough lanes open. 2 on a sunday?? 17 people waiting in line. Checkers are SLOW as snails. I wont be going back.

Review №67

Great service and selection!

Review №68

The Target team went above & beyond exceeding my expectations. The team was patient & helpful to troubleshoot our transaction. The associates demonstrated customer service of the highest quality.

Review №69

Lovely remodel theyve done to the store.. But I think the thing that stood out to me most is the new overweight plus size mannequins they now have.. Thank you! Now ladies can actually see what the outfits will look like on!

Review №70

Clean, nice store

Review №71

I was looking at no contract phones. Found one I liked for a good price. They were locked with security device. One employee was scanning inventory, another was counting video games. I was not acknowledged at all.I found someone in the clothing area next to electronics. It was not their department. Not going to this store again.

Review №72

Bought a great cooperative game called Forbidden Island. It was recommended by an employee. Amazon has a better price if prime but I would not have bought it without the suggestion.

Review №73

What a great store to buy clothes for my son, wife and myself. They have many options and styles too choose from. Most of the time they have some sort of deal or sale. My experience with customer service has always been positive and friendly.

Review №74

The store is always well organized and clean. The only reason for 4 stars not 5 is because the restroom could be better maintained. Staff is friendly and selection is good. I love the food brands they carry.

Review №75

Mostly surprised that target now has a grocery section. It had been awhile since I had been to target. I used go there for clothing only. Its now more of a convenience to get EVERYTHING done there now. And cheaper than Wal-Mart.

Review №76

Just like every other target. Its clean and well organized most of the time and I love the smell of Starbucks walking in.

Review №77

The staff was very friendly and helpful and the discounts were quite nice also.

Review №78

I love Target! Clean store, good selection, decent prices. Oh and a Starbucks!

Review №79

Excellent customer service.

Review №80

Some of the employees are polite and helpful, but the store could be cleaner. The sales are great, but when items are not on sale they are often overpriced. Previously, when the store had sales or deals on perishable items they put out expired products, but the employees seem to have stopped this practice.

Review №81

I love target, don’t get me wrong, but THIS target is always so messy, specifically in the shoe and women’s clothing department, that I actually find it difficult to shop at this specific target.Today, while checking out some deals in the clothing department, it was such a mess I just walked out and left the store without purchasing anything.

Review №82

It was easy and no line. Under 3 minutes to pick up.

Review №83

Friendly service. My cashier showed patience and understanding.

Review №84

I picked out a cart of needed groceries and school supplies and such, and got up to the cash register. After scanning everything, I wrote my check out and the machine wouldnt take it. I wrote another check out on a different account and the machine still wouldnt take it. I know I would have been able to pay with both the checks but the machine still refused the checks. Not sure what to say, have fun putting the items I picked out back, I guess!

Review №85

I used to work on the flow team. And this Target is one of the best. They have knowledgeable people and always asking if they can help.

Review №86

I ordered online for a store pick up. I would have given 5 stars, but, the line was backed up so much to pick up, that people were leaving without getting their orders.Staff was very courteous and apologetic. Apparently a computer crash was to blame.I had to stay in line as I was picking up 5 bags of Sweet Chili Doritos for my Husband and Im not sure he would have let me in the front door without them!😁Order was correct and was quickly handled because the sales associate remembered where the Doritos were binned. I guess he liked Doritos too!

Review №87

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Target. The staff has always been friendly and knows exactly where things are when I ask. I have never had to wait in line for longer than 5 minutes to check out and if I even wait 5 minutes, the staff is very apologetic for the wait (even though that isnt much of a wait at all compared to other stores). Overall great experiences here and I have switched all of my shopping needs to this location as they have everything I need and a friendly staff to boot.

Review №88

Never disappointed. My highest standard of retail therapy.

Review №89

Prices are pretty good on movies and toys. But there clothes have change and most everything I have bought shrunk. So they dont fit. So I wouldnt buy there clothes.

Review №90

I do not live in an area with a Target, when I come to a town with one I like to shop. The target I was at was well stocked and I found what I needed. Parking is a little crazy but I parked on the side of the building and walked.

Review №91

Drive up service was fast and easy

Review №92

I had a line of people behind me. I always shop at target and never had a problem using coupons. Well this time I was accused of copying my coupon. Then one wouldnt scan and she almost didnt take it but finally it scanned after trying for 5 mins. Any of the cartwheel coupons I make sure I dont double . Pretty sure it doesnt do that anyway. I was embarrassed that I stood for so long and they were picking at my coupons. I think thats ridiculous. That is not good customer service. I spend a lot at your store. If this keeps happening I will take my business some place else. Thank you

Review №93

I love this store, and have never had a problem with employees. I love this store so much in fact that I even use the pharmacy where I also get exceptional customer service. I am nothing but pleased with this location.

Review №94

Very good experience

Review №95

I was helped by a team member who was rude and said I couldn’t return the items because I didn’t have the receipt and that was their “new policy” for the holiday season.He said he was going to ask his manager to assist me instead and a young man with the name of Tyler said that I had to be a circle member to find the receipt but that he couldn’t help me either. They were “too busy”.I asked where I can write a suggestion or a service review and he relied somewhere online on our website!!! “Not sure where but you should be able to find it”.My intention was to shop the rest of my kids Christmas presents but they truly discouraged me from even looking at anything.They were ready to check people who were buying stuff but no even a slightly interested in providing an ok service. This was at the Lincoln, NE store on N 48th Street. Before buying ANYTHING check out their new holiday return policy.Very disappointing!!!!

Review №96

One stop shopping, great prices and quality items.

Review №97

I am getting more and more disappointed about the type of customer service that I receive each time I go into the store. There are so few cash registers and you are forced to go through the self check-out. When I was there the other day, I had a question and no one was around to answer the question. I see staff standing around and not checking people out, but supervising the other checkers. I think this is a waste of money to hire supervisors and they do not wait on the customers.

Review №98

Variety of food options. My child has an egg and soy allergy. You are the only local store that has soy free chocolate.

Review №99

Words cant even begin to describe how.much I love this place. I go there just to look and always leave with something I love.

Review №100

The pickup is super fast! Staff in the store are friendly and helpful!

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  • Address:333 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 402-464-8292
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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