Barnes & Noble
5150 O St, Lincoln, NE 68510, United States
Barnes & Noble
Review №1

I love this bookstore! They are always stocked with so many great reads and lots of deals. Ive visited here plenty of times and its always a good experience. FYI, they do require masks so be sure to bring one along if you stop by!

Review №2

I found the book that I was looking for, but disappointed that nothing else in the sale category caught my interest. Good thing I had a gift card to use, or I might have just gone to the library!

Review №3

Always great staff. Helped us find a book my daughter was looking for as there was a waiting list at her school library. Also got a free sample of their coffee they were handing out. Always a pleasure

Review №4

Its quiet and has a a fairly nice selection. I um. Just go here to buy books. Lol. I also love their leather-bound notebooks from Italy! Theyre gorgeous!

Review №5

Called in a pickup for Yellowstone box set & picked it right up. No surprise it was the only collectors edition they had left.Thanks guys.😎🙏

Review №6

Barnes n noble is good to readAnd your favorite coffee from there coffee area

Review №7

Great book selection along with other things readers enjoy...journals, etc.

Review №8

This was a one in all wrapped in joy for me for the short time I was there. It had a massive library of buyable books that you can still read without purchase, a cool air-conditioned reading space with the aura of perfection itself, kind staff, buyable collectables and a cafe. All in all i will definitely be returning because this place has been a joy.

Review №9

Love Barnes and Noble. Was organized and had a great selection but not a very welcoming feeling.

Review №10

I like the selection of books, and they all seem pretty helpful. I called to place an order for a cheesecake for my birthday though, they put me on hold and then told me they were too busy to take my order and Id have to call elsewhere. It was a little disheartening. I wouldve waited on hold to place my order, but she was adamant they were just too busy.

Review №11

Lots of selection. Very nice & helpful employees, extra bonus got coupons to enjoy Starbucks after 😀 ❤ Love this place

Review №12

I would like to give B&N 5 stars, but Ive never understood why they removed the chairs from their stores. I nearly always bought a boom when I could comfortably sit and read from a few selections.

Review №13

Always a great place to go and always leave with a bargain!

Review №14

Good place to study when all college places are taken

Review №15

Great book sale event happening at Barnes & Noble I walked in just to get coffee at Starbucks and as soon as I walked in the door theres a beautiful aray of an assortment of books that has been looking for, as well as 75% off back packs and other select items, 2 for $10 books new releases plus so much more it was a hard offer to refuse for the book lover.

Review №16

Helpful people at cashier desk.

Review №17

Cant go wrong here. Great workers, and great book selections. If they dont have what youre looking for, they can usually find a way to get it.

Review №18

An ok place, not as big of an inventory as I had hoped for.

Review №19

Always a pleasure visiting, what could be better than being surrounded by books! The employees were very helpful in finding a new author.

Review №20

Worst customer experience ever. Manager should be fired, I will never be back to any barnes and noble again ever

Review №21

Wonderful people helped us and the store is clean

Review №22

Theyve gotten the best titles and the best staff in the business. Add to that the special events for various releases, and its easy to see why this is where I go for all my newly-released reading needs. Also they let me get sorted into Slytherin even though I am supposedly an adult.

Review №23

Love the variety of wonderful books .

Review №24

The only bookstore in Lincoln that I know about. They have a large selection books. They were helpful and friendly.

Review №25

Love the book store 🖤 got a new book and a game! If you havent tried these sticker buy number books, you should! There really fun! The coffee at starbucks was bad today but thats not what this review is about :)

Review №26

Staff was extremely helpful! Was asked several times if I needed help by different team members. When I did need help, the lady who helped me was extremely knowledgeable in all areas that I needed help with.

Review №27

Required a mask to enter will spend money somewhere else

Review №28

Employees were very friendly and helpful.

Review №29

Got help, but didnt find what I needed.

Review №30

The only down fall was they have no law books of interest.

Review №31

I love the selection and I also enjoy Starbucks. Its nice to take time finding the perfect book and sit down to enjoy it with coffee. The staff is always friendly and helpfully anytime I have a question. They are always willing to order a book for you too if youre unable to do it yourself or if you just enjoy the bookstore atmosphere.

Review №32

Extremely helpful, had everything I wanted-then some. Thank you!

Review №33

Boring. They nvr rotate

Review №34

Had a very small selection of books on law

Review №35

I love this store, especially their kid section. Staff is friendly and helpful, the Starbucks crew in there are awesome as well.

Review №36

Friendly and helpful if you need it.

Review №37

One of my favorite stores and locations. Lesser selection than the south location.

Review №38

Great selection, clean and just a great place to stop during the pandemic.

Review №39

Friendly. Great customer service.

Review №40

I was able to find what I was looking for. Staff were not very helpful. Did not seem to know where to look for my items. The quality was not as good as before.I was disappointed when I entered the store to not see anything seasonal, Christmas or Hanukkah related. Instead a huge display of past president Obamas book. I will look for my gifts else where for Christmas.

Review №41

Helpful for finding what I was looking for. Pleasant and informative staff.

Review №42

Awesome selection!

Review №43

Inventory seems less than in pre-pandemic times although still substantial but service was excellent.

Review №44

Great people. Very nice. I don’t go in much to Barnes and Noble. But when I have they are always good about helping me find stuff. And even if I don’t ask for help.They do a great customer service by asking to see if I help finding anything. They are great to do business with and buy stuff.

Review №45

Very helpful staff, I would be lost without this store

Review №46

Id buy this store out if I could. Its clean and CoVid safe.

Review №47

Excellent service. Employee helped me find exactly what I wanted so I was able to shop quickly and get out of the store with minimal contact with other shoppers.

Review №48

Good variety of books reasonable prices calm ambient and delicious coffee

Review №49

I got lost inside the beautiful book horde. Still trapped there to this day, lost in the pages and warm coffee.

Review №50

My go to bookstore. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. If they don’t have the book you’re looking for they will order it if available. Customers can enjoy Starbucks coffee and a bite to eat while there. Unique game and gift items are also available. The kids area is a delight. Bring the little ones for story time and other fun activities.

Review №51

Great selection of books. Very helpful people

Review №52

It was good great service very clean, but very expensive

Review №53

Was nice inside but had mask covering mouth and was told by lady working coffee area to cover my nose when I had been in store for more then 30 minutes and was guy in there with no mask talking on Bluetooth. Why only tell me to cover when guy was there with nothing on. Kind of rude to tell one person something if not going to enforce it to everyone!

Review №54

Found great deals in the Exceptional Value section, which I think replaced the Bargain Book section. Great customer service, quick check out.However the store doesnt always carry the first book in a series, which makes it difficult to purchase new finds when they are books 3+ in a series. Also saw many damaged/imperfectly cut books on the shelves.The store also feels packed in, with their shelves close together making sure the selection is grand.Overall a good experience.

Review №55

If felt clean and safe. I could browse as long as I wanted with only occasional questions about helping me find things. I miss the many places to sit, but that is necessary.

Review №56

Staff is very helpful.

Review №57

Easy service. Nice staff.

Review №58

Great place to find the books you need. The only downside I feel is the lack of seating as someone with a bad back its hard to get around the store without extreme pain.

Review №59

Why is every good place dying in Bellevue or Omaha?

Review №60

Barnes and Nobles are all fairly alike. Ive never had a bad experience. I get left alone to look at books, and friendly help if I need it. Exactly the way I like it

Review №61

Ordered a book and got without a problem.

Review №62

Floor staff is so accommodating. I needed assistance coming up with ideas for toys/gifts for a child with special needs, and I had two employees work with me to come up with ideas until I found something that would be perfect. My husband was also in search of a particular book in a series and couldnt find it in the appropriate place on the shelf, so another employee dug in the back until he found it. Definitely made our days!

Review №63

Always love taking a trip to Barnes & Noble, even if its just to look. The store smells amazing and its so calming to walk through the shelves.

Review №64

You can usually find books on sale. Great selection!

Review №65

Went to get a good burger but all i got was sum paper:(

Review №66

Great selection of student workbooks for my home school grandsons!

Review №67

Helpful staff.

Review №68

Was stopped by a girl as we entered the store and she asked us if she could help us find anything (1st time thats ever happened). Usually I take my time just looking around at all the different books however this particular day I was on a mission to find 2 books and she was so helpful to find the books I was looking for immediately. Thank you! I really appreciate that kind of customer service

Review №69

Picked up the hardback copy of Meta Human, by Deepak Chopra. Always a wonderful time in this amazing bookstore. There is such a vast selection. The employees are extremely knowledgeable, and polite, and it is just a wonderful environment to relax, and find a new piece of literature. Will come back to this store for as long as it is here.

Review №70

Great selection of books. We bought 6. The selection is so big I nearly always need help. The people were quick and very knowledgeable, and led me to the right section. My wife bought Christmas cards for this year and liked the choices.

Review №71

My wife visited while I drove. She came out with a huge smile on her face. They had what she wanted so making my wife smile gets five stars no mater what...

Review №72

Nothing better than a good book!

Review №73

Always loved Barnes and Noble. But I guess they decided to jump into politics and encourage children to be disrespectful. If these books were about a specific culture or race would it be acceptable?The books in the childrens section are called.. if you give a pig the white house and the other is Dumpty.

Review №74

Great coffee at the bookstore Coffee shop! Only allowed to stay for 30 minutes though

Review №75

Super people that work there!! Kind, helpful and caring! Great store!!

Review №76

I love B&N! I always find an interesting book to read whenever I stop by. Its always mellow in there. They always seem to have discounted books. They have beautiful planners and journals.

Review №77

Wonderful customer service

Review №78

The staff is always so helpful.. and nobody is they need you to buy something

Review №79

Same stable store but with a new layout,;which I rather like no more creepie people hanging out around corners and such.

Review №80

I love Barnes and Noble, They have the books that I need either in stock or the order process is quick. And, they have awesome cookies... get in there and enjoy a cookie.

Review №81

I have been a long time customer of B&N, however this made me never want to go back, or support them again. I’ve just recently moved to Lincoln. I saw that this location had a few job openings, which made me excited because it would work well with my degree and previous work experiences. Plus, I was a part of their educators program back in the day, and was so excited to finally be given the opportunity to work there and realize a childhood dream of mine.I called to make sure that my resume had been received (as instructed by another worker when I asked if there were job openings). I was unlucky enough to have my call answered directly by the manager who interrupted me, sighing that she “didn’t have time for this right now because she had sick employees”. All I had said before she cut in was my name, purpose of the call, and that I was new to the area and my terms were negotiable. I apologized to her, and said I was sorry she was having a rough day, and than, before I could say anything else, she brushed me off and hung up. The entire call was less than 2 minutes; 5 minutes later I got an email saying that my application had been rejected. Literally five minutes later. I know that she didn’t look at my application or cover letter because she would have had to login and read both of those before rejecting my application, and that takes longer than 5 minutes. Upon realizing this was against the law, I called costumer service and they were so appalled at my story I was given the direct phone number for HR, where I gave another report and was told that the HR manager would be handling this personally as it goes against their policies. Upon being asked by HR if I was interested in pursuing the job, I declined and explained that I wouldn’t want to work under someone like that, and that I felt bad for the employees there.I’m not sure if HR did anything about this but I wanted to share my experience in case it helps anyone else or even future employees. No wonder there were so many sick employees. No one deserves to be treated this way. The Stanford Prison Experiment comes to mind when I think about how much her attitude changed when she realized that I was calling about a job and not, what she assumed, as a costumer. Needless to say I won’t be going back to this branch.

Review №82

Got some great Christmas gifts.

Review №83

Color books! Christmas gifts! Yay!

Review №84

Finding all books I need.

Review №85

Love shopping here, the store has something for everyone. I do wish they had more comfortable seating. I know its not a library but it could be. Maybe they buy up some gently used books and rent them out and the public can decide if they want to buy. Also hold poetry readings every week. Just suggestions.

Review №86

I love Barnes & Noble. All the workers are so helpful when youre looking for a specific book or author. I just found out that there are indeed books that are so old they are only available with print on demand the things you learn at Barnes and Noble.

Review №87

Come on its Barnes and Noble this place is like heaven. I like the Lincoln location especially because their employees care as much about the written word as I do

Review №88

My favorite place.

Review №89

Barnes and Noble is always a pleasant experience. It is a home away from home. They have an exceptional selection of books and it is always nice to have a coffee and a snack in the afternoon. Their prices are ok, but the store is always clean, the aisles are clear and the personnel are always pleasant.

Review №90

ALWAYS a fun place to be! Wasnt looking for myself, but was able to find special birthday gifts for my grandkids. A book us a gift that keeps on giving. NOW theyve made a new one for toddlers that is indestructible....cant chew it, tear it, and is washable! Wow!

Review №91

Nice selection of books, friendly staff.

Review №92

Very clean and efficient

Review №93

Staff is always friendly and helpful, especially with my 6 and 9 year old girls. Decent selection of books on hand. Fairly competitively priced vs online as well, and they provide the instant gratification you know you desire.

Review №94

I love how helpful and kind the employees are here! Always help me find the books I want. Even today, they looked up both stores then sent an order for two books to be delivered to my home.

Review №95

If youve never been to a Barnes and Noble, you must go!

Review №96

Very clean. Friendly staff.

Review №97

Bad treatment with the customer

Review №98

Ive had a B&N membership for years. They off members great discounts and free shipping plus they have enrichment activities for children and a book club for avid readers. Staff are super helpful. Large childrens section with toys and games as well as books and book series. Also have a nice coffee shop. And you can sit and read their books in the store! The discount tables are awesome. I always leave with multiple books. Stores vary in size by location (I have visited B&N in other cities).

Review №99

I was looking for a beginner guide to help a child to learn to play the guitar. The Barnes and Noble clerk brought me things from all over the store...from kits, from music, from the kids area. It was so nice of her and I had a lot of good items to choose from. And naturally, I top off every B and N experience in their Starbucks cafe. The best thing, though, is that I saved on both books and coffee with my member card. A great experience!

Review №100

Absolutely love this location. The cafe is a really nice place to chill with a book and enjoy a little something, and the staff are really quite helpful. One of the ladies was nice enough to help me hunt down a book hidden in back that had been misplaced, and then to order another I totally forgot I could order. They never rushed me and were simply efficient. I appreciate that greatly. Way to go guys!

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