Indigo Bridge
1346 B St, Lincoln, NE 68502, United States
Indigo Bridge
Review №1

Slingshot-listed. Good drinks. Free library section. Blind date book section. Zines and comics. Local art available. Inclusive space.

Review №2

Stumbled upon this place while at dinner. The vibe in here is just so chill. I loved it! They have this big tree with lights on it in there and its awesome! I got some tea, with the help of Cooper! He was very friendly. If Im ever back in town Ill definitely be stopping by again!!!

Review №3

The food and coffee is worth it alone! Great place definitely recommend

Review №4

What a great time we had! Reminded me of being in Boulder...

Review №5

This is my favorite place to go in town. LGBTQ open and has books and prints from local artists. The cafe is nice, the whole place is delightful to just sit and chill. And I love how the staff has their own sections so they can pick out books they want other people too see, and I love that they do blind date books. Please stop in if you get the chance! And get some ice cream across the hall on your way out.

Review №6

I have bought alot of things their like a little thrift store

Review №7

Cute bookstore with a great atmosphere. Lavender Italian Soda from the café was incredible!

Review №8

Great bookstore/cafe. We try to buy all our books here (they’ll special-order books they don’t have in stock), and they sell/serve beans from Meta Coffee, which is always delicious. The new re-designed food menu is very good.

Review №9

The coffee here is great, and its cheaper than some of the big chain coffee shops. They have a large selection of drinks, food, and books, among other things. They have a space with some musical instruments youre free to play, as well as a quieter room thats perfect for work or studying. Also, they have some board games, and a take-a-book leave-a-book section, making it a good hangout spot. Theres something for everyone here, not to mention its within walking distance to a bunch of local shops & restaurants. Definitely would recommend.

Review №10

Indigo is my favorite place to sit down and work or read. I like the different teas they have available to purchase in bulk. I like looking at their display to see if there are some cool gift ideas!

Review №11

This bookstore is fantastic! Theyve got a great selection of books. Not to mention they have a GREAT assortment of local books and zines. Theyre inclusive and I felt safe being in here. I absolutely love this bookstore more than I can describe!!

Review №12

Yet another bad round for Indigo Bridge Books. Another poor manager, Lauren, has driven away countless staff and customers. She pretends to validate and hear the concerns of coworkers / peers / & customers but she doesn’t change. Until they have owners, management, and other workers (names redacted) with proven training in employee retention, sensitivity training, and basic human etiquette 101 it will be difficult for them to remain afloat.

Review №13

A must visit place for book lovers. They have a nice collection of books at a very reasonable price. Once you are done with book these guys buy back books as well.

Review №14

The employees are friendly and the atmosphere is pleasant. Even better since the dance school moved from above! 😁 Lots of boardgames to try out. A Take One - Leave One bookcase ... And ... Books to buy! The coffees good too!

Review №15

One of my favorite places in Lincoln. I love Indigo’s coffee and atmosphere. It is tucked away downtown and shares an entryway with Ivanna Cone so it always smells wonderful. I could wander their selection of books, games and gifts with a lavender honey latte all day. I go here when I need a quiet place to read and write. If you want children’s books and resources in other languages this is the spot. They support local authors and host a variety of community gatherings. I leave feeling rested and inspired.

Review №16

A nice, cozy bookstore that serves coffee/lattes/etc. Latte was very good and the design on top was quite artistic. Has a small room off to the side for coffee drinking/reading/whatever. The cafe also does serve pasta and sandwiches until 4 pm. Pasta may be served later, but not sure. I wish they served sandwiches a bit later as they sound much better than the pasta. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

Review №17

Definitely NEED better management and leadership for the safety of their staff and their customers. Be careful for faux progressive views and opinions for “likes”, “quirkiness”, “and clout”. The manager (LAUREN) is a compulsive liar, an abuser, and just as dangerous as the last. Yes, it’s cute and decorated- yes it’s shopping local- but under what guise? BE WARY.

Review №18

It is a cute indie book store that sells coffee and a variety of snacks. It is next to an interesting art instillation in an alley way. If you are not from Lincoln and need something to do, this is a good place to spend some time.

Review №19

Awesome book store with off the wall books. Great little coffee shop and play area for the kiddos also!

Review №20

I love it here! Local book store. They have great events on many different subjects. I love it!

Review №21

The book store is great. They offer a ton of different events, book selection is awesome too. Staff has always been friendly. Ive used the cafe once - they got our order a little off but, the service was great and I cant complain!

Review №22

Great places to spend time with the little one - lots of toys, instruments, and lovely book selection. My husband loves being able to buy books from local authors.

Review №23

My favorite bookstore of all time. Unique books that big bookstores dont have on hand. Unusual cards and gifts. Great kids area and coffee shop. Story time and other events for children and adults. I could stay all day!

Review №24

It was a fun experience with great drinks. However when we went we ordered our drinks then 2 minutes later they told us they were closing early for a meeting and we had to leave. I felt as though there should have been a sign or informed us before spending money. In that way the place put me off.

Review №25

Friendly, clean, and cozy. Tasty snacks and coffee. Staff was helpful and nice.

Review №26

Its a great place to work or just visit has a little play area for kids.

Review №27

Probably one of the cutest cafes I have been too, the staff are super cute as well.

Review №28

Good atmosphere. Had a bad run in with a red headed woman who worked there. Her tone was very salty and cold. Even if youre dealing with another customer, you dont have to be rude just because I want the restroom key.

Review №29

Whenever Im in the neighborhood, I like to stop at Half Price Books. They usually have what I need. Today, it was two books, and a surprising find of a new (old) Family Feud game (to play with the grandkids).

Review №30

I wish I could leave zero stars. I dont understand how a coffee shop could have such weird conflicting trash opinions and viewpoints, but there has been controversy surrounding this store and its false image of progressivism. They have swept whatever negative reviews are left u see the rug but here’s the truth- this business supports transphobia. It reads as very phony to try to sell an image that they dont back up; The things Ive heard managers say to staff are things no one should ever say to anyone... and Im definitely not about to give those words power on a screen. If you consider yourself a socially conscious person do not give this establishment your business.

Review №31

Cool book store with a great little cafe. Recommend the breakfast burritos and quesadillas!

Review №32

I love this place. The staff helped me find a great book for my cousins daughter, and the environment is perfect for me to focus on writing. Food and drinks are superb.

Review №33

My family, three generations of us, all loved this store when we went there to celebrate a birthday. I saw they have a modern fiction book club, and knew I had to check it out. So glad I did!

Review №34

This bookstores is not your average bookstore!! They brought in Andrea Gibson and it was INCREDIBLE! This place has so much character!! I will most definitely make the trip from Omaha again!

Review №35

Went to this bookstore for the first time on Independent Booksellers Day. Seemed like the right time to visit! Only thing missing as far as what independent stores need was a cat. Little snack bar - honestly I did not examine it, or order anything. But I was quite impressed that all profits from coffee sales were donated to nonprofits - love that! I liked the suggestion list from employees, ala the big guys, because Im always interested in other peoples opinions, people that dont review books for a living, but live among books for a living. There is a distinction and I appreciate their contributions. I did want a list of their book club meetings but they were out. On the other hand, lots of info on their website. Im not a youngster, nor am I particularly computer-savvy, so that is not the first thing I think of. Im working on that, though, to help me be more informed about stores, cafes, parks, and what is available.Summing up, it was a great little store! My husband even found a book, IN SPANISH, for our granddaughter. At 8 months it will be a while, but were patient and she will get to an age to want to hear, and hopefully an age where she can read it! Nice bonus. Would recommend it for sure. Little spot of joy in the Haymarket. 😊

Review №36

Great bookstore. Very friendly and helpful staff. Amazing kids section and activities.

Review №37

One of the hidden gems of Lincoln. This business seems to go beyond the books and coffee. Granted, they do serve a mean brew and offer an array of books backed by impeccable staff reviews, but there is so much more. Ive taken part in their bilingual story hour where staff and volunteers play bilingual bingo, infuse spanish into the story they are reading, and follow it up with an appropriate craft. Their community-focused/local atmosphere and mindset soars above and beyond that of Barnes & Noble. They are a business who truly SERVES Lincoln and I wouldnt take my business anywhere else.

Review №38

This place is simply awesome! While its been in Lincoln for awhile I hadnt actually had a coffee and hung out here until today when we had a impromptu family gathering here. Our gathering actually lasted several hours. I was nervous that our larger group was maybe staying a bit too long but the staff treated us in such a welcoming way and because we had purchased so many items from the coffee shop we were even given a pre filled card for a complimentary drink next time. The staff, specifically Doug at the front counter was super cool - very nice, personable, and knowledgeable about the drinks. Its also super great that they have so many cool books and gift items to browse through while youre there. I loved the atmosphere of this place and want to make it a point to hang out here more. Highly recommend!!!

Review №39

Love this place! The kids area is really nice and their Saturday craft/story time is fantastic. The cafe has a nice sitting area with a bunch of board games.

Review №40

Safe place. Hate has no home here. Five Stars. Wonderful staff and comfortable environment.

Review №41

Indigo Bridge is my favorite local bookstore. Theyre very welcoming, have lots of great options in the Café, and its absolute best place to get greeting cards that youd want to receive instead of the hot, cheesy garbage you might find elsewhere.

Review №42

Good bookstore, but they have recently upped their coffee prices. I think I paid 3.30 for a 16 oz. coffee. Way more expensive than many of the locally owned coffee shops around town, and the quality does not reflect the price.

Review №43

This is my favorite place to wander after a delicious dinner at The Oven, or just when I need a good book to read. The service is wonderful, and the atmosphere is amazing. Whoever selects the books really knows their literature, including adults, teens, and children (coming from an English and Early Childhood Education major).

Review №44

Some of the best coffee you can find in town. Currently they are using Meta Coffee Labs freshly roasted here in Lincoln. They have a great selection of hand curated books and even my favorite notebooks Feild Notes. Their cafe manager is pretty cute too ;)

Review №45

Indigo Bridge recently faced a fairly large public confrontation due to their hiring of an abusive and hateful bigot. Their community expressed how damaging it would be to continue their association with this person, not just to their own business but to community as a whole.Initially, they chose to stand by their transphobic new addition but after they hired a professional HR/PR firm, they decided to apologize to the public. They have not directly stated that this person is no longer employed there but instead, they have simply given a vague description of unspecified staffing changes. This does nothing to restore public confidence, nor does it tell those who were abused by this person that they are safe inside their walls.On top of all that, Id take their attempt at an apology more seriously if they would just own it and quit trying to silence anyone who publicly criticizes them. They have even turned off the ability for users to review them on Facebook! Thankfully, they cant hide reviews here like they can hide comments on their postsThe apology note they posted says they will remove anything that violates their peaceful guidelines and thats fine. People can get pretty ugly on the internet and moderating things can definitely be a good thing.That said, silencing those who ask them to directly address the employment status of the person who started this public trial is a clear abuse of power and shows just how little their communitys well-being had to do with their staffing decisions.I have adored this bookshop since I first set foot in it so it was more than a little concerning that they would apologize for their mistake and then repeat it in the same breath. I commented and asked them to address their reasoning for hiding certain comments and within an hour, my comment was hidden as well, despite there being nothing ugly or vulgar in it. I literally just asked why and they decided to silence me rather than address my concern.Well, that killed any chance Id even set foot in that store again. I wanted to forgive after what happened but they failed to respond in any way that would warrant it. I care far less about hiring some PR/HR firm than getting believable reassurance that this isnt what they stand for. Instead, its all a show meant to save face.If they cant make ALL my friends and family, my brothers and sisters feel welcome, then I dont feel welcome. I have other places to go that welcome us all with open arms so their weak little one armed side hug isnt worth my time. Im worth more than that and so is everyone else.

Review №46

We love this bookstore. It has a great selection of books and a kids area to play. We hope to take our boys to a story time here soon.

Review №47

Awesome spot. Also had some coffee that was amazing!!

Review №48

Staff is friendly, and the decor a vibe are excellent, but book selection is very bipartisan. They boost a sign saying hate has no place here, but the featured book selection is very left wing, there are no books for moderate Republicans or democrats. I would not advise if you are looking for unbiased book selection.

Review №49

Intrepid community builders combined with three amazing things: A thoughtful book selection. A cozy café. Warm and inviting staff.

Review №50

The store is super cute and has a very relaxed vibe to it! They also have really great recommendations for books also.

Review №51

Very welcoming place. Full of great people, great books and great coffee!! Huge supporters of the local community. What more can one ask for?

Review №52

I went in for coffee and coffee alone. I bought a pour-over, and the Baristas followed the roasters instructions to the letter. They serve Meta coffee here and I was anxious to try it. I loved the ambiance of the bookstore, next time Im there Ill make a point to walk around.

Review №53

They host a cute story and craft time for kids on Tuesday morning that I would recommend to any parent of a young child.

Review №54

Ahhh!!! This cafe/bookshop is the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing place Ive ever been to. I spent hours there playing board games, taking pictures and eating 10/10 would recommend for a lazy but fun day

Review №55

A great bookstore/café. They brew some great coffee and know how to make delicious drinks such as hot chocolate, ginger lemonade, and cappuccinos. It features many great books. Only bad thing is the lack of books in German, French, Russian, and Sudanese. That is easily overlooked by their other qualities. In the winter, sit near the front window with a hot chocolate. It looks like a scene out of a movie!

Review №56

A very friendly and inviting place. Fun categorization of books.

Review №57

My favorite Lincoln bookstore. Cozy, welcoming, perfect atmosphere, good café. Very focused on childrens books and local authors and businesses. Lots of activities!

Review №58

They have great customer service and an intentional dedication to being a safe and inclusive environment.

Review №59

An awesome local bookstore and coffee shop. Kid activities abound. Coffee bar to boot, as well food items. Worth several visits.

Review №60

Love this independent book store! Great space for kids and adults. Always super friendly and helpful.

Review №61

Great coffee, chill atmosphere, solid book selection. Plus fantastic food from Pepes!

Review №62

A bit pricey but wonderful book store!

Review №63

A great selection of local authors and just a unique nice store to browse.

Review №64

So cozy and great atmosphere. Wonderful book store plus they have an awesome cafe with Pepes food, the best breakfast burrito in town!

Review №65

They will specially order a book for you if you didnt find it instore. Great selection, and a cute coffee shop.

Review №66

Cozy bookstore with a great café. Go there during summer and treat yourself to the best ginger lemonade ever.

Review №67

Unfortunately this bookstore is easily the smallest in Lincoln, and for those who remember it is MUCH smaller then Lee Booksellers (independent bookstore that went out of business). I would never say something as silly as it is racist. It is what it is. Theres coffee. I asked for a book in the top ten nonfiction of NYT and they said they didnt have it nor do they plan to get any in. The local coffee is nice (if you dont want to go to the actual place that has the coffee) and Ive heard the donation-only soup is popular amongst college students. The giant tree inside is very neat as are the special events, which are many (kind of like a library). However, because it is called a bookstore, I have to give it a mediocre review for having such a small collection.

Review №68

Indigo Bridge is a really comfortable and relaxed place. Come here for books you probably wont find on the shelves of your typical bookstore.

Review №69

Great place to get the books I want and a really good sandwich!

Review №70

I love this place, great bookstore, great food, great coffee, and amazing staff.

Review №71

Cute place, food was good, not easy to locate per Google maps

Review №72

Wonderful quaint bookstore with amazing coffee and treats. My kids LOVE it there.

Review №73

Staff was amazing and helpful great experience

Review №74

Great ambience, book selection and friendly staff.

Review №75

Good place relax with a book and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Review №76

Great place! Well curated and great tea selection

Review №77

This is a great local book store and coffee shop!

Review №78

Love the store and what they do for the common good of our community.

Review №79

Cute little bookstore..customer service was amazing

Review №80

It a cool place, quaint, charming, full of character. Could tweak the service.

Review №81

This place should be in the website stuffwhitepeoplelike. really its only good for tourists and rich white people. i asked if they had a really popular book right now (fifty shades of gray) and they had it for full price. id reccommend going to target if you want it cheaper, and barnes and noble if you want a decent selection of books, this place is about a tenth of the size. I heard good things about the coffee and tried it and it was good and average priced so i guess thats one reason to go. other than that, its hard to recommend a place with a few full priced books with no one but white people. the big tree is cool and its in the haymarket so thats why tourists and rich people like it.

Review №82

Cozy bookstore and coffee 😊

Review №83

Little pricey but good healthy salads.

Review №84

Great atmosphere and friendly staff

Review №85

Always a great variety, cozy atmosphere and exactly what i need

Review №86

I was there for almost a hour and did not get asked if I needed help or anything. I would have bought alot if I felt like I was actually seen.

Review №87

It was pretty and smelled really good

Review №88

Great people!

Review №89

Great place for books, coffee, grading essays

Review №90

Fun game night on Thursday

Review №91

Great coffee, unique books

Review №92

Rude people and over priced..

Review №93

Make time to stop in every time Im in Lincoln

Review №94

Awesome food!!

Review №95

But books and support local causes!

Review №96

Love you boys

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