American & Import Auto Repair
3832 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

Review №1

Cynthia and staff are awesome! Had both of my vehicles there. One they repaired and serviced the AC, and the other was a water pump replacement. Both were done quickly and professionaly, I give them my full recommendation!

Review №2

They fixed my car, but it took over a month. No worries there, I am patient. Upon receiving my car, there was food (or something) on the passenger side between the seat and door and now my car is *infested* with carpenter ants. Hundreds (if not thousands) of giant ants living under the floor boards of my car. Now have to pay to have my car detailed (or possibly treated by an exterminator). Cool.The 2-stars I did give were because Cynthia is nice and my car seems to be running smoothly again.

Review №3

Great visit! Found my problem quickly. Also checked to see if it was covered under warranty and helped setup repair with dealership. Couldn’t have asked for better service.

Review №4

My husband and I have taken our only car here several times for a few different services and we got the $45 inspection twice. It is so nice having a checklist in your email of everything that is good, needs future work, and that needs work right then. Color coded in green, yellow, and red of course. :) It is the only place we will take it for service now! The genuine southern hospitality of these people is so rare to come by. Cynthia is absolutely incredible! She always explains things in ways I can understand! They have always done everything in a timely manner and notified us along the way. They go above and beyond with the care they treat the vehicles with and how they treat each customer. I know that’s absolutely what they have done for my husband and I. They will for you too.Basically, this place gives impeccable service at incredible prices WITH, excellent customer service.

Review №5

Been using this shop for the past year now and they are SO EASY to work with. Definitely recommend! Plus, they mail out monthly coupons! Who doesnt love that!?

Review №6

Excellent service and price. Professional run.

Review №7

Great people to deal with and knowledgeable staff

Review №8

I take my Audihere for all my service needs instead of going to the dealer in Knoxville or Asheville; excellent job every time!

Review №9

Nice, helpful and efficient. Nice waiting room. Honest and trustworthy.

Review №10

Cynthia is the greatest! And Joseph is awesome! They are extremely professional and friendly, they really take care of their customers and keep you in the loop at all times about your car. I brought 2 cars to them and really want to express my thankfulness for all the work they done for me. There is no limit to any car they can work on, my girlfriends VW Passat is driving better then ever now. And my Nissan Maxima before coming to them was barely drivable, but now my Maxima is driving like I got it from the assembly line. I recommend them to everyone! So go see Cynthia and Joseph and tell them Donte sent you!

Review №11

I appreciate how honest, efficient and kind the staff are at American & Import Auto Repair. After having some imperfect experiences at large dealership auto shops, I was recommended American & Import Auto through some coworkers who said they trusted them and always found them to be reliable. Their advice was 100% correct, as I’ve had nothing but good experiences since I’ve taken my car there to be serviced. Even after a simple oil change and tire rotation, I find their advice on some necessary services for my 9-year-old car to be generous and honest. I trust their judgment and would highly recommend them.If you’re looking for an honest and fairly priced auto repair shop in the Tri Cities, American & Import Auto Repair is the place to go

Review №12

They are always friendly and forthcoming with what they do. They always fix my car in a timely manner and have even helped me understand what exactly they are fixing which I have never seen a machinic do.

Review №13

My experience at American import and auto repair was lackluster. I would like to start with the positives, they did get my car running and they provided a loner car which was excellent. My cons are they took way longer than expected to look at my car, charged more than most mechanics I’ve seen and didn’t completely fix my coolant leak. I had to go to a different mechanic to get it actually fixed which worked out perfectly. If you want your car fixed in a timely manner and you don’t want to spend an enormous amount look elsewhere.

Review №14

Very friendly and professional. They dont BS and try to push stuff you dont need. Great work, great prices. I highly recommend them. They go above and beyond.

Review №15

I have been using American and Import for many years now - spanning a number of cars and services performed. I have had numerous instances when I needed quick repair and response, the most recent when Water pump bearing failed and car overheated - Car got to the shop at noon and was ready by 5. I just had them put my 2004 Crossfire on the road - it has been parked for 3 years and needed EVERYTHING to ensure safe operations - everything from tires to valve covers to brakes to computer module replacement - electrical work, headliner replacement and to much stuff to list - I am extremely satisfied with their level of service, expertise and professionalism. I have send many people their way over the years and they have also been more then satisfied. Great job everyone over there keep up the good work during these trying times and keep your grin above your chin.

Review №16

Cynthia and Josef are professional and communicate well. I have had to leave my car for a few days and got regular updates on the progress being made. They are honest with what work needs to be done to keep your vehicle in good shape. They also offer a free loaner car if needed which is nice.

Review №17

Brought in my BMW 7 series for coolant issues. These guys gave me loaner while repairs were being tended to. The work they did and professional way they went about it was outstanding. Amazing, fast , and fair costs will have me coming back. A model automotive center for others to follow. Thanks so much and I’m spreading the word.👍

Review №18

Ive used American Imports several times, and theyre always super professional and efficient. Cynthia is so nice and helpful, and she always explains things so I can understand. Also, their signs are so funny and give me a good chuckle on my daily commute lol. Highly recommend them!

Review №19

As a single woman I am always leery of repair work. Will I be taken advantage of....not here. Their gave me a breakdown of repairs needed and the cost for each item. They did my repairs in a very timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №20

They quickly diagnosed my problem and worked with me on the price by offering options.

Review №21

Took them 3 weeks to put an alternator in. They upcharged me on a battery and put a little dinky one in that can barely give enough power. They managed to not connect the battery correctly so it gave airbag warning lights and also took my battery vent hose. Would not recommend.

Review №22

I recently took my Chevy Tahoe here for a tune-up. Prior to actually dropping off my vehicle , I called ahead and received beneficial information from Cindy regarding pricing, availability of a loaner car, specific parts that were to be used on the tune-up and the length of time it would require to complete the service. Josef was very professional and courteous when I dropped off my truck. The loaner vehicle was very nice, comfortable and obviously, well taken care of. The very next day, the tune-up and axle shaft seal leak were completely fixed. The work that was done comes with a warranty as well. This was my first experience with American and Import Auto Repair and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!! I found them to be very honest, courteous, polite and offered excellent, professional service from start to finish. It is also nice to know they stand by their work with a warranty and were very appreciative of my business! If my Tahoe needs to be serviced in any way, I will feel confident in EVERY way, with American and Import Auto Repair! Very pleased and nice job!

Review №23

Great Folks to deal with and willing to go the extra mile. They were very knowledgeable about my vehicle and have great offers for vehicle service. Ive been a customer for many years and will continue to use them for all my vehicles needs.

Review №24

These guys are awesome! They are trustworthy and thorough. A little in the high side for cost but worth it.

Review №25

We have had to get minor repairs (four wheel alignment and heater core replacement) on our newer Hyundai SUV and our older Ford work van recently. The staff are very friendly, work was performed in the time frame expected, charges were what was quoted ahead of time and very fair. I would definitely recommend them and plan to use them again if I have any other issues.

Review №26

Excellent family run business. Honest reasonable prices, reliable repairs. Recently had tires replaced on my 2018 ford escape and extensive repair work to a 2003 crossfire. Recommend highly.

Review №27

Exceptional people and quality! I wouldn’t trust my vehicles anywhere else! They are honest, hardworking individuals that have your best interest top of mind! Definitely recommend!!

Review №28

Great experience! Super friendly and helpful staff. They fixed my car quickly. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone!!!

Review №29

American & Import does an outstanding job with stellar customer service and affordable service cost. I would highly recommend them for all auto repair and service.

Review №30

They always do an excellent job and they communicate things well to what your car may need! The super saver is the best bang for your buck! Where else can you get 4 full synthetic oil changes and tire rotations for $150?! I am a fanatic about maintaining my vehicles and I dont just trust anyone either but American and import auto makes it super easy and affordable and they treat my vehicles like its their own!

Review №31

He tried to tell me I had a bad master cylinder instead of a loose fitting on the brake lining. He said they would probably have to replace the whole system lines and all. Then tried to tell me I would have to leave it there for a week and a half while they charged me for storage. Told me if I left they would inform the police. It wasnt that bad. This use to be a good place. What happened? I had them change the oil and they didnt even get that right. I said use Pennzoil they put in bulk synthetic. I did not want synthetic. The so called inspection had things written on it like the spare tire in my truck bed had unknown oil on it. They said my truck window didnt work. It works just fine. Etc. Etc. All that over a loose fitting I could have fixed myself if I hadnt just had surgery.

Review №32

Cynthia Williams was very professional and precise. The service that I received was spectacular. I would recommend American Auto Imports to everyone I know. Thank you for everything.

Review №33

Wonderful, helpful people. I highly recommend.

Review №34

Excellent service and friendly, helpful staff. Fair pricing and I have had no issues with the work they have done.

Review №35

Cynthia & Josef are very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They make car repair painless. Always a job done to perfection!

Review №36

They did a fantastic job changing my oil and checking all my fluids and tire pressure. Will be back! Thank you!

Review №37

I stopped by this repair shop after Browns Mill tried to charge me near 400 dollars to fix a minor problem that wasnt broken. Let me tell you this, these guys were honest, very nice and polite AND fixed my minor problem in less than 10 minutes and charged me 0 dollars! I want to tell everyone my experience, more people should be like them; nice, honest and willing to help others 💟

Review №38

Recommended by a co-worker. Issue with power steering pump and serpentine belt. They went out of their way to find me a loaner car till mines fixed. Great customer service! Estimate done and an overall inspection that I didnt ask for charged a half hour labor and got a list of things wrong with my car. Recommended repairs for just the repairs I asked for, was recommended that the rack and pinion be replaced and high pressure line. Was told this would cost over 2000$. I asked to just replace power steering pump and serpentine belt was over 700$ because the power steering needed flushed. I said Id put the belt on myself and was charged 600$. If I knew how to flush the system I would have took the four bolts off myself and replaced the pump myself. Wasnt told Id be charged for diagnosis and the half hour labor. Was able to keep the loaner for 2days which saved me 100 to rent a car. Overpriced? You be the judge.

Review №39

I took my Honda here for the first time a few weeks ago, and I was blown away by the cleanliness of the facility as well as the professionalism of the service writer. He didn’t make me feel like I was a burden, as I’ve experienced at some places, and he was very clear on what to expect. The smell of popcorn was a welcome surprise in the waiting area as well as a hot coffee bar. I dropped my car off and it was ready in under an hour. These people are determined to care for you while they also care for your automobile. Give them a try! You won’t regret it! I also received a welcome packet in the mail a few weeks after, which blew me away. They want my business and they have it!

Review №40

Great quality work. Very thorough with inspections. Found issues the dealer missed! Thank you

Review №41

Tried to charge me $857 to replace a $50 water pump so I changed it myself saved $800 bucks dont listen to them they just want to screw people outta mon. Ps they were so petty about my review they contacted my father instead of replying to me first XD

Review №42

We’ve been taking our cars to American&Import for many years and find them to be courteous, fair, accurate, and upfront in their estimates. They are on time with the repairs. Honesty counts for a lot with us, and these folks are just that.

Review №43

We have used American & Import Auto Repair for several years. Each experience is efficient and pleasant. They get the work done quickly and are wonderful to deal with. They can usually get the vehicle in within 24-36 hours for assessment. We will continue to support this business.

Review №44

The best auto repair business in town! I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №45

Both tail lights were out , and brake lights , took it to them and they figured out the problem and replaced both bulbs and did not charge me anything for bulbs or labor , I would recommend them very friendly staff

Review №46

I have always had great experiences with this team! They handle my vehicles with care and are always stand up if things aren’t just right! Their staff is professional and take great care of my vehicles while they are in their shop!

Review №47

Their estimate was 3 times higher than the others & it took a while to hear back from them.😢

Review №48

Very professional staff and chill office. Theyd found a minor oil leak on a visit, so I brought it back to be looked at. They realized that it was just residual and didnt bill me at all for the return visit, though they could have, and I would have been none the wiser. One of the few shops where I dont feel like I have to constantly ensure Im not getting ripped off.They also do what they say they will when they say they will. Great complementary refreshments.

Review №49

Very expensive. Charged almost $400.00 for an ac compressor. I checked on it myself and found 1 at advance auto parts ( lifetime warranty ) for $143.00They also installed a wheel bearing that didn’t need replacing without my permission. They tried tacking on too much stuff to write down. I do not recommend. AT ALL.

Review №50

Had a water pump and thermostat housing replaced after smelling coolant. Work was done quickly (two days), and professionally. Prior to this, they repaired (replaced) the A/C system and fixed some transmission leaks. Prior to THAT, they had to replace the engine control unit due to misfires. Needless to say, Ive spent some serious $$$ here (I have a 2007 Jeep, so there you go). All work was done to my satisfaction and the staff is a pleasure.

Review №51

Ive had my two cars at American & Import Auto Repair for the past two years. I have been 100% satisfied with their service, professionalism and transportation options. They are the best service organization I have ever experienced.

Review №52

Friendly staff and great ownership. It is a solid business with trustworthy techs.

Review №53

I was travelling back to Georgia and my car was leaking fluid; I called them at 4pm and they close at 5pm; they were willing to assess my car before they closed. They checked all my fluids and made sure nothing significant was leaking.Great customer service!

Review №54

They are reasonably priced, take care of their customers, have prompt service, polite and professional, dropped me home and picked me up, and fixed the issues my Honda had. I am quite pleased with my experience, and would recommend them to others. They are now my go to shop!

Review №55

I highly recommend! Sam is awesome and has done work on my car several times. I feel like he’s very honest and very smart in his trade. I’ve been very satisfied with all work he’s done on my car.

Review №56

Called and got me in same day and fixed a problem head light that dealership wanted 500 bus for and charged me nothing and told me to have a nice day. They are now my full time mechanic. So nice and kind.

Review №57

I ALWAYS get great service here and if there is a difficulty they fix it ASAP! I am a customer since 2008 or so.

Review №58

So many reasons, so little space!I love American Imports for several important reasons.I have never had to have any of their work done over; it is always done right and well. The prices are extremely fair and decent. They dont try to get me to do things to my car that arent necessary. .I am the one who decides what happens to the car. They are totally honest. I would never go there if these statements werent true....But wait! Theres more: The people are so polite and nice. Everyone is courteous and respectful. There is no gutter talk; there is no bashing of other shops; there is no constant political agenda being pushed. There is no talking down to me because I am a woman. There is a variety of reading material in the waiting room, including Christian literature which makes me feel at home. It is clean and comfortable and I recommend it to all my loved ones , co-workers and friends. Great place!

Review №59

I was well pleased with the service. The only issue I had was that it took two visits to find the problem. Those things are going to happen sometimes, though. Otherwise, I would have given five stars.

Review №60

The service they provided was fine but I paid almost a thousand dollars to fix something which did not fix the issue I originally came in for and was very specific about.

Review №61

This is the most Professional, Business with Honest employees that Ive used in a long time. For your repair or routine services I strongly recommendAmerican & Import Auto Repair.From the time youre greeted till the jobs done you feel like youre the only service theyre working on. They greet you with a smile and a handshake, while you realize this is a top notched business. From the time youre repair starts till its finished youre in the loop on whats going on. No unexpected charges when you pick up. As far as routine service the best in the business as well. Forget all these other storesAmerican & Import Auto Repair is in it for the Long haul. They dont just want your business but your family & friends as well.I can proudly put my name on this review because they live up to their word and will make it right before you leave.Top Notch People!!!

Review №62

I am very impressed with service I received here. They were thorough and efficient. Staff very friendly and accommodating. I am very pleased with all the work I had done. They even cleaned my car.

Review №63

Exceptional service, I have all my cars serviced and repaired by Jake who is one of there ASE Master level technicians, you cant beat the prices but what keeps me coming back is honesty of the entire staff and the confidence of knowing that the job was done correctly by a certified technician who can answer any questions that I have and that looks at my car as his own and understands that its not just me in the car but my two little girls as well. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family

Review №64

Honestly they care about the customer. Above and beyond helpful and free loaner car

Review №65

Very thorough..very detailed. Two things I have never had the pleasure of dealing with from an auto repair shop. Very knowledgeable and polite staff.

Review №66

Great, small town shop courtesy with professional results.

Review №67

I went to this place because my air conditioner wasnt working I didnt expect to pay what they thought I was going to pay the bill was $803 it needed a blower it needed a resistor and two belts came to $803 the parts alone $400 I went to an automotive store and got all the parts for $170 I cannot believe this place would Jack up the price so much labor alone was over $200 if you have a lot of money to blow you can take your car here theyre very friendly and seem to be very knowledgeable I got another automotive place to do it for $80 for labor I come out about $300 which is a lot better than 800 I dont think this place is a bad place but its very expensive to take your car there I will never take my truck there I will take it to a small place that knows what theyre doing

Review №68

Honest assessment of issues and reasonable prices

Review №69

Weve been taking our vehicles to American & Import for several years. They always explain the repairs, give us options and take care of everything for us. One time a new part failed, but they took care of it under warranty. This is the shop to go to - honest, good quality work & great communication.

Review №70

Very thorough shop. They even sent me an email with pictures of what was wrong. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Overall very professional. I was happy with the results.

Review №71

Awesome service!!!After having to jump off my wifes Suburban twice in two days I took a chance by pulling into American & Import Auto Repair. First of all it was a Friday afternoon and you could tell they were swamped with business. Thats always a good sign. I was leaving town on Monday for a couple of days and didnt want to chance my wife getting stranded while I was gone. They could have told me to come back another day and I would have completely understood, but Scott found a way to get it in to at least check it out. Turned out it just needed a new alternator. I left it with them and they had it ready for me when I got back into town the middle of the next week. They were absolutely pleasant to deal with and the final cost was less than I thought it would be and I know less than what the dealership would have charged. I will definitely be back.

Review №72

The fine folks here are very friendly and provided me with superior customer service. They treat you right and are very knowledgeable. I take both my personal and business vehicles here and will continue to do so. I do not know anything about vehicles and they take their time to explain everything they are doing. Great company and I highly recommend them.

Review №73

I would highly recommend this auto repair shop! They work in a timely fashion and the management is outstanding! I know I am going to get the best care for my car and get a few laughs out of my visit as well!

Review №74

Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly! They will work with you on your vehicles issues and you dont feel pressured at all. They dont talk down to you or make women feel leered at or unwelcome like with so many auto repair shops. Im always comfortable taking my vehicle there and suggesting to my friends that they take their vehicles there too!The lobby is warm and inviting with great coffee and magazine selections, and the service manager is a super nice, and puts you at ease with what needs to be done to your vehicle. I HIGHLY recommend American and Import Auto Repair!!! Id give them 10 stars if that was an option!

Review №75

The guys there are great. I had some major issues wit my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo throttle sensor. Even tho it took awhile they had a loaner for me to use n kept my car till they knew for sure it was fixed. Scott worked wit me on the bill which I much appreciated. Continued to come back for my regular oil changes n every time Scott made me feel comfortable n didnt treat me like a typical female (a duh)... I have recommended Scott n the crew to family n friends. Thanks Scott, ur awesome.

Review №76

I do a lot of driving so my car gets frequent oil changes and service work. I have been pleased with the work done, timeliness of work, and explanation of services needed and rendered. I dont know much about cars and appreciate when someone takes the time out to explain and show me when there is an issue with my Honda.

Review №77

Excellent Service at a Reasonable Price!

Review №78

Ive taken my vehicles there for years. They are always quick & reasonable on their rates. Very respectful, and honest. They are great people to deal with. I highly recommend them.

Review №79

I took my plug-in hybrid to American Import & Auto for a cylinder misfire issue. After changing out the coils and plugs, the system diagnostics indicated the problem wasnt resolved. They took the car back without question, and worked on it extensively for another two weeks to ensure the problem was resolved. In that time, they provided me with a loaner vehicle free of charge, and were absolutely incredible in answering my questions and concerns. Eventually they found the issue to be a pinched O-ring. I wasnt charged for anything past the initial coil replacement.American Import & Auto is easily the best auto service shop I have ever visited. Their customer service is incredible, they truly care about resolving your vehicle issues, and theyre genuinely pleasant to be around (especially Blaine and Cynthia).

Review №80

Yall are amazing!!!!! I came in after 3 other businesses couldnt help me. As I entered the door in tears with little hope left I was greeted with open arms and smiles. They were very welcoming very positive and caring people. Not only were they able to fix the problem but went above and beyond there services and made sure things were complete until the end. Mr.Tim & Mrs. Kim thank you for your quality in your services and having an awesome staff. Misty, Scott, and the many guys that helped work on my car thank you so much you have no idea how much it means to me. I have to say I will never go anywhere else.THANK YOU!!!

Review №81

Went to try and get an alignment on my vehicle I purchased not too long ago. 2000 Honda Accord coupe. But when I got there they test drove it with me, and then proceeded to say I need to do another appointment with an inspection. That is gonna cost another $45?! I thought they do an automatic inspection and it doesnt cost extra. Why on Earth not even do it today and then have to wait another whole week? It makes no sense. Seems to me they are just trying to take advantage and rip me off. Just giving a review from my experience today. I know not all experiences are the same. But mine wasnt good.

Review №82

Cynthia Williams got me in out quickly

Review №83

I stopped by to have a tire plugged, 10 minutes later I was on my way. At no charge!

Review №84

I highly recommend this business. I came in highly frustrated at all the repairs that I was having to do for a car that was purchased 3 months ago. Misty was amazing at helping address my concerns and understanding my frustrations. She is the person who most everyone encounters first and she is super friendly and delightful. Im sure she encounters a lot of high strung people on the regular like myself and she was wonderful . They team of techs here are almost amazing! They pinpointed my problem and fixed it all the while keeping it low cost. I will definitely be using them in the future for my repair needs! Thanks yall!

Review №85

I have an older car, and I am an older women, but I am always treated with respect & everything is always explained, and I feel the work is done well & at a fair & reasonable price. They never do anything the car doesnt need and always ask before starting repairs. In the past I had been to another shop that is actually closer to where I live and maybe cheaper, but Ive found you get what you pay for! American & Import is my repair shop forever!

Review №86

Its always nice to deal with a Christian company who stands by their word. If Scott couldnt help me with my vehicles issues he recommended someone who could. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Review №87

They are very friendly and explained the issues about my vehicle. They even have womens car care clinics to educate us on vehicle maintenance. I have had all positive experiences with them. As a mom of 3 daughters, I trust them to maintain my vehicle that transports my daughters.

Review №88

Incredible customer service experience. Inside guest lobby is well kept and the restrooms are very clean. Staff are very accommodating and well educated in the business and industry.Highly recommend using this business10/10

Review №89

My Husband and I used this car repair shop a few years ago when we had a problem with one of our cars they went out their way to make sure we had a loner car to drive so we could do our daily routine never missed a beat. The manger Scott is a great honest man ...I currently need my radiator fix sucks they arent open on Sundays .but tomorrow I will be on they door step waiting for service Great places to get car repairs hands down .. Highly Recommended .

Review №90

Well this place is outrageous for a simple brake job. Better off doing it yourselves and save 4 to $500.

Review №91

I love the staff at American & Import auto! They have always went above & beyond & are the ONLY people I trust to work on my car. I will always go there & highly recommend them for all your car needs. You will not find more honest or hard working people!! My mini cooper would have already fallen Apart if it werent for these guys!!

Review №92

I have oil changes done on my cars every 3 -4 months. Always quick in and out. They do an excellent job and always inspect the cars for any problems, noting whether there are critical repairs needed or things that can wait till later. I am well satisfied with all there work and find them to be honest and trustworthy.

Review №93

This company took parts from my car after I couldnt afford there services I guess they didnt think Id notice

Review №94

Super nice and honest individual running this operation. Never feel like I would be lied to or taken advantage of at this establishment. As a female, this is important to me. Honest, affordable, quality work!!

Review №95

Made an appt to drop car off and was told to bring it back in a week.... brought it back in a week and they requested to beinf it back the next day.... brought it back the next day and left it ... still nothing after three days of having the car in the lot. Picked the car up with no diagnosis... complete inefficiency, no communication ... never again

Review №96

Recently repaired my 2010 Audi...great experience!!! Professional staff from the front desk to the technicians. Wont hesitate in hiring them in the future.

Review №97

Went to have my air conditioner fixed in my Prius and some other work the air conditioner ended up not being fixed after they replace the compressor and for $1,000 and the total bill was over $4,300 to fix change the spark plugs and the water pump actually had more work done on the car than the car is worth. I called the week later or two weeks later and told him the air conditioner wasnt working and was told to bring the car in and leave it another two days which I havent been able to yet because I dont have a separate car to drive they were going to check and see where the leak was of the gas from the air conditioner but wanted me to leave the car for 2 days after initially paying 4300 I felt that possibly they were possibly going to end up charging me more so I just didnt take it back and decided to take it to the dealer. It was obvious that the gas had leaked out somewhere and it hadnt been fixed as they told me it was driven around and checked before they gave the car to me on the initial visit. Its sort of hard to leave your car again for two days after you had left it for 3 days for them to work on plus I think it was 4 days. The other stuff I guess was fixed alright Ill take it to the dealer and take the inventory sheet and see exactly what was done.

Review №98

This place is awesome! Every time I take my car here they are nice and respectful! I would recommend going here for any of your repair work. They always get me in and out without long wait times.

Review №99

Very good mechanic work, second time Ive taken a vehicle there. Friendly staff but a little slow, especially with communication. Paid 100$ more here than what dealer quoted me but I know the job is done right.

Review №100

These guys fixed a vehicle that i was about to give up on i had it alot places and took it to them and in less than 2 hrs i picked it up and 1500 miles later not a problem. Very good at what thay do i had put lot money in the vehicle with no luck 90 dollars and it was fixed i certain ly would recamend you got a problem befor you give up take it to them!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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