Little White Dress Bridal Shop
1130 31st St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Review №1

White Dress has it all. Excellent atmosphere from the warm greeting, beautiful decor, and most importantly, a private viewing area for each brides friends and family. We all flew into Milwaukee from other parts of the country and it was worth it. Jimmy was fantastic and immediately understood our bride-to-be. After 2 days of shopping, she selected the 2nd dress she tried on. She said yes to White Dress!

Review №2

Little White Bridal saved me! I cannot express how grateful I am for this shop and for my consultant, Avery! She was a fairy godmother. I had perviously bought a wedding dress from another boutique. I was pressed into getting a dress that I did not like. I immediately had second thoughts and regrets but I ignored them. When the dress arrived, not only was it not my dream dress, but they had measured me wrong and ordered a dress way too small and I had even lost weight. In a panic, I contacted Little White Bridal and they booked me for an immediate appointment for sample gowns. Avery made everything so comfortable and did not pressure me at all. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and pulled the perfect gown. I went home that afternoon and could not stop thinking about this dress. I went back two weeks later and purchased the gown of the rack! It was truly the perfect wedding dress and Avery was an incredible consultant to work with! I am so grateful they helped my dream come true.Photo credits: Bree Woolly Photography

Review №3

I had an absolutely perfectly dress shopping experience at LWD recently. Everyone in the shop was so kind (and also sincere). Stylist Avery made the day as wonderful as it was though. She asked great questions prior to my appointment such that only after a few minutes of talking with her, I felt like I had been talking about my dream dress with her for weeks. Avery pulled incredible selections for me and continually listened to me and asked thoughtful questions to understand how I was feeling in each dress. She knew her inventory so well and would even pull up pictures of variations and modifications to certain dresses that she felt might be things I was looking for. I never felt pressured or rushed and genuinely enjoyed my entire appointment time. I cannot speak highly enough of having worked with Avery at LWD and would recommend the shop to anyone in a heartbeat!

Review №4

AMAZING!!! Before we went to the Little White Dress Bridal Shop, my mother & I went to Davids Bridal to get an idea of what I would like. I left Davids Bridal so discouraged. I was sure I was going to be a frumpy bride! THEN, I went to the Little White Dress Bridal Shop. AMAZING! My stylist, Avery, was phenomenal! She made the entire appointment about ME. Yes, there were 4 others with me & their opinions were important but she was focused wholly on me. She never stopped working to find me the perfect dress. I cant say enough good things about Avery! I could have left in a number of their dresses but I found the perfect dress for me! The dresses are stunning, the veils are incredible & you can find anything you want! The whole experience was so special! I hope everyone gets a chance to visit the Little White Dress Bridal Shop. Thank you Avery!!!

Review №5

Nancy was so awesome helping me find the perfect dress. Not pushy. Super kind. Very experienced with great knowledgeable comments. I highly recommend getting your dress here. The salon is absolutely stunning. The front desk is kind and answers the phone immediately. They were so perfect!

Review №6

I do not recommend this store to anyone who is shopping for a weeding dress. I went wedding dress shopping with a friend today. She left her appointment in tears. The lady helping us was rude and rushed us through her appointment.

Review №7

Exceeded all expectations!Beautiful bridal!Wonderful people!Dont miss this experience!

Review №8

Such an amazing place. My Dad has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and on my bucket list was to have a wedding styled shoot with him in case he doesnt make it to my wedding one day. Little White Dress so graciously donated a veil for me to not only be able to take photos with my Dad but also so I can still also have the full bridal experience one day. I have no doubt when that day comes I will be returning here to purchase my dress! Thank you again for your kindness, I will forever remember this special time with him.

Review №9

I came from Hawaii to shop for a dress while I visited family and am so unbelievably glad I found Dylan at LWD! The whole experience was perfect, easy to get ahold of an actual person to talk to, flexible appointments, amazing stylist! Dylan was very accommodating and respectful of my budget (which I was so nervous I wouldn’t find anything I could afford,I was dead wrong) she listened and asked details I didn’t even think of to bring up. As we browsed the dresses she grabbed one I thought I would not look good in as much as I would love to rock it. She reassured me that it’s be fire. I tried on the most beautiful dresses I felt like a queen! Dylan nailed it with her pick, beyond words home much I loved the dress! If you’re looking for a smooth, fun, pampered dress experience go see Dylan, hands down! Thank you so much to everyone at LWD!

Review №10

I loved everything about my bridal dress shopping experience at Little White Dress (LWD). The boutique... stunning. The staff... so sweet, kind, helpful, knowledgable, understanding, insightful, accommodating... Taylor was my consultant/stylist and she was an absolute delight to work with. We had been to a few other appointments earlier and so fatigue was slowly starting to settle in, but Taylor had great energy and made the entire appointment so much fun: the best of the day in fact! She had great points, pulled the most beautiful dresses that were exactly what I was looking for, and made sure that both me and my mom felt like absolute queens the whole time. If you are in the Denver area (or even if youre a bit farther out), a visit to LWD is an absolute MUST for all brides-to-be... you wont be sorry and you wont leave without a dress that you fall in love with.

Review №11

Taylor was fantastic! Even though my dress wasn’t there she helped me solidify my dress was elsewhere. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and a great day!

Review №12

Hannah was absolutely amazing! I shared my Pinterest board with her before my appointment and shared the dress I previously bought online that I considered for my wedding dress. She was very helpful prior to my appointment.During my appointment, Hannah was an absolute dream. She helped me find the perfect dress and it happened to be the first dress I tried on. We tried on several others and she provided great expertise along the way. She also made me feel at ease during the whole process. At LWD, the stylists stay and follow you along the journey which I think is so wonderful. Can’t say enough about the shop. It’s beautiful too!!

Review №13

Dylan is incredible! She really listened to my likes and dislikes and we found my perfect dress within minutes. I actually went with a dress that was almost the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted and it was the 4th dress I tried on. Dylan understood what my vision was despite how difficult it was to describe with words. She has a way of reading people! She was extremely patient and never rushed me. She even covered part of my cancellation fee for another dress shop that I had scheduled later that day because we knew I had found my perfect dress at LWD. Thank you so much Dylan!!!

Review №14

My experience with LWD dress was absolutely amazing and everything I was hoping for when dress shopping! When I went in I had a very clear idea of what I believed I wanted in a dress and Dylan did and amazing job of listening to each of those wants and assured me all dresses could be customized to my preference. The very first dress she put me in was an absolutely stunning style but the elements were completely opposite of what I had pictures for myself. Dylan went out and found dresses with each of the elements I had mentioned and one by one I realized just how much I loved the first dress. Never would I have imagined I would find my dress in the very first one I tried in but I did and Dylan was to thank for nailing my style! Thank you so much Dylan for helping me find my dress, I have looked at the pictures a few times and still tear up when I think about the day I get to wear it again!

Review №15

Working with Dylan was wonderful! She helped me hone in on exactly what I wanted, and had a very keen eye for what my vision was. I found the dress I always imagined I would wear on my wedding day!

Review №16

This place was amazing, I really favored the layout and way it is run to anywhere else I looked, they give you a sense of privacy and that’s great. Also, run don’t walk all the way to Nancy! It was my first time trying on dresses and she was the absolute best - she makes you feel so comfortable, she’s incredibly knowledgeable, and all around amazing. I didn’t end up getting my dress here unfortunately and the only reason I’m so disappointed about it is because I don’t get to have Nancy help me throughout the rest of the process.

Review №17

Where to start!? First off when I scheduled my appointment it was so easy and seamless. Then Megan emailed me and called me. She made me feel so unbelievably special by reaching out ahead of time and asking detailed questions about my vision. It made it so exciting for the actual day and I couldn’t wait! Then the day came and if I could think that Megan would be the best, I was blown away by her sweet nature, her attention to detail and being present for this exciting and important day. Then she was consistent and communicative while my dress was being made. She was the absolute best! I am so lucky to have found THE gown at Little White Dress and would highly recommend this boutique to anyone and everyone!

Review №18

I had an amazing appointment with Dylan at LWD during their flash sample sale! It was my first time wedding dress shopping and I had an idea of what I was looking for but wasn’t sure. I described to her what type of bride I was and elements I was looking for and she let me pull some dresses and then she pulled some dresses. I ended up buying the first dress I tried on and it was one she chose! She knew me better than I knew myself! I never felt pressured to buy and she was always listening and pulled different gowns to make sure I loved the one I chose! It was not what I was looking for, it was even better! The salon was gorgeous and the staff was great! I could not have asked for a better experience! Thank you so much LWD and Dylan for helping me find my perfect dress!

Review №19

I do not want to give this shop a negative review, bcos this post is about a spam call. Just received a call from this number & looked it up to learn it was a legit business phone number. The call itself was a spam call. One of those robo voices stating I’m in trouble and this is my last attempt before I was arrested blah, blah, blah. This is the second call I’ve received today from a legit business number w it being a robo call. I live in ATL, GA and have never been to this area of America nor have I ever heard of this shop. Wanted ppl to know in case they get a call like this as well.

Review №20

Thank you so much LWD and Taylor for an amazing consultation and appointment. We went in looking for accessories for the big day and Taylor was absolutely amazing. Not only was she professional, but super friendly and kept us laughing. She helped us budget properly and gave great feedback. Seriously, HIGHLY recommend requesting her.

Review №21

I had an amazing experience at LWD, and Dylan was absolutely amazing. She helped me find the dress of my dreams. She really listened to everything I said I wanted, and the dress I fell in love with really showed how actively she listened. She asked me all the necessary questions to guide me towards the perfect gown, and was so personable and friendly. The experience was all around amazing. Management was also incredibly helpful and responsive after a miscommunication occurred over the phone. They immediately reached out to me and solved the problem with such kindness and grace.

Review №22

Beautiful shop and such friendly staff. Taylor made me feel at ease while trying on dress after dress.Only thing that disappointed me, was the cost of the off the rack dresses. For the cost I would have thought that the dresses would have been in a little better shape. I understand buying something “as is” but if I’m paying almost $2K for a dress, I would have hoped that a dress cleaning would have been included. This is the main reason I didn’t buy the dress, while I found one that was beautiful and fit me great, knowing what it would take to get it cleaned I couldn’t justify the cost.

Review №23

They were amazing! I emailed multiple stores in Colorado to see if they could accommodate my desire to find a modest/conservative wedding dress that covered the back and shoulders. LWD was the only bridal store that was willing to help me! My consultant, Avery, did an excellent job of helping me find a beautiful dress that I LOVE. Great service, amazing selection, and extremely customizable.

Review №24

This place was absolutely amazing. The staff was excellent, especially the stylist I got to work with, Megan. She was practical, helpful, professional, and incredibly nice. She told me things I could and couldnt do for each dress. She gave her professional opinion when I asked for it and guided me in the dress hunting process. Without her, I wouldnt have found the dress that we made into my perfect wedding gown. The building is gorgeous, their selection is broad, and they have gowns in a large variety of prices and styles. I have only great things to say about this place, I would recommend it to any bride!

Review №25

Definitely the sales floor of dreams! It’s the perfect atmosphere for a special experience. It was so much fun to browse and try on gowns!I gave LWD a 3 star review because my stylist really missed the mark. I definitely had a vision in my head and know myself very well, but my stylist made many I-know-better-than-you comments. I tried to keep an open mind and try on some of her suggestions, but some of the comments made were interesting and would have likely upset a less confident/straightforward bride. The other thing was I was in the early stages of dress shopping and she kept telling me I could only keep 3 dresses as my favorites and had to eliminate the others. It was just strange.I wouldn’t deter anyone from going to LWD as it could have just been conflicting personalities - but as a salesperson myself, listening is the number one priority. I felt that I wasn’t really heard during my appointment and ended up getting the same gown I tried on at LWD elsewhere.

Review №26

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better bridal experience at Little White Dress. Dylan is THE stylist of a lifetime. Before my appointment, she went out of her way to reach out to get to know me, my style and my vision of the dress I was hoping to find for my wedding day. Before coming in for my appointment this past weekend, I was already blown away by my experience with LWD. Finally, the day had come and my best friend and I arrived for my appointment. Meeting Dylan was everything I thought it would be and more. She is warm, inviting and passionate about helping brides bring their dress dreams to life. It’s safe to say that I said absolutely YES to the dress of my dreams, and I am so grateful for Dylan and the LWD team. To say that they went above and beyond would be the understatement of the century. Thank you, Dylan and LWD, for an experience that will last a lifetime!

Review №27

The little white dress was amazing! I absolutely loved Avery, she really made me feel special and helped me find the perfect dress under my budget. My family really enjoyed our entire experience.

Review №28

They are super judgemental. They will put you in a price bracket and force you to stay there. If you want to try on anything else it will be a fight. The are not welcoming of disabilities. They discriminated against hard of hearing people. One of the worst places to shop

Review №29

I just finished dress shopping at the Little White Dress a few hours ago and all I can say is... WOW! Not only is the place gorgeous and make you feel like royalty but the people were so amazing and kind. Dylan helped me try on so many dresses and literally from the start found me the perfect dress. Like she chose which dress I actually ended up getting it was craziness. She and Molly made me feel so so safe and comfortable while doing measurements and what not. I honestly can’t say enough about them. My mom came with me and she is getting married soon and I think she’s 110% sold in coming to them for her dress as well. If your looking for a world class experience and warm kind and knowledgeable stylists, please check them out. They have such variety and really can work with any size or taste. Thank you Little White Dress for helping me find the most perfect dress for my hopefully equal perfect day :)

Review №30

This place is amazing!! One of the cutest bridal shops I have ever seen! Very unique! The staff was very friendly and helpful and the selection is amazing! My stylist Taylor was so sweet and helpful- she was very intuitive about knowing what type of dress I was looking for! Everything about this place was exactly what i was looking and hoping for in my shopping experience!

Review №31

Im so thankful that I found the LWD Bridal Shop! I had multiple appointments in Denver and Dylan was the only stylist who reached out to me to hear about my wedding, styles I liked and what I was after before I came in for my appointment. She absolutely nailed it with her recommendations - the dress she picked for me ended up being the dress I chose! The atmosphere of the bridal shop is beautiful with plenty of natural light and gorgeous details. Their follow up after my gown purchase has also been wonderful and informative.

Review №32

I had such a great experience at Little White Dress! Their showroom is so gorgeous and everyone I spoke with was very friendly.Little White Dress was the second shop that I visited on my search for the perfect wedding dress, and it was the most beautiful space you could imagine. Every detail in the space was very well thought out. If you go, ask them about the wallpaper they have framed by the desk - its a great story!I had the pleasure of working with Meghan to find the dress of my dreams. Working with her was fast-paced at first, but she was really good at reading what I liked and disliked right away, and was able to narrow down the results. It was great to have an expert on my side during the process.I never once felt pressured to purchase a dress that was out of my comfort zone or budget. I did spend more than I had set out to spend that day, but after trying on the dresses in my budget here and at other salons, I just wasnt in love with them. I worked with Meghan to customize the dress to what I wanted, I was looking for a slightly antique white and the colors we settled on were just perfect.After ordering the dress LWD kept in touch with me to make sure I was in the loop every step of the way. When I finally got to see it in person, I was just blown away. It was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined!Alterations were super easy and minimal for me as well. I was worried about this process the most, as Ive heard from other brides that it was an absolute nightmare. For me, it was pretty fast and easy, I think its because Shirin was an absolute dream to work with and did such an amazing job with the dress. The dress was actually comfortable for the duration of the night, and never did I need to pull it up to keep it from sliding down (it was strapless). It fit in all the right places and wasnt too big or too small.I got so many compliments on the day of the wedding and I have both Shirin and Meghan to thank for that. My husband said you looked so beautiful it took my breath away and then proceeded to tell me how hot I looked all night - haha.I would recommend the team at LWD to any bride looking for a personalized wedding dress shopping experience. Seriously, the best.

Review №33

I had the most incredible experience at LWD! I “said yes to the dress” during their flash sale this past weekend, and worked with their Senior Stylist Megan and she knocked it our of the park!! I didn’t really know what I quite wanted for my big day before I got there, and she truly heard everything I wanted and put me in the most incredible gown that fit me perfectly! I feel so lucky to have gotten my dress with such a wonderful and professional team! If you are looking for a 5 star experience for your special occasion, definitely get an appointment here they are amazing!!!

Review №34

Avery was amazing! I found my dream dress with the best experience I couldve imagined. I cant wait to go back for alterations.

Review №35

Could not be happier with my experience so far with LWD. Nancy is truly fabulous. Listened to what I wanted and found some dresses that I did really like, but also gave some of her own suggestions and ended up finding the perfect dress -- something I never would have selected for myself without her guidance. She was so kind and made sure she was available to be there when I first tried on the dress after receiving from the designer, and at the first alterations appointment to really make sure all of my fit concerns were addressed properly with the seamstress. Not only is she excellent at her job, but made me feel so special and cared for to make sure I was happy and confident with my decision. Being a size 10-12 in standard clothes, I was very nervous for the dress shopping process and worried I wouldnt feel confident in anything, but everyone at LWD was fabulous and reassuring. Highly recommend.

Review №36

My experience was wonderful! Deana made me feel like a bride and treated me so special! Unlike other places I went to. I would recommend this place to anyone, especially her. The store is BEAUTIFUL too!

Review №37

I just went to LWDS and had the BEST time! Not only was my stylist (Dylan) the sweetest, she really listened and understood exactly what I wanted. Dylan picked out the dress I ended up loving, and styled my whole look. I wish I could get married twice just to have this shopping experience again.

Review №38

Beautiful store and Nancy was the most helpful person during my dress buying experience. save yourself a few trips, and just go here first! :)

Review №39

I still cant believe what an amazing experience it was to find my dress during my first appt of the day, which happened to be at Little White Dress! Let me just preference by saying that dress shopping was never something I dreamed about - it seemed tedious and too decadent for my personality, and I would have been just as fine working online with a designer. However, I pushed myself to book a few traditional appts to ensure I was 1) getting the full experience and 2) getting expert advice on what works & doesnt work. LWD delivered that and MORE. I got to work with Avery, who texted with me before my appt & completely understood me as a non-traditional bride. She pulled pieces that tied with my Pinterest wedding board and was honest about pricing & sizing upfront. The transparency was greatly appreciated because I had a more conservative budget. The rest of the staff was wonderful, inviting, and equally genuine in any conversations I had with them. The showroom itself is gorgeous with lots of natural light and plenty of space to move around & still feel like youve got your own area. My mom was with me and felt extremely comfortable while I was switching dresses. She also adored the setting and staff dedication. When I settled on my dress, Avery and a few other staff made a point to tell me they were all fan-girling in at the front desk, which really made the experience so special & felt like I had cheerleaders all around. I kinda wish I could live the entire 1.5 hrs all over again haha Excited to work with them on my fittings & alterations!

Review №40

I have now been to 6 different wedding dress stores in Denver, and LWD by far has the most high quality selection of gowns. Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with!!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about the store and her service.

Review №41

Little white dress is a beautiful location!! Avery was a amazing stylist who made my day of trying on dresses so fun and enjoyable!

Review №42

Let me start off by saying that every interaction I have had with LWD has been nothing short of just..AMAZING?! FANTASTIC?! I ran into Dylan at an event LWD held at the Union Station after I had just gotten engaged, and I felt like I was in over my head with what wedding dress shopping was and what it entailed. First of all, they are the only shop in North America to carry Inbar Freiman, whose gown designs embodied the exact image i had envisioned for myself on my wedding day and secondly, I was treated with such patience and respect from the second I walked into LWD. Dylan made me feel so comfortable and was somehow able to ease the anxieties and stresses of dress shopping. I felt like we had been friends forever and like she knew exactly who I was and what I envisioned for myself. I highly recommend picking LWD (and requesting Dylan) for your forever dress, I am so glad I did!!!

Review №43

Originally what drew me to Little White Dress was the great reviews and their easy to navigate website. But after flying in from out of town and visiting in person, I am so glad I scheduled an appointment. And what’s even better is I found my dress in the most enjoyable way.I opted to go for a VIP appointment and absolutely feel like it was worth it. I brought my four sisters with me and was a little nervous that they would get bored or be uncomfortable at a 90 min fitting. But after walking in and being escorted to our private fitting area with a beautiful snack spread, I had no more worries. Everyone had a wonderful time.Dylan was my stylist and was very professional, insightful, and honest with me. She tuned into my style and aesthetic even quicker than I did and her feedback was incredibly helpful. She did a perfect job of listening and including everyone in my party, but still ultimately made me feel like the most important person. I cannot think of anyone who could have guided me through the process better. And a special bonus, she had great insights on how my dress will look at my destination wedding because she has been there herself!I can’t think of how this experience could have gone any better!

Review №44

TL;DR - I had a great experience and ended up purchasing my wedding dress at Little White Dress Bridal.For starters, the showroom is GORGEOUS. Huge windows to let in all the light, and a creative layout with lots of fitting rooms and podiums so you feel like you have your own space during your appointment, complete with plush couches for your guests. They offer champagne to your group as you shop too. I will agree with another reviewer who mentioned the curtains to the fitting rooms open in the middle, which wasnt the *most* private - luckily I was with my mom, sister and BFF so it wasnt a big deal but I can see it bothering those who are more modest or with extended family.Megan helped me during my first appointment; she was in tune with what I was looking for and pulled a variety of great dresses. When nothing was quite right she got creative and paired the top from one dress and the bottom from another by the same designer. The end result was perfect! I got the feeling but had to go to a few other appointments I had already scheduled elsewhere to be sure. One thing I didnt love was that you have to put a deposit down to be measured for a dress, which wasnt the case at other shops I had visited. I did ask another shop about this and they said its because sometimes brides get measured and then contact the designer directly to have their dress made, so I can understand why this is a policy at LWD in order to protect themselves. It just made things trickier for me since I was visiting from out of town and had limited time in Denver and didnt want to rush the decision.That said, I ended up returning to try it on the next day, this time helped by Anna as Megan had another appointment, but she did stop by and check in a few times. Both were so professional, kind and helpful without being pushy. They answered my every last question and gave great advice throughout the process. They helped me customize the dress by adding more of a train to the skirt and I am so excited to see the completed piece when I return for my first fitting in June.The checkout process was super smooth and transparent; Megan and Anna went over everything in detail and really made me feel at ease every step of the way since this is quite a big purchase. They even sent me off with a bottle of wine to say congrats! Cant recommend them enough!

Review №45

I loved the staff and the atmosphere at LWD, and I knew immediately I would find the dress of my dreams there! They made my mom, mother-in-law, and friends helping me select my dress comfortable while I was trying on everything. The team brought me recommendations based on styles I was liking, and I found the dress of my dreams at Little White Dress!

Review №46

I just knew when I found this boutique that I would find my dress here and they did not disappoint! I had a clear idea of what I wanted in a dress going in and Dylan had choices ready to go for me when I got there. Not only did I end up with the dress SHE chose but I ended up with a dress almost opposite of everything I thought I wanted! I literally cannot stop looking at pictures of me in my dress patiently waiting for the day I can put it back on lol. Dylan and the staff were nothing but friendly and they had strict Covid policies in place which always makes me feel good. If you’re looking to have that bridal experience every girl hopes for, come here. You will not be disappointed!

Review №47

After going to two other bridal shops before my appointment at LWD, I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to say yes to any dresses that day which would’ve been a bummer because my mom and sisters flew in just for this weekend. BUT then I met Dylan at LWD who was absolutely amazing and all of my worries were immediately squashed. She had reached out beforehand, so I had the feeling that she already understood my “vibe.” The selection of dresses was amazing and Dylan was a true hype girl and totally made the experience that much better and gave me 110% confidence when I finally said yes to the most perfect dress! It was the feeling I had been wanting to feel that entire day! Honestly, if it weren’t for Dylan and the amazing girls at LWD, I don’t think my day would’ve been as perfect and FUN as it was. Truly grateful for the experience and already looking forward to going back when my dress comes in!

Review №48

I had a wonderful time at Little White Dress! Ive only had one appt. but cant wait for the next one to share my favorite dress with some family members. Taylor was fantastic!!! She made me feel so amazing and comfortable which as someone who is a little bit body conscious, was all I could ask for. She helped me find all kinds of dresses and even pulled one that I didnt see at first that I ended up loving so much that theres a BIG possibility it is my dress (gotta wait on Moms approval, LOL). I am so excited to go back!

Review №49

I had the BEST experience possible!! My consultant Dylan was the most helpful, caring, sweet, and had your best interest at heart! She was like a long lost friend and made my experience soo fun! She was knowledgeable, helpful, and her personality was everything! 10/10 recommend setting up an appointment with her. I tried a few other bridal boutiques in Denver, and no one compared to Dylan at Little White Dress!!!

Review №50

Very nice! Great staff, fun atmosphere, and a nice range of beautiful dresses.

Review №51

Thank you, Dylan, at Little White Dress! She is an amazing stylist and wonderful person. Dylan made me feel comfortable trying on many options and gave me ideas on styles I wouldnt have known. Dylan honored my fairly ways and brought out my wings! I felt so beautiful. I couldnt have ask for a more perfect shopping day.Thank you to everyone at LWD for being so kind to me and my bridal party. They chilled our wine and catered to our every need.

Review №52

All I can say is Dylan is amazing! She helped me along with my daughter, find the perfect dress for my wedding. She made me feel special and she really paid attention to how I was feeling. I went to a few bridal shops before and had a trip planned to go to New York to find my wedding dress, but to my surprise, I found my couture dress by Mira Zwillinger at Little White Dress. As soon as I put it on, I felt all the emotions a bride is supposed to feel and I I wanted to cry. I felt so beautiful and it checked all the boxes that I was looking for. I went in there with a budget and Dylan didn’t try to get me to look at more expensive gowns. My daughter wanted me to try a dress on without knowing the price... I did and I fell in love with it immediately. I went home and thought about it, and after everyone said that the dress was made for me and because I couldn’t get it off my mind, I decided to get it. I cancelled my New York trip and have felt like it was meant to be ever since. I know that Little White Dress is way better than Kleinfelds and any shops in Colorado all the way! They carry the most beautiful, quality, luxurious gown I’ve seen. Ladies, if you find a dress that you absolutely love and if you can spend over your budget to have the dress of your dreams, go for it!! I spent four times my budget with no regrets, because when my wedding day arrives, I am going to rock it!!!👰☺️😂, but I hope you go here first, because you won’t be disappointed.

Review №53

I had such a wonderful experience with the LWD bridal shop. I had Taylor as my dress consultant and she was so wonderful to work with. I felt so special and found my perfect wedding dress. I highly recommend LWD!

Review №54

Little White Dress was my second and the clear final stop when choosing my dress. Everyone was so welcoming, the atmosphere is amazing, and my stylist, Dylan, was phenomenal. She was helpful with style, budget, and made me feel so comfortable and confident in eliminating dresses and finding the one that is perfect for me! I felt like I had a friend with me for the ride! I cannot recommend Dylan or LWD highly enough!

Review №55

Had the best experience with Liz! She made me feel so confident and comfortable in my own skin. Found a dress I love but couldnt convince myself to buy since it was my first time trying on dresses. Can’t wait to come back! Wow! Amazing!

Review №56

I purchased a gown during their flash sample sale, and every person I interacted with in the store was friendly and provided excellent customer service. I loved the atmosphere and the selection. Nancy was my consultant and she was great. Even though it was a busy day because of the sale, I never felt rushed or stressed. I’m sure the experience is even more special when it’s just a regular day!

Review №57

I recently got engaged and found out my parents are moving 1200 miles away. So I decided before my mom leaves we need a moment to look at dresses. I needed to educate myself on styles and fabrics and lace and she needed to see her baby in a wedding dress. Alone, just her and I. So I nervously made an appointment at the Little White Dress bridal shop. We went in and I had been there before covid with a friend who was dress shopping. It’s a beautiful venue and they have a large lot of dresses. Including curvy. I’m a curvy girl and had a lot of anxiety about trying on dresses for such an important day. I watched as friends and brides before me struggled to find a place that had enough variety in their plus size needs to build their confidence. To help them have their bridal moment. When I went in Taylor Ridge quickly swooped in and welcomed me into this very exciting space. We chatted about my wedding vision and how I don’t feel like a traditional bride. We pulled 6 dresses and tried on 7. I found 2 that I loved and 1 my mom loved. Because my wedding is so far out (while we wait to see what covid decides to do) Taylor reassured me that I had time to find my moment. I was so grateful for her. She kept my mom focused and made me feel confident. I am so thankful for her welcoming nature and professionalism and hope to return in a few months after the holidays to find my bridal moment. Regardless of where I get my dress or when I finally have my bridal moment I’ll always be in awe of the welcome I received into the bridal world by Taylor and the LWD Bridal shop. Thank you all for helping me take the first step into this adventure.

Review №58

Dylan is top notch!! I couldn’t have asked to fall into better hands. I found myself needing a new dress last-minute and Dylan stepped up and delivered.The customer service I encountered at LWD is amazing on all fronts, but Dylan went above and beyond to provide options in my budget promptly. I felt like her number one priority. She followed up to set-up an appointment and was so flexible with my schedule. When I arrived for my appointment, I felt like she was someone I’d known for years, she’s so friendly and made the entire experience so comfortable!Dylan dug into my elopement plans and found me exactly what I was looking for. She really thought of it all. She found me the exact style dress I imagined and it fits like it was made for me! I got to walk away at ease (and with no alterations needed!) I’m mind blown and will recommend LWD to everyone!

Review №59

First of all, this place is beautiful and great selection! From trendy, different to classic! This is the first bridal shop that I’ve been to that can mix different styles perfectly! The staff is so kind and helpful! Taylor was perfect! She knew exactly what I wanted! I found my dream dress!! Really well trained staff! Definitely recommend! Good prices too! Amazing work , GREAT EXPERIENCE! Recommend 100%

Review №60

I would definitely recommend Little White Dress Bridal Shop as a fantastic place to find your wedding dress! Taylor Ridge was the lady who helped me to find my dream wedding dress and she was just the sweetest person. She was very considerate and helped me find dresses that met my vision. My experience here was fantastic and everyone there makes you feel so welcome. They also help you to find dresses within your budget. I cant say enough good things about this Bridal Shop and I really cant thank Taylor enough for all that she did to help me find and buy my wedding dress and veil!

Review №61

I could not ask for a better dress shopping experience! Megan was so easy to work with and was an incredible listener. I had picked out a few dresses prior and after only 6 dresses she picked the perfect one for me!!! I did not feel pressured to make a quick decision at any point. The shop is intimate, so you do not feel overwhelmed. This should be your first and last stop to find your dream dress AND feel well taken care of in the process :)

Review №62

This is a beautiful shop with very friendly staff and a large selection of dresses. I was looking for off the rack and there was a large selection. The only thing I would say is if youre buying off the rack, some of the dresses had rips and would need to be cleaned. So if youre on a budget you may need to add cleaning in to your budget. Overall a beautiful experience. Taylor was great!

Review №63

This place is absolutely perfect! I was super lucky because I stopped by to look at their selection, and they happened to be able to accommodate me. I would HIGHLY recommend calling for an appointment. After walking in, I dont know how I could have cooped with a missed opportunity to try on any of the beautiful dresses they have.I saw so many things I like around the store, and its organized by price so your wondering eyes can remain comfortable in your budget range if you need bridal boundaries. There are also fantastic designers throughout the store, to upgrade the bridal experience. Not to mention an extra store to peruse, downstairs!After trying on 3 dresses, I found the perfect one, along with accessories and a veil. All in one appointment! It was easy to make decisions and their checkout process wraps up your escapade painlessly. You walk out with a very informative folder, catered to your bridal experience, and a cute little gift bag.The associate I have been working with, Kamerin, even went out of her way to contact the designers I chose; to customize unique pieces for my ensemble❣️ She continues to be super prompt with communication, and I cant wait for my dress to arrive at the shop!Definitely would recommend to anyone!

Review №64

I came in with my friend for an off-the-rack dress fitting and was blown away by the stunning selection and service offered here. Dylan took great care of our group and helped the bride find the dress of her dreams. Dylan’s eye for style combined with her ability to envision customizations make her a wonderful resource for finding the perfect dress. Thank you Dylan!

Review №65

I love this bridal shop! I came here after several other stores and was disheartened with my wedding dress shopping experiences. This place and Taylor turned it around! They were so wonderful and I would recommend the store to anyone. Unfortunately, the pandemic circumstances changed my wedding plans, and I was unable to buy my dress. Still cannot say enough good things about LWD! Book an appointment with Taylor - shell make sure your experience is special!

Review №66

Taylor helped me find my dream dress for well within my budget! She really listened to what I was looking for, and I only had to try on three dresses to find the one! So, so happy with my dress, and with my experience at Little White Dress.

Review №67

Amazing experienced ladies!!! My dress and experience was on time and perfect even during the pandemic.

Review №68

I am so filled with excitement and gratitude for the Little White Dress Shop! I visited one other bridal store before making my appointment here, and the experiences were so vastly different. My first appointment (at this other bridal store) left me feeling defeated and anxious about finding the right dress for me. The Little White Dress Shop however blew me away. Their space is incredibly elegant and grand yet somehow still intimate. I was able to see the entire dress selection displayed throughout the store (which is so helpful if you dont really have an idea about what style works best for you), and I was paired with the BEST stylist. Honestly, I cant say enough about how wonderful she was. If possible, request Megan K. !! Not only was she incredibly fun to work with, but she really listened to my preferences and made me so comfortable throughout the entire process. I am over the moon to say that she helped me find an absolutely gorgeous dress and completely changed my attitude about bridal salons in the process. Go to the Little White Dress Bridal Shop!!

Review №69

The manager was unfriendly and rude. She was so unprofessional. We flew to San Fran and bought the same dress there!

Review №70

Had the best experience at LWD with Taylor!!! She is so kind, knowledgeable of the inventory, and helped me find the perfect dress! I came in with no idea of what styles I liked and she helped me find a dress I love and for under budget. She went above and beyond and I highly recommend LWD!!

Review №71

Beautiful bridal shop with so many beautiful dresses to choose from. The service was top notch and my dress came in quickly! Only down fall is they offered storage and in house alterations which was a great benefit and only one month after picking up my dress got an email stating they no longer offered either and I had to find my own. It ended up not being a big deal but would’ve been a one stop shop which is so beneficial.

Review №72

Gorgeous building, excellent staff and lovely, diverse selection of dresses. Megan was exceptional and even got the dress designer on face time for us to discuss the customization! Spectacular!

Review №73

Little White Dress was the 3rd Bridal shop I tried when I found my dress! I knew the silhouette I wanted but needed a variety of price ranges that other stores didnt have. The building is beautiful and I loved the store downstairs as well as the complementary food and drink every time I came. The staff was always very attentive and sent me emails and noted to check in on me. Alterations were surprisingly cheap! I highly recommend making this your first stop when you are dress shopping!

Review №74

My experience at Little White Dress Bridal Shop left a bad taste in my mouth. I wouldnt recommend this bridal shop to any bride. Anytime I made suggestions to what I was looking for in my dress (long sleeve, applique...etc) I was told by the sales consultant, you dont want that because [this is what will happen if you wear that|. I also DID NOT PICK OUT A SINGLE DRESS for myself. The woman I worked with made me tell her the things that I liked (which she ignored) and picked the dresses for me - none of which were my taste or anything remotely close to what I liked. All in all, I felt ignored. I felt pushed to try and like something that was so obviously not my taste and felt so uncomfortable that I couldnt look around and pick dresses out myself.

Review №75

Shopping at the Little White Dress Shop was an amazing experience. From the moment you walk in the staff take great care of you. This was the first stop in dress shopping for me, my mom and sisters, and I have to say that Laura went above and beyond to make it great. She was very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job listening to the feedback and ideas I shared. She was very respectful of my price range and always made sure to ask before considering any alternatives. Although I didn’t find “the” dress at the shop I would highly recommend any bride visit here.

Review №76

This place was so great. From the moment my family and I walked in we felt welcomed. They have a beautiful store and great location. The bridal salon is full of so many dresses that I felt like I had the world to choose from. The woman who helped me was named Susan and she was fantastic, she let me walk around and pick a few dresses I liked and also gave me options she picked as well. She was very good at staying close to my budget and I never felt pressured to buy a dress. I was able to take my time in every dress and discuss what I liked and didnt like! Even when I thought I had found my dress she still allowed me to try on more dresses just to be sure. I had tried dresses on at other places in Denver and at each place I maybe tried on a maximum of 7 dresses, then I was pressured to pick one. At little white dress bridal I tried on probably around 10-12 dresses and was never pressured to buy anything! This place is great and every bride in Denver should come here to try on dresses. I ended up finding the one here and I couldnt be happier!

Review №77

Little White Dress was such a happy, fulfilling experience from the moment I walked in the store. The front desk staff was super sweet and made me feel appreciated and at ease. I had the pleasure of working with Megan, one of LWDs Senior Stylists, for my appointment. Megan was amazing to work with, she was so kind to me and made me feel supported, listened to, and special throughout the entire appointment. She even emailed me prior to my appointment to get an idea of what I wanted so we could make the most of our time in the shop. She ended up leading me to my absolute dream dress and I could not be more grateful! Megan made the whole process so fun and easy for me and helped me feel extremely fulfilled and confident in my dress choice. She not only made me feel special, but my Mom, Aunt, and cousin too! After I found the dress, the payment process as well as the follow-up appointments were super smooth and convenient. Donna, LWDs on site seamstress extraordinaire was a pleasure to work with as well! I had an amazing experience at Little White Dress, definitely schedule an appointment with them to hopefully find the dress of your dreams too!

Review №78

I cant say enough great things about LWD and my consultant Dylan. If you are setting up dress appointments you need to include LWD and ask for Dylan! The service was excellent and Dylan listened to what I wanted and steered me away from dresses that would have been a waste of time to try on. She navigated my tears (not good ones!) with grace and was the biggest cheerleader for me during my appointment. Due to COVID I ended up having to do my measurements via Face time with Dylan and the store manager and they made the process fun and nailed it with the fit of my dress. All I can say is In Dylan I Trust!!

Review №79

Had an amazing time wedding dress shopping here. They contacted me before to get an understanding of what I wanted, were super welcoming and the stylist ended up picking out exactly what I was thinking and all within my budget. She didnt pus on what she thought, but let me form me own opinions. And we were able to bring champagne! The whole place made me feel elegant and like a princess.

Review №80

Gorgeous! Such a beautiful building with excellent dress options and services. I was so impressed with the whole experience! They were welcoming, accommodating, and very helpful to the bride as well as those of us with her to dress shop. They have a great selection of prices and designers as well as sample dresses available for purchase. Highly recommend for a personal bridal experience!

Review №81

Amazing staff! Listened to what I wanted in a dress, helped me try on styles I wouldnt have tried for myself, and I got my perfect dress. Warm atmosphere combined with friendly and non-pushy staff make LWD the perfect place for what can be a very stressful time for brides. HIGHLY recommend. Special thanks to Megan!

Review №82

I visited six different bridal shops in the Denver area, and Little White Dress was hands down the most incredible experience! Not only did I find the dress of my dreams, I was also treated like a princess. Susan helped me find my dress and she went absolutely above and beyond to make me feel special. I know brides who have flown across the country to visit Little White Dress and now I can see why!

Review №83

I made an appointment just a few hours in advance by luck to look at a few dresses and was absolutely thrilled when I walked into Little White Dress Shop! All of the ladies working that day were so enthusiastic and excited for the brides shopping. Bridgette was my assistant for the day and completely understood exactly what I was looking for and found great dresses that I would like and stay within my budget. I did not expect to find a dress but found my dream gown thanks to Bridgette and her patience and keen eye for what I was looking for! I highly recommend this shop for any bride looking for her perfect white dress! :)

Review №84

The dresses were okay- and the people were nice but the whole experience felt very transactional and not at all inviting and friendly. I am a bride getting married during pandemic and I just felt that even under the circumstances finding a dress should be a special moment, not something to just wham bam get you out the door.

Review №85

We just left the shop with my sister crying. We went into the shop today without an appointment, just seeing if they had availability and to look at dresses. The lady at the front desk was so kind and nice. The lady downstairs who was helping out was also very nice. Unfortunately though, we were paired with Elizabeth. Short story even shorter (she spent 30 min with us 🙄) she tells my sister to look online for a dress!?! We’re here NOW, HELP US! She basically acted like we were bothering her. My sister is already having a hard time with everything , she didn’t need this. CUSTOMER SERVICE FAIL.

Review №86

By far the nicest shop I visited during my gown search! I love the semi-private dressing areas, I have not seen that anywhere else! It is like you are the only person there. They have a nice gown selection and great staff.Anna helped to find some specific samples that I wanted to try and was very efficient and made the process quick and easy.Kamerin was my stylist and was so helpful and friendly. She welcomed me and my friends like her own family. She had a good eye for finding dress styles that suited my taste.I highly recommend this shop!

Review №87

I was lucky enough to have Megan as my stylist. I could not believe she called me before my appointment to get to know me! At my appointment I had very minimal idea of what I wanted but she saw where my eyes went and helped me pick out my absolute favorite dress! This was the only place I went and I tried probably 5-6 dresses with her reminding me that the dresses wouldn’t be sad if I didn’t pick it and WHAM, we found the perfect one. I can’t imagine myself in any other dress. HIGHLY recommend :)

Review №88

This shop is absolutely gorgeous! It was an absolute pleasure finding my wedding dress here. My stylist, Emily, is seriously one of the kindest humans I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She called me about a week ahead of time to find out what I was looking for, and actually picked out a dress that she thought would be perfect before I even stepped foot in the store. That dress turned out to be even more beautiful than I could ever imagine and came in way under budget. I brought 5 family members in and there was plenty of space for us to relax, drink champagne and have such a positive experience. They even have snacks! I can’t recommend Little White Dress and Emily highly enough.

Review №89

When I came in for my appointment, I thought I had already found my dress elsewhere. Nancy was incredible! She listened to my vision and respected my price point, then found the perfect wedding dress for me. I loved my experience with the team at LWD and am even more excited for the big day!

Review №90

I felt the more comfortable with the seamstress than any other I met. She was kind and made sure to produce great results. She was amazing, but my frustration is more with the company itself. Once I walked in, they showed me a waiver which stated if I decided not to go with them, Id incur a $150 fee. When making the appointment, it wasnt mentioned. They also tagged on a $50 charge for pressing, but that wasnt something necessary for my style of dress. Just so you are aware, this place has higher prices than most. Overall, loved my seamstress, but not the place.

Review №91

The staff here was great! From the first person to the stylist and everyone in between.. Caitlin reached out to me before my appointment which I loved, made the whole experience that much better.. I did not buy my dress from Little White Dress, but I had a very enjoyable experience.

Review №92

I had the most wonderful experience here. The staff was very welcoming supportive and friendly. My stylist Lauren was exceptional, and went above and beyond my expectations. She has a great and extensive knowledge in her field and truly listens to what you want (even if you don’t really know), she has a wedding dress picking super power!! I went to two other places and felt that little white dress not only owned my heart because of Lauren’s character and background in the field, but also they had the best quality and most widespread selection of dresses (looked from David’s bridal, a&bé, and blue bridal boutique). I was excited the entire way; from walking in, to putting the deposit on MY wedding dress. Ladies, please please, please, go here first!! If Lauren isn’t available, just know that everyone in this store will make you feel like a million bucks!! Flameo!!

Review №93

Taylor K. Was my bridal consultant, from the beginning she was absolutely amazing. Even when I selected almost every dress in the salon within my budget to try on, she was patient and did not rush me. She told me, we could go back and forth between dresses as many times as needed. She made me feel amazingly comfortable and secure about myself. The salon itself was adorable, clean, and welcoming. Taylor then went on to find me an amazing belt and veil to compliment my dress I choose. I would recommend this boutique to anyone! The last and possibly most important thing I would like to add is the sample dresses were not size 2. I am a size 6-8 typically and have a larger bust, I was very worried about trying to fit into a sample size 2 and get any idea of what it would look like in my size. Most the dresses were fitting perfectly and some were even big! This was a huge boost to the day!

Review №94

Not only do they have beautiful dresses but amazing people working there! Megan helped me find the most perfect dress, and treated me and all my bridesmaids like good friends. I highly recommend getting the VIP experience! They treat you like a princess!!

Review №95

Had a great experience, and found my perfect dress. All the staff was very nice and helpful. Kaila was very nice and down to earth. She never rushed me, and made my first wedding dress shopping experience easy. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a wedding dress. They also had a nice selection of hair pieces and accessories!

Review №96

I had a wonderful experience shopping here. Not only did they help me find the perfect dress, but they were very helpful in picking out accessories.

Review №97

Last weekend I bought my wedding dress from Little White Dress and could not have been more pleased with my experience there! It is a beautiful boutique filled with so many gorgeous dresses. I got to work with Megan and she was AMAZING. She was relatable and made me feel very comfortable trying on dresses. I highly highly recommend shopping here if you are in the market for a wedding dress.

Review №98

I loved my time here! It was my first time trying on dresses and Sydney Y helped make it the best experience. She was fun and lively but also really listened to what I wanted and helped make what felt like an overwhelming thing (picking the dress) so fun and special. She was respectful of my budget and very knowledgable. She gave me and my sister and Mom lots of space as I was making my decision, only stepping in here or there to offer more information. After trying on a good amount of dresses I ended up with the first one I tried on!

Review №99

Usually, I never give a full star rating (I always think there is room for improvement). I had a great phone consultation with Taylor, who didnt write all of my notes down, and ended up with a different stylist (the absolutely wonderful Megan). Aside from me having to explain what I liked and wanted in a dress again, Megan LISTENED to me. (I am a very picky groom and my mother went to 19 different venues with me before we chose one. Clicking with my stylist is a must or there is obviously not going to be a sale.) I wanted WOW factor, lace, beading (not too much though), sweetheart neckline, fit and flare, and had no clue if I should cover some of my tattoos or not. I had looked at three other bridal salons before The Little White Dress. I thought I had seen all the dresses in the store...then it happened! Megan helped me find THE dress! I was teary eyed, which doesnt happen a lot, and obviously hadnt even given it a second look on the rack. God told me, as I looked in the mirror, Stop stressing, this is YOUR dress! It is a drop dead gorgeous, one of a kind, J. Alexander! I didnt even like his designs that I had seen before; not to mention I hate the sheer/see through fad (now I have a different opinion). I have 10 more months till the BIG day and I seriously can not wait, simply because of Megan and MY dress! Oh yeah and my husband :P

Review №100

I dont think 5 stars is a high enough rating for Little White Dress.Their initial style survey really helped me to think about what I was looking for in a dress as well as allowed me to write my concerns for the appointment. I struggle with both anxiety and body issues, both of which they were extremely sensitive towards. I initially spoke with Megan, who put all my worries at ease within 2 minutes of talking to her. She was extremely professional and made me so excited to shop for my wedding dress! On the day of, my party and I had a change of plans and hoped to bump up the appointment. They were very accommodating and found us an open slot to better suite our changing plans. When we got there, we were matched with Jessica (as Megan was with another party) who was also extremely professional and listened to my comments and concern about dresses. It was clear that all of the stylists talked to and helped each other in order to best serve the people looking for their special dresses. I ended up finding a beautiful dress that I absolutely cannot wait to wear on my wedding day. I also left with great memories of a day that I will never forget. Thank you Little White Dress!!!

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