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Unfortunately, customer service has been absolutely TERRIBLE since Ive received my dress.I was fitted for a Jenny Yoo Dress, pointed in the direction of the size that would fit me, only to receive it and need enough alterations as the cost of the dress. I need to have 2 full inches taken in between my underarm down to my thighs -- and this is the stretchy crepe fabric. If I was that far off from the size the Bella team recommended, I wouldve liked to have had a conversation to discuss options, because this seems totally avoidable (especially for a stretchy fabric). I know alterations are part of the process but this seems ridiculous.When reaching out to see how this could be reconciled, Ive received one sentence replies, telling me I need to work with the store that ordered the dress (in NJ based on where the bride lives), rather than the place I received this service (Denver).Overall, terrible experience and will likely never use Bella Bridesmaids again as long as I can avoid it.

Review №2

Not one to leave reviews, but my interaction left a bad taste in my mouth. I only talked with someone via email, but good god, I felt like I was bothering them. The customer service was terrible. My sister had to cancel her wedding multiple times, so I was needing to try on my dress (dress is back in Michigan) and wanted to see if it would still fit for the upcoming wedding and was met with very cold responses.I mean, if it were me running a business I would have 100% been like, “we don’t carry those dresses any more, but I’m more than happy to help you find one that will work or see if Bella bridesmaids dresses are available anywhere else.”The email responses were rude which surprised me, cause the Bella Bridesmaids in Grand Rapids that my sister has been using is literally the best. They are so helpful and kind and are being more helpful states away than this one.Don’t recommend cause it seems like their customer service sucks.

Review №3

Customer service was great; however, they do not have a good selection of size inclusive dresses. I’m a bridesmaid and I could only try on three dresses from the whole store. I was really disappointed and I know other dress stores that are more inclusive to plus size bridesmaids.

Review №4

I was really hoping to leave a better review, but I had a really disappointing experience ordering a bridesmaids dress through Bella Bridesmaids last year.The ladies who work at this location are truly kind, but I wish would be more helpful when asked direct questions. When I was trying on the dress I chose, the way I put on the dress was incorrect and when I asked her which was the correct way, she said it was my preference. That dress is not meant to be worn the way that I chose (the cross straps were supposed to go in the front and not on the back like I tried it on) and it did not fit at all when it arrived. I would have had to make drastic changes to the dress, which is not necessary if it was worn correctly.We ordered our dresses before the pandemic and when the pandemic hit and the wedding changed, some of us were still required to pick up our dresses. I reached out to see if I could return my dress due to the dress not fitting/being worn the way it was designed to, the wedding not happening the way it was supposed to, and the dress was not going to be worn. They said that due to the designers, they are not able to return the dress, but would put me on a list and would reach out if anyone would ever want that dress in that size since no alterations were made yet. We would have to connect ourselves if someone was interested and I was also encouraged to post the dress on poshmark or other routes likes that. Its been over a year and I have not heard anything from them. I feel as though I got swindled out of money during a stressful time when all of us were struggling. I understand that they may have been hurting due to the rough time and that designers were not able to work with them easily, but I do not feel like they were willing to work with me and just brushed me off. Now I have a beautiful dress that would look amazing on someone else stuck in my closet that I will never wear. Rough experience for me personally.

Review №5

Such a cute shop with so many styles, plus you can look online prior to going in, so your appointment is efficient and effective!! Very helpful!

Review №6

Above and beyond customer service! The team at Bella Denver will make your bridesmaid dress shopping a dream come true. From a seamless system that takes you out of the middle of having to manage voting and ordering with your bridesmaids, to an amazing range of styles, colors and SIZES! Truly the best!

Review №7

Wonderful selection and great customer service.

Review №8

As a wedding planner, I have 40-50 events a year here in CO. I have recommend Bella Bridesmaid and have given them so much business over the years. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in September, with everything going on with covid-19 my friend (the bride) finally pulled the trigger last week and it was too late to order through Bella and she found them elsewhere with rush shipping. I couldn’t get rush shipping like the other bridesmaids a day later and called Bella to see if there was anything they could do to help me, buy a sample size or whatever. The woman on the phone was SOOO nasty/rude and not understanding of the situation. We are in a pandemic! The bride has had to make several difficult calls. One of the bridesmaids went back and was measured a 00 by one and an 8 by another. Very inconsistent. I called a Bella bridesmaid in Texas and they were so sweet and understanding of the situation and helped me out. I’m really disappointed with the lack of professionalism of how this was handled.

Review №9

I was at Bella shopping the the bride to be and they were super helpfull the even stayed open after hours for us and took it above and beyond. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 the dress I ordered from a certain designer was unable to be made and Rae Ann was very helpful by making sure I was refuned for the inconvenience. The other brides maids who did get their dress love them and were still able to pick them up on time even through these hard time. Our group had a lot of fun trying on dresses and the store was very pretty. Thank you!

Review №10

Wow. Can’t believe the older black haired woman who works here...we came in looking for bridesmaids dresses and this woman didn’t even introduce herself! She just slowly sauntered over like we were wasting her time. Didn’t ask where my friends wedding was or even what her name was. She was so unenthusiastic we immediately didn’t want to buy anything from her and felt unwelcome. Yuck.

Review №11

Wonderful selection and great customer service. You must have an appointment so that they can provide individualized service.

Review №12

Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. She let us pull some dresses but than would pull others to help us make a decision. Autumn helped us and she was very professional. The only issue I had was after ordering it was determined that one of the dresses were discontinued so my sister had to go back to try on others. They were very apologetic and friendly when my sister went back but it was a little of annoyance especially since the rest of us lived out of state.

Review №13

I wouldnt go here at all. I went in, only to get measurements taken for a dress my friend was ordering out of Seattle. She clearly did not take her time in measuring me and gave me incorrect measurements as my dress came approximately 2-3 sizes too small. If you want accuracy and not to spend hundreds of dollars in tailoring, dont come here.

Review №14

Definitely not great... My mom found a dress online that she liked for my wedding. I emailed to get an appointment which was super easy! However, once we showed up it went downhill. We were there about 10 minutes early, and our consultant was not ready for us. No big deal. However, we then waited another 15 minutes after our appointment time. Again no big deal, as they had a nice selection of dresses to browse. Our consultant had already pulled the dress we had requested, but then asked my mom and me NOTHING about the wedding, what my mom liked, if she wanted to try on other dresses or needed help getting the dresses on. She basically just stood outside the room and got us the color swatches- when my mom needed clipped into the dress she did like, the girl was no where to be found! Thankfully my mom was able to try on the dress she liked and we saw color swatches- but because we felt so unimportant we are going to be ordering the dress from somewhere else.

Review №15

I went to Bella Bridesmaids to find dresses for my girls back in September 2017 and dont regret a thing! I knew I wanted something different from what it seemed like every bride was choosing for bridesmaid dresses. That whole weekend we visited 4 different stores in search of the perfect dress for the girls. Every store we looked at besides Bella Bridesmaids seemed all the same and I didnt like anything. We obviously decided to go back and get our dresses from Bella Bridesmaids. They had so many different designs and the colors were perfect for what we were looking for. Beautiful, soft, muted, natural colors! I love the dresses so much! (They were actually tank tops with skirts) :)

Review №16

Communication was great. Friendly staff. The dresses arrived in a timely manner.

Review №17

I had such a great experience here with finding and purchasing a bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding. The Bella team did an amazing job each step of the way! Huge thanks to Rae Ann and the entire Bella team!

Review №18

I worked with Olivia and she is very friendly and easy to talk to. They have a wide selection of dresses. They are all nice and friendly. I would recommend

Review №19

I made an appointment with the information about what dresses I needed to try on and that I wear a size 18, all of which I was told would not be a problem. Of 14 dresses, they only had two that I could try on (the other cuts were in stock but mostly size 10). I expressed my frustration with having been lied to and was told they could order the other dresses into the store for me to try if I paid shipping. Since I had been falsely told they could accommodate a plus size bridesmaid, It wasn’t a business relationship I was interested in furthering. I declined and left. It would have been annoying to be told they couldn’t help me, but lying about it accomplished nothing and wasted all of our time. I love trying on dresses but this was a very upsetting experience.Also, I was told the fitting fee if you don’t order from them is $30.

Review №20

We loved our time trying on flower girl dresses with Bree and the resident bunny rabbit, Carrot cakes! Bree was so kind and patience with my 5 yr old and we loved our time and their and adore the dresses we purchased.

Review №21

I received an email from Bella Bridesmaid informing me that my dress had arrived for pick up. In the email they state that their hours are Tuesday - Friday, 10 am - 5 pm and Saturday, 10-6 and they say Please let us know when you plan on coming by, as we may close early if there are no appointments scheduledI called at 12 pm and asked the women on the phone if they would be open until 5 pm today because I planned on picking up my dress AROUND 4:30. She yes that would be fine, they would be there. I arrived at the shop at 4:35 and the store was CLOSED!When I finally was able to pick up the dress they had ordered the WRONG dress style from the designer. Complete disaster.

Review №22

I went in and they measured me as an 8-10. I normally wear a 2-4 but they said designer sizes are different. I ordered a 6 since I didnt trust them and its big - and cost $220. Go somewhere better where youre not stuck with an expensive dress that doesnt fit.

Review №23

Dealing with Bella Bridesmaid in Denver was the worst customer service and overall experience I have ever experienced. Brides- planning a wedding is stressful as is, dont add to the stress by ordering your bridesmaids dresses here! They rushed me to make my order, and then never communicated with me again. I have six bridesmaids and the dresses were $300 each. For as much as we spent, you would think we would have been treated better! First they never responded to my or my bridesmaids calls or emails. Then in mid March when our dresses were supposed to have arrived, we FINALLY got them on the phone and they informed me that my order had never even been placed (despite everyones credit cards having been charged). Turns out, they were wrong, the order had been placed, they just lost track of it. Shows how organized they are. My wedding planner had to go to the store to get this figured out and I never even got a call apologizing after it was all said and done. In fact, I never even got a return call at all. One of my bridesmaids payed extra to have the dress shipped to her house, but that of course never happened. They lost that information too. Finally, one of my bridesmaids ordered extra fabric with her dress because she is pregnant and they sent her the wrong fabric. All the while nothing to make up for any of it from them. I understand that mistakes happen, but this was ridiculous!

Review №24

I made an appointment at Bella Bridesmaid with all my bridesmaids. We were about 10 min late due to the fact that there was a ton of construction and parking was a bit harder to find as well as the actual store itself. I understand that its our responsibility to show up on time, but the consultant rudely reminded me that we now had only 45 min to find a dress. I presented a list of a couple of dresses that I had seen online, but not once did she offer any other ideas. A few of the times, I had to be the one to help zip up the dresses for my bridesmaids. I was really looking forward to this experience with my bridesmaids, but I did not enjoy our appointment at all which is why we took our business elsewhere.

Review №25

The women that work here/ answer the phone are extremely rude and unhelpful. Could not be more condescending.

Review №26

All my girls looked lovely!

Review №27

After a great experience with them being fitted for a friends wedding, I went directly to them for my own bridesmaids. The customer service is great, & their new location is very lovely.

Review №28

My sister and I came into Bella Bridesmaid in search of Jenny Yoo and Audrianna Papell dresses. They had all the styles and colors we wanted to try on as well as large swatches of the Jenny Yoo water color floral patterns. Autumn was very nice and helpful. We had a great experience and orderd my sisters MOH dress. Very happy to be able to try on these dresses in person. Thank you Autumn!

Review №29

The customer service here is just spectacular. I wish that I had come here for my wedding and my sisters wedding, but somehow we missed them when purchasing dresses. I stumbled across this store while searching for a pair of shoes to wear as a bridesmaid. I had found some Dessy flats online and called around to every bridal shop that was listed on their website. (I was desperate to find a nice pair of dressy flats since Im pregnant, and boy are they impossible to come by!) When I called in to Bella Bridesmaid, they told me that while they didnt typically sell Dessy shoes anymore, they did have one pair that I could come try on to get a feel for the size and construction. I stopped by on my way home from work, and the gal that was working was soooo helpful, getting the shoes out for me and showing me the fabric swatches for them so that I could order exactly what I needed online with confidence. All this when they knew I wouldnt be ordering through them. Now THAT is customer service! The next time Im in need of a bridesmaid dress, cocktail dress, or other wedding/evening accessories, Ill be sure to stop in and see what they have to offer first. I was SO impressed with their dedication to their work and their store. Thank you, Bella Bridesmaid!

Review №30

Worst service ever. I didnt even want to leave 1 star but I had to so I could leave a review. 😡😤

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