a&bé bridal shop denver
1955 W 35th Ave, Denver, CO 80211, United States

Review №1

This was the best experience of the three local bridal stores I went to this past weekend. Allie had such an eye for what would look good on me and picked tons of dresses I wouldnt have chosen for myself but ended up loving. I knew I would probably end up buying the first dress I tried on but Allie found lots of other dresses that were exciting and lots of fun to try on (you only get to do this once, right?) She had such good instincts for when I needed her and when to leave me with my people to chat things over. Such a comfortable and inclusive environment. I was happy to give them my business and look forward to going back once my dress comes in!

Review №2

I was genuinely panicking over trying to find the right dress and had very little faith I would have that “The One” feeling. Savannah was so encouraging from the get go, and her reminder that “sample dresses fit no one” was such a great way to ease the tension around that dreaded “it won’t zip” moment. I was also so appreciative of her knowledge of tailoring options as I am an out of state bride and she has networked with some bridal shops in my area to make sure I can find reputable alterations! The shop was also very patient with both of my visits to make sure all of my favorite people could be involved in picking what ended up being The One. I am absolutely thrilled with my dress and my decision to shop at a business with such a great mission statement. I just got the email today my dress is in the works and I’m so looking forward to getting to come back to a&bé to see it in person!

Review №3

I had a wonderful experience at a&be Bridal Shop. Joyce really helped me hone in quickly on what I was looking for in a wedding dress and knew what questions to ask that helped me decide on the dress of my dreams. My mother, sisters and I felt very welcomed and enjoyed our time at a&be. I would highly recommend this bridal salon to any new bride. They are super friendly and helpful. Thank you Joyce for helping me find that special dress that made all of us tear up with happiness and for finding a wedding dress that truly made me feel like a bride!

Review №4

Okay first of all, Alyssa is a DREAM! She is so kind, encouraging, and personable. She was so helpful in finding my dream dress and she was hilarious! All the other girls are so great. I loved my experience there and I’m so glad that I came here. This was my first time shopping for a gown, found it on my first day here! Definitely have a lot of bohemian, unique dresses which I LOVED! Thanks Alyssa for my Big Frida gown 🎉Would 10/10 tell all my friends to come here.

Review №5

Ava at a&be Bridal Shop created the most welcoming, comforting, & supportive dress shopping experience! :)First, the shop called me beforehand to thoroughly collect information about my ideas that would make my experience the best it could be. And wow, they truly followed through on that promise - they listened to my thoughts, did not try to pressure me in any way, and absolutely nailed it on the selections.It can definitely be nervous going into a bridal appointment, but Ava (& the whole shop) immediately made us feel right at home. And wow, they truly followed through on that promise - they listened to my thoughts, did not try to pressure me in any way, and absolutely nailed it on the selections.Once in the store, Ava was incredibly personable & had intentionally chosen a wide range of beautiful options for me to try on. I ended up getting a ceremony dress as well as several other fun sample pieces to wear to other wedding-related events - all for an affordable price that they worked with me to come up with (such a value add when it comes to making an important, intimate decision).I truly appreciate their kindness, expertise, and the wonderful experience we had shopping with them. I would highly recommend shopping there for something beautiful & unique for your big, special day! :)

Review №6

What a nice experience! Joyce helped me through the whole appointment and really gave us her time and energy in full. It made the experience a comfortable and fun one and helped me pick my perfect dress! I also love their ethos - they donate a portion of each dress sold to some amazing causes!

Review №7

Couldn’t have been happier with my wedding dress experience. All of the stylists are enthusiastic and give you the time you need to make that big decision. Great selection of dresses and a very cute vibe to dress shop.

Review №8

I had the absolute best experience this past weekend at a&be bridal shop. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and the whole team made me feel special from the moment I booked my appointment. I was matched with Allie as my stylist....I wish I could give her 100 stars! She was fun, listened to my style and made the experience truly incredible. Allie worked her magic and picked a dress that matched my personal style and the theme of my wedding so well. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.Cheers to a&be! I wouldnt recommend going anywhere else in Denver.

Review №9

I had the most WONDERFUL experience at a&be! My first appointment was a few weeks ago and they made me feel so comfortable. I had such a hard time choosing cause all of their dresses were stunning! My stylist Allie was so helpful trying to narrow it down with me! She was my ultimate hype gal! I had my second appointment to officially say YES to the dress yesterday and It was just a great as the first time I went!Overall they have some stunning and unique dresses, all their stylists are incredible and make you feel welcome and comfortable!Thanks again ladies!

Review №10

I loved A&be! Like most people, I made appointments at multiple shops and had good experiences at all of them; however, a&be was hands down the best. They had the biggest selection of dresses I wanted to try on, and the bridal consultant, Joyce, was incredibly kind and helpful. I went back a second time to try on my favorite dress again, and I’m so happy with my decision to go with this dress! Joyce did a great job of making me feel comfortable and excited, as I was a little nervous about trying stuff on.A&be is worth an appointment for the selection alone, but the staff and shop vibes are really hard to beat.

Review №11

I was dreading finding a wedding dress, I didnt know where to start or what styles I liked. Making decisions is hard and most days dont like my outfit by the end of the day so how could I pick a dress and be expected to wear it 8 months later....Ava at a&bé made this process so easy, fun, and I couldnt be more excited to wear my dress on my wedding day. Ava is knowledgeable, encouraging, and just the girl you need by your side when finding that special dress. The selection at a&bé was like nothing I found at other stores. Their dresses are unique, eye catching, and one of a kind. I highly recommend checking them out to find the one!

Review №12

I had a wonderful time at a&bé! They had so many beautiful dresses to try on, I had a very hard time deciding what I liked best. My stylist Joyce was very helpful in picking dresses that looked good on me, and ultimately helped me find the dress I will wear at my wedding!

Review №13

Joyce made my dress shopping experience so much fun! She made me feel comfortable right off the bat, and provided me honest feedback and the most helpful questions. I had an appointment scheduled after my appointment at a&bé, but with Joyce’s help and expertise I ended up saying yes to my dress at a&bé! The entire experience was incredible. I cannot recommend Joyce and a&bé enough. There is a wide variety of dress options and within a decent price range, too! I am so excited to be getting married in my dress from a&bé!

Review №14

Ava was absolutely amazing!!! I was so excited to visit the shop for my bridal appointment. I appreciated the thought and care that was put into my appointment before the day even came! I loved being able to preview dresses and build my wishlist that was shared with Ava (my stylist). When I arrived, Ava already had an idea of the dresses I was looking for and we were able to chat about the details for my big day. Ava understood my vision completely and I felt so comfortable and confident! The dress I said yes to was actually one of her suggestions based upon my likes of other dresses! I cannot WAIT for my big day!

Review №15

I am so happy that I chose to go to A&be to try on dresses with my mom and sister. After my very first time trying on dresses at a different bridal shop, I was a little nervous and stressed out. I was lucky enough to get Ava as my stylist. She was so warm, welcoming, genuine, and made me feel amazing in all of the dresses I tried. She listened to me- not only my words but my body language and could tell exactly how I was feeling. She had amazing suggestions for all the ones I tried- I don’t think I could have gone wrong with any of the choices. She pinned up the dresses to fit me exactly how I would want it, and her expertise in styling and alterations made me feel confident that the dress I ordered would fit perfectly. This shop has so many beautiful dresses and I am so glad that I found the one that was perfect for me. They got me in a second appointment the next day so that I could choose between my final 2 options and share the experience with my mother, sister, future mother-in-law, and future sister-in-law. Thank you so much Ava for helping me pick the perfect dress for me, and for making this the best experience ever!!

Review №16

I cannot say enough good things about Ava who was my stylist today. This was my first time shopping for wedding dresses and Ava was so much more than just a consultant. She made sure I felt beautiful, she was honest, considerate of my feelings on things I didn’t care for, and compassionate about my minor body insecurities. The best thing about my experience was that Ava was genuine and felt like a friend instead of a salesperson (we bonded over a mutual love of fishing!). To my surprise, she even had me try on things she knew I wouldn’t like just for fun. The entire time I spent at the shop was lighthearted, exciting, and fun. I never felt pressured to “close the deal”. I honestly cannot wait to go back and say the official “Yes!” to my dress with Ava. She deserves more praise than I can give in this review, but if you’re looking for places to have the best possible experience with one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your life, go here and request her. You will not be disappointed!

Review №17

I am so happy that I finally got to wear my beautiful dress after 2 years of delay due to Covid!! I purchased this perfect dress summer 2019, and 2 weeks ago it made its debut! I have never felt so beautiful in my life. The ladies here are AMAZING and helped to make sure I was the happiest I could be. XOXO

Review №18

We had a wonderful experience with Ava - she is very good at what she does and listened carefully to all feedback, using it to select dresses that I loved. Even when I was having a hard time verbalizing my desires, Ava tuned in and read between the lines. We ended up finding the perfect dress during our first visit and I cant wait to wear it August 2022! I highly recommend a&be bridal shop and Avas services and expertise!

Review №19

I loved my experience with Joyce at a&be. The shop has a wide range of unique dresses and Joyce was incredible at curating the perfect selection for me. She knew the inventory super well and was able to ask thoughtful questions to help me narrow down all the dresses I liked. I ended up with the perfect dress and could not be happier!

Review №20

Had a great experience trying on and finding my dress with Joyce! However, during my Pick Up and Styling I didnt have the best experience. I would highly recommend to you (the bride) and the company to review the dress together before you try it on. I tried on my dress and noticed a hole in the sleeve and they claimed the hole wasnt there during their own review of the dress. They said It should be an easy fix from a seamstress and did nothing else about it. You pay a lot for dresses and it should be perfect! Good Luck!

Review №21

Went in for my very first dress try on and was BLOWN AWAY by Alyssa, thank you so much for making a bride feel beautiful, making me feel completely comfortable & letting me decide without any judgment. You are an absolutely incredible human being & even though I didnt say yes to the dress, I wanted to make sure you knew how much I enjoyed every minute of the experience. Keep doing you , you are amazing. Thank you A & Be!!

Review №22

Last weekend I scheduled appointments at a few different bridal shops in Denver, but started my day here. I had so much fun, and felt extremely relaxed throughout the process. My stylist, Jenna, was really kind, helpful, genuine, and not pushy at all. At the end of my appointment, I had narrowed it down to two AMAZING dresses that made me feel amazing. Jenna knew I had other appointments, and offered to have me come back at 5 pm (which is when they close on Saturdays!) to try those two dresses on again. When we came back to the shop, I had a panicky moment of not knowing which dress to choose. Jenna helped me out by asking which one I envisioned marrying my fiance in, which gave me clarity and started the waterworks. I will recommend this shop AND Jenna any chance I get!

Review №23

Average size women beware of shopping here. I’ve never made a review in my life; however, my experience here has compelled me to write so that no one else has to feel the way I felt. When we first arrived the stylist stated that one size fits no one. That was the first red flag. While I appreciated the honesty that these dresses don’t fit everyone there was only one dress I tried on that actually zipped up my body. Every other dress I was allowed to try on was 3 sizes too small. I am a size 14 (average size) and felt so discouraged there was only one dress in their store that could have fit me. Trying on wedding dresses is supposed to make you feel so special and excited for your day. The lack of size inclusive dresses made me feel anything but special and beautiful.I now realize I am not the first to write this same review. Its incredibly disappointing that this is not an isolated incident, or an uninformed stylist, this is their business model. Shame on this  woman owned business for  catering to only straight sized women.

Review №24

After a weekend of nothing but wedding dresses (literally, 5 separate stores, it was exhausting) this was the last stop on our first day. We were exhausted and Allie completely understood the mood, and yet she still found my dream dress!! And even more than that she took her time understanding that I was way too overwhelmed to make a decision at that time. After thinking about it for a few days they got me in last minute to try it on one last time with no group around so I could truly have my bridal moment. Allie was incredible and the best support for this decision. I am counting the days until my perfect dress comes in!!

Review №25

My experience shopping at a&be Denver was amazing! I was lucky enough to work with Allie, the shop manager and she is a total dream. Ive tried on so many dresses prior to this appointment and had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. Allie really took the time to listen as well as throw in some styles I hadnt considered. She helped me find the perfect gown for my wedding day and it was such a special moment.

Review №26

I had such a fantastic time finding my dress at A&Be. Joyce was fantastic to work with, made me feel super comfortable and is very intuitive as the first dress she selected for me to try on ended up being the one! I cant wait to wear it on my wedding day.

Review №27

Tried so many shops before getting my dress here! They create such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, my girls and I had a blast, and Graci was just the sweetest to work with!

Review №28

I had the absolute best experience here with Joyce. She really listened to what I told her I liked and didnt like and made me feel so comfortable in each dress. She is almost TOO good at her job - I liked every single dress she put on me! She truly made my bridal shopping experience so special. I wish every bride could have Joyce as their stylist!Thanks Joyce for helping me choose my dream dress, and for being so amazing!

Review №29

Savannah was AMAZING! I had sent some of my desired styles before my appointment and we walked around to see them in person. We nailed my vision with my first dress, we knew exactly the vibe I wanted. Savannah was so helpful in helping me find the dress of my dreams.

Review №30

I had such an amazing experience at a&be’. My stylist Alyssa made me feel fantastic, we all had such a good time, it felt fun and was a no pressure experience. And I found my dream dress! Thank you for the amazing experience and the beautiful selection of dresses. I will always recommend a&be’ to others.

Review №31

It was a great experience. Kiera helped me with the first appointment and Savannah helped me with my “say yes to the dress” appointment. Both were absolutely AMAZING. They were kind, patient, and knowledgeable and made both days beyond special for my mom and me. Kiera did a great job pulling dresses and making sure I found the one that felt most like “me.” My second appointment was actually on my birthday and Savannah made it the highlight of my day. She even took pictures of me in the dress with my parents to commemorate the day and made me feel like I was in great hands ordering the dress and making sure it will work logistically for my wedding abroad.The dresses in the store are absolutely stunning and it is such a special and unique place. I had a few appointments at other bridal shops and everything paled in comparison, both in terms of the inventory and the customer service experience being exceptional. The store even called me before my appointment to get an idea of what I was looking for and send me their Pinterest page so I could shop around before I arrived (my dress ended up being one I “pinned!”) It is truly the best dress shop in Denver and I’ve already referred 2 more brides to it :)The photo isn’t the dress I bought since my wedding date is in May, but it’s an example of one of the many gorgeous dresses I tried on.

Review №32

Had been to a couple places to look for my wedding dress prior to a&be and a&be was definitely the best of all experiences! Not only did I find my dress there and was happy with their selection, the whole process from filling out their inquiry online to popping bubbles when I said yes to the dress was spot on and thoughtful. We really enjoyed working with Jenny, she had an awesome flow during the dress try-ons and was very easy and comfortable to work with. Would definitely recommend. Looking forward to the rest of the process when my dress comes in.

Review №33

I HIGHLY recommend going to this shop! I have been to several shops while dress shopping and this was the best experience. Joyce was so kind helpful. I had to go by myself, and she made it so fun and helped me take pictures and Facetime loved ones. She did a great job catering to me and what I liked and helped me narrow it down to one instead of walking out with 3 favorites that I couldnt choose from. I wish I went here first!

Review №34

Such a lovely experience! Joyce helped me and she was honestly the best. She had my best interest in mind and kept me focused on what mattered throughout my appointment. She helped me find my vision and the dress selections are gorgeous. They have so many styles and they are good quality. I definitely recommend going here!

Review №35

Shopping for a wedding dress was enjoyable and relaxing. Ava worked with me to find the style that I wanted while challenging me to consider other options that might look really good as well. I would recommend this boutique to anyone shopping for wedding dresses!

Review №36

I had the best time and felt so comfortable. Graci was my stylist and seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. She literally only picked dresses that looked good on my body and all I had to do was decide what style felt the most like me. They had a great selection of dresses at a variety of prices and I was able to find so many choices within my price range. Would definitely recommend to all my friends!

Review №37

I had such an amazing experience at a&be bridal with Joyce! She took the time to listen to what I wanted and did not pressure me at all, but helped me filter through my own ideas of what I wanted in a dress to truly figure it out. She asked all of the right questions to guide me to the dress of my dreams. Even though it was a very busy Saturday, she did not make me feel rushed at all. I had exactly the experience I wanted with my family picking out my wedding dress. I did not expect to find it so quickly, but was so grateful for the beautiful variety of dresses they had. I would recommend any bride look for their dress here!

Review №38

I had a great experience at a&be denver! my stylist was Ava, who was a true pro. she was able to quickly understand what I wanted based on my reactions to each dress, and she made me feel incredibly comfortable. They were fine with me taking a few days to decide on my dream dress so i finalized the purchasing details over the phone. highly recommend!

Review №39

I had an incredible experience finding my wedding dress at a&be!! Joyce, my bridal stylist, was so great at helping me figure out the difference between a pretty dress and a dress that was truly me. I found my dream dress and I am so excited for wedding day!

Review №40

Allie was so incredible and extremely helpful. I came in having no idea what I wanted in a dress and she helped me figure out the exact style I wanted. Even though they did not have the exact dress I wanted she led me to finding what my perfect dress will look like. I credit Allie for helping me find my dress because it will be custom made based on the pieces Allie helped me find. I would recommend this shop to any new bride!

Review №41

All of the girls in the shop were so helpful and made this experience so special and fun for me and my family!

Review №42

This shop is absolutely amazing! I had been once with a friend so she could try on dresses and they were so amazing that I knew I had to come back to try on dresses for me. They have the most beautiful selection of dresses Ive ever seen. A lot of them are hand made and they are beyond beautiful, the best dresses I have ever seen! Ava was my stylist (she was also my friends when we went the first time) she was so amazing with friend that I requested her as my stylist! She. Is. Amazing. Fun, professional, encouraging and she really listens and takes in the information of what you say you like and dont like and then finds the best dresses for you to try on. She was out of this world amazing! My mom and sister came in from out of town and they were floored by how amazing the shop was and how amazing Ava is! If youre looking for a dress this is definitely a place you need to go to, dont pass this shop up. Lastly, the fact that on their window it says all are welcome here and in this day and age that was so amazing to see and to know that they accept EVERYONE for who they are! Thank you A&bé and Ava for making that day amazing, fun and beautiful. You guys are the best!!!!

Review №43

These girls are so sweet! I purchased my dress and moved to Denver but didnt have someone for alterations. Since they carried Rue De Seine I gave them a call to see who theyd recommend. They were very helpful and told me they would email a list of people they trusted for my designer. Very helpful and nice!

Review №44

A&be bridal shop, and Karysma specifically, has been beyond outstanding in my bridal gown shopping experience! Not only did Karysma make me feel welcome, special and as though she cared about what I was looking for, but I came back three times to find exactly the right dress. Each time Karysma was so patient and kind, and really fun to work with. She seemed to genuinely understand what I wanted for my day and took the time to explain things to my loved ones who came with me and those far away on facetime. I would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for their special day!

Review №45

I had the best time picking out my dress here!! They make everything so fun and easy. My girl Graci was so patient and completely understood my vision!! Highly recommend here and have so many options for different styles and prices.

Review №46

Savannah was awesome and so helpful during my experience. I was able to be truthful and honest with her about all the different types of beautiful dresses I tried on. She made me feel cool and calm all while enjoying some laughter between the two of us in the dressing room. I was so worried that I would be stressed out and overwhelmed with picking a dress but that was definitely not the case. The bridal store has so many beautiful dresses and the staff was so helpful and nice. I would definitely recommend this place if it is not on your list :) I can’t wait to receive my dress!!

Review №47

Fantastic experience!!! Joyce couldn’t have been more helpful in finding my perfect dress. After going through and picking what I thought I would love turns out I was wrong, and Joyce took a hard pivot with us to pull all new dresses and find the one!!! Amazing location, and bubbles when I said “yes”!!

Review №48

Had an incredible experience at my bridal fitting with a&be. The shop is gorgeous and they have a wonderful selection of stunning gowns to choose from. Joyce was a joy to work with and made the process of selecting a gown fun and straightforward. She was extremely conscious of my taste and budget and helped me to find the perfect gown for my wedding!

Review №49

I had the best experience at A&Bé Denver. Graci was a joy to work with and the best cheerleader when picking out my dress! She went above and beyond by having a dress I was extremely interested in loaned to this shop from another A&Bé location. I said yes and couldn’t have imagined a better experience!! Thank you Graci and the whole team at A&Bé Denver for making my wedding dress dreams come true!!

Review №50

If youve been to more than one bridal shop, you know that they are not all created equal. I had been to three different shops before going to a&bé, and my experiences at a&bé with Joyce and Beth were hands down the best.On my first visit, I was able to walk through the shop with Joyce and select dresses to try on based on her recommendations—in contrast to some other shops where they just picked for me with little of my own input. I never felt rushed even with trying on 7 or 8 dresses. And I felt supported in making my own decision, but with very thoughtful input from Joyce that helped me narrow down what I *really* wanted. She asked all the right questions that werent trying to sway me one way or the other, but rather get in touch with how I truly felt in each dress.I went back a couple of weeks later to try on my top choice again during the designers trunk show and worked with Beth, which was also a fabulous experience. This was the day I was making the decision (!!!) so I greatly appreciated how she encouraged me to spend as much time in the two dresses I was deciding between—walking around, sitting down, FaceTiming my mom and sister. She even held my phone for me so that they could see me in the dress!In the end, I said yes to the dress and couldnt be happier! Huge thank you to Joyce and Beth for being so sweet throughout the process. I highly recommend going to a&bé if youre a Colorado bride looking for a fun, relaxed, top-notch wedding dress shopping experience.

Review №51

I had such a great experience at a&bé! Joyce already had all of my top picks ready to go and was so helpful in my decision making! She listened to what I liked and didn’t like, and ultimately made me realize how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day. Highly recommend a&bé if you’re a boho bride looking for the perfect dress!

Review №52

I found my dress at a&bé with the help of Graci, who was so sweet and professional. The boutique is small and intimate, and the staff are all pleasant and have great energy. Graci walked me though the process of trying on dresses, had me walk the racks and explain what I liked and didn’t like and why, and helped me into the dresses I wanted to try. Once I was in the dress I knew I loved, she was so supportive and let me do a trial walk around the shop.

Review №53

My experience at a&bé bridal shop Denver was everything I was hoping for. I was hoping it would be a one stop shop and it was exactly that. Ava was cool, calm & collected. She asked all of the right questions, which ultimately helped me make my final decision. I ended up purchasing a different color dress I had tried on that wasnt in stock - Ava was there along the way to show me pictures of the color and compared the color to other dresses I was trying on. The process was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I think this was because of Ava. Thank you a&bé!

Review №54

I had such a great experience with Graci at a&be! The store is gorgeous, and the selection had just what I was looking for. Graci provided such a positive and supportive atmosphere, I had a great time working with her. If youre looking for a wedding dress, I highly recommend making an appointment!

Review №55

Went into my appointment after a long day of searching for The One with no luck... We walked into A&BE and within literal minutes, I had the dress on and said YES! We were even served champagne to celebrate. I have nothing but great things to say about the shop - their selection was beautiful, the process was smooth, and the ladies were WONDERFUL. Special shout out to Graci Lujan. She was wonderful to work with!

Review №56

I came to A & Be because they had the exact designer I wanted and the dress I had wanted as well. As we all know.. the dress doesnt always look quite as good once you try it on as it did online, but Ava was so wonderful to pull so many other designs that fit my idea of my dream dress, and was so patient with me while I tried on tons of styles. While I didnt pick a dress the first go-round, she booked me for a second fit and was extraordinarily helpful during the whole process.By the second fitting, I had found my dream dress!! Beth helped during the second appointment, who was also so much fun to work with, and both ladies made me feel so comfortable and normal even with all the Covid policies. I highly recommend working with A & Be as well as working with both Ava and Beth. You will not be disappointed!!!

Review №57

Ava is fantastic! I had such a wonderful experience purchasing my wedding dress at a&be. In a short amount of time, she seemed to understand what I was looking for even though I wasnt great at explaining my dream dress. She also was great about communicating the timeline and follow-up information after I purchased. She is an true professional and expert in the bridal field and felt extremely comfortable trusting her opinion. I knew I was in good hands!

Review №58

Savannah was my stylist and although I ended up purchasing another dress from a different salon, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with her. Totally adore her. She is funny, sweet and truly knows what she’s talking about. I could tell she genuinely wanted me to find my dream dress. Overall, my experience at A&Bè was 10/10! Highly recommend searching for your dream gown here :)

Review №59

Unfortunately my family and I had a very disappointing experience here. As the bride, I felt that my stylist really did not understand my style and/or didnt know their inventory very well. I had filled out a survey ahead of time and sent my Pinterest board, but some of my stylists initial suggestions were completely off the mark. Many of the dresses I tried on here were an immediate no. But overall, a&be simply did not provide a nice setting for my family and I. There was minimal, and uncomfortable, seating, we were never offered so much as water, and the lighting in the shop is terrible. My stylist also did not seem very interested in me or invested in my experience, and when I provided feedback on dresses she still wasnt able to hone in on my style. Aesthetically, the shop is cute, but I will not be recommending a&be to any friends in the future.

Review №60

Beth B was an absolute dream!!! I came in alone to shop for my dress and she made it so fun and relaxing and exciting and I seriously had the best time. She was really good about listening to what I wanted and showed me a ton of options and I loved!They were super cool about a follow up appointment to double check I loved the dress I had selected and werent super pushy on purchasing which was great since its such a huge decision! I purchased my dress through them :)

Review №61

I worked with Savannah to find my dream dress. She was so kind and helpful. She worked with me to find things that I liked while staying within my budget. Somehow THE one was the second one I tried on. Cancelled my following appointment at another boutique! Thank you, Savannah!!

Review №62

I had a wonderful experience at a&be! They had a great selection of unique and beautiful gowns and my stylist Joyce listened to what I was looking for and guided me to the perfect gown for my wedding day! So excited to be an a&be Bride!

Review №63

Had such a great experience finding my wedding dress. Karysma knew exactly how to help narrow down the choices and find my dream dress!! She’s so sweet and made the experience so fun!!

Review №64

Jenna was an absolute dream to work with! It was my first ever dress appointment so I went in with nerves and excitement. She immediately matched how I was feeling with a calmness that felt so good. She wasn’t pushy at all and just wanted me to find a special dress that made me feel beautiful. She helped walk me around and pick the ones that I wanted, while also picking one that I loved that I never even thought I originally wanted. I loved my experience at a&be and will definitely be back! Thank you again Jenna

Review №65

After hitting a good amount of the stores here in town, my last stop was a&be and I had a pretty good contender to beat. Jenna was phenomenal! She was super relaxed and easy going, which I loved and felt comfortable with. When I found the dress, she was super sweet and helped make the experience memorable! She was also able to accommodate stepping outside so two of my bridesmaids could weigh in and be a part of my dress shopping experience. Due to Covid, A&Be were only allowing 2 guests inside, so it was nice to have this option since two of my team had traveled from out of state to be there with me. Overall, loved the experience, the prices were amazing on the gowns and I cant wait to walk down the aisle to my future hubby next spring!

Review №66

The experience at a&be was amazing! Joyce is phonemical to work with. She was a great listener and was able to pull beautiful dresses that aligned with my request. She called ahead to prep for the appointments and made me fee great about wedding dress shopping!

Review №67

Absolutely incredible! The best bridal shop in Denver and Savannah was a total dream babe to work with - I felt like she truly cared. I came alone to my appointment, but she made it so special and helped me find my dream dress. Thank you! Thank you! to Savannah and a&be bridal! XXXX

Review №68

Great experience and vibe! Graci was so sweet and helpful! She worked hard to find the perfect dress and had the best attitude! Worth the trip from South Dakota to Denver!!

Review №69

AMAZING! From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted by a wonderful woman named Beth. I could go on and on about Beth but do yourself a favor and ask to have an appointment with her. Her energy was incredible and she made the process fun, no pressure, and knowledgeable. I was VERY impressed with the selection here. Very curated and thoughtfully planned. Love this place and am very grateful to have met Beth! Shes a dime a dozen!

Review №70

I ended up doing a whirlwind of a wedding dress hunt over the course of two weekends. During that time, I visited five different bridal shops in Denver. A&Be was by far and away my favorite experience. I was welcomed as I entered the boutique with my name written on the glass door. The staff was both welcoming and genuinely super pumped to help me out. My stylist was Joyce, and she was UTTERLY FANTASTIC. I had just come from a shop where everything I put on made me go, oh, ok, thats nice, but everything Joyce had me try on was exactly as I described and completely unique all at the same time. I loved each dress she put on me and ended up falling in love with one and a spectacular veil. Joyce was supportive, never pushy, and only wanted me to complete my vision. She is a gem of a human. I highly recommend this shop. The staff tries so hard to read you and they seek out seeing you react like they just put you in THE dress. Dont be lame, go to A&Be.

Review №71

I had a fantastic experience at A&BE Bridal! I worked with Joyce and she helped me find the dress of my dreams after going to 3 other bridal shops. Joyce asked the all the right questions to get me to yes.. I would recommend A&BE Bridal to any bride searching for their perfect dress!

Review №72

Loved the little details of this shop! They had my name on the door the day of the appointment. The shop is beautiful and spaced perfectly for social distancing. Beth was a dream to work with. She was so positive and fun. All the dresses were beautiful and the last dress of the appointment was the one! The process of ordering was super easy and straightforward! I went with a Made with Love design and I LOVE it! So excited to find the perfect dress!

Review №73

We walked a few blocks and it was super hot and we made a comment about hot we were and how tired (as this was the 3rd and final stop of the day) and we were matched with a stylist named Jenna. She was incredibly rude and started rolling her eyes when we would say things we didn’t like about the dress and give suggestions for things to try on. We were late due to lunch and the walk talking longer (20 minutes) and when we asked if we can browse she said “no, I already pulled dresses based on what she like at the other place since you guys are so late”. Which she didn’t even come close to. I pulled her aside and asked why she had she a bad attitude and maybe we got off on the wrong foot and she said “you guys are high and not taking this seriously”. She thought when I said I was so hot that I said I was so high. Which wasn’t the case, but that is never an excuse to treat the customer and her friends so poorly. We were matched with a different stylist after that and Aly did an amazing job. But Jenna really killed the mood for the whole group. Wouldn’t suggest going here.

Review №74

Can I give these gals 10 stars PLEASE!!! I traveled from Kansas City Missouri in hope of just looking at some dresses for inspiration. after a terrible first experience with a big box bridal shop. I was blown away by the level of attention to detail, curation, and selection I received. Only outdone by my AMAZING stylist Beth!!!! She made me feel like a queen after losing over 200 pounds, I thought Id never say Yes to a dress and yet after only an hour and some change, I found the dress of my dreams!! Thank you for a & be for hiring such glimmering gals to make this experience something simply magical! You will not regret scheduling your try on here! Thanks Beth you are an angel!

Review №75

I had the best experience here and I found my dream dress! Joyce was absolutely amazing, and I cant recommend her enough. She picked out styles that I loved, and she listed to my feedback on each dress. She stayed within my price range, which I really appreciated. The dresses themselves were also stunning and they have a great collection. I would recommend this shop, and Joyce, to any bride!

Review №76

My friends and I had a wonderful time at a&bé. Kiera was our stylist and she was so lovely! She was helpful, positive, and very knowledgeable. This was my fourth (and final, yay) wedding dress appointment and I am so glad you we found this shop. I’d highly recommend a&bé to any bride in need of a wedding dress!

Review №77

I never write negative reviews but after my experience with a&bé bridal shop in Denver I felt obligated to. As background, I live in NYC but am from Denver and had been looking forward to trying dresses on at a&bé - I have followed them diligently on instagram, love their styles and also have a few girlfriends who have found their dress there.I went to a&bé Denver with my mom and sister and it was my first time trying on dresses. I shared my Pinterest board and the overall style I was looking for before the appointment. The first dress was a hit and definitely in the right direction of what I was looking for.Let me preface this by saying my stylist insisted that honest and detailed feedback was crucial to the process and to finding my ideal dress. So every time a dress missed the mark, I explained why - e.g., love the fabric but I find the cut on the chest to be unflattering or great silhouette but don’t love the pattern.Let’s just say that after that first dress was a success, the appointment went downhill and fast. When I would give my feedback on why the dress wasn’t ‘the one’ the stylist became extremely condescending and seemed to take it personally. Given it was my first time trying on dresses, we tried with a few different styles on and I asked if I could try something with sleeves since that wasn’t a look we had tried yet. The stylist brushed off my request by saying that none of the long sleeve dresses in the store would match my aesthetic (meanwhile I saw one on the way out that I thought would have been perfect in terms of fabric, silhouette and color). The stylist was very pushy as if she was just trying to make a sale, and once I indicated that I would need to try on more dresses after this appointment she became completely disinterested in making it a productive appointment. We had 30 minutes left and she started to wrap it up because she felt we were hitting a wall (to us, we were her last appointment of the day and she was looking forward to getting out of there once it was evident that she was not going to make a sale that day).I did find one dress that I could see myself wearing on my wedding day, but sadly our experience at a&bé was so disappointing that I will not be buying a dress there. Every girl dreams of their first time trying on wedding dresses - it should be memorable, enjoyable and overall extremely exciting - unfortunately my experience was anything but.

Review №78

Cute shop. They really try to understand what you want and what youre getting once youre in a dress. I think I found the one but will be coming back for follow-up to make sure.

Review №79

Want to feel like a million bucks? Go here! Teresa was incredibly kind, patient, and fun to spend my morning with. She understood my style and explained how her “process of elimination” worked. She helped me envision each gown perfectly and didn’t care how many questions I had. She even encouraged me to FaceTime the people that meant the most that couldn’t be there. For my first time dress shopping, I couldn’t of dreamt of a better experience. (These aren’t the gowns I chose, but just to give you an idea!)

Review №80

Everyone at a&bé is so sweet and welcoming and the shop is beautiful and decorated so cute! My stylist, Allie made my wedding dress shopping experience so special and fun for me and my two guests! Every gown she selected for me to try on was gorgeous and exactly the style I was looking for. Allie guided me towards saying yes to the most perfect dress! Thank you a&bé Denver!

Review №81

Loved our experience, got to work with Graci who was AMAZING and helped make the whole process really fun (and found me a wonderful dress!)

Review №82

Such a wonderful experience! I did not walk into my appointment thinking that I would find my dress. I am not the girl that has been dreaming about his my whole life, nor did I really have a distinct look that I was going for. I felt bad for my stylist, Karysma, for having to pick my brain and come up with something for me to try on. I was all over the place. That being said, she asked me a few questions, pulled some pieces, and took the time to get to know me and what I was envisioning for our day. She really listened and boy did she blow it out of the park! I found a dress that I just couldn’t stop thinking about and brought out emotion that I wasn’t expecting.I can’t thank Karysma and the a&bé team enough for making my experience so wonderful! Also, I really loved your shoes that day and when you walked out to introduce yourself and I saw them I was like “YES! This girl knows what’s up!”

Review №83

Visiting a&bé was a great experience! Our stylist, Beth, was such a pleasure to work with and being my very first dress appointment, she made me feel like a rockstar. They have gorgeous dresses and great variety to help you find the style that complements you best. I highly recommend stopping by here on your journey to find the perfect dress for your big day!

Review №84

Wonderful selection of dresses and great service. Savannah was so wonderful and considerate. I ended up going with another shop, but she was so supportive in me making the decision that was best for me, rather than just pushing a sale. I would highly recommend a&be!

Review №85

This was my first appointment and it was spectacular! Allie was so friendly, helpful, and genuinely excited for me to experience this process. The shop is beautiful, intimate and filled with gorgeous dresses. Allie made my family and I feel so comfortable and happily answered all our questions. I found my perfect dress with the perfect accessories and left the store beaming. I cant thank Allie and the A&Be team enough for their personal touches that truly made this a special experience for me and my family. 10/10 highly recommend!!

Review №86

Ava and her team are incredible. I felt so comfortable and welcomed from the moment that I walked into her shop. They have so many gorgeous dresses to choose from and Ava was fully prepared for me to try on dresses I had expressed interest in and ones that she had picked out that she thought I would like. I felt very safe with everything going on COVID wise. The team was great with communication and flexible with scheduling. I was able to order my dress with the measurements Ava took right there in the store. Thank you Ava and the amazing A&be bridal team, so happy to have found my dress with you all!

Review №87

I loved my experience here. The whole team (especially Beth) was so nice and fun to work with! Being a COVID bride can be tough, so I really appreciate how comfortable and special Beth made me feel. My time here allowed me to forget about all the stress of the world and just enjoy being a bride! Their dress selection was gorgeous as well. Highly recommend!

Review №88

Love every second of my appointment!Savannah was amazing and new exactly what I wanted to see, before I even knew!I was a bit stressed walking in and didn’t think I was going to actually find my dress on my first appointment.. boy was I wrong!Savannah helped me find exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t just look amazing I felt amazing!So thankful for this amazing company and helping me find my dress!If you want to say yes to the dress! Go here!!

Review №89

Beth was wonderful to work with! My appointment with a&be was my first experience trying on bridal gowns, and I felt welcomed and comfortable. Beth encouraged me to try on a variety of styles since it was my first time trying any one, and was supportive of me trying on many dresses, encouraged me to vocalize what I did and didnt like about each dress, and was wonderful with my Mother and future Mother-in-law. Thanks, Beth!

Review №90

I had the most amazing experience finding my dress at a&bé. They really understood me / my vision and what I loved - but also pulled other styles for me to try to help me decide what I did and didnt love on my body vs in pictures. Everyone was so friendly and the process was an absolute dream. :)Beth Bennett was my stylist - she was absolutely wonderful!

Review №91

I went to six other places before a&be and no one was able to find a dress that felt right for me. I constantly felt like I was playing dress-up at other stores and everything felt so inauthentic. Honestly, I was so discouraged and overwhelmed prior to stepping into a&be. My experience at a&be was UNMATCHED - so genuine and refreshing. My stylist, Ava, was able to find something that fit my wants/needs/personality/body type/venue while also making me feel extremely comfortable. I highly, highly recommend a&be!

Review №92

Fabulous, curated experience with Ava, and had a lot of fun, too! I felt that my style preferences were heard and I tried on enough variety to make sure I wasn’t stuck in my comfort zone only. Purchased a beautiful dress that made me feel like a goddess! Would highly recommend this shop!

Review №93

Ava was wonderful!I was searching for my (second) dress after a bad alteration just 5 months away from my (COVID postponed) wedding and Ava made the entire process seamless. It was the exact opposite of my first wedding dress experience. She not only found my dream dress but also rushed an order for me that I didnt think would make it to Denver in time.I cannot thank her (and the whole team at A&Be) enough.I appreciate you Ava!Hannah

Review №94

I worked with Beth at the Denver location and she was amazing! I had a general idea of what I was looking for and she was so good at finding dresses that were my taste and helping me narrow it down until I found the one! I would highly recommend coming to this location and working with Beth because of how fun, easy, and special she made the entire experience!

Review №95

Everything about my a&bé experience was perfect from the second I scheduled my bridal appointment! Unlike the other boutiques I scheduled appointments with, someone from a&bé called me the day that I scheduled my bridal appointment to talk to me about myself, my fiancé, our wedding venue and vision, and my vision for my dress. When I went to try on dresses I was obsessed with how beautiful the show room was and the natural lighting inside. I had the pleasure of working with Beth and she made my bridal appointment everything I dreamed it would be! She was excited to be there to help me find my gown. She was knowledgeable about the designers and styles, stayed in my price point, and put me in dresses that made it hard for me to decide on “the one”! Nevertheless, Beth helped me say “yes” to the dress and I can’t wait to go back for my accessories appointment! I also love that a&bé donates a portion of every purchase to female organizations in need. I could have loved this place or Beth more! I highly recommend every bride shop for her wedding dress there. Thank you so much!!!

Review №96

I wish there were more than 5 stars to give here. My experience at a&be was absolutely next-level. The dresses were gorgeous, the atmosphere ruled, and to be straight-up, the gals who worked the shop were literally some of the coolest and nicest people Ive ever had the pleasure to meet. While I didnt end up picking my dress at this shop (had nothing to do with the dresses they offered or the experience, I just found the right one somewhere else), I HAD to leave a review and brag on Beth.Beth was absolutely phenomenal, hilarious, supportive, and so helpful. Not only did she quell any anxieties I had about being a relatively non-traditional bride (dress-wise and wedding-wise), but she was also so thrilled to help me pick something out that was ME. Never once did I feel pressured to buy anything on the spot and even after I told Beth that I wasnt going to buy from their shop, she was absolutely over the moon for me and wanted to see pics of what I ended up with.long story short, if youre looking for a killer experience, a beautiful shop, and a whole heck of a lot of awesome dresses and options, this shop is your go-to. And for the love of God, ask for Beth, because she will literally make your day/week/year.

Review №97

I highly recommend this bridal shop and Savannah as your stylist! I emailed them one photo of a dress on Pinterest and Savannah had at least 6 picked out before I arrived. I loved every single dress she chose as they resembled the photo I emailed her earlier but was stuck on 3 of them in the end. The quality of the dresses were very nice so I agree that you get what you are paying for. My budget was around $1,500 which a few of the dresses she grabbed were in that price range and the one I actually ordered ended up being less than $1,000 and it is stunning!! Savannah was quick, uplifting and knew exactly what I wanted. So excited to be wearing a dress from A&Be for my wedding 🤍

Review №98

I had my first & ONLY dress appointment last month! I was initially nervous about it but the moment I walked in I felt comfortable and welcomed. My stylist was Ava. She asked me many questions to get to know me and to get an idea of what I was looking for. She assisted me throughout the whole process and didn’t once make me feel intimidated or inferior! She is extremely knowledgeable on the different styles and designers. The process was laidback and felt smooth the entire time. I found my dream dress my very first appointment and the two hours went by so fast! I am glad I chose a&be! The shop is beautiful, your appointment is and feels private, and my stylist was professional and warm at the same time! Highly recommend.

Review №99

I had such a great experience!! Ava made everything so fun and personal. She helped me find a dress right away. They are so respectful of budget and considerate of your time. Please go here I really recommend it.

Review №100

Thank you Ava for our appointment! You were patient, efficient and showed me things I didn’t even know I wanted to look at it! I appreciate the time you spent with my Mom and I, looking forward to September.

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