Avid Auto Glass
5595 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80222, United States
Review №1

I will keep this short and to the point. Under no conditions should you do business with this company. Simply put, they are liars. FYI, they are also know as Nationwide RV Glass.

Review №2

They replaced a windshield in my RV. Now I cannot get them to call me back. I have left five voicemail messages for Gerald and two text messages with no response. Their customer service is TERRIBLE!

Review №3

They had a crew that Im not sure they new what they were doing ,used silicone on the glass and rubber gasket . Now the glass is coming out of the gasket and I cant get anyone to call me back

Review №4

BEWARE!!! This company uses contractors and will double the price absolutely the worst company.

Review №5

Great prices and good selection. Not the best scheduling..

Review №6

BEWARE. We had our RV windshield replaced two years ago. Weve had it out maybe four times in past two years. Its stored under cover and has never seen rain until this year. Windshield is leaking at the seal and Avid says it will be $800 - $1000 to fix it. Really??? Did not ask any questions about use just stated, its been over a year and so no longer under labor warranty. Ill find someone else thank you very much.

Review №7

Had a great experience! Glass arrived safe and scratch free! Install went super smooth and workers were very nice!Talking to Cory over the phone could not have been easier! He made the whole proses painless and got me back on the road!Thank you again and get your glass through them!

Review №8

Absolutely the worst place Ive ever done business with. Im in upstate New York and they subcontracted to a local business that came out and installed new windshields in my RV. Two weeks later the windshields separated from the coach. Ive been fighting with Avid auto glass for ten months to stand by their warranty. They give some bull hockey story every time I contact them and Corey usually ends the conversation by saying that hell have to work on this and that he will call me back by the end of the day, Never Happens !!!. Corey lies!, dont trust a word he says. As I said , its been ten months and they will not stand by their warranty. In the meantime I have contacted the BBB in Denver and Avid auto glass wont even return their calls and my case was closed as being unanswered.In the meantime, I have contacted the Colorado Attorney Generals office to try and resolve this issue. In my opinion this scam of a company should be forced out of business . I read the reviews posted on this site and I think they posted themselves. This is my honest opinion and good luck to you if you decide to do business with them. One star rating because i cant go any lower.

Review №9

They used a sub contractor. Windshield on our RV Leaks worse than ever. Called the sales and accounting people we worked with. Its been two months and they will not answer the phone or return phone calls. Filing a complaint with the BBB. Worst company to do business with.

Review №10

12 weeks now for a RV window. Nice people but not driving resolution (they use subcontractors) Disputing the credit card charge now and contacting local TV station help line.

Review №11

I too was approached by Corey and fell for the same sales pitch. Ill give it to Corey, he knows how to sell. But you are better off going to a professional company. The work is not up to par and the installation was horrendous. I had to go to a shady location to get a new replacement and again it was installed poorly. Go with a name brand where you know you will get what you pay for. They are nice people, just not good at executing.

Review №12

It took a while to get scheduled but the work was fabulous and the people were professional and very helpful. Would recommend them any time. Thanks Joe Bob!

Review №13

Been waiting for two and a half years for my replacement windshield for my RV. Finally when allegedly it has been shipped, was told the company had broken it in route. Six months Valerie no last name has not responded to dozens of messages & phone calls. Does this company exist??? Or is it delivered by Pony Express from the Netherlands??

Review №14

Very nice people, very shoddy work. There was an Avid rep at the carwash I was at and what I ended up signing up for as a good deal cost me in the long run. When Avid did the initial install there was an air noise, called them to complain (you know lifetime warranty on the install and all that) that the installation was bad and rather than pulling the window they just tried to pump more glue in there which failed to fix the issue two times.Instead of continuing to get them to fix it - I just had the entire windshield replaced by another company because of a poor installation that was done by Avid. In the long run this good deal turned into $600 out of pocket.

Review №15

My cars windshield broke in a carwash because of extreme temperatures, and there was an AVID rep on site, they guy hooked me up with a very fair deal and they got everything done right and in a short amount of time. Very professional and friendly. They also offered warranties and post sale support as well. I highly recommend this place and you should give them a try if you need auto glass. You wont regret it, and youll save some serious cash along the way. 5 Stars

Review №16

My RVwas a victim of hurricane Michael and lost its windshield. All the local and nationwide companies were too busy to help me even knowing we had to live in it because our home was destroyed! I found Avid on the internet and Cory listened to my story and told me he wanted to help. He said he could get er done in about 2 weeks! I laughed because Ive been trying for 2 months! Because of the volume of work they do with others, sure enough he was able to get er done by the same locals that had been blowing me off!!! Thank Cory and staff at Avid we are now safe from the black bears!! Merry Christmas to all of you and God Bless! ,John

Review №17

Corey and his team at avid auto glass are the best! They replaced my windshield in less then 30 minutes and even came to my work to make it more convienent for me! Car looks amazing. When I just purchased my 2nd car, I got a ding in it on the way home from the dealership (worst luck ever..). Thankfully Corey and AutoGlass saved the day and repaired it on the spot for me! Awesome customer service and all around great job fixing and replacing my windshields. Highly recommend!

Review №18

Called with no answer (Wednesday at 10:30am) and the gps took me to an abandoned church. WTF I guess I’m going to Safelite.

Review №19

Fast job, Great staff, Cheap price, Highly reccomend

Review №20

The address is wrong? There is only a church here

Review №21

Great service! Great prices!

Review №22

They will not honor there warranty and refuse to talk to you .... bunch of scam artist

Review №23

They do glass

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