Dollar Tree
906 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States
Review №1

Worst store ever. They decide to close whatever time they want too. I see a clerk near the window and she looks at me and ignores me for at least 5 minutes blowing balloons. After I knock at the door at 8:40pm she finally mouthes the store is closed. So rude and I wasted my time just to get here. It literally says 9 at the door. She had dreads and a whole attitude. Clearly it’s everyone else fault for showing up when the store is suppose to be open. I hate rude people and unprofessional behavior but what did I ever expect.To see someone blowing up balloons instead of letting a customer in is so sad and disrespectful.

Review №2

All I will say is, Im always a satisfied costumer.

Review №3

I enjoy going to the Dollar Tree because of the location unfortunately I was disappointed that there were no shopping carts available for customers, then please use them to do return merchandise and stock the shelves which I find very disapproving. Furthermore, the lines were exceptionally slow I understand that there was an individual getting 15 helium balloons but still they could expedite the process

Review №4

Usually has most items that I am looking for. Some locations are better stocked than others. Unfortunately the location in the West End section of Atlanta was extremely poorly stocked. They had practically empty shelves on ever aisle. I was very disappointed with the overall look of the store as the few items they did have were in such disarray that I decided to leave. This store is a must have in that neighborhood for people who need items at a nominal cost. At the very least they can keep the store cleaned and stocked withup-to-date products. Im considering calling the regional office.

Review №5

This place is nasty. It always been. The company closed the dollar tree a mile away. Which was always clean and left this one. I rarely go in it.

Review №6

Parking is definitely at a premium, so be aware. But we enjoyed the spot.

Review №7

Cashier was very pleasant and gave some life saving tips to another customer. GOD BLESS HER. TALL LADY. SMILE

Review №8

This is thee most dirtiest unclean dollar tree in Atlanta. The manager Charles is very rude to customers and does not have any regards as to what good customer service is. This location had no workers due to how Charles treats them rudely and how he expects them to do everything while he sits back and does bare minimum. The lines are always long due to these reasons. GO TO ANOTHER LOCATION! Unless you don’t mind waiting an hr in line and can deal with nasty attitudes.Save yourself the negative energy

Review №9

This is by far the filthiest Dollar Tree that I have ever seen. There were items on the conveyor belt obstructing the belt to check out. I was asked to push my items up...our communities need to do better. Dont just put a store in this neighborhood and not maintain it.

Review №10

Very nice people at the store helpful they need to restock good location

Review №11

I went in this store and mess is everywhere and one of the worker had a cart in the middle of the floor and I said excuse me and he was on the phone telling them to hold on and then said what you said. I said I said excuse me Im trying to get by and he said all these aisle in here you could have went around and I said Im not going around I need to get right here. There is no customer service at all.

Review №12

Lame store never come here they dont know how to count money even managers dont know how to count needs to be closed never in my life have I ben to a dallor store that doesnt know how to count going to throw my money at me wow

Review №13

Needs help badly. I mean it needs 2 shifts. Day shift to merchandise and service customers and keep store absolutely clean, and second shift to restock shelves for the next morning.

Review №14

They usually have the basics but not over the top stuff like other dollar trees in better neighborhoofs

Review №15

Extremely unorganized, things are on the floor, it looks as if it is going out of business.

Review №16

Looked like its going out of business. Hardly anything on the shelves. Only 1 line open that had at least 10 customers in line. Tighten up!!!! I give it 3 because everything is still $1.00 😁😁

Review №17

Hardly ever any food in the coolers and only one teller... Terrible customer service and trashy store.

Review №18

Always great service little backed up but they take care of their business. Mr Charlie, the manager is a great guy. I met him today hopefully Ill be working with them. See you guys soon!💯Thanks,Antoine Lee, Sr.

Review №19

The worst experience ever the store was low are out of everything was and when I got to the cash register the only Dollar tree that I ever went to that dont have cash back I guess because its in the black neighborhood wow!

Review №20

Store was dirty and understaffed..the shelves were empty..and didnt have a lot of the products they usually have.

Review №21

They were very nice n understandingThey knew exactly what I wanted n needed

Review №22

Extremely unorganized. Items laying on the floor on most isles. Very long lines. However staff was helpful.

Review №23

Its was alright; but very messy. Stuff all over the place.

Review №24

Shopping there can be hazardous. The aisles were blocked with boxes and I almost slipped and fell due to poor house keeping. A jar of relish had fell/dropped to the floor and someone used a flattened box to cover the mess. I feel management needs to hire more people and pay them better.

Review №25

I always see these awesome videos of these new hot items people found at Dollar Tree. This one isnt that. Ever. But what it does have is unvalued entertainment.

Review №26

The place was clean but there was a lot of merchandise missing the cashier was very rude

Review №27

Its definitely not the best Dollar Tree in town. Expect things to be out of stock or in disorder. Also expect to be hassled by homeless or oddballs.

Review №28

The store was a mass, boxes wasnt unpack, shelves almost I dont want to say. In Atlanta

Review №29

Always stuffed with goods however its not orgabized

Review №30

Worst location in the world

Review №31

Great ,store but didnt have what I wanted🥺

Review №32

Its one thing for sure you can always find something to buy at The $ Tree 🤷

Review №33

It a great place to shop good prices and variety must shop

Review №34

The lines were two long, people standing in line very frustrated, the people that look like cashiers and a manager helping a cashier allegedly balance her cash drawer there were one cashier open and finally another person open her register.

Review №35

Why arent the employees here wearing masks or any other form of personal protection? If this is company policy (no concern for the health of their patrons or staff) then shame on them. If this is the fault of management, then why are they in this position?

Review №36

Crystal the cashier was awesome even with the abusive language she recieved from an impatient customer. There were about 10 customers in line. There was just her and the manager who was checking in a delivery. The store was very cluttered

Review №37

Well, the store was trashed. Stuff everywhere. More like grandmas garage than a retail store. That said, they had stuff I needed for a dollar. U cant beat that. Its worth having to step over a few (boxes, items, people, take your pick) And dont confuse Dollar General and Dollar Tree with Family Dollar (which is anything but a dollar store) So if u can keep your bougie-ness in check for 30-45 mins you can get stuff for a lot less than other retailers at this location. Its best to know what u want before u arrive because there will be a line at the checkout. Happy shopping!

Review №38

Line very long. Of course, due to COVID-19, stock/products are limited Overall rating = B

Review №39

I like Dollar Tree but Im not understand how they hire these ratchet managers you in line talking down to an employee and you think that everybodys going to be happy about how you talk to the employee. Those managers at that Dollar Tree is real ratchet no matter if they are male or a female they keep treating some of their employees real bad in front of the customers and thats not acceptable.

Review №40

Stocked with everything and service was courteous and surprisingly fast considering there was only 1 cashier.

Review №41

The store needs to do a better job of staying stocked. The store is bare

Review №42

This location is HORRIBLE! Just say no.Always looks like a hurricane ripped through the store and thats pre-covid. SMH.

Review №43

I went on a Tuesday which is a busy day with stocking the shelves. There was plenty of merchandise on hand. The staff is pleasant and helpful. They didnt have many buggies on hand but lots of baskets. Aisles are marked accordingly, everything is easy to find. They have a variety of frozen foods and cold foods ( eggs, milk, bacon, sausage, pizza and veggies ) at the back of the store. I found what I was looking for and some.

Review №44

Convenient location, can be seen from normal traffic. A very spacious store, with sufficient stock. A lot of bonus buys compared to other dollar stores. A little messy here and there due to misplaced items but sorted enough to find the items you need. Parking lot next to the facility is sketchy but there are a lot of people making it safe. Service is fast and the associates are quiet friendly. Customer service 5/5 stock 5/5 appearance 3/5 value 5/5 cant complain, I got everything I needed 😃👍

Review №45

Recently I visited this location and was hoping to find a specific item. They did not have it on the floor and when I walked around the store, I could tell someone dropped the ball on restocking tons of items. So many empty spaces and obviously sold-out items. Thats great, but then I heard from an employee that the truck is backed up into the garage and the garage is slap-full of merchandise that theres no room to get around. Well, GEE I wonder why? If you set goals and split up that huge load and get it all out on the store shelves, you would not have a problem. Now Im worried if I even attempt to shop there soon for supplies to organize my house with, I will not have access because the truck is so full and so is the garage at that store. Ive emptied out an entire stock room and organized everything and priced everything, had everything on the floor the same day. I was the only one working when I did all the restocking, so I managed the store front and the stock room on my own. This Dollar Tree location has several employees and still cannot get anything done? Its not like they have to price anything either. All they need to do is put everything out on the shelves. To have a loading garage slap-full of merchandise AND a truck slap-full, that goes to show someone dropped the ball on restocking. How do I get the things I need?

Review №46

Always good.

Review №47

This dollar tree is messy and lacking in product selection but their cashiers are fast and the lines move more quickly than any other dollar tree Ive been to!

Review №48

Was very courteous and quick!

Review №49

That location is always nicely stocked and neat!

Review №50

I find what i were look for and i took my time and walk all in the store.I happy there is a Dollar tree right up the street for the west end. Because the people that live. Near the west end need the Dollar tree you no you pay just a dollar.for. what. You meed

Review №51

I found everything I needed today everything looks so nice

Review №52

Had products I wanted & lines moved quickly.

Review №53

Friendly n helpful staff

Review №54

Always a great shopping experience.

Review №55

The new dark guy, assistant manager or manager, was super different from most of the employees there. He spoke to me, he warned me about a spill, and he has a great smile. There are 2 very nasty heavy/short and very tall/built like a jock, they are the nastiest black women I have ever met. The crew today was amazing and I bet had a lot to do with the new manager.

Review №56

This location was okay. There were a lot of people hanging out but there was NO security guard. Also, the inside of the store was messy. Ive been to Dollar Trees in Roswell and Milton totally different environments. However, I would like to add my cashier was very nice and pleasant.

Review №57

This is the largest Dollar Tree store I have ever been in. It is conveniently located smack in the West End within walking distance from the West End Marta Station. And unlike some of the businesses there they havent raised their prices over the summer months trying to get as much of that tourist money as possible. Its still a Dollar Tree store.

Review №58

Always something new.....

Review №59

Only 2 lines open not koolI did get all I went for

Review №60

Cashier Staff was plesant. As a shopper there could have been another register open.There was a rush on balloons at the time of my visit.I found everything on my list.There werent and buggies or shopping carts which might have saved me some money.As a shopper it would have been a better experience if there was another cashier open at the time.

Review №61

This store is decent sized but layed out strange, I had a hard time finding what I wanted. They did have a decent selection and the staff was very pleasant. This particular location is not on the best side of town and there were a lot of people outside wanting to sell their things to passerbys.

Review №62

Kinda a depressing I was not impressed in the least. Ive been to many dollar stores in predominately black neighborhoods like this one and the experience was so much more enjoyable! The staff was changing shifts line was long only one cashier but she was friendly and curteus, the store was a bit messy with merchandise which should be stocked on the shelves, so many things sold out, and I couldnt find any good snacks...I bought something that I usually buy to eat and it smelled like chemicals... OMG I love the dollar store, I love this neighborhood, but this dollar store gets two thumbs down! Real talk!

Review №63

Nice large Dollar Tree in a neighborhood where its sorely needed. Whenever I go in(before work,after work,days im off) they are forever busy inside and do not have enough cashiers. The staff are great and super helpful but they do need help. They need at least 3 cashiers on the registers at all time. Other than that,I like it.

Review №64

Very very nasty and the store was not clean the boxes was ever where very very very unprofessional

Review №65

Had a WONDERFUL experience at Dollar Tree. We are from out of town and store was clean, well stocked and employees VERY nice and friendly!

Review №66

Nice people

Review №67

I find this to be one of the best Dollar Tree locations in Metro Atlanta, more organized, well stocked, clean and accessible. Check oyt lines can be long sometimes but whos perfect!...Natasha Daniels

Review №68

Good items; Poor customer service. You have to put a quarter in the shopping cart at this store to get them loose. And the shopping cart is sooo little you can only put but a few items in them. The cashiers has attitudes and so does the manager who is also a lier. I will never go to that Dollar tree Again.

Review №69

It is a pretty clean and well organized dollar tree. The cashiers are always very nice to me.

Review №70

Everything is a dollar or less. Know yourself out and fill the cart, it wont bankrupt you. Sometimes things get a bit mixed up on the shelves but seek and ye shall find. My favorites are batteries, tools, cleaning chemicals and cooking untensils.

Review №71

Very efficient. With only on register going, she was really moving the line.

Review №72

Interesting location and collection of staff members. Extremely polite and friendly.

Review №73

Dollar tree need more eggs steakes more frozen food tasted coffee strong then I want need plugs ok

Review №74

It was hard work but it was fun while I was there wishing I could get rehired... Anybody hiring LOL

Review №75

Ok every time I think 🙂

Review №76

The security for the Dr Umar event was terrible. They were very rude and nasty. The security wouldnt allow woman and children into the main hall even after some folks left. People had to stand in the lobby even though there were seats. Even if you had a ticket you were not allowed in to even stand where there was space.They didnt even open the door for people to hear the speaker!. They dont need to have events if its not going to be conducted appropriately.

Review №77

They are short on buggy power you have to carry your items in hand and you cant get all you need unless you are willing to run get a couple of items and take that to the counter then run get a few more.

Review №78

Store in good shape, no less in aisle. Shelves stocked. Friendly cashier.

Review №79

Always a little messy but they know where everything is if you just ask. Pretty decent selection as well.

Review №80

Convenient location. Short walk from westend train station.Great for party supplies and I love the fact that Goodwill is right next door.

Review №81

Very bad experience I was first in line and one of the rude clerk I forgot to get her name told me I had to wait because my order wasnt right so she pushed me to the side and continued to ring up other customers order but being very rude about it because she was the only cashier open, wasnt my fault plus 2 other employees laughing and playing like they didnt see the line, the only clerk whom was nice was the one blowing up my daughter balloons very bad customer service not professional at all #theghetto I wish I wouldve gotten names cause I will not be returning its always our own people, this happened last night 01/11/20

Review №82

Love me some dollar tree. Easy to get to and lots of parking

Review №83

Terrible customer service. 8-11 customers on line. One register open and other register just closed. Terrible customer service. Surprisingly pissed off but pleasant cashier. Its always one thing that they dont have.

Review №84

Very good deals and they have most things you will need for less

Review №85

Love it its cheap i really love the fact that i got a lot of house supplies out of here

Review №86

Terrible. Came in to purchase items for a birthday. They had no helium for the balloons, there were carts of unboxed merchandise blocking the birthday cards, and isles were junky.

Review №87

Usually have what we are looking for and you know it will be a dollar. Like the store a lot. Five

Review №88

There is always a line down the isle but there was 2 cashiers. Dont always have what Im looking for.

Review №89

Actually good deals not just everything is for a few dollarslike some dollar stores

Review №90

Shelves were fully stocked and customer service was good.

Review №91

Really good place to get what you want and need for the house and personal

Review №92

My first visit to this store (mapped it and decided on this one...UNFORTUNATELY). The store was a mess and seemed to be out of many common DT items. The cashier was RUDE. She gave no greeting, dumped my stuff out of the hand basket like I was buying trash then didnt say anything but the price. Dollar Tree might want to give Brittaney some coaching or extra training. I guess this is my last visit to this location as well.

Review №93

Love to shop here but need to be more stock. Lots of people shop here

Review №94

Love this store

Review №95

I. Love .shopping .At .This .store. Nice .stuff. You. Can .By. For. The. Whole. House.

Review №96

Good prices. Good service, so convenient.

Review №97

This an okay store he needs to have the item shelf more properly. But things always flying off the shelf as far as a lot of traffic is inside a particular location of Dollar Tree

Review №98

NO WAY this store has 4.0 rating . One cashier open and 5 employees walking around the store . Shelf’s always empty . I see why because all the inventory still in boxes . You can barely walk down the aisles due to all the boxes in the way.

Review №99

Positive people speak every time you walk in door

Review №100

Need help BAD asap!

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