Walmart Supercenter
1801 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
Review №1

Customer service kept cutting me off mid-sentence which resulted in pointing me in the wrong direction. Communication issues on a personal level shouldnt extend to your job. The lady just kept trying to get rid of me and both addressing and directing me in a very rude tone of voice. Slowing people down and making them actually do their job reflects the values of management and hr. Get it together.

Review №2

Mostly unfriendly staff, poorly stocked shelves. Mask mandate for everyone which may be fine for some, but triple vaxxed here.

Review №3

This was the first time visiting the store I went in hygiene sectional was able to locate what I went in there for, store had a few sale on items that was nice. Produce section was set up nice display was nicely presented.

Review №4

I was disappointed with Walmart. They have very very few junior and petite sizes. They have a lot of plus sizes. And the styles and colors seemed out dated. They need to up grade on styles. Old lady clothes. I would not buy. They use too have very nice clothes.

Review №5

I really like where this Walmart is located. Many other great stores around it. The store is well managed. Early in the morning is the best time to go less busy.

Review №6

Huge for sure,as expected. Service also as expected. Went to check out at the self service checkout. Maybe because the items were high ticket the register wanted an employee to put in a code. Of course not one employee moved to help so my daughter went over to 3 girls and asked if they could help. Then they argued who would come over and swipe their card. Unreal how many terrible employees are out there. They wonder why we shop with Amazon.

Review №7

They never have anything on the shelves, food is always expired or moldy! SmhLet’s not forget to mention they don’t put stuff back and it looks a mess!Boxes and pallets live over by the meat section. U barely can fit a cart !

Review №8

This Walmart is out of everything! Its horrible ☹️ the Kroger next door has a ton of more food.

Review №9

The willingness to do what was needed was definitely there!! But it only came because it was of necessity and was only fortified and initiated because they felt they had too. It wasnt until that I had a problem with one of the employees who threatened me during the visit, that I had complained about the treatment and the service. And therefore as a result thats when they decided to step up to the plate and try to resolve the issue. But even then I had to threaten with the law and a lawsuit in order for that afforded right as a customer to hold and be upheld.

Review №10

Got oil change had to go back to get car. They never paged me that it was done. Too much fun and games amongst younger staff members. Watched them park my car after done and waited for the page. Finally after 10 minutes went inside and 3 staff gathered at register helping a customer by goofing off and joking around. Had to interrupt to get car keys. Had already waited 2 hrs total to get oil changed. So wasnt interested waiting any longer.

Review №11

I would give them five stars but they have a limited art section. Always seem to be that way at the urban Walmart’s

Review №12

Nice big walmart with plenty of parking in the garage.

Review №13

I interacted with several employees and consistently received terrible service, which is usually what one finds at Walmart. I wish it werent that way, but it just seems to be the way it is in most cases. This one is nice for being a supercenter, but thats about it.

Review №14

Good Prices! I really just go there to see what different shirts and hoodies they have. I come out lucky too lol.

Review №15

I dropped there star rating down from five Star to two star because their customer service has sharply dropped you can barely find a worker willing to help you find stuff or even give you information on products its sad to see what was once a great shopping experience fall the way it has

Review №16

Its a good Walmart. Usually not that many people which means easy parking and checkout. However, recently they’ve been running out of milk products, empty fridges, etc.

Review №17

Only place left open so here i am

Review №18

This Walmart is thee worst Walmart in the world. It should really be inducted into the Guinness World Records for the number of registers open but unavailable.Even prior to the pandemic, this location had 2 people on the register, zero people at U-Scan, and 87 people walkin around eatin chips waitin for their shift to end.I know nobody really reads Walmart reviews because if you need an essential item quick, who cares - so this tip is for the higher ups in Arkansas that care about customer service, customer retention and a positive shopping experience...Throw the whole store away.Theres an equally priced Kroger next door and a cleaner, friendlier Publix down the street. Technically we dont need you.We need a Target.

Review №19

If you are using pick-up and delivery - avoid using this location as your service location. Their service is horrible and Ive consistently had issues with them being able to deliver even the most minimum items. Its also impossible to get in touch with them by phone.

Review №20

Nice Walmart! One of the cleanest and well stocked stores I’ve been in. 6:00AM and it was busy with the stockers making sure everything is well stocked for the day’s business. Friendly service and friendly staff!

Review №21

Many emlty selves these days. Convenient location any fresh produce. Still I like to go.

Review №22

This Walmart is on the first floor of 4...each level has a different store and you park in a shaded parking garage... nice!

Review №23

It seems like since it open back up it would be a little better they really need to work on the internal management. The employees were reflect the managers so if they have bad managers they got bad employees and theres a lot need to be changed here still

Review №24

Got the best lemon pepper wings and wedge potatoes ever on mlk

Review №25

My super place to shop....the deli has a delicious veggie egg roll, I also like their watermelons

Review №26

This was my first time out since I had my baby two months ago and everyone congratulated me around the store. Also, one of the managers helped me with buying a stroller! Truly a blessing and blessed day and happy I went to that particular Walmart!

Review №27

Unusual store which seems mostly underground. Friendly folks shopping here but didnt actually speak to employees except for stock location. First Walmart for me without door greeters.

Review №28

This is ok for walmart ecxept the cashiers especially one will add mdse to your checkoyt they added 175.00 on my receipt said :site item i kenw i didnt buy 200.00 stuff so i checked my receipt whew! cashie r just said the bell pepper must have rang up wrong and told me to go cust service for refund took me 45 mins! the asst mgr at cust service also said :it must have been the bell pepper rung up wrong!!! sooo mgr explained tat site item was apurchase of something off the floor usually large items like tv or luggage etc he was a little nervous got my refund and thought hmmm both ppl said bell pepper they couldve been robbing ppl all along and splitting it!!! i say just be careful watch as you are being rung up and check your receipt and i will also say if they had a brain they might get away with charging each customer like a 10 dollar item money wouldnt be mussed til they got home! with alot of customers they could rack up but $175 cmon!!!!

Review №29

Clean. Well organized and stocked. Associates were friendly and helpful. No long lines.

Review №30

I called four times and no one ever answered the phone.

Review №31

Good deals but bad service and long lines.I also get stopped for receipt inspection every time. I dont know what “random” profile they train their screeners with, but apparently I meet it all the time.

Review №32

Experience was good. Workers were courteous and helpful. Store was well-stocked at time I was there.

Review №33

Because Its Convenient ToWhere ! Reside! I Suggest

Review №34

Every time I come to this Walmart they have numerous cashiers walking around, talking and playing but won’t open a register. They only have one register open that accept cash. I stood in line for 36 minutes to buy two items. Everyone was so rude even the old lady at the front door. I’ll never go to this Walmart again, don’t waste your time. Go to Target or Publix!

Review №35

You have to line eight if you’re using cash or WIC. Only Cash register eight is open/electronics.waited In line 8 for over 20 minutes. Fun but won’t go ever unless better customer service!

Review №36

New store manager with a smile. Had enough cash registers open. Loved it! Got my stuff and came right on out.

Review №37

Crowded aisles and poorly stocked/organized shelves. Checkout lane I went thru could only accept cash and the counter belt did not work. This store needs a significant management update.

Review №38

Like always Walmart didnt disappoint. It had everything I needed at a great price, and service. This store was laid out nice and everything was easy to find.

Review №39

Clean store and easy to find your items. Staff were available to help.

Review №40

Its ok of a store better than some locations

Review №41

If you come in this door, you will not be welcome. Destroy is standing there to tell me, you’re supposed to use the other door.

Review №42

Extremely friendly and helpful staff...probably the reason they are often crowded!

Review №43

So clean they just about have everything you need only self check out

Review №44

I just love all Walmarts I get a chance to shop for home and Grocery shop at the same place all in a day thats great !!!

Review №45

Great ladies & Dr.s at the eye center. The young lady working there shes a ray of sunshine always willing to help.

Review №46

Its Walmart. One of the better ones in terms of service

Review №47

They was very unprofessional I order my son cake a day before I gave instructions on how I wont my cake done and they messed my order up all the way around very disappointed

Review №48

I tried to purchase a product from here, and when I went to the customer service to get them to match their in-store pricing to the cheaper online pricing, they were incredibly rude and refused to match the lower pricing. No manager would talk to me or help me. Dont shop here if you can possibly help it.

Review №49

Love this Wal-Mart very convenient and close to my home

Review №50

Staff were really nice and helpful!

Review №51

Always friendly staff. Great social distancing practices. Speedy lines.

Review №52

I am not fond of the parking deck at this location. The day I was there, a group of people were smoking a currently-illegal substance and the lower level of the deck reeked. The store was in a typical Walmart frenzy; however, the pharmacy was calm and well organized.

Review №53

No carts, very few checkout counters open. They were very short on staff to keep the operations running efficiently

Review №54

I love my job and the new management team #3775

Review №55

Electronics Cashier#005651 was Great! Helpfull and had Nice Energy!

Review №56

Too many clearance racks to get you. Spent too much money, but its all good

Review №57

Friendly Associates, store clean and well stocked. Lots of parking. I really enjoy shopping at that location.

Review №58

As the Walmart closest to Midtown, it is a good go-to spot. However, they tend to be out of stock frequently and arent on top of the markdowns like other stores.

Review №59

Great selection as always wished they would stick more of the Hormel Mac n Cheese meals each store get only 14 of these sometimes I get lucky and get them all but today only 4 available I got all of them still not wings.

Review №60

There is two WalMart stores in my area but I drive over Five miles to the Walmart to this one its clean , very meet , and if you have to go too the Restroom it is always clean and have dope and toilet paper and most of all the people that work there customer service is great and more cash lines are open.👍👍😁💯

Review №61

Super clean... I thought I was in target or publics my boy lmao

Review №62

Went self check out, and it took 10 minutes to get a cashier to verify my age. One associate said he didnt have numbers . The store needs to be more organized.

Review №63

Carts all over the parking deck from lazy customers. Merchandise is unorganized. Self checkout was fast and easy.

Review №64

HOW is this called a Supercenter? They only sell a limited variety of food, paper products & toiletries .. please label this location for what it actually is: a grocery store because Ive been inside gas stations larger than this place. The only good thing about my experience here was the friendly elderly lady at the entrance working as a greeter who said good morning to me .. the rest of the staff looked so miserable to be there that I couldnt get out of the store fast enough for fear one would go postal. Should have went to Target instead

Review №65

I find majority of things on my list when I visit... But I need shoes in my size had to try other WALLY Worlds... Shoe section a HOT MESS...

Review №66

This location wasn’t fully stocked at the time of my visit but the staff is definitely friendly and willing to help you which is definitely a plus!

Review №67

As a food blogger for A Pinch of Butter, I am always on the road but when I can find a Walmart I can get in and out with no headache. I call that a win. The parking is ok and easy to get in and exit as well.

Review №68

Thank goodness for their low prices, otherwise I wouldn’t go. Most stores are unkept and a little sketchy.

Review №69


Review №70

Great store for affordable household items. Not so great if you want to just go in and get out quick. It is more like a maze

Review №71

Most of the fastest Walmart’s I been in

Review №72

Good location, traffic can suck bad at times so plan accordingly

Review №73

This is easily the worst/sketchiest Walmart Ive ever been to and Ive lived in some sketchy places (Triangle, VA, for one). There are never enough check out lanes open and there is always someone incapable of using the self-check-out ahead of you. People speed through the parking deck, completely oblivious to other cars and, worse, pedestrians. Everyone here seems to be on-edge. It was no surprise when a fight broke out in the electronics section when I was last here.This location desperately needs more clerks/security or otherwise bulldozed.In the mean time, do yourself a favor. Go somewhere, anywhere, else.

Review №74

Long lines be prepared for some long lines. Lol other then that it was a breeze to shop.

Review №75

They never answer the phone called multiple times and days.

Review №76

Walmart sir cant really ever be above three stars right, at least this one has tons of hand sanitizer is very spaced out and not busy and is very clean. The cards arent clean though so bring something to do it yourself

Review №77

Usual Walmart craziness.Registers are understaffed.

Review №78

If you dont mind walking a little bit , the 2nd level of the parking deck is always empty. You can park and walk to the elevator30 feet away, or be healthy and take the stairs down to the Walmart level down below on the 1st level. {Even back in the past holiday rush this level was barely occupied. I usually managed to get one of the same 3 spaces every time I think}It dose have security cameras for safety.

Review №79

The employees are nice and helpful. They need to implement more covid restrictions. Barley anyone has a mask or social distances.

Review №80

I like the spacious parking deck and unhindered shopping. Long cashier wait lines though for most of my trips. I wish they had more cashier stations open when very busy. It is important to prevent people piling up during a Covid-19 pandemic.

Review №81

Great place!!! Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №82

They really need to extend their hours for those that work 2nds ..its really hard to decently shopp when rushed out by 10:30

Review №83

Its a walmart. They got just about anything. Some days are good some are bad. My real issue with Walmart: the app says certain things are in stock but when you go there the item(s) you went there for arent there. This is a review for ALL walmarts not only this one.

Review №84

Horrible Wal-Mart always out of carts, poorly stocked, dirty. Tried ordering online to avoid these problems and the store cancelled my order a few minutes before it was set to be done.

Review №85

This is a very nice store. The employees I dealt with were quite friendly and helpful. There is a store closer to me but this one was worth the extra travel time.

Review №86

Honestly save yourself the time and headaches. Incompetent employees and managers. Things always out. Worst ran Walmart I’ve ever been to.

Review №87

First no shopping carts when you went in and employee just yelled to someone else. Second, no ramen noodles, third not super busy but forced customers into 2 lines for the entire store, both lines backed up and one line was scan yourself. I gave it one star because the employees were nice and I don’t think it was their fault they were short staffed and under stocked.

Review №88

Omg just ghetto and unprofessional. Staff talking slick and dont want to be there. Long lines and no structure at all.

Review №89

Service ok prices little higher after pandemic

Review №90

For a super walmart didnt seem like it most of the items I was looking for wasnt available

Review №91

Massive selection and tons of departments here would make it extremely difficult to miss out on anything off your shopping list. I have a feeling this walmart is probably far more equipped than others and weve always ended up getting everything that weve wanted from this store.

Review №92

My best advice is to visit a different Walmart. The entire store was in a state of disarray... starting outside in the parking deck, where there was trash on the ground every 2 feet. Inside wasnt much better. Almost every item I went to purchase was out of stock. Shelves were unorganized with random items shoved in the wrong spots. At one point I tried approaching 2 Walmart employees to ask for assistance locating an item but they were too deep in a loud conversation about a co-worker to hear me saying excuse me/pardon me trying to get their attention. Or even worse, they heard me and just chose to ignore me.The only pleasant part of the experience was my exchange with the door greeter, Walker. He was very personable and had a warm, genuine smile. What this location needs is about 25 more Walkers.

Review №93

Their doing much better with the gig workers pick-ups.

Review №94

It was hard to locate but clean and well organized store.

Review №95

The workers here are very rude and unprofessional like they don’t wanna be at work need to hire better people !

Review №96

I really love their sheets by Better Homes and Gardens, specifically their cotton satin blends. Although a bit sparse in stock, its a fair price for a nice sheetset.

Review №97

Love this Walmart very professionally managed. Staff is friendly and helpful. Store always clean.

Review №98

Walmart pickup is terribly slow unorganized and no communication, they dont pick up phones it took over an hour each time I have ever picked up my order

Review №99

I want to acknowledge the Leadership team at this location. As we picked up our order, Ms. Charlene (Associate) was nothing but friendly and helpful, along with other associates that stop to ask if we needed any help or assistance when Ms. Charlene stepped away to locate our order. Also, every associate we came across was so helpful, unlike other Walmarts we have shopped in, for example, Walmart North Decatur. If you have reservations about shopping at this Walmart, I hope this clears up any droughts. I do not work for Walmart now or in the past. You do not have to worry about not finding what youre looking for at this location. What it says on the website, you will find it at the store. You do not have to worry about an associate saying the same line, I do not know, this is not my department, even when that person is working in that department. This is an example of GREAT LEADERSHIP. I will forever be a supporter of this location under the current leadership. I THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO and know you have my support.

Review №100

Its ok. Not the nicest in the city, but not the worst one

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:1801 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 404-352-5252
  • Craft store
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
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Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
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  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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