Office Depot
1205 Caroline St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States
Review β„–1

Donald the Cashier at the Print/copy section is the most Attentive and Amazing employee this Location has. He was so caring and helpful for all the questions and concerns(not only mines) but every customer had. He is Amazing and I’m so glad this location has some one like him who actually cares about the experience of the customer who walks into this storeπŸ‘ Thank you DonaldπŸ™πŸ˜Š

Review β„–2

I have been printing here over 2 years double sided card stock flyers and always had great experience. 3 Print shop online flyer orders cancelled in the last 3 months and called all 3 and was only able to get an explanation once. I was falsely told the printer will not print double sided on card stock. The truth is you have to print one side and flip the paper over tp print the other as the order was filled for me at both other locations following the recent online order cancellations for Edgewood.. Still doing business with Office Depot ,but driving out of my way now for service.

Review β„–3

This location is in the Edgewood shopping complex next to Kroger. Free/accessible parking. Recently used their copy center area to print my resume (I like their linen paper); I prefer to pay a very modest price increase to have a staff assist rather than the self-service option. Jasmine was awesome and very patient, even though she was juggling a obscene number of jobs all at once. I appreciate being able to purchase single folders as well!!

Review β„–4

I paid for a yard sign. Pick up next day. Today i come at 4pm... i paid $22 for a yard sign. All i got was the paper left on the cutting board. The people were gone. The poor guy there overwlemed.. paid for a box!!! A box!!! And i had to take it to a box... #22... i spoke to some one earlier and said i was coming. ItWas suppose to be ready today per the email.Im disgusted, very upset, and I want my money back

Review β„–5

Nothing works in this store. You cannot get cell service in the entire store, even if you have full bars. The WiFi for the store also doesn’t work properly and when it does, the connection is worse than dial up internet. The printers don’t have toner half of the time. So basically you have no way to send the documents you need printed, and no way to print them even if you did! It is ridiculous the Office Depot corporate does not care one bit about making this store functional. All of the problems are systemic, and none of them are the fault of the store employees.

Review β„–6

This Office Depot destroyed my families Covid-19 vaccination cards, all 3 of them. The lady working had no idea how to use a laminator and used it anyway. Then after she messed it up tried to cut them out, but decided it was better to rip them out with her bare hands and managed to destroy all 3 extremely important pieces of medical documentation in the process. The worst part is they didn’t even apologize, the manager just shrugged and said β€œwhat do you want me to do?” DO NOT ENTRUST THIS PLACE WITH ANYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS. The lack of care and empathy left me speechless. I shouldn’t be surprised though, this isn’t the first time I’ve been victimized by the terrible service here but it will be the last.

Review β„–7

Print Manager Donald was as rude as possible when they screwed up my order. No refund issued, no attempt to correct it. Nothing.Can’t believe he spoke to me and told me I was wrong. β€œDo you see what I see” is what he said hen he spoke to me about my order pamphlet. Don’t attempt to print anything to bleed here.

Review β„–8

Customer service is trash and printers are broken/slow as hell. I ordered online for pickup because I was in a rush and when I got here they told me the item wasnt available (despite showing as in-stock online).When asked if I would get a refund cashier responded How would I know?

Review β„–9

I was there today June 26, 2021 and the sales associate at the printing station was very rude. I needed something to be shipped off and she wouldnt even let me get a word out. Although she did not have the supplies to help me ship my items so was not apologetic and had the attitude that she did not wanna help me. I feel if people dont like their jobs then quit.

Review β„–10

If I were able to give negative stars I would. On Friday June 11 I went to place an order for my grandmothers obituary, I stayed in the store for 30mins picking out the correct paper and so on. The pickup time was to be for Sat at 845am. I got the the store at 9am on Sat. The manager who I spoke to on Friday then told me that he couldnt find the programs to which I asked would he reprint. He told me that he would... 45 mins later. Ultimately, I ended up printing programs on the SELF SERVICE printer at 1100 am... the same time as the funeral. It was such a mess that the strangers in the line helped me fold the programs. If you have anything important please dont use this location. I missed the closing of the casket and half of her service because of the unprofessional, uncaring people at this store. I am also following up with corporate as well!!!

Review β„–11

I like this place! I have a lot of stuff printed here, and buy online/pick up in store and my orders are always ready. The staff working have always been friendly to me as well. I very much appreciate their covid protocols and mask enforcement, it makes me feel like I am entering a safe establishment!

Review β„–12

Office Depot is an incredible one-stop store to get your supplies for School or for the Office. I have been there numerous times, and let me say, the quality of their items is magnificent! The only problem that I have is when you plan to copy your papers there. Overall, if you want to get supplies for Work, School or Home, then Office Depot is the place to be.

Review β„–13

I stopped in on Friday to grab some printer cartridges, I went to the cashier, she asked for my mask, told her I did not have, she then told me she has no cartridges. I went to staples and maskless got my cartridges! There are no mask law in GA. It is recommended but isnt required by law. I will no longer stop by that store. Let the record show I have been to this store NUMEROUS times with no mask.

Review β„–14

This is the slowest and most noncaring store employees Ive ever seen . Copy machines broken and they dont when they will be fixed.The staff stated he could not copy two sheets of paper per policy and we would have to go the the one copier that works which everyone else is waiting for.Not happy

Review β„–15

On 12/18/20 I dropped off my computer for diagnostic and never got a call as promised until yesterday after being put on hold and they never came back to the line. On the day my daughter and I went, I was talking to one of the staff and the manager came over, interrupted her assisting us. Then he tells the tech rep to watch my daughter. I wish my daughter would have told me this while we were in the store! I am not happy with the delay in getting my computer back. It should not take this long Poor service!

Review β„–16

Very unprofessional they lost my documents several times I hate this place I dnt see why I even came back. They online pick up is horrible. Dnt use this store

Review β„–17

I went into this store and there was no one around to assist me or no one even ask could they assist me. I had to stand in line to get assistance.

Review β„–18

I went into the store to drop off something to be shipped by FedEx. Young lady at the desk asked me sign in and wait outside. Usually I just give them a packet and and the label and they take care of it. Twenty minutes later I go back into to the store to buy tape so I can leave it in the drop box myself only to get checkout by the woman who was at the shipping and printing. The lady picks up what I am about to do and offers to go ahead and shipp my package. I could of walked into or store and bought tape and walked under 2 minutes. Get a better system office depot. That was ridiculous.

Review β„–19

I worked with Tania in the print and copy center and she was awesome. So helpful and nice I could see her smile through her mask! 😁 Just a super good person. This store is lucky to have her!

Review β„–20

I shipped USPS. Was able to track package .

Review β„–21

The customer service here is awesome. I recently experienced a problem with an order. The moment the operations manager was made aware I received a phone call offering assistance. The time and patience expressed while attempting to locate the perfect item for me is commendable. I was even more surprised when I received a follow-up call to ensure that my issues were resolved successfully. This type of great service is what creates a loyal customer, not just a satisfied customer.

Review β„–22

Do not have sensitive information printed here. They disregard the request to have it kept behind the counter.

Review β„–23

I went there to have my covid-19 vaccination card laminated

Review β„–24

Staff wasnt too pleasant and didnt seem to offer much help when I asked questions. With little guidance as to the best options, I decided to leave.

Review β„–25

If you need assistance dont go to this storeFirst employee looked my direction and kept movingπŸ˜‚ that was actually funny.. But the second one... I asked if they had headsets with microphones and he said online only while walking away from me I said it showed you had them in stock as he continued to walk away and said online only smh after I found what i was looking for he said oh i thought you didnt want one with a mic 😣 well maybe if you walked towards me instead of away you wouldve heard me clearly i decided to take my business to Best buy even tho I found what i was looking for i definitely wasnt supporting this storeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..

Review β„–26

INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEESNo one at this store wants to lift a finger to help. They stand around and chat while people wait in line at the copy services.

Review β„–27

Avoid at all costs. Absolutely terrible customer service.

Review β„–28

Convenient n polite Cus Serv

Review β„–29


Review β„–30

Sasha helped me out getting some labels printed. She was extremely efficient handling from what I saw up to four customers at the same time! Yet she was very attentive to each of us. She was able to address everyones need without being pushy or impatient. I would definitely come back expecting all staff to meet Sashas standards. Thank you!

Review β„–31

Sent documents to store email and never was handed my documents. Jimmy proceeded to help another customer after calling me to the front and asked for my name to confirm I emailed documents. I was not aware I could use self service to print from email.

Review β„–32

Tre the operations manager gave me excellent service! Noticing real change at this location. Good job office depot!

Review β„–33

Horrible experience. 3 copy machines and none of them are working. The sign in kioskisnt working. Only one person working in the print/copy area. Save yourself a headache and use the UPS store in the same complex.

Review β„–34

Such incredibly slow service

Review β„–35

The parking lot is always a nightmare unless one goes, because everything in that whole shopping center stays busy all day. Usually polite & friendly employees. I always liked shopping there. A good selection of stuff & the copiers are very convenient to use on one’s own. Things can take a while if they are busy, but thats true for anywhere.

Review β„–36

The manger Mr. Marcus was the best, he went beyond the call of duty the customer service was wonderful as soon as we came in the door we were greeted with a big smile and everyone was willing to help WOW!!! Is all I can say this store is out of my way but because of the great customer service we will be back Nonnie and Emmanuel Hawkins

Review β„–37

I visited this store this morning. I was standing in line at the copy and print desk, clearly in line. The person behind the desk then proceeded to serve the gentleman behind me! Ignoring me completely. Needless to say I just walked out.

Review β„–38

Nice and clean with plenty of light. The staff didnt go out of their way to greet us, but they were courteous. Prices were high compared to shopping online. They have a few parking spaces right out front for convenience.

Review β„–39

Super incompetent print department. Charged me twice because they misprinted my photos. I was in such a hurry I let it slide. Quality of print was bad, too, random lines running through the pictures. Plus, they dont actually print it for you. They just help when the printers malfunction. Dont come here for your printing needs. The staff was ok.

Review β„–40

I come here for all my copy needs. Yeah, there is normally a line, but we live in a big city with lots of people. The staff is always very polite and work hard to get things printed fast. Lorenzo in particular always does a great. I took off one star because prices went up!

Review β„–41

Pretty Td off with this location. Ordered 2-part forms to be custom made after 7 days I called to check on order and was told 2 different times the tickets are on the way. Called for the third time and Marcus asked did I cancel the order???? Uh no Marcus I did not cancel the custom made $155.00 tickets I paid for and NEED for our company. Marcus seemed flustered while speaking to me and I am sorry but you are in customer service and you sir did not have any! Thanks for rushing the new ticket (another 3-4 days) order and waving the $30 fee for being rushed but it is not my problem you guys made a mistake. That is the least you can do if you ask me...Wont be ordering our tickets here again. Zero stars for you Office Depot.

Review β„–42

Store personnel were very helpful loading an office chair into my vehicle.

Review β„–43

Terrible service! Employee gave my personal info to another customer. And brushed me off like she did nothing wrong. Now I have to inconvenience myself and get fraud prevention on my records. I will be contacting corporate.

Review β„–44

Horrible Service. Sasha in the print department seems sweet but a simple Well be right with you is all that needs to be said. Not having people stand right in front of your face and never acknowledge them once in 30 whole mins only to find out that the service that you need cant even be rendered! Customer service goes a long way even if you have to spend hours in a store; the least is to be acknowledged!

Review β„–45

Tre and Amy were super friendly and helpful when I was checking out!

Review β„–46

I have been waiting in the checkout line here for 25 minutes. Four people are by the registers. One is working. The other three are making fun of the lady at the register for being stupid. She is so slow. She has messed up every transaction. This is like nothing I have ever seen. She has a name tag on that says ken so I assume she is hiding her identity out of shame. I will not be back here unless I have to. I have never eve n written a review before. Thats how bad it is.

Review β„–47

I recently had a print job at this location and the service and quality was excellent. Charles in the copy/print center was very attentive and kind. I will make it a point to only visit this location if I can. Thanks so much for hiring competent and friendly staff.

Review β„–48

Could not find what I was shopping for and was belittled by staff for looking for it.

Review β„–49

I didnt know you could a from here too. Makes it more attractive as a stop shop.They do at times seem understaffed in the printshop, but maybe these things take time as peoples print jobs need one on one attention (other places also seem to take a long time too). Still..I think staffing could be better as they get a lot of volume at this location.

Review β„–50

This was the first time Ive been in this store in about three years -- and it wasnt the best experience. Like many retailers these days, there simply isnt enough staff coverage for the amount of customers are in the store. Im not kidding when I say there may have been a total of five employees on the floor: two at the copy center; two at the front register; and one attempting to cover the rest of the store. I only needed one page printed from a flash drive, then fax two pages. This took nearly 45 minutes! Good God! What a frustrating experience. Id have gone to the UPS Store, if they were open on Sunday. Step it up management! Ill certainly look elsewhere next time!

Review β„–51

Thanks for your help. I asked if I can buy a projector and screen, also that I was in a hurry. Waited 20 minutes and no help. Im heading to the other office supply store.Thanks again!

Review β„–52

Open promptly at 8:00; Marcus was very friendly, helpful and fastidious. Thank you!

Review β„–53

I’m really confused at the negative reviews on here. I shop here often, mostly for the print services. But I always experience helpful employees. There’s a Staples closer for me but I come here because I’ve never had to wait, they do a wonderful job and everyone is super friendly.

Review β„–54

This is the slowest Office Depot EVERRRRRRRRRRR. There is always a long wait when I come to ship off my packages To my customers. There is only 1 employee in the print and ship department and despite no one else being in the store the other employees just stand around as if they have nothing else better to do. I have been waiting here for over an hour this is pure ridiculousness.

Review β„–55

There was 1 rep in the photo/ print center & about 4-5 other employees stocking up the store. Rep got backed up & overwhelmed I dnt know if other people werent trained but she definitely needed help. Then one of the printers went down which I heard her relay over her headset. However nobody came to help, I ended up just leaving, after waiting for 45min or so. She took down my number & said shed call me when my print job was completed.

Review β„–56

I have to constantly go print and even though the line is always long and costumers seem to get agitated often; Crystal constantly remains calm and gets the job done as efficiently and quickly as she possibly can. Shes truly the best!

Review β„–57

Very clean, lots of wonderful tech stuff, business stuff and stuff for school. Staff is okay.

Review β„–58

Needed some printing done and they were attentive and very helpful. Prices are not that bad either. I always love this Office Depot!

Review β„–59

Service horrible..1 register open or working. This unacceptable..Asked about it nothing changed. Get it together!

Review β„–60

Craig Christ. The service here used to be pretty awesome, Id drive all the way here instead of going to a local Office Depot because the service there(Memorial Drive) is pretty awful. This place has definitely Trumped its way to first place of having an inattentive , and seemingly uninformed staff. Some of the times it doesnt even seem like they know whats going on or how to do it. It might be a good idea for Office Depot to check how they train their employees.

Review β„–61

The print service is a joke, inconvenient, slow. Please go to the ups store or Fedex kinkos

Review β„–62

Came in on a Sunday morning for some quick copies. Was in and out in no time with the help of James in the Copy/Print center. Very professional, knowledgeable and customer service friendly.

Review β„–63

Really like this location of Office Depot. Was able to find the toner I needed for my printer. The staff was friendly. Overall had a great experience.

Review β„–64

I just went into your store in Atlanta in The Edgewood Shopping Center on Caroline Street. I placed an on-line order for pick up at that store. One item was missing and when I inquired why I received a notice that all items where ready for pick up yet one was missing, I was not given an answer and treated like I was a bother. I asked if I could re-order the item and have it set for pick up at the Caroline location and was told I could not: Office Depot only ships to home or business addresses is what I was told my the store manager Taylor. I know thats not true as I have done that before and I just got off the phone with the 1800 number who verified that Taylor easily could have re-taken my order and had the missing toner shipped to the store location for pick up. I was treated like I was a bother and your store manager had no interest in helping me. Way to go Office Depot!

Review β„–65

There is one cashier who is the nicest guy Ive ever met. Great spirit, superior customer service. Get on his level. Hes all the way up!!!

Review β„–66

The staff at this location is very attentive and helpful when in the store. The Copy-Print staff was able to print my document and have it ready for me to pick up in less than an hour.

Review β„–67

Ive lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and the staff here has always been very slow, uncaring and even looking disgruntled. Hope someone does something to train them in customer service!

Review β„–68

Good music. Associates not really attentive until youre ready to pay. Picked up an item that was in the wrong costs double the price of where it was located. They wouldnt honor that price of course. Otherwise i found what i needed and left.

Review β„–69

Excellent experience, uppon entering I was greeted and immediately directed to the items I needed.

Review β„–70

This store is exceptionally terrible, even for an Office Depot.If I could give this location 0 stars, I would. The employees are always too busy to help customers in a timely fashion (seemingly understaffed) or just plain inattentive and unhelpful. I have never had an experience where I didnt end up having to wait 20-30 minutes just to speak to someone. I have mostly used this location for shipping and copy/fax purposes, but never again after my most recent experience.I shipped a package through them (via FedEx) that contained rental equipment. Not only did my package never arrive at its destination, but FedEx claims that they never got it at all. Of course Office Depot says that FedEx came and go it, ironic given that their system directly receives shipping pickup info from FedEx. The store manager proved helpful and communicative, but after nearly 2 months of waiting Office Depot corporate is going to stiff me on reimbursing the cost of the shipped item. So now Ill be out over a thousand dollars. Awesome.I dont know how this will turn out for me, but I can warn other folks. Stay away at all costs. Id go miles out of my way to use another store for shipping or copy/fax needs - luckily theres a UPS store nearby and a FedEx on Ponce next to the Plaza Theatre.Still cant imagine what the hell happened to my package, Ive never had an experience this bad at any retail store. Where did it go? Did it get thrown away? Did an employee steal it? Did it get shipped somewhere else? FedEx never laid hands on it, and Office Depot claims complete ignorance. Never again will I set foot in this store, and I encourage you to do likewise.

Review β„–71

They started off well with doing custom orders but theyve gotten progressively worse. They arent consistent and theyve lost efficiency. The last time I had a order, the manager had to complete it because the associate forgot too. It was crazy because on that day, they had a long line and limited staff. You could literally see the frustration on the managers face as well as the stress. Hopefully they can get some order in the store soon so they wont have so many complaints.

Review β„–72

You need to buy tape for your package Do it yourself is not fast or convenient

Review β„–73

Disgraceful would be a nice description of this place. Don’t even waste your time going in there. Managers are lazy and don’t give a s*** about customers.

Review β„–74

I made a Google+ account just to write this review. This place easily has the worst service possible. I had to go in two days to place one order and spent an hour trying to show the employee how to format what I wanted printed. I was told I could pick up my order Tuesday. I went to the store Tuesday, and was told to return Wednesday. I called Wednesday 3 times and was put on hold for 15 minutes each time I called. I eventually just drove to the store, where the employee couldnt put his hands on my order at all. He said hed find it and told me to come back to pick up my order Thursday. I called today, was put on hold for another 15 minutes, and then was told my order had been lost. Its worth driving to another store, dont go here.

Review β„–75

The copy and print center is horrible every time I go in the establishment the line is long. The caucasian guy with the glasses allows his frustration to show. He needs to learn to remain calm and learn to deal with customers in a more positive way. If corporate reads this review they need more staff in this area. It would be great if you could cross train an individual to work the copy print center and the main floor. I often go out of my way to avoid this location even though it 2 miles from my home. I go to North Druid Hills location and the older African american women is super nice. There is never a really long wait at this location. Same for Perimeter. I was told today that this location was the busiest but it only had one person working it. Its a shame I hope corporate fixes this issue.

Review β„–76

Dirty, poorly organized, poorly stocked, ladders, boxes blocking aisles. And the print lady apparently hates her life and wants to make everyone elses life miserable by working at a painstakingly slow rate. I could literally buy a printer, drive home, hook it up, and print faster than it would take this lady to perform a basic printing task. Im obviously currently standing in line....Worst Office Depot Ive ever been in.

Review β„–77

I’m very disappointed in the customer service at Office Depot / Office Depot. Beware of their protection plan (Business Solutions) that they will try to sell you because it’s a scam. When I bought a new phone charger at Office Max in Athens, GA the employee there tried to push it on me, and I was hesitant at first, but after asking multiple questions about it he told me that if the charger stopped working all I had to do was bring in the receipt and they would replace the charger for no charge. And he said there was no time limit. Well Kymoura and Allison working today at Office Depot in Atlanta were most unhelpful and said a lot of things that were inappropriate and condescending to me. They refused to honor the protection plan that I had purchased and wouldn’t even allow just a regular exchange even though it was purchased only just a little over 90 days ago. Not only that they held up the line and there were about 6 people behind me waiting while they took their time giving me the run around. #officemax #officedepot #customerservice #scams

Review β„–78

Its a wonderful place to visit to take care of your paperwork

Review β„–79

Don’t waste your time. You’ll wait hours and not be acknowledged. The Assistant Manager was such a jerk. He seemed to be upset his workers were not there on time and he hand to handle various tasks, but he was short with customers face to face and over the phone. He didn’t know how to create a banner and thank God I took a moment to look at the screen because the sizes he selected were a disaster!! It’s like, if you didn’t know how to do it - tell me your staff isn’t here and to wait or something. I keep trying this store because it’s closest to my business but goodness they drop the ball EVERY TIME! I will spend my money else where.

Review β„–80

Hopeless place. Called three times wand waited 30+ mins on the phone each time for my copy & print simple order. Given a run around because their machine was down and I had to call corporate and other stores to find out how to get my order transferred. Ended up canceling the order. Dont rely on them if you need anything serious or urgent

Review β„–81

Nice staff but didnt have the item I was looking for.

Review β„–82

Sooo SLOW. Standing in line right now with 2 people in front of me, each with one item to purchase and its taking WAY longer than it should! I dont know how a company (especially brick & mortar retail) can possibly stay in business with such slow registers and employees. Amazingly bad. They need to figure this out.

Review β„–83

I called to check on the status of the notary stamp I ordered 5 business days ago. When I purchased the stamp the Office Depot rep stated that it would take 5 to 7 business days so I just wanted to check and ensure it was in process. I was on hold for 20 minutes and then called back to see if they just got busy and forgot about me. When I called back I waited on hold for another 20 minutes and then the woman who answered the phone was very rude, would not even look up my order, and told me it takes up to 7 business days. She then proceeded to hang up on me when I was still talking. I will not be back.

Review β„–84

Horrible! High volume and traffic area that should never but is always under staffs. Lines 8-12 people long no matter what time it is and staff thats there is underpaid and over worked. Its not fair to them or customers who must wait unto 45 minutes to be serviced. Total mess. Store owners and executives need to hire more people or pay better and def. Work on store functions and efficiency. Ill be going to kinkos from now on!πŸ˜‘

Review β„–85

I was not pleased at all with the lackadaisical attitude of the print staff. They werent friendly and were quite unhelpful. I will not be using the print services at this location again.

Review β„–86

Amazing customer service, they are willing to help you find whatever it is you may need.

Review β„–87

Well stocked & friendly staff

Review β„–88

Was there almost 2 hrs just to get one paper printed out. Staff didnt care that we were all waiting because of a paper jam apparently on all the printers lol. I really needed it or I would have left. Prints .10 so thats a plus.

Review β„–89

I was able to print my resume in mins for less than a dollar.

Review β„–90

Usually great prices, but not always stocked on the ink cartridges I need, and the copy / print desk is always slow.

Review β„–91

A small Office Depot store. Kind of run down looking and there is always a wait at the register. I have never seen more than one cashier at a time working. The staff is very friendly and I assume the lack of help is more from management than from the staff.

Review β„–92

Won’t even answer the phone

Review β„–93

Good Customer Service!!! Love The Help I Received!!!A WOMAN WITH PURPOSE

Review β„–94

Most inexpensive Kcups ever!

Review β„–95

Worst experience ever. Sasha was the worst. Very unknowledgeable about job.

Review β„–96

Great customer service, my cashier was speedy and everything as easy to find

Review β„–97

Every single time I get copies from this location, I get over-charged. I have been on phone (on hold) for 5 minutes waiting to talk to a manager, and I am about to give up and write this store off for good.

Review β„–98

The staff there is very friendly and helpful

Review β„–99

The fellow in the copy/print center took extra time to make my very small order come out right. Of course, that was only necessary because the computer wasnt working right, but anyway I was grateful.

Review β„–100

One of the newest employees there is confrontative, aggressive, snarky, and dismissive of certain daily customers. He disrespects customers who do not engage in insult battles with him or respond in-kind, but rather, we remained professional.Perhaps he has assumed that he can take liberties he would not dare to take, were we men; he would be respectful and courteous. He doesnt appear to make any effort to negatively engage men like he does professional women customers. His supervisor might consider teaching him about sex, color, and age prejudice in the workplace. For almost 10 years, my law personnel and I adored the personnel and great service of this location, but since this disgusting male came 3-4 months ago, we now drive two miles down the road to FedEx for all our business services to avoid having to file any more corporate complaints. You can put a tux on a pig, but its still a pig. None of the ladies like to fight with pigs because we dont want to get dirty slop, but the pig likes it!

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  • Address:1205 Caroline St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 404-222-9611
  • Computer store
  • Business to business service
  • Computer consultant
  • Office supply store
  • Copy shop
  • Furniture store
  • Mailing service
  • Office furniture store
  • School supply store
  • Shredding service
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–7PM
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  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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