29655 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92591, United States

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We use to live in Holland. When ALDI stores opened up there n we were on vacation that was one of my favorite stores. Soooooo glad you opened up stores here in California. It is a go to store for me almost on a daily basis. Products are great, employees are friendly and helpful and prices are great.

Review №2

Aldi ....the concept..... second to none. What a complete selection with amazing customer service. A must do for people on the go!

Review №3

Its a nice store. Large inventory of specialty cheeses and meats. Nice gifts and fun decor, but get there early, they dont keep a lot of inventory. Its not your typical grocery store

Review №4

Consistently out does the competition with great sales especially on fresh quality produce. Want to load up the refrigerator with lots of healthy and affordable foods?? Come check out Aldi.

Review №5

The store was clean and well organized overall. The produce was fresh and priced so much less than other stores. It was a good shopping experience.

Review №6

Always well stocked, super clean, and extremely friendly employees. decently large parking lot and there’s always spots open close to the door, which is a plus when you’re toting a small child. don’t forget your bags! if you forget a quarter for your cart you can always borrow one from the cashier. overall one of my favorite ALDI locations. can’t beat their produce prices either.

Review №7

I actually have fun shopping here because of variety. Would like more organic produce. Love grass fed meats

Review №8

This supermarket has very convenient locations and their prices are very affordable! I like to buy most of my groceries here because I end up saving about 40% over other similar stores. In terms of quality of the products, I give them 9 out of 10. I really recommend everyone to try them once, and youll keep coming back.

Review №9

Why do I always get the feeling that I am in the way at this store? Employees avoid my gaze and brush by without so much as an excuse me. When I try to chase one down in order to ask a question, they act like Im keeping them from something. Checkout lines shut down without warning because apparently theres something more important to do than check out customers. Ill be checking out the Murrieta store from now on to see if my disappointing Aldi experience here was a fluke.

Review №10

Always a great experience. Awesome people and prices!!

Review №11

Great service and great prices. Really satisfied!

Review №12

Clean, never any old or nasty looking produce, meats, or dairys like Ive seen at other stores such as walmart. Store brands are great and shopping here saves me a TON of money I usually only spend about $75 dollars a trip on average and thats enough groceries to last me 2 weeks for 2 people even with purchasing vegan items and specialty products like almond milk

Review №13

Great prices! Vegetables great quality, fruit better than winco!

Review №14

Good store. Its very well organized and supplied. In addition, the prices are excellent.

Review №15

First time into an Aldi and I was absolutely surprised!!! This location is incredibly clean and organized. I love how wide the isles are giving you plenty of space to shop anxiety free. They have a selection of everything you would find at your other local grocery chains. However, their prices are INCREDIBLY LOW! And it is not because their food and produce isnt great quality because it is. I was surprised at the wide selection of fresh produce from whole spaghetti squash for under $2 to heads of broccoli and big stalks of celery. I also LOVE their bacon wrapped steaks! They have a great selection of meats. Aldi also has an isle of Here today gone tomorrow. At the time I went the isle was full of workout accessories and such. I picked up a good quality foam roller for $15! Easily would have been $30 anywhere else. GOOD SIDE NOTE: Take a quarter to access a basket for your shopping. Simply push it into the slot on the right hand side and the chain will loosen giving you access to a basket. Once you are done shopping return your basket and attach the chain and your quarter will be released. You do BAG YOUR OWN GROCERIES here regardless if you bring bags or not. The happy employee will simply place them back into the basket for you. You can then bag your items on the space they have provided. I easily saved over $40 coming here. My grocery list consisted of produce and meats. Try it out!!! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Review №16

Very clean, great customer service, and good selection of goods.

Review №17

The store is very clean and well stocked. When you need assistance they are there for you. The checkout person is not a happy person.

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Review №19

Pretty cool store, great chocolate bars!

Review №20

My wife and I love how clean and neatly the

Review №21

Such reasonable prices and great selections.

Review №22

Good store, didnt have any trouble finding anything, good quick trip.

Review №23

Aldi has become my new favorite store. To bad they dont carry everything. But, they carry enough and at such low prices it is worth hitting this store first and get everything you can on your list before hitting another grocery store. I love it!

Review №24

I love the store! Their employees are friendly and the prices are great. I always go here for my dairy products because its the most reasonable place around

Review №25

Aldi products I like and appreciate so 4 stars!! But Aldi checkers I dont like so I give them 2 stars which averages to a 3 for the store sorry Aldi, train your checkers to be less like UPS drivers and more attentive to human beings and then I could bump your number up :)

Review №26

Newly remodeled in a way, having the produce by the front of the store is a mistake. Causes traffic jams with restocking or busy times of the day. The new layout is a little confusing

Review №27

Found what I wanted quickly and easily. The store was clean, organized, and well stocked. Parker who had a friendly demeanor checked me out. My favorite place to shop.

Review №28

Aldis is a great place to shop. Very fair prices and food is always fresh

Review №29

I love the quality of products and affordability. The store is always clean and well stocked.

Review №30

Great prices, products and fast service.

Review №31

I spend half the money I would at other stores for possibly even more quality food.My only issue is finding gluten free options in the frozen section.

Review №32

Aldis actually has real good prices on everything they sell. There merchandise may not be all name brand but what they have is pretty damn good!

Review №33

Thus Aldi has better stock than some others I have been to

Review №34

Fresh fruits and veggies. Limited selections, but they are priced to move rapidly insuring freshness. Generally, have some of the best prices on eggs.

Review №35

Awesome as usual! They even clean the carts!

Review №36

Always a fun place to shop. They dont have everything but they have unusual and out of the ordinary items. Tons of European food items.

Review №37

Smooth & easy shopping experience. Nice selection of easy prep/ethnic meals.

Review №38

Great quality inventory with low prices and polite staff.

Review №39

I was disappointed that they didnt have everything I needed for tonights dinner. I guess they dont cater to vegans. I was looking for vegetables or mushroom broth and they didnt have any, just chicken broth.

Review №40

The workers are so friendly here. 1 gentleman offered to help me lift a heavy item to my car. As he was busy, the cashier lady found another gentleman to help me. The 1st gentleman saw the other worker helping me and he took over as promised and brought the item the rest of the way to my car.All other workers were smiling as I shopped through the store.Great job!

Review №41

Didnt know there was an Aldi in the area I moved to, until today. The deals and food was just as good as always, and the stostolooked very well kept and clean!

Review №42

I just love Aldis store. Great products and prices.

Review №43

Highly recommended! If you have not been to an ALDI yet you are missing out. My wife & I really like this place. Not just because most of what they have is priced way less then other stores. Some of the items that they carry are only stocked for a limited time so they are always getting new stuff in all the time. All at an amazing price. A dozen eggs for 99 cent is the normal price, milk at $2.19 a gallon. Prices like that has me coming back.

Review №44

Food is great. Good service , clean

Review №45

Great place to buy groceries and supplies! Prices are good! Veggies are fresh! Staff is friendly and helpful! Dont forget a quarter to get your cart!!

Review №46

I always love shopping here! Food this affordable and awesome. I do wish they still have my alkaline water though.. maybe theyll bring it back sometime soon!

Review №47

First time there,it was a nice change from the norm. Some good deals cheesecake sample plate 10 bucks YUM!

Review №48

Great! Always enjoy shopping at Aldis. Great prices.

Review №49

How does their generic items taste as good as the main brands?

Review №50

Always great customer service and great keeping the place sanitized threw the pandemic. Keep it up!

Review №51

Aldis is a very nice place with friendly employers there. They have great prices for food and beverage. All in all a good place to shop and bargain for.

Review №52

Everythings good at Aldis.

Review №53

Excited to have this store in this town. They have a myriad of international fare to compliment the staple items. Plus, they have a nice selection of vegan, gluten free, and dietary specific needs.

Review №54

Clean and cheap! Be prepared and bring a quarter to put down as a deposit on a shopping cart. Dont worry, you get your quarter back! Smaller than your average grocery chain store and simplified selection but I felt that it made shopping a bit easier and quicker. Prices are inexpensive. Ill definitely be back!

Review №55

Found my on sale items got Them they Plenty in stock And I was in line and out the door right away

Review №56

Great deals on stuff

Review №57

Very nice and open. Very clean and new.

Review №58

Always good prices.

Review №59

Great price on shank and butt hams @ $.49 LB. Good selection. Really nice employees. Sale ends today 12/17/2019.

Review №60

Clean and friendly environment. Quality organic items and fresh produce at affordable price. Eat better while reducing monthly grocery bills!

Review №61

Its a great little store. Just dont buy the bathroom tissue. Lol

Review №62

Best prices available for a wide variety of items that are great quality. Pay attention to the weekly ads, items are rotated quickly so if you find a great non-food item take it with you when you see it! Trust me you will regret not purchasing it when you saw it.

Review №63

Gets high rating for cleanliness and lower cost items available.

Review №64

Checking it out seeing I live in Germany and shop a lot at Aldi the store is quite the same Good.

Review №65

I love the prices. nice. i love this place because the workers are so nice.

Review №66

The employees are always pleasant and helpful. They keep the store very clean and continue to bring in products I love. They have great prices and something new all the time. I am so happy they made it to the west coast.

Review №67

Great specialty type store

Review №68

Horrible customer service! Not much selection, its like a glorified gas station. Youll be lucky if you can find someone to help with anything. Only one counter or nothing is open at any given time.

Review №69

Staff is so helpful, and they go out of their way to make your shopping experience a pleasure.

Review №70

Great prices but cant always find things in stock

Review №71

Checkout lines are always too long. They never want to open more then one checkout lane at a time. Its the same story everyday from 3pm to 7 pm and most of the days on weekends. I like the store , but come on a little customer service would be nice.

Review №72

Clean store, friendly staff, exceptional savings. You can get quality items at a fraction of the cost. Buy groceries or basic household goods as well as kitchen supplies. Grass-fed meat, organic eggs, milk, fresh produce, wine, you really cant go wrong here. No name brands, no high prices. Bring a quarter to rent a basket, return the basket to cart cradle and get your quarter back. Great environment, filled with healthy, happy people.

Review №73

Edwin is a great representative of your store. Personable and effecient after a long day. Dont lose him.

Review №74

They have a really quick and efficient staff. Fresh produce. I love the reduced prices especially for organic items. Alcohol is available. Pretty much a one stop shop type of place.

Review №75

No chocolate in Aldo? Wow

Review №76

Not enough cash registers open..

Review №77

Good store nice employees

Review №78

Clean and well organized store. Better selection than some other locations. Prices are excellent

Review №79

Very cheap store and nice employees ... just need more cashiers

Review №80

Great prices, fast service, always clean, and fresh meat and produce! Its not a full grocery store but if you need to buy essentials for a few days, I recommend them.

Review №81

Devona is an outstanding employee that makes the store feel like a family grocery store. Very friendly and jelpful and the prices are great!

Review №82

Love Aldis

Review №83

Great customer service from Yusti during check out. I had a couple bad experiences with a lady from produce who was very rude never greets or smiles. This 5stars go to the greatservice received today. Very polite, acknowledge customers, effective communication and very friendly

Review №84

We love Aldis...$100 worth of groceries is like $170 at any other store!

Review №85

Love this place! Reasonable prices and quality products. Lower prices than the bigger grocery stores for the same products. Ill be coming here for everything from now on!

Review №86

Gotta love their inventory and prices! Cashiers as well have a great attitude! Dont forget a quarter for a cart

Review №87

Great. Mom loves it

Review №88

Clean store great service

Review №89

Love this Aldi! Always clean, friendly employees and good selection.

Review №90

This was my first experience visiting Aldi. The first thing I noticed was how clean the parking lot was. When I went to get a cart, they were only available at the front of the store. I was shocked initially by the fact that you needed a quarter to unlock the carts, however, upon returning the cart, I got my quarter back. Going into the store it looked clean, but a bit unorganized. Many of the items were from brands I did not recognize, however, they were, in many cases, half the cost of traditional big-name brands. When checking out, I had to bag my own groceries, as there were no baggers. I figure that much of the cost savings benefits are because of the reduced number of employees who would normally bag your groceries, and retrieve carts left in the parking lot. Overall, I had a great experience and will be returning again.

Review №91

Every time I shop at Aldis Im amazed at the quality and low prices. For the longest time I looked down on Aldi without shopping there. However, once I ventured in the local store, I was pleasantly surprised. The 25 cent shopping carts can be a pain.

Review №92

Good prices

Review №93

Good location. Convenient. Well stocked. Clean. Helpful, friendly staff.

Review №94

I like this Aldis better than the others I have visited. I admit my first visit I did not get the concept. But now I have figured out the deals and love it.

Review №95

My family and I love are shopping experience there.

Review №96

My husband and I went in yesterday, just to take a quick look and ended up buying quite a few items...even 2 nice rain jackets! We kept walking and stopping and taking it all in and making a list for what wed be getting the next time we come in.Very good prices. The employees were very helpful and nice, especially the gentleman outside, explaining how the cart system works.There were some really unique items as well as items that everyone buys. Common name brand items were higher priced than I usually see in our local stores but the other brands were quite a bit cheaper. Loved all the holiday themed food items I saw. Lots of great things to take as hostess gifts or holiday party contributions. Even a few fun treats that would make unique stocking stuffers.I was a little bummed that there was very little diet soda choices as that was what I actually was hoping to pick up on that quick stop, so I hope their inventory increases soon. The Hawaiian rolls we picked up at the last second are the best Ive ever had.For anyone who is gluten free, they seemed to have a lot of choices for that too.Really looking forward to the next trip over there!

Review №97

Not my kind of store. My experience was it had poor selections and unkept, cluttered with a lot of items on floor. Some people love it, Im not one.

Review №98

Doesnt always have limes or tomatoes, but what veggies and fruit they do have, is always inexpensive AND fresh!

Review №99

Fastest way to shop for groceries.

Review №100

Dont forget to take a quarter! If its you first time shopping here youll need a quarter to use a grocery cart, dont worry, you will get it back when you return the cart.This store is clean, has a wide selection of products and friendly employees. Its a good place to find produce at great prices.

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  • Address:29655 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92591, United States
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  • Phone:+1 855-955-2534
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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