Naper Nuts & Sweets
10 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540, United States
Review №1

This was a really cool candy store, they have home made fudge, popcorn, Ice cream, chocolate covered insects and scorpions, hot candy, and a large assortment of candy.

Review №2

Love visiting here. So much to choose from. A dentist nightmare to be honest. They have everything from homemade fudge, and popcorn. Jelly belly Beans to gummed. And everything in between.I frequent this place not just because my sweet tooth but the beautiful thing they do for our soldiers.

Review №3

Super friendly service and great selection. Also real nostalgic. Take a bite back in time with candy from your past.

Review №4

For such a small spot there was so much to choose from! Definitely the biggest per/lb selection Ive seen in a while! Prices were a little above average from where I come from but for a big city right on par. The area and the store itself so cute and shop able! Lots to shop and see. Cant small factor, not a company diss...but if you have multiple kids, take multiple adults, as theres too much to touch lol...otherwise a wholesome shop (30 minute parking along strip but a few free 3 hr lots close by)

Review №5

A shop that will satisfy every sweet tooth. This shop has a selections of sweets in a variety of flavors. (How about Oreo fudge, classic milk chocolate fudge and maple pecan fudge, to name a few? Quite the variety!)This shop has special holiday treats are top notch, unique and can make a perfect gift. There are also gift baskets that can be made for special events. Candy can also be purchased in bulk quantity.This old-fashioned candy store has employees who are enthusiastic about what they do and make great recommendations when requested.

Review №6

Love this place. Just a little too expensive. Visit once or twice a year. Cute atmosphere.

Review №7

Friendly staff and amazing fudge! Definitely my go to candy shop when I need a sugar high.They have several selections including my favorite candy; whatchamacallit. (Which can be a harder candy to find sometimes) Everything is packaged nicely as well.It is a smaller establishment. So definitely not a hot spot for huge crowds. Overall, still a great and fairly cheap store.

Review №8

Where do I start? OK, let me tell you about their homemade fudge, and more fudge, and different flavors of fudge. Fudge galore! They stock every type of candy you can imagine with great sales on hubba bubba, laffy taffy, and zebra gum. A guaranteed sugar rush!

Review №9

I would rate a 0 if it were an option. My family and I were so excited to try the soft serve ice cream here however when we entered, we were met with the worst customer service Ive ever experienced in downtown Naperville. The young lady had her back turned and NEVER turned to greet us (we were the only people in the store). Instead, she walked off to her back room and proceeded to hold her co-worker a conversation while leaving us waiting. I exited with my family and money...we had a great experience at Kilwins a few doors down.

Review №10

Stale popcorn after I asked if it was fresh. I was told its made fresh everyday but the big bag of popcorn may have been on the shelf a LOT longer. Next time Im grabbing the smaller one.

Review №11

AMAZING STORE!!!! Must visit when in town. Willy Wonka aint got nothing on them!!! Ill be back for the sea salt pretzels!!!!

Review №12

I would have given them 10 stars! What a find and such a great store. Once you step through these doors you have entered a candy paradise! The selection is very overwhelming and sad. I say this because the minute my eye catches something good I have a hard time focusing because my eyes get diverted to something else good. The cycle is endless. I just kept putting things on the counter and my bill kept going up. This place is so dangerous. Made my purchase and walked out feeling good even though I damm near melted my credit card in there.

Review №13

I come here every time I visit my parents in Naperville. They have the best popcorn that I have had in the Chicago area. My personal favorite is the cheddar flavor.

Review №14

Have been to this place more than a few times. My son loves it and it’s a locally owned business so I had no issues spending a few extra dollars to support it. Because of Covid it became a bit hectic as a result of the small & cramped space but still ok. Today will be my last time in.Stopped by after lunch on a Friday to grab a few prepackaged items. There was maybe one person ahead of me but I was followed in by a sizable crowd. I stood in front of the register arms full of candy while the three parties behind me were helped with their orders and then walked to check out. One of the clerks then asked loudly if anyone else needed anything and I informed her that I needed to check out. She said there was only 1 out of 3 operating registers. She then opened another register (not making this up 😂) to help one of the aforementioned parties that came in after me. The guy in front of me shook his head and offered me his spot which I declined. Once at the front I’m finally being rung up for my items and a totally different clerk runs up and steals the register from whomever is helping me to ring up someone else that came in after me 😂.After no apology or acknowledgement I promptly left my items on the counter and left. I can spend less to get ignored at the local Walgreens.

Review №15

Friendly environment and you will be moved by the pleasant smell of fresh chocolates inside♥️🙌💯

Review №16

Neat candy store that has popcorn and fudge. A big selection of candy and sweets including pop rocks, zebra gum, hubba bubba, sweet tarts, laffy taffy, etc. They also have a lot things for sale by the pound including chocolates and gummies.

Review №17

The candy selection is great! They are always bringing in new candy for holidays and season changes. Love this place!

Review №18

The store smells Soo good

Review №19

Omg! This place is amazing! I’m addicted to their truffles and their caramel and cheese mix popcorn! Also, they have a wide variety of candy. Customer service was also amazing!

Review №20

I was looking for a special gift for a family member so I called this shop and asked the very helpful Hunter for his assistance. Over the phone he helped me curate a nice assortment of treats and even suggested a particular container and ribbon to make the gift extra special. I popped into the store a little while later and Hunter had my gift ready. This place is amazing...the assortment of treats is vast and the service was the best part of the experience! Thanks Hunter!

Review №21

Omg how awesome

Review №22

We take our grandkids there everytime we visit.

Review №23

Awesome candy shop. Huge selection and a lot sold by the pound. Great popcorn too. Staff was friendly helpful and patient. Definitely worth the stop and the calories if youre in the area!

Review №24

The young lady that helped me was so sweet. She helped my daughter create a beautiful Valentines box of candy. She never stopped smiling and offered excellent customer service. Oh, and the chocolates are incredible. And I love the popcorn!

Review №25

Old fashioned candy, gummies, everything you could want to curb your sweet tooth.

Review №26

Always crowded, but good selection of candy.

Review №27

Huge selection of candy. It’s a cute store that everyone must visit while in downtown naperville. The staff is so friendly and makes you want to keep coming back. The cheddar popcorn is addicting.

Review №28

Awesome dark chocolate pretzel balls and dark chocolate pretzels. 😊😇🥰😍🤩

Review №29

Like the good old fashion candy stores. Sells candy by the ounce/pound or individual candys not found in may stores, such as: Clark bar, candy dots-small and large, packs of candy cigarettes, etc......

Review №30

Love the classic selection at this location. We make it a tradition to get dessert here to walk around with before or after we go shopping. They have crazy types of gummy bears and jelly beans that are good for packing in a care package for a road trip or events when you need a certain color for decorations.

Review №31

My family and I have been going to Naper Nuts & Sweets for years and love it. It is one of the best parts of downtown Naperville!

Review №32

Great candy selection and pleasant counter staff.Although the candy is great my favorite is the popcorn. Full of flavor and lots of caramel and cheese. Better than from a popcorn store.

Review №33

No more than an half hour ago I purchased a bag of your Gourmet Cheese Corn. This popcorn is soooo good. OMGosh!!! I must go to your website and see what else you have to offer . Very cheesy popcorn. Glad I purchased a bag.

Review №34

Their stuff is made fresh. When you walk in its just a slew of amazing smells that mixed together. They even have a slushie machine and cotton candy. And its not that expensive for being in Naperville. Totally worth it when youre having a sweet tooth.

Review №35

I took my son here, and a girl was helping me on 11/21 that night (Thursday Night). There were 2 girls there total working. My son asked a question, and the girl turned away and said Children say the dumbest things. The other girl agreed with her. I always thought this place was family friendly, but apparently it is not. I will no longer be going here and will go to the candy store up the street. Kilwins.

Review №36

Always an awesome place to get sweet treats. A lot of variety and helpful, friendly people

Review №37

Everything is amazing. I remember coming to this place as a teenager good to see it still exists! Brings joy

Review №38

Awesome candy, chocolate and homemade goodies. This is the place if you want crave anything salty or sweet. With so many restaurants in Naperville, you need to visit here for dessert. Its almost always busy, and the store is pretty small, but they have anything you want. From older generation candies, to fudge to candy by the pound. On a busy street so good luck finding parking, but walk the extra length to burn off some of the calories you will eat from this place. Really friendly people working there too.

Review №39

Love their Maple fudge! This is one of the reasons I will drive an hour to Naperville. I always stop into the shop when I am in town!

Review №40

Every kind of candy, bulk candy and chocolate goodies they make there. The popcorn is amazing, especially the cheese flavor. We stop there every time were in town and stock up! I high recommend it.

Review №41

So much fun to come here. Candy and sweets filled the store, literally top to bottom. If you need any specific candy, this store would be your best bet. So much to choose from; from the popcorn, gourmet chocolate, old timey candy, and modern candy. A spot we will always stop at, when in Downtown Naperville!

Review №42

So many cheap sweets you would literally spend a good $20 or so in here. Its like what a fat kid would wake up and drool to every morning near a Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory by just smelling the aroma. Yeah. That fat kids me.Theres anywhere from taffy to different flavours of fudge, popcorn, caramel drops, fruit snacks, cookies, chocolate, even Harry Potter jellies! They even had bubble gum cigars and black liquorice pipes! I literally have not seen those since I was a little girl!! Its every person who loves sweets dream to at least buy something in there!

Review №43

When I walk into this place I get cavities just breathing. 😂😉🙏 As a sugar-aholic, it is a dangerous place for me, but it is the best candy shop Ive ever been to.

Review №44

I really love going here. Cute decor, great selection of hard to find candies and most of it is done by weight so you can pick it the perfect amount (or just have the whole container bagged up - no judgement.)

Review №45

Selection at this place is amazing! Couldnt resist buying a ton of candy. Pink grapefruit gummy bears were my favorite.

Review №46

Adorable store. Amazing fudge. Gummy selection is to die for

Review №47

The staff was great and very helpful, however, I was not impressed with what I purchased. I spent about $40 on chocolate I did not like. I couldnt sample anything, which I understand but I just felt like I wasted my money. The truffles are way too hard to bite into and were nothing special. I feel like it was pricey as well. Like I said, staff and atmosphere was great but the chocolate was not. I will not be coming back.

Review №48

Popcorn 🍿 was stale. Had to throw away.

Review №49

Not sure what was up Ashleys rear end but the chocolate here is amazing. I have to fight myself to not buy too much when I visit. Great truffles and awesome gummies. Ill be back soon.

Review №50

They have the best Popcorn. It is so crunchy and fresh. And, the next day its not stale or oily. I always get the Carmel and Cheese mix.

Review №51

Very biased cause I use to work here and I love the candy.Especially getting cherry bears for my dadMy fav candy is during Halloween and is the sour jelly pumpkins

Review №52

Hands down has the best and wide selection of gummies. Even has alot of candies from when I was a kid. My kids always get a kick out of the chocolate covered insects. I hope this place stays in business. Not many candy stores left like this one.

Review №53

Large selection of candy, chocolates and popcorn. Helpful staff that were willing to take their time to answer questions and even. Give some samples.

Review №54

Its amazing. Just hands down best candy shop ever. Very inexpensive, amazing selection, good for if youre just looking to satisfy your candy cravings

Review №55

So much candy. Candy Ive never even heard of before is in here. How have I never seen Skittles before.

Review №56

They dont just sell Candy ,they sell culture, freshness, memories and experience.

Review №57

Comparatively good prices on bulk candy and a historic candy store feel. Homemade candies are great and popcorn, too. They also serve ice cream in the summer.

Review №58

Alot to choose from, candy chocolate s, popcorn, cotton candy and much much more.

Review №59

Great place to stop in for old time treats. There are premiums chocolates and treats as well as your staples / common candies. Staff is always very nice.

Review №60

Great selection of delicious treats including handmade confections, hard-to-find brands, and fresh popcorn. Old-time candy store feel.

Review №61

Candy and popcorn tasted less than fresh....

Review №62

I use their baskets often to give as welcome gifts, and they are always beautifully made up. They are just the nicest people there, and very helpful

Review №63

I took my family here last night and the two girls working there were very rude. Very disappointing.

Review №64

For over 40 years, this sweet store has been a family favorite. Now my 5 children are bringing their children to their favorite childhood hangout, sharing their fond memories of their favorite store in Naperville.

Review №65

$$$. But lots of good choices and fresh.

Review №66

Great selections, but over priced candy. You could easily spend over $40.00 on candy you can get cheaper at a store.

Review №67

Their stuff is good no salt water taffy

Review №68

Really good service and is a hit every time. Kids love it and the candy is great

Review №69

Love this place they offer the best chocolate and candy.

Review №70

Super cute and delicious. Carmel corn reasonable price

Review №71

Lots of unique gummy candies and also chocolates

Review №72

What a selection of candies and gifts! Particularly liked the green army men (sour apple chews)

Review №73

I love it there and all but when I search for something it doesnt work

Review №74

Kids love this place for a treat. Good vibe

Review №75

Awesome place! Great treats and fair prices!

Review №76

Great candy and a Naperville staple.

Review №77

Great place to find candy from your youth.

Review №78

Great family owned candy store. Always come here for all my candy needs!

Review №79

They have great popcorn, fudge and candy!

Review №80

Caramel corn and cheesy popcorn is awesome

Review №81

Always sold out of my favorite dylan bar

Review №82

Every candy you can think of!

Review №83

Best popcorn in Illinois...

Review №84

A Naperville staple.

Review №85

Great Carmel 🌽

Review №86

It okay. A little pricey.

Review №87

Expensive but fun

Review №88

They have a great variety of sweets and recommended chocolates.

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  • Phone:+1 630-355-5330
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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