Milex Complete Auto Care
2812 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Review №1

This place is GREAT and I mean that. I am Rural Route Carrier for the United States Postal Service. I took my mail Jeep to this store, and Scott and his team are truly AMAZING!!! They are PRICEY, but SOOOO WORTH IT!!! They WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND, even with stuff on back order, from COVID they got me in and out in a timely manner!!! I would tell anyone to go here!!!!

Review №2

Scott took amazing care of us. Putting a new transmission in a car is never fun but Scott made the process simple and stress free. Mr. Transmission and Scott Hyatt will always have my business

Review №3

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Id only owned my used car for 2 days when it started shaking and stuttering. Just got back in town after a year absence and did not have a mechanic. The first auto repair I called told me that all the shops in town are booked out 2 weeks in advance. Fortunately Yelp led me to Mr. Transmission! Even though I called after 3 p.m., Ty told me to bring the car on over and theyd take a look at it. After a basic diagnostic I decided to leave it overnight and Ty and Cody gave me a ride home. They next day they determined that spark plugs needed replacing and brake rotors needed refacing. That job had to be sent out. Then the tires and wheel assemblies needed balancing. They got everything done that day and had my car ready by 4:00 p.m.. Plus they gave me a great rate; a lot less than the original estimate! Now the car is running smoothly. Mr. Transmissions customer service, efficiency, quality work and great price deserve 10 stars! Thanks Ty and Cody!

Review №4

Scott at Mr. Transmission did such an amazing job on rebuilding my transmission in my car! He also was very kind, and was trying to help us out any way he could as far as pricing. I would highly recommend this place! I am so impressed with the job he did, and so happy to have my car back! Thank you Scott for working with my family, and taking great care of my car.

Review №5

Highly recommend Scott and his crew at Mr. Transmission! Very professional and all about customer satisfaction. Can’t say enough good about them. Definitely use them for all your car needs!

Review №6

I was told a week and a half to work on my truck it took three weeks after talking to the owner and explain everything was going on with my truck and he insured me he didn’t wanna let it go until the problems fixed got it back what his much as I thought it was gonna be my vehicle drives great I’ll give you five star on service and completion I’ll recommend them to anybody to go and have the transmission fixed it was upfront and honest with me and cared about the vehicle to make sure it was safe the owner took time to explain to me everything that we need to the transmission show me on a diagram what all went into the transmission and how it worked make sure I had a good tour converter or the other one without the end if I could give them a teen on the stars they were definitely deserve it friendly staff They let me leave my truck there for a couple hours until I can get back up and pick it up had no complaints with leaving it sitting outside wish we had more businesses like this one

Review №7

Took a relic in that belongs to my husband. He loves that truck and these guys went above and beyond. The truck is in the 90s the engine in the 60s. Its old, its fast, and its hard as heck to work on. But, these guys did an outstanding job. They were also very friendly. I really enjoy working with the new owner and his family on our truck. They did a wonderful job. Honestly I didnt even expect it to come out that good. A+ work as always.Ive used these guys in the past with the previous owner for transmission, radiators and beyond. I was always treated well and Im happy to see Tim sold it to someone who would continue to carry on his good name.

Review №8

Used Mr. Transmission the other day for some possible tranmission issues. The team did great, didnt charge me a bunch then found the issue quickly, fixed it, and priced very fair. Hard to come by honest work - the team at Mr. Transmission is top notch.

Review №9

Great people to work with. Scott does an amazing job taking care of you. Have had 2 transmissions rebuilt there. Both are doing excellent and they have checked on me to make sure no problems have arised. Great price, excellent warranty and I will continue to bring my business to them. We have a fleet of 11 vehicles, and they have always did great by us. Highly recommend anyone to them.

Review №10

Let me start by saying that my experience with Mr Transmission in Johnson City in the past was always extraordinary up until the new owners misled me.My wife and I called about a transmission on our Toyota back last October 2020 . At that time, we spoke to a really nice fella named Scott. Anytime you have a large repair like a transmission rebuild it can be very overwhelming so we were very nervous.When my wife talked to Scott he spent a lot of time with the details of the rebuild and answered lots of questions being extremely patient with me and my wife. We felt like he had a very genuine interest in being fair with us and taking care of us.Since we really liked Scott we had told him that we would come back if we ever needed any other repairs. So three weeks ago I called and ask for Scott at the shop and a young fella told me that Scott had quit and moved on. Well that was very concerning because we really liked and trusted him.We made a decision to take the car to another shop that we had used in the past.While having the work done at the other shop I had a conversation with the salesman there about Mr Transmission he told me and my wife that Scott was fired because of the new owners.That they brought in sons to replace Scott! The mechanic happened to be getting a drink in the lobby while we were being checked out and he confirmed this.What really upsets me about this is that they did not tell me the truth about Scot , which that makes me wonder what else they would lie to me about.We will not be taking any of our vehicles to Mr Transmission’s in Johnson City and we will tell our friends as well about this being so shady

Review №11

THE BEST! If you need transmission work done, your search for qualified competent help is over. Scott is the greatest at explaining your problems and giving you all the available options. I felt as though he was on my side to help get the problem corrected at the best possible price. I didnt go with the cheapest option because he explained the pros and cons of each option. Thanks for becoming a friend Scott, your the best.

Review №12

Working with Scott and the tech at Mr. Transmission has been a pleasure. Had an estimate done with another company and Scott not only beat this price but was able to give a discount of 10%. When you need transmission work I give these guys 110%. I wouldn’t let anyone else do this type of work. They were honest, on time, and a pleasure to work with.

Review №13

The best service, reliable, trust worthy and affordable. I will not have my vehicles serviced by anyone else.

Review №14

The owner gave us so many options and explained everything. They have a great set of workers.

Review №15

Scott took care of me. He deal with my warranty company because they were being stubborn and insisted on him doing less. Its almost been a year now and my cars still doing well.

Review №16

I took my car in and instead of fixing my issue they discovered what was wrong with my car had a recall on the part and suggested to contact the dealership...they saved me alot of money instead of not saying anything and just doing it themselves..on top of that they called a tow truck and had the tow just charge me what they charge the shop..so that saved me more money..thank you mr transmission for your honesty

Review №17

I had my C5 Corvette transmission rebuilt with Mr.Transmission. If you want honesty, quality, dependability and the support of a great team that knows what they are doing, then take you vehicle to Mr. Transmission. Im a customer for life. A big thank you to Tim & Scott and the whole team of experts that got me back on the road. Highly Highly recommend !!

Review №18

Very helpful friendlyCommunicated with me the entire time from beginning to endHad an issue 6 months later and handled warranty without issueThanks again Scott very professionalWill come to you for any automotive repairs

Review №19

My husbands truck is his second love; Im his first and I dont think hell get rid of either of us, at least not Big Green, his F150. 😉 It is a 2004 and still in great shape body wise and engine wise. Wish I could say the same for me. 😉Lately though, Big Green has a shudder and delay when going into drive from park. The truck has never leaked oil or any other fluids and has just been an all around great truck. We knew we didnt even want to think about the price tag on a new truck, so with great reluctance, my husband began to look for someone to check it out and see what was going on. He has never had good luck with transmission problems and a trusty mechanic.We ended up at Mr. Transmission and talked to Rick, the GM and my husband got a very good vibe from Rick. They sat down and talked for some time. Ended up we needed a complete rebuild of the transmission.Long story short, my husband got his truck back and it was fine. Rick told him to bring it back within 14 days after he had driven it for awhile. Took it back in after two weeks and there were some things the mechanic wanted to tweak and adjust to ensure the truck was running its best.Big Green is fixed, husband is happy, and that makes me happy. Thank you Rick and the mechanics at Mr. Transmission! A new transmission isnt cheap, but it hurt the budget a whole lot less than buying another truck. Id recommend them to anyone.

Review №20

I have taken my car to Mr. Transmission twice now. This past weekend I noticed my transmission was leaking fluid, and I called Scott on Monday to see if I could drop it off. I didn’t expect it to be done this week because of Christmas, but they looked at it and had it finished on Tuesday. It was an easy fix (some loose bolts), and they didn’t charge me for it. A lot of places probably would have taken advantage of me, but Scott and his people are good and honest. I will continue to take my vehicles here for any work that needs to be done!

Review №21

Thank you for helping me out! Great work very professional and friendly. Scott quoted me a price and called with updates while doing the work. I am a returning customer and word of mouth is the best referral. I will definitely tell my friends you stand behind your word!

Review №22

Went in to get my transmission fixed got the car back and turns out something that i didnt have problem with before i took in came out with another problem when i got it back. I do not recommend anyone to take their cars there at all.

Review №23

Honest and respectful people. Would highly recommend taking your car here

Review №24

First, they have a friendly and very professional staff that makes sure they communicate with you the whole time your car is there. Their manager Scott was a pleasure to work with and made me feel confident I was making the right choice bringing my vehicle to Mr. Transmission. He explained exactly what we would be doing and kept me in the loop. I was never surprised by what it was going to cost and they got me in and out in a timely manner. Thanks guys for a great job and for taking such good care of me and my car! I will be back! One of the best experiences I’ve had with automotive repair shops ever! Thanks guys! You are quality for sure!

Review №25

I called this shop back on August 17.I wanted to bring in my C-4 transmission for a rebuild.The guy on the phone seemed a little taking back for my request and said he would have to talk to someone else there about doing the rebuild and would call me back.Well its been more than 4 weeks, I think they didnt want my business, but couldnt even return my call.Not a very professional way to do business in my opinion. In response to yours.I have voice mail and caller id.Never showed up my call history.As for as parts go, thats a flat out lie.They are very easy to get and I was going to provide them to you as per the conversation.I guess your trying to do damage control on here.You couldnt rip me off because I know how to take out the transmission and install it back in.By the way the guy who rebuilt it for me charged me $ 300 bucks and he provided all the parts minus the upgrade on the servo and shift kit.I have another C-4 for another project will you rebuild it for $150 ?

Review №26

Really nice manager. Helped us get the car repaired at a good price.

Review №27

I had a FANTASTIC experience at Mr.Transmission. Im not from the area and Im so glad I was directed to go here! Scott the manager was so so helpful and all the guys there were super nice. Its so important to feel good about where you take your vehicle and being able to feel safe on the road again once you get it back and thats exactly what my experience was and more! Highly recommend!

Review №28

Found the problem did need to buy parts to fix and only charged me labor but they need to call the person when the work is done

Review №29

Great shop and great service! My 4Runner transfer case broke while I was out of town and Scott was able to get me in and diagnosed quickly. They explained all my options and prices and were able to get me back on the road quickly and at a good price. I highly recommend them if you’re in need of repairs.

Review №30

Mr. Transmission rebuilt the transmission in my 04 Tahoe about 3 months ago. They got me in quickly, gave me a repair plan, and Scott kept me informed throughout the process. The transmission and other repairs are functioning great! I would absolutely use Mr. Transmission in the future. Scott and the team did a great job!

Review №31

Scott Hyatt, the gm, is awesome to work with. he genuinely cares about his customers and goes out of his way to help! I highly recommend this business!

Review №32

Scott did everything he said. Honest and dependable. Very please with the service.

Review №33

The only place Ill take my vehicles with a transmission problem from now. They went above and beyond to help me out. Very friendly and was able to get my truck back to me quickly. Thanks!

Review №34

Fantastic service! They were very prompt in getting my vehicle scheduled. They kept in communication throughout the entire process, and their estimate was spot on. The work was completed in a very fast time frame saving us tons of money due to the down time.The friendliness of the crew and staff was the icing on top of the great service I received. Scott in the office was super friendly very knowledgeable and a true asset to the Team! They are my new go-to in the area.

Review №35

Scott and the gang were nothing but good to me in my time of need. Had to have my Honda Civic transmission fully rebuilt and they saved me a lot of worry by taking it all off my hands. Worked hard over the holiday and got me back up and running!

Review №36

I would Highly recommend Mr. Transmission. Scott Hyatt was top notch in making me feel comfortable in a time when I was extremely stressed and was very professional. They do quality work and don’t run you around in circles. It’s a great business with wonderful staff and they are worth your support!

Review №37

I have to admit that Scott whom owns and manages the place is one of the nicest mechanics I have ever met.... and that is a lot coming from a woman that only knows a moderate amount of knowledge pertaining to car repairs and issues lol 🤣. Anyways, I own a 2008 Ford Edge and about 6 or 7 months ago, it almost acted like the transmission was slipping but my vehicle only did this when I was on a steep incline fixing to accelerate and take off. In addition, it almost acted like the back end of my car was having a difficult time catching up with the front of the car if I ever needed to abruptly and quickly use my brakes. In the beginning, the issue to fix was 2 sensors that is connected to the transmission called the OSS and TSS sensors. I went to 5 different mechanics back during quarantine and every mechanic at that time was too busy or way too expensive. Fast forward to about a month ago, I took the car at this location and Scott told me after doing the diagnostic testing that I now have an internal transmission problems which is costly. The price and labor may have been expensive but Scott even gives u a year warranty on rebuilt transmissions and he even asks customers to bring their vehicle back into their shop 3 to 4 weeks after they did their repairs, in order to make sure they did everything top notch. Thanks again to Scott and his fellow employees and keep up the outstanding work guys!!!

Review №38

Mr Transmission put a new (rebuilt) transmission in my 2008 Ford Taurus X SUV after I was left stranded in the middle of the highway. The price was very fair (less than other quotes), and the quality of the work was very good- they even took it apart and redid it a second time when they heard something not quite right on their final test drive before giving me the car back. That extra day or two waiting to get my car back was sure not a problem, since they determined it wasnt up to their standards before I drove off and had another problem. The manager and the gentleman who actually did the rebuild were both very thorough and professional. I would recommend them for any transmission work!

Review №39

Would recommend Mr. Transmission to anyone! Scott Hyatt is detailed, friendly, and will go above and beyond to make sure that every customer that entrusts their vehicle with him has their needs met. They are also a great partner to the community, and we are lucky to have such encouraging and compassionate business owners & staff here in the Highlands.

Review №40

I was having transmission problems, so I took my car in (2004 Jeep Liberty) to have it looked at. Even though they were backed up because of COVID-19, they did their best to have my car out in as little time as possible. While fixing the transmission, they discovered a minor issue with the engine that they looked at and solved at no extra cost! At one point, when I called to ask about my cars progress, they said that it would be just another day or two because when they put everything back together, they werent quite satisfied with how things were running, so they took it apart again and fixed it so everything runs smoothly now.; they are certainly dedicated to making sure that they do their job very well. Scott was so nice through the whole process and I was greeted with smiling faces and excellent customer service. I have also taken my car in for some other issues before that they fixed promptly and they have always been fantastic and have amazing customer service. I would highly recommend taking your car in if you have a problem; youll be very happy with their service and their prices!

Review №41

So I don’t know much about cars, when my car starting having trouble shifting, I followed the great reviews to Mr. Transmission! Scott was amazing and so helpful, from allowing me to grab things from my car while it was in the lot, to working with my dad (who lives out of state) over the phone to discuss my car and payments, to great follow up when I was scared I was still having trouble (I wasn’t! Their work was impeccable). I felt bad if I had to bother Scott after hours but he was always very kind and patient with me. Great work and I’m grateful for my car running like new and the peace of mind that my car can handle my frequent out-of-state road trips!

Review №42

I brought in my 05 4runner that was having major transmission issues. They got me in the next day to have it looked at. Ended up having to have it rebuilt (it was in bad shape), and they got it finished in a timely manner.After the rebuild I had a secondary problem with my transmission so I had it towed to the shop and gave them a heads up. They got me in fast and had the problem diagnosed and fixed within days.Scott and the guys did a great job. Definitely recommend.

Review №43

They delivered on their promises at a fair price!

Review №44

Do you trust your mechanic? I do! Have you ever felt taken advantage of due to your lack of “auto repair knowledge?”I have!If you don’t trust your mechanic - Find one you DO trust! I did!!It is always a pleasure to work with Scott @ Mr. Transmission. Professional and reliable.

Review №45

I’ve been screwed before by auto dealerships and other business interactions. Tim proved his willingness to be there for my sake. He switched my transmission and even had me bring it back twice for inspection because the battery was low & was cutting in and out (we didn’t know it the time). The transmission runs like new and he has earned my trust. It also seems like his crew genuinely want to be there and work on cars.

Review №46

Scott is a very honest guy, tells it like it is. And goes out of his way to help everyone. Veteran friendly business. Highly recommend

Review №47

Goodness been to shop repeatedly after service and fluid check they added too much and caused a leak

Review №48

This was honestly one of the best repair shops I have ever been to. I have had some very poor luck with 4 recent mechanics, and Mr Transmission was my saving grace for my much needed clutch replacement. I spoke and worked with Tim specifically who as so helpful, kind, and understanding of my situation. He gave an on time estimation and I saw a little over a 24hr turn around with diagnosis for my clutch replacement.They are very honest and hardworking people ~ best mechanic shop Ive been to in a long while. I highly recommend seeking them out for a job done right and well! The price will be worth it and there is always a 1 year warranty!

Review №49

Let me just start by saying, I hate to give low ratings to anyone; however, my experience with Mr. Transmission was interesting and I believe uncommon.I really liked Rick, he was very nice and informative! I took my 2013 Hyundai Elantra in because my steering wheel was making a ‘clunking’ noise and he let me know that they believed it was due to a completely defective steering column that would need to be replaced entirely and quoted about $1,500. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money at the time so I told him thank you and that I would try and figure out my finances and get back to him. Before leaving he asked me to give Mr. Transmission a good review and told me I shouldn’t drive my car much at all and especially not on the highway because it was unsafe.Fast forward to today: my steering wheel is no longer making any noise and my car is safe to drive because it was fixed by the service center at Johnson City Hyundai at no cost. The issue was due to premature ware on something called a coupler (this is a $5-10 part), and this part was placed under an extended manufacture warranty due to things like this commonly happening. The reason it is not a factory recall though is because the cars are still COMPLETELY SAFE to drive.After I took my car to Mr. Transmission I got a second opinion from a family friend as well as one from Precision Auto and they had come to the same conclusion that Johnson City Hyundai had. Precision actually recommended I take my car to the dealer because they wouldn’t charge me anything if it was, in fact, still under warranty.All of this being said, I don’t believe anyone at Mr. Transmission made this mistake in a malicious or careless way but I do believe they went into my diagnostic with blinders on and that they may have had their minds set on finding something wrong with my column because I mentioned it when I first went in (I know very little about cars so there wouldn’t be any merit in listening to my diagnosis). Personally, I probably won’t be using them again.

Review №50

First time customer but I will most definently be using Mr Transmission in the future! Scott and the staff were very helpful, explained the work they would be doing on my vehicle in detail, and were willing to work with us on providing options. I’ve used several other mechanics in the area in the past but can honesty say after my experience with them, Mr Transmission is one of the best!

Review №51

We would like to say that we are thankful for Rick at Mr. Transmission. He is so nice and kind and was very helpful. He made calls back to us and kept us posted on the trouble he found. He offers great service and very high quality of work. I would recommend his service to anyone. Thanks Rick for your work and friendliness to us. With Appreciation.Again, we had to return to Rick but for a different reason, and Rick gave outstanding service again. I am thankful that we found this business, aswe are well pleased with Rick and his staff. Thanks Again, Rick!! I must add we like the professionalism, punctuality, quality, and value of service.

Review №52

I had my car fixed about a month ago & they did a fantastic job! My car had been sitting for awhile while I was waiting for funds to get it fixed & they even washed it for me!! Mr. Transmission is great! They are really friendly & sincerely care about their customers. I have not had any problems with my transmission since they rebuilt it!! Great job guys!! A family member recommended them to me & I will definitely recommend them to others!!

Review №53

Excellent work! As well as top notch customer service! Rick was very understanding to my need of getting my daughters car fixed as quickly as possible! He was very thorough and explained everything that would need to be done. Extremely helpful and reassuring when you are 500+ Miles away to have a guy like Rick taking care of you! Thanks again!!! -Don Lambert

Review №54

All I can say is WOW! Me. Transmission took amazing care of me! Scott Hyatt was honest and helped me understand the process through and through. Communication was key here and he did an awesome job in all aspects. They have earned my business for life and I’ll send all my friends to them. DO NOT SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE! THEYRE THE BEST THERE IS YALL!!!

Review №55

If you need quality auto repair and a professional staff. Look no further. Go see my good friend and the professional staff at Mr. Transmission. They do excellent work and scott is totally committed to providing excellent customer care. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

Review №56

These guys go above and beyond to help their customers get what they really need and work with you to get the job done! Prompt service, great communication, solid work ethics, and just all around good guys! The comfort of knowing certified top notch mechanics are doing a bang up job gives SUCH peace of mind.

Review №57

I’m going to begin this review by building some rapport with you. I’m 22 years old, an ETSU graduate, just starting out as a nurse. I’m no Karen. Just someone who was looking to get rid of the sound my car was making. Because we all know cars shouldn’t make popcorn noises. Mr. transmission gave me an $800 estimated bill + $100 diagnostic + taxes. Coming out to over $1,000 total to replace an axle and barring. And they also tore off my exhaust during the diagnostics. Was it rusted? Sure. Did they have to tear it off? No. Did they have to try and charge me just to weld it back on? No. But hey, they did anyway. I was devastated and concocted a plan to just tow (because the shop said the car was too dangerous to drive) my car back to a friend and hope he could fix it. Come to find out, it’s not at all the axle OR the barring. But a $215 fix to replace the shock and the struts. Don’t go here. I can’t believe I even wasted the $100 diagnostic fee for a WRONG diagnosis.

Review №58

Thank so much to Rick and all the guys at Mr.Transmission!!! They have saved my husbands truck (Sarge) twice now. They replaced the transmission completely about 6 months ago and did a great job. My husband had to go pick our daughter up from college yesterday and noticed a little hesitation when he shifted a few days before so he decided to take it in and get a checked since it was still under their awesome warranty. Turns out there was a small problem with a bigger issue that was just waiting to happen. A lot of places would have fixed the tiny problem and waited until the warranty ran out to fix the bigger issue that we didnt even know existed yet. Instead they were completely aboveboard, took the whole transmission apart again and fixed it so my daughter and my husband would be safe traveling home from Clarksville today. Thank you guys so much for being honest, hard-working, and good at your jobs!! We definitely wont ever take Sarge, or my car, Trudy, anywhere else. I would recommend Mr.Transmission to anyone I know, hands down😊😊😊

Review №59

I took my 2016 Toyota Tacoma Off-road to Mr. Transmission in Johnson City, after being told by Johnson City Toyota that I needed a new transmission at a cost of $7300.00. Its was going to be refurbished as well. So I brought my truck to Rick and his team here at Mr. Transmission and they took two days and thoroughly went over my truck drove it and did all the testing that is necessary to properly diagnose a vehicle and found no issues with my truck. If I could give a 10 Star rating I would. These guys are honest and do great work. Theyve earned any and all future business from me!! Thanks a lot Rick. Everyone please bring your automotive issues to Rick and his crew at Mr. Transmission in Johnson City. Top notch!!

Review №60

Great place, staff is very honest and stands behind their word and keeps their word, hard to find business and people that do that now days

Review №61

Our transmission needed a full rebuild, and quickly: we were leaving town on a road trip in 5 days. The team at Mr. Transmission expedited the work and provided exemplary service in the process. We received the vehicle the day before we left. 6500 miles later we are elated to say the transmission performed exactly as we had hoped. Ill certainly be bringing my vehicle back.

Review №62

Took my truck in to have the brakes checked out during the middle of a military change of station. Rick and his crew got me in the same day. They let me know everything looked good and that I still had a good 25-30k miles left on my brakes and rotors. These individuals saved me a good bit of time and money. They could have just as easily slapped on a new pair of brake pads and rotors that I did not need. I now have peace of mind to finish the remaining 1,000 miles of this journey and can’t thank them enough! They have my recommendation 100%!

Review №63

My very first visit I was greeted like a family member. I gave Mr. Transmission my business after considering my options which was my BMW dealership trusting someone just as reliable who would not give generate parts and plus warranty their work considering the cost for a 7 series BMW transmission with labor was perfect which reduced payment on my warranty significantly out of pocket cost. Most importantly was the staff and their attention to details and kind courteous service with warm friendly greeting. The manager ( Rick ) followed up with me along with dealing with my warranty company compliance and paperwork. Finally, total professionalism that would only be expected from a military motor pool in my opinion. Total professionalism!!

Review №64

I dealt with Tim the entire time. He went out of his way to service my car. He was honest, explained everything, and was fair priced. He kept me informed with everything. He puts service, quality and cares about his customers first over anything else. Awesome business.

Review №65

I brought my son’s car to have some transmission issue fixed. I met with Tim, the owner. He inspected the car and found the issue. He gave me several repair options and the pricing was very reasonable for the issue found.Although my son decided not to repair the car due to it’s age, (he opted to buy a new 2020) I did get a chance to pick Tim’s brain. Unbeknownst to the owner, I have extensive automotive experience and have built cars to race at drag racing events. I found Tim to be very knowledgeable & honest. He doesn’t take shortcuts in his repairs. I specifically asked him about specialty transmission fluids and he may not stock all, he will order it for the job. I know this review is a bit long winded but it is an evaluation of this shop’s INTEGRITY which they have. I feel so confident I will be taking our new Elantra there for service instead of the dealership.

Review №66

He does great work hes worked on my 09 mustang gt the shift kit is amazing thank you

Review №67

GREAT SHOP. GREAT OWNER. GREAT EMPLOYEES.I must say I have never been so impressed with the quality and workmanship that I was given at this shop. TIM himself explained in detail and in person the fault in my transmission, told me upfront what would take to fix it. Rick kept me posted on the status. Thousands of miles later I have a great working trans with no issues. These guys went above and beyond to help me out in a bind and its much appreciated. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Review №68

Scott is a great guy and always takes care of his customers. I would definitely recommend Mr Transmission and Scott for all your transmission needs.

Review №69

I couldnt be happier with the service I received from Mr Transmission in Johnson City. Scott H. and his family of workers were attentive to my needs, showed great customer service and provided quality service at a price I could afford. I will highly recommend them to all of my friends!!

Review №70

Rick was so helpful with fixing my car. I was so pleased with my experience at Mr, Transmission. They are so great with fixing things in a timely manner. I dropped my car off at 8 a.m. and it was finished by 3 p.m. the same day! Definitely recommend Rick and his team.

Review №71

Just like most of these reviews say, this is a Great Shop with Great People. After dropping my truck off and getting a ride from them to work, Rick kept me up-to-date with what issues they found and gave me a realistic date for completion. They finished a complete rebuild on my transmission and had me back up and running very fast. Very Professional and Clean Shop. I will definitely be taking my truck there for my future transmission services. Thanks!

Review №72

Best and nicest man around. He’s definitely someone I would recommend!

Review №73

Im very particular about who I let work on my car. Its hard to find trustworthy people let alone an honest mechanic. I chose to take my car to Mr. Transmission because it was leaking antifreeze. All the people at Mr. Transmission are GREAT! They are very honest, and perform good quality work in a timely manner. I will DEFINITELY bring my car here everytime it needs repairs. I recommend their services 100%. Thank You to all of you at Mr. Transmission!!!!!!

Review №74

Great customer service and very professional! I would recommend Scott Hyatt to anyone.

Review №75

Extremely nice and helpful have done work on my flat Earth van for free and recommended places I could go when they couldnt help

Review №76

This shop is great. They are knowledgeable and were very patient with my insurance company. Their prices and service are great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №77

A great place to get some work done. Rick was great with upfront pricing. No surprises here . Speedy service theyre the guys who get the job done! Big great thanks to Rick and Tim! 👍👍👍

Review №78

Updated - Nov 2018They made sure my brakes got done and with quality parts and service. I checked around and their prices were fair if not better than the ones I called. They made sure I was able to get to my job and picked me up. Most of all they treated me like family. Thank you. - *Update-Chapter 2 - Car broke down. I called Rick up since I had such a good experience the first time. I get nervous since being a female I worry about getting fleeced. Rick got my car towed to the garage. He was honest with me and said that he couldnt get to it until the next day. (The reason is that they are that good.) Once again I am very pleased with the work and my car is fixed properly. Thank you Rick and all who worked on my car.

Review №79

These guys had my car ready in just a couple days. Great customer service and they kept me updated! New transmission is doing AMAZING and runs better than when I bought the car. Next time I have a hiccup with my car I’m coming or towing back to you guys to fix! These mechanics in Bristol/Abingdon CANNOT compare! 5 starsssss! Will recommend to everyone at the hospital I work at!

Review №80

As an out of state student at ETSU, when I started having car trouble Mr. Transmission came highly recommended. Within 2 days, my car was fixed and Mr. Rick went over and beyond to help me! He communicated with a previous repair shop that had performed work on my car, as well as kept in contact with my dad back home. Highly recommended using Mr. Transmission for your vehicle needs!

Review №81

Mr Transmission rebuilt the rear end on my Toyota 4Runner saving me a good amount of money. Thanks guys for the help

Review №82

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Id taken my car to several different places and either they couldnt diagnose the problem or were quoting thousands of dollars in a fix. Rick not only took the time to tell me exactly what was causing the problem, he had it fixed within 3 days and for half the price of anyone else. Id recommend him to anyone who has transmission troubles without hesitation. Thank you so much for your excellent work!!

Review №83

I manage several FedEx routes and Mr Transmission services all my trucks. Every time I call Rick takes good care of me. No matter what the problem is , big or small, Rick always knows how to get it taken care of. He always seems to put my problems as his number one priority. Tim the owner always goes out of his way to wipe the grease off his hands and come shake mine. Not many places you will see that. Everyone there is nice and polite when you are there. I have got to know a few by name and they also know me by name but Rick is always the one you speak to first. Rick even goes out of his way to keep you updated on your vehicle and even calls you days later to make sure everything is going good. I know Rick has a lot of other customers but I consider him my friend. Rick keep up the good work and we will be seeing you soon. Thanks

Review №84

I just picked my Ford up from Mr. Transmission for some work on my gas pedal sensor. It was really shaky and wasnt driving at all every time I tried to shift gears it wouldnt. I called to make an appointment and the staff was friendly and understanding. Rick called me before they did any work and was friendly and fast with responses. I strongly recommend Mr. Transmission because the service is great, prices are reasonable, and the people are friendly.

Review №85

Rick at Mr. Transmission was a true blessing to me. After my transmission went out (on the day of my vacation) he worked with me by keeping me informed on every step of the progress of getting a new transmission for me. He not only has wonderful customer service skills but a very caring person. I cant think him enough for everything!

Review №86

I want to say thanks to me transmission for there help with my Chevy truck and rebuilding my transmission and the other work they did that I didn’t even know there was a problem but they informed me immediately about it and got it fixed in a timely manner. I can’t say enough about rick and the guys for there service they did all of the work in less than 3 days. Highly recommend this company hands down.

Review №87

Tim was very helpful in diagnosing the problem with our vehicle. It had been to two shops prior and they were unable to find anything wrong. Its good to see that there are still some businesses that truly care about customer service and are dedicated to finding the problem/solution.

Review №88

Amazing service at a very reasonable price. Rick was a very genuine guy and I will definitely be back in the future. 100% recommend

Review №89

They have great integrity, stand by their work, and are fair

Review №90

I have used Mr. Transmission multiple times and they always do great work. Rick communicates every step of the way, and does everything to take care of you and your vehicle. I definitely would recommend for any repair.

Review №91

Scott Hyatt is the man to take care of you at Mr. Transmission! Professional and courteous!

Review №92

Rick was most helpful and stayed in touch to let me know what the status was on my repair. Excellent and prompt service. Will trade with him again.

Review №93

I had a great experience getting my Rodeo worked on. Rick the GM wAS able to get me an appointment with short notice to install a new CV joint. They were able to drop me off at my job after I dropped the vehicle off. They finished the job pritty quick.I would recommend going here to get your car fixed! Rick is great and gives you everything straight to the point from problem, the fix, to the cost. Great team and customer service

Review №94

Best place in town to get your car taken care of HANDS DOWN! The customer service here was amazing! Rick was super nice and knowledgeable and even helped me book my appointment at the Ford dealership for some other problems I had. So thankful that Rick was such an honest guy and he was really able to help me out in a tight spot. I recommend this place to anyone with car troubles, or just anyone who wants a good laugh with Rick.

Review №95

Mr. Transmission diagnosed a caliper issue that no one had found since I bought my car years ago (even after multiple sets of new brakes). Great workmanship and prices. Rick treats you like family. Will definitely be returning!

Review №96

I talked with Rick before I took my car in to have a clutch replaced and worked out a time to drop it off. Things came up and I had to wait a few extra days to drop it off, and Rick assured me it was no problem. Went in the day I was going to drop it off and chatted with him about what was going to be done and I left there knowing it was the right place. My car is not a common car and it’s a pretty big job to change the clutch, and they handled it great! Rick kept in touch with me the whole time, even sent pictures of different things. It was a great experience. We even spent time talking about things not related to my car. He is just a good dude, easy to talk to and seems very willing to help anyone out the best he can. I got my car back a lot quicker than I expected and I am more than pleased with the results! One of the best customer service experiences I have had in quite awhile. I highly recommend his shop to anyone!

Review №97

I have been taking my car to Mr. Transmission for years. They have done everything from replacing the transmission, brakes, oil changes and most other general automotive upkeep and repair. Tim and the entire staff are wonderful! Always helpful and the work is done on time. And it never cost me an arm and a leg! I drive a 95 Ford Explorer with 250K miles on it and it drives like a dream. Thank you so much for all you have done. I recommend everyone I know to Mr. Transmission!

Review №98

Rick is the man!!!! Not only him but all of the staff I worked with. I had a very tight window to get my transmission done and they made it happen as promised with plenty of time to spare. Thank you very much to the entire staff!

Review №99

If you know that the best car in the world is the one that is FULLY PAID FOR, come to Mr. Transmission on West Market. If you are at the dealership repair department and the guy across the counter says with a straight face, too bad thats not covered under warranty, come to Mr. Transmission on West Market. My brother-in-law first recommended Mr. Transmission to me and this recommendation sits near the top of a very long list of things for which I thank him. Rick and his team are stand up people who know their stuff. When a friend of mine was quoted what she thought was a high repair price, Mr. Transmission is the first place she called to double check. When it comes to keeping your car running for an honest price, there is no place I would more highly recommend than Mr. Transmission on West Market Street.

Review №100

Rick and the folks at Mr. Transmission are awesome. My girlfriend I and both take our vehicles here and are very pleased with the service. Always informative and up front about service and costs.

  • Address:2812 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
  • Site:https://www.mrtrans-johnsoncity.com/
  • Phone:+1 423-328-0595
  • Auto repair shop
  • Auto air conditioning service
  • Auto tune up service
  • Brake shop
  • Car repair and maintenance
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
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