Tri City Transmission Inc
225 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

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The folks at Tri City Transmission took very good care of us. Mike was excellent at helping to get us a replacement transmission, and even with supply chain issues, they did a great job. When the 2nd transmission was found to be faulty (not anything they did, just a bad bearing) they got us right back in and took care of the replacement again, under warranty. We trust this business and appreciate their work.

Review №2

Alot of details and to much to go into.the most unprofessional service I’ve had in a long time. Mike talks a good talk but in the end my 700R4 will go to another shop. Mike believe in his mind he’s the only person that knows what he’s doing.

Review №3

They did a great job rebuilding my transmission on a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. They are swamped with work, so it did take a couple weeks but they let us know in advance and we were fine with that! Very happy customers!

Review №4

Cars can be very difficult just like people and these guys understand that not only are they reasonably price actually pretty low cost compared to everywhere else but very cool customer service they dont go billing you for everything when they know theres issues because vehicles dont cooperate LOL

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Review №6

Told me to call back in 3-4 Weeks, maybe would look at then.who can wait that long just for a quote.( Very rude )

Review №7

Took my 4th gen 4runner here because of some intermittent hard shifting. Very honest guys who know what they are talking about. They will steer you in the right direction and charge a fair price for transmission work. I was recommended to come here by a friend and I will recommend others to come here. Very happy customer!

Review №8

Very busy, high priced

Review №9

Very good transmission shop. Great customer service. High quality work.

Review №10

Took my new to me commercial service van to TCT fully expecting a rebuild diagnosis. I got a good deal on it, but had zero maintenance history. When I felt something odd with the shifts, a feeling of accepting doom washed over me. Mike and his crew elected to service the unit, then tested thoroughly. They could not duplicate the slip in reverse I had experienced and released the vehicle to me. That was 8,000 miles ago and it runs like a top.Thanks Mike, your the best, and Ive dealt with every transmission shop in town through the years.

Review №11

I would not recommend then because they tried to charge me 3800 dollars for a transmission just because I had it towed there because I had no one to follow me there but I drove it away from there and they never did anything to it other than check it out!

Review №12

Did a great job on my transmission they r very nice and FRIENDLY ppl Thanks for good work on my BMW

Review №13

Great honest service!! I have been in the automotive repair industry almost all my life. I have for as long as I can remember sent my customers with transmission concerns to them. They have always returned to me to thank me for the referral. As their problems have all ways been addressed with the knowledge know how only years of experience can give you. Thank you guys for making me look good. Keep up the good work!!

Review №14

Mike is super!

Review №15

Wasted a week of my time and the use of my car! My car was functional but needed some work. They gave me a good, free diagnostic check; quoted a fair price for the needed repair and indicated it would take a week. After 9 days, I went to check on the progress. They had not touched the car, said it would be another two or three days or so. It was still third in line. I was so upset and complained that I was without the use of the car for essential errands for over a week. The managers comment was you have a bike dont you?. They finally agreed to take my car next. I picked my car up and took it elsewhere. They may be technically competent, but their management and customer service are terrible. Never heard of an appointment. If you have several vehicles and unlimited time, they are right for you.

Review №16

We were referred here by our normal machanic because he doesn’t do transmission work. I’m very pleased with the work they did. Our expedition was ready when promised and the quote was exactly what we paid. The communication was great too. We highly recommend them.

Review №17

Got evacuated to Johnson city because of hurricane florence. On my way I to town my transmission started to act up. They had me fixed up that same day. The mechanic great character showed when he one gave me great advice and 2 didnt charge me an arm and a leg. Thank you guys so much.

Review №18

Honest guys. Ive had them work on my transmission. Other places wanted 3 times more than what they charged me. My buddy told me to take it to them and i aint had a problem since. Thank you guys for all the help.

Review №19

Very helpful.

Review №20

Great Friendly service, highly recommend best prices in the Tri cities area. plan on it taking around a week. Had a great experience as far as unscheduled costly transition repair goes.

Review №21

GREAT shop!! My kids Altima needed a trans (CVT) & they were excellent about letting me know my options of either getting a rebuilt unit or I could source a used one to put in. Appreciated their honesty about the rebuilt unit & that given the value/age/mileage of the vehicle that it probably wasnt worth it.So I found a used one for $600 went & got it and TCT put it in for $100 less than what they had quoted me & under $1000! Glad to say 2000 miles later its working great.Highly recommended...thanks TCT!!

Review №22

They did a great job yesterday to get me back on the road. I made a appointment to get my leak fixed and was able to fit me in very quickly. They were working on several customers vehicles while taking deliveries of parts and sending parts out. I had another issue with my radiator and they fixed me up. I would highly recommend this shop!I called last week 5/17/21 at 9:54am to make an appointment. The young man said they were booked for two weeks. I said that was fine. He said I have a opening for May 25th. I said I could not that day due to surgery, he said could you drop off and I can pencil you in for the next day. I confirmed drop off on the 25th anytime and call me next day when ready. I show up today and I was not penciled in. They will not have my business anymore.

Review №23

I have been using this place for over 40 years. The best in the West. Do great work and do it right.

Review №24

These people were super nice. But they yanked us around on when the vehicle would be done for 2 1/2 weeks. Then when we got our vehicle back they broke a piece for our ignition & now we have to go through hell to turn the vehicle off! When we called them though they did own up to it & said they would replace free of charge. But we have been waiting almost a week for them to have us come up their to fix it. They said they would contact us a couple days ago to let us know when we could come in, but once again were getting yanked around. So its very hard for me to give a good review considering my experience with them!!

Review №25

Mike took a while to find my problem,but never gave up, and in the end found and fixed a few problems in my tranny. My truck pulls like a champ now!Great service, great price! Thanks guys

Review №26

Dont take your car there. We had our vehicle towed out there. They said they would give us a call and never did. When we called the shop to check on the progress, they told us the car had not been there in a week and did not know what happened to it. It was hell. Not only did they not fix it...we found it abandoned in a parking lot. Dont take your car there go to Mr. Transmission.

Review №27

We have been here with 2 vehicles. They are very reasonable and honest.

Review №28

Rebuild transmission for a agread price. Also performed necessary upgrades to make the 48re reliable. Installed billet torq converter and billet valve body

Review №29

In my experience over the last 10 years, Tri City Transmission is the most trusted Transmission repair in JC, Kingsport and Bristol. I highly recommend these guys if you need a repair done on your vehicle. They will treat you with respect and give you a fair price for their work.

Review №30

Farmer in Chuckey had truck transmission problem as he drove into hay field. He called Mike who diagnosed problem over the phone. He had it repaired by next afternoon. Thanks a lot Mike, great service!

Review №31

Besides myself, Tri Cities Tranmissions is and are the only ones I would trust under the hood of my car or under it. Mike the owner is awesome man.

Review №32

Garbage wouldnt send worst enemy here . Higher priced and work is sub par .

Review №33

Professionals, all the way around. Honesty and fairness are rare qualities for a transmission shop, but they are the exception.

Review №34

Very Happy!

Review №35

Good work and they stand behind it.

Review №36

Very helpful

Review №37

Know their stuff

Review №38

Great family business.

Review №39

Poor customer service

Review №40

Excellent service honest and reliable

Review №41

They are the best

Review №42

Very helpful, seemed honest

Review №43

Great work and staff

Review №44

Professional and Reliable

Review №45

Great service

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  • Address:225 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
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  • Phone:+1 423-929-2651
  • Auto repair shop
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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