Five Below
9920 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
Five Below
Review №1

THIS LOCATION IS NO LONGER HERE. I just waisted my gas driving 30min here just to get here and there’s nothing. Thanks a lot google.

Review №2

As good as any other Five Below. Great selection for great prices.(Removing my earlier negative review because this location was previously across the street but the entry had not been updated so it looked like it was permanently closed.)

Review №3

Super clean store, friendly staff and some really neat stuff. I really like how the aisles are laid out at this location.

Review №4

I love this place and my cashier was polite,helpful & quick. I didnt catch her name or even look at my receipt but spent a lot of tine here and money. Cant wait to visit again. Thank you.

Review №5

New location is great...i love the new self checkout and its a clean a spacious shopping experience! Gotta love this place!

Review №6

I love this store although i didn’t know this location is closed

Review №7

As Dolst reported 2 months ago, this store is CLOSED permanently. Sign removed from front of building.

Review №8

It was closed down! 😞

Review №9

Cashier was nice. They had signs to help you stay 6ft apart and wear a mask. I just went to buy a phone cord.

Review №10

As always, good place to look around and pick up some stuff. Although, having some items now over five dollars is a bummer. It is really no longer 5 and Below; If some items now range in price from 6 to 10 dollars (seems to be in the electronics accessories etc...). Reminds me of when some restaurants dollar menus became more then a dollar.

Review №11

I love five below! I can get really nice items for just $5 or less!

Review №12

I like 5 Below but their register dont take old 20s.

Review №13

I went in looking for a phone charger. They have all the cords you need for whatever phone you might have and they are only $5 each. Which is awesome. They usually last me about 6 months or so. Which is better than 10 or 20 dollars that lasts the same.

Review №14

Clean store and well stocked

Review №15

This location has permanently closed...but I didn’t find this out until I drove over here. Update this location Google!

Review №16

Great prices and awesome ideas for activities for kids. My two Lttles always love the stuff I get them from here. The staff is always pleasant and helpful 👍💙

Review №17

Went there for readers eye glasses. They arent carried there.They do have quite a selection of cheep, very cheep and some discontinued items that may attract the less affluent.Be a good place to teach children how to save up for items they need; birthday party gifts or such.(Ross is across the road)

Review №18

Its got cool things for 5 and below

Review №19

Really crowded. Worth the trip though. Lots of really meet stuff and excellent prices.

Review №20

Pleasant atmosphere, Clean, stocked with lots of items. I will definitely go back...

Review №21

I love going to this Five Below! They always have wonderful items available and are rarely sold out of the product I went there to purchase. When I shop at Five Below I always end up purchasing more than the 2 or 3 items I went for. There are always a few interesting books not only for my 5yr old daughter but for myself as well! I love getting her a few Birthday gifts here bc usually I can get everything she likes in one shot!

Review №22

Really disappointed this location closed without notice

Review №23

Great store. Never know what you will find in there

Review №24

I love the store because you can find some pretty interesting things in there and at a good price especially for the kids or a teenage girl doll boy and most of all nice and clean and you can move about freely

Review №25

Very clean store! The manager is super nice and helpfull. You can also tell he treats his staff with care and respect. My family and I always chose this location even though it is not the closest store!

Review №26

Store is no longer there

Review №27

This has always been a really cool store to wander around. Whether youre just browsing or looking for something specific, Five Below has something for everyone. Theyre prices are awesome and the products are all decent quality. The staff are all very friendly and they will do anything they can to help you find what youre looking for.

Review №28

Im always surprised by the selection. Great pool, beach, and outdoor toys for the summer. You can also get cost effective sporting goods like balls, skateboards, bats, etc. which is great when your kid wants to try stuff out. My sons favorite place to bring his allowance

Review №29

Nice store, I like this one better than the one closest to home. Really good selection of cute summer things, art supplies, snacks. The store is clean and well stocked, the employees were friendly.

Review №30

This location was hard to I move through because of the big bins in the way . Some stuff had no prices on it .

Review №31

Understand the price increase but dont like that I have to pay more

Review №32

Love shopping here. You can find just about anything you need in this store. I feel like a kid in a candy store when Im here! Yes, they sell candy too!!

Review №33

I love 5below always has great stuff at affordable prices.

Review №34

Get store, packed but kept tidy. Staff is always super friendly and helpful. I seem to find something every time I shop there. From candy to electronics... great place

Review №35

Its a nice place to show for your family and friends.

Review №36

Great items... The teens love this store! Cant beat the prices!

Review №37

Dont go alone youll spend tooo much. Nice young lady welcomed Everyone who walked in

Review №38

Kids wanted baby dolls . Not a single one in store. Other than that , this five below was clean and not in disarray like others I have been to .

Review №39

Reasonable and affordable prices, different variety of things, recommend to others

Review №40

Not Five and Below now. Trumps import taxes have driven prices up. Think it is now $10 and Below. Not quite the selection as before.

Review №41

On today, I found item I was looking for, (with help). Associate was courteous and informed me item could be returned for a refund. Item seems to be working fine.

Review №42

A little claustrophobic at busy times. Refunds are approved ONLY by management, who is barely found on the register. Be patient for 5 -10 mins at least as they make there way to the front. Prices are excellent, however, products are not. After all, you get what you pay for.

Review №43

I love coming into this store. Always cool findings I cant resist!

Review №44

I love all the random stuff in here and the staff is friendly.

Review №45

I woulda bought out the whole store. Left with 2 bucks in my wallet. Lol good stuff though. Even got a pop socket for my cell

Review №46

Great customer service.

Review №47

Well organized. Clean store. Staff very helpful & friendly. Bathroom could use some tlc.

Review №48

The cashier wouldnt even use two hands to hand me my bag...everything was about to spill while I was holding a 2 year olds hand and still not bothering to pick up the other handThey both worked. And 6 items in the bag

Review №49

Went in for 1 item and came out with 3 other items... great store!!!

Review №50

Great place for grandmas to take their grandkids for a treat and not break the bank!

Review №51

Love this store just need more Android phone items. Example phone cases ear buds etc

Review №52

Clean and large with self checkout.

Review №53

Cool stuff all around. And only $5 or less!

Review №54

A great variety of items for $5.00 or less. Customer service is great if you need help finding something.

Review №55

Great shopping and cost effective. Careful with the light products, dont last long 😅

Review №56

Organized clean and friendly associates!

Review №57

Staff members here were very helpful and respectful.

Review №58

Had some item from TIKTOK

Review №59

Everyone there is always friendly and helpful.

Review №60

Not bad for this type of store. You have to choose carefully to separate the junk from the bargains, but its worth stopping here every now and then.

Review №61

Fun to shop even for people that dont like shopping

Review №62

Prices for the merchandise are ridicously low. However to maneuver in the store is a challenge. Overall, if u get what u want, its worth the while. : )

Review №63

Clean and organized. Better than most

Review №64

Good place for a cheap gift or kids toys that you dont expect to last long.

Review №65

I think the store is in transition between Valentines Day and whatever is next. A lot of the shelving was empty.

Review №66

I like visiting five and below but it always seems to be a long wait to check out, even if there is no one in the store 🤔 what goes on in the back room beats me but apparently its better than being on the sales floor.

Review №67

Loved the Bluetooth adapter I bought.

Review №68

Great store for gift ideas, kids parties or just treating yourself. Ive bought NFL merch, Make up to phone chargers and headphones.

Review №69

Excellent customer service!

Review №70

Always have fun things!!

Review №71

Much cleaner than the one in short pump and better customer service. I just wish there was a better organization to it.

Review №72

Went here 3 days before Christmas and found more than enough gifts that were perfect for my family!

Review №73

Clean and well stocked. Friendly service.

Review №74

Was a good variety of items and a good place for children to shop for gifts for friends and teachers.

Review №75

Good variety of items, good selection of kids toys and books, quality isnt great but its actually better than you would expect. Staff doesnt seem very excited to be there but were overall nice.

Review №76

The sales associate was awesome. So kind and courteous.

Review №77

Love it this is a places to go.

Review №78

Because it is a good price you can pick what you wanted the workers are awesome

Review №79

Come visit me at five and below its a great place a little bit of everything for everyone

Review №80

Pretty small not alot of things inside Ive been to a few 5 and below this was the smallest with a very little selection

Review №81

Has just about everything youd expect from a Five Below and more. Checkout was quick as well.

Review №82

Excellent prices for such a wide range of products. I visited Christmas Eve and though it was busy the staff handled it fast professional with smiles

Review №83

This one had alot more than the white oak location . Employees were really nice AND FRIENDLY It as nice .Again they had alot more stuff I love this store GREAT JOB⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №84

Always find something and usually get out of spending way too much

Review №85

I always love their variety

Review №86

The best five below in the area.Its big and have lots of things not at other stores.

Review №87

I get lost in thos store 😂 So many good deals and cool merch

Review №88

They have some cute clothes every now and then

Review №89

Love this store. Always has awesome products.

Review №90

Closed space for lease

Review №91

We literally just use this to buy candy for the movie theater nearby. Great selection of candy, though.

Review №92

The parking lot is difficult to navigate. Other than that, its great. Big store, clean, friendly staff.

Review №93

Great place to shop for junk.

Review №94

The prices are low as the name suggests but the store has a pretty random layout and I have never seen more than one cashier working at a time. Often when you go to check out no one is at the register at all.

Review №95

Neat and has tons of stuff

Review №96

Too easy to spend money on kid stuff here. Candy, toys, craft kits, and silly stuff galore.

Review №97

Always a great store to visit.

Review №98

Great picks, but crappy quality. Save your money and go to Marshalls instead. Itll last you longer!

Review №99

Staff are helpful, tons of cool stuff for everyone for five bucks or less.

Review №100

Like it. Fun store to shop

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  • Address:9920 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 804-266-4943
  • Candy store
  • Variety store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Gift shop
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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