9910 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
Review №1

Very helpful Store Manager Ms Shelley in finding my items for me & giving me info on Michaels classesKay at cashier station very polite & helpful tooThank you

Review №2

Best michaels in the area has way more of a selection than the one in colonial heights

Review №3

They dont do returns they are horrible all i wanted was to get item in replace of it with out repeat and she told me no because I didnt used my rewards number... Sorry not everyone want to for there phone number to be given out for sales call it my right and that it was high thift item it was 25.00 they when nuts on it... Couldnt belive what I was told never again...

Review №4

This location was clean and well stocked. The only interaction I had was at check out. The cashier was not overly friendly but polite and courteous.

Review №5

Love any craft store. Great sales

Review №6

Love shopping here. Always got what I need whether it be for Acrylic, watercolor, canvas, sketchbooks, or even cute decor. ❤️

Review №7

Happy to see fabric back in the stores. Would be nice if they had some better choices for upholstery weight fabric.

Review №8

The professional framers at Michaels are phenomenal! They are friendly knowledgeable and hard-working. I will always go there for my framing needs.

Review №9

Awesome selection... employees were very friendly- they had both items that I looked for. Very thankful for the organization of the store.

Review №10

Love going there for Prismacolor pencils and other art supplies. Good quality. Not busy today. Theyre hiring. Minimum wait time at checkout. Cashier was very nice and friendly.

Review №11

Love Michaels 💖. Today I was shopping for yarn to make a pocket shawl. Nice selection of yarns. I was drawn to the Michaels brand LOOPS AND THREADS. Very good value. Store is very clean and has clean restrooms. Christmas is on the way to the shelves. Ho! Ho! HO!

Review №12

Looking for butterfly stickers for preschool classes. Sale paper showed them reduced price. Customer assistant did not know where they were, and said she didnt think they had any. She didnt ask anyone else. I bought something different.

Review №13

Fast check out

Review №14

Nice service but a bit pricey.

Review №15

Its a Michaels! This store is large and clean. Staff is friendly and helpful. Covid protocols in place and enforced. Kudos!

Review №16

They hosted a make your own slime event in the art/party room. Had a great time. Perfect for tactile learner kids.

Review №17

When I shop for crafts I usually have specific needs like a type or color of yarn or a theme for charms or ink stamps. It can be hit or miss here. I have had great experiences with service and convenience.

Review №18

This location is always clean and in order. Selection is fair. Sometimes the lines get backed up for the lack of help, but that is the norm with most merchants now.

Review №19

I found a lot of gifts that I was looking for. I was very pleased with my trip to Michaels today. I did fine a lot of things without prices.

Review №20

Staff members are very accomdating and easy going.

Review №21

Christian music on the playlist

Review №22

Popped in to get some embroidery supplies and info on their framing dept. Shelly was very helpful with questions I had about both the thread I was buying and some framing questions I had. Even expressed genuine interest in the painting I was framing. Really nice visit!

Review №23

They are a good store, but the location I visited seemed to be out of a decent amount of stuff.

Review №24

Just a great store with all types of crafts. Very friendly associates and willing to help you.

Review №25

Stock appears low not sure if covid is impacting product availability but otherwise clean and organized and staff was pleasant.

Review №26

Did curbside pickup on a few skeins of embroidery thread. Once I did what I needed to do, the Sales Associate was right out with my purchase.

Review №27

Great team, great customer service! Anita and Debbie from the Framing department provided top notch customer support when we brought in our broken picture frame for repair. They were very helpful and explanatory in communicating how they could complete the job, gave us choices and we were on our way!!

Review №28

This is a clean store with a variety of items. My wife loves it and when I go with her Im often surprised when I see stuff I want too.

Review №29

Michaels carries a broad range of supplies and materials, from entry level student to professional master. Staff, from front door to back room supply, are personable, knowledgeable and efficient - professional. In this metropolitan area, Michaels is hands down top flight.

Review №30

Great deals of 70% off. I bought a few decorative storage boxes for $3 and $5 and they were usually 12-16 a piece. Halloween items were on sale as well. Its going fast so dont delay. Service was professional and the atmosphere was relaxed and clean. Easy to spot in traffic.

Review №31

Love looking at all of the craft stuff

Review №32

Its my go to when I need to find just the right item I need for my project

Review №33

Great craft store

Review №34

Nice Michaels store, if you know exactly what you seek and where it might be found in the store. A few years ago they reorganized the store layout, lowered all the partitions, and attempted to make things easier to find (at least that is what we thought they were doing).Didnt help.Michaels carries a ton of knick-knacks seemingly randomly scattered all around the store. They could take a page from Home Depot pr Lowes and put back the high-wall partitions with clear product markings at the end of the isles.Coupons are a big draw for us to go here and find what we need. Nice staff.

Review №35

Got a good sale

Review №36

Such a fantastic place to shop! Their Halloween items are out now and it is such a great selection of items!

Review №37

Very professional jib done by Debbie in the framing.we had my book items framed.she was great to work with

Review №38

Clean and well laid out. Parking lot makes easy access and the staff was very helpful.

Review №39

Good atmosphere!!

Review №40

Great trip as always. Plenty of what I needed for 2 Christmas projects!

Review №41

Found exactly what I was looking for and found something that I didnt plan on buy. Nice and clean. The cashier was very nice.

Review №42

The place is great. Some of the people shopping there could use a course in manners.

Review №43

Always enjoy this store. If you look closely uou can find great deals!

Review №44

So my old Michaels was set up quite differently and this one seemed strange to me. I went to find supplies to make some earrings. They did have all the components I needed but it too a while to find metal finishes that matched. I was also looking for a very specific shape bead but alas it was not to be. I also felt like I had seen bigger bead collections before but after a stop at JoAnn Fabrics I realized that is where I had seen more variety. They were all wearing masks and had hand sanitizer so that is a plus for me. Also, their program allows you to get your receipt emailed which is great for no touch and my uncanny ability to loose a receipt before I leave the store, lol!

Review №45

Always has lot to choose from. The place to go if you are a crafter

Review №46

Great craft supply place

Review №47

Excellent Service

Review №48

I will return. Michaels had exactly what I was looking for. The cashier welcomed me to the store as I was entering.

Review №49

Overall a nice store. Cashier was extremely helpful and pointed me in the right direction

Review №50

This store stays well stocked.

Review №51

This is one of the best places in the Glen Allen/Richmond area to buy all sorts of materials and items any one person might need to complete an art project of any kind (whether it be a basic project or an extremely difficult project). This location, like all other Michaels locations, is practically a one stop shop for all of your arts and crafts needs. Besides providing materials for the art project you’ve been dreaming about for awhile, this location also provides customers with a custom frame area, where you can have custom frames built to your specifications to frame anything you desire.

Review №52

Shelves are very well stocked and the staff was very helpful and nice.

Review №53

I love this location. The staff is always helpful. No problems parking. Usually have what I need in stock. I like to place the order online and pickup sometimes and my order is ready quickly.

Review №54

Nice paint section.

Review №55

Great sales! Nice, clean store. I got a $40 pic for.$12 with the 70% off sale. Definitely worth the trip. Service was great!

Review №56

I love this place! Store associates are always friendly and helpful if I have questions. There is so much to look at that I nearly always leave with more than I intended to get. 🤣

Review №57

Place is ok, but not my favorite craft store. Liked A. C. Moore much more, but they are closing down. BOO!

Review №58

They have everything you need. All you need is imagination.

Review №59

I feel like this store has changed from a craft store to a project store. Not enough supplies anymore. But the worst part is the lines. Its not abnormal to wait 10-15 minutes to checkout because there is rarely more than one register open and people are always arguing with the cashier about coupons that they want to use that are only for specific days of the week. Michaels needs to work on their promos to make the flow through the store better.

Review №60

Favorite craft store

Review №61

I showed the manager an email of how Michaels is suppose to price match and the manager decided to talk over me and tell me she would not do it. I I’ll never go back to that store and their rude employees. So disrespectful

Review №62

This particular Michaels is no different from any other in terms of merchandise, pricing, etc., but a few of the employees have shown very poor customer service in the past and truly acted as if I was bothering them when I asked for assistance. Many of the employees are really lovely and helpful, but those handful of times that I dealt with others sort of tarnished my opinion of the place. Customer service matters to me, so 3 stars is the most I wanted to give.

Review №63

There was a good sale going on in addition to the coupon deals on the app. In general, this ia a very nice and clean store with very friendly staff.

Review №64

Good selection. Had exactly what I was looking for and the customer service person was able to guide me straight to it all. Good prices, too!

Review №65

The store is very clean, tidy and stocked well with merchandise, not employees. I needed help finding an item but there was no one around to ask. I went to the checkout to pay for my one item, while I was there I asked the cashier if she knew if they had the item. She was helpful, she got on the phone and asked for me. Long story short they didnt have what I needed, I paid for my item and left.

Review №66

Just happy to them back up and running at full capacity!

Review №67

Horrible customer service. We had the Williamsburg store call to make sure they had the item my husband needed they said they did and put it aside. When we got there it was the wrong item. You had us drive a long way for nothing. Didnt offer to find it at another store, didnt apologize for your mistake. Extremely unhappy

Review №68

Has alot of choices for people.

Review №69

Michaels is one of my favorite arts and crafts store because they have a wide variety of items. It can get a little confusing in the store because it is very big, but there are always employees who are willing to help.

Review №70

The staff in the framing department are super friendly and knowledgable. The store has recently been renovated. There is only a small supply of cross stitch which is what I am mostly interested in. They no longer carry kits but they are usually well stocked with threads.

Review №71

My favorite craft spot. I really like the classes they offer good my kids.

Review №72

Best place for hobbies for everyone.

Review №73

Great service

Review №74

It was fanamanal shopping experience in the frame department.the young lady behind the counter was vary attentive and knew her stuff. I gave my experience a five star rating because of Sam

Review №75

Michaels is a great store for Arts and Crafts. The store is always clean and the people who work their are friendly and helpful. I have also been to this store for childrens birthday parties. Which from what I have seen have always been big hits with children. They also have great STEAM products for children which was nice to see.

Review №76

Very Good customer service.

Review №77

This Michaels is very nice. Store was clean and organized. Large selections of various items.

Review №78

It had my Huge wreath wire ring that I been looking for . I going to do a burgndy and black and pink for my Boyfriend Huge Door.Thats going to be my challenge one that I have never did in my life. I know its going to be Gorgeous after Im done with it.

Review №79

They had what I needed

Review №80

It was great in all areas

Review №81

I love this store. Everyone is so helpful and polite. They always have good deals and I save a lot of money on the things I need.

Review №82

The store had maybe 4 people shopping and I couldnt find anyone to help me..its frustrating to see something online thats suppose to be in the store and you cant find It and no one to help.

Review №83

Michaels never lets me down. They always have what Im looking for & always find wonderful things that werent on my list that end up in my cart. Auskes,are wide & clean, associates are helpful & knowledgeable.

Review №84

Outstanding service

Review №85

I had two people helping find everything on my list. They were happy to do it, not just fake happy like some places. Great selection, great workers, and spent less than expected. Im a very happy customer!

Review №86

Very helpful in finding what I was looking for. Great sales associate.

Review №87

Great crafts and themed items available.

Review №88

Store advertisement of 50% off...prices very high so half off brings items to reasonable. Michaels does have very nice tree ornaments...

Review №89

This store has something for EVERYONE!!! You can find deals anytime. They have a huge selection of bullet journals as well as regular journals for $5 each. Prices are very comparable.

Review №90

A beautiful place to be. They have any arts and crafts you want. The cashiers are very helpful they showed me where everything was that I need it. Check it out

Review №91

Great customer service

Review №92

Love Michaels! Great sales and always a teacher discount, so its my go-to for crafts, gifts and decor

Review №93

Always plenty of products and variety. Good sales and sign up for coupons. Great for art and school projects. Plenty of parking.

Review №94

Loved all the seasonal items and crafts. The store was well stocked with the items that we were looking for in order to get ready for fall.

Review №95

Not only does the store have everything for your crafting projects, they have lots of items for home decor. Couple that with their knowledgeable and helpful staff and you have a win-win situation. Which is what happened during my most recent visit.

Review №96

Friendly cashier, asked me what was my poject.

Review №97

I love Michaels for all of my creative ideas! I can find just about anything I need. Some items are a little pricey but I can get some good deals with coupons.

Review №98

Had to make a return/ exchange. Clerk made it simple and stress free and I still was able to use my previous coupon/ discount on the exchange. Great customer service.

Review №99

Good shopping experience.

Review №100

Great selection for crafting. Have to watch it some things are overpriced. The yarn selection is great and the kids section is good.

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