Tractor Supply Co.
6710 N Brawley Ave, Fresno, CA 93711, United States
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Love this place. Always providing amazing services. I go here to get my dog food and great prices.

Review №2

Rinse Shake and Repeat:A brilliant self service dog wash and grooming facility. For a fee of $9.99 a Tractor Supply Co. associate will provide you with a couple of clean towels and grant you access to their pet wash facility. There you can avail yourself of one of their professional stainless steel wash stations complete with ramp entry, adjusting platform, hitching and warm water. Included are a variety of shampoos (main and tail, sensitive skin, oatmeal and deodorizer) and use of a rubber apron. After the bath move on over to the grooming table (complete with hitching) where life is made easy with an adjustable warm air dryer, a mat brush, deranging comb, nail clippers and a little sanitizing powder for the peds, just in case.

Review №3

We came in around 6pm to use the pet wash station and I had noticed there were no towels. So I went to ask for assistance to get more towels. I saw a girl who had was heading to the back to cash out for the day and I politely asked her if we could get some towels and she rudely said no were closing. They close at 7pm…. And I guess I had a blank look on my face and she said we close at 7pm and shut it down an hour before. I’m really disappointed in the service I received. Upon checking out we double checked with the cashier about the pet wash station hours since they’re different than the stores and she said that they close it down early to clean and prep it. Which I completely understand, however, when we first arrived the door to the pet wash station was unlocked and no one approached us saying it was closed. Very disappointed in this store and the employees that were on shift.

Review №4

I had called this store a few times and the customer rep picked up a few times and hung me up. So I called again the next two days later to check their inventory again for the Rubbermaid livestock tanks. The rep picked up and hung me up again, but before they had the chance I commented that I might had to leave a review for this location. Which after that comment and being hung up, I tried again. Once I called again the gentleman on the other line picked up. He asked me what can he help me with, which I asked about the Rubbermaid tanks. I asked for two sizes and he put me on hold for about 10 seconds and picked up again and said they were completely out of stock. Made me wonder if the guy even wanted to be there. Call the clovis one instead if you guys need to check on some inventory before going in.

Review №5

Good selection, helpful staff.

Review №6

It took me to a Residencial 🏡 home

Review №7

Dont turn left!!!!!! Just go straight and tractor supply will be in your left ... if you turn you end up dead end in the middle of houses @!!!!!

Review №8

I bought a Kayak that I had issues with but Tractor Supply Co replaced it for me no problem, easy peasy. Thank you Tractor Supply, the service was great!

Review №9

Great store but be weary they dont fill oxygen or propane tanks while theyre website says so

Review №10

Clean and organized. People are so nice.

Review №11

At this location when calling for curbside pickup, whoever answers the phone is always very rude, which makes it very unpleasant. We had in the past informed the store about this issue but they dont care, maybe its because the stores manager the one answering the phone.

Review №12

Customer service was great. Just got our first set of chicks, and the sales person helped us get everything we needed. And the checkout person gave us some great tips on what to feed the chickens once they got a little bit older. Awesome service, great advice, love the store

Review №13

Tyler is the guy to speak with about anything related to gardening. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №14

I always find something unique there, never on my list, but all stores have friendly staff and clean restrooms. And they even have what Im looking for in animal food. Never a bad visit, always stopping at each one on my travels abroad. The center of the stores always have something different for the seasons, not found anywhere else.

Review №15

Theyre getting the 5 stars because I literally traveled to multiple hardware stores all around fresno and this is the only place that came in clutch for carrying welding rods for stainless steel.

Review №16

Great place for a Craft Fair

Review №17

I really hate to post this review because the employees at Tractor Supply are phenomenal, but I bought 5 chicks in March and 3 out of the 5 (so far) ended up being roosters which is very frustrating.I love my little babies but I can not keep 3 to 4 roosters when expected to have 5 egg laying hens. One so far is already laying now just waiting for the last one to either lay or crow.

Review №18

Be careful when you apply for a credit card they put the wrong personal information and you end up not being able to pay it and your credit goes down the drain!!!

Review №19

It is a pretty neat store. Lots of different stuff. Was hoping to find boots that were on their website but they didnt have any in stock at the store. After looking around the store I did find other things I liked and the kids got some stuff too. Also seems like a place for people with pets. Lastly, the clearance section had some really great deals. Ill be returning for sure.

Review №20

Great customer service! AC is pumping! nice & cold. You can shop comfortable. Will return!

Review №21

Close to our home and always has the things we need. Safe and clean practices enforced. We will continue to support this business.

Review №22

This new store even has a self dog washing station room!

Review №23

I didnt actually find what I went there expecting to find which was a spanner wrench. I did end up buying some clearance items and some cream sodas that Im wishing I would have bought more of. The workers were very laid back and extremely helpful and friendly. The cashier even took down the phone number of the customer in front of me and was going to call her about an item once it came. Its the kind of place where as soon as you walk in you feel like your among friends. I like places with that kind of atmosphere.

Review №24

Very helpful... polite..BUT, they never seem to have bags. Just ridiculous..

Review №25

I love this place! The staff is so friendly and helpful and its the only place where I can find 50 lb bags of cat litter for only $8! Great place to get supplies for multiple pet households and shelters!

Review №26

Good location. Need some Upto date rotis. Good pace to order saag and samosa.

Review №27

Good assortment of items.Would have gotten 5 stars, but asked if they had item,and they said go look past customer service desk,if they have any it would be there.Great customer service would have walked me there and found it with me, then asked if I had any questions using product.

Review №28

Great supply of stuff. very good about social distancing

Review №29

Very good place just dont understand why they never have bags

Review №30

I love to visit Tractor Supply, they have a great selection of tools but, they also have a good selection of horse tack, 4 wheeling accessories, home garden equipment, and decorations, they also have a great selection of farm equipment, and you can bring your dog in for a bath. its just an all around great place to shop.

Review №31

Terrible experience about the products.... Prices were too high, Baby chickens not from good breed.... We will never want to do business with this store.

Review №32

I go for my gardening supplies. Always have what I need.

Review №33

Very friendly manager and sales associates. Their products are very good. They carry many things for animals we come here every now and then. Thank you for having such a great team in this store. Keep it up.

Review №34

I like this store. Sometimes Ill go in there just to see whats new. Usually I fo there for pet supplies ,tools, irrigation fittings or any of the many things they sale. They have a cool gift section too. I can usually find some chicken themed gifts for my mom. Worth a visit.

Review №35

Rude customer service at register girl name Amanda smh 🙄

Review №36

Quiet shopping experience, with helpful staff. Great selection for the size of the store! Quality pet food at a great price.

Review №37

Very helpful staff on sales floor and register. After recent surgery, I was restricted from lifting. They put my heavy items on a cart, and even put them in my car. I was grateful.

Review №38

I went in 2weeks ago to buy a bottle of horse spray for my horses, Endure brand to be precise, mind you at the time its not on sale, its reg price was $23.99, thats fine its what I expected. Today I go in, I see a sale tag on it, its says $23.99, reg price of $26.99 how is that? What do these stores want people to think there getting deals, were not stupid Tractor Supply people. So go and take your fictious sign down, & be genuine!

Review №39

Good service by Employees who seem to enjoy their jobs. Jacob has helped us on 2 different occasions, very nice. Nice, clean, well organized store.

Review №40

Good. Dont wear mask to shop here

Review №41

Great staff! They always have incredible deals on unexpected treasure. Their feed and livestock section is amazing! They will even special order your request!

Review №42

We found the tire for our riding lawnmower. We couldnt find it at the 6 other places we went in West Fresno. Staff could have been a bit more friendly, otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Review №43

Best horse and chicken feed and chick buying place

Review №44

If you farm or any thing else tractor supply is the place to go. It always has everything you need for farming.The employees are very nice and respectful. I recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Review №45

When I went a month ago they had a giant option of grower chick feed... My girls are not to Laying age yet and the grower was slim picking with pallets of layer feed... But everyone was friendly.

Review №46

Very happy to have a new Tractor Supply on the west side of town! I understand the staff is new as well, however they were not very knowledgeable and did not have a high sense of urgency. Hopefully, they will improve with time and experience.

Review №47

Love this store..very kind, knowledgeable and professional..

Review №48

Friendly staff, love that I can look around/browse without being bothered but if I need help the employees are more than happy to help

Review №49

They have so much good stuff and is close to my work 👍

Review №50

Staff are unfriendly and not helpful at all (and there were barely any other customers there). Tight aisles to go through with a shopping cart. For the same price in dog food and friendlier and better service; I would rather go to Western Mill in south Fresno than here.

Review №51

It was great my mothers never been to one and the first time I was ever that one was when I lived in Texas so I took my mom there and she bought all kinds of things I think shed like to experience being there

Review №52

The only place I have been able to get a good splitting axe that actually lasts. 12lb for $25, you cant really beat that. Also the only place I could find that stocks bigger than 20 chainsaw chain. If you need a 24 or larger chain for husqvarna, go here.

Review №53

Neat place to check out and some good deals to be had. Friendly service and well organized.

Review №54

Gat place for emergency purchases. Not so good if you parts for a tractor.

Review №55

Very impressed with the variety of merchandise. I’d never been to Tractor Supply Hardware before....popped in because it’s not far from my house. Glad I did, they carry the dog food I use!

Review №56

Love this store. Always find what my little farm needs.

Review №57

Love to look and shop in this store. So many different items to make repairs and lots of item for unique gifts. Friendly staff.

Review №58

Always friendly staff, sometimes I have my dog with me and she is welcomed and always offered a treat. Glad to have a TSC on this side of town.

Review №59

Big supply of all kinds stuff, the name is miss leading, enjoy shopping. Paw Up..Rj

Review №60

Very typical Tractor Supply, located in a safe area however this particular store has alot of theft. Staff was freindly and helpful. Parking is ample and well lit. Prices were comptable to other stores in area.

Review №61

Very good staff and Steve is an excellant manager, helped me with everything very quick

Review №62

Always buy my dog food here staff is very friendly and helpful thanks everyone for always making my shopping experience amazing!!

Review №63

I visited durring holiday season and checkout services were fast even with slow people ahead of you. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №64

Great stuff and also have a vacination clinic starting APRIL 2019 dates not available yet

Review №65

Order online picked up in store easy hassle free A++

Review №66

A wide variety of things you will find here and staff is always helpful and kind

Review №67

The people at Tractor Supply are very friendly and they have a wide variety of products that they sell so for a man so pretty fun place to go or if youre a man with his little son you might really like this place

Review №68

Theres alot to find I love these stores

Review №69

Great place to refill propane for cheap.

Review №70

Great place for Farm Supply needs, we all know the name and trust TSC

Review №71

Love going to this tractor supply. The staff are really nice and helpful and its so nice inside.

Review №72

Friendly customer service and overall great place for buying tractor supplies besides some tractor starters they do not carry were not in stock but can be ordered.

Review №73

Love their prices on pet food & treats, very friendly helpful customer service.

Review №74

Awesome place. Very hometown feeling and knowledgeable staff.

Review №75

Such a fun place they have a little something for everybody. Also their yard sales on Saturday are fun.

Review №76

Great location. Easy in and out. Employees friendly and answered all my questions.

Review №77

One place you can sign pretty much anything to do with farming ranching outdoors its like home depot But for farming and ranching I always love going there

Review №78

Always find good deals. Certain tags also get an extra 50 to 75% off.

Review №79

This place is awesome!! Has everything you need for your ranch. Help was great!!

Review №80

Enjoy your service and l hope to enjoy the Cab Cadet riding lawn mower too!

Review №81

Loved the store, its a store with active outdoor clothing, Xmas decorations, outdoor activity. Reminds me of a smaller Cabellas.

Review №82

Good for a variety of what you need in the way of dog food, cat food, western wear and farm supplies.

Review №83

Had exactly what I needed, ordered online and picked up in store. Great people and stire.

Review №84

Great place to get everything! Place is new and very clean. Hope it stays that way.

Review №85

Very helpful. However they could have taken better care if their chicks. We picked up four of them and each one had a booboo. One on its wings and others on their backs. Dont know if its the fault of the supplier or the store but they were all a little hurt. Its been two months know and one of the chickens cant fly becuase her wings were in pretty bad condition when she was a chick. But we saved them and know they have a wonderful home. However we did return back to them to get feed and their prices are reasonable and they have very nice people to assist you. We do plane to go back if we ever need chicks again.

Review №86

They have a great selection of products. Most of the time their prices are pretty good.

Review №87

Great place for small project to finish

Review №88

I stumbled on this place by accident. Reminds me of an old Mercantile. Has a bit of everything and I found their prices to be competitive, often cheaper.

Review №89

Great place to shop for those oh I need it now things

Review №90

I love this place baby chicks baby ducks what else do you need.

Review №91

Very Friendly, Helpful employees. This store has a very Large Variety of Goods. I shop there often.

Review №92

Very helpful staff and carries a wide selection of products for the farm and city dwellers alike.

Review №93

Awesome people work there. Stock full, helpful staff and enough parking.

Review №94

Great place without a lot of people. Great finds on clearance too

Review №95

Fun and friendly staff. They had a little bit of everything.

Review №96

Always a friendly person to greet you when you enter.

Review №97

Has a good in stocks supply as well as great product knowledge and customer service.

Review №98

There just helpfulPolite and know there productsGreat store!

Review №99

Great prices and great customer service!

Review №100

Cheapest place to buy our dogs food and the employees are friendly and helpful!

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  • Address:6710 N Brawley Ave, Fresno, CA 93711, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 559-438-3080
  • Hardware store
  • Animal feed store
  • Garden center
  • Home improvement store
  • Lawn mower store
  • Pet supply store
  • Propane supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–7PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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