2600 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, United States
Review №1

Great store with amazing selection and quality. Patagonia is a top brand and their coats last a very long time. I got a coat last year that didnt fit as well this year. Ryan at the store was incredibly gracious and allowed me to exchange it one year later for the same style in a bigger size. I realized this is a one-time exception that was made for me and Im extraordinarily grateful. Thank you Ryan and everyone else at the store for an incredible experience.

Review №2

This store/location needs to update their entrance/exit to accommodate handicapped shoppers. The doors, and entrance as a whole, do not have any automated opening system and are massively difficult to maneuver in and out of for a person in a wheelchair or other handicap equipment. Patagonia can’t pride themselves on humanitarian efforts and morally conscious branding without providing basic accessibility to their in-store visitors.

Review №3

We had such an amazing experience. One of the staff members was busy organizing and putting out clothes that came in to restock and in the middle of doing that observed her helping clients and she also assisted my husband. She was very polite, helpful and friendly.They do have short hours- they close at 6:00pm

Review №4

Very organized and big selection of quality items !!

Review №5

Ive always been a Patagonia customer. This place is bustling and yet, we are always greeted and the employees are always available if you need help. We love the new location. Thank you for providing us with such fantastic and attentive service, while giving us space to think things over. Thank you!

Review №6

Excellent store and staff! They helped me find what I need and more! Also, not only knowledgeable with their product, but with the seriousness of politics in regards to the environment. I could have spent hours talking to their staff

Review №7

Came in to return my old worn out rain coat. I was able to find another, more expensive option in the used section that was heavily dismounted. Because of this, I still had a credit after exchanging the rain jacket. I was able to get a beanie with the credit and still had enough credit for a snack bar! Overall, an excellent interaction and transaction! Cant say enough good things about this company!

Review №8

This is communist. They only have their own interests at heart. Shut them down. For the sake of the USA.

Review №9

Came in to look for a last minute shirt for a lunch meeting, as I hadn’t packed enough for a week long trip to Denver. Ryan helped me out- he was super friendly, had excellent recommendations, and helped me find my new favorite sweater (and an awesome pair of shorts for my girlfriend from the clearance rack). The entire staff is friendly and engaging and seem to love the brand and the lifestyle.

Review №10

I find the negative reviews below to be completely ridiculous based on my experience visiting the store. I’m not a visitor from another state, I live here and am familiar with the policies in place to keep the community safe during the pandemic. I appreciate them and am happy to see Patagonia is also up to date with state mandates. They clearly value employee and customer safety. Anyways, it was a super easy and safe experience when I visited the store. Above and beyond customer service, shout out to Krista. Was able to try clothes on and the employees we’re super helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I will definitely be back for the brand, quality products and of course amazing employees.

Review №11

Staff was very understanding and patient. Merchandise is high quality and high priced.As the saying goes ...You get what you pay for.😀

Review №12

Very helpful staff member, when she realized we were buying socks for my wife because shed developed a blister walking the RiNo art district, ran and got some bandages and ointment for it. Service above and beyond.

Review №13

A class act in every sense. I stopped by with a damaged hat (courtesy of my puppy) that is super special to me. The employees were extremely understanding and had a laugh with me about how it got destroyed. They shipped it off to the repairs department, and two weeks later I got my hat back like nothing ever happened. I didnt have to pay a dime, and I cant speak more highly of this companys commitment to its customers and products.

Review №14

I was impressed by this retail store! I have been to many shops and only the best goods and products in this shop! Im so glad this retail store I discovered!

Review №15

All things Patagonia with decent parking

Review №16

I felt so heard by staff and they did everything to help find everything needed for my Mt Baker trip. I love this store!!!!

Review №17

Best customer service! Robert was amazingly helpful. Great selection for outdoor wear

Review №18

Proof of why brick and mortar stores should not exist. Standing outside in the cold for 30 minutes with no acknowledgment of our existence. Finally just walked left. Stores like this should definitely die.

Review №19

Overwhelmingly helpful service. We were in town visiting and needed to exchange an online order. They have wonderful merchandising and the sale room is awesome. Nicole went above and beyond for us, calling Patagonia to resolve a refund that we hadnt yet received. We understand that businesses are backed up with COVID. We appreciate you being so customer focused, thank you Nicole!

Review №20

Amazing customer service. My favorite jacket ripped, and less than an hour later I was picking up a replacement. Thank you, Tom!

Review №21

Pretty slim pickings. REI had more Patagonia products than Patagonia did

Review №22

Visited the store recently. Upon entering I was toldthat in order to shop in the store I had to provide my information for the purposes of contact tracing. I promptly left the store and will never return. You lost a customer for life Patagonia.

Review №23

There is not a single Patagonia store that will disappoint you. They all carry their wonderful clothing and outdoor gear. On top of that, Patagonia is the most ethical companies operating today. I cant recommend this store or any of their stores enough.

Review №24

Always a great shopping experience here! They give the best customer service with a clean shopping atmosphere. Thanks Patagonia Denver.

Review №25

We stopped by this store specifically for the Worn Wear selection, unaware that it requires an appointment to even enter the store. A bit disappointing when youre only in Boulder for the day. The employee that opened the door to let us know, kept asking if we wanted to see anything specific, but what was I supposed to do, ask him to bring entire racks out? Best part was is that we actually sat in the car for about 15 minutes while my husband finished a work call and I actually questioned if it was even open because no one was in there. Then afterwards, I ended sitting for another half hour nursing the baby, and still, no one entered. We could have easily gone in, but they were insistant there were no openings to come into an empty store.

Review №26

They have the best sale/discount room that I have ever seen! Be sure to have the staff check the price of the item you are holding because their pricing gun only goes down to half off. So the item you are holding could be much more than half off! The staff is genuine and helpful. The dressing rooms are sparkling clean with adorable accent rugs. Quality merch guaranteed!

Review №27

Excellent selection, phenomenal staff! Theyre incredibly friendly and helpful and Patty has a cant be beat guarantee on their items. Highly recommend the store and the gear.

Review №28

Great products and amazing service!

Review №29

Great new location with excellent staff and loads of gear. Their worn wear program is excellent, and theyll fix the gear thats damaged. I had a very from 96 that I loved, but somehow the zipper had been separated in my suitcase. They repaired it and got it back to me as good as new.They have great events and are very socially minded, which is why we are happy to support them.This location also has a good kids selection, which we were pleased to see.Thank you, well be back again soon!

Review №30


Review №31

Tom went above and beyond any customer service expectations I had when I walked through the door, which reinforced my decision to choose Patagonia for all of my technical clothing needs. Thanks Tom, I am a customer for life.

Review №32

I did the curbside pickup and it was nice and quick 👌

Review №33

Nice store in a good location with plenty of styles to choose from. Great customer service.

Review №34

Super nice clothing. You can go to the mountains wearing their stuff and feel amazing in the cold weather. Love their baselayers - so warm and comfortable! Very cool and friendly staff too.

Review №35

I caught an ember in my ‘better sweater’ sleeve camping on the West side of McClure Pass a few weeks ago. On taking my garment in for repair, they recommended I just trade in for a new one and spend more time up wind. Fantastic!

Review №36

My husband’s Patagonia puffy jacket had accumulated several tears in it and after lots of diy patches, he finally decided to take it into Patagonia for repair. They sent it in and returned it, good as new, free of charge. He did it over the summer when he knew he wouldn’t need the coat, because it took about 6-8 weeks to get it back. We’re very happy with the service and happy to be able to continue using what we have instead of buying something new to replace it.

Review №37

Best Patagonia store around. Staff is great, they are always kind and helpful and helped with with a repair on two bags super quickly. The location is convenient downtown and the store is always clean. Nice work team.

Review №38

Finally I could find a great hat!

Review №39

Patagonia makes the best stuff and despite owning a ton I rarely go into the stores but man are they super helpful and great. Everybody working had the best retail customer service experience I’ve seen in ages. Everybody is so happy and nice, Haley did a great job processing my returns easily on January 9th 2020!

Review №40

Went into downtown Patagonia store and had an amazing experience! Brought in 2 items I wanted to have repaired or replaced as there was some significant wear and tear due to consistent use. After a quick conversation with staff (Jamie was great!), they determined that a full exchange was appropriate. They made this experience as painless as possible even after new price discrepancies on my items. This is a true testament to Patagonia’s life time warranty as well as amazing customer service. Thank you Denver Patagonia!

Review №41

Love this company and love this location!.

Review №42

These guys are the best! Theyre very nice on the phone and go the extra mile to make sure you feel listened to. 10/10 would recommend again

Review №43

Patagonia in general is an amazing company and this store is especially incredible. Had an airline cut a strap off of my Patagonia bag and they offered to pay for most of a brand new one from their corporate office. When I accidentally bought a size smaller than my original bag was I brought it here to exchange it and Christa gave me the bigger option without an up charge since it was the size I had previously! She was bending over backwards to take care of us when we weren’t even pushing for it. So kind! Trust me, you’ll be taken care of at this location.

Review №44

Love this company. Socially and ecologically responsible. I wish more companies acted like good world citizens like them.

Review №45

My girlfriend and I showed up for an after hours showing of a film. The invitation said doors opened at 5:30 and film started at 6. After having to park five blocks away we showed up at 5:30 and were told that they didnt open the doors until 6 and that the 5:30 time stated on the invitation was a typo. They kicked us out into the rain. Needless to say wee werent happy and didnt come back. We are really supportive of patagonias message so we were both very disappointed with the way they handled this situation. The founders really need to pass their beliefs down to every employee so that little jerks dont ruin their image.

Review №46

Best customer support that I have experienced in a long time.I brought in a puffy jacket that I had owned for about 5 years - at this point the zipper started giving me issues and the elastic band was eating through the fabric a little bit at the waist. When I mentioned it to the first staff member that greeted me, he immediately said that he would get a full replacement for me. Five minutes later, I was out there door with a brand new puffy jacket!

Review №47

The store is VERY dog-friendly, and the team was friendly and helpful.

Review №48

The staff here reflect the amazing company that is Patagonia. They are so helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve used my lifetime guarantee here twice and it’s been a smooth, painless process.

Review №49

I just wanted to say a word about Patagonia. Not only do they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the environment, but their customer service is absolutely phenomenal. Today I walked in to their store at 15th and Blake to see if they could repair my Patagonia jacket that I’ve had since 2011. It was my favorite jacket, and it got a lot of use over the years. Unfortunately, it was starting to show its age and was fraying in certain areas and tearing in others. They had repaired it once before, so I figured Id ask if it could be done once again. The employee gave me two options: They could repair it but it could take 6-8 weeks, or they would just replace my jacket with a new one. Needless to say, I was incredulous by this offer. Through no fault of Patagonia (who makes very durable products) my jacket was showing normal wear and tear due its age. Now, thanks to them, I have a brand new jacket. I can’t say enough good things about them. They have a customer for life in me!

Review №50

Staff is always incredibly friendly. Store is always pristine and well stocked. I never have trouble finding what I came in for.

Review №51

The customer service there was exceptional. I was quickly helped and the person at the store went above and beyond to get me the right style and size and quickly check me out. It was very busy with a long line and everyone working came together to make the line move quickly and ensure that everyone was promptly helped. Couldnt be happier about it.

Review №52

Brought a jacket a few months ago. They didnt have it in stock so they had to order it from another store for me. Jacket has been nice and warm. Definitely a good winter jacket

Review №53

Tons of merch from a store with a great moral grounding. Happy to shop here any day of the week. If only I actually mountain climbed or white water rafted....

Review №54

What fantastic customer service! Sarah was the best in locating a replacement for my favorite jacket. All staff was very friendly & helpful.

Review №55

Every time I go here I have a better experience than the last. Patagonias outstanding product quality is eclipsed by its customer-centered corporate culture and its exceptionally helpful and kind staff. Thank you to Connor, who made my hard shell dreams come true!

Review №56

Excellent customer service! Returned items without a problem.

Review №57

Though I think Ive only ever bought 1 thing from this store, I really enjoy going in and checking out their products on a pretty regular basis. The staff is super friendly and will tactfully discuss their products but will never make you feel like you need to buy something in order for you to be there - which is a great retail experience and why I keep coming back.

Review №58

They are moving to a new location. But this was a pretty good experience. Good selection. Definitely give this place a try if you are in the area.

Review №59

The guys/gals at this Patagonia location are the best in the WEST! I was having issues with my Better Sweater pilling and they let me swap it out no questions asked. All of the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. These folks stand behind their product, I’m a Patagonia customer for life.

Review №60

It’s Patagonia, so quality and service are great. The staff at this store is always particularly helpful. Area in back for the kids while the grown ups have to try the latest gear.

Review №61

Nice staff, properly stocked. Not crowded spacing between shelving. Bright. Clean. Crisp decor

Review №62

I can dig it- Patagonia! Kinda felt like everyone was watching me to see if I m gonna take off with a $700 jacket!! Other than that I love the clothes... Didnt see the worn wear either.

Review №63

Quality clothing. Friendly and helpful service. Cant wait for my next jacket!

Review №64

Exactly what you would expect for such a high quality outdoor clothing store in the heart of Denver. The employees are extremely attentive and knowledgeable about the products. Went to get a nano puff patched up and they ended up sending it back to the manufacturer to stitch it properly. Love this brand!

Review №65

I have just recently started to look at Patagonia clothing. I have used there backpacks and bags in the past. This store is very nice and is located in the older part of downtown where they have built some now and there is still some old mixed together. Worth stopping by and looking at.

Review №66

Patagonia has great stuff. This location has a friendly staff. Helped me with their guarantee on a coat I purchased a while back. I had never used their guarantee and it was super easy and they were very helpful.

Review №67

This was my first experience with Patagonia and the staff were extremely nice and receiving of questions. It’s an extremely nice and organized floor with everything I wanted in stock. One downfall is getting there by car as parking can be horrible, but thats expected in downtown Denver. Will be shopping there again just from how pleasant the staff was.

Review №68

We all know the product is outstanding and the guarantee ironclad. What I like about this location is the professional, helpful and friendly service - always. Maybe if they handed out donuts or steak hoagies I would give them 6 stars ;)

Review №69

Great staff - exchanged a defective product for me on the spot. I expressed surprise that I hadnt violated the time limit (it had been about 4 weeks) and the salesman said, you could have brought this to us 50 days from now and we wouldve exchanged this - dont ever worry about counting days with any defects. Very refreshing experience, even if the stock is somewhat limited.

Review №70

Just had the most delightful customer service experience at this store. Thank you for going out of your way to be friendly and kind.

Review №71

Best costumer service I’ve ever received in a retail store, Clayton took amazing care while in the store.

Review №72

Good store, for sure. But they moved from this location. Google should mark it as such, until then, here’s your heads up.

Review №73

One if my favorite Patagonia stores in the U.S. the staff are incredible, the have some of the newest items here, fun mugs, a great kids section, and the jacket selection is top notch. I love their outerwear, jackets, hats, gloves and layering options for very harsh conditions. Dont forget to check the sale areas to get a bargain.

Review №74

Just took some gear over that needed to be repaired. The staff (Drew?) at Patagonia Denver absolutely killed it and made whats traditionally a painful processing (returns) very easy. Definitely reinforces why I choose Patagonia gear over the competition and will be a lifelong customer. Thanks again!

Review №75

This is sucb a cool shop. You know everything is very well made and Im in love with the eco friendly environment here. They focus so much on making a solid product and trying to instill the idea quality to their customers. As much as I adore it, I just wish the prices were a bit more affordable. I cant justify the price on my budget but it was fun to browse!

Review №76

Great company. Great product. Unfortunately, after a couple disappointing visits to this location I’ve concluded that the customer service at this particular store is severely lacking.

Review №77

Place was amazing... So friendly and helpful. Loved it

Review №78

Great location downtown. The store had a great selection of clothing for both men and womens. BUT, I can not stand going into a retail store and seeing seven people that work there standing behind the counter all talking to each other. Not one person in 5-10 minutes of my wife and I walking around came and asked if we needed help. And I did. I saw one lady effortlessly trying to get a jacket down from a upper coat section and no one offered to help. I felt as if they had a since of entitlement and they were staring at people coming in as if they were better than you. I love Patagonia but if this is how your employees operate, no thanks Ill take my business else where. Make sure your go in with Patagonia on or you may be judged lol. Cheers.

Review №79

This is about customer service - Went in to see if they had a coat I’ve been eyeing online. At first the girl who helped truly helped me by saying she needed to see if there were any left in the back stock since there weren’t any on the floor. She made the call I said thank you and politely waited. I waited in the middle of the store for about ten minutes without anyone else asking if I needed help, nor anyone arriving with a coat or status if they had any left. Instead I see all staff congregate at the center register chatting it up, girl who helped me had her leg hiked up on the counter and was showing them all her stretch moves, shoes, I don’t know nor do I care. It didn’t seem work related and I was literally one of only a few customers in the whole store (this was 5:30 pm right as people are getting off work). So, after realizing the staff could literally care less if they sell a $250 coat I walked out letting her know I would keep moving. I’ll order offline two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit rather than give this store credit for making a sale. If you wonder why bricks and mortar stores are struggling - here’s your proof. My online checkout cart gives me better service than a handful of young people more concerned with showing off their flexibility than helping customers. Love Patagonia and their products, but I’ve worked retail and take customer service seriously as it is my own profession and won’t give someone a sale if they don’t deserve it.

Review №80

Always the best service. Big outdoor buffs and Patagonia is what we primarily wear because of their awesome customer service and they stand behind their products 100%. It all lasts forever. Plus... dog friendly

Review №81

Between my husband and I going into the store separately and the two of us making a real mess of our order, multiple staff members at Patagonia went so far out of their way to fix it for us when they really had no obligation to do so. Truly some of the best customer service I have ever had, and their products are just as amazing.

Review №82

Simply the best customer service, always. I have exchanged items at Patagonia before, as everyone knows they have lifetime guarantee and stand by their products. In the past it was due to a broken zipper or something that wasnt my fault. This time was completely my fault and they still went above and beyond. I washed a chapstick in the pocket of my daughters down sweater and it left a huge grease stain all over the coat. I tried everything the internet told me to try and get it out and it did not budge. I just happened to be walking by this store and thought Id ask if they knew of anyway to clean the fabric. They told me it most likely wouldnt come out but to bring the coat by and they would replace it. Even though I ruined it out of sheer human error! I brought it back today and they gave me a new coat no questions asked, and even offered to order it in another color if I wanted. I know their stuff is pricey, but this is why. They stand by what they make and recycle damaged items. The staff is always pleasant, helpful and just really great. This is why I will continue to patronize this company!

Review №83

Patagonia is the best, and their Denver location is no exception. REI was running a sale (30% off Patagonia), which did not apply to the snow pants RIGHT UNDER THE SIGN!!! So we left went into the Patagonia location, and told them about the incident. they price matched and hooked me up! love this company and love this location!.

Review №84

A flagship store with all of their current range available. Every item Ive purchased has lasted really well and has become a trusted favourite. I just wish there was a sale now and again!

Review №85

Pretty disappointed in the hype over quality and warranty. I have two hats, couple years old, totally ruined with hand wash and mild soap. They got discolored as have material delamination. Guy said, yeah thats normal... For 30$/ea hats? Screw that.

Review №86

Despite a less than stellar parking situation exacerbated by construction, the store itself is great. Laid out very well, spacious and very friendly staff. Ive always had very positive experiences here.

Review №87

In today’s day and age, there are far less reasons to visit a retail shop. Convenience aside, you can assume that most of the information you’d like to know about a product can be found online. But what you can’t find online, and what’s resulted in the best sales experience of my life, is an associate like Becca who goes above and beyond to provide objective guidance and support on what you need. Look up the word patience in the dictionary, and you’ll probably see her smiling face giving you two thumbs up. Not only did she take her time to help me, and fully get an understanding of what I needed - she knew everything about every article of clothing - and told me just as much about what I shouldn’t buy as what I should. I can’t recommend her and this store enough, this experience has turned me into a Patagonia customer for life!

Review №88

Nicest people ever. They will do everything they can to make you happy! The store is beautiful and incredibly fun. Love this company so much!

Review №89

Love the new store, they just need a sign on front. I am sure it is coming soon.

Review №90

Great customer service and a lot of product in stock!

Review №91

The staff and the store is great. Everyone is eager to help. Love their products and the new reuse program Patagonia is doing to recycle clothing.

Review №92

I bought a jacket here 3 years ago and love it. I took it into the store for some repairs and they gave me a new jacket verses doing the wear and tear repairs, because it was a 6 week wait for repairs. Completely impressed and only have to pay a $50 difference between jackets. Patagonia is an amazing company, this is why I keep buying clothes here. Thank you!

Review №93

Love love love this store. The staff makes the trip downtown worth the headache of finding parking. Its a beautiful store and its great to touch and try on the products before you buy, but the best part is the staff. They are incredible experts in their products. They are passionate about helping you find the best products for your needs, even if it means selling you something less expensive. They even spent a great deal of time getting items that were out of stock in store shipped to our house before Christmas. We had just been in the Patagonia at Miracle Mile in Chicago and while that store was also beautiful, the staff was inattentive and aloof. The hustle of the holiday season didnt deter the Patagonia Denver team from providing excellent service. Thank you!

Review №94

I will never shop there again racist and discriminating because I’m Latino ! security guard and two other employees walked everywhere I walked made me feel very uncomfortable. They’re all act like I was A thief. Every time I try to try to look at something they would tell me to set it back down yes I bought thousand dollars worth of stuff. On purpose just to use my American Express Black card Didn’t even want the junk I bought I just did it just cause. I threw all that junk away right in the trash on the corner Do not recommend Patagonia to anybody anymore. Throwing all my Patagonia clothes away.

Review №95

Stopped by there to pick up some clothes for a birthday present for my son. No one greeted me when I entered the store,I was totally ignored the whole time I was in the store. Considering it was around 11:00 am and the store was not busy, I was surprised. Spent $300 and the only person who talked to me was the cashier. Several men were wandering around, not wearing name tags or anything that would identify them as employees. I needed help to find a certain size in some shorts and no employee came up and asked me if I needed help or if I was finding everything I needed. I finally approached a man and asked him if he worked here, he had been fluttering around, and he answered yes. I asked if they had a certain size in two shirts and he said he didn’t know. Ok, at the same time I had an armful of clothes that I was planning on buying and he did not offer to take them to the front. After paying for the clothing I walked by a man who seemed to be an employee standing by the front door and he gave me a stare. Did not say thank you for coming in, nothing. I am a white middle aged woman who has a lot of discriminatory income and I will not be back to this store. I don’t need to work for a living like the people employed there and being treated as unwanted as I was treated is unacceptable. I will not be back. If I were Black or Latino, I would definitely feel I was being discriminated against. You may like their clothing line but I strongly suggest ordering online instead of entering the Patagonia store in Denver.

Review №96

Awesome selection, but the staff is where its at! They fixed a zipper on my favorite swim shorts for free. Management is amazing.

Review №97

Amazing company. Excellent values and ethos. And the staff couldn’t be kinder. Thank you. You made my week.

Review №98

Bought a jacket and returned about a year later to have a hole in the pocket fixed. They replaced the jacket free of charge. This store and the staff were awesome to work with and a big reason Ill always be happy to support the company.

Review №99

Normally Ill shop online, but I went in the store to see if they had a couple of items that I had been looking to buy (sometimes a discrepancy exists between actual in-store inventory and online outlets estimation of available inventory). This was totally the case for one such item! So I was able to find a hat that was listed as out of stock at this location...crazy eh?! The associate that took care of me was super helpful! She directed me over to the hat, and placed an order for the other item I was looking for. Thanks to everyone at Patagonia Denver, you guys are rockstars!!!

Review №100

Its a nice store with very helpful staff. Totally bought something totally awesome!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:2600 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-446-9500
  • Clothing store
  • Outdoor clothing and equipment shop
  • Outerwear store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–5PM
  • Thursday:10AM–5PM
  • Friday:10AM–5PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:10AM–5PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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