Review №1

Not much it felt like it was the left overs. But ive found some treasures here in the past. So i will come back again and see if it’s any better

Review №2

Almost zero mens shoes. Amazing selection of womens shoes but the lack of mens is why the low rating.

Review №3

It was decent, its been a year or so since Ive been here but the mens section has decreased in quality. There seems to be less name brand names or selections.The shoes were sparce and I hope the selection can come back here in the near future.

Review №4

The saddest Rack Ive been to. Better than no Rack I suppose, considering the main department store is permanently closed. The disorganization of the inventory is not on par of those in the lower 48. Ive been to thrift stores more organized than this.

Review №5

I normally LOVE The Rack but this one has a very poor selection of mens clothing and almost no shoe selection.

Review №6

Today I called to see if some shoes I bought and had sent to the store could be held for a week longer. Im not in Anchorage as I have a family emergency Im helping with and Harper (I hope I spelled her name correctly), was WONDERFUL over the phone with superior customer service. Harper was well spoken, went above and beyond to help me, took time to write a note so the shoes would not be sent back. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! Thank you HARPER for your excellent customer care! Ill continue to shop at Nordstrom Rack because of the customer service like Harper displayed.

Review №7

Great store but not so good offer

Review №8

Do not like the new arrangement of clothing on long racks. Its really hard to find things. I liked it better when they were grouped by brand names or styles.

Review №9

Spent wY more then I wanted to. Lol bit had really nice things

Review №10

Found the best ladybug sandals. It doesnt matter what city Im in I always find a fantastic addition to my wardrobe.

Review №11

What happened?? This store used to be awesome. I had to return a gift that was sent to me. The staff was wonderful, (she came over from 5th Ave and the only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1).Today it showed itself to be a low end Ross. Even Goodwill is cleaner and has better product.

Review №12

Disappointing. Very little stock. Mens apparel very limited to only small and medium sizes.

Review №13

Great for people that want to spend a hundred dollars on a shirt but also want to feel like they are good at saving money

Review №14

One of my go to places to shop. Clean, organized, big selection of items

Review №15

Very polite and helpful for the ones that are homeless and have no where to go

Review №16

Great selections and prices. Designer jeans for less than $10

Review №17

Disappointed by how little of men items. No cologne for men. Can get cologne from Burlington but not the rack?

Review №18

Great customer service and I plan to return soon! So many sales and I spent half as much as I expected because there were more sales that I didnt know hadnt yet been applied! I love it as and thank you for the first but not last experience

Review №19

Love the clothing and shoes! They also have some nice jewelry, and cute bags. I love shopping at Nordstrom!

Review №20

I never went to Nordstrom rack. It appears beside Guitar Center where I went.. I tell you, Guitar Center has awesome staff... cheaper guitars than other stores. But the store is easy to get rob because they are under staff. Hope they have guards that can secure the store...

Review №21

Was nice enough to share an outfit idea with an employee at checkout and she was very rude about it, she made a face and very clearly verbalized that she didn’t think my outfit idea was cute... won’t be coming back here :/ don’t feel like giving my money to a place that hires employees that aren’t friendly

Review №22

Helpful staff and good prices. Also not very busy. Great place to shop!

Review №23

Decent selections...covid or not customer service should always be top priority. The younger employees seem to lack friendliness. In th same sense I go for the product not the people 😊

Review №24

They didnt have much of anything for men.

Review №25

Went to look for Mens Big and Tall sizes and couldnt find any.

Review №26

Im like a little kid when I get there if you want to feel young and excited check them out. Thank u.

Review №27

Yes!!! Totally scored a pair of Nikes, five shirts and a dress for my son and daughter; for $100 bucks. Usually this would cost me $200 easily. But since Nordstrom Rack is so awesome, I saved a ton of money and got some awesome clothes for my kids!!Only request, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE opens a makeup counter here. I always got my clinique from downtown Nordstroms and cant get it anymore. :( Will definitely return for my clothes/shoes shopping!!!!!

Review №28

Great products, reasonable price

Review №29

Wow🤩lots of nice stuff inexpensive too.I bought a few gifts there. Im definitely gonna shop there more.

Review №30

Staff is very friendly. Most of the dresses are really cute. But can somebody please tell me why designers hate fat girls so much?! Nobody is going to wear this.

Review №31

I came from wasilla to shop, every store I shopped at was aware I couldn’t wear a mask due to health reasons and were very accommodating but Nordstrom rack wouldn’t let us, my husband wore one and they still didn’t let us shop , I don’t shop online because I like to see the items I should be able to shop and maintain my distance it’s discriminatory not letting somebody shop in store because they can’t wear a mask. It’s not a choice for me if masks are doing their thing I should be able to shop safely just as the ppl that choose to wear one, very rude staff and managers made me feel bad and uncomfortable that i wasn’t able to wear one

Review №32

Great customer service. Happy and helpful employees when I was there

Review №33

Great deals for sure, but weird store layout & indifferent to straight up rude employees dont exactly encourage me to return.

Review №34

Great stuff

Review №35

Nice & large selection. Lots of parking. Easy to find off Seward highway.

Review №36

Love looking through the clearance

Review №37

Loved the prices.

Review №38

More less-just walk through

Review №39

I had gone in there looking for a jacket and I did not find what I was looking for but I did find something for my daughters birthday and I had got another stuff and I needed to return it and that was not a problem to do so! I really like shopping over there if Im there without my credit card they find me in a snap when I go to pay the credit bill and I forget the card at home I have no problem in doing so! I truly appreciate the help from them and the smile that be on their faces oh, but I wish I could have found that jacket that I was looking for its an olive green jacket so I would appreciate it if yall can get one I needed it in a size medium and it says they had one but it could have been in the back room it was not on the floor but either way appreciate shopping there

Review №40

No different than shopping at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Low quality. No where near as good compared to when the actual Nordstrom was in the 5th Avenue Mall.

Review №41

Great Price on everything

Review №42

Not as good as it used to be at all, staff isnt very friendly or helpful I wouldnt recommend.

Review №43

Found some of the coolest shoes there.

Review №44

Selection is limited. The store used to be better.

Review №45

Definitely a must-see is visiting Anchorage.⁸

Review №46

Great buys. Scored a great jacket for 38.00 that retails for 98.00.

Review №47

Great place, just didnt find what we were looking for

Review №48

My fitting room experience is usually bland because it sometimes feels like a self service fitting room. However, today (08/15) I had the sweetest girl help me. I havent seen her before so I am assuming she is new. She genuinely greeted me, which is completely new. It didnt feel forced, like a work policy. I had my baby girl in the cart and she was nice enough to offer and open up a bigger room for me so I can take my cart in. Also, she willingly went out in the store to grab me new sizes of the leggings I was trying on since they didnt fit. She checked up on me one more time before I left the room. When I did leave the room, she asked me how everything went and took all my returns (which were a lot). I completely forgot that I was at the Rack, I felt like I was at Nordstroms. She gave the same great service to my husband! I hope she gets the recognition she deserves because I have never had a fitting room experience that great! I really wish I got her name because she was such a doll. She was on the shorter side with black and hazel hair. I remembered her wearing pink boat shoes and had hooped gold earrings! Id really appreciate it if I was able to get her name (I came in around 12:30pm). Thanks!

Review №49

Okay selection. The prices are definitely less than Nordstrom but a good amount of the merchandise is stuff you wouldnt find at Nordstrom either. Great for mens shoes and accessories on a budget.

Review №50

I was driving by this store tonight and saw I had 15 minutes before the store closed so I decided to make a quick stop. While quickly looking through the racks of shoes I was approached by an employee stating the store was closed. I stated I understood I have 5 more minutes. She responded by looking me up and down and stating I either have to get in line or leave. I was so flabbergasted by the blatant rudeness I decided not to buy the $100+ shoes I was eyeing and started to walk towards the exit vowing never to shop at this establishment again. As I was leaving I met up with my daughter who said this same employee went up to her stating the store is closed when she still had 10 minutes before closing time. She also witnessed this same employee talking with a coworker, after my encounter with her, saying working here is like quicksand. Management seriously needs to evaluate who they employ and address the complete lack of customer service. This employee clearly doesnt value her position or understand the impact she has with making a sale. Shes only worried about being able to leave at closing time with no second over. Ive never experienced anything like this and Im sure Im not the only shopper who has had the misfortune of being treated this way by this employee. I wish I would have gotten a name or taken her picture but I was completely disgusted and just wanted to leave. Guess I will be taking my business elsewhere, even if I have to have an item shipped from another company.

Review №51

Very good customer counter service. Not bombarded on the floor while shopping. Clean.

Review №52

Good selection and prices. My kids needed polarized sunglasses on our trip and this was a good place to get them for a decent price. Picked up some Ray Bans and Cole Han. Friendly staff.

Review №53

Amazing offers!

Review №54

Love Nordys; probably a little to much. Its best if you go in once a week just to look around because they get new items a few times a week and they go quickly, especially in the guys section.

Review №55

Inventory is lacking. Mens stuff is slim

Review №56

Some incredible bargains on quality clothes can be found here. Some of the stuff is absurd designer nonsense sewn in the third world, but if you look you can find real quality items made responsibly. Found USA made all leather shoes for outrageous discount. See great deals every time we go ( for men - mostly in the shoes and pants). Happy hunting.

Review №57

Has a very calm and laid back atmosphere to it and there was a lady at the front who kindly welcomed us in, she was nice, and friendly and assured me and my girlfriend if we needed help finding anything she would show us the way. We appreciate good customer service even though we didnt buy anything, just window shopped we didnt feel pressured or bothered by anyone.

Review №58

Mmmmm,the rack , I like to go here.

Review №59

Best place to find rare large size mens shoes in many styles. Great small selection of toys also. Good sales.

Review №60

Wish they had more things

Review №61

Wort Nordstrom I’ve ever been to. I had an item that didn’t have a price tag and a manager disappeared for over 5 minutes. I asked how long it usually takes and the clerk said not long- after 8 minutes I left. Not recommended.

Review №62

They stole my size 4 pink sparkly crocs. Subbed in a size 3.

Review №63

Not a lot of inventory. Product displayed well. Staff was friendly.

Review №64

Really nice clothing. Still geared for winter more than summer.

Review №65

Store is located in the center of town. Its conveniently located and you can get in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Staff is helpful but not too pushy.

Review №66

Surprise the rack stayed after Nordstrom left Anchorage but hope it works out because nice to see old sears mall coming back to life.

Review №67

Hit or miss as far as inventory, but other than that it’s great if you stop in frequently.

Review №68

I paid for all my stuff and still got accused of stealing

Review №69

Bought some boots for my wife at the Rack. She loves them. They are her fave!!

Review №70

Great selection and helpful staff.

Review №71

I came in wanting to get a pretty outfit for me so I asked a staff member for help me look for what I wanted and I expressed to her what I was looking for. She replied to me that there wasn’t anything in the store that would fit me and I should try somewhere else, she said this before she even helped me look for it. I was really hurt and Honestly shocked by her behavior I never would have expected that, I wont be shopping at that Nordstrom rack again unfortunately.

Review №72

Had a decent selection. Friendly staff. Not really for big & tall like me.

Review №73

Good store, cheaper then Nordstrom, they also have a very good selection of shoes! Overall a nice store.

Review №74

I’m cheap. Went right to the clearance rack. Got my favorite shirt for $15. Doesn’t shrink when I wash it, and I love it lol. Will keep hitting the clearance racks and perusing the other selections.

Review №75

To be honest the workers shouldnt pretend that they dont judge peoples looks and watch the real thieves

Review №76

Best place to get marked down designer clothes. I love this place. Staff is really friendly and they always greet you with a smile. I always spend a good amount of money each time I come.

Review №77

This is one of my favorite places to shop designer brands for a great price. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I like how they don’t ask you if you need help every 10 seconds like most stores do also. Everything is neat and well organized which makes shopping fun and efficient.

Review №78

Very nice 👍

Review №79

Hit or miss. Great place for jeans.

Review №80

Can not think of one thing negative about this store. We found exactly what we are looking for and the employees were very helpful.

Review №81

Youll find everything here that youd find at Nordstrom, just much cheaper. If youre headed down, make sure you have a few hours because it does take some hunting to find anything. When you do though, its always worth it.

Review №82

The selection is pretty limited if you ask me...

Review №83

Good customer service. Relatively organized

Review №84

This is my favorite place in Anchorage to buy work clothes. You can always find something affordable that looks great.

Review №85

They do not have 5xl pullovers or t-shirts.. nor do they have 5xl jackets or coats.. they do have sizes from small to 3xl..

Review №86

Good bargains. Decent variety. But not very tidy.

Review №87

Very nice, wide range of prices. The staff was courteous.

Review №88

Love that I can get good quality items for a cheaper price than the regular Nordstroms.

Review №89

Great deals on quality merchandise

Review №90

I thought I was shopping at Kmart. I was in the store for 20 minutes looking for athletic wear and found basically nothing. I was not impressed with the shoes as well.

Review №91

Love Nordstrom Rack. They have a great selection and prices.

Review №92

Great place to buy gifts

Review №93

Good selection. Ok pricing. Its good. It works.

Review №94

Great prices. You can get bow ties here for about $15 and compared to $45 at Mens Warehouse, its a steal. They also have shoes at good prices.

Review №95

Nice Big 4 Level Mall. Had lots of stores

Review №96

It was really nice. Just went graduation shopping there. It was ok for that. Not to many long dresses though.

Review №97

Very nice staff helpful. Didnt have time or money to shop but they seemed to have nice selection and decent price for what I seen

Review №98

Incredible savings and surprising selections. Bought a great suit, pants, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, socks and underwear for only $300!

Review №99

Camilla B, the manager, is THE friendliest sales person I have ever met!!! I will continue to make Nordstrom Rack our familys first place for clothing, accessories, shoes, etc because of her EXTRAordinary customer service!!!Thank you, Camilla B!!!!! Youre doing an AWESOME job!! KEEP IT UP!!Dr Barbara Eaton

Review №100

Great place. Would have gotten 5 if they were more organized.

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