Review №1

This place was awesome! Lots of local art and homemade kind of stuff in here. A large variety of product and gifts for your folks back home if youre from out of the city (or state) like I am. Kind of reminded of me our local coffee shop downtown Alexandria, LA. Very chill environmentAbby, the cashier at the time, was very friendly and easy to talk to. She checked me out and we had a good conversation to boot.Definitely check this place out!

Review №2

This is great, little store filled with products from local artists/vendors; most of the items are based on Atlanta/GA/the south. If I ever need a gift for someone, this is my first stop!The employees are always nice and helpful. If you are going to West Egg and have a long wait, stop in; you won’t regret it.

Review №3

Drove 30 minutes across town in traffic to shop here. Arrived at 4:30pm on Friday 4/9 to a closed store. The website, Google, front door, and Facebook says they close at 5pm.Double checked Facebook to make sure there was no impromptu closure from Covid-19.I like the clothes but hate that I wasted my time. Very frustrating 😕

Review №4

I’m not normally one to write reviews, but I have had the most UNpleasant retail experiences of my life at this store and it’s so unnerving I feel compelled to share:I’ve been to this store twice in the last couple of months. The first time the customer service was non-existent (i.e. no greeting/welcome upon entrance or payment, no “you’re welcome” when I thanked the employee for my receipt, no words or eye contact with the women behind the counter at all, actually- overall an incredibly cold experience) but I brushed it off as an off-day for the female employee that was at the register and bought a couple of hats anyway.I already anticipated not receiving any acknowledgment upon entering the store (prepared from my first visit) but this second visit, this afternoon of 12/21/2020, the customer service was not only nonexistent-I have never felt so intentionally unwelcome in any store in my life.I sought out this store today because I wanted to purchase more hats as last minute stocking stuffers for my gfs, but when I approached the counter the woman behind the register was typing away on an iPhone and did not look up, or even mumble a simple “I’ll be with you shortly.”I thought it could be something work-related so I stood patiently behind the see-through plexiglass barrier as an awkward amount of time passed. I’ve worked in retail and try to give the benefit of the doubt in every situation because I’ve been there before and understand. She stops typing... then begins blatantly scrolling through something on the phone, as it became pretty obvious she was completely ignoring my presence on purpose. I was standing directly in front of her. Also, my friend and I were the only other people in the store, and I know she was aware we were there because we (my friend and I) had been chatting about the hats and other things in the store.I walked out of the store without buying anything because of how uncomfortable I felt.I’m not 100% sure it was the same employee both times I visited, but I believe it could have been (dark brown hair, not very tall). I kind of hope it was since it seems other people have had positive customer service experiences.Bad days happen, but feeling shunned as soon as you walk into a store? Not common. Not professional. Not OK.Etsy has the same inventory- a wider variety, in fact- and I’ll wait for shipping any amount of days over stepping foot in this store again.Twice in a row is enough for me. So uncomfortable.Edited to add: this review is in reference to the location in Lenox.

Review №5

Love this little shop. Im always looking for stores that sell from local vendors or smaller artist. I have to get something to remind myself how lucky I am to be in Atlanta.

Review №6

Cute store stocked with local goods. If you’re looking for kitschy “hip” items this place won’t disappoint. Great spot to shop for gifts, but doesn’t have much in the way of staple pieces. If you need a keepsake, art print, T-shirt, etc with “Atlanta” depicted you’re in the perfect place!

Review №7

Cool.little boutique with unique stuff. I bought a hat and earrings and am very pleased! Will definitely go back.

Review №8

I wish I could buy everything in this store! Everything is locally made and beautiful. They have a variety of things from jewelery to clothes to art work. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be returning here.

Review №9

Great place to look for locally made gifts. It is on the expensive side, but you find quality products. I will gladly continue shopping here

Review №10

Very cute shop, and the man working there was very nice.

Review №11

Fun little shop area, boutique, next to West Side Egg. Eat, then shop or vice versa. Lots of Independent Local Art. Well worth ty he visit!

Review №12

Very nice products made by local artists.

Review №13

Great store in West Midtown with.a friendly and personable staff. Would highly recommend.

Review №14

They have a rotation of different vendors and alot of Atlanta branded items. Great place to buy gifts!!

Review №15

Great place to find local work from our cities crafters. So much variety to choose from

Review №16

They have shave and beard oil.

Review №17

Great place

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