1275 Caroline St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States
Review №1

The store was well organized and the cashier was friendly and courteous. I did have a few questions for the associate in womens apparel. The associate did not really look up from what she was doing and showed no interest in assisting or answering my question. Other than that, my experience was pleasant.

Review №2

Would recommend if youre in the area. If you factor in the size of this target its actually one of the best. Has a top notch pharmacy and thats what makes it so good. Everything is very clean and organized so if you know targets you will your way around. The grocery store is lacking but thats typical for Target. Great ice cream selection! The Starbucks inside is always packed. This shopping center really is the hub of little five points. Parking is terrible. Youre always find a spot but its always crowded here.

Review №3

Jacquez is the best. He had a 6ft high load of boxes to stock I was looking for handheld steamers. The shelf was empty.Instead of telling me that there out, he remember that two were in the back. He went and got it. I appreciate him going BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!g the shelves with

Review №4

Had a great experience here. I have shopped here many times. However my experience with security made me leave a review. I was thirsty and in need of water. We asked where was water so we could purchase. Instead of telling us where it was he stopped and proceeded to get some from the people at Starbucks and brought it back. It definitely wasn’t something he had to do. It was a small gesture that meant a lot. It’s nice to know there are kind people who are not too busy to help. Thanks Cale

Review №5

I gave up. Store closes at 10. It was 9:40. About 10 customers are coming up to the registers to check out. I watch as 5 human cashiers shut down their registers, making all of the customers get in one long awful line waiting for self-checkout. 2 or 3 the self-checkout machines were broken. The cashiers could have each worked 10 more minutes and there would have been no line.Keep in mind, three different cashiers closed as I walked up to them. After waiting 10 minutes in this unnecessary nightmare line, I just abandoned all the stuff I was going to buy and left the store. The selection in this store isnt that special. I went to the Walmart off Howell Mill, and bought the same stuff for a few bucks cheaper and had a faster checkout experience with better customer service.But thank goodness the Target managers are saving payroll hours by making sure everyones register is closed and turned in promptly, so the cashiers can all be clocked out by store close!

Review №6

Helpful staff. Good supplIes.

Review №7

Great selection as well as customer service.

Review №8

Shout out to Harvey in Edgewood! He exhibited several examples of excellent customer service in a matter of minutes. To begin, there was a woman without receipts and multiple returns and the associate originally working with her got frustrated and left. Harvey stepped in and calmly assisted. Secondly, I was in line next to a man that was actively coughing and allowing his mask to continually fall from his nose/mouth. Every time I took a step further away he got closer. Harvey, while working with another customer, made sure to alert the customer of his actions and requested he kept his mask up. I truly appreciated him taking action as I was almost at my wits end. Lastly, I purchased a movie that I picked up today. Harvey made a personal connection with me as he had seen it before and indicated it was his mom’s favorite. Thank you Harvey! You made today’s experience a great one for all the customers you assisted today.

Review №9

If i could leave zero stars i would. The store director has always been an horrible person. She does not care about her employees. She speaks rudely to them. She disrespected them on the walkies. She don’t have any compassion for any workers personal issues. She only cares about herself & making her store look good while mistreating the people that make her look good. She even follows her employees which is a form as HARASSMENT! She does not follow the core values of Target & does not represent the brand well at all. She needs to be replace.

Review №10

My son bought a used controller from this store. When they told us in the Electronics department that it was a brand new controller. The controller is cracked, dirty, and used. I am thoroughly disgusted with this Target and how they are doing business. I was in this store just over an over ago and no one, I mean NO ONE is answering the phone. Im currently still on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

Review №11

I go here at least three times a week (it’s my local location) and let’s get real with it who doesn’t love target but I wanna shout out to really respectful helpful and well spoken gentleman named Lamar he helped me yesterday with something really small but the attention that he gave and the way he presented himself made customer service wonderful you should give him a raise respect the fact that he is working extremely hard and he is extremely well spoken he knows what he’s doing!

Review №12

Excellent service! They always have what we need. And are so helpful

Review №13

The service here is quick and the workers are absolutely polite and well manord.

Review №14

I was catfished shopping here! I really did my research to find the store that had everything I needed. I ordered a 20 pc silverware set, a set of dinner plates, a set of bowls, pickles and bread and butter pickles. They came out with 2 bowls, a SALAD plate and bread and butter pickles. They canceled over half my order and gone bring out a few things that cost about 10 dollars. I had to go back in (dressed in my nighties as I wasnt planning on getting out) and get a refund. The level of unprofessionalism here is amazing. Thats it for me, Im new to Atlanta and I will NEVER shop in Atlanta again, enough is enough...Ill shop in Buckhead and/or Alpharetta because Im sick of the blatant disregard to customers. They just dont care. Despite the website saying that all the items were available there is no earthly way Id cancel over half someones order and not notify them personally before I said things were ready for pickup. But instead they bring out plates knocking together in 1 bag (unwrapped) along with a big heavy glass jar of pickles. Its insanity. Ill make sure I spread the word about Atlanta. I dont care if youre mad about my response or not, this is just ridiculous. I mean if you dont like your job quit!Placed a new order in Roswell...less than 1 hour after I placed it. They say things are there and they actually are and they didnt catfish my order. Perfection. Peace out Edgewwood *rolls eyes*

Review №15

They never answer the phone when I call like what’s that about. Mind you I called all of the departments even pharmacy didn’t answer are they all on lunch at the same time.!! Unbelievable

Review №16

Ive been frequenting this Target for over 4 years now. Location is always clean and organized. If I need help, no matter who I ask, they make sure I find what I am looking for. They have an organized system with their lines to make sure people get in and out quick despite the pandemic slowing people down. Love this location!

Review №17

TERRIBLE SERVICE! The manager Allie was extremely rude and also had zero respect for her employees. You would think someone who was a manager had more compassion for people and wouldnt just openly disrespect them in a place of business. Either her attitude needs to be fixed asap or corporate should fire her. Never returning to this target location, the manager made the atmosphere horrible.

Review №18

Target has nice things for good prices

Review №19

Easy to get everything I need. Nice staff.

Review №20

Antonio was incredibly helpful along with Tay, Peter, and another woman stocking bins in whose name I did not catch. Top notch service / incredibly personable and I definitely will do all my shopping here.

Review №21

Ms.Mya was amazing great customer service.

Review №22

Every time I visit I have a wonderful experience. I am well taken care of and the prices are reasonable. Target give me such great incentives as well. I am a happy consumer of Target.

Review №23

Customer service is HORRIBLE! THEY NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE! I don’t even want to give this location one star!!

Review №24

Tried to call ahead and see if they had an item in stock that I needed. The app was of no help and after calling other Target stores that said that this particular store had the item that I needed I decided to call them HOWEVER despite multiple attempts NO ONE ever picked up the phone in customer service/returns. When I brought it to their attention they said that the ringer was on “mute” which doesn’t make any sense. Then when I had to leave and come back, prior to coming back I called ahead, thinking that they had fixed the phone “mute” problem but instead they still continued to NOT answer. I had to drive back to the store and this time their excuse was that they only have one phone line and if someone is on it, the phone will just ring and ring. This also doesn’t make sense, because IF it is true that they only have one line, if it’s being used by someone then it would sound busy to whom ever else was calling. Bunch of lazy workers is what they have. The absolute worst Target I’ve been to and I’ve been to Target headquarters in Minneapolis.

Review №25

Very bad service! I drove almost 2 hours to pick up my order due to traffic, but it was cancelled before 15 mins I came. I got an email said that Target cancelled order as my requested while I did not do that. Target blame all the fault on the customer.

Review №26

I’m surprised by all of the 5 star reviews. This is by far the WORST target I have been to. I lived across the street and would go here all the time and it was consistently a poorly run store. I was there a short while ago, a Wednesday at 2 PM, and the checkout line was at least a 20 minute wait. They have a serious staffing issue if this is happening during the afternoon of a Wednesday.They also handled COVID horribly IMO. Mask requirements were never enforced for shoppers and employees alike. STAY AWAY

Review №27

Helpful staff and checkout person, reasonable prices.

Review №28

Amazing staff! Not only will staff help you find something, they will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. I normally do not write reviews but the consistent quality experience I get each time I visit this Target has to be shared.

Review №29

My cashier was very efficient and professional in appearance and skill.

Review №30

Im really not a Target fan, I only visit if Im close in the area, it really nothing I wont because the price are to high & products I never heard of

Review №31

The service is quick and reliable. Love it

Review №32

Cash register checking out the guy was very polite and very. His name was Eben

Review №33

Just left Target on Caroline St. I was amazed! Most registers were open. Great staff that was helpful with a smile and great attitude. Very nice associate directing customers to available checkouts getting everyone checked out fast even when you think the line is long. Walmart and Kroger need to copy their example.

Review №34

Great Service! Great Products! Great Prices!

Review №35

Very easy online shopping experience. I did the drive-up option via the app. Awesome experience and the Target associate assisting me was very professional and polite. Great service and experience overall.

Review №36

They send out emails saying ps5s are ready for pickup and then cancel them without telling you.Worst target everyone should get fired

Review №37

I had a wonderful experience I was under some pretty unexpected time constraints and need to be in an out. Thats what exactly what happened i was in and out.

Review №38

Went to pick up a Xbox I ordered online they sent me a email saying pickup is ready in when I got their some guy brown skin blond or brown hair told me it was sold to someone else ..he was very very Rude so please don’t order anything from this target 9-22-21 @1:00pm ..worst target in ATLANTA

Review №39

I love Target however, my recent experiences haven’t been great. For starters, the Starbucks inventory has been terrible for the last month ( no flavor, danishes, matcha, milk, tea flavors. Etc. In addition, the long lines and no assistance from associates working. I felt like I was at Walmart. Hopefully they will improve .

Review №40

Great Customer Service and Clean Store.

Review №41

Was here Sunday night...good store but some associates nor helpful and self checkout has no paper for receipt and no helped when called. Parking is plentiful and a good little shopping center

Review №42

Target we all know it well. The upscale version of Walmart. Great for a bit of groceries, wine, household items and electronics. More of an upscale shopping experience as opposed to Ross or Walmart.

Review №43

Convenient one-stop shopping for most of my needs. Grocery items are a bit limited but I can usually find a good substitute.

Review №44

Targets customer service is the bomb. Also the store is always clean and well lit. Cynaca went above and beyond to help me with an order that was cancelled. She even checked again and found it in stock and went to electronics to cover the item and we were well on our way. And she gave us a discount for our inconvenience.

Review №45

Love the clean, well organized stores and friendly service. Deasha helped me with my mountain of returns with a smile and helpful attitude.

Review №46

The service was fast and convenient.

Review №47

Store is easy to navigate through, find what I need and get out fast....well, at least the last hour they are open (otherwise its a mad house). Staff is friendly and willing to help if I have questions. Prices are great, never feel like Im overpaying for something if I need to stop and grab something in a hurry and I see a Target nearby

Review №48

Line to check out currently goes all the way across store. Time to hire and pay better target!

Review №49

Theresa was very nice and helpful. Very professional.

Review №50

I always spend way too much here. I love this store. They always have stuff I need and cant find in any other stores.

Review №51

The efficient and fast customer service. Best Target in Atlanta! Never out of stock and has a Starbucks. I am in heaven!

Review №52

The quick response to having my item ready after ordering online.

Review №53

I pulled up to the drive up place and a lady from the store came out. i was like great i dont have to call in but she said you will have to come in. i was like what was the point of order online and come get it. so i drove to the front of the store and then another lady came out and was getting the orders, thank the lord someone was nice. but in the end it backed up traffic but noone got wet.

Review №54

Great service, everyone is friendly!

Review №55

The customer service was outstanding.

Review №56

The people are always friendly.

Review №57


Review №58

Always a clean neat store with unique items no one else has. Professional employees with great customer service skills.

Review №59

My most recent experience was easy. Timely and efficient. I continue to enjoy purchasing with Target as a result of interactions such as this.

Review №60

Stores are often clean and well stocked

Review №61

I never have a problem at the store and if I need more help someone is always there to help.

Review №62

Such a bad experience !First time doing store pick up .. and they were not helpful at all nor do they care .. all they say is they are still figuring things out . Said I came to early and the only thing I can do is return it and wait 7 days for a refund .. or repurchase it with new money .Could have atleast seen that I’m 7 months pregnant and overwhelmed and could have tried to help me or made me feel like they wanted to . Nobody was outside or in line waiting on an order to be picked up but me who is here early can’t get my one item . Meanwhile the money was already taken out of my account .I literally spoke to the store manager and she wasn’t even giving me her full attention she was talking on the walkie talkie to get more carts from outside instead of dealing with the issue at hand .Bad customer service and I don’t even want the rug anymore . Will not be coming back here !

Review №63


Review №64

I ordered for the first time online for pickup at Target. The employees were extremely efficient and friendly and were very fast in getting me my order. My order was exactly as it was supposed to be and I will definitely be using the service again in the near future!

Review №65

Ive never seen a Target bathroom as bad as this bathroom. The actual stalls were too gross to share. The odor was unbelievable. The manager must not care about their guests. They clearly dont hold their team members accountable to Targets Es of Excellence. When I told the cashier, she just said okay and kinda looked around and then went on to the next guest. This was approximately 8pm on a Tuesday.

Review №66

Good customer service got such good customer service from employee Sia, at Target Caroline Street Atlanta Georgia thank you so much for having great customer service at Target and good employees like this young lady

Review №67

Store was basically wiped out of all Christmas decorations, etc. Just needed candy for stocking stuffers but the majority of what was available was for Valentines day. Not the place to go for last minute Christmas items. As busy as the store was, the staff did a really good job directing customers to checkout lines and keep things moving.

Review №68

Just tried to do a return and the customer service agent Christal seemed to be distracted every time I tried to explain what I was trying to do. She continued to talk to other associates around her instead of handling the return for which I was trying to do. I kept asking her if she was busy since she kept talking to other associates and after not hearing what I was explaining the third time I decided to go to another Target. I’m sure this doesn’t affect a company as large as Target but it really takes time out of my day and disheartens me from spending my money at Target especially this one in the future. Hopefully this will serve as a cautionary tale for others to be prepared that Target customer service is degrading and to be ready not to receive the customer service we were once used to.

Review №69

Love shopping at Target. This is my daughters and my favorite place to go.

Review №70

Store is clean & inviting, customer service could be stronger

Review №71

You stated my order will be ready in 2 hours it was ready for pickup the Next day

Review №72

Stores are always clean and organized. Way hipper than Walmart and great prices!

Review №73

Great customer service and easy to navigate store layout. Also, enjoy the selection of products.

Review №74

I loved the time Sammie took with me and my wife answering my questions/concerns.

Review №75

The store is always neat and clean. Plus Target has quality merchandise.

Review №76

A Target worker, Joshua Jones, listened carefully to my question and then took the time to guide me to the exact product needed.

Review №77

Well I shop at my store Edgewood and the employees there are always very helpful.

Review №78

I like shopping here. And the cashier Nate was well mannered and very helpful.

Review №79

Curbside has become far more efficient and organized, and I appreciate the extra effort to help me and hopefully your employees safer.

Review №80

Excellent customer service! Fast checkout even though it was very crowded

Review №81

Front end associate was very pleasant

Review №82

Target is an organized store and shopping online is a plus because it keeps track of store(s) inventory. So its easy to make a trip knowing that the store has what you want in stock.

Review №83

Impeccable customer service! I needed someeclectic socks to complement my dress and shoes! Of course, Target came through for me! The young lady who walked me to the hosiery section was personable and possesses immense professionalism! The store was neat coupled with having awesome cashiers!! You all rock! Thanks again!

Review №84

Sammie is always kind, friendly and helpful.

Review №85

I don’t think they had more than 3-4 employees at the checkout area at one given time, and that’s pushing it. 3 people needed assistance at the self checkout area and no one came for a good 10 minutes... I have never been to a target that had such horrible customer service. You’d think for a Saturday afternoon more employees would be scheduled to help, but this location clearly doesn’t get that concept. Lines were wrapped around clothing racks and no one was able to keep their distance because the lines just kept growing and no one knew where to go.

Review №86

The pickup was easy even though it was raining when I got there they took my name had me to pull up in front of the store and loaded it in my vehicle and I did not have to make any contact with anyone else during this time of the virus

Review №87

While waiting I line I saw a Target employee that really went overboard trying to solve a problem for the customer in front of me. It was very heartwarming to witness that level of human sensitivity, display of kindness and patience.

Review №88

I came in to pick up an online order. It was fast and easy with great customer service. I was in and our under 5 minutes.

Review №89

The employees are friendly and helpful. Sadly many seem to think their chin presents a danger of Covid 19. Many only covered mouth but not nose. Even tho mandatory mask signs posted people walked in without masks and no employee intervened. Please teach employees proper wearing of masks so we can stop wearing masks.

Review №90


Review №91

Love the shopping experience

Review №92


Review №93

The products are always ten out of ten and so is the service

Review №94

Target always has good quality merchandise. If you cant find it in the store you might find it on the website. Holiday shopping has been a great place to find fun items and their holiday food selections are usually stocked with variety and tasty treats. Do enjoy the dollar (now $$) section right inside the front door. There is a large variety of things available at most Target stores. Clean and well lighted stores.Had the credit card for one billing cycle then cancelled... didnt appreciate the treatment from the credit department.They should look at how they deal with people. I wont have that account ever again.This is my first ever negative comment on any store or service Ive experienced!

Review №95

So I come to target to get mouse def by the doux and they don’t have any. So I ask the target employee near by, Samuel, if he can use he scanner to check to see if any are in inventory. He tells me to go to customer service. I had to pause to myself like what the what.... I need to go find out from another employee. Customer service is fleeting that is why I love Amazon. #customerservice #customer #customersatisfaction #customerexperience #unhappycustomers #customerfeedback #unhappycustomer #service #feedback

Review №96

Quick pick-up!

Review №97

Everything was easy and prompt

Review №98

Because I like helping businesses improve products and services. Apparently I have no money just product ingenuity and creative in a personality that requires payment from the federal sections as well it prevents me from moving forward with any more surveysThe airport refuses to sell me a basket So now i have nothing to carry anything with my lifes a wreck as soon as im off the plane we complain

Review №99

The staff was great and helpful, the store was very clean , everything was organized, the lines were long but they were moving very quickly and the buggies were Sanitized and everyone had on mask, and i will Go back there again because i love target!!!!!!!

Review №100

I love Target and the stores I shop at. With everything going on it makes my shopping very easy. I can do everything online and just pick up in. All my clothing is clean and not just throwing in the bag.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:1275 Caroline St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 404-260-0200
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–10PM
  • Thursday:7AM–10PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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