Norkan, Inc
25200 Easy St, Warren, MI 48089, United States
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Horrible customer services, faulty products, flat out awful!!! Need products buy sherwin Williams, simiron or elite crete! This place hires a bunch of jerks and send you faulty products and take absolutely no accountability for anything. Trust me go elsewhere!! Immediately!

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Horrible service. Dont use them. Find another vendor. Filed a BBB complaint and they didnt respond to that either... Ordered Pure Metallic flooring through Anne Johnson. She didnt send all of the product needed and didnt send instructions - the cans have vague instructions, but not specific to using the product and the website videos are a joke. Received the base, color, and some of the clear coat products. All three steps have a part A and B. Some of the part B cans had COLOR written on the top, so we assumed they went with the color application, not the base coat. We combed through their site, printed instructions and intensely studied them the night before we began. Side note - we have vast experience in home improvement and epoxy projects, so this shouldnt have been difficult. We combined the base coat part A with the part B that did not say COLOR on it since this was not the color step and primed over 4000 sf. We set out the inventory for the next step and found that the remaining cans didn’t make sense, so we contacted Anne. She told us we should have mixed the COLOR part B with the primer part A and said we would have to remove it all and start over. We had a very difficult time trying to strip the floors and we suggested we ship back remaining product for a refund. Anne said the colors were custom mixed so a refund wasnt possible. Interesting since we ordered from their standard color palette. Nothing custom. Think it had more to do with a commission than good customer service. Anne told us we should have called her before we began, though we applied over the weekend when she wasn’t working - and shouldnt have to call her to get instructions. She said - the logos on the cans match the parts to each other. I ordered everything from the same company and some of the product was shipped in Benjamin Moore boxes, so the logos on the cans were irrelevant. This should have been clearly explained. When I buy a product from one company, that one company should clearly explain the steps and processes to use their product. Anne also shorted us on the clear coat, so just when we thought we were finished, we weren’t. She sent another order of the clear coat to us at no charge and after asking 3 times for her boss’s contact, she sends me the name Mike Kangas and his email. Subsequently, Ive tried calling Anne multiple times since and she wont answer or return my calls. Mike hasn’t returned my messages either. We spent another thousand dollars stripping the floor with equipment and supplies AND had to pay another $740 to replace the product we used. Due to poor labeling, poor instructions, and overall poor service we should be reimbursed AT LEAST for the product we had to replace.

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I would give them 0 stars if possible. I ordered over the phone. I live in Hawaii and my neighbor ordered garage floor products through Norkan. I went through the entire order and paid with a credit card. 2.5 weeks went by and I hadnt heard anything, so I called to check on the status. 4 days later I got a return call that the shipping quote was incorrect so nothing had shipped and no one decided to tell me. The updated shipping quote was an additional $270 (in addition to the $180 I already paid). Had they said this from the beginning, I never would have purchased with them or I would have arranged my own freight service. I shipped 800lbs of air conditioners on 2 pallets and it didnt cost much more than what they wanted. So in the end I waited 3 weeks to find out that they were incompetent and my garage floor is still not done. It is a good thing they are not better business bureau accredited, although with this type of customer service I am not surprised that they dont want to be. I certainly would not recommend their poor business practices, especially if you are not local.

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Mikey and Georgie are the best.

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Scamming price gougers this company should be ashamed!! I will drive 100 miles to shop elsewhere or order online from a respectful company!! Charging more for supplies at a time like this is unhuman glad our governor shut you down!! I can only hope you go out of business over this you are a terrible business owner $$ isnt everything

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Knowledgeable staff and product availability make this Metro Detroits go to supplier.

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I accidently bought the wrong product. I returned the box unopened, I never even opened it. They only gave more a quarter of my return back stating that half the product was missing and the box was opened. They suggested I file a claim with my carrier....hmmmm convenient? DONT BUY FROM THEM, THEY SCAM RETURNS!Betsy Weltha Amazon Purchaser

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Awesome products and prices, better customer service than Sherwin Williams. Definitely won my business.

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Friendly knowledgeable professionals with great products

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Need more staff

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Great supplier

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