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Great breakfast special - $

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Terrible service. Its very dark and dingy not a comfortable place to eat at all. The prices are average but the portions are small. Only got 7 pieces of small potato. Most of the plate is covered by one large slice of tomato. Toast was burnt very black. Bacon was clearly microwaved and gross. Toast was also very stale. Honestly not sure how this place is still in business. Will not be returning.

Review №3

Really cute, nice little restaurant. Very nice staff, quick service and pretty dang good food to.

Review №4

Awful experience. Stopped in because it was close and I thought all day breakfast is hard to screw up. We were welcomed by a musky smell, dirty highchair and a waitress who didnt seem to care to have customers. My son quickly blurted out his requests for juice and so I didnt have a chance to walk out. I ordered a grill cheese with fries for him - again impossible to mess up, right? Wrong. The fries were 80% grease and to make matters worse they were sour. Im about an hour post eating one and my tongue is still holding one the taste. Unfortunately my son ate a few before I caught it. I had to convince him to stop eating them and leave. Now hes complaining about his stomach, so thats great .Also they dont take debit so I had to drag the kids to the bank to get cash.

Review №5

Tried callin to ask about accommodating a group no one answered phone called several times and then finally drove 1/2 to check place out next day i ask if phone workin my wife and i ordered breakfast and it was under cooked and not served hot my party planes have changed for breakfast sorry no thumbs up here

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Driving by at 1:30 pm I noticed a sign, All day breakfast.So we turned around and entered the dated timewarpSat in a booth seat with broken springs, moved to next one (same thing) , ordered our breakfast and clearly repeated several times for fresh coffee, that I didnt like burnt pot coffee.Well obviously, they couldnt care less cause it was the worst burnt coffee in my life.My omelette was soo covered in cheese I couldnt taste anything else, it wasnta cheese omelet by the way!!My wife ordered a clubhouse that had rotten dumpster tomatoes, seriously dont trust your life with this dirty stale and terribly gross excuse for a business.Shame on the City of Gananoque for not closing them down for health code violations!!!!Never going near there again!!!

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Great prices... very quiet... no debit.... very very crispy bacon...

Review №8

Yeah, so we get a bowl with peanut butter and jams in it. Seems as though the friendly mouse decided to snack on it. Probably not the best thing to give to our customers. The food was good, not the greatest. All day breakfast is nice, but it was just mediocre..

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Cozy, intimate, quiet place to share with friends and family ... Food is home made like, pleasant quaint decor

Review №10

Delicious diner brunch and the price was right!

Review №11

Was a Great little restraunt, very friendly couple. Great Breakfast!

Review №12

Great breakfast. And at a good price.

Review №13

Best quality price

Review №14

Very very good breakfast special at $6.49 ...just the right size to fill you but not overstuff you .

Review №15

Great little place for breakfast!

Review №16

Really nice breakfast and homestlye food.

Review №17

Do not go here. They turned away a veteran, because of his service dog. Then had the gaul to question him as to why he had a service dog. Absolutely disgusted with the staff and owner.

Review №18

First impressions walking through the door... musky smell not appealing. Cook sitting at the table likely waiting for their first customer of the day.... us at 930am.The ambiance is awkward silence. No customers no TV no music just the server watching.... waiting....Theyre desserts? Flakeys and twinkies from the grocery store clearly still in their wrappers.Their server clearly not listening to us as we ask her repeatidly for water only for her to stand at the bar watching over us like hawks. The bacon freezer burned and microwaved.... who would do such a thing to bacon?Our eggs not cooked to how we ordered with something grey on the bottom of them? Not sure what it was but we stomached through it. My toast was even bad.... how does one mess up toast? Freezer burned likely and the peanut butter packet clearly expired and stale.The coffee was decent. I guess using a kuerig to make it, you cant really get it wrongWhen finally leaving to pay my bill our server once again didnt listen to us as I handed her cash and asked for just 1 dollar back, she instead gives me the full change back and I am now leaving her a tip I did not want to physically put down for her because of my Canadian politeness.Avoid this place, Im not sure how it is in business but likely wont be for much longer.

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Great breakfast would definitely go again

Review №20

This restaurant is breaking the law, will not permit service dogs in their establishment. A report will be formally placed.

Review №21

So yummy, great food and fast

Review №22

Awesome breakfast very lovely srvice

Review №23

Breakfast choices are bland coffee is also bland cash only place

Review №24

Charming relaxed place.

Review №25

Quaint, eclectic, consistently excellent food.

Review №26

$1.50 Hot Chocolate on a cold day, cant beat that (milky too!)

Review №27

Hair on the plate, errors in the orders, no contribution to correct the errors, funny dodeir in the dining room, looks like an old large basement even more or less appetizing. Waitress with a strong accent that is difficult to understand. But low price, fortunately

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Authentic Canadian Breakfast

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