Review №1

The lady name Ebony was very helpful shes Awesome need more Associates like her my wife was very satisfied with the help she provided thanks Ebony & have a nice Christmas

Review №2

Great products good sales. Friendly staff.Wasnt for me waiting outside 37min to get in i would rate 5 stars.

Review №3

First and foremost, I love Nike and I have been a shoe collector for many years and I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of Nike throughout the years. The reason I am making this complaint is due to a recent interaction I encountered with their MANAGER named Osmon. On the 23rd of December I was shopping at the outlets and stopped by Nike where I purchase several items. One of the items I purchased was the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5 which I will post a picture below. I purchased this shoe in an ADULT size 8. I was very satisfied with the shoe but unfortunately it did not fit me so I went back on the 27th of December which was 4 days after the original purchasing date to get an ADULT 8.5! To my surprise when I exchanged the shoe they were trying to charge me an additional $30 and the cashier helping me out was confused as to why if it was the same exact shoe the only difference was one was a size 8 and the other an 8.5, she then let her manager named Osmon know to try and take off the $30 charge and the manager instantly said NO without looking at the shoes or even coming over to the register. I then let the cashier know there shouldnt be a difference in pricing since the shoes were still on sell and the only difference was the size and she agreed and she was equally confused so then she tried asking her manager again and without even looking at the shoe once again the manager said no because one was MENS and one was womens which made no sense because once again it was the same exact shoe just an adult size difference. As a shoe collector who has purchased hundreds of shoes throughout the years I know that the only price difference is when 1. The shoe is different 2. The size goes up from kids to youth or youth to adult which neither of these was the case. Either way I let it go and paid the $30. On my way out of the store the manager starts sarcastically saying have a good day and starts laughing and I respond sarcastically back for him to have a good day as well and he then starts getting aggressive saying WHAT DID YOU SAY to that my friend responds why are you upset you got your extra $30 and were already out the door drop it and I went about my day. 20 minutes after that bizarre and scary interaction I called the Nike store to get his name because Im obviously going to make a complaint because this man was highly aggressive towards me for no reason. When I called the store he answered the phone and I asked for his name and once again he was aggressive and starts yelling saying that they dont give out employee names and that it was illegal and he hung up on me. That is clearly false because 1. They put employee names on receipts and 2. They have name tags. Therefore I called the next day after my purchase and spoke to a different staff member and was able to get his name. I am highly disappointed in the fact that this was in fact a manager and a man of leadership that failed his title. The cashiers handled the situation wonderfully and much better than he did and tried to calm the interaction. This was highly unprofessional and uncalled for and I hope to see him have consequences for his aggressive and uncalled for behavior. Attached you will find the receipt showing that its the same exact shoe and the size difference from an ADULT 8 to and ADULT 8.5. So not only did I have to pay an extra $30 but I was harassed by a an old grouchy 6 ft. man!!! Dont work retail if you cannot handle customer interactions!

Review №4

Bryan who works here is following me in the store I feel harassed and unwelcomed! Makes me feel like a thief! I will be calling corporate!

Review №5

I only buy Nike cause their shoes are the best

Review №6

Great Deals , covid wait time wasn’t too long ,awesome selection

Review №7

Maybe fix your times online idk? Has them closing at 8pm online while a guy tells me they’re closed at 7pm while it was 6:50pm lol. I’ll visit in a couple of weeks maybe they’ll change management from what I’ve been hearing and reading that seems to be the problem.

Review №8

Great store, good selection and they keep it clean. Love it when clearance shoes are an extra 30% off!

Review №9

They have great deals for good quality shoes. Specially near the holidays.

Review №10

If you like Nike as much as I dont this is the store to be!

Review №11

Not enough selection of size 14/15 basketball shoes..Staff was great, friendly, diverse.

Review №12

Great customer service! Always a pleasant visit.

Review №13

We had to wait for about 45 minutes to get in the store. Limited selection in the womens department as well as mens clothing but had additional discounts on all inventory.

Review №14

Love the Nike store. Its got great deals, especially with the Nike App.

Review №15

Great customer service. Never busy.

Review №16

I ordered shoes online and I need to return them. I will be making the return while travelling.

Review №17

Long holiday lines lol

Review №18

Quality shoes for a great price!

Review №19

Quick check out nice staff

Review №20

Usually it takes HOURS for me to find shoes (due to a past injury and specific physical needs), so I held off on getting a new pair for over a year, despite staying extremely active in running and weight lifting. When I reluctantly walked into Nike today, I talked to the worker (short hair and basketball shorts) about my situation and an upcoming military fitness exam. She immediately recommended a shoe that met my needs. The FIRST shoe fit me perfectly, and I love it!! Im very impressed with the quality and price of the shoe. I dont know who the lady was, but shes awesome. Props to her!

Review №21

Love this place great deals and good merch

Review №22

Not bad though

Review №23

Good selection. Fast and helpful employees. Best time to do some shopping is when they open up not busy at all.

Review №24

Hour long lines everyday

Review №25

Nice customer service. I went there with my family and everyone had a cool experience

Review №26

No more clearance racks shoes are just not cheap theyre like they used to be or inexpensive I used to get great deals there

Review №27

Where do I start... I love shoes! They have sales and deals all the time. I would live there if I could... I always buy a few pair when I visit. Will go back soon!

Review №28

Great customer service and deals check it out

Review №29

I love the Nike outlet!

Review №30

Great fast service even though they were packed with customers. Got great shoes for nearly half off.

Review №31

Love it, always happy when I leave. Great customer service!

Review №32

They have perfect customer service and they work with what they have and they do it quick and they are polite.

Review №33

Nice price

Review №34

Great place to shop. was out in 15 minutes with new pair of shoes

Review №35

Love to get mine and my kids nikes here they have a big selection of shoes and clothing!! Staff is always friendly and ready to help!!

Review №36

Great prices

Review №37

Love the shoes there

Review №38

Nice shes

Review №39

Way to many people, store was crowded.

Review №40

Good deals!

Review №41

Most shoes are great quality, but lately I got a pair of shoes that were expensive and they didn’t look good after a week. They lost color and it seemed like a waist of money.

Review №42

Love Nike 100%

Review №43

Amazing prices and huge selections!

Review №44

Always packed it seems but the staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful.

Review №45

A very nice gentle men helped me pick some shoes. I do not remember his name but whatever your paying him isnt enough.

Review №46

A girl named Alina is very nice !!! And professional !

Review №47

Good deals for high quality clothes. Well taken care of and the staff is welcoming.

Review №48

Customer service is absolutely great! They are there to help you and make sure you get the best deal and they will even price match prices for you! They have a wide variety of seasonal Nike apparel with a bunch of shoes to choose from. If you do not find the size or color they can check online with their phones and they will make sure you at least have a fighting chance of finding the pair of shoes you want and they even have free shipping.

Review №49

Good sales, nice and friendly.

Review №50

Great and courteous service and quick-service as well.

Review №51

Mariah killed it today! She satisfied us beyond our expectations! Common sense and well thought out transaction impressed this grouch!

Review №52

Four pairs one day

Review №53

Good deals as usual, also have a plus size section now!

Review №54

I usually can find something.

Review №55

Its nice a big lots of sporting goods here running shoes as well I bought my sandles here and I love em

Review №56

The cashier told me my csrd was declined, which was IMPOSSIBLE! My Chase is showing my charges as pending. She stated on THEIR end it wasnt showing it went through. I then used debit. So now I have over $500 in charges on my account pended. They assured me the first charge would drop off end of day. The point is now I have over $500 pended!!! I also gave them a giftcard that I CHOSE from work, after tying up over $500 in charges they had the nerve to question my giftcard!!!!! I will be driving to the Grapevine outlets from now on!

Review №57

I love this outlet we go to a lot of outlets and this is one of the best ones

Review №58

Good deals

Review №59

Took me over 25 min to do a simple exchange

Review №60

Can find good deals on shoes and back packs

Review №61

Slow lines. High prices

Review №62

To be honest my one star is more then Id wish to give to this place. I have never experienced such rudeness from an employee. Unfortunately I didnt get his name but simply decided to take my shopping elsewhere.

Review №63

It was good ppl there helpful

Review №64

Store was very clean. We found some good sales on back to school shoes, socks and shirts. Staff was nice.

Review №65

The Nike Outlet Shoe Store in Tulare Ca, Myself and my Girlfriend shop there alot, All the Employees at this particular store are Awesome!!! Ive never had a Bad experience there.. I would like too give a big shout out too Melissa, every time we go in there she comes up and says Hello, very friendly and professional, she has always gone out of her way too take us... Im a Loyal Customer.. I recommend this store too all my friends and coworkers, if they want a great experience, and great prices, go check out The Nike Outlet in Tulare.. Big Props, Sincerely Doug Ferris..

Review №66

Great selection of shoes and clothing prices and sales very. Staff is helpful and freindly. Store is always crowded and your not going to find the latest styles however they can order it with free shipping. Good place to by discontinued or ugly pattern clothing.

Review №67

Best shoes I could ever buy today. The shoes I bought was the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Review №68

If you live in the area, drop in randomly. Ive found some really good deals on athletic wear and shoes.

Review №69

For it being a Nike outlet it has a very little selection of Nikes needs to expand its selection customer service was excellent though

Review №70

Its alright and good costemor servis

Review №71

Melissa (mel) was very helpful and knowledgeable today, scored a lot of great deals

Review №72

Great,actually found some extra wide shoes that fit.

Review №73

A lot of store but I can usually find what Im looking for

Review №74

Large selection, lots of helpful sales persons, love the clearance section

Review №75

Ive been to just about every Nike outlet in California. Tulare outlet is ok but could have more product. Nike team is friendly and very accurate about getting shoes.

Review №76

Good place to find great shoes, especially if you want training or shoes that make a great fit for you and/or your family

Review №77

They had a shoe I liked, but it was three sizes too small. Then a green man stole my pair, now my hopes took a fall

Review №78

Love the selection of shoes as well how the staff are always around ready to help

Review №79

Didnt find what I was looking for. I saw some shoes I liked and the price was to expensive

Review №80

Love this place. Only place o can find size 15..

Review №81

I go there to get my shoes cause they last wear good comfortable good price

Review №82

Great shoes good prices and excellent service

Review №83

Amazing prices and selection. Great customer service.

Review №84

Absolutely wonderful employees. Super friendly and energetic. Loved the service.

Review №85

Needs friendlier staff.

Review №86

Always get great deals on awesome shoes

Review №87

Very helpful staff. I was buying shoes for 5 of my grandkids and they helped us with finding the right sizes and fast check out. Also signed me up for Nike +.

Review №88

Great selection of shoes

Review №89

Awesome prices. Manager was great!

Review №90

Amazing staff advised us to use our Nike app and use a promotion to save 30% from our purchase! Much appreciated!

Review №91

My friends was over from Kentucky the ball really good deals on there for their kids

Review №92

Friendly great prices

Review №93

Customer service is GREAT! They are always friendly and helpful.

Review №94

Wide variety of both clothing and shoes. Friendly, helpful Associates.

Review №95

I love this store, staff are always very friendly and helpful with questions

Review №96

You diffently new some colors in red blue yellow tennis shoes ?

Review №97

Pro: Quality service Con: No Golf apparel

Review №98

Love coming here and seeing some serious price drops and unexpected finds

Review №99

Great selection and very good prices

Review №100

Great deals for back to school

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