Review №1

Love the clothes and are very well priced but the customer service needs some serious work. The young lady helping me at the till was amazing but her (Im assuming managers) were standing around doing nothing while the line was increasing. I could see her continuously looking over at them. It was sad that literally no one jumped in to help her. I even loudly said as I was editing the cash wow I cant believe no one is helping that poor girl . There were alot of staff not doing anything that could have helped out. This isnt the first time this has happened when Ive been there too. Focus on ringing people through rather than standing around doodling on paper or chatting with eachother

Review №2

It has some decent options if you want to buy casual every day clothing

Review №3

I think they went bankrupt and reopened after 1 year just so they can revoke all of the store credit gift cards they issued as refunds. I have $50 of credit that is pretty useless now, as I was told by the cashier that I can only use it in the USA, and either I’ll have to pay for shipping to Canada if I shop online, or I’ll have to cross the border...which is not happening anytime soon. I just hope they don’t go bankrupt and close again before the borders reopen.Banning myself from shopping here ever again. Or any other place that only issues returns as store credit.

Review №4

Even though the place is really huge and a lot of stuff is available, but it still lacks the factor for which it would make me go back there again and again. It contains a wide variety of summer clothing and of course it would make me feel like 21 all the time! 🤪

Review №5

I was told i can return the clothes within 14 days as they have no fitting room , i returned the clothes within less than half an hour , i was then told i can only get store is a rip off! i do not recommend this store , they are not clear about their return message.i could not be more disappointed !Also i was told that the merchandise credit card can be used online which does not seem to be correct information ! so unprofessional salesperson !

Review №6

Rude employee she talked with me in a very rude manner. Very disappointed will never go back again.

Review №7

They have a really bad return and exchange policy right now. The fitting rooms are all closed (maybe due to COVID?), which wouldnt be an issue if you can get a full refund within 14 days...but its exchange/store credit only 🤦 If you are unsure which size pants you should get, you likely have to come back a few times to swap out your item (buying 3 at once wouldnt work unless you want store credit). And when you make an exchange, you have to give them your address. I havent had to do that in a very long time with any other stores 🤷 They did not even ask for my card or anything again so they 100% do not need that information to make the exchange.

Review №8

Unprofessional staff and manager has no etiquette to talk to someone.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎Not deserve even a star.

Review №9

Rude manager. Placed a complaint, something I never do. You should never cuss customers out

Review №10

I love the stuff, and happy to see this back.

Review №11

Manger instead of issuing store credit hid behind the counter lol so simple it was a matter of issuing store credit called security for the customer just because she demanded store credit on a poor quality sandalThanks to the digital world for catching manger hidding behind the counter to her embrassment she called security for the customer which wasn’t called for.

Review №12

Such horrible collection Im not sure y have they degraded so much in terms of collection

Review №13

Good stuff with nice price

Review №14

Thousand of people inside at the same time

Review №15

Unhappy with the business there, no any sign of final sale but wasnt allowed to exchange even right on next day and unworn. NO MORE

Review №16

Its pretty good. If youre a size large or plus sized dont count on getting anything that quite fits you. Im a size large and literally nothing I wanted had a large in stock. The plus sized section is also not an option because everything is meant for people 50 feet tall. Im 51 and no joke I was looking at overalls in the plus sized section and the legs on them were almost as tall as me wut

Review №17

Great selection of reasonably priced wear but its too disorganized and messy.

Review №18

Good price and big collection for men and women its large store on 2 floor

Review №19

I usually pick up my online orders from their website at this location. I dont bother looking through the racks here anymore because it is too chaotic. They do have a very small area dedicated to online order pick up, but the staff are disinterested and pretend not to see you when you wait in that area. As for returns they only offer store credit. I hope they know it is the year 2019.

Review №20

Went in with my girlfriend and it was very busy. Some of the staff were very polite and others just didnt seem to care. Lots of good deals going around though, did take a bit to find what she wanted as many didnt really move from where they were to help. Good prices and decent value. Not as good as other locations.

Review №21

2 floors. Menswear available. Large selection of bargains.

Review №22

Variety of different clothing and accessories, but there is an overload of merchandise, things dont stand out, colors are all mixed together and is very hard to find things in that store. Each time I got there I get a headache and feel I need to leave, the quality of the clothing is cheap, the only good thing is variety and cheap pricing. The customer service is non-existence.

Review №23

Clothing is usually pretty great quality, but this store seems over-crowded and somewhat unkempt. Furthermore, staff here seem to be doing the bare minimum. They avoid you like the plague and God forbid you ask for help... like you offended their great ancestors by asking a question. Normally I would give staff the benefit if the doubt (I know what its like to work in retail) but their poor attitude is a regular occurrence here.

Review №24

Fairly tidy for such a large store. Fast moving line at fitting rooms. Great variety in the plus section 😁

Review №25

Terribly rude staff - I asked three different staff members where something was; two said “probably near the front somewhere” and the other must not have understood me even slightly, because she showed me pyjama pants when I was looking for a long sleeve shirt... if they didn’t know where it was, that’s fine - but the rude, condescending attitude from all three of them was enough that I took my money elsewhere.I’m giving an extra star because the store was clean and had a decent amount of clothing, despite the lack of organisation, but I sadly won’t be returning due to the service.

Review №26

Im currently in the mens section and it is complete chaos. I have never seen the mens side this disorganized. Cant look through anything because its too hectic. Its the middle of May and there was one pair of shorts. This store has gone completely downhill. Theres not even anyone organizing

Review №27

Never a person in sight when you need one. Not sure who does the visualizations and clothing arrangement for the store but it looked pretty mediocre. I guess theyre working with what they have but, the atmosphere didnt make me want to buy anything.

Review №28

Me and my friend went to the forever 21 at metrotown to make fun of the clothes. I didnt know I was gonna find out its going bankrupt the moment i got home.

Review №29

Some nice outfits but lots of weird clothing that is too weird. Quality is eh but survivable. Prices are alright some items are definitely overpriced some are alright.

Review №30

This store is so messy it was hard to shop for anything. Worse is that employees didnt check the conditions of the items before putting them back onto the sale floor. I picked 8 items to try on and two of them were damaged. It seems that the change room needs better quality control. The store on Robson is so much better and way more organized (except the sales section).

Review №31

Is it me or is the fashion style been very strange lately? I use to always find pieces to buy. Now it looks like a big blob of colours and clothes. No style no direction.

Review №32

The metrotown location is one of the worst stores Ive ever been in. Im usually pretty generous with reviews but this place was just.. disorganized and annoying. the staff were all fine but it felt like there werent any around, and it took me 2 hours to find a single pair of shorts in March. it was already starting to get warm and everyone else was selling their spring clothes, very confusing. would recommend trying another location if you can get to one

Review №33

Lovely store with unique up to date outfits for women in affordable prices.

Review №34

They dont give refunds. just store credit. what kinda bs is that forever 21? cute clothes tho

Review №35

Design is pretty trendy . Looks like hipster but I dont know why people like here. Because, almost Cotton is terrible . After laundry it seems to be garbage .

Review №36

Clean and light shopping floor. Shopping space is ok with life music or radio provided. Price is not bad for some items. Employees are pretty nice, friendly, and helpful. Credit cards accepted. Check out time is normal. Located inside of Metrotown shopping mall. Free mall parking available. Easy access.

Review №37

Would give 0 stars if I could. I ordered online, and asked to ship-to store. Took over 2 weeks, no email was sent saying my package was shipped, and I had to harass them for hours at a time asking where my package was. Nobody knew where it was, why it was late, or why it hasnt arrived within the posted time frame. Nobody in customer service was helpful, they were all robotic, barely spoke English as iff they were reading off a script, and I was hung up on TWICE. Wait times for the phone customer service line are a lie- they say wait time is 2 minutes, you will be waiting 15 minutes. Very cheap customer service, or should I say NO customer service at all. Will never order online ever again, even hesitant to buy from the store. They have no standards for their service and no guarantees. Basically, if you order online and if your parcel gets lost, nobody will ever know and nobody will update you. It will be up to you to keep calling and harassing them while they run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Review №38


Review №39

Good selection of clothes b shoes n accessories the plus size section is a bonus

Review №40

Always a good place to come to every so often for something different to try on. Sad they are headed out forever.

Review №41

Now they have plus sizes and very affordable, and good selection of shoes.

Review №42

I went looking for a simple black skirt and couldn`t find one in the entire store, let alone anything else in my size. I spent a good half-hour, forty-five minutes wandering around and left with nothing;; all and all, not really worth the time.

Review №43

I love it idk why they are closing it in Canada 😭

Review №44

Worst location. Everything is messy and disorganised. Nothing is in piles or racks just heaps of random clothes all together. There is also no who cares to help you. I went in today (a quiet Monday afternoon) and asked multiple staff members in the fitting rooms if they could get me a larger size be told they were too busy or just plain ignored me. So rude.

Review №45

This Forever 21 gave me an unbelievable experience. Usually, the store is a huge, huge wreck! But there was this one employee who was working very diligently, as the chaos ensued around them. The assistant to the regional manager was not seem. But it is alright, because on that day, I saw BJ Novak shopping there.

Review №46

Good department store for young ones who like best price on clothing and accessories

Review №47

This is the worst store they have. Clothes are all over the place. Racks are over filled. They dont even utilize the top floor to its potential. Its almost always unsupervised and messy. They need to kick their but in gear and start the clean up. They just look lazy.

Review №48

Needs more clothes for men. But they still had some good shirt and jacket options.

Review №49

Love this store! Great location that has a ton of staff always in store!

Review №50

Great deals going on right now in womens

Review №51

Applied there, came in for my interview, nobody knew I was coming. A managed picked a random sales associate to interview me and she didnt know what to do. I got hired after that, couldnt make it to my orientation because of a car accident and called them several times and they never pick up their phone. Asked me to do another interview again because the new hire employment files got lost. Horrible service and management.

Review №52

Store getting pricey, though there are still good finds.

Review №53

They are AWESOME but just found out today the store is closing :(

Review №54

I dont really like your cloth cruz sometime it just dont really look good

Review №55

Went in with my gf, and it was literally chaos inside. Clothes were all over the floor and girls were pushing each other in the additional 50% off section. Why buy a zoo ticket when I can just come here.

Review №56

My experience is based on browsing Forever 21s limited selection of menswear.Ive only been here a couple of times and dont understand the appeal of Forever 21. People carrying those yellow plastic bags by the handful confounds me. The quality of their clothes is awful; their cheapness can literally be felt. Forever 21 is one of the biggest perpetrator when it comes to ripping off designer labels and stealing artists work, which is reason enough not to support the brand. To make matters worse, this location takes up huge real estate—two floors worth of actual and eventual garbage.

Review №57

Great plus size options.

Review №58

There on sale buy one gat one free and 30%off

Review №59

Chaotic. Too many garments on racks and there was no organization to speak of on the 2nd floor except for a handful of racks. No associate on the 2nd floor the 15 minutes I spent there -- probably too despaired of customers requests to help find stuff in that mess. Associates on lower floor seemed to me to be barely trying to appear busy. Literally saw two of them brushing against clothings with their knuckles, while keeping their eyes down (I had to do several double-takes to ascertain they actually worked there but refrained from bothering them as they most certainly appeared not wanting to be bothered). Very strange operation for a major label at such a location as Metrotown.

Review №60

You get every kind of clothing you need... But unfortunately this store closing soon...

Review №61

Mens selection is almost non existent and the T-shirt I had from here wore out quickly.

Review №62

Store workers are clueless and lie. Store is messy and unorganized

Review №63

Going out of business. Super disappointed!

Review №64

Little short on staff and sometimes jeans can get unorganized and messy but otherwise, a great store to shop at!

Review №65

Similar store Urban Behavior down stair near buck or two plus urban planet locate 2nd as usual.sometime busy ,sometime dont.clean ,wheelchair ok...this store is permanent close the women department location nearby HM clothing store...

Review №66

I hate this location: so messy, no staff to be found, hard to find anything in the sale section. Id rather order online.

Review №67

Closing sale is very good

Review №68

I love coming to this branch because of how big it is. There are two floors and I almost rarely come out without a bag in my hands!!

Review №69

Has gone very downhill, used to be much better but now its just a mess.

Review №70

I politely asked this lady to help me reach the shirt that I want and she just looked at me. She grabbed the metal hook to reach it, as she does so, she bangs the metal onto the hangers (stomping) and I felt like she really doesnt wanna help. I know we all have bad days but I really didnt like the way she treated me. Very unprofessional.

Review №71

A large selection of on-trend clothing. Accessible price point. Limited menswear selection.

Review №72

BIG store something for everyone.

Review №73

I always go to Forever 21 whenever Im in Metrotown because they have lots of trendy yet cheap clothes. But men be warned, their mens collection is pretty sad.

Review №74

Has many staffs on shift, but only two cashiers to serve a long line up. Upstairs register closed. Making customer go downstairs to line up.

Review №75

Good store if you are on a budget. Cute, cheap clothes.

Review №76

Always love dis store

Review №77

Great plus size clothing

Review №78

Nice store 😊

Review №79

This is the most terribly organized store and I try to avoid coming here because I can never anything here

Review №80

The store is always a mess, barely can find the stuff you want. Totally disorganized

Review №81

Not good comparing to the one they used to have it on Robson street DT Van.

Review №82

Amara is dope! really helpful!!

Review №83

Kinda chaotic but I found nice stuff

Review №84


Review №85

Don’t like the collection. Staff not very helpful

Review №86

I just liked it

Review №87

Clean and organized

Review №88

Also nice place

Review №89

How can these guys survive as a business is a mystery.

Review №90

Trendy stuff

Review №91

Good selection of cheap jewelry

Review №92

Good deals

Review №93

Clearence was a mess

Review №94

Its a mess.

Review №95

Cheap place to shop

Review №96


Review №97


Review №98

Very messy clothes are everywhere

Review №99


Review №100

Good selection

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