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A decent sized store, it has a guide showing the differences in sizes comparing Japanese, America, and European sizes. That is really handy especially to tourists such as myself. Very friendly staff who speaks broken, but understandable English.

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Located at Mitsui Outlet. I went for the first time. The shop clerk is unique and looks good. Please call me. Rather, I was told again and again that it was 30% off and I was embarrassed. So no matter how much you listen, it feels bad.I love Banana Republic, but what about it?

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Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai PortI came to BANANA REPUBLIC.You can buy reliable brand items from home and abroad.You can enjoy shopping with a wide lineup of stores!Corona infection prevention measures are also thoroughly implemented at each store, so you can shop with confidence and it is a wonderful shopping park where you can see the spirit of hospitality at each store.Things that can only be bought here, because they are outlets, they are out of shape, and there is no image of a B-class product.There is always an assortment of items, and I think you can always meet what you want!We are also holding the 25th anniversary, so you should definitely go there!

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A shop with an image of always 30% OFF to 50% OFF When I actually picked up the item, it was a product with a fixed price of about 80% OFF. Also, the capacity was talking to me and it was very annoying.

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This is the only Banaripa in Tohoku.I sometimes buy a business tie.The customer service of the clerk was normal.

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I was shocked to see that I was disgusting at the time of my return to the male bearded staff in my 30s and said to my customers. It is the lowest as a customer service.I would like to consult with the head office.

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In front of the stage

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It was not so if I thought it was cheap.

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The clerk feels good

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Bananas are bought at the outlet for the rural people

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