Boot Barn
1799 Retherford St, Tulare, CA 93274, United States

Review №1

Cowboy heaven!!! This is a great place and has way more than boots. Western wear, work wear, and more.

Review №2

This is the biggest one in the area and they have more of a selection plus they have good sales picked up a pair of nice ariats for 120

Review №3

Great customer service.

Review №4

We went to get work boots (for a man) & possibly look at cowboy boots for a female. Took a little bit to get help, but when we did she finally pointed us in the right area. We found some & spent more then the previous pair by the same brand but what can you do about that. Also please get a better selection of wide boots for ladies please! Besides that the place is nice & clean. Has a restroom for customers.

Review №5

Very nice store, good customer service, but the prices are outrageous!

Review №6

Big selection and very helpful staff Desiree was great and another gal called a few other stores looking for the size I wanted

Review №7

Great customer service, and an awesome selection on everything from boots, to hats, to work wear. They also price match and will shape hats for free.

Review №8

Its nice to be able to walk into a place with an assortment of tuff boots. Kinda pricey but worth it.

Review №9

I didn’t appreciate the blonde hispanic cashier up in the front named “BRENDA” flirting with my husband. She kept on trying to make eye contact with him even though i’m the one that was applying for the credit card and exchanging money with her not the hubby. NEVER COMING BACK !!!!!! disgusted

Review №10

Easy to find and all employees very helpfully

Review №11

Love this place. Employees are always helpful. Cheerful greeters. Great prices,great selection of boots. Dont buy any place else for my family.

Review №12

Ive never thought there was a place completely full of boots and gear for boots just like this one . Wow amazing and great prices too

Review №13

Had the boots we wanted, happy Happy

Review №14

Staff is very helpful

Review №15

Well doesnt come close to the Fresno Store . The store is nice but employee are to sloppy dressed. PS. there was a young Hispanic girl working the front that was very nice but she was the only one... The Fresno Store both men and women are nicely dress but regardless there boots are definitely number one no matter where I go ...

Review №16

Love the workers everyone is so kind and helpful,.

Review №17

Original Pendletons 🤙🏽

Review №18

Good n fast service 👌

Review №19

I getting tired of not being able to find sizes I need here. I dont want to order it online. I want to be able to walk into the store and find the items I need or want. 3XLT , 46 * 34 pants , size 15 boots. Its so aggravating.

Review №20

The place is the best place to shop at here in Tulare.

Review №21

Fantastic finally found a pair of Ariats for work!

Review №22

Great as alwaysGood selection here

Review №23

Great store. Wonderful prices.

Review №24

Boots for days. Love this place.

Review №25

Truck parking out front, close to mall and theater. Great selection of boots.

Review №26

Very helpful and very pleasant. Clean and organized.

Review №27

Great boots and western style clothing

Review №28

Bad customer service!!! Long waits while employees stand around chit chatting.

Review №29

Great experience, Desiree was extremely helpful.

Review №30

Nice cowboy designer clothes. Womens as well. Ariat,cinch,Hawx. Work cloths. Boots and work boots

Review №31

Lots and lots of stuff you need but not much for anyone to help you find what you need.

Review №32

Is a good place to go shopping and buy Western clothes

Review №33

Brody was so patient and helpful when my boys were looking for the right style of boot and fit. We enjoyed our visit.

Review №34

Great overall service.Reasonable prices.

Review №35

Great customer service. Eric help us.

Review №36

Very good experience, been going here for years. Good overall customer service.

Review №37

Great Customer Service, staff was friendly and knew product.

Review №38

Love coming here even after the covid 19 they were still open really did like it I always go n ask them to print out my temporary credit card receipt and they always did it even if I was going like 3 times a week and they still had my back but now I have my card so wont give them any trouble but happy this place didnt close through all this hard time ✌️

Review №39

Very helpful staff down there. Answered all my questions and more.

Review №40

Customs service here was fantastic!!

Review №41

I really don’t appreciate it how bootbarn treated my brother today. My brother went to the store around 6pm today and he was in there to buy some new boots for himself. He asked the lady to bring the second boot so he can try both boots on to see how they would look. Mind you my brother shops ar boot barn all the time. This lady had the audacity to tell him no that there was no need to Bring the second boot out. my brother kindly told her I need to try both of them on to see how they look and feel. She said she’ll bring them out but he better not run away with them. Are you serious? She told him not to run away with them. What because my brother is clearly a different race? You would have told a white man that. So disappointed how they treated this. Please address this because if I ever get treated like this when I go I will take this to cooperate.

Review №42

Nice store for purchase my presents 🎁

Review №43

Aaron was so helpful, and kept calm when I was disappointed with the steel toe selection for women. But all in all, everyone who helped me was so sweet and great and did everything in their power to make me happy.Also the wooden things they carry on there hips, looks like they are carrying puppets. And makes to much noise as they walk, also make me feel like their pants are going to fall. Feel bad for them more than anything.

Review №44

Great customer service on a very busy weekend.

Review №45

Always great customer service and always great atmosphere..

Review №46

Great selection and they can order for you. Also great sales.

Review №47

Great price but lacks a ton on customer service and product knowledge including some of the managers show your customers where you product is no point your finger in a direction

Review №48

I was shopping for Ariat brand and not much of a selection

Review №49

Great shoes, expensive but great. If you are looking for quality boots, look no further than Ariats. My favorite boot to wear for comfort or style. Service is given with a smile and staff are extremely friendly. Will definitely be coming back for more boots.

Review №50

I thought their boots were pricey but gorgeous. I wasnt really given much attention in the store but I liked that I was able to roam the store without being followed. I got some nice work books for about $200 and so far they have been great.

Review №51

A lot nice boots, but not very well organized. The prices could be lower too. A lot belts and jacks, and pants. But it looks like they only have 1 rack for pants and jackets, cause everything is just crammed in there. You pull out 1 jack or pants and 5 more will come out too.

Review №52

Great store, wish they had more selection of boys boots. Thats all my son wears and he has hard time finding the right boot. But other than that great service.

Review №53

Amazed by the selections. Staff was very helpful.

Review №54

Helpful salespeople fast curious service great price will definitely shop here again soon

Review №55

My husband went there and now our grandson has gone there. Great place to shop if you want really nice boots and shirts

Review №56

Destiny was so nice and helpful! Thanks BB!

Review №57

The costumer service is great in this store

Review №58

Not too busy, but there was a short line up front (38 customers inside at one time).

Review №59

Great customer service

Review №60

Alot of things on sale good brands

Review №61

The staff was helpful and thankfully my husband was able to find the boots he needed for work. Definitely recommend!

Review №62

Came in with many different transactions and they had no problem with it. Great customer service and fully stocked, you can always find what your looking for.

Review №63

Nice clean store. Friendly staff and good selection. Too pricey tho

Review №64

Took a while to get help but was helped and was quick and easy.

Review №65

Wow! This location is probably the largest Ive been to in years. They have a great selection, the staff is super friendly and helpful, and their prices are outstanding.

Review №66

Boots and western wear also fr clothes

Review №67

Love the storr

Review №68

These stores have gone downhill for work boots. Terrible selection, and the service is really poor, I’ve been to multiple locations.

Review №69

Nice customer service Woody was a big help and happy with his recommendation thumbs up for Woody...

Review №70

Nice selection

Review №71

Always get an amazing deal...... Got a great price on a pair of boots for Christmas....... Very helpful and pleasant employees

Review №72

Great staff. Great people. Cute stuff. I love this store! Will forever shop here 😍 Ashley your the best. ❤

Review №73

Theres a line waiting to go in, as some people leave then they let people in

Review №74

Old staff was much friendlier and helpful this place has gone downhill

Review №75

HUGE selection ranging Footwear to outerwear and everything in between, whether youre looking for on the job or in the club its a good place to find some nice boots. Very helpful staff, friendly and NOT over your shoulder trying make sales, always a plus in retail.

Review №76

I have to think twice before entering this place. I always find something I need to buy. This time is was blue dancing boots. Its always something.

Review №77

Its a huge store, very nice staff. However we were told that Didnt have the work 👢 boots we were looking for. As we were leaving we found a pair of boots that we were told that Didnt carry anymore. So disappointed in lack of employee effort.

Review №78

Espi was such a great help with jewelry and the cashier was so friendly awesome store btw

Review №79

Very helpful and friendly. They make sure you find what you need and the best boot for what you do and your comfort!

Review №80

Great place to find country ware boots shirts jeans belts etc. Its a bit on the pricey side . Customer service is not that great but got what I needed and left . The shopping experience is a bit crammed so if you need country wear definitely go here .

Review №81

Good service

Review №82

Terrible service. 5 employees were working and no one asked if we needed help, and it was very slow. The dress room had tables stacked everywhere😳 The clothing racks are so crammed with clothes its hard to shop. We walked out.

Review №83

Not happy they are taking out the kids section. Its super crowded in there not enough room to walk in between the clothes without bumping into someone.

Review №84

Great atmosphere

Review №85

I like this store. They seem to have a slightly better selection of mens boots and mens tall shirts and jackets.

Review №86

Really good customer service if they dont have it they will order it

Review №87

Large selection and fair prices! Not much more, I could ask for

Review №88

Always a wonderful selection of current western fashions.

Review №89

Very busy store, long line for check out but there was plenty of cashiers working which helped the line move faster. Staff is nice.

Review №90

Grate help nice staff

Review №91

Ordered work boots online for pick at store. I drove 45 miles with the expectation of buying new boots. However was given a bag no box or original packaging what so ever. Not a big deal until I took the boots out and discovered there was grass and dirt on the bottom of boot. Which had obviously been worn A LOT there were stains and scuffs the worst part of this complete waste of time store manager was rude and confrontational

Review №92

Love the boots here and they have great prices 😁

Review №93

The ladies have horrible customer service. They never have the hat area clean or organized. They need better staff.

Review №94

Don’t buy pants from this store. Purchased a pair of Wranglers for almost 60 dollars for work. They fit great, so I didn’t keep the receipt think I was good....Wrong, the jeans back side ripped the first day wearing them.I call the store and told them what had happened, and they said I was good and that I could just exchange them. When I went to the store a few days later, they told me that I was out of luck.To make a long story short. I purchased 60 dollar jeans that I received a half days wear out of....I will never bring my business back to these stuck up rednecks again.

Review №95

It nice stuff but couldnt walk down the boots cause i had a stroller

Review №96

Good Prices, Friendly Service!!

Review №97

Helpful friendly employeesWide selection. Will never go to Walmart for Wranglers again

Review №98

It was my first and my last time shopping in this place they have terrible service the place is a mess and not friendly at all. HOPEFULLY you can get better staff that can really help out costumers, not just walk by and give you dirty looks. ¡What a shame!

Review №99

Great stuff

Review №100

I went to the tulare boot barn because it was off the 99 I came for a return and the employee at the register called a manager and they took FOREVER just for a simple return she then came up finally and was just super rude idk if she was busy or something but she definitely showed her irritation towards her employeee and myself I feel bad for the employee because she tried apologizing for her managers rude actions never coming back....

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  • Address:1799 Retherford St, Tulare, CA 93274, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 559-688-7456
  • Boot store
  • Clothing store
  • Western apparel store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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