2195 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274, United States

Review №1

Really nice store. Very clean and organized. Absolutely will travel out of my way to go again. Nice staff.

Review №2

This was the largest Target I have ever been to. It seemed to go on and on forever. It is A Super Target so they carry a full line of groceries. It was well lit and very clean. The people I spoke with were very courteous and helpful.

Review №3

The cashier was ringing up my groceries and sneezed into her wrist then placed the same hand and wrist into my bag of fresh produce, holding each vegetable with her bare hands, to scan the items. She didn’t even sanitize her hands or let the sneeze dry(was still wet). I was so disgusted but didn’t want to create a scene in front of her and the others waiting in line . I paid for the groceries, left the store and threw the bag of veggies into the trash can. BTW this occurred in the early phases of covid before masks were mandated for essential workers .

Review №4

I do not recommend this target at all. They dont even know their own policies. So I went to Visalia target, where they gladly accepted my return and will be a regular customer of that target instead.

Review №5

Went to the grocery store part. Ive been going to this target for groceries off and on. The worst areas are produce and the bakery. Always out of so much. I talk to other customers and the say the say as me. Very disappointed. Ive always said I dont know who the manager is of those areas but they need new ones. I understand not wanting waste , but if the same items sell out time after time you are just not ordering enough.

Review №6

Alot of good natural food, health, and cosmetic brands. Always clean, and has a starbucks.

Review №7

I saw a family all not wearing proper face coverings, and this is not the first time this has happened at this target store. On several occasions over the past eight months I have witnessed multiple people not wearing proper face coverings, this is totally unacceptable, covid 19 is a very serious and deadly virus and if target employees arent going to enforce the mask mandate to help stop the spread of covid 19 and make people feel safe to shop at target then I DO NOT want to shop there. Everyone must do their part to help stop the spread of covid 19. I think after eight months of this target could at least do this, like come on now Walmart is able to enforce this.

Review №8

They need to honor the prices that they advertise. Clearance in the holiday sectionwas marked 70% off but it was not ringing up correctly. The supervisor was willing to give 50% off when all the signs clearly say 70% off. The cashier was rude and annoyed when I tried to explain how things were marked in their holiday section. This is not the first time this has happened at this target and it looks like Im not the only one that has experienced this. If management reads these reviewplease train your employees and make sure your computers reflect proper prices.

Review №9

Target is still letting people into their stores without proper face coverings, why is it so difficult for them to enforce the mask mandate, people are going to get sick because of this and covid 19 will continue to spread and some people will die. It is as if target does not care about their customers health and safety.

Review №10

The customers in front of me were upset that the cashier was not able to check them out in the return/exchange area, and became verbally upset and loud, then walked away upset. When I came up, the cashier DID NOT let that little exchange upset him or his demeanor towards the next customer. I appreciated his professionalism, assistance, and great customer service. He even helped me figure out my Target App quite quickly!

Review №11

I like the employees attitudes towards all the customers during these challenging times!

Review №12

I used to work there. They brought it right out to me as soon as I pulled in!

Review №13

Great products and great prices.

Review №14

I was treated with kindness. The employee was super fast and very nice.

Review №15

Excellent customer service and it is clean and the staff is friendly

Review №16

Cashier was disrespectful and over charged me. If the store is going to have a sale, make sure your employees know how to apply the discount and honor the sale sign. The sale sign said 70% but at the register it was only 50%. The cashier argued this without checking. It does not make sense to put merchandise on sale at 50% and apply two separate discount of 30% then take 20% more off the discounted price. It is not the same. It is false advertisement. Customer service said the discount was applied was the only way they could apply the discount. With this kind of service I will no longer be shopping at target.

Review №17

Ordered a pop online that was going to be released today in store and someone cancelled my order went to the store and a lady was buying 4 with a limit of 2. Someone was to lazy to actually pull my order.

Review №18

Clean, well stocked & inviting store, quality/friendly customer service & a variety of items to choose from. The young lady in the makeup dept went above & beyond to help me find an item that wasnt anywhere near her area. She was super friendly & I appreciated that. Our cashier was also very friendly & provided a pleasant experience during my visit.

Review №19

Target pickup is the best. Wish they offered grocery pickup, but one thing at a time :)

Review №20

Waited through an almost 3 minute intro on the phone, just to have the phone ring for a minute, no one pick up, and get hung up on. How hard is it to answer a phone?

Review №21

Why does it take 5 hours for the Drive up option. I don’t see why it takes so long.

Review №22

I want to give this store more stars on this review, but now this makes it twice that I’ve received an item that is past it’s due date-by 3 months this time! I guess I should have checked it, but I didn’t think a store this busy would have a problem with keeping stocked with new frozen food products.

Review №23

Theres really nice products and deals here and the staff all do their job really well.

Review №24

The employees are great, always willing to help, friendly

Review №25

This place is way too fun!

Review №26

The employee that came out and explained the app and showed me how simple it is to use was amazing. Also having a special needs child makes shopping sometimes difficult. It is great to be able to shop for everything we need and have it brought to my car on those hard days.

Review №27

Customer service was great loved how friendly and helpful the staff were. Especially in this time time of holiday shopping.

Review №28

The store is always clean, organized, and friendly staff who are always knowledgeable.

Review №29

I find it funny that alot of places want you to wear a mask at this time but their employees dont seem to know how to wear them right I was there on May 21 and I saw 3 employees that only had the mask covering their mouth isnt it supposed to be lead by example

Review №30

The store remodel is great, the change in the loud, rockin music is a real negative. All my visits make me want to leave ASAP. Please change the music!

Review №31

Helpful staff. First time in grocery section but employees will take you to what you cant find. Very clean, good parking.

Review №32

I love the brands and the target cards that comes with 5% discount,as well the target circle and the target cart wheel.

Review №33

The people that work there are always so friendly and very helpful. The store is always shiny clean, love all the variety that is there. 1 stop shopping, for sure!

Review №34

Target is a great store, great customer service. Awesome goods and finds. Target Circle is amazing!!

Review №35

Lines, lines, lines. If people complained about lines at Target as much as they did at Kmart, it would definitely have more attention. A million people that appear register trained all talking to each other while the 3 cashiers are talking to them and scanning. Ugh. Still gave 3 stars because this target is usually VERY clean and has a good selection.

Review №36

Store is a mess items not stocked face masks required but store employess say they dont care check out is not clean.

Review №37

I love target. Clean. Friendly always. great app.

Review №38

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED curbside pick up!!!

Review №39

Target always has the best selection of clothes and literally everything you need.

Review №40

I love it. Not a million people like walmart, and its easy to get around in. Lots of self checkouts, and love that it has a starbucks in it. A white girls dream xD

Review №41

Good Covid19 measures.

Review №42

Staff friendliness and helpfulness are the reasons why I always concede back. Deals with cartwheel and redcard are amazing!

Review №43

Usually the customer service is awsome. Everyone is always so helpful.

Review №44

I can’t express how grateful I am for the amazing work that Target does with cakes. Our last minute order, marble cake with raspberry filling, was delicious!!! The Navy decor was such a surprise and absolutely beautiful. It was way to pretty to cut what my Johnny said I wish I could post a pic. Thank you all for everything you do for your customers!

Review №45

They dont have controllers

Review №46

I love target in tulare .I always find what Im looking for very nice and clean!!! Employees are always very nice and helpful!!! Never have to wait in line!!!

Review №47

Store is always clean and employees are nice. Really like that I can pretty much find everything I need in one place. The in-store Starbucks is a bonus.

Review №48

The store is not stocked an the girl that checked us out was rude an she cant bag properly. Putting food in with soaps an cleaners. Worst visit ever.

Review №49

We love the Tulare Target. It is my happy place. The service is excellent and they are always friendly and helpful. We go every Saturday even though we live about 12 miles away. I even take my family there when they come to visit. They know that is what my husband and I do on Saturdays. My sister and brother-in-law moved here from Oregon and they join us. I showed them Cartwheel and love the savings.

Review №50

The store is clean and well kept up. The clerks are friendly and helpful. The pharmacy is excellent .The pharmacy clerks and the pharmacist are very professional and knowledgeable .If you have any questions they either know the answer or they will find out for you. The pharmacy dept also has a courtesy plan that will combine all your meds you need to be picked up at the same time so theres no going back every couple of days to pick up other meds needed. This excellent service can be found at the CVS pharmacy in Target in Tulare.

Review №51

I had such an amazing experience today at target I wish all cashiers were as properly trained as Traci is. Shes got amazing costumer service shes a gem.! Keep up the good work Traci, it was a pleasure meeting you today.

Review №52

Team members are always helpful. Store is clean and maintained.

Review №53

I had a Target coupon for 20% off my purchase and it would not scan. The cashier tried 2 different registers and still it didnt work. She called for a supervisor who took me to another register and still did not work. And she called 2 other supervisors over and they had to put in an override for me to get that discountAll of them were very efficient and willing to make it right, I very much appreciated their professionalism and their concerns for me as their customer. Great job!

Review №54

I was amazed how clean and well organized the produce department was. Eduardo was very helpful and patient with my grandmother. Very great customer experience thanks to Eduardo Garcia.

Review №55

It was ready and waiting when I got there. I literally walked in, picked it up, and walked out! Awesome!

Review №56

Great price fast pickup

Review №57

Service when I ask for a dairy item Tim always finds the item or lets me know when it will be restocked

Review №58

I often shop at this store, I like it a lot. This review is for the popcorn offered in the food court? I have always been a fan or Targets popcorn, and the smell when I walk through the door lures me in. Until today. Right away I noticed it was different. Asked the cashier if they had changed the popcorn, and she said that yes they did. Bigger kernels, for sure. But with that went all flavor. Brought it home and tossed it on the ground for my chickens. Dang!

Review №59

Great customer service.

Review №60

A Cashier named mikayla was extremely rude about me purchasing makeup and using coupons. Refused to take coupons before reading the fine print this goes to show target yet has failed to train their cashiers to be educated about coupons. Can some one explain to me what the difference is about paper coupons and coupons on the cartwheel app.

Review №61

Target OpticalPersonnel are professional, helpful and a joyful. Highly recommend going there. They are always ready with no long waits or insurance issues. Recommend it a 5 star location.

Review №62

Because when you need help people there to help and everything you need is at the store

Review №63

Had everthing I needed

Review №64

Great customer service

Review №65

Clean. Well stocked. Spacious. Great prices and delicious deli. I shop for clothes, household items, and groceries. Courteous staff always.

Review №66

Target has almost everything you need

Review №67

The cashier Tamia was slow in box 21 she took forever and had customers waiting impatiently

Review №68

Makayla! is one of the nicest cashiers! she provided me with the best customer service anyone has ever had given me. She new what she was taking about when I asked her about cartwheel and coupons. And she help me with setting up my red card in my cartwheel. Thank makayla keep up the great work!

Review №69

It’s so easy!!! I needed to send my husband in to pick up the item. It was ready to go.

Review №70

I alway tell my friends and family that target has good prices and they have really helpful team members there.If you need help they get there on time so you are not waiting to long they are really helpful and kind even on there BAD days.

Review №71

Always very helpful staff, they arrive in under a minute and always friendly

Review №72

Love target. Love it sales,discounts, and the cartwheel app. I have saved so much money

Review №73

A clean, well kept Target.

Review №74

Its easy & fast.

Review №75

This Target is a mixed bag. The store if fairly clean. Some of the employees are really nice, and some not at all. Twice Ive bought a bagged salad that was bad. One of the times my salad had a whole grasshopper in it. I returned it and they did not even say Im sorry or offer any type of compensation. Just coldly gave me a refund. Also, twice in the last 6 months, Ive had my car broken into in their parking lot, and I have several friends who have also had their cars broken into there. I wish they had more security outside.

Review №76

Great and very helpful

Review №77

Shopped here a few times. Was good for shopping experience, but I will only shop here if I have cash on hand. Credit card info was stolen 2 times from this store, but employees were nice and they have a clean environment.

Review №78

I go to Target all the time. Target is the best place to find knick knacks and most of the stuff I dont need.

Review №79

I coupon and this stores cashiers were extremely friendly to me and patient. Even though Im new to couponing.

Review №80

I like shopping at Target. I like the prices, I love Cartwheel, I like that its clean and organized, and I like that I can get Starbucks coffee/or food while I am there.

Review №81

Better than most stores of this kind. Best rating Ive given to a store like this.

Review №82

I always find great quality products

Review №83

Target is my favorite store. Great Deals! Quality Items!

Review №84

Customer experience

Review №85

Service is excellent

Review №86

Always finding great buys.. love Cartwheel

Review №87

I went to Target Tulare specifically to get some deli meat. It’s only 7:45pm and they don’t close until 10pm. But the deli meat section is closed. Why would it be closed if they don’t close until 10. Ridiculous. Wasted trip!! Frustrating. I saw a lady back behind the deli counter and I asked if they could slice me some deli meat. She said no sorry were closed. No you’re not! You don’t close until 10!! Frustrating. Close the deli section when the store closes Target!!!! Work until closing. Like the rest of us.

Review №88

This has to be the nicest supermarket ever. Very clean, all products organized and friendly staff. I was just passing by and wish the shops looked that tidy where I live.

Review №89

Everytime i try to call your electronics department ment i get put on hold and hung up on. Its absolutely un acceptable.

Review №90

My favorite place to shop. I buy all my groceries here and am surprised at the clothing they sell. Very good brands and great electronic section. They also have a big selection of books, Blu-ray, DVDs, and games

Review №91

I love there self checkout. Cashiers are friendly. the Associates literraly help you get the item you were looking for. They dont tell you what isle its on they will walk you to the item. Excellent customer service!

Review №92

Great service. Clean store.

Review №93

The customer service is great and they always have a variety of amazing food and for great prices!

Review №94

The customer service is very hit and miss. Sometimes its great, sometimes its horrible. (Updated- Lately the customer service has been improving!)

Review №95

Super clean!!! Honestly every single Target should be like this one! The only time its ever messy is on the weekends! The prices are a bit higher but no more than other major grocery stores!

Review №96

I just love target! They are the best my only concern they never have enough silk plain soy milk always they ran out.

Review №97

Great customer service

Review №98

Went in toexchange gift - no problems done with a smile and a thank you and come in again?

Review №99

Love this Super one stop Target. Friendly and very helpful staff weekdays during the am. Been here on weekends, not as helpful.

Review №100

Is my #1 store

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  • Address:2195 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274, United States
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  • Phone:+1 559-631-1128
  • Baby store
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  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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