Big Lots
7025 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715, United States

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Another store I regret not doing a lot of holiday shopping in. I was actually in to look for Valentines items, but went through the after christmas merchandise as well. I only bought a few things, but its clear now that the quality of items at Big Lots has greatly improved and I need to go back!!

Review №2

Great store & employees are awesome & very laid back. Especially have to give props to a specific employee by the name of Orin. He has a beautiful, unique soul with a zen vibe & sweet personality. Its always a pleasure to see him while coming in for a quick shopping trip. Ill continue coming here as I have been for years.

Review №3

Has a variety of a lot of things. Fair prices, friendly staff , helpful

Review №4

I love that place I mean you can go on there and find mostly anything for my birthday I got a fireplace there a very good deal I just love it

Review №5

Keep shopping forbid locks every 3rd transaction you get money back head I got these for having so much points gota love Big Lots

Review №6

Nice store. Very busy. Great selection.

Review №7

Super crowded as expected how ever they should have had more registers open. Not to mention no cleaning for the baskets. Not well put together regarding covid but over all prices r fantastic.

Review №8

One of the biggest big lots Ive been too. Great selection of furniture

Review №9

This big lots has the most inconsiderate employees ever, or should I say LAZIEST EMPLOYEES EVER!!!!! A cashier had me and my mother wait for a person to go get things out of line and has the audacity to tell us to wait for a customer who was not ready to check out!!!!! Complete bs!!! We went to the older check out lady and she was so much more appropriate,BIG LOTS DOES NOT NEED LAZY EMPLOYEES WHO ARE TO LAZY TO START A NEW TICKET, This was extremely frustrating and I hope the employee who worked between 6-8 pm Saturday nov 21 gets punished this is unacceptable treatment. I will not return this was at the location of tanque verde and sabino canyon and she was the younger person working cashier. I hope I never have to run into such inconvenient customer service in my life

Review №10

Lots of different thing.we only had to go to one store to get all we needed ;) Everyone was so nice to looooove it.

Review №11

I havent been to Big Lots in several years. Took my mom here the other day and the cashier was really nice.

Review №12

I love this store they have everything at great prices

Review №13

Very nice furniture. particularly enjoyed the purple velvet pumpkin things

Review №14

The store was not very clean and they had so much holiday merchandise scattered all over the store. Some Halloween things in one area and after we checked out, the cashier told oh we have that its over there...indicating in a different area then the rest. There were some shelving units in the process of being put together or moved, but parts left out where small children had access. Very crowded areas/aisles that you couldnt get down with a cart. Employees talking badly about other employees infront of customers.

Review №15

Always clean and friendly great Christmas gift place !

Review №16

They have alot of things carried at other retailers alot cheaper. We get towels and essentials here as they are cheaper than on base (retired military).

Review №17

This place is old school cozy, theres just bunches of random things and stuff. I love shopping here.

Review №18

Good store could have more employees working on the $loor

Review №19

Great deals every time i go in something different.

Review №20

Patty in the furniture department is awesome!Very patient and kind .Looking for furniture for my son and she really listened to what his needs were .Thank you Patty!

Review №21

Love it got new furniture there

Review №22

Great place for pretty good to very good common store goods of all kinds even furniture of limited variety.I only take off one star because of limited costumer service (while when its available is still very helpful and professional) and sometimes long lines at the cashiers. But thats to be expected at discount places like this and serves as an indication of its popularity.

Review №23

One of my favorites places to shop

Review №24

Really quiet today. In and out quickly. Got what I came for.

Review №25

Had what I couldnt get in Sierra Vista. They were really nice

Review №26

What can I say of course I love Big Lots

Review №27

A great place to visit and shop.

Review №28

Too busy with not enough registers open left items instead of the long wait

Review №29

Such a great place to shop. The employees are always so helpful!

Review №30

For such a big store it had not a big selection

Review №31

Staff was not very friendly, I want go back to that location

Review №32

Clean store! Helpful staff! Well stocked on most items.

Review №33

Lots and Lots of Big sales and just in time for Christmas !!

Review №34

Great Customer Service and great staff and they get you checked out fast.

Review №35

Very nice employees. Clean and stocked.

Review №36

A GOOD place to shop for thing,love it

Review №37

I absolutely LOVE this place. Everytime i go in there i come out with a bunch of awesome stuff i did not intend to buy. The prices are awesome and i love their pet section. Employees have always been nice. Parking has been good most time so i have no complaints about this store.

Review №38

Bery nice qnd professional

Review №39


Review №40

They going out of business and it sux but like the prices rocked.

Review №41

Love, love, love Big Lots! They have pretty much everything there! The furniture is nice, they have a wide selection of art and decor, they carry food, and they even had Bobs Red Mill specialty flours and mixes for those who are gluten intolerant. Need toiletries? Head over for those too! It’s essentially a one stop shopping experience. So happy to find one in Tucson!

Review №42

They dont sell anything related to stationery Department anymore! No Post-it notes! No pens! No notebooks! No spirals! BOO! Just BOOOOO!And its getting really pricey! Uh-uh!

Review №43

Polite people work here. Big discounts on lots of different stuff for your home, pet and groceries. Located on Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon Road northwest plaza.

Review №44

You should definitely go here before the mall or outlets. Ive found the exact or very similar item here for a 3rd of the price. You really cant go wrong. Furniture is legit, towels, sheets, blankets, even some decent home decorations. Worth stopping by to see whats on the shelves. We go here at least once a month for stuff like. Cleaning supplies, or other replenishables....

Review №45

Always good deals

Review №46

Its a nice discount store. You can find a large variety of things there from snacks and clothes to furniture. Ive personally purchased a lounge chair there and still have it 5 years later. Random little electronics, and toiletries, even pet supplies and camping gear. All discounted from the original retail prices.

Review №47

Great selections, but very odd setup. When you enter store you would not think they have anything but clothes

Review №48

Polite and friendly service!

Review №49

Decent prices equal to Walmart..

Review №50

Good place love it

Review №51

I hadnt been to a Big Lots since I was a kid, and either I got the wrong impression back then or theyve seriously improved in the intervening years. Its a small, surprisingly high-quality department store.Big Lots is almost like a dollar store that doesnt restrict itself based on price. Therefore, it fixes all of the problems with a dollar store, but it has a similar variety of products in a similarly sized space. This is a great thing. Im happy I visited, and its now an important resource for me.

Review №52

Its a big lots.Very aggressive sales people greeting you at the door about the furniture. Which is why i was there, but like wow, lay off the speed nd turn the volume down dudes. Lemme look for a minute. Good selection on furniture, low price points. I have bought furniture before from big lots, but not this time.

Review №53

Really kind helpful associates and lots of random and neat stuff! Orin, Naomi, and a really nice older guy who was stocking the shelves were super friendly and willing to assist!

Review №54

Quality items at a low price.

Review №55

One of my favorite places to shop. The employees are so courteous, and helpful.

Review №56

Lot of empty shelves, but I got what I needed

Review №57

They have some really cool stuff I never expected. Love it

Review №58

I like big lots. Spices, soaps, and kitchen gadgets. They also have the biggest selection of wrapping paper at xmas

Review №59

Great service. Wide assortment of items from furniture to household items. Great return policy. Be careful of slightly damaged or irregular items.

Review №60

The staff is very friendly. Always greet me when I go in. I wanted to buy a pop up cover but the box was open. The guy took the time to take every piece out to verify it was all there and I really appreciated his help. Also, I bought a couch and it had a tear. They replaced it no problem.

Review №61

Always fun!

Review №62

I like to get some snacks, cleaning supplies, and more!

Review №63

The cashier Debbie was exceptinally helpful. I was looking for an end of season item and she saved me time that I would have run all over the store.

Review №64

Wes told me right where to go to find exactly what I was looking for!

Review №65

Had a great sale!

Review №66

Lots of objects when looking for something for the house

Review №67

Used to be a place to find good deals but no more. They have pursued a strategy of rising prices even eliminating their own brand of products (which are quite good) so they can get higher prices on other brands. They replace lower priced goods with higher priced ones thus destroying their unique selling proposition. There are still some things you can get good deals on but they are few and far between. I can get better prices and quality at Target which is closer or Walmart. I used to shop a lot here but no more. Plus they did away with their $5 coupon for awhile. All of this drove me to other stores where I can get more for less.

Review №68

Very nice furniture but the prices are too high.

Review №69

This is advice for the store manager i am buying a new house so i was looking at a Bedroom set the price came out to $1800.00 i missed the 20% off sale by a day that would have brought my bill down to $1489.00. still good money for a sale at this location. to add to it i was approved for over $2800.00 same as cash......Now advise to one business person to another NEVER let the customer walk out the door without making the sale, that gives the customer the opportunity to look around!! KNOW your market! Theres lots of outlets that want to take my money especially if they were approved for $2800.00 chances are they would have spent more money in your store. So i came across a sales rep at Sam Levitz and guess what i got my bedroom set for $1454.00 originally $1769.00 but while i was in there i bought a Kitchen table set spent a total of $2042.63 with sam levitz that day.Now that could have been your sale. Let this be a lesson for management ASK FOR THE SALE MAKE THE SALE!!!! Store only stays open by the money they recieve. DONT LET YOUR CUSTOMER WALK OUT!and in closing i could have saved $200.00 by using Big Lots online app but out of Business smarts from Sam Levitz i choose them. Im sure the Manager at this store location makes some bonus on month end sales increase or sales of certain floor items by the manufacture big fail.....Now you received 2 stars because the night manager was personable.PS. Columbus Day Sale Next.

Review №70

My mother’s necklace was stolen by an employee here and the manager Tory is no where to be found I have been the phone for over ten minutes now. Will be complaining to corporate

Review №71

Amazing products. Amazing prices!

Review №72

I enjoy shopping here. Always new, hard to find items. Store itself need a face life. Employees are friendly.

Review №73

They have just about everything one is looking for here. Friendly staff veryhelpful & prices are extremely good !

Review №74

Tons of stuff!! Glad we went

Review №75

Barb was very polite at checkout and overall our shopping experience was nice and the store was very clean.

Review №76

Its a nice and quiet location. The staff are friendly. They always have a variety of items that are reasonably priced and in stock. We enjoy shopping here.

Review №77

Best deals in town, especially the coffee!

Review №78

Nice and clean

Review №79

Very helpful employees, clean environment, competitive prices and so much to choose from that will fill you with satisfaction for choosing Big Lots.

Review №80

Its just an ok place never had any problems

Review №81

I have always been treated with courtesy and care. I save a lot of money and the products are first rate. The only negative is sometimes I cant find what I want. But thats not their fault. The store only has so much room. So thank you Big Lots.

Review №82

Felt a bit cluttered and disorganized. Small isles. But the prices are good.

Review №83

Went in to check out gazebos, and got a pop-up gazebo but took it back a couple days later. Then I found a coupon for $50 off in my email from biglots but I already set up the permanent gazebo the day after I got it.....I guess I should check out my email before going. However it would be nice for them to link the coupons to your phone number so you dont miss the discounts! I would definitely go shopping here more if they did!

Review №84

Everythings always easy to find and the store is clean. Some customers are questionable; but, I wont include that in my rating. I love that the associates are always friendly and willing to help. They are the difference between this location and others.

Review №85

Is it me or is Big Lots charging higher and higher prices? Cute decor and good finds but the prices are getting non-concurrent for the level of quality of their products.

Review №86

Fun and lots of things to discover. Many items from Turkey. Organic products and sweets. Also items that can be last minute gifts. Great prices too!

Review №87

Friendly clerks!

Review №88

I love this big lots of all the employees are amazing! You have wonderful customer service on top of low prices... For me thats a win-win

Review №89

Nice, clean store. Really nice floodplain, laid out to find all sorts of goodies. You could almost just cruise around the store and end up buying stuff.

Review №90

I do love a good big lots store.

Review №91

I really liked stopping in very different from before. More options. They carry furniture too.

Review №92

Nice clean store and the cashier was great!

Review №93

I love this store. Ive gone to almost every one of them in Tucson and Oro Valley. Favorite one is on Tanque Verde. If youre thinking it sells only substandard items...go check it out you will be pleasantly surprised!

Review №94

Went looking for new bed, but couldnt find what I was looking for. Thats not usually the case.

Review №95

Always have a surprising shipment of things you would expect to find at Target or better for prices that are more reasonable than you can imagine

Review №96

Great store with great deals but the carts are too big or the aisles are too small. Hard to shop when its busy but the employees are all very friendly.

Review №97

I enjoy coming here for certain things. People are friendly, Naomi is nice and a lady I talked hockey with was as well.

Review №98

Great prices on all sorts of stuff you need and lots you dont.

Review №99

Always interesting great prices fun to browse cent get out with buying something

Review №100

I love big lots cheap food but some stuff is overpriced. Good place to find solar stuff for the yard. Lots of holiday stuff

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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