Pawndingo Pawn Shop
594 Union Blvd, Totowa, NJ 07512, United States
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This place is great very friendly and trustworthy. Have great prices they offer for youre stuff. Highly recommended. The best ever.

Review №2

Hi Id like to know if you buy or sell sports cards I have a LeBron James 2003 Upper Deck and would love to no the price can you help me on this request please. Ty

Review №3

BEST PAWNSHOP IN THE ENTIRE STATE! The owner Bernie is the nicest man alive and has helped me more times than i can thank him for! Always gives me the best deals on Pawns and when I buy something, I recommend you go to Pawndingo over any other place in the area! P.S. Pawndingo wont rip you off with illegal buy back programs unlike other places...

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This place is great. They have everything you could want from jewelry to designer handbags. The men who run the store are so very nice and so honest too.

Review №5

Great Store...Great Customer Service...A lot of cool things to buy...I sold them a lot of items and received a fair amount of money for my stuff...Very Fair and Very Honest people...The owner Bernie is a cool, great, and fair guy as well as his employees Adrian and Tito...Will definitely be a frequent customer with buying items as well as pawning and selling items too...Definitely Recommend PAWN DINGO...Only Pawn shop you walk out of and dont feel like you got ripped off...THANKS GUYSRob

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Great place and staff, always help me out with a quick loan when I need it. They have a big selection of items for sale too. I would recommend calling ahead with what you have before stopping in just to double check!

Review №7

Highly recommended! Best Pawnshop in the state, Pawndingo only charge 4.5% interest rate for pawns instead of illegal buy back programs that other places have. Why would anyone pay 40% to get their item back when the state rate is only 4.5%? Knowledge is your friend, and I am sticking with Pawndingo until the end!

Review №8

Customer service is always as impeccable as the deals here! Whether looking for a good new find to purchase or pawning something the staff gives a detailed explanation of the item and very very reasonable pricing. Educated, smart, and detail oriented, these guys know what the Pawn Business is truly all about.

Review №9

Went to this store recently, and it felt very friendly! It was clean and the owner was very nice and helpful. He even gifted me two records for free, I would recommend it since he has now acquired a loyal customer now for his great customer service!

Review №10

I have unfortunately had to deal with Pawnshops over the last few years.. My experience with Pawndingo has been a pleasant surprise. They are fair and honest. But more so, in regard to the interest and fees charged, they comply with the laws of New Jersey. They do not gouge you. If you find it necessary to borrow this way, Pawndingo is the only place to go.

Review №11

Best Pawn Shop in the state! Paid the most for my gold, and gave me great prices on loans! Highly recommend them over any other Pawn Shops which scam you with an illegal buyback program! My last two reviews were a mistake for this place! 5 Stars ALL THE WAY!

Review №12

I pride myself on taking care of my family by any means necessary and never falling behind on bills. Unfortunately unexpected things happen in life and times get rough. Me and my wife figured lets get rid of all the old jewelry so we have a couple extra dollars to help. I did a lot of research about selling gold and I decided this was the right spot. And man was I sooooo right. Being that Ive never had to sell my gold I was nervous and kind of felt low on the ride to the shop. But as soon as I walked in the staff made me feel welcomed. Greeting me as if they had known me for years. Then comes the owner Bernie. What a great guy. Friendly, fair, funny, and just an overall stand up gentleman. I just want to thank all the staff here for making a bad situation enjoyable.

Review №13

Love this diamond in the rough place...You can find some great items way below the actual value.The owner Bernie was such a pleasure doing business with and very welcoming!Definitely going back for birthday and holiday gifts! And if I ever get into a financial bind Ill go there too!

Review №14

Contrary to a few of the previous reviews I have just read here, Pawndingo is not only very welcoming when you walk in the door, but the Owner, Bernie, is extremely knowledgeable in so many things. Not only does he take his time explaining the items worth, but he tells you of the historical value surrounding the items. Clean, welcoming, and friendly. You cannot go wrong doing business here! I am very pleased with my experience, and cannot wait to go back and find more treasures and do more business.

Review №15

It was a pleasure to deal with Bernie and his staff. He was very thorough and informative. The place was very clean and full of very interesting items. This is the third time I dealt with him. I would definitely go back to him.

Review №16

Bernie is one of the most honest people in the business. Hes always been more than fair with me and anyone I know that has done business with him. Both buying & selling to him. And hes more than fair with loans. They can use a bigger place.

Review №17

Love PAWNDINGO! They always give me the best loans on my jewelry!! I know Mike will always keep it safe he is such a nice young man! The only place I trust with my valuables when im in a tight spot.

Review №18

While up in north jersey visiting a friend I stopped in and ended up purchasing a Michael Kors bag for practically nothing. The next time Im up there I will definitely be stopping in again. The staff were all helpful and polite. Highly recommend!

Review №19

I have been shopping Pawndingo for birthday ,anniversary, and wedding gifts over the years.Its been a pleasure dealing with Bernie and his courteous staff. Their knowledge of products have helped my decision making for gift purchases.To me, Pawndingo is not just a Pawn Shop, but a GIFT SHOPPE EMPORIUM for all your special events.Thanks again Bernie for a wonderful venture through your fabulous store.

Review №20

Came to this location with a bit of hesitation since it was the first time I pawned something. I was helped right away by Bernie, who was very knowledgeable and informative about the item I was pawning, as well as the process behind pawning. Amiable staff and great service overall.

Review №21

Great shop and great service and a good price for a collectable I was looking for.Recommended.

Review №22

Really great place! The owner, Bernie, is a really nice and friendly guy. Theyre always very fair on prices and understanding if you need a little more time. They DONT try to take advantage of people when theyre down like many other pawn places Ive been to. I would definitely recommend PawnDingo!!

Review №23

Great guy. He was tough but fair on his negotiating. We didnt end up making a deal but we had a great conversation and he even gave me a Jersey I was attempting to get with my negotiations for free!! Great service, and definitely recomended.

Review №24

The most reasonable pawn shop around. Compared to other nearby establishments that call themselves a pawn shop yet charge 30% or more for item buyback, Pawndingos fair prices and complete transparency is very welcome. I definitely recommend!

Review №25

These guys are on point every time I come in. Always helpful, never low balled me on an offer. When I needed money fast they came through every time. Multiple pawns done here and they havnt overcharged me to get my stuff back once. Highly recommended.

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Im not really one to take the time and write one of these reviews but Im also a big believer in giving credit where credit is due and these guys deserve a lot of credit ! The store itself has everything you need and everything you dont . The first time I went there was because I needed a TV which I got such a great deal on that Im constantly bragging to my friends what I paid for it when ever I turn it on . It took about 5 minutes to pick out and purchase but I was in the store for about an hour just looking and admiring all the neat stuff they had for sale from antique to modern just thinking how neat it would be to own a lot of it . The friendly out going personality of the owner and staff are 2nd to none. Im now a loyal customer that visits the store often . Ill even stop bye when I dont any money on me with no intention to buy anything just to see what neat stuff they got in since the last time Ive been there and to say hello to the awesome staff in that amazing store Pawndingo !

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Plenty of cool laptops, jewelry, tvs, etc to buy. Very friendly staff and they will give you a fair price on a pawn or short term loan. The owner Big Bernie is a very amiable person and a good businessman. Definitely recommend coming here if you have to pawn something or if you want to buy something at a good price!

Review №28

Great man he helped me more then he should have and I have Ben using him for over 4 years now. I would highly recommend him to anyone and have referred many of my friends and not one have came back with one complaint. Great man great busines !!!!!

Review №29

I have been Pawn shopping all over the United States from coast to coast I have never met such a rude owner with a man who was his helper and my life I cannot believe that they were asking jewelry store prices for junk and then when I explain to them that it is a 400% markup he try to argue with me and what I found hilarious was it cordless drill priced at $55 and you can buy it brand new at Home Depot for $79 too bad the owner was not nice and kind of like Lorraine the lady who answered the phone I am not from New Jersey I am from Virginia and Trust and Believe I have never ever seen such scamming in my life... over priced with parking that wasnt good either. I drive 37 miles ... waste of time

Review №30

One of the few real pawn shops still around. Pawndingo is a real pawn shop unlike the one on 23 in Wayne. They rape you on your redemption. Charge you ridiculous fees to get your property back. Pawndingo is the only place to go. You wont regret your experience at all. Dont go anywhere but Pawndingo.

Review №31

The store has a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is helpful and friendly. Bernie will help anyone. Plus they carry nice merchandise.

Review №32

Nice selection to browse through. Staff is all around friendly and informative. Fair prices for items sold or pawned.

Review №33

Bernie and his wife are GREAT people!! My first time ever in a pawn shop and im glad i picked pawndingo.I will definitely be going back to purchase some things from him. Thanks for all of your help and I look forward too doing business again soon

Review №34

These guys are great and are really honest. Very upfront with you with prices and dont rip you off like other spots near by.

Review №35

For some reason google maps said you guys closed at 7 today my bad

Review №36

Pawndingo is The Best!!!!Whether selling pawning or buying Pawndingo is Fair, Honest & ProfessionalPawndingo & the owner Bernie are trustworthy, reliable. honest & upfront.I have recommended them to both friends & family all of whom have called me backed & thanked me for the referral.They are THE ONLY Pawn Shop I deal with because of their commitment to excellence & their customers.You can get some GREAT deals at Pawndingo on everything from electronics to collectibles.When pawning or selling their terms are fair with higher prices than ANTONE around (especially an unnamed pawnbroker not far away that I had a HORRIBLE experience with)I cannot recommend them highly enoughThey are the only Pawn Broker I use & the first place I go when looking for a deal on electronics, collectibles & my Favorite Watches.Going anywhere else in Jersey is a waste of time.......just go to Pawndingo first.Im a loyal customer for years & thats for a reasonPAWNDINGO IS THE BEST 10 Stars out of 5!!!!!ChalootzNJ

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Great people they make you feel very comfortable and they are fair too. Also have excellent customer service and are knowledgeable about their products.

Review №38

Staff was horrible!! Called to ask ONE SIMPLE QUESTION but was rudely passed on to another employee who did not pay attention to my needs. Ive been here before and didnt have such a bad experience but lately the employment there is unacceptable. Wish I could rate them no stars!!!

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Best pawn shop in the entire state, probably even country. Any one who gave one star Is ignorant. GO TO PAWNDINGO ! Helped me when I needed it most

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This place is nice and the guy thats works there is a nice person aswell. The only problem is that when you go to pawn something if he doesnt seem to like you no matter what the item is or cost he will say NO to a loan. Been there ptenty of time to pawn some good costly iems and all he does is look at you first then he jus says no to w.e item you wanna pawn. Please call first because you just never know what mood he is in because he will say NO to a laon very inconvenient.....

Review №42

It was a very good experience the staff is very knowledgeable friendly the owners there all the time so its very personal you can trust that you feel confident leaving if you pawn something or if you buy something that you know you got a good deal. I personally felt very comfortable after I left pawndingo.

Review №43

Perfect pawn charges 40%..A $120 pawn will cost you $160..Go to pandingo and see bernie.. he was a friend of my mothers in high school. Very courteous, polite, knowledgable, and will always go above and beyond to help.

Review №44

Absolutley the best pawn shop in NJ. Everytime I have been there the owner has been very helpful. If you need a pawn or to sell anything make sure to check this pawnshop out. Bernie and his staff are amazing!

Review №45

Not recommended. Very rude. Went in there with a $1000 item every other pawn shop offered $300 and they offered $50. Bunch of cons and scam artists. Go to perfect pawn instead.

Review №46

I have been a customer of pawndingo for a year or so. They treat you more like family than a customer. Thank you Bernie and gang, for making me feel like a part of your family. A1 service!!!

Review №47

Absolutely the best pawnshop I have been to I highly recommend going here the owner offers great prices unlike perfect pawn on rt23 they are extremely rude there the guys give u terrible prices and throws money at you DONT GO!

Review №48

Great customer service, welcome you when you walk in the door. Whether your there to buy or sell, customer service is professional and your treated like your one of the family.

Review №49

Went in today sold a compound bow. Customer service was professional and the owner was very respectful I would recommend here over any other pawnshop in Passaic or Morris county

Review №50

Dave helped me sell a watch, worked with me and gave me the fairest price he could! Highly recommend!

Review №51

Wonderful friendly service.. will highly recommend!

Review №52

Always polite and will handle your business in a fair and timely fashion 10/10

Review №53

I got an amazing price for Laptop went to a couple places they all tried to cheat me out honest and more than fair would recommend 100%

Review №54

The best Pawnshop in the entire state of New Jersey

Review №55

Absolutely loooovvee the great service and staff! I picked up a Lawrence Taylor signed jersey for like 30% less than what it was going for on ebay... everyone should shop here!:)

Review №56

I went in there tryin to do business with the owner and he called me an a*****e for no reason bc u walked out on an offer he gave me. I came back and told them i wanted to do the offer and the owner the old man with white hair and beard come out and says u young guys think u know this bussiness and told me the previous offer is off the table. He also cursed at me in front of ladies across the store. Very unprofessional and nasty. Horrible and disgusting staff as well. I would give this place a negative 5 stars dont go to this place and the owner is complaining about the bussiness he is in which means he shouldnt be in bussiness

Review №57

Great place ...and great prices .....I picked up an ipad air and it was a great buy... I highly recommend this place

Review №58

Very nice man, understanding, and fair with pricing and business. Highly recomended!

Review №59

Pick up a 55 inch LED Flat screen for $299 and I love it!!

Review №60

Had to pawn my grandmothers diamond earrings because i was in a financial pinch, and the owner, i think his name is Bernie, treated me with respect and integrity.

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Review №62

There was fantastic service and i will definitely shop here again!

Review №63

Purchased a great Toshiba laptop from here. Im on a tight budget and my nephew needed it for college so I needed a good deal. Owner even gave me extra discount and the laptop is great! If your looking for a great product and excellent pricing make sure you visit this shop. Im in there every week now buying something. It wasnt just getting a great deal, the owner really knew his products and is a big help. Cant find a better deal in town!!!

Review №64

Mr.Bernie thank you for all your help with my buying and saleing you have been a very helpful person wend it come to me buying laptops and jewelry from you, you have always been a very respectful person wend it come too business sometime people take thing wrong but from the time I know him he has always been a honest and respectful person will highly recommend him too any person for business and thank you mr Bernie

Review №65

By far the best pawnshop ever berns one of the best men ever cool downnto earth shop is always well kept and and anything u pawn at pawndingo is well kept 100%

Review №66

Better then american jewlery and loan in detroit!

Review №67

I googled pawn shops using my zip code and pawndingo was one of 5 pawnshops that came up and when I saw that it was in totowa I was like theirs no way because I live in that town and I never seen it. This was a Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised that they were open. J went there and pawned a couple of things and the owner Bernie was very nice and was a pleasure to deal with. His staff are all very nice and professional. They actually give you a good amount on what your pawning or selling which was pretty surprising because other places dont. Other places Ive been to will give you no where near the amount that you should be getting. This place is not anything like other places that Ive been been to. Ive been to one in Paterson the name is Binson pawn shop on market st and when I tell you that two guys I dealt with were really nasty and professional at all Im not exaggerating at all and the place looked like it hasnt been cleaned for decades. The tickets they give you to hand back to them when you return are re used over and over. Pawndingo is very organized and clean, that alone says a lot about the establishment. I would never go to another pawn broker after going there. If you have not been to pawndingos and you looking to pawn, sell or even purchase something, I would highly suggest that you go to Totowa and check them out. Their open 7 days a week which is pretty awesome and youll definitely not find that with other places. You wont be disappointed I can promise you that.

Review №68

Pawndingo is one of the nicest pa wnshops ine NJ.growing up in Las Vegas like I did its hard to come by a shop that takes pride in there business. Bernie is AWESOME! He along with his staff are extremely knowledgeable and such a pleasure to do business with. All of the items that Ive either sold or pawned there he has beat all of the others shops hands down.So if youre looking for a pawnshop thats knowledgable, fair and has a great staff Pawndingo is the place to go. And Bernie is Funny as hell!

Review №69

I went to this store twice snd both times they were completely rude. The first time the guy tried to rip me off snd the second when I went in there to sell jewelery they tried to about half of what a different pawn shop offered me. I would never go back to this store.

Review №70

Pawndingo is a class-a operation. Bernie is the best and I cant say more about the customer service I receive from him and his staff

Review №71

I recently purchased a drumset from them, and one of the bass drums was broken, and I couldnt have known due to the fact that they wouldnt allow customers near their merchandise. The staff behind the counter spoke as if they were put on this earth to lay down a verbal black plague of vengeful fury unto me, which was much unappreciated. The younger gentleman smoked a cigarette behind the counter as he used foul language to explain that everything I thought was valueable was worthless. As i asked for estimates on old collections of my mothers jewelery they gave me 10% or less of original value, which was a disgrace since the jewelery was still in pristine condition. Negotitations arent possible as they threaten to not even purchase your items as negotiations are against their policy. Also, the store smells like moldy cheese. And as for Bernie (The Elderly Business Owner), I have never met a less caring, vile being. He epitomizes prowess in swift legal scams to the American people. He slowly trudges along the creaky floors of Pawndingo, patroling the store looking for troublemaking hooligans, with a look on his face that grumbles, I hate you, get out of here. His staffing choices are purely abissmal, summed up by a lack of knowledge or tolerance of the customer, paired up with unprecedented anger. My friend had an equally catastrophic experience with this ragged shack business. He was escorted out of the store, groped unpleasantly, as the store owner caught him fiddling with item on an eroded display shelf. The lady employee was the only one in the shop who suggested to lighten up on him and be careful. However, the men just proceeded like depressed cyborgs and pushed him out the front door. He was planning on purchasing the item, but the owner of this business made it known itd be a cold day in hell before the day customers disrespected his businesses principles.

Review №72

Always give a fair price and nice people there!

Review №73

Walked in and spoke with his friendly wife about a laptop I wanted to pawn and come back for once I got more money. Bernie comes in and doesnt even look at the laptop before lowering his amount hell give us. He goes on telling me with a blank screen that it doesnt have iCloud (which it does) and it was right on the home screen. He didnt know the make, model or anything before supposedly knowing he can buy this computer for only $100. Given I just got this $700 laptop as a gift a couple months prior. Rudest attitude since he walked through the doors. Wont ever be returning and will definitely never recommend them.

Review №74

(MR 5 DAYS GRACE)Hello, my is anthony. My experience with bernie and pawndingo have been absolutely wonderful. Bernie understands people hit rough patches and will loan you money when you need it first priority. He has a great selection in variety and his loan rates are incredibly fair,. When i pawn (not sell) my guitar equipment, he knows its handle with care , for example if your payment is due on the 25th, he gives you a 5 day grace period (30th) just in case you need those 5 days. I have had a personal bad experience with Perfect Pawn on rt23 with their rape loan interests and because i was almost one day late (and i called for one more day), the man was about to keep my stuff, so i send my mom while i was working. For novelty collectors i highly suggest just dropping by its two blocks off the RT46 ramp across the street from the huge car wash(their good too), parking in the back and lay away option.

Review №75

I went to pawn something I knew what it was worth told him my issues and he offered me a low ball figure, if I could have had the time I could have got a lot more , but I did not have time . He is rude , has no compassion ,he want to get everything for free and hopes you will not come back ,And another thing on my pond you are supposed to have 30 days to get your pond but he only gave me a week to come back to get it or he would sell it he has things that are worth money but does not want to give you more then 20 dollors I will never come back bad place !!!!!

Review №76

I was brand new to working with Pawn Shops, until i lost my job after 13 years, and had to take a loan on my valuables a few times. I would try one Pawn shop, then another , and another,etc etc etc... I always felt like they were trying to see hom much they could take advantave of me, and by being in places of other customers as well.Then I found Bernie and Lorraine at Pawn Dingo. You can rest assured thet Brenie will always be as fair as he can, They Dont take advantage of Anyone.I even purchased jewelry for a gift, I wanted to return it for something diferent and not a question was aked , i was given full credit. THEY HAVE GREAT PRICES TOO!

Review №77

If I could leave no stars I would... Not really the nicest of people. the chick told me my laptop was worthless but still offered $50. How is it worthless yet you want it.. foh...Sully

Review №78

Great guys honest and fair

Review №79

I had an extra 60 inch TV laying around and he gave me $450 for it....way more than any other shop Great service

Review №80

Gave me a great price for my watch I pawned... Great Service

Review №81

Worst pawn shop in NJ. The workers have no respect for their customers. Bernie the owner is the worst kind of human being that exists.

Review №82

Bernie is rude cheap and very disrespect trys to put on a good front but very sneaky man

Review №83

Called in to pick up a laptop told me one price. When I Came to pick it up gave me a second price that was higher. Totally wasted my time.

Review №84

This place as absolutely horrible service. I was not helped properly and the employees were so unprofessional.

Review №85

Good people there!

Review №86

Bernie is all about treating customers like family!!!!! Always gives me a fair deal, which is rare these days!!!! Forever a customer!!!!

Review №87

Sold a set of Purtone speakers and got $100 more than what they were going for on eBay!

Review №88

Thieves , looked at my ring and said 100 .and its a $5000 ring with gia certification..DON`T GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №89

Great store!

Review №90

They pay very low , stay away ..

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  • Phone:+1 973-689-7753
  • Pawn shop
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  • Jewelry buyer
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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