Dollar Tree
21835 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, MI 48178, United States

Review №1

Nice, clean store thats stocked pretty well except for the greeting card area.

Review №2

Was very disappointed by how I was treated when trying to check out. This lady had her light off but checked someone out but when I went up there and started unloading my car another employee brought to her attention that she had a customer standing there and her response was oh well I was looking at them and looking at my light and see that its off. But the other lady was super nice and helped me take my unloaded items over to her cash register and checked us out. At the end of being checked out she apologized for the other employees rudeness which honestly I thought was kind but honestly the level of rudeness I got was unappreciated and no customer should be treated like that at all.

Review №3

Always find something here.

Review №4

Pretty good size store. Amazing staff however only one cashier. Grateful for the kid party favors, always makes them super happy without me spending a fortune.

Review №5

Didnt have everything I wanted, but had most of it and wasnt very crowded!

Review №6

Lots in stock. Nice staff. All following covid rules. Very clean location.

Review №7

Nice clean little store

Review №8

It was good got what I need.

Review №9

Clean and well organized. Lots of stuff to puck from!

Review №10

Online it said open till 10pm, got there and it said 9. We drove 20 minutes to get to one that was open, and wasnt. Looks fairly well stocked, but again, it was closed so, who knows

Review №11

This is an excellent Dollar store. Well stocked and great friendly staff. Always pleasant going in here. Wide variety of items, quality greeting cards, party favors, kids supplies, you name it.

Review №12

It was fine. burp

Review №13

Everything I needed was in stock.

Review №14

Ive shopped Dollar Tree for years. This is my favorite store. Its always CLEAN (other locations are sometimes iffy), organized and well-stocked. The folks working there are always pleasant and helpful. Mike and Megan went the extra mile for me today and tracked down some lemon plates that were sold out online. Customer for life.

Review №15

This store is, by far, one of the cleanest & neatest Dollar Trees that I have EVER been in.The shelves are well-stocked and straightened.Nothing seems to be out of place. The employees are friendly and courteous.Great job everyone!

Review №16

Ok place

Review №17

Better than most

Review №18

Amazing everyone is so nice

Review №19

I like this location, it is large and clean with an excellent selection, and usually better stocked than the Brighton location. There is usually only one register open though, and extra staff wandering around that apparently cannot run a register when lines get long... which I think is this locations only pitfall. Everyone should be trained to run a register, getting customers in and out in a timely manner should be a priority, not standing at the balloon station and watching the line get longer. However the people that do run the register are friendly and do their best to be fast.

Review №20

My husband and I went to get ice trays. They did not have any I had picked up 2 other things and when we realized they didnt have ice trays we decided to leave and not get the 2 items. We were walking out and this girl said if you had anything in your cart can you either put it back or bring the cart up front. I turned to go grab the cart when she starts running her mouth about how it isnt fair that they have to put things away for people and I responded well it is your job. And she said no its not Im not your parent and I was like can I speak to your manager and she said just leave I will put the stuff away and I said I really need to speak to your manager. And she said she was the manager and I said whats your name Im calling corporate and she said well you can just figure that out yourself. I plan on finding out who the store manager is and the district manager this lady was rude and obnoxious yelling at customers throughout the store and causing a scene is not a person that should be working retail let alone a management position if she truly is a manager. I worked retail in a clothing store and had to put things away for people and re fold and rehab stuff all day that was my job putting thing away that customers leave out. If you dont like it find a different job.

Review №21

This is a nice store. But today many shelves were low with in stock items. Great cashiers here

Review №22

Always orderly& well stocked. Great place for seasonal items. Good quality for the money

Review №23

2 employees sat 9am store warm shelves arent stocked well anymore. Line at register n employees r rude n snap at u. Maybe u outta fire sandy 4 being rude!

Review №24

Soooo cheap! I like coming here for Greeting Cards around holidays, they were 50 cents a piece yesterday, & actually cute too! Carry lots of different items, always cheaper than I expect! Employees are very friendly, great customer service!

Review №25

Worst Dollar Tree ever! Nothing in stock or stock still in boxes and not on shelves, cashiers with bad attitudes Nancy & Marilyn Rude!!! . Ive checked back every week for multiple items and they still cant put stock away. This place is a joke!

Review №26

Great products...bonus, only one dollar for everything!

Review №27

Employees are nice friendly helpful and its a fun shop to go to cuz you never know what youre going to find

Review №28

The best $ Store the people that work there are very accommodating, they always have what I need I was so happy to see the had cellophane bags for my grandchildren Easter baskets.

Review №29

Workers here are always kind and courteous and make an effort to talk to you. Love this store!

Review №30

Clean, well stocked, lots of food and snacks. Friendly fast check out. Greeting cards 2/$1.00, I bought five! Lots of school supplies.

Review №31

Rude employees. I come in the store 15 minutes before close and the ladies in there are gently physically pushing me to get to the register so they can close. They close earlier than the actual time which sucks too.

Review №32

Store is very warm in summer. Employees are great!

Review №33

Lots of good stuff for only 1 dollar. Only one cashier in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. Youll wait in line for awhile.

Review №34

This store gane way downhill! Many shelves are bare. Overall cleanliness not good. Very disappointed with employee attitude.

Review №35

There is a lot of really cool stuff here, noticed a few things that couldve used restocking. Their container aisle was pretty empty.

Review №36

At times they need to get some more help sometimes the lines are too long

Review №37

Good variety of items. Quality in-date food. Great seasonal items for every holiday.

Review №38

If I could give a ZERO I would. Jo Ann and Sandy (the manager) are extremely rude and unprofessional. I have worked in customer service for 17 years and am absolutely appalled at how they treated me. My customers come first. If its 4:55 and we close at 5:00, I will stay as long as I need to go help that customer. However the manager Sandy and cashier jo Ann are more concerned at being out of the door when the store closes. I spend ( should say SPENT) a lot of money in there and have never. Even treated with such disrespect and not only by the help but management as well!!! She told me it was a payroll issue. I guarantee I spend more than they wouldve made by staying an extra five minutes. At 7:52 I was told I would have to leave because they were closing. AWFUL!! I would never treat my customers like that!!! I sure hope it was losing an almost daily customer over it and I will be going further up the chain with this. They will know my name and how Jo Ann and sandy (management) chose to treat me tonight. Pathetic!!!!

Review №39

I always find good stuff here, and usually just what I need

Review №40

Large selection of items. Good place for some school supplies and party supplies.

Review №41

Nice even during crazy last minute items needed.

Review №42

Slow line. Good actual DOLLAR store.

Review №43

Great place to pick up cheap Valentines gifts

Review №44

Its a good place to buy stuff for birthdays and stuff like that but some toys dont even work my sibilings got a pistol but the dart did not want to stay in but we got another one for them but dont buy everything you see

Review №45

Like this place is a great store cause if u dont have a lot of money then this is the place 2 go everyone

Review №46

Friendly people inexpensive items

Review №47

Like all the others, anything is a dollar. Nice people.

Review №48

Very neat and clean store

Review №49

Well stocked and friendly employees.

Review №50

Great prices and friendly

Review №51

Staff just seemed out in left field. Limited selections but for a Dollar Store is convenience for baking foil pans and gift bags.

Review №52

Very inexpensive and lots of stuff to choose from.

Review №53

Shop in this store often. I just cant understand why they have 4 cashout counters and only one is usually open. Having a long line running down the aisle should be a hint to get another register in play.

Review №54

Normally short lines and well stocked.

Review №55

Great prices obviously. Helium balloons $1.00!

Review №56

Great staff and always have what i need

Review №57

Had lots of variety. Low stock on a couple items and employee had no idea what I was talking about.

Review №58

Nice people, great deals.

Review №59

You can always find something here, whether you need it or not.

Review №60

Great place good people

Review №61

Customer service outstanding

Review №62

Very friendly staff

Review №63

Cheap stuff is all good

Review №64

Fun at dollar tree

Review №65

Plenty of good options and everythings a dollar

Review №66

Lots of product very few workers and some dont want to be borhered.

Review №67

Often understocked, disgusting restrooms

Review №68


Review №69

Nice store

Review №70

1 dollar everything so

Review №71

Everything is a buck. Large greeting card selection.

Review №72

Love this store!

Review №73

Awesome prices

Review №74

Cheep quality

Review №75

Friendly staff. Large variety

Review №76

Great value!

Review №77

Wide variety of items

Review №78

A typical dollar store. They do keep it very clean, as opposed to other stores. Cant beat the dollar Sunday news & the Mylar helium balloons..

Review №79

Good staff

Review №80

Customer service is spotty.

Review №81

They have lots of stuff!

Review №82

Didnt have d batteries.

Review №83

The products

Review №84

Great store

Review №85

The staff are friendly, but the store carpet is very dirty, it needs to be washed or changed.

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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