Billion Auto - Kia in Sioux Falls
3015 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, United States
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Disappointed is an understatement to describe our dealings with Billion Kia in Sioux Falls the last month. We went in to order exactly what we wanted but our salesperson said he could get us a vehicle the following week if we were okay with a different color. We agreed and put a deposit down for it. The date we were told it would be at another Billion Kia location came and went, I called our salesperson and he said hed call on it in the morning. He called me late in the afternoon to let me know the other dealership had sold the vehicle, not knowing it was already spoken for...that lack of communication seems unreal to me but we gave them the benefit of the doubt when they said theyd get us another vehicle (again a different color than we wanted but faster than ordering) by the following week. We gave our salesperson all of our info over the phone the following week so they could run our credit, have all the paperwork ready etc. when the vehicle came in. We told them we did not want the Protection on the vehicle, even though the salesperson pushed it a few times. We have screenshots of text messages where he voiced understanding we did not want the Protection. The next day when we were supposed to pick it up we got told the Protection had been put on it (a $3,000 add-on) and we would need to pay for it even though we specifically said, repeatedly, that we didnt want it. We said there was no way we were paying for it and they tried to make us feel bad about how hard they had worked to get this vehicle for us quickly. The manager of the dealership even called me and wouldnt budge on the cost. I sent him screen shots of conversations with the salesperson but that did nothing. We will now be driving out of state, hundreds of miles, to get the vehicle we want, because that is better than having to continue to deal with Billion. The lack of communication, customer service and honesty has been truly astounding.

Review №2

Very helpful. They had 1 2022 Carnival on the lot to look at. Now I can better decide on which minivan to purchase.

Review №3

Made everything extremely easy and stress-free when purchasing my Kia Telluride! Service department has been outstanding as well.

Review №4

I enjoy bringing my vehicle here to be serviced! They are trustworthy and prices have been very reasonable! I had to have all my power window switches replaced along with a tail light too. It was all a very good experience! The service writers are great along with the technicians. Thank you all for great service!

Review №5

We were really well taken care of. No haggling back and forth, honest prices. John Olson and Bob Smith are great to work with.

Review №6

Went in for a recall inspection. Fast turn around. Only had one employee in the office. Wouldve been helpful to have direction signs up so i knew where i was going. Overall good experience so far. We love our 2015 Sorento.

Review №7

Final got to get the one thing on my kia sportage that had a recall on done after 3weeks and lots of other service people from billion giving me the run around . Dustin or Dusty in the service part was great and explained that next time we need to just ask for him as he knows how frustrating it is to get the run around and that they should have told us that it would take 2 weeks because they had to order the parts and get the parts for car. Next time I need service I will go to Dusty or Dustin ?? Great service from him at the used service lot for Kia on Minnesota Ave. In Sioux Falls.

Review №8

KIA BillionI would like to express my gratitude toward your wonderful company. I cannot stress how incredibly grateful I am of your efficient services with my vehicle. Not only were you prompt when it came to the speed of fixing my vehicle, but the customer service skills of your employees was top notch in my humble opinion. Having car troubles can be a really stressful issue especially when my employment with Lyft requires me to have a functioning vehicle in order to make money. Thank you KIA for all you have done and will continue to service car here ,🐼🦚

Review №9

Got me the vehicle I was looking for and features bi wanted. Very friendly staff who was not pushy. Allowed me to test drive on my own. Explained how everything worked and even scheduled me for my first oil change.

Review №10

Great experience here at the service center of Billion Kia. Jake in the service center was friendly, even at 7:30am, and set me up with a loaner car while my new Kia had warranty covered service on the transmission.I was happy with the overall experience at Billion. The repair took longer than I anticipated (9 days), but they let me use the loaner car for the entire time.

Review №11

It was great, very fast in and out in under an hour!!! Not pushy but just I formed of any concerns.

Review №12

Terrible customer service today from the parts department. Someone should educate their employees on how late there dealership stays open.

Review №13

Prompt and polite. Focused and friendly.

Review №14

Scheduling an oil change is more problematic than getting a doctors appointment.Had a lock replaced under warranty. Instead of keying the lock to my original key, I was given a new key for that lock and that lock only.

Review №15

Always great customer service

Review №16

This review is for the Auto Services Department. On 04/08/2020, the Team was surprisingly attentive to my auto needs and promptly to provide service. The one staff offered to drill and mount the license plates on my brand new vehicle, which I purchased here, at no charge. While there, I inquired about rubber mats and I was excited to find out that they were in stock. Once again, the staff surprised me by offering to place the new mats on my new car for me. I will return for my auto services needs. Thank you!Great experience! Great Customer Service! Great Team!

Review №17

Best repair shop in town. Friendly, honest, employees provide a great experience!

Review №18

Loved Kia dealership! People super friendly and got. Great deal!

Review №19

We have a pre-owned Kia Sedona, which was not purchased at your dealership.Our driver side headlamp is out, so my husband bought a replacement bulb. He was having a little trouble pulling out the old bulb, so he called your service department and told the man who answered what the problem was, and was told,Im not pulling one of my service guys off another vehicle to tell you how to change a bulb! You can bring it in and PAY us to change it Whereupon, he hung up.Maybe we were wrong to buy the bulb somewhere else and ask for help from you. If so, I apologize.My husband and I are disabled, and therefore on fixed incomes. We try and save money when we can.We are living in our Sedona van due to some unfortunate circumstances, and have two, very loud, barking dogs that are always with us, so we really try and keep them out of places with a lot of people around the van.But.There are ways of saying things without being rude. My mother always said that tact is telling someone where to go so nicely, and they actually look forward to the trip.Im from the South, and cannot abide rudeness, and when the rudeness is directed towards me, or one of mine, I am very offended. (To put it nicely)Unfortunately, my husband didnt ask the gentlemans name, but Im sure, with a little research, you could find out who he is.Anyway, we love our Sedona, and if anything ever breaks down, we wont be bringing it to you.Thank you.

Review №20

The only reason Im not giving them 0 stars is because their mechanics did a great job. However, the service advisor didnt tell me the pricing of everything they were doing to my vehicle beforehand. When I tried calling him to find out how much it was going to be he never answered. So when I went in to pick up my car I was surprised with a bill 5x the amount I expected. Im guessing there was some misunderstanding about what I wanted done, I only wanted a tire rotation, oil change, and the 45k maintenance which is a brake fluid flush/refill. Anything else I expected to be notified of before they went ahead and did it. He asked if I wanted it all done today and I thought he meant if I was okay leaving my car there for a few days. Im not, since I drive my car to work everyday and its my only one so I need it. But I guess to him all was referring to everything my car needed or should have had up to this point according to the warranty. I wish he wouldve notified me before doing the transmission and coolant flush/refill because that unexpected $330 added onto my bill is the reason Im leaving this review. Dont go to billion. Theyre shady and money hungry. I didnt believe the rumors till now.

Review №21

So I checked to see if there was any Warranty repair work, that needed to be done,The individual after taking all my info, such as Vin # Make & Model, Said No...A few months go by, and after speaking to another Kia Dealer that was further away, Said Yes.. So now I am a little bit concerned.So I recheck with this Dealer in Sioux Falls, a few months later because, I live closer to them.The Individual states NO again.This time I let her know, that Ive checked somewhere else at another dealership.That dealership said yes.So she checks with her higher ups & they said yes the work would only take 1 hour.Now Im confused because, I spoke with the other dealership and they said 4 hours minimum and if other problems are found, it could be longer.I understand things could be different, but I dont live in town, & now Im going to a different dealership that is trying to do a better job in Serving the Product & the Customer....

Review №22

Great service. Great Job on Inspection of my Kia and after that they changed oil and checked all areas. Very happy with Billions. Thank you. Love my New Kia. I will take it to them to service my New Kia for the life of my Kia.

Review №23

Purchased a brand new Kia for my wife here and it was very simple. We’re very happy with our purchase

Review №24

Will never buy from again ever

Review №25

Nice place great price

Review №26

Had the best experience buying my 1st brand new car here. I worked with Preston first by email, then txt, & finally by phone. I new exactly what I wanted & he gave me all the info I needed to make a buying decision before I even visited the dealership (which is important since I live out of town). When I met him he had a super laid back non-pushy approach which I loved because frankly I was a little nervous about making such a big decision. He was very helpful, knowledgeable about the vehicle, & just a really nice guy (as was everyone I spoke to at Billion). Thank you Preston & everyone else at Billion, keep up the great customer service!

Review №27

Billion auto in general is great, friendly service people some of the salespeople are lacking however. Everything that didnt go smoothly was someone elses fault not our salesmans. Like giving me the wrong license plates back when I went to pick them up. Couldnt get ahold of me when my Kia was done being valproed and someone else had to. Getting call backs was iffy. Accused my wife and myself of lying about calls we did get because he didnt remember it like that bla bla bla. I will not recommend or deal with him again.

Review №28

Had a great experience with the service counter and my car was done in a timely manor as I had to wait for it. Only thing I wish they offered was loaner vehicles Vs getting a ride from there parts guy. Would rather drive myself around in errands while my car is being fixed then to be carted around by the parts guy.

Review №29

Very poor communication at the Sioux Falls Billion. I called the number their website gave and got the call center. The Sioux City Billion Kia did not have a spare tire kit available for the car I bought from them on 6/4/2020. I figured I would contact Sioux Falls Billion GMC Kia to see if they had that since I was planning to drive through Sioux Falls in the coming days. Since it was listed as GMC Kia, I assumed I could ask for parts when I was looking for a spare tire for my Kia. I got transfered to parts to find out it was only for GMC. The GMC guy transfered me to the Kia desk, where I was put on hold until the answering service timed out on me (over 8min). I called the number from the website again and this time asked specifically for the Kia parts department. I was sent back to the GMC side. They told me that they would transfer me to the Kia parts department, but after putting me on hold, I was disconnected again. I called again, asked specifically for the Kia parts department, and this time got the Kia parts department. I was put on hold again for a few minutes before the woman I talked to said that the parts people were at lunch or on other calls. She took a message from me and said that they would call me back. 10 hours later, that never happened. The only reason I was calling Sioux Falls was because Sioux City Billion did not have one in stock and Im planning to head to Fargo, so I figured I could pick this up on the way if it was available. Sioux Falls Billion made this inquiry impossible. Fortunately, the Fargo Kia dealership has people that answer the phone and take the time to get back to people. I will be buying this product once I get to Fargo from them. If you expect timely communication from an automotive dealership after the sale, I would avoid Sioux Falls Billion. They seem too busy to take care of Billion customers after the sale.

Review №30

Go elsewhere to lease a vehicle I leased a brand new 2019 Kia in January payments are 378 a month June my wife leased a brand new 2019 jeep $329 a month $10,000 more expensive vehicle. Salesman real nice while we were doing the lease papers now after we have the lease Ive had two problems with the KIA they will not do nothing about either one of the problems.. I will never ever in my lifetime do business with KIA again or recommend them to anyone !!!!! Two thumbs down for KIA lowest rating I could give them one star !!!

Review №31

Great service! Friendly staff 👍

Review №32

Service department did a great job doing recalls and inspecting potential issues on my 2011 Optima. They found out what I needed and didnt try to bribe me into things I knew I did not need. Will be back to get some of the those things fixed for sure!

Review №33

Quick efficient service.

Review №34

Very friendly. Great waiting room with free beverages and snacks. Novel idea leave the remote out so those waiting can choose the station to watch. LOVED THAT IDEA!!!

Review №35

We had a great experience at Billion Kia. Our salesman, Jesse McGraw was friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Matt in finance was also easy to work with. We were on a bit of a time crunch and the whole team worked quickly and efficiently to make our transaction smooth. I would definitely recommend Jesse again.

Review №36

Great people to work with

Review №37

This is a review solely on the purchase of my new Kia. My parents purchased their car here and have referred other friends/family to Joel. Joel was great to work with, so I can see why they like him. He was laid back, but professional and not pushy. I cant stand high-pressure sales tactics, and I didnt get that here. I generally know exactly what I want in a vehicle, and I wasnt pressured toward something else on the lot.From the test drive, to negotiating my trade/payments/etc...I felt like they respected my requests. The whole process didnt take all day long, and I left feeling positive about the experience. I am sure Ill be using them for my service as well.

Review №38

I took my 2014 Kia Optima in to have the 60,000 mile service on it a few weeks ago.Firstly, the service writer that set up my appointment asked me if my Optima was an all-wheel drive. I thought this was weird considering Kia doesnt even make an all-wheel drive Optima, but I set up the appointment regardless. All I was having done was a transmission service and a coolant service.I was quoted $300 for the two full services. I went back to pick up my car and the total was $360 and the service writer hands me a blank inspection sheet and mentions his tech was, In a hurry to get out of here and pick his wife up at the airport so he didnt have time to fill this out. This made me uneasy because Ive already paid $60 more than they said it would cost and I didnt even get a signed-off inspection report. Regardless I paid the amount and left.After getting home, my husband crawled under my car and found that there was coolant and transmission fluid spilled all over my drip pans and splattered all over under my car. He spent probably an hour cleaning it up.I e-mailed the Billion service manager because this is actually the second time Ive had poor service at a Billion service. The first was at the quick lube and I brushed over that because its quick lube and I expected a certain level of sloppiness, but the oil plug was not tight and there was oil dripping out from under my car as well as spilled in the engine bay. He did offer a free oil change but I passed based on the two poor experiences. Next time I need my car serviced I will travel to Lakeville, MN.Also, the sales people will try like hell to sell you a car while youre waiting for your car to be serviced, even if it is brand new.

Review №39

Good experience with friendly staff.

Review №40

Terrible service department, they dont stand behind their products, extremely difficult to get in contact with, schedule appointments when they know ALL the service guys will be going to lunch ( yes, all of them , at the same time ). Sales are just as bad. God willing, I will never have to deal with Billion again once I get out of my current lease.

Review №41

Was my first time for a oil change on my lease couldnt find salesmen to ask question service dept wasnt sure bout my question seems like I had to move things around to make it convenient for the schedule not happy made a appt for Friday lets see if its better

Review №42

Great service! This is the 4th vehicle that I have bought from Jeff Nygaard at Billion Kia. Jeff & the staff are always friendly & easy to work with! Always a great experience!

Review №43

Had some recall work done. Service Department was courteous, prompt and did great work.

Review №44

I have leased with KIA for three new KIA Optimas. My first lease was a breeze. My second vehicle was totaled and Billion KIA did little to assist with the process and the whole process with the person who did the damage was a nightmare all around. My third lease had an issue with the driver side seat track that took over a month to receive a part. It was promised in less than a week. I called relentlessly about the fix, only to be assured the part was coming. The seat was stuck in a position that it was difficult to drive, due to the distance to the petal. And finally, and worst of all, I got a flat tire. My lease didnt have a spare in it to fix it. So currently I am waiting on a tow back to Billion. I called to give a heads up and the service manager acted less than shocked my vehicle, a brand new lease, doesnt have a spare. All of my experiences combined have been less than pleasant with Billion and I can say at this time, I am unhappy and less than thrilled with the service I have received.

Review №45

I have leased my last two vehicles from Billion. I moved to Colorado and decided to lease with Billion for my second vehicle as I had a great first experience.This experience is extremely frustrating. I have paid my vehicle taxes, yet the state of Colorado says I have not because Billion filled out a form incorrectly. I have been trying for a month to get this situation resolved with little help provided by Billion. Billion points the finger at Kia Motor Finance, Kia Motor FInance points the finger at the state, the state blames Billion. I am stuck in the middle of this as none of these entities will speak to another.I have made several dozen phone calls.I have emailed DAILY.This is absolutely ridiculous.Still nothing.Will never do business with Billion Kia Sioux Falls ever again. Will also warn friends and family from such a terrible experience.

Review №46


Review №47

The staff was very attentive and worked well with me to find the right fit. Joel Thomsen was great to work with - kind and knowledgeable about what Kia has to offer.

Review №48

Good place to get a car even with bad credit

Review №49

Great service!

Review №50

Adam Limmer was great! Mat Eggebraaten was also a huge help. Would recommend Billion & will use them again in the future

Review №51

Have Bought 3 New Kias From Bob Smith And Manager Jon Olsen , These guys are very professional and bend over backwards to keep me coming back! I would highly Recommend Bob if you are looking for a New Kia ,Awesome down to earth salesperson ! He can also sell vehicles at ANY of Billions other dealerships as I have bought 2 new Chevrolets from him also without a hitch ! Thanks Bob S and Jon O !!

Review №52

I wont be coming back.They couldnt get a Kia Forte 5 door for us to buy, salesmen like are like every other, they want to sell you any car and will show you high price tags and today only gimmicks.Their oil changes are quite expensive ($40+), reason I came in was for a few small serviceable issues (extended Kia warranty for the win)The experience, price, and gimmicks that come with this dealership arent worth it.Side note: I highly suggest a Kia vehicle, just bit this dealership

Review №53

Nice helpful employees. Good work.

Review №54

I live in Minnesota, I was pulled over with in 12 hours of picking my car up. The car we purchased didnt have legal tint even for South Dakota (South Dakota 30%, Minnesota 50%) my car window tint was 21%. I spoke with the dealership, they said they would send me a check for 125.00 to help with the cost of changing the tint. Which would have been nice, however its been 4+ weeks, 4 emails and 2 phone calls and still NO check, not sure if they use pony express or what. This is the second time we have purchased from them and the last.

Review №55

In need of body parts fast. Hes everything I needed and were reasonable

Review №56

The appointment was for a recall. Got in quickly when I called, and they also took care of another recall I wasnt aware of.

Review №57

Never received a call back from anyone regarding my vehicle.

Review №58

Nikki is the best person Ive ever worked with. She always goes out of her way to help people.

Review №59

I own a Kia soul and Kia Rio and have always been happy with them...they have been very dependable!

Review №60

Horrible business. They sold a lemon and refuse to fix it. Horrible business ethics AND lemons for vehicles. Unreliable. Untrustworthy.

Review №61

Great experience through their service center. Reasonably priced as well.

Review №62

Sales team with great knowledge, their willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. Highly recommend.

Review №63

I went in wanting to buy a crossover. Got stuck w leasing a car. Lease is upside down, cant get out of the lease, owe too much more than it is worth to sell and most expensive monthly payment i have ever had. Struggle most months to try to manage to pay the payments but cant get out of lease that i said i never wanted to lease. Didnt listen to what i wanted or the monthly payment amount i needed to be at

Review №64

Good customer service in the shop. Notified of needed update and took care of it promptly.

Review №65

So quick I really didnt have to wait

Review №66

Best car buying experience ever. So friendly.

Review №67

Sucks ass. I went to get service on my car and my warranty didnt expire for 125,000 miles but they kept saying it expired at 100,000 even though my paperwork says its 125,000. Wouldnt even bother going there anymore.

Review №68

Im not happy with this place at all. I got my fiance and brand new hyundai elantra gt. We were over charged for a career package we put on the car. We were told it was 800. On our bill it was 2200. We were also charged for things we said we didnt want. A 21000 dollar car which was over priced in the first place ended up costing me over 25000. To top all that off. It sits dead in my driveway. Wont start and we cant get ahold of anyone to come and get it to have it fixed. I bought her this new car as her other car was doing the same thing. Sitting in the driveway dead. Know Im paying payments on two dead cars. What a shame.

Review №69

Dont trust billion. There is some seriously shady stuff going on.

Review №70

Was able to get the car I wanted in the end but the facility isnt that great and the customer service is definitely lacking. Also didnt care for being promised certain items that were never delivered. Will probably try to stay with another dealer next time.

Review №71

If I could give this place a negative star I would! Extremely dishonest with us. Drove 3 hours to do a deal and we get here and the bed is bent and tailgate is messed up on a 35k truck!!!!!!! We were STRAIGHT UP LIED TO. Wasted our entire Saturday on this bull

Review №72

Nice people they do all they can for you

Review №73

Very helpful. Courtesy

Review №74

We are NEVER coming back!. I am so sick of, Its not MY job., It wasnt ME!, I didnt know...I suggest a new slogan Billion... Well lie to your face, and take your money.You want to talk? You have my number.

Review №75

Good car dealership and easy to work with!

Review №76

Buy a car anywhere else other than Billion. They push you to buy the vehicle, then dont back up their vehicles with good service. Also dont try to call their phone number youll get a call center rather than the facility you want to speak to. Its best to just go elsewhere.

Review №77

Great service

Review №78

Always so nice and helpful

Review №79

Nice people good service

Review №80

Great service

Review №81

Good and fast services

Review №82

Always very good

Review №83

I work there

Review №84

Fast friendly service

Review №85

Very friendly

Review №86

Great service!!!!

Review №87

Excellent Attention, and very good work

Review №88

It is a central and very professional place, they provide all the necessary information and help you make the best decision according to your interests. !!!

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