Empire Auto Sales
1401 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, United States
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This place and the people in it are fantastic. Got a new car with them and unfortunately, 10 days later I had an issue with the alternator. This is in no way an issue anyone could’ve predicted when I drove the car off the lot, completely unexpected. Then, I called Mike and updated him on the situation and he and his team ended up fixing my car and doing a great job of it. Overall, presentation is great, selection of cars is awesome, the whole team is helpful as well as well-spirited, and the purchasing experience as well as service for the vehicles is exceptional. Empire Auto Sales deserves all the accolades in the region!

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I had the best experience for buying a car. The car was in amazing condition for being a used car. And they took my car as a trade in.

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Great price on what i wanted. Easy to work with, very accomodating despite me knocking a trophy off a shelf and the cup holder off the water bottle. N o BS, straight honest and to the point. Have my reccomendation. Thanks guys.

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Thanks Mike we are loving our GMC pickup! Chad and I have been looking for the right truck for us that was a fair price and in good shape. No covered up rust and problems that we had to discover on our own.. (unlike some other car lots in the area).. you are up front and honest and made the buying process easy and fun. Chad wants to take it to Next 2new to show them what a real truck looks like 🤭😂. Happy to be repeat Empire Auto Buyers and your website looks great😁😉.. must have an awesome web team as well!! 🚗 .. to all the car shoppers out there if you are looking for honest no high pressured sales with a car fax and 90 day warranty a stop by this lot will be worth your time!

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Encountered two of their guys (owners?) on 41st St tonight. They thought itd be funny to drive slowly, side by side, and not let anyone pass. Then they decided (they had windows down talking to each other) the one wanted to follow the other in the right lane, so he tried to force me to slam on my brakes or drive onto sidewalk. They turned left on Kiwanis a half mile later. When I passed the one driver, he flipped me off 2 separate times (for what?). I think they finally realized they had Empire Auto on their plates, so they drove very aggressively, as if to elude me. I later drove by the dealership to confirm it was them, and, it was. Dont do business with BAD people.P.S. If they want to challenge this occurence, I can post the pics I took, which include them flipping me off.

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I have heard nothing but good things from 3 different sources. They were right. Really nice guys!

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I bought a challenger from mike last Saturday and it was a pleasant experience. We took it for a test drive, negotiated a deal and i drove it home.Id recommend his shop to anyone interested in his inventory.

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Best place in town to get a ride

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They will help you as fast as they can and are really nice and it doesnt matter how much your budget is

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Mike was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to help us find the right vehicle and facilitated the sale. Mike led us to the right person to obtain a loan. We felt comfortable with the entire buying process.There was never any pressure about buying. I felt Mike had our best interests at heart even checking things out and fixing an issue after our test drive.I would recommend Empire Auto and Mike to anyone looking for a used, quality vehicle.

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Mike and Darren are absolutely fantastic. Ive bought all my vehicles from them and so have all my friends. Its always a great deal. They also maintain all my vehicles there and they always have it done fast and done right. They go above and beyond every time. Their honesty is unmatched. I cannot say enough great things about them. I recommend them to everyone, if youre unsure where to buy a car give them a call!

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Bought a car from Mike for our daughter. He treated us very well and gave us a very good deal on the car. It is a no hassle buying experience without any of the pressure you receive at many of the Sioux Falls car dealerships. He also made our daughter feel extra special by putting a picture of her with her new car on the board in his office. Mike has also worked with us on purchasing other vehicles. We told him what we were looking for and he went to work to find us the perfect vehicle.If you want a great buying experience and a good deal on a vehicle...go see Mike at Empire Auto Sales.

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The staff is very friendly and you receive excellent and honest advice.

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Crooks car promblem had it for a year everything was wrong with it engine transmission clutch battery alternator serpentine belt . Make sure check car out have mechanic look at it. Never call me back told them engine was bad.

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Empire Auto is great! We bought a 1999 Honda CRV from them a few months ago and have been taking both our vehicles in for service since then. We got a great deal on a mechanically sound used car and the buying experience was the easiest most stress free car purchase Ive ever made. The belts squealed a little on the test drive and they replaced them for us at no charge (I didnt even have to ask!). I recommend them to everyone! From sales to service these guys are easily a 5 star operation.

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Highly, highly recommend. Honest, fast and a business you can trust. Couldnt be happier with the service!

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I bought a vehicle from them, that started falling apart after two days. I took it back because it had a terrible leak within days of getting this car. Was told it was just AC condensation dripping. I went back with pictures of my stained driveway, to show them it was red/brown colored fluid, NOT condensation. They said they had no idea what it was. After my power steering completely went out, they finally figured out what the red/brown fluid had been THE WHOLE TIME. This was a problem that was present before I bought the vehicle, but they made me pay for the repair. The cruise control only worked during the test drive, then went out the first time I tried to use it after purchase. They DID fix that one. The back seat cup holders wont latch back into the closed position. The rear windshield wiper motor went out within weeks. I cant afford all the repairs on top of the monthly payments. Dont let yourself get duped into thinking youre buying a vehicle thats in good shape, the way that I did!

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I have herd horror stories from my friends about other car places in town, and I was relieved when I came in and picked out my 2004 Audi wagon that Mike is wonderful! He and the mechanic Darren helped me decide between which car would be best for me and my life style. they were really helpful in keeping in contact with me and explaining and taking the time to show me some basic functions and features on my car. The price was reasonable too. I think this family business is pretty unique and are going to go far. My only picky thing was, the office had a few random pairs of shoes laying around in the corner that I thought was kind of funny, though. Other than that, I loved my experience and cant wait to let my friends know about a wonderful and reliable car dealership they can go to here in town!

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After a long day of car shopping, I stopped in here to, Empire, and immediately I noticed a difference..a warranty on used cars? Yes! But, mostly, I could tell that, Empire, actually cares about the cars they sell to their customers as opposed to trying to get rid of lemons like a lot of the POS cars I drove from the lots off of 10th street! Thanks for the great 04 Accord I got from ya! Lucky to get one at this price/condition! Cheers!

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Absolutely nothing but liars! Audi a3 beautiful car ! I mean I fell in love at first sight I was assured it was looked over and serviced. One week later sat on side of road more then I was able to drive it, took to Audi dealer because Mike and his son said they didnt work on them, so how did you service it ?????? When Audi got in there they said they have never seen a car with such mud for oil really !?!?!?!?!?! Anyway 800.00 later (in my first week ) terrible oil leaks along with coil packs bad, the 30 day warranty of course didnt cover. It only covers if engine blows up! Now a week after that still leaking in other spots an now ...... turbo is bad another 1,500 more. Absolutely horrible experience . If you want to buy a pretty car that is going to break down and the owner only willing to patch things with used bandaid then go to Mike and his son, they give all the bad names to car salesmen. There is no excuse for this and the better business bureau has been contacted.

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Thanks again Mike, I love my trail blazer. Best used auto sales in all of South Dakota!

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I got a good deal on a car.. warranty is the best part... i am a single woman and he didnt try to get over on me or pressure me into anything!! Sooooo happy with him!!! Thank you Empire auto!!! I recommend him to anyone looking for a good used car!!!

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Good selection great pricing dont forget about the $500 military discount. I will definitely be back next time I need a vehicle

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Mike and Empire Auto Sales are honest, sincere, knowledgeable, and courteous. We highly recommend that you become an Empire buyer today!

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Didnt end up purchasing a vehicle but they were helpful and respectful.

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A few years back my parents bought a car (A Chrysler 300M to be exact) from these guys and after 10-15 days they brought it back because something was wrong. They took it into their shop and fixed it. On day 31 (the day after you can return it) it started acting up again.My parents then took the car into a mechanic and he said the mechanics at the place put some goop in the vehicle so it would make it past the 30 day mark so my parents couldnt return it. My mother then wrote an enraged letter to this place to which they repliedits a used car, what do you expectIf you want a quality place where you are treated with respect...dont go here. And owner, dont deny this (like you did on some comments before), because you did this or you allowed your employees to do thisEdit/Rebuttal: Whether it was 30 days or 90 days, it doesnt matter (your mechanics fixed the problem to get the vehicle repair past the warranty date), your staff acted like jerks, and wrote my mom a condescending letterYour tone, in your reply, really shows the type of person you are

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Friendly, helpful staff and ownership. Excellent car deal.

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I talked to the owner while I was there to look at vehicles and he had suggested a Chevy Impala which I told him I wasnt interested in and I told him I dont like the style. He became defensive and said well what do you want then? and I said I wanted something sporty-er. He then proceeded to call me a spoiled brat and that I was an idiot because Chevy Impalas are sporty looking because they have a spoiler. I would walk, take a bus or taxi before buying a car from this place!

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Awesome corvettes

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Best used dealership in Sioux Falls

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  • Address:1401 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, United States
  • Site:http://www.empireautosf.com/
  • Phone:+1 605-339-2225
  • Auto broker
  • Used car dealer
  • Used truck dealer
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Friday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6:30PM
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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