Costco Wholesale
4401 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, United States

Review №1

Okay there is a difference between hoarding and Good To Go readiness. Any Costco will help you with that. I replace or replenish every September and October for readiness for power outages, snow, lockdowns or ? My go to are: batteries, staples, cleaning supplies, water, first aid items. I will say that if you go around 5:30-6:30 dinner time it is less crowded and Better parking.

Review №2

Costco Logistics and Costco need to improve their communication with each other and with their customers!I wanted to buy a washer and dryer from the Costco in Seattle and was told by an employ I had to do it online. Fine, no problem. I made the order on 9/26/21. About two weeks later the delivery was made, however the unit was damaged. I had to call Costco Logistics and re-order a different unit and schedule another time for it to be dropped off. I asked if it could be dropped off after 3pm, because thats when I get home from work. The person I spoke with said she would make a note of it.The night before the delivery I received a message indicating the delivery would be made between 11:15 am and 1:15 pm. I called logistics again, spoke with a different person and asked if I could change the time. Without giving me a reason, he said customers can only choose the days, not the time. I wish the previous employee would have told me that, otherwise I would have scheduled for a Saturday. So I ended up re-scheduling on a Saturday (two weeks after the call) but today I received an email saying their was an issue with my delivery and they were unable to deliver the unit. I was also sent two automated messages with different delivery times: 11:15-1:15 and 12:30-2:30. Due to the vagueness of the email about the issue with the delivery, I called logistics and asked what the problem was. I was told the unit wasnt in the warehouse.I called customer service, cancelled the order and asked for a refund.I have been a happy customer of Costco for many years but I will never order a large appliance from them again. I will be going to a different appliance store to make my purchase.

Review №3

This Costco is clean. The staff are so kind, patient and helpful. There are good selections regularly and fun new items. The clothing has good and well made items but hard to find male smalls and female smalls. I would like to see more of a wine selection but what they have is generally good with good pricing. Bathroom could be kept cleaner. Sad they no longer have the coffee machine. Also they dont enforce any covid precautions. Its a packed store many times especially on weekends.

Review №4

Good as your usual Costco less busy and with less friendly crew than in Florida

Review №5

It’s Costco…. With some nice employees. You know what your going to get here.

Review №6

Costco is a place to buy in bulk, i usually go shopping with two more families and we split the bill and the Supplies. Prices are good and you can find very good deal. The produce options are not vast so I recommend you getting those items somewhere else. Neve miss the clothing session and dont forget to get gas too. They have best prices.

Review №7

Go for the $1.50 hotdog and soda-pop, stay for the steaks, salmon, halibut, fresh fruits and veggies, and linger in the other isles for unexpected surprises.

Review №8

Good food, good service. I come once a week to get produce, fish, eggs, paper goods (and other things I probably dont really need). Lets just say I definitely get back my membership fees by the end of the year from rewards.I like this location the most for several reasons (Patty is amazing, and so are a lot of the staff, parking isnt a bear, closest to home...) and I definitely fuel up and get a car wash on my way home every time.

Review №9

Apparently they stopped letting everyone into the food court, and instead of telling me this politely the greeter was extremely condescending. Definitely wont get a membership now.

Review №10

Costco wholesale is always good place to shop for every thing you need. products is excellent quality and very good price. Thanks Costco for excellent services.

Review №11

I love Costco and this one is particularly nice. Great employees. Pharmacy was incredible, great employees.

Review №12

A Caucasian customer service refused to give her name, stating she works there for 29 yrs but refused to do the job and referred it to someone else. Asked for original receipt but they can look it up on their system?! Why making things harder for the customers??!!Extreme unpleasant toward customers for no reasons?! Never experience this at any Costco locations before.

Review №13

Busy! Better selection of foreign foods than other Costco locations (primarily Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Greek), so many tasty treats!

Review №14

Its a Costco. Basic layout. They helped us when we forgot our Costco card at home which was nice!

Review №15

Its...Costco. Always crowded with oblivious people pushing overflowing carts, and choked people who are willing to stand in a line waiting for a thumbnail sized food sample on a toothpick. But the store and parking lot are consistently immaculate. The staff is efficient and friendly. Costco continues to find great products to being to its customers, even if they only last for a few days.

Review №16

Great pizza And hot beef dogs

Review №17

Very busy on Saturday morning. But still love all Costcos!! Got my egg bites which was the main reason I went for

Review №18

Everyone is putting the work in here and you see it.You can buy Seahawks and Kraken wear-Considering the sheer volume of customers and let’s face it some customers feel very entitled and can be borderline obnoxious. I want to say something about Costco...they have made it possible to have more provisions and opportunity in life, from the savings. You may ask how..become it’s a lotta stuff hence ‘bulk’ but it lasts longer and per item it’s less than the ‘average’ grocery. That has allowed me to use what I save to fill my gas tank or (Pre-Covid) go to a movie, maybe buy Starbucks for that week. The giant pizza is feeds the family. They have self checkout, nice option. When you’re there you can buy a slice, to have dinner before you get home or give other food court items a try. They have a beef hotdog and drink for $1.50. There will be families struggling and people can eat and feel like everyone else even if they don’t shop. That feeling of fleeting normalcy is important for a number of reasons. There is plenty of parking (you might have to jockey for it when it’s crowded) there’s a car wash and you can get gas. If you need tires, eye exams and glasses, a pharmacy and more. One thing is that being grateful and not entitled is always more flattering and friendly. While you’re there and if you’re headed into the an extra hotdog and drink and give it to someone who looks hungry and be grateful that you are in the position where you can :] We need to always consider each other.

Review №19

Love the salmon and sea bass. This location is really good at moving the check out lines quickly. Much lower gas prices than at other local gas stations and the car wash is only $7. My only suggestion would be to add an area where customers can also vacuum the interior of their cars. Also you cannot pay with MasterCard.

Review №20

Best chain ever, me and my girlfriend love coming here, even though the Seattle location is a little too busy. Always good quality stuff, fairly priced, great return policy.

Review №21

It’s a lovely way to save money with items you use all the time. They also give you access to the website which has so much you’d never believe. We got our mattress, wood stove, office chair and green house!

Review №22

Always a mad house and lots of wanderers, they move product around alot to keep you in the store looking for items. Prices are good. Parking sucks due to lazy people that wont put carts in cart station, just leave them in empty parking stalls.

Review №23

What’s not to like? Costco does a great job taking care of its members, offers quality products and does not overwhelm with variety. They have a superior return policy and I believe that creates customer loyalty.

Review №24

A pretty fair Costco located down in Seattle in the industrial area. Easy enough to get in and out of. Customer service is generally good here with this large indoor environment. Attempt to go early or on weekdays as it gets very crowded during the weekends with long checkout lines.

Review №25

They literally have everything. All the time.Best times to go are Monday-Thursday after 5pm. Less busy.

Review №26

Always the best place to shop! Great prices on food and gas.

Review №27

Love Costco but it is super busy on weekends. Getting pizza also takes way to long...

Review №28

GREAT customer services!! Their staff are very helpful both in person and over the phone! This Costco @ 4th Ave is my first option to choose for shipping.

Review №29

Always a pleasure to shop at Costco irrespective of its location. Friendly staff and affordable prices. Close by Seattle downtown and office proximity

Review №30

Okay, Costco means a lot to lots of families and a lot more to businesses. One can visit and buy one item or have a full truckload of the same item delivered. Now, how many businesses offer such a formula for purchasing? Costco is not just for sampling on various stations. Although some people prefer to go at the times when free food samples are available.It’s an amazing operation. My bulb garden is all dependent on Costco carrying bulbs of tulips, daffodils, crocuses, Irises, Lillies and the rest.I was disturbed to learn that the organic mushrooms I bought were packed 12 days before, had mold growing and they were still stocked on shelves! See images. And policy is that one must bring the product back for refund or replacement. Really with moldy mushrooms too? I hope Costco will fix the policy. Of and on produce seem to lack freshness and poor in quality. I guess I need to not trust but carefully check produce quality before transferring to my cart.

Review №31

This is from a store in Buford Ga.I have recently upgraded this stores review one additional star due to the addition of the U-Scan checkouts, although today when I got to them, there were no lights on any of the units, nor anyone standing by any of them. Fortunately, there was (1) full-service checkout open. So while checking out after the store had been open 15 minutes, I began to see U-Scan operators taking their places.My main complaint for this update regarded the opening time for the store. Today is Tuesday, Sept 8th, and if you are a senior, Costco opens at 9am on weekdays. When I pulled into the lot at around 8:50, there were about 8 seniors standing outside the locked doors waiting for them to open. This is a normal sight no matter what day or what time they open. People always there early in hopes they open the doors a little early, which they do often. While waiting in my car and reviewing my extremely accurate watch regarding the time, I noticed it being 8:59, and still the doors were shut. I got out of the car and walked up to the carts. Still not open. I grabbed a cart and sat down on a post block. Finally, at 9:03 the first people were allowed to enter. When I went in, I stopped to ask the door greeter why 3 minutes late? She said, oh, on some days we have floor palates to put away.So, from my visit today, I take it the store manager doesnt require his store to be ready for business at the opening time, nor does he require his checkout operators to be at their stations ready for customers either.Ive worked many a year in retailing and I have never worked for an organization that did not believe in being ready for their customers during store hours.I also would love to have a business where there was a line of customers outside each day before opening. I guarantee you, I would NEVER require them to wait even a moment past my posted opening hour.Like everyone else, I pay at least $60 per year for the privilege to shop here - is it too much to ask that you keep enough registers open so we arent faced with long lines? As you can see by the photos, always plenty of unmanned registers available, just no one asked to operate them. Short lines cut into their profit, which at the end of their last reported 3-month report, was a net profit of over 700 million dollars. At that pace, they should end the year over 2.8 Billion dollars. Keeping you and I waiting in lines reduces their manpower costs and places it on the back of their customer. So I say, isnt it enough we pay $60 a year?

Review №32

Not the best selection compared to Kirkland or Tukwila locations. But its my local store and its got some amazing staff.

Review №33

Love the gas prices. Wished they had more choices on their menu like grilled cheese or chili w/options of onions, cheese, etc. And a variety of jean jackets and coats.

Review №34

If only possible to give them no star at all with my rating, I would do it. Thats how bad my experience each time I go to this effin Costco location. They always have a problem with customers. Seems like they are always having a bad day. Most of their staff are rude. My last visit, attendant on the self check out was very rude and impatient. She shouted at me twice saying hold on. Then when she got close to me, she said, can you wait!? with attitude. I just wanna scan all the stuff I had before asking her help with the muffins but I guess shes in a hurry. Before I can scan my last item, she jumped in front of me so she can help me ring up the muffins. I gave them 5 stars 4 months ago but since I they treated me so bad multiple times, I will give you 0 star. Too bad for me I cant really give you that.

Review №35

Very crowded. The staff tend to avoid you when asking for help. The prices are great for bulk buying!

Review №36

I did repair welding in their car wash in Seattle tonight. Great car wash great people working there they do an average of 1000 cars a day. Go get your car washed awesome place

Review №37

Good variety in each department, great prices, clean bathrooms, parking convince depends if you shop early in am, mid-week.

Review №38

This place is so very dangerous for people who love sugar but arent supposed to have it. Good many wonderful desserts, donuts, ice cream, candy. ALL in bulk.Oh, yeah, being a warehouse store, they have tons of great buys on fresh produce, dairy, deli, and all sorts of boring but useful things (500 Ibuprofen pills! A 20 pack of those cool, squiggly lightbulbs. Forty AA batteries! 900 pencils!). You catch my drift. This particular COSTCO can get verrrrry busy.

Review №39

Good selection & speedy checkout as long as youre not there during peak hours. 4 stars because the self checkout machines dont make it clear where youre supposed to scan your member card, and the item scanner was definitely not my first thought. The software should make this more clear!

Review №40

Very busy in a Tuesday afternoon! Produce section is great, meat section is good, curious selection of athletic apparel (mens exercise shorts is sadly lacking). Checkout personnel is wonderful - very conscientious people concerned if something was leaking and gave out paper towels.

Review №41

On time every time. When you want bulk this is the place. Dont forget deals on media, house whole and automotive.Great place to shop.

Review №42

Pretty fun to run around and eat samples and climb on things then get lost from my parents. 10/10 do recommend :)

Review №43

Its a Costco, and I mean that in all the right ways.

Review №44

I was looking for cut fruit or party trays and they just didnt have any of that on hand without having to order it in advance. Other than that, the store is straightforward and prices are pretty good.

Review №45

This place has everything and anything you need. The device is good. And people who work there have great attitudes.

Review №46

Staff name Tram was so rude to us. She kept yelling to customers when it is not necessary to do so

Review №47

Costco WS is great most of the time, although very busy, even mornings in the middle of the week. Customer service sometimes doesnt have enough people and you have to wait in line.Bathrooms are usually very clean and the store floor itself. I like that you can make a route in this store, some other Costcos you end up all over the place.Most cashiers are super nice and helpful, but Ive been attended by a few that are a little indifferent.I like the gas and car wash service as well.Prices are usually increasing from one visit to the next, they use a non rounded cent system, which, if you dont pay attention, is easier to realize that it is increasing every month or so.I wish they sample more of their products. I always want to try something that looks good, but Im afraid Ill waste my money.I would love if they sold breakfast in the food area, or other healthy options, like veggie bowls or a simple healthy snack (hummus and olives). 😋 I usually go there in the morning, many times, I havent had breakfast.And if it wasnt a lot to ask (Im dreaming here), the parking lot needs more trees, specially during Spring and Summer, I wish there was a shade to park under.Reserved parking spots for pregnant ladies and moms with little kids would be greatly appreciated. ☺️

Review №48

Really nice 20 jar wood spice rack with glass jars full of spices and embossed top. $20 on sale. Love it

Review №49

This particular gas station went a lot faster than others.

Review №50

Why would you close at 6;30 on the weekend? thats about as dumb as a rock. dont tell me its because of this covid hoax either, smh

Review №51

Costco has great selection of stuff at great prices but a lot of the staff isn’t very friendly and the customer service is so so.

Review №52

Always a nice store. Friendly helpful staff. They have great efforts in place to help stop or prevent the virus from spreading (see my photo of the bathroom). This place is always very busy though. The parking lot is like a war zone and no one seems to pay attention, so be extra careful driving.

Review №53

Good shopping experience. No problem to use the member card of Taiwans Costco.

Review №54

Each location’s stock varies slightly. That’s what I love about Costco.

Review №55

Convenient location and plenty of parking. Since they have self checkout lanes, it’s helping us whenever buying lesser items. Very friendly service!

Review №56

Always long lines, but moves pretty fast. Competent staff. Excellent collection of produce. Vast varieties of products.

Review №57

Best and First Costco...PERIOD!Easy access from the West Seattle with 4th ave. exit (When the bridge is open of course). Parking is good. Park on the left when you enter and use the cross walk to quickly get in. The gas station opens at 6:00am, but conveniently opens 15-20 min early..gracious! Friendly staff.

Review №58

Efficient cashiers. Sometimes you have a wait but it is waaaay faster than other Costcos. Good selection of specialty items and we always appreciate the wine selection.

Review №59

Wash your car, fill your tank and get your groceries in bulk (if you have the family size to finish it that fast). I’ve found my membership to be useful because of the discounts and prices. Covid protocols observed throughout the pandemic.

Review №60

Costco wholesale is an interesting place to visit from one month to the next when finding new thinks that are useful around the house.TheRealInternetMan😎

Review №61

I always am down to go to Costco. I can find everything easily 😌

Review №62

Very busy but staff was extremely nice

Review №63

Always have a good shopping experience at Costco.

Review №64

They rock. Excellent produce, meat and seafood. One of the better Costco stores I have shopped.

Review №65

My roommate and I went in to sign up for our first times last week and had a great experience with Anthony Wright! He was very thorough in explaining our options, answered all of our questions with kindness, and had a great sense of humor throughout! The rest of the staff was also so friendly and helpful, and the store was well stocked and organized. Really an excellent experience all around.

Review №66

Great employees, quality products, cheap lunch and a car wash to boot!! Thanks Costco!!!

Review №67

Always busy on weekends. Friendly staff and very clean warehouse. I wish it had more vegetarian/vegan and non dairy options.

Review №68

Quick in and out on Boxing Day-- efficient staff, masked guests, fast returns and smiles.

Review №69

Costco is a great business. The employees are always helpful. The prices are always good. I love that I can shop at senior hours. I feel safer. Thanks Costco!

Review №70

I like the variety and the organization of this place. I really like Argentine wine :)

Review №71

Parking lot access is horribly frustrating. Takes a long time to get in and out. Very busy, but still quick. Lots of stalls at gas pumps.

Review №72

Im so frustrated with this store. I asked repeatedly if Costco was going to stop the cruelty that was seen in the New York Times investigation and adopt adopt the Better Chicken Commitment, but I received no clear response. Just excuses and told to contact corporate which is no help either.

Review №73

Great Costco. Great selection of things. Perfect wholesale

Review №74

Great prices on most items and getting in more organic products. Today in addition to groceries I saw a bed with drawers under the foot end that I want.....a great price and a nice sectional again priced right

Review №75

Great store with everything you need

Review №76

Dolly at the Costco on 4th in Seattle was super helpful!! She went out of her way to help me find what I needed, and walked with me to make sure I got it. This is great customer service and this lady is awesome! I appreciate her so much! Thanks Dolly!-Tanay

Review №77

Love most of the things except the $5 rotisserie chicken. It is undercooked and very pink. Please avoid!

Review №78

Customer service is terrible, employees are very pushy and one of the employe name Farida ;she forced me to get executive card even when I said no , she even try to force us to apply for Visa card but I refused

Review №79

Love this Seattle location. I work in Sodo so its easy to do a Costco run at lunch👍. Love the self check and out quickly.

Review №80

I normally love Costco, however on this trip I bought a hot dog and as soon as I took my 1ST bite a worker came and aggressively told me repeatedly , I could not eat inside. I didnt see the signs but a simple, excuse me maam.... wouldve been awesome

Review №81

So many items to get at Costco. Today it was a new mattress for our daughter, the other day it was our typical Costco trip, fruits, snacks, coffee, dinner and other necessities. I’m always amazed at what you can get at Costco and the prices! Every few years we go back to Costco and upgrade our cell phones. If we need a quick and cheap bit to eat we go and get a Hot Dog! The only thing that I dislike about this Costco is that it’s in Seattle so you can’t get a soda that you really want (sugar tax) and you also can’t get a regular straw! I hate stupid Seattle laws, they ruin everything! Oh and don’t buy soda here too due to the taxes, drive a few extra miles and go to Tukwila instead!

Review №82

They didnt see that I moved they had the new address but still mailed renewable papers to wrong place so now Im without a card.

Review №83

Parking is difficult but gas lines go fast and they always have a lot of new items.

Review №84

Always find what I need here. Food, medications, glasses, contacts, camping gear, storage tubs, snacks, clothes, electronics, gas, car wash (4th avenue) etc.

Review №85

Best gasoline prices in the city.

Review №86

I went to Costco and got me some gas. I filled the tank up. The gas is on a $2.99 per gallon in Seattle. Then I went inside and got me one of those giant beef hot dogs with a soda however, they only had diet soda Pepsi and Max Pepsi no regular Pepsi. Thats just not fair. .Lol

Review №87

This Costco usually has plenty of parking, great selection, and friendly employees.

Review №88

I haven’t been in a Costco in years not bad the prices aren’t too bad either great selection of items.

Review №89

Fast and efficient. Never a complaint or a question if I ever decide to return something. And the way they can run you through checkout with their volume astounds me. I love this place!

Review №90

Great service. Products/items were easy to find.

Review №91

Crowded but good selection of sundries

Review №92

Great service. Courteous staff. Fully stocked.

Review №93

Closest Costco to downtown Seattle. Enough parking space. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №94

The lady at the membership desk was professional, informative and friendly

Review №95

Store size and variety of groceries and misc items is good. There are times that an item or two that I am searching for happens to not be available, but overall a good Costco!

Review №96

I am appalled at the way Costco treats animals in its supply chain. Costco needs to address this horrific abuse and sign onto the Better Chicken Commitment.

Review №97

Closest to downtown seattle. Pretty bad experience from staff as I felt bullied for trying to pick up my membership card and profiled when the cashier made a mistake on my receipt when trying to leave. Not a very welcoming store.

Review №98

I have not been overall happy with this particular Costco, sadly. I have been to Costcos all across the country, but I have overall not received good service unless I get a manager involved. I am particularly disgusted with the optical department which seems to think that customers are an interruption to their jobs, rather than being their jobs.I have also had people at the self-checkouts frequently be very rude and curt.On the other hand, the pharmacy is doing a phenomenal job in handling the vaccine situation, which is the only reason my rating is as high as it is. alas not lower.

Review №99

I come here every week since I live closeby and normally I have a good experience here. Most of the staff I’ve encountered here are amazing but today I had a not-so-great customer experience.I was visiting for a tire appointment and needed to check in at the kiosk. It was 80 degrees so I didn’t want to leave my dog in the car and brought my dog along with me, thinking it might be ok because I’m only checking in at the tire center. I got stopped at the entrance because of my dog, which is ok. So I asked is there a place I can leave my dog or is there another way I can check in. The lady who stopped me did not even try to help me find a way to get helped and just insisted I cannot go in. I was stuck right outside of the entrance, very frustrated and anxious because the check in counter is only 20 ft away and my appointment slot was passing. I ended up asking other employees for help and a kind gentleman told me to go to the garage and they would help me check in, and they did. The tire center folks were very understanding and accommodating, even though normally the check in is at the kiosk.I also deal with customers in my job and I understand that dealing with customers all day is stressful and they can be difficult, but I think the difference between a good customer service and someone just doing their job is going the extra mile to help out your customers, and it really makes a world of difference for them.

Review №100

They didnt have any Premium Saltines, but they did have tamales, so its all good.

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  • Address:4401 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 206-622-3136
  • Department store
  • Warehouse store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8:30PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8:30PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8:30PM
  • Friday:10AM–8:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM–7PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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