1401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Review №1

It’s a great place to shop if you don’t mind being followed around the store by three (3) employees and an armed security officer. Never felt so secure in a building before. Also because the employees follow you around the store there’s always someone to answer a question. My lawyer says it’s stalking but I’m going to let him deal with that. I just think it’s awesome they are so mindful of their guests.

Review №2

It has so many kinds of things. And the quality is nice.

Review №3

Good inventory but I call and they pick up and hang up the phone a second later. Guess the supervisors aren’t seeing that going on because if they did they’d probably get talked to about how to answer the phone; instantly hanging up ain’t how.Plus a star from two to three because I called back and they gave me lots of unique info that I needed. Guess they just need to train how to place people on hold when really busy.

Review №4

Filled with crazy homeless people but theres a great selection of items

Review №5

Newly remodeled Target with virtually nothing in it. The entire bedding section had less than 10 items. Multiple aisles had empty shelves. The men’s clothing section was sad, depressing, and essentially nonexistent.

Review №6

Great for buying market stuff, but the rest of the target never has anything you need for bigger purchases. For example, there were literally 2 pairs of mens shoes. In the whole store.

Review №7

Large, multi-story store with a great curation of grocery, clothing, home goods, electronics and other categories. I was surprised how much cute furniture they had at this particular store! The store has staff throughout which are helpful. One of the staff was kind enough to tell me about the Target App while I was there, which if you dont know, often has lower prices than in store. If you present the online pricing the store will match it. This saved me 30% off on my visit! The major downside to this store is the parking situation. Its a three level garage below the store, but you need to validate your parking on the top level before you can leave. I bought a large rug so it was an inconvenient pitstop while lugging around my rug and getting a workout. Additionally, the parking validation machine wasnt working. The great product selection, store cleanliness, and store staff compensate for this though, making it a solid option.

Review №8

Personally, every interaction Ive had with the staff here is professional, pleasant, and informative.Have any questions about skin care products? Keep your eye out for Beck in the Beauty department! She fielded my questions and helped me pick out just the right products to address a skin condition that flared up. Thank you, Beck!Target - pls keep hiring qualified individuals like Beck!

Review №9

Never bernn to rhis ratget but ifi is a goot sgore

Review №10

Great Store for buying such a good things. Fantastic location in Downtown Seattle. I gonna return there.

Review №11

Half the shelves in this place are completely empty. The electronics section is a complete wasteland with almost no items on the shelves. Don’t come here looking for anything specific…

Review №12

Clean and nice employees. This store is downtown and my kid thought it was super cool it was 3 floors high.

Review №13

I live on the street in Seattle and have been here almost 7 years. I have been going to this Target now many times. Recently this store was remodled and reset. It looks really nice. Really this store is probably the most complicated subject in my experiences while residing here in the Sound. I have had a lot of positive times here and its opposite of negative ones as well. However this Target is in the Downtown area and gets the Customers of this entire planet. Check this one out if you get the chance.I go back and you will too...Hope all is well.Dave

Review №14

THE worst Target store in America, and thats saying something. chronically unstocked, consistently mispriced, customer service nonexistent. Today waited in the self checkout for a mispriced coffee check for 10 minutes and the guy didnt return. Horrible place all around

Review №15

The app is cool & they validate parking if you spend over $40. Its target, so they kind of have everything sans focus on customer service. Every employee I spoke to was either curt or seemed irritated by being asked questions about where to find products I was looking for. As long as you go with exactly what you want in mind and kinda map out where it may be in the app its ehh...

Review №16

This stores grocery shelves are consistently at least half empty by 5PM every day of the week. It makes buying anything here impossible.I hope management sees this review. Your store sales arent nearly as high as they could be because of the incompetent stocking at this store. Hire 2 people dedicated to stocking shelves during prime time, theyll pay for themselves. Sheesh.

Review №17

Routinely never opens up on time. Sometimes, they will unlock their doors up to ten minutes after the posted store hours.

Review №18

A seamless and great drive up to pick up an online order. Great service.

Review №19

Easy place to get what you need to get well 😜

Review №20

Security is all over people for no reason, better concept after remodel. Electronics department is terrible. I understand theft, but the cards you are hanging instead of merchandise are to small. You cant read them or see the picture.

Review №21

Security team made me feel unsure. unable to foster positive relations as they prioritize their capital gain over my safety would not recommend coming again

Review №22

I ordered something online to pick up in the store. I also had a few extra items I wanted to purchase while I was there. The employee told me I have other things to do. So I cant help you. She then walks away without saying anything and comes back a few minutes later with my items. As shes walking back, she drops them, brings them to the counter, says these are for you, and walks away. Im still waiting for her to ring my other 2 items. She walks back to the counter and completely ignores me. I ended up walking away without my items. This is the epitome of terrible customer service. Only came to this location because of convenience. But no more.

Review №23

The overall feeling of quality and relevant items it carries puts it well above its competitor.

Review №24

A man is currently making me and fellow 17 year old girls wait outside the parking garage alone in downtown less than 15 minutes after closing, he offered no help and we feel very unsafe! would not recommend this experience

Review №25

Liquor selection is pretty minimal. Parking garage smells like pee, and the surrounding area is kinda sketchy. I’d go to a different location if possible.

Review №26

Great place right outside of Pikes Market! It is small, but still perfect for quick purchases and milk-runs.

Review №27

I love the quality of the products, the in store experience, and the fact that this location has a Starbucks. Parking is pretty easy and the staff is great. Its also super convenient in Pike Place, so an easy walk for anyone in downtown Seattle.

Review №28

Target almost always has what I need and usually at a reasonable price. I love the location just a block from my apartment.

Review №29

The location is perfect for me. Tbe staff are absolutely AMAZING! Busy store and the handle it with a smile!

Review №30

Always very crowded. The employees usually appear to be overworked and underpaid.

Review №31

Ok, while its a bit cruisy, i really cant think of any store in Seattle that isnt, besides its got a great location near pike market, demographically the age of most customers shopping I fall into, and for the most part target normally carries what I need at reasonable prices. Despite the 5 stars i still dont understand why selling alchohol, and not tobbacco products was a decison met, they both have adverse effects, i feel a disconnect is present. My opinon is if you stand by no tolerance for tobbacco products, it should be the same for alcohol, otherwise its kinda like a double standard.

Review №32

Even if your hotel is nearby, i highly recommend that you drive to this place because the homeless around here are too many. parking can be validated and the staff is helpful. not lots of homeless inside.

Review №33

A great place to find parking downtown - its free for the first two hours if you have a $20 Target purchase. Also restrooms available that are clean. Prime location downtown, only five minute walk from Pike Place Market. Pretty well-stocked store even though its downtown. Friendly staff and elevators that arent busy.

Review №34

I have had order problems continuously. Chat people talk around problems and cant seem answer simple yes or no questions. Guest service never picks up. Ive had to call other departments to have them tell GS to turn on system for calls. It’s really ridiculous. Ive always love Target, but it sure has change after covid. Ill shop online elsewhere now. Too frustrating with Target.

Review №35

Always a nice experience. This part of downtown is incredibly sketchy, but the store is always clean and stocked, and despite some of the people and behaviors I’ve no doubt the staff have to deal with on a daily basis, everyone is invariably friendly and helpful.

Review №36

No bathrooms at the moment. Other than that, she got the job done. Good Target.

Review №37

As of 5/3/19 3pm there are 2 cashiers and a line wrapped around the corner. Only to add cashiers after people have been waiting for over 45min. Unacceptable.

Review №38

This retail store has it all! All items they are selling are authentic and affordable! The staff is so kind and friendly in accommodating my needs. The place is so huge and beautiful! I will surely visit them again!

Review №39

I love the clothes and how often they get new stuff. Prices are affordable!

Review №40

Friendly staff, good stock, price is OK

Review №41

I tried to call 4 times today. One time they accually answered the phone and 3 times there was no answer. The time they answered the phone they trasnfered me to Electronics. A recording came on saying I could not park on this line. I am going to Ross. Good-Bye Target.

Review №42

This is good convenience store in downtown near pike place market. Prices are also good.

Review №43

This place needs some help. It’s always a bit sketchy inside and especially outside. Empty shelves a lot of time - people often just loading bags of merch and walking out.

Review №44

This target in particular has hands down the best team of people working. They are all tremendously kind, helpful, and patient! Topher at the downtown seattle location is especially amazing, he is always going above and beyond and you can tell he is sincere and genuine and i personally look forward to coming here for my errands and knowing I’ll be greeted kindly by him :)

Review №45

They dont have enough of the product I want. Also a lot of random people enter this store just screaming and yelling. I dont feel very safe here.

Review №46

Looks like they are going out of business. Empty shelves everywhere, no shopping baskets, couldnt find anything I needed because there was so little product out. One thing I did find was locked in a case with no associates around. Waste of time.

Review №47

Its target thats pretty much in a very busy local shopping area. The good...good selection and helpful staff. The bad however. The store is dirty, lots of transient people hang out around the doors. The staff is more concerned with stopping people from stealing than helping. Electronics will only check out electronic items so you have to go to the checkout twice if you need something locked up.

Review №48

Its a Target, so if you have ever been to This particular Target happens to usually clean, stocked properly and well staffed. Store opens early and is open til 11, making it a Target. Entrances on two streets on separate levels, making approach easy. Elevators, a parking garage and walking distance from most of tourist Seattle. And being the last department store downtown, you have no choice.Also plan ahead, for being in downtown Seattle...they seem to only have 3 registers open at a time. (This review was written while standing in line.)EDIT: Since review the store has undergone a massive remodel and boom...they have plenty of registers.

Review №49

Unbelievable line at... target! What happened? Dont go after 9 in the evening.

Review №50

Restrooms are always closed! 1 star for inconvenience.

Review №51

Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Had to wait 15 mins just to talk to an employee in the electronics section and then he was extremely rude and unhelpful

Review №52

Staff is great and store is well maintained.

Review №53

In days when a town town store is in great need. Im vary pleased to shop at Target and warm and carrying place to shoe.

Review №54

Great prices, good selection of merchandise, fast and friendly crew

Review №55

Appearance is below standard... their back entrance cleanliness is disgusting

Review №56

It has a lot of different stuff. Small grocery store.

Review №57

Typical Target: large store with a large variety of products.Prices are standard.The biggest issue is the checkout line. Before 10am, the 2nd floor registers are closed. As others have stated, this results in very long lines and only 2 cashiers for the entire store.Definitely need to revisit their operations to make this a better experience.

Review №58

They dont have wheelchairs, its a 3 story department store.

Review №59

I love target but this one was especially nice! I loved the big city downtown feeling of it! This target has 3 different levels, I didnt spend a lot of time in it but from what I saw it was very nice inside, clean and awesome selection of merchandise! They even have escalators just for your cart so you can make it up and down each level extremely easy!

Review №60

Its generally a great store, and the recent renovations are nice. I love having a Target two blocks from us - its very convenient. But I cant give you more than 3 stars until you fix the huge design flaw of the recent renovations that have removed an area for shopping carts at the Union Street entrance. I shouldnt have to go upstairs and all the way across the store to get a cart because of this. Please fix this ASAP.

Review №61

Busy location, very nice employee older woman who assisted us (long grey straight hair) Attentive and not in a rush made sure we were taken care of

Review №62

Great selection of housed goods are an affordable price! Plenty of cashiers to take care of the mass amounts of customers! Helpful and visible floor employees.

Review №63

This Target is three floors, but they have escalators for the carts which work well. They have a decent selection of groceries, and a friendly pharmacy staff. The only negative is that most of the time the lines to check out are very long (see photo), and even when the lines are very long (10-20) people, they dont ever seem to call in more cashiers (or have managers help out) to speed things up. But, it is located right in the heart of Downtown/West Edge and as far as I can tell they havent raised the prices from those in other more suburban stores.Overall I recommend it, and do most of my grocery shopping here. Just be prepared for it to be busy and to wait a while in line.

Review №64

Dont order their same day delivery stuff if you actually want to get the stuff you ordered

Review №65

I went to shopping last weekend with my son. My 3 years old son want to use restroom. I want to the guest service and asked the if my son can use restroom. An believable answer from the guest service. They refuses to let my son use restroom. I understand there is COVID-19 going an , but for kids to say no is very shameful and inhumanity.

Review №66

Spent a lot of time in here just killing time. Clean 3 stories lines are sometime long but move fairly quick. Validated parking with 20 Dollar purchase.

Review №67

Great location

Review №68

Recent renovations have made the inside look a lot better than a few months ago. 2nd floor looks especially great. Love the self-checkouts too. Makes things move faster.

Review №69

I love Target. I know their merchandise, so I can find what I want. Its reasonably priced and many convenient locations.

Review №70

Great customer service.

Review №71

Poor return policy. Poor customer service.

Review №72

Whats up with the lines in this store? Twice Ive been here and they havent had enough cashiers. You shouldnt have to wait this long at Target.

Review №73

Excellent customer service in make up area! Thank you so much Roxanne! You know a lot about make up! Highly recommended to learn how to buy make up😍👍🤩

Review №74

Closed hours early due to snow. In the flattest part of the city. Website not updated voicemail not updated no sign nothing.People gathered outside wondering why closed. Most looking to get groceries.You fools tryna get looted again

Review №75

Target is downtown and is always a hot spot, crowded at all hours. Customer service is not the best at times. And sometimes they are out of stock on common items. Prices are great.

Review №76

Newly renovated, clean, social distancing, new self pay option that works pretty smoothly. Lots of help available by kind & courteous people! Open til 8pm now - subject to eventual change, Id imagine. Check it out!

Review №77

This store is so well stocked. It always has everything I need.

Review №78

One stop shopping with friendly people

Review №79

It is espceially convenient when you are in a rush. And, the sale person was very nice.

Review №80

Wondering they have Xbox latsestone their

Review №81

Why are they making everyone go through the same entrance? That’s not social distancing.

Review №82

Great customer service and always good prices and location as well

Review №83

Very big store, usually has what I need. Unfortunately it can get a little busy, and sometimes the clothing section is a little under stocked.

Review №84

How do you expect people to shop this big of a store for the essential items they need without access to a working bathroom? Rude and disgusting.

Review №85

Poor selection in mens clothing selves and not kept stocked in the underwear department; even though I was the only customer in mens clothing several clerks walked by me moving fast and avoiding eye contact and no one asked me if I needed help. The music was atrocious, too loud as if they are trying to drive people out of the store. On the plus side the store is very clean.

Review №86

This is a great Target. Easy to navigate, no Walmart people, and a great location. The selection of different products could be better, but that doesnt matter too much.Growing up in MN, we had a lot of Target stores. Most between 20-30 min away from another one at most. Id put this one up there with some of the best of them.

Review №87

Seems to be closed on Easter Sunday with no signs posted at entrance. A lot of people showing up unaware.

Review №88

Its close to where I live , buy most my groceries there, has alot of stuff and 3 floors

Review №89


Review №90

They hardly have any selection.

Review №91

The parking is a lie

Review №92

Brandon, from the electronics department, is extremely helpful and kind. Even when there was a line of people wanting his help, he was able to calmly and quickly multitask while still being considerate and attentive to everyone. He was very knowledgeable, owning what he didnt and did know, so I was able to make my best laptop purchase and really enjoy the experience leading up to that decision. Thank you Brandon!

Review №93

Large store with a little bit of everything. It can use a better produce section though.

Review №94

Line is always soooo long, bad management, they closed all cash registers on 2nd floor and people have to wait in the line for 30 mins to buy something, it is insane!! Never seen before, chose whole foods or QFC, save your time! ;)

Review №95

Super Efficient

Review №96

This store has such a strange lay out.

Review №97

Nicest Target Ive ever been to.

Review №98

On Friday, October 23rd,I was in a rush to find replace a replacement USB C cable and a USB 2.0 wall adapter,within the the last fifteen (15) minutes before Target Seattle Pike Plaza closed for business.Target employees in Electronics assisted me with my emergency request and I was thankful.I was able to charge my phone in my vehicle and received an important phone call in the morning!The next day Saturday, October 24th, I had to return to Target Seattle Pike Plaza, because what I thought was a USB 2.0 wall adapter was actually an AirPod case, and an employee in Electronics assisted me in finding the USB 2.0 wall adapter that I needed for less than the price of the AirPod case.I was thankful to get a return and exchange processed!D.,SODO District, Seattle, Washington, United States07:58 Post MeridiemPacific Standard TimeEight (8) hours behind Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, November 1st, 2020One (1) text message

Review №99

Works well for me living downtown. It be perfect if it had a bar.

Review №100

While other businesses manage to clean their bathrooms frequently in order to keep them open during COVID, Target decided to close them.Good luck if you shopping here and need to use one...

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:1401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 206-494-3250
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7AM–9PM
  • Friday:7AM–9PM
  • Saturday:7AM–9PM
  • Sunday:7AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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