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Sound relief is the only place Ill go for help with my hearing problem. I went to my healthcare provider he had no explanation for the ringing in my ears. He just told me to get hearing aids. I got no diagnosis and was left in the dark. Sound Relief did test, asked questions and now I have specialized hearing aids for both my ears. They are WONDERFUL!!!

Review №2

Yes to every word others have said. Professional, friendly and compassionate. The genuinely care.

Review №3

I must admit that I was skeptical of their claims for tinnitus relief. I have had my devices for over a month now and I am already experiencing a reduction in the ringing. Dr. Densmore is fantastic with her explanation of the process and answering all of my questions. I wish that I had found this group years ago.

Review №4

The doctors and staff were excellent. My dog chewed my husbands hearing aid (literally) and they were able to repair it rather than making us replace it. They were fast, helpful, and accommodating.

Review №5

Going through Tinnitus therapy is the best decision I ever made. It has reduced my anxiety, it’s brightened my day, and I do not have to struggle at work or in meetings to hear anymore. Most importantly I do not have to constantly ask those around me to repeat themselves time and time again. I am learning to cope with my Tinnitus much better now that I have the OCTICON Cross devices. Dr. Emily Densmore is amazing and very understanding.

Review №6

Their tinnitus treatment is second to none. The audiologists and staff were extremely kind and professional. It became clear as soon as I walked in the door that they truly care about their patients.

Review №7

A nice experience with Sound Relief - Scottsdale as always. Dr. Emily is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Layla is terrific at welcoming patients into the facility and ensures compliance with the current health protocols. Both Dr. Emily and Layla are examples of the great teams that Sound Relief has developed at all of their locations. Thanks again!

Review №8

Sound Relief Center have treated my tinnitus for over a year. The care and attention I received were outstanding. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and treat each patient with respect. If you’re having as much discomfort as I did with tinnitus, this is the place!

Review №9

Excellent staff, very cordial and accommodating. The audiologists are very professional and supportive.

Review №10

A very productive & pleasant experience. Dr. Densmore put us at ease & explained process/results to us. She answered all questions & helped us thru the trial period successfully. Overall, getting initial set of hearing aids for spouse and myself was better than anticipated. We highly recommend Sound Relief and Dr. Densmore. We have recommended several friends to contact them.Dr. James O. Jackson

Review №11

I hope to eventually give the therapy five stars but it is still a lot more helpful than I was expecting. Yes, I still have tinnitus but it is not nearly as annoying while using the earpieces. I couldnt wait to put them back in after waking up the first morning.Staff at Sound Relief in Scottsdale could not be nicer. They have responded to my queries in a very timely manner. I have zero complaints.

Review №12

When I began experiencing tinnitus again after being free of this discomforting situation for some 25 years, I looked for an audiology practice in Arizona that uses Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. The only one I found was the Sound Relief Hearing Center in Scottsdale and Mesa, both offices about two hours from my home. I am so pleased that I chose to work with the wonderful team in the Scottsdale Office. Even the initial phone call with Layla was comforting. My wife and I met with Dr. Hahn and left after a couple of hours with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once I got home I noticed one of my hearing aids was not functioning as well as the other. I sent an email to Dr. Hahn about 4 pm and expected to get a response perhaps the next day, but Dr. Hahn communicated with me over several hours that evening. By the next morning, she was able to make a correction remotely that corrected the problem. I am so pleased that I made the decision to work with this group of professionals. They are knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly caring individuals.

Review №13

Took my 77 YO father in to see Dr Hahn. Dad had complained of “ringing” in his ears for YEARS! In a matter of months (2-3), the ringing is nearly nonexistent. Thank You Dr Hahn!!! I’m telling everyone... nearly miraculous!!!

Review №14

I have had tinnitus going on 38 years now. Ive seen herbal ads and other treatments throughout the years and Ive always heard there was no cure and no treatment. I heard the ads on television and really decided to give this a chance. If you wait long enough theyll find a solution. Now its my time I have had the hearing pieces for a few weeks now Ive noticed that I no longer focus on the high squealing sound in both ears but the Chimes sounds instead. They actually help me to focus while Im working and I am finding I even tune them out when I focus. So far so good . Ill update review in a few months.

Review №15

Im not a patient and wasnt involved but I saw a person from this business scream at a patient as they were walking out. She demanded respect because she was the owner. I dont care what you think you own you dont tell at a war vet. Quite frankly I dont believe this was the owner but a raunchy employee. Either way your business needs to watch how it treats people.

Review №16

They have worked wonders with my tinnitus. Always a great experience at Sound Relief.

Review №17

I just spent $500+- on a tinnitus cure and it did zero. What guarantees do I have at this place. My head is still buzzing and ringing worse than before.

Review №18

I have now been seeing Dr. Densmore (Hahn) for about 8 months now for my tinnitus. She totally understands what you are going through when you have constant noise in your ears. I have been greatly helped with Sound Relief and the recommendations and lessons with which she has provided me, has improved the quality of my attention span and relaxing ability.I highly recommend her if you have tinnitus.

Review №19

Id been putting off getting my hearing checked. When I couldnt hear my granddaughter from the back seat of the car, I knew it was time. The staff and my audiologist Dr Lewis are patient, friendly, and thorough. Dr Lewiss knowledge as a trained professional gives me confidence. Just a few minutes after trying them out, I knew I had made the right choice.

Review №20

The staff is absolutely amazing. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions and concerns. Im living a new life being able to hear clearly and starting to manage my tinnitus.

Review №21

Began with Sound Relief in Colorado and moved with them as we live in Tucson. Always great care and service. Very professional; highly recommended. Thank you Sound Relief !!

Review №22

I met with Dr. Ramirez regarding Tinnitus. He was very nice, thorough, and took the time to explain things to me. Layla at the front desk was also very nice.

Review №23

I cannot thank the doctors and staff at Sound Relief enough! They are knowledgeable, compassionate, and so nice!!And if it couldnt get any better...they have freshly baked cookies while you wait! :)

Review №24

I am so pleased with sound relief center, the staff is amazingly friendly as well as knowledgeable!

Review №25

The nicest people youll ever work with, and oh by the way, they really know what they are doing. I have had ringing in my ears for a decade, and for the first time I really believe there is a good chance it can be reduced. I travel from Illinois to Arizona for my check-ups. Thats how much I believe in Dr. Wickey and the team.

Review №26

My husband had such a wonderful doctor, staff here is so nice!

Review №27

I would like to say that I am so happy I found sound relief to better my life

Review №28

LIFE CHANGER! Ive been dealing with an intense case of Tinnitus in both ears for 15+ years. I went to Specialist after Specialist and each Dr. told me there could be nothing done to decrease or control my Tinnitus. WRONG!! WRONG!!!Late this past summer (2018) I was fortunate enough to see a television commercial for Sound Relief, Dr. Julie and her Team.... and the rest is history. I made an appointment/saw Dr Wickey who provided me with a free comprehensive hearing and Tinnitus exams. Based on Dr. Wickeys review of the physical data collected, my level of Tinnitus was severe and I was also experiencing mild hearing loss. With that said, I opted to buy (with no insurance assistance) a set of hearing devices to see if they would lessen the my debilitating Tinnitus. AND low and behold after about 11 days, I started to notice a subtle and positive change in the volume/intensity of my Tinnitus! Its now been about 5 months since I started using the hearing devices (which I wear at least 4 to 14hrs a day) and my progress continues.THANK YOU Sound Relief, Dr. Thea for opening the door to a new and brighter chapter in my life !!Leslie

Review №29

I would like to give more than 5 stars

Review №30

Very caring doctor & staff. Dr Wickey gave me hope when other doctors pooh poohed my issues. I am eternally grateful for all they do.

Review №31

No call back after acknowledging my inquiry. Disappointing..very pricey and non providers

Review №32

You guys are just wonderful all around! :)

Review №33

I got the best custom ear plugs here!!

Review №34

Very caring & especially nice staff!!

Review №35

Friendliest people you’ll ever work with!

Review №36

Not happy with change in Dr s.When u have worked with someone for a while and then u are changed its not comforting.

Review №37

I’d like to thank the doctors and staff for helping me hear again, I’m not missing the best parts of my life anymore

Review №38

Sound Relief has changed my life. After suffering from Tinnitus for almost 10 years and not finding any ear doctors that I felt had good solutions, I came to the conclusion that I was stuck with the ringing and overtime it would just get worse. Luckily my wife saw a commercial for Sound Relief and thought I should look into them. Best decision I’ve made.I first called and spoke with Michelle. She did a wonderful job of listening to my issues and understanding my frustrations and concerns. She thought I would be a very good candidate and I made an appointment.When I showed up, it was a very welcoming environment and I met Michelle, who was extremely nice and made me feel at home. We discussed briefly what was going to transpire during my visit. Dr. Wickey came out and took me back to her office and she went through a great presentation about Tinnitus and their approach to reducing the effects of it. After that I went through the best and most detailed hearing test, that I have ever had. Dr. Wickey was able to map the exact sound, frequency and volume of my tinnitus which she later programmed into my hearing devices.I hadn’t realized how bad my hearing had become. Dr. Wickey showed me different options I had for getting some hearing devices that also had the sound therapy for my Tinnitus built in. My insurance would cover a lot of the cost, but I told her I would need to discuss the purchase with my wife. She understood and gave me a set of hearing aids on loan so I could experience them while I made my decision. I was very surprised by that and extremely grateful.After discussing the options with my wife, I decided to purchase the Premium hearing devices. I came to the decision knowing that I would use these basically every waking hour for the next 3-5 years or longer. This was another great decision. The technology is mind blowing. The amount of control over what I hear in my environment is astounding. I hadn’t realized how much I wasn’t hearing.My Tinnitus effects have decreased significantly and will get even better over time.Going to Sound Relief has changed my outlook for my auditory future. I would like to thank everyone at Sound Relief for making this such a pleasant experience and truly understanding my concerns.Thank you all.

Review №39

I went to Sounds in SAcottsdale Arizona to see about my hearing and tinnitus. After many exams, I was provided with hearing aids which are supposed to work for both hearing and tennitis. The sounds of the tennitis therapy made my brain very confused at night and interfered even more with my hearing. During the 3rd week of trial, I phoned and spoke to my doctor and told her I was not going to purchase the hearing aids which were not working for me. I returned the hearing aids. There was supposed to be no charges to me. Two weeks later I received a statement from their financial company which charged me almost $7,000 for the hearing aids. I called and told them I had not purchased the hearing aides and had returned them to my Doctor at Sounds, personally. Customer Service told me they would speak to the Dr. At sounds. I thought all was well, but last week I received another statement with the same $7,000 owing. I again told them I did not buy the hearing aides and returned them and they should be calling the Dr. for their money back. This is where we are today. I have a statement in my hand again. Tomorrow, My husband will call Sounds again and talk to the same people about our return of the hearing aides. I am hard of hearing so I use a Captel telephone. I have my conversation with the Doctor the day I was returning to her the hearing ides and I was not taking them We made another appointment to see her and personally took the hearing aides to her. We did talk to her and she asked if I wanted some less expensive ones. I told her no and we left.

Review №40

Tinnitus was something I struggle with and many places told me false information and prescribed useless medications. After talking with Dr. Ramirez here I have hope!!

Review №41

My tinnitus has improved a great deal since starting with you all. I can’t say thank you to my doctor enough

Review №42

They really helped me with my tinnitus problems. Ill recommend them to anybody

Review №43

Doctors who know what they are doing!!! RELIEF IS REAL

Review №44

Were going to try and rid me of tinnitus. Fingers crossed.

Review №45

Dr. Ramirez has helped me a great deal with my Tinnitus, I cant thank him enough!

Review №46

I travel 1 hour for follow ups and I can honestly say every appointment has been worth it to me.

Review №47

Doctor Ramirez is truly the best

Review №48

At first I was skeptical about this, but I have really found relief from my Tinnitus!

Review №49

I cannot thank you guys enough

Review №50

You guys are awesome!

Review №51

Always good food

Review №52

I refer all my friends and family to Sound Relief

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