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Review №1

Dr. Hiland was amazing. He was very kind and gentle. The surgery went very well. I was in a lot of pain from the splints, but other than that it went very well. The removal of the splints was also very painless. I took a pain med before so that helped. I will definitely refer my friends to him if they need to get their nose checked. Thank yall for being so sweet to me. -Riley Pickett

Review №2

Doctor Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive todayWithout his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years agoHis bedside manner is as.good as it gets. Im grateful he has been my doctorBill.Hare Cave Creek AZ

Review №3

I arrived for my appointment on time. I was told Dr. MacKechnie was running 20 minutes late. After 20 minutes, I was told she was just finishing up with a patient and the room was being cleaned. Once In the room, I waited and waited and waited. 70 minutes after my scheduled appointment, I walked out and told the staff I would be leaving. I was told that the doctor was just now reviewing my notes.It was a terrible experience!

Review №4

Very caring physicians and staff and when you have Menieres Disease that is so important. It is very easy to get an appointment or phone call when you are having an issue.Plus Debbie is the best audiologist I have met in my 40 years of nursing.I live in Surprise AZ and have no problem traveling cross town to receive the care I have received from this practice.

Review №5

Dr MacKechnie is awsome, the whole staff is great. Highly recommend this office should you have the need.

Review №6

Such a great staff here, hard to find a Christian based office now days. They were so kind to my wife who has a formal of vertigo that on 5% of people get.

Review №7

I am very pleased with the treatment and service I received from Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat. Physical Therapist / Doctor who helped me was very attentive to the unique challenges I faced and tailored a customized treatment plan that helped me feel comfortable and allowed me the flexibility to progress at my own pace. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs this type of treatment.

Review №8

Unfortunately - Im a lifetime award winner for allergy/sinus issues, which in many cases, requires short-term assistance from experienced professionals. I called Dr. Heilands office and secured an appointment within 48 hours. Bridget (PA) and the audiologist were both superb. They listened to my issues and concerns - thanks to their efforts, Im a path to recovery, and would freely recommend this office.

Review №9

Dr Heiland and staff are the best! I rememberwhen Kami was Dr Heiland MA! Dr Heiland save my life in 2001 from a cholesteatoma. I like the audioligists on staff.

Review №10

Scottsdale Ear, Nose front office staff, nursing staff and Dr. Cheryl Mackecknie are amazing individuals who are very professional, caring and know how to take care of their patients in time of need. The entire office cares for your well being and builds a strong rapport with each of their patients. I highly recommend Scottsdale, Ear, Nose and Throat, as the Staff and Doctors are very knowledgeable and has the right team in place to attend to your medical needs.

Review №11

Dr. Heiland has got to be the nicest and most compassionate doctor I know but I also have to say, he can be pretty funny too. That’s just his personality, his thoroughness and knowledge is unmatched. I went to him after a botched surgery and he restored my confidence. Dr Heiland is also a very charitable person but doesn’t talk about it. I found out through a lab tech. Humble, kind, efficient and experienced. I believe this enough to post my name. Ruby L.

Review №12

I am a very happy patient after visiting Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat for the first time. The examination was very thorough. PA Albright was pleasant and explained everything in detail. I never felt rushed. PA Albrightspent lots of time with me which I greatly appreciated. I highly recommendScottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat because this office treats the patientkindly and spends a lot of quality time with you.

Review №13

There are not enough words to express how much I love this office and the beautiful humans who work there. They go above and beyond to make sure their patients are well cared for. I came in for right ear pain and ended up needing surgery. The surgery was very successful and my post op care was truly incredible. I will recommend this practice to everyone I know. Dr. Heiland is so caring and always asks me how my children are doing. He cares about the health and joy of his patients. Kami is so attentive and kind. Best Dr. office experience in a long time.

Review №14

The care I received at Scottsdale ENT was excellent. I was able to make an appointment very quickly. After a thorough exam detailed treatment was provided. My questions were all answered.

Review №15

They sent me an email with poor grammar begging for a review so here it is.Really liked the Dr. I saw! Took time to explain everything and made sure I had asked all my questions. Definitely did not like my email address being used for this purpose.

Review №16

I have been to several EN&T in the pass 25 years and I felt like I was always getting the run around. I discovered Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat 3 years ago and have loved every visit with them, they are all amazing. They really care about me in every department. Thank you!!

Review №17

Dr. Heiland is a man who treats his patients with a deep care and concern for their over all well being. He is also tremendously gift surgeon who has operated on three members of my family. I am so blessed to have found him. The only negative I can say is sometimes he runs behind but I assure you its because he takes his time with each patient, which is almost unheard of. Not sure what else I can say but for me and my family we go to Dr Heiland.

Review №18

Dr. Heilman and staff are wonderful. I finally have answers and a plan for improvement in my health!Thank you so much. I am confident in the course of treatment and look forward to getting back to better help!

Review №19

I see Lindsey Stauss, nurse practitioner, every number of months, since I have large earwax problem plus tiny, twisted ear canals. Lindsey is great, gets the wax out with no pain-plus she has a great and caring personality. I have been seeing her for the last 5 years.

Review №20

Unnecessary billing problems. I had to go back several times to get an insurance-related issue resolved. Staff were difficult to deal with and refused to let me talk to a manager until I insisted rather strongly.The doctor was fine, but I will never return to this practice. Good customer service is not optional.

Review №21

Scheduling was courteous and efficient. The staff was helpful and understanding. The doctor was prompt, has a great chairside manner and knowledgeable and caring. Thank you!

Review №22

Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat doctors, PAs, Audiologist and staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Always current on new methods of treatment and technology for hearing aids. Staff is always helpful, friendly and does their best assist patients with their needs.

Review №23

This place has been great. From throat and nasal surgery with Dr. Heiland and audiology is great. Able to get in when I need which is great.

Review №24

Dr Heiland is an experienced and capable surgeon. He accepts nothing but the best from himself, his colleagues, his staff and his patients. I trust him implicitly with my care!

Review №25

Love Dr. MacKechnie. She is a caring doctor and great diagnostician.I highly recommend her.

Review №26

Everyone I’ve dealt with is kind! I have been diagnosed and treated for ear infections, obstructions and hearing loss. Each tech, nurse, and doc have all been stellar. Exams and treatments are done with extreme gentleness and quickly.

Review №27

My experience with Dr. MacKechnie has been extremely good, thorough, and professional. I recommend her and her staff to any of my family and or friends.

Review №28

Everyone is friendly and cordial they all treat me with understanding the tech who did my test Peyton was great put me at ease during the testing and did a great job

Review №29

1 year ago Dr Heiland removed cancer from my neck and tounge. Today Im cancer free. The staff was outstanding with scheduling appointments to ensuring my well being. I rehabbed with Samantha and after considering the severe issues she set me up with the top shoulder therapist and I have greatly improved. You are always able to call and get someone to answer your questions or take care of issues you are having.I am grateful to Dr Heiland and the staff for all they have done to eliminate the cancer and help me in the recovery process. They cared about my well being and made me feel appreciated and important.Doug M

Review №30

Dr. Heiland did a great job fixing my deviated septum. He and the staff were very kind, explained the process well and did a great job. I highly reccomend them.

Review №31

Dr Heiland at Scottsdale Ear Nose and Throat personally, I believe is ONLY interested in billing for procedures whether or not theyre needed and once as a patient, youre not going to undergo them, hes out and doesnt even acknowledge any more when in their office. Their PT, Samantha Stolper is a 10/10 as a person and therapist, endearing, caring and attentive. Thats where it ends.I was told day 1 when visiting for vertigo that I cannot hear and need hearing aids; then I cannot breathe and need an operation, then a procedure in their owned-contraption that I must agree to pay $150 because insurance many not pay; I signed and agreed. Prior to undergoing any of the procedures (including the office visit); I inquired as to their cost and made it implicitly clear that I was there as a side-effect from COVID and that I need to know any costs prior to incurring them due to very-limited resources and being out of work from the dizziness complications. I was told, due to meeting my insurance co-pay maximum out-of-pocket for 2020 that 100% of everything was covered.I was told specifically that this test was necessary, would last 90 minutes (it made me nauseous) and that most insurance carriers do not pay so I would be required to pay $150 in the event mine did not. I agreed in writing of course.They billed you for my November 2, 2020 visit, $1,259.62; they were paid $563.39 and they are demanding from me, ON TOP OF receiving almost 4 times what they charge, $55 additional in addition to another $55 following my wait on the Doctor for nearly an hour to spend 2 minutes to tell me my test was fine. That date I was supposed to see a PT person however due to the delay in waiting for the doctors 2 minutes, the PT portion was cancelled.This ENT place could care less about the patient and only cares about the money and however they can maximize it. Samantha the PT is an employee and has nothing to do with these accusations, in fact I cannot give HER a higher recommendation however thought you should know.They told me today that if I shared my negative review, I was no longer welcome so theyre cancelling my scheduled visits and future business over my sharing of the truth. It should also be noted that Kami, told me that it would be illegal for their office to honor their previous promise that I would have zero out of pocket, prior to incurring any service. This type of delusion was the last thing said before them telling me I was no longer welcome as a paying customer, mid-way through my treatment, if I told anyone about the way they do business.

Review №32

The staff and physicians are very welcoming and treat their patients with lots of care. I would highly recommend this office for any ENT patients.

Review №33

Dr Heiland is an excellent ENT - helped me with an issue I had last year, where another clinic had misdiagnosed me twice - and last month, he helped my wife coordinate with her oral surgeon to make sure she got the proper procedure performed - always helpful, listens and answers questions - very nice practice

Review №34

I suffer from an inner ear disorder that was causing frequent falls. After some testing I was referred to Dr.Stolper who specializes in treating this problem through physical therapy.She was able to further diagnose the problem and coach me on a series of exercises to compensate. Essentially I had to learn to disregard my ear information and rely on tough and visual cues for balance.It was a lot of work (and is ongoing), but very effective.The last couple of months were done online (due to COVID) and was amazingly effective thanks to Dr. Stolpers efforts.

Review №35

I have been a patient of Dr. Heiland’s for many years. His knowledge and expertise in ENT conditions extends well beyond ENT, as he genuinely cares about his patients overall health. He and his staff are very professional and very personable. I can say without a doubt Dr. Heiland has played a critical role in my health, and I continue to recommend him to others.

Review №36

Everyone is professional and caring. Great at explaining and answering any questions.

Review №37

Dr. Heiland has a gentle touch. Friendly staff. Cami is highly knowledgeable and super helpful. Had very little pain after surgery. Were very helpful explaining procedural and after care requirements. Highly recommend Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Troat

Review №38

I have been a patient at Scottsdale ENT for over 20 years. Moving from Chicago, needing an ENT, they were recommended by my nephew, an ENT in Chicagoland, and I have been happy with my decision ever since.Thanks for all of your help.

Review №39

Dr. Heiland is great. Very friendly, and informs you of everything going on.

Review №40

They spent time explaining everything to me, and took time answering my questions and weighing out the pros and cons of treatment. I would absolutely recommend anyone to this office.

Review №41

Great experience. Doctor on time, competent, friendly and he fixed it!

Review №42

Caring office and great Dr. So glad He is part of my medical team...

Review №43

They work hard to keep it fresh and all Vegan. This place embraces the rustic charms of life. Coconut milk latte was great. Lasagne and cheese cakes were fresh and delicious. Theres ample parking and its open 24/7. Come here for after party food or healthy brunches, you will be served!

Review №44

The staff was very nice and professional. The office space is nice and clean. We had to visit for our daughters ear infections and the staff was great with her. We really liked the audiologist, Natasha and loved how well Dr. MacKechnie interacted with her and answered all of our questions. Definitely recommend.

Review №45

Great care. A bit expensive with no insurance.

Review №46

Dr. Heiland has some serious issues and should not be practicing medicine. We need caring doctors.

Review №47

I had a good experience, the clinic staff was very nice and helpful. I did wait to see the Doc but he spent extra rime with me so I guess others waited too. If you don’t want to wait go to a doc that just rushes people through, I’ll wait to see a good Doc.

Review №48

Ibe been a patient for over 8 years. The waiting to reach someone on the phone and the long waits in the office continue to increase. I started with Dr. Heiland, who was very pompous and degrading, then I was sent to McKechnie who said my hearing loss was difficult to understand unless maybe dementia,Dr. Hamila was nice sometimes, but today she was terrible to me. I was in there for 3 minutes while she replaced a part and dismissed me with a sharp youre good to go. She might as well have said get out! I am so done with this rude environment and wonder how this place can be considered Best Docs.

Review №49

I was referred to Scottsdale Ear Nose and Throat by my primary care physician due to a polyp in my sinus. My first visit with Dr. Heiland was great. He was attentive and personable. He confirmed the polyp and suggested surgery to remove it. During our visit he assured me that it was a very minor and simple procedure, and that I would not need much down time after the surgery. When I called to schedule surgery the office manager ran through a list of procedures that the doctor had not discussed with me and informed me that the down time was two weeks. Naturally, I was confused since what she said did not coincided with what the doctor said during my visit, so I asked her to verify. She was obviously bothered by my request to confirm with the doctor and had an attitude. She got back to me two weeks later with the same list of procedures that the doctor never talked to me about. As a result, I made an appointment to see Dr. Heiland in order to confirm the surgical procedures the office manager wanted to schedule. I went to my appointment, which was scheduled at 8:40 am, and at 10:20 am, I still had not been seen by the doctor. Given that I had to be at work at 11:00 am, and that I had waited for almost two hours, I inquired how long it would take and was told that he was still with another patient and that they were not sure when he would see me, but that I was next. The staff appeared tone def to the fact that I had already waited 1 hour and 40 minutes and acted like I was out of line for asking how much longer it would take, and being annoyed by the long wait time. At this point, the doctor came out of one of his appointments and asked at what time was my appointment. When I told him 8:40 am, he responded that 8:40 was not that long ago. When I told him I just had a simple question, he said that he will not answer any question until he does a complete check up and that it will take more than 10 minutes. He then proceeded to tell me that it is all about supply and demand and that I might want to go to an office with a lesser wait time. As a result, I left the office in tears without being seen. I ended up losing 2 hours of my day, my co pay, and was not able to get an answer to my question regarding the necessary procedure.In short, if you do go to the office, be cautious when scheduling surgery and make sure that the office manager is not scheduling you for any unnecessary surgery. Also, be ready to wait for 2 hours to be seen by the doctor and to deal with the rude staff. This office certainly has no respect for their patients’ time. As the doctor implied with his comment, an hour and forty minute wait is not that long.

Review №50

I went and had a balance test due to complications with a car accident. My appointment was on time and I didn’t wait. The three people who helped me take the 90 min test were all very nice and professional.

Review №51

Great experience, very professional staff.

Review №52

This office is excellent, extremely knowledgeable excellent care

Review №53

Dr. Heiland was incredibly knowledgeable and acted quick to get my issue solved. Kami, one of the staff, also followed up to make sure everything was fine after the fact. Definitely recommend.

Review №54

Always outstanding and kind service from all!

Review №55

There is a reason so many people across many different review sites have complained about this practice and Kami, the Office Managers inappropriate, condescending and combative behavior. Before I get into that- I also found it odd that they had me commit to paying for extra procedures before even being examined and sent me for a hearing test when I was there for a completely different reason. I saw them make other patients also commit to the same procedures before their visit and I have read other reviews about random hearing tests that were unrelated to the visit- seems predatory... not surprising though given the staff. Back to that- Although, I can not speak for the doctor, as I didnt get a chance to see him due to Kamis behavior, I can only surmise from the abundance of stories shared mentioning the overt narcissism and overall disrespectful and discourteous behavior, that Kamis outrageous behavior is just a symptom of an office culture of toxicity.Furthermore, I do not trust the qualifications of this practice. I came in for help with an extreme sensitivity to smoke that I have developed over a prolonged period of living less than 100 feet away from daily open burning of various hazardous materials. Kami, WHO IS NOT A DOCTOR dramatically exclaimed she had never heard of smoke irritating the respiratory system. She emphatically repeated this over and over again in a very rude and dismissive way. Then she told me it was impossible and my respiratory irritation was from something else- Im dumbfounded that anyone working in the medical field or that graduated junior highschool is not aware that a basic thing like inhaling smoke can irritate the respiratory system. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and explained that smoke was indeed an irritant, that it contains fine particulates called PM2.5 that can lodge in the lungs and get into the bloodstream and cause illness, lung disease and overall irritation. She denied this was possible and repeated over and over again that she had never heard of any such thing.Then she said if youre here for a lawsuit, you need to leave we wont help you. Im not sure what would make her jump to that conclusion. I was very offended at this point. I told her she was coming across as dismissive and condescending. She ignored me at first and continued on with how smoke cant irritate the respiratory system, etc.etc.. I was very frustrated by her ignorance and pushy attitude, and I told her so. She then started saying this isnt going well... you need to leave. I agreed that this wasnt going well because of her behavior and asked if someone else could help me. She grabbed my arm to lead me out of the clinic and said that the doctor wouldnt want to see me anyway...I walked to the front desk and I asked the three different office associates if anyone would help me. I explained that I drove across town and that I waited a month for this visit and I needed to see a doctor for my respiratory issues. No one would look at me, no one would acknowledge that I was talking, all of them just looked away or looked down or just pretended like I wasnt there.She approached me again and told me the doctor didnt want to see me because I was upset- which I responded, Im upset because of your behavior towards me. She puts her hands on me again. Her repeated unwelcome touching made me very uncomfortable. Also, shes around 6 feet tall and nearly twice my size- it seemed like she was physically trying to intimidate me. I told her to stop touching me. At that point she said she was going to call the police on me and that I needed to leave.She also tried to put me in a radiology closet... Kamis overt insecurity and inferiority issues need to be channeled in a healthy way. This practice is clearly dysfunctional.

Review №56

This office is great. Our whole family goes here now. My daughter has had chronic ear and sinus infections. We know she is good hands with Dr. Heiland. She is doing so much better - no more missed days at school. Sometimes the doctor is running late (which happens everywhere) the front desk will call and let us know.

Review №57

Great staff! Super helpful and glad I got seen. Had some issues with my ears but now its clearing up!

Review №58

Great doctors, great staff!

Review №59

Great customer service from all the staff. My daughter got ear tubes put in and the surgery went smoothly!

Review №60

Do not use this company especially for newborn tongue ties. This review is two fold about the provider and the accounting department. We paid out of pocket before our newborn was added to insurance, It took us 4 MONTHS with weeks of repetitive calls and false promises to be refunded several hundred dollars. Tara the supervisor in accounting did not return voicemails and it took VISITS to their accounting office with a newborn in tow and a few heated conversations to finally receive the check.Next is regarding the procedure and provider.Dr. MacKechnie did the release with electrocautery she does not give sufficient post op care nor direction (no printed material) to ensure good healing and prevention of reattachment. There is no immediate follow up with a phone call or email and the 2 week follow up is very brief, where when I expressed concern that things werenʼt better i was referred to a lactation consultant and pediatrician who both said the the tongue was still restricted and a lip tie was missed. We had to have it done a second time via a provider who does it with laser.Very upset with this practice and hope this review saves someone and their newborn the horrendous experience we had.

Review №61

Dr Highland is the kindest, most considerate and knowledgeable ENT I have ever encountered. Add in his awesome staff and this is an A++ office!!!! The girls at the front desk are AMAZING, the office manager is absolutely THE best, great audiologist. Just can NOT say enough good things about these guys!My initial review was a year ago, and in that year we have had to have tubes in our sons ears. Throughout this journey the office has continued to amaze me. Between Kami, the office manager and Desiree at the front desk, all the way up to the doctors. I tell everyone I know to come here!!! (unless you want to stay sick)

Review №62

Dr. MacKechnie was professional, kind, compassionate, skilled and gentle with my baby. Clearly cares about her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Review №63

If you are in the market for a hearing aide, or for a great ENT doctor, you cannot go wrong with Scottsdale ENT. This is my second set of hearing aides. The others were uncomfortable and did little to help my hearing. My new Resounds aides, fitted by Debra, are wonderful. I dont think you can go wrong.

Review №64

Office manager is an obnoxious know-it-all who thinks shes a doctor. Shes a serious liability to the practice.Shes never met me, but she tried to give me her medical opinion of my condition over the phone while looking through my file after I called to schedule an appointment for a second opinion FROM A DOCTOR, not a snotty secretary. All she should do is schedule me an appointment with a real doctor who can go over my file with me and hear my concerns, not try to act like one.I will be seeking a medical opinion elsewhere, and I will be sure to tell the doctor that Cami the office manager from Scottsdale (Valley) ENT says Im fine. That should help :)

Review №65

Graham Walker, as usual, had a positive experience yesterday including the audiologist, Dr. HEILAND and the new experience with the physical for caring

Review №66

This is part of Valley ENT - the conglomerate that has multiple offices, each one of which their own appointment scheduler. The schedulers are rude and rushed with no compassion for a potential patient. Very unprofessional.

Review №67

One of the very best offices and employees ever. They treated me perfectly with dignity and respect. The entire staff was incredible. From the moment I walked in to the minute I left. Everyone was great. Dr. Heiland was by far the nicest, coolest, most intuitive Doctor ever. Made me feel comfortable from the very first words. Truly compassionate group of people. Most knowledgeable ENT staff in the valley. Could not have had a better experience. I highly recommend to all. Thank you Scottsdale ENT.~S. Jackson.

Review №68

I always have an amazing experience here!! Dr Heiland is great, and the staff is super friendly!! I definitely recommend this practice!

Review №69

Dr Heiland is excellent. He is very kind, gentle, and positive, even when the news is not good. I drive up from Tucson to see them. The staff is also excellent. They always take very good care of me. Kami King, Scottsdale ENT Office Manager, makes sure that everything runs smoothly, but if there are any problems at all, she works hard to get them resolved.

Review №70

See Yelp for accurate reviews of this place:Dr. Mackechnie is the only reason for the stars. At my first appointment I waited 1.5 hours to be seen. The entire time the front desk lady was like “oh your the next person, only 15 more minutes”. I then watched 2 other people go in before me for the same doctor. I finally get seen and Dr. Mackechnie is very apologetic and saying how this is rare and I should call ahead next time before coming in. I think it’s frustrating that when I make an appointment a month in advance I need to call in advance to see if they can still see me or are too busy. Sooo I decide I like the doctor and she said days like that are unusual so I’m like fine I will go back for a follow up. This time I call an hour ahead and apparently everything is great and then I get there and it is the same experience the front desk person lying about how long a wait it will be and blaming me for not calling 15 minutes ahead to checkin. So again it takes 90 minutes before I am seen. The thing is the doctor is great and the back of house staff are super friendly but if you don’t want to be lied to by the front desk individuals and wait 1 to 2 hours to be seen, don’t come here.UPDATE:Wish I could give 0 stars. In addition to the long wait times and bad service I received, they sent me a bill for $250 instead of the $25 they had told me before I moved forward with an appointment. It then took 4 months to figure out that they made a mistake not my insurance. Once they admitted they made a mistake, they said I still needed to pay the $250 and I should be more careful in the future. I thought I could trust them to provide an accurate price of their services since they have a whole billing department but I guess not. I wish I never went.

Review №71

Scheduled an appt for my husband, why has a growing nodule in his thyroid. We were referred by our primary dr. Our appt was scheduled for 12:20 so we got there at 12. At 12:40, I asked if the doctor was running behind because our appt was at 12:20. I was told by the staff that he wasnt running behind and that our appt was actually at 12:40. Ok. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t but maybe I made a mistake. At 1:10, I asked if he was running behind and was told they didn’t know. She asked and was told it would be another half an hour. I told them no. I insisted on a refund of my copay and told them we would find a better dr. I don’t appreciate being lied to by the staff. Dr. Heiland is not the only ENT in town. I suggest that they not lie to their prospective patients. Don’t go to this dr unless you want to wait forever, and be lied to.

Review №72

Worst Doctor experience ever! After waiting for 30 minutes I am finally called back. I went in for what I thought felt like a sinus infection. When Dr. Heiland came in the room he dismissed anything I had to say and informed me that I didnt have a sinus infection and he didnt even check me out yet. Thats not the worst part. He then went on to tell me that as a 51 year old woman that I eat to late and since I am ytyummy? through menopause that fthis words exactly) you are basically a dude now. I was in such shock that he even said that I couldnt speak. After that he did a Nasopharyngscope that he gouged me for and said there was nothing wrong except that I shouldnt eat after 7 pm. I am a 51 year old who weighs 127lbs and exercises 5 times a week I eat well and take care of myself. I then had to see another Doctor who diagnosed me with a sinus infection. I would never recommend him to my worst enemy. Do not see Dr Heiland

Review №73

Very helpful. Service was great.

Review №74

Dr Heiland saved my life ! His skill , his compassion and his positive bedside manner gave me the strength to fight the cancer I had . If not for his incredible skill and talent as a doctor and as a human being, I can’t imagine how I would have survived! Im healthy, cured and I will be eternally grateful to this man! His staff is professional, Dr Heiland is the consummate professional. The word Thankyou seems not enough.

Review №75

Great place.. Very far from where I live but if I need work done, I will always come here

Review №76

ARROGANT!!!!!!Now I know why people who see Dr. Heiland say he is arrogant. This was the worst experience I EVER had with any physician. I had to wait 1 month to get in. Then I had to wait 1 hour to see him. He was RUDE, horrible bed side manner, is a person who truly does not give a rip about any of your health history current or past.I am educated, run three companies and make a huge salary but the moment I was in his territory he was demeaning, condescending and a bully implying I know nothing because he is god in his mind.

Review №77

I am so thankful to have met Dr Heiland. He helped me to breathe in a way I never dreamed possible. I have recommended him to my family and friends, because I want them to have the best.

Review №78

Good people excellent doctors there to help

Review №79

Grt place. Good doctors. Worth a visit.

Review №80

Got to the bottom of an issue immediately. Great office.

Review №81

I can honestly say you should disregard all negative reviews about Dr Heiland and his office manager, they are absolutely amazing. They did my wifes tonsil removal and then saw me a few months later to do a septum repair and tonsil removal. This was offered after several sinus infections and I put it off I got one in early November and they scheduled me right away. They helped me fill out my short term disability paperwork and even faught my insurance company to get it approved I went under the knife 24 hours later, recovery was a breeze with doctor Heiland available at a seconds notice for help with my recovery. Doctor Heiland did my surgery Nov 21 2015 he then chose to come in on Thanksgiving only 3 days later. Early 9 am to remove the packing so I could breath and enjoy my Thanksgiving a man who should be spending time with his family decided to instead put his patient first. The only thing that can be seen as a negative which I dont but from others point of view is doctor Heiland is the very best. Expect appointments to be a few weeks out but they always try to squeeze you in if possible if an opening occurs, however I will gladly wait to see the expert and he is the very best at what he does.

Review №82

Dr. Heiland was the worst doctor Ive ever met. After waiting almost two hours to see him, he was rude, insensitive, and condescending. Ill be going to a different specialist from here on out.

Review №83

Dr Heiland is an award winning doctor. I have a serious sinus disease that is not able to cured. It can be managed with drugs and surgery however. So needless to say i have been to a lot of ENTs in the Valley, even had a botched sinus surgery from another ENT.Dr Heiland uses an old school sinus rinse with gentamycin antibitic and a dash of pulmicort glucorticosteriod which keeps my sinuses open and prevents the frequent infections, and keeps polyps from re-forming. And this has less side effects and works way better than all the steriod sprays i have tried in the past.They also do Culture directed therapy, so that way they know what bugs are causing sinus infections, and that way they can prescribe the appropriate antibitoics.And like others have stated, they take plenty of time to answer all your questions, and dont rush you out the door.Office manager was always nice to me, so i dont know why ppl are saying she is rude.There probably isnt a better ENT in the Valley. Why do you think he keeps winning awards

Review №84

Dr. Heiland and his staff are so nice and helpful. The staff always treats you as if you are the only patient on the schedule that day. No matter what you are dealing with, Dr. Heiland will diagnose your health concern, then will offer a direct plan to take care of the issue.The Audiologist, Deb Hamila, Au.D., is as good of a Hearing Care Provider as youll find and has been assisting the hearing impaired for decades. The Hearing Center offers hearing exams, a Free Hearing Aid Consultation and always has the latest hearing aid technology. If you are looking for the best ENT Doctor or Hearing Center in PHX/Scottsdale, youll love this practice.

Review №85

Read the reviews before making the appointment with Dr. Heiland. Seems you either love or loathe this ENT Top Doc. My issue was urgent and I got an appointment two days out. Assumed thered be a wait based on the reviews so I brought reading material. I did have to wait an hour but assumed Dr. Heiland would take time with me as he did with his other patients. I found him kind, compassionate, and endearing. I trusted him completely. I had questions, and continued asking questions until I felt I was heard. I didnt feel disrespected at all. Front office staff was efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Heiland.

Review №86

Dr. Hylton is an excellent specialist

Review №87

Dr. Heiland and his staff are phenomenal. After seeing numerous MDeity surgeons in the valley to repair facial trauma, it was refreshing to encounter someone so accommodating and approachable. His confidence and remarkable bedside manner had my mind made up within minutes of meeting him. His PA Julie is just as knowledgable & personable, as is his obliging office manager Kami. Dr. Heiland prayed with me before going into surgery, and the procedure itself was highly successful. Just days after the surgery people were amazed at how great I looked- very minimal bruising, etc. After encountering so many people with horror stories, I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Heiland. He is a gifted surgeon with an incredible team and I enthusiastically recommend them.

Review №88

Great docs, billing is a bit rough

Review №89

Are you will be is an insurance number to this office. Do not go here.

Review №90

Dr heilandis a great doctor

Review №91

Finally saw the Dr., 1 hour and 25 minutes after my sons scheduled appointment time. Way too long to wait for a kid.

Review №92

Next door to my cardiologist.

Review №93

Great practice !

Review №94

Very good experience

Review №95

Great Drs

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