Enticare ENT Scottsdale
7301 E 2nd St #308, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Review №1

The staff and Dr Woods were great in every aspect. My tympanostomy went great and the follow up and care were top notch I wouldn’t hesitate to see them again

Review №2

I finally decided to see an ENT after noticing my right nostril was generally always clogged. I was seen by Dr. Woods who is an AMAZING surgeon; he took one look inside my nose and not only explained why I had breathing issues but gave me options as to how to improve it. I opted for surgery and I have never felt so good in my life! Dr. Woods made me feel comfortable with my decision and it was a quick and easy fix. Even during recovery I could tell I was able to breathe easier; I no longer experience asthma while working out and I couldnt be happier. I would highly recommend Enticare to any and everyone.

Review №3

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr and nurses at the Scottsdale Enticare. They were very supportive of my desire to try natural approaches to address my chronic sinus/face pain. And I think the allergy drops are working! I’ve been on them for a year now and I am not having any reaction to the seasonal spring bloom in the air right now. It’s amazing! Thank you Dr. H and staff at Enticare - Scottsdale!

Review №4

No eye contact. Just a number and drove far to get there

Review №5

Very professional and showed great confidence and conviction to deal my situation. No, kinda maybe. Grateful for the referral that has produced results one could only wish.

Review №6

Dr. Brian Trainor is an awesome ENT to whom I’ve referred many of my own patients. He’s always very personable, thorough, and a highly experienced surgeon! Though he’s a Philly boy, we are lucky to have him out West & can only hope he stays in the Valley of the Sun!

Review №7

Awesome service. Dr. Trainer is the best

Review №8

Pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful staff in a nice facility. What else could you ask for? Once again I had a wonderful visit. Where else could you have so much fun with nice people who are doing their best to make your life better?

Review №9

I had an overnight sleep study and my attending person (Josh I think) was very professional and as he proceeded to hook me up with wires he explained the procedure and the purpose for the hookups. As I asked my questions, he was very thorough. I have a follow up to get my results and am confident I will recieve the same courtesy.

Review №10

All staff are friendly and knowledgeable, my issue was taken care of quickly

Review №11

Terrible care. I came in after 3 regular doc visits trying to treat a suspected salivary gland infection or stone. In a lot of pain. The doc spent a few minutes going over my symptoms, looked in my ears and throat, and said they needed a CT. Fine, theyll call me NEXT WEEK. Once I get it done results take a week. Follow up in THREE WEEKS. Told me to do what I already said Id been doing. I asked to expedite the CT as Im in a lot of pain, they wouldnt do anything. Later I called another imaging place that said they could get me in 2-3 days and results are same day. I just needed the actual orders. I left a message for the med assistant at the clinic, no response of course and now its the weekend. Total waste of time and money and absolute lack of caring and concern.

Review №12

I would encourage others to avoid all business with Enticare ENT and all of their office locations due to atrocious office management and scheduling issues.I was scheduled for a procedure only to be called by Enticares office the NIGHT BEFORE to cancel. After hours of working with insurance and the surgical center, I was made aware that my procedure was cancelled due to lack of requested documentation from Enticare days prior. Under the surgical center and insurance providers advice, I arrived for the procedure as original scheduled unaware if ENTICARE faxed over the requested documentation.Eventually the documentation was submitted, Dr.Trainor successfully preformed my procedure. My last post-op followup was cancelled. Enticares office never called. After an hour in the waiting room, I was pulled aside.The next day Dr.Trainor recommended a necessary surgery and to wait for Enticares office to schedule.After a month of waiting, Enticare called mid- December to schedule my procedure. I scheduled for March 5th. I was called February 19th to cancel and reschedule.

Review №13

Great Physician Asst: Nicole Reed and assistants Omar and Cheyenne.

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