San Diego Auto Glass & Tint
5828 Autoport Mall, San Diego, CA 92121, United States
San Diego Auto Glass & Tint
Review №1

These guys did my Mazda 6 today, stellar job. Quality of the film looks great, customer service was wonderful and provided great suggestions, and the price really cant be beat. These guys are the real deal

Review №2

I researched pricing for a lot of places before deciding to go here and Im glad I did. They have excellent technicians and put a lot of care into their work, even redoing one window that they thought had a bubble but it turned out to be a scratch that was already there. When I arrived a staff member showed me the different types they offer along with how much heat they block (using a heat lamp placed behind rotating tint panels) and didnt try to upsell me which I appreciated. Im very happy with how it turned out and notice the difference on how cool the interior stays plus it makes my car look much nicer.Driver and passenger windows tinted to 50% with crystalline. Rear passenger, corner, and rear windows tinted to 20% with 3M CS. I had to keep the windows up for 2-3 days to allow it to properly dry.

Review №3

Fast and professional. Told me the facts, what was legal in my home state vs what a lot of people get. Had my car out the door on a busy day in good time.

Review №4

I picked this shop because of the awesome reviews and Im going to count my experience as a great review.When I went in for my appointment, I gave Danny an idea of what I wanted and he steered me in the right direction. I was going too light so he made a suggestion. I am 100% happy with where he guided me, not too dark, not too light.No giant up-sell, really relaxed experience, price was decent, and my car looks really nice.Im looking forward to a cooler (black) interior this summer.

Review №5

I wouldnt say doing windows is there profession or Im just a female I had my 2006 Nissan maxima front window done Hood of my car has paint chip theres a piece missing from good I can see clearly that front window $280 smh

Review №6

Awesome place to get your car tinted. Would recommend anytime. My car looks awesome.

Review №7

One of the best tints I’ve ever had, they are super friendly and communicate well, makes my car look so much better

Review №8

This business is professional, clean, fair, and top notch quality work is done right the first time here! I have had two windshields replaced at this business and the quality work speaks for itself - professional! The establishment is clean and welcoming! The restroom is super clean and second to none in this category of business. The waiting lobby is clean and inviting, so have a seat and relax while they work on your vehicles. The manager, Danny, is personable, easy to talk to, courteous, and respectful. No BS pricing and no hidden fees and/or charges - just fair and competitive prices, as you would expect! I will recommend this business to all my friends and family - highly recommended! 👍🏻 Ill be back! Ive got windows to tint on the wifes car.

Review №9

Brought my Tesla model 3 here after doing extensive research. These guys came recommended from various blogs. So far the work is excellent and I’m extremely happy. These guys are professional, courteous, and their shop is the nicest automotive store I’ve been to. Nowhere else I’d take my brand new Model 3. Also, I’d recommended anyone to do their research on window tint, especially if you own a Model 3. This shop was one of the very few in San Diego county that we’re able to apply the window tint in a seamless one piece to the back glass of my Tesla model 3. Most shops I spoke to were trying to convince me that I didn’t need it only because they weren’t able to perform the job. This shop gave me both options and let me make the decision. The saying You get what you pay for is 100% correct in this sector. I would recommend any of my friends and family here and will be a customer for life.

Review №10

I had my 2020 Camry tinted here this weekend and it came out great. I shopped around and did my research before deciding on this shop. I ultimately selected them because their reviews across all platforms are amazing and that says a lot about what kind of business you’re running. When I brought in my vehicle there were 3 Tesla’s in their shop getting tinted so I felt like my Camry was in good company lol.I selected one of the higher grade tints because you only get your car tinted once, do it right the first time. For me it’s a long term investment as I commute daily and love the reduction in heat.Lastly I’d like to comment on their customer service because it’s next to none. Every person I spoke to at the shop was friendly and the front office staff did a great job explaining all my options and letting me decide what was a good fit for me. There was no pressure to upgrade but I really wanted to treat my car to some nice film.The finished product is the best tint job I’ve ever had done. The film looks flawless and I’m extremely satisfied over all. Great shop, nice people, and excellent work 👍

Review №11

Got my Tesla Model X tinted here with 3M Crystalline in mid February and I must say i am very impressed. The temperature in the vehicle is significantly lower and the sun isn’t so bothersome anymore. The windshield is tricky and only a few shops can do it all in 1 piece with a crystalline film. I chose this place since everyone in our Tesla community comes here an they were highly recommended by two of my colleagues.

Review №12

Great service, the guys do great work and super friendly. Really clean shop and high quality work. Customer service is top notch. If you want a really nice tint on your car, this is the best place in San Diego.

Review №13

My review is long overdue as Ive used this company several times and referred friends/family countless times. This is THE company to use to window tinting. Super professional crew and knowledgeable about which product to use based on your individual needs. Just had our 4th car done with them and an absolutely flawless job, as usual. Thank you!

Review №14

Very nice shop. Did a great job on my van windows. And at a great price. Owner seems to care about getting the job done right and on budget. 5 stars.

Review №15

I had my vehicle tinted here and Im so glad I decided on this shop. From the moment I called them I just knew this place was doing my tint job. Talk about a great first impression. I set up an appointment and brought my vehicle in. We discussed various tint options and they were extremely knowledgeable on each one. Never did I feel as though they were upselling me or making a sales pitch, just genuinely explaining their products. I picked my tint and decided to relax in their beautiful waiting area while they worked on my vehicle. I chatted with the guys during this time and they all seemed so kind. Honestly, best customer service experience Ive had in a long time.When completed the tint looked impeccable and you can tell their staff really pay attention to every last detail. No bubbles, no dirt specs, just a fabulous tint job. So to sum it up, amazing customer service, honest pricing, and top notch work, what more can I ask for?I would recommend this shop to anyone in the market for tint. You will not regret it, instead you will be thanking me, trust me!

Review №16

Great job on my 2020 Dodge Charger. Im confident in their work and that if I have any issues they will take care of it. I doubt I will have any issues. Thanks again. Ill be recommending this shop.

Review №17

These guys are amazing! Ive taken 3 vehicles here over the years and Ive never had an issue. The tint work is perfect and the workers were so nice! Prices were very affordable. I will always return here!

Review №18

Clean, efficient, professional! They have the highest quality films, and the most skilled professionals applying the tint. They will be the only tint company I used for my fleet!

Review №19

Gifted my friend window tinting for his birthday. (Moral of story- We recommend service, just tell them if you have pets).I dont know anything about window tinting and I did not want to do research. (My car already looks cool). I just wanted to send him to a quality place and pay for it and be done. I also wanted him to choose the darkness and which windows he wanted tinted, etc.We made an appointment easily over the phone. We were guided through the whole spiel about darker glass and $, and hold your hands to this light thing.. la la la. However, this did help my buddy figure out what he wanted. This referred to quality of tinting and darkness. I think he went for #2 quality. I dont remember the darkness #.We were told it would take about 3 hours to do the window tinting for 5 windows. Therefore we decided to walk to UTC (okay I decided, because I like walking - Warning, this is not really walkable as there are not sidewalks and there is a lot of construction, but it was fun).We then took a Lyft back so we would make sure we were on time. (My friend is a driver for a living so hes always 30 mins early, and Im always 10 minutes on time). I say this because when we got back to the shop exactly on time, it appeared they were just starting on the back windows. We wanted a good job done, so we said we would chill and wait. The guy came out and explained it was taking longer because there was a lot of dog hair in car. (True- hey, this is not my car, but the white hair was from my dog!). We waited another hour- we walked around the neighborhood again until it got dark, then we came into the nice waiting room and drank free sodas and watched TV. He was right, a white pit bull is the culprit and the reason we had to wait an extra hour.So..1. The windows look great. He is happy. (This is what I wanted!).2. Ask before you go if there are special cleaning needs. My buddy has a Nissan Sentra, not a Lambo. Although, if there is a man with a Lambo that allows a white pit bull in the car.. thats pretty hot.3. Id suggest to call before you pick up your car.4. They got the job done I wanted. Thank you.5. Heres my dirty dog. :) Sorry if he left his hair in the shop.Also I have been to Luxe next door which helped me get a key for my last Saab. Good mall.

Review №20

Very Straightforward and Professional. They arrived the same afternoon and did a beautiful job. They also cleaned my headlights beautifully. Thank you guys so much!

Review №21

All I can say is amazing customer service and Super professional! All the staff were very friendly and helpful. My car turned out exactly how I imagined I would give this place a 10/10. I will defiantly refer all my family and friends to go here. Thank you again San Diego auto glass!

Review №22

Did a great job on the tint. Prices were great. Would definitely recommend this place.

Review №23

Ive gotten three cars tinted here, taking my sisters in next week for a tiny as well. Awesome service, and the cars look great!

Review №24

I have retracted my previous post and I would like to say that Danny has made everything better. The Tint looks awesome!! Please check out San Diego Auto Glass and Tint!!

Review №25

Good service. Straight forward. Great reviews. Cant say anything bad.

Review №26

From start to finish the process/experience was exactly what you would hope for. Danny (Jr.) called me earlier in the week after I requested a quote online and was super helpful/friendly, was knowledgable about the new car I just got (18 Tacoma) and set me up with an appointment.When I arrived, Jacob greeted me and was super friendly and knowledgable, showing me the different tints and sun heat protection. He described the different pricing structures, answered questions, and wasnt pushy at all. When I asked how long the job would take, he estimated about 3 hours since it was Friday, so I figured Id cruise over to UTC and workout etc. until the job was done.One hour later I get a call from Jacob saying my truck is ready - I started smiling this sly guy was setting proper expectations so they could be exceeded! I went back and the tint job was solid, Danny (Sr.) checked me out and was super friendly and welcoming as well. Start to finish these guys were solid, pricing was reasonable for quality of work and experience. Would definitely recommend!

Review №27

They’re all awesome here! Needed the Quarter Glass replaced and Tinted on an S5 Audi, they mastered it with no problem! Did an outstanding job! Highly Recommend!

Review №28

Called to get a quote for windshield replacement on my Toyota Prius and they were about $45 cheaper than most shops. Usually when a shop is cheaper than others that just means they’re desperate for work but not in this case. They were actually super busy but they still managed to get my car worked on the same day.I decided to add window tinting as I was there, and I regret not doing this a long time ago. Aesthetically the car looks much sleeker. I had them do 3M color stable 20% on all rear windows and 3M Crystalline 70% on fronts.I’m glad I found a one stop shop that does both auto glass replacement and window tinting.Their workmanship speaks for itself as they pay great attention to detail. Their customer service is seriously awesome. Everyone here is super helpful and knowledgeable. We need more business that are well put together in San Diego such as this.They have free complimentary drinks if you decide to wait for your car.An all around awesome experience and hassle free windshield replacement and window tinting all done promptly in a time frame promised.

Review №29

Loved the service!! found this on google and called immediately. needed some privacy in my honda civic and didnt want to have to do it myself. the price was right and it looks amazing!!

Review №30

Excellent tint service, and customer service is great. Its clear they are going above and beyond for their customers.

Review №31

Best window tinting in San Diego. Searched numerous places to get my windows done on my Tesla Model 3 and stumbled upon San Diego auto glass & tint. Had them install the 3M crystalline on all sides windows with the 40% and opted for the crystalline 70% on windshield since the dashboard area gets hot during summer days. Their window tinting experience is what sets this place apart. Very happy with the results and the colors picked.Thank you to everyone at San Diego auto glass & window tinting for such an amazing job.

Review №32

Was referred here by some Tesla members for window tinting. So far extremely happy with the work they did on my Tesla Model 3.They had two other Teslas they were working on and seems like these guys really know what they’re doing. We had 3M Crystalline applied on all the windows and I must say it looks awesome.

Review №33

I started doing some research in San Diego so that I can find a decent place to get my car tinted. San Diego Auto Glass & Tint shined the most by their professionalism and gorgeous clean facility. I instantly knew I was dealing with the pros. So I gave them a shot and sure enough, they did exactly as they said.Perfect flawless work all around! 10/10From now on this will be my go to place for any window tinting and glass replacement.Thank you

Review №34

Let me start off by saying he is absolutely amazing I look for my window for a 2017 sonata and was only quoted prices such as $700 for the actual one that went in my car I paid 220 to get the window he came to my house and he waited on me super professional super nice I definitely recommend this Place to get your auto glass or Home glass repaired he’s super professional and absolutely amazing I definitely will be keeping his contact in my phone for any window repairs that I need.!🙏🏾😀✌🏾

Review №35

Danny and his team at San Diego Auto Glass & Tint are amazing. They took in my 2016 Tesla Model S on Monday and finished a full tint job on the same day. Went with 5% in the back and lighter in the front. I am more than pleased with the work they do here. Very polite and professional 3M certified service. Definitely recommend them for any tinting on high end and luxury cars.

Review №36

Amazing job....well done. Until today i am satisfied.

Review №37

Insanely friendly people, good service

Review №38

Got our Tesla Model 3 tinted here with 3M Crystalline and paint protection film added to the front end to prevent rock chips. So far very happy.The guys are very welcoming and friendly.Awesome demonstration and a large variety of different shades.

Review №39

Excellent customer service and first class work. Danny was very helpful and informative. I had clear wrap, ceramic coating, and my window tinting done and the results of all are superb. I’ll be bringing my vehicles here from now on!

Review №40

Can’t believe I never reviewed this place. If any place deserves a five star review it’s this place! I’m partially doing this for myself so when I get my next car I can remember to come here because they put on a mid grade 3M tint over a year ago and it’s still in PREFECT condition!

Review №41

Fast and reliable, Amazing Service, I would absolutely recommend. If you live in San Diego and need a fast turn around with great quality, visit San Diego Auto Glass and Tint

Review №42

Overpriced for the standard of work. I dont know if its because Im a young woman but when I showed up hours later to pick up my vehicle, I noticed my driver side tint was not properly heated and was lifting. That moment Im sure was very uncomfortable for both of us but he reheated, I paid, and left, no apology for that which showed a lack of concern to a paying customer. It was an awkward situation, especially when I was looking forward to picking it up. I have kept the windows up for 8 days, and when I rolled down my drivers window today I could see the top of the window as I rolled it down was not cut evenly. It looked jagged. Also, this is a brand new 2020 and it sounds like they didnt place the window back properly, it now makes a clumpy sound. Its just unusual and not right. Honestly, Ive been worried to check the other windows Im just hoping the quality is better, let alone the windows work properly and dont make the same sound. I dont want to go back there so Im going to take my car in to the dealer this weekend to have them check the window installation for me. Im hoping this warranty is good for another shop that offers the same product.. 👎

Review №43

I have been using SD Auto Glass and Tint for years. They did the tint on my Ferrari 488, Range Rover and Porsche Turbo S. On my last rally I cracked the windshield of my Turbo S, Danny, the owner managed to get a new one in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend San Diego Auto Glass for your tinting services.

Review №44

I had the windshield replaced and the windows tinted on my husbands 2 week old Range Rover. After coming back from a trip to LA on a Sunday evening we heard a rock hit the windshield and instantly causing a 10 inch crack that was beyond repairable. On Monday I found San Diego Auto Glass & Tint and made an appointment for the following day to have the work done. It was very convenient that we were able to get the windshield replaced and the windows tinted at the same time.These guys made the whole experience hassle free and easy. Phenomenal results by the way! I’d like to say thank you to everyone at San Diego Auto Glass & Tint for doing such a great job. This will definitely be our go to shop from now on.

Review №45

Danny and his staff at San Diego Auto Glass & Tint are top notch! Danny went out of his way to insure my satisfaction with my windshield replacement. They have excellent pricing and a clean facility with a comfortable waiting area with a TV, wifi access, and refreshments. No need to go anywhere else! For windows and tint this is the place to go.

Review №46

Got my 2014 Cadillac ATS tinted and Im going to be back to get a new windshield and tint. Theyre not overpriced but arent cheap either, they do QUALITY work and fast. The shop is super clean inside and I am more than happy. I will most def. be back and will recommend them from now on.

Review №47

Quality material and professional work, flawless. Staff is amazing.

Review №48

This is most likely the best shop in San Diego for window tinting. Had my Porsche 911 tinted with 3M Crystalline and I am loving the outcome. The interior stays so much cooler and the car looks very classy with 40% all around. Thank you ☺️

Review №49

Came here for window tinting and left with awesome results. These guys are the real deal. They know their stuff very well and answered all my questions promptly. Super clean install!

Review №50

Best wi dow tinting in SanDiego!👍🏻

Review №51

Came here for window tinting on my Audi A4. So far very happy with the shades we picked. There is a large selection to choose from and the guys are very knowledgeable and helpful.The waiting area is super clean with free drinks and WiFi. I decided to drop my vehicle off and picked it up at the end of the day since I had to be at work and didn’t have time to wait for it.Their lifetime warranty on the window tinting is unbeatable!Thanks a bunch

Review №52

This place is great! Was able to drop my car off on my lunch break and pick it up after work! Quick and easy! Plus very affordable!

Review №53

We had an appointment last Saturday to get our BMW X5 tinted, from start to finish their professionalism shined like no other. Very courteous and polite at all times.These guys are familiar with high end cars and I realized that the moment I walked into the their work bays. They had couple other German cars they were working on including a brand new Porsche.Our car looks amazing with the new tint and I’m very satisfied with the whole process.

Review №54

Had my BMW 3 series tinted all round.Efficient, good value for money, clean and good waiting area. Would recommend to anybody looking for any window/glass maintenance!Friendly staff too. Thanks guys

Review №55

Great customer service, super friendly staff, they even have an awesome waiting area with coffee and refreshments. Excellent pricing on services and very professional. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a windshield replacement or tinting your windows.

Review №56

Got recommended by two of my friends for window tinting. Very nice and well put together establishment. My car looks awesome.

Review №57

Danny and his crew did an amazing on our new vehicle. They were courtious and friendly and kept me informed throughout the process which took 2 days due to its complexity. I highly recommend them for both window tint and vehicle film protection and believe theyre the best in the business

Review №58

Very friendly and affordable place for what you get. They did a great job and finished ahead of their estimated wait time.

Review №59

These guys seriously rock! Took my Maserati from plain to sexy in 2.5 hours. Dan was great about explaining the benefits of each type of film and his installers were skilled and courteous. Prices were great too... what more can you ask for?

Review №60

Super fast, neat and perfect job. Very nice people and Very nice waiting lounge as well.

Review №61

Had my Lexus tinted here with a 3M film and couldnt be happier. From the moment I walked in I was greeted professionally and politely. They helped me pick the right choice of tint that would fit my budget and style. All my questions were answered and I knew I was dealing with professionals by their conspicuous knowledge.

Review №62

These guys are the real deal. The shop is super modern and high end they offer free refreshments such as water, sodas and coffee. You know you’re dealing with professionals just by the cars they had in the bay getting worked on. A brand new Maserati and Porsche SUV. Obviously I felt comfortable handing them my new Acura. I’m super picky about my car and I wouldn’t let just anyone drive it, now let alone work on it.I honestly have to say their work is second to none.

Review №63

Came here to get my windshield replaced on my Jaguar F type since I heard this is the best shop to go to by numerous co-workers.They were absolutely right! I had a $100 deductible and that’s all I had to pay and the rest was billed through my insurance. The job was completed in a timely manner and they used all OEM parts. I’m very happy I let them replace my windshield since I had bad experience once before with another place. Now I know where to come to if I ever need a windshield again! Thank you guys for doing an awesome job on my car!

Review №64

Very honest and straight forward guys that offer high end products and services. I highly recommend this shop. The price was by far a lot more competitive than other shops

Review №65

Had a misunderstanding yesterday, the owners son Danny called me and we rescheduled for today. As soon as I arrived they took my car in and knocked it out. They really care about their customers and take pride in their work. I will be going back to get some additional work done. My car looks amazing, thank you for the outstanding work.

Review №66

I don’t know where to start with these guys! They are probably the best I’ve seen in town and I’ve been to a lot of shops!!! This isn’t my first time getting my windows tinted and seems like most window tinting shops are just ok, but this place just makes the one man shops around San Diego look like a joke. The shop is super clean and organized. It’s how a tinting place should look like. I will never shop around again! I’m very happy I found them. They pay very close attention to detail and wipe down the interior very neatly upon completion.

Review №67

Best window tinting shop in san diego!

Review №68

They do the best weindow tits in san diego. i came in and they lissened to me what i wanted and did a nice job.

Review №69

Took my brand new X5 in and could not be happier. They took care of me right away and made sure I had the right product for my car. The color stable tiny looks AMAZING.

Review №70

Great price, good quality work and excellent customer service. What more could you ask for? 🙏🏾

Review №71

One word describes these guys. Perfectionists!Had our windows tinted on our Audi Q7 and the results were flawless. They explained the whole process and were very informative. They stuck to the price I was quoted with no hidden fees or add ons. Thank you

Review №72

Got our GTI tinted here and cant say enough about them. Got back to us right away with a reasonable quote. Car was done quickly and they responded immediately to fix one small defect in a front window. Will definitely recommend go back.

Review №73

Got my Range Rover windshield replaced and I’m very satisfied with the process and quality work these guys did on my car. I’m coming back next week to have my windows tinted as well.

Review №74

It took 3 hours for them to do all my windows. They do a very clean job on the window tinting. Low rates as well, cant ask for anything better! Would recommend.

Review №75

The service is really good! Dan is really nice and he helps me on everything. I change the windshield over there and the team is professional. I definitely recommend here for everything related with glass and tint.

Review №76

San Diego Auto Glass and Tint is great! Competitive pricing, great service, and free soft drinks! Will be back with my other car to get it tinted as well.

Review №77

Made an appointment to get my windows tinted and they turned out really well. Glad I chose this shop to work on my truck.

Review №78

Wow great job guys thank you for educating me on the temperature heating window film wow glad you did that Ill definitely be sending customers your way thank you and have a great day take care

Review №79

I wanted to replace the windshield on my 09 Altima and got a quote from a bunch of businesses in the area. These guys quoted me much less than the others and according to good reviews I decided to take my car here. Danni and Moji are really nice guys and they took care of the windshield in a clean, patient manner and made sure the job is done properly. Im a bit of a handyman and can tell when mechanics rush through the job or make a mess. Im absolutely satisfied with my experience here and would definitely recommend it

Review №80

Perfect shop that does both auto glass and window tinting. They will earn my business for life.

Review №81

I was referred here by Porsche of San Diego to have window tinting and paint protection film applied to my Porsche 911 GT3. I was delighted to find out they use a German film that’s reputable both in performance and aesthetics. When I did some research prior to bringing the vehicle in I found out that Huper Optik is the industry leading film preferred by most exotic dealerships and Porsche owners on the forums. Dan and the guys at the shop are very passionate about what they do and the facility is a 10 out of 10! Gorgeous shop that’s spotless clean and a super comfortable waiting area with fresh drinks and a large screen TV. It’s obvious that these guys are the best in town. Thanks again!

Review №82

Got the best price for replacing my windshield and adding tint to my car. They beat the competition by $80! Awesome!

Review №83

The guys over here are great. The customer service is above and beyond and the attention detail is remarkable. We stopped in to get our windshield removed and replaced. The price was beyond reasonable, and frankly below the average. I cant say the same when it comes to service, they have complimentary drinks ( Coffee, Water, soda, and even monsters), WiFi, and even Netflix. The shop wasnt at all what you would expect. This is a professional establishment with outstanding customer service.

Review №84

Great company! Awesome service I highly recommend this place!

Review №85

Very proffesional, did a fast and great job. Would recomend to anyone in need of tint

Review №86

Really nice guys here. Stay after hours to help me out with my car. The price is reasonable.

Review №87

Great price and excellent service. Was amazed by how quickly they got the job done!

Review №88

I came here to get the windows tinted on my car this past weekend and I must say I’m super impressed with their work.They have 3M and Llumar Nano Ceramic both are super high end and exclusive. My Tesla looks sleek and stylish.I chose the 3M carbon for the rear windows and 3M crystalline on the front.Very happy with the results and I must say I am for sure coming back to get my wife’s Bmw tinted as well.They have very competitive prices since I shopped around and realized this where everyone in the Tesla community comes to. Two of my friends had their model 3 tinted here and kept bragging about their work.They have a heat lamp demo in stock that can show you the amount of heat and infrared each film blocks. All the edges on the side windows are completely up to the top and everything looks perfect

Review №89

Great job!! I’m very happy with my new tint job on my 2017 Honda Accord.

Review №90

Got my 2018 INFINITI Q50 tinted here and I’m super satisfied with the results will definitely refer all my friends and family! Thank you

Review №91

Great customer service and convenient location. Car looks beautiful.

Review №92

Reasonable price. Did a great job thank you

Review №93

Very professional looking and clean waiting room with complimentary drinks. Staff is very professional and will help guide you on your purchase.

Review №94

Would recommend this place 100%! They got the job done nice and quick.Definitely excited to try my new Crystalline windows now!

Review №95

Great service and friendly employees! They know what theyre doing and they are very timely!

Review №96

Amazing attention to detail and quality.

Review №97

Did a ton of research the night before on tints. Originally was looking at Groupon trying spend as little money as possible, but still wanted a good tint. Called around and realized most places Groupon tints were poor wrap, or didn’t cover all the windows I wanted #protectyourleather. One guy even told me the “depending on the heat” I should expect the film to turn purple or buble in 3-5 years.... pfffffff (*inside my head*). Danny has 3M (premium) tints. 3 different options I went with middle option. Wish i could afford the ceramic ones #oneday 🤙🏾. When I think of SD Auto Glass and Tint, *If you grew up in San Diego in the 90s you’ll remember this commercial*: “Price, Value, Selection” No body even comes close.

Review №98

Honest service and fair prices. Will return if I ever need a windshield in future!

Review №99

Great work and service!

Review №100


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