Pilot Travel Center
1128 Duanesburg Rd, Rotterdam, NY 12306, United States
Review №1

Flatbed truckers beware!!! Super tight parking. Its OK getting a spot early but good luck after 5pm. And if you have a spread axel... youll never get in when busy or out in the morning.No food after 10pm.

Review №2

3 showers boy so get there early to wash that )&)) hot food and cold drinks parking is not the biggest see a few parked on the road look safe

Review №3

This is a really tight poorly laid out truck stop. Took me several minutes to get into a spot, had to help 2 other drivers as well. Didnt go in. Cant speak to amenities. But its pretty tight. Seems to get full pretty fairly early.

Review №4

June 12th, 2021. I had great experience at this particular Pilot. The Mens restroom was immaculate! and, I got to meet John, the man who cleaned them who, was in the midst of doing so, when I thanked him for the excellent job. By-the-way, he was also impeccable in his company uniform. Clean.Creased. All tucked-in...You get the picture.So, the next time you men stop by the Rotterdam, NY Pilot, Mens Room, be sure to thank John.

Review №5

Cool people n clean bathrooms/Showers, only 3 showers n parking spot can be very tight depends on which sides youll find a spot.I wish they had some good restaurants food instead of stupid DD

Review №6

Always clean inside. The employees are always nice and welcoming. I love that they have Dunkin’ and Subway in there as well.

Review №7

Very tight parking lot. When the lot is close to full it makes even a seasoned driver look like a rookie. LolInside is clean but small.I gave it 4 stars instead of 3 cuz it has a DD and subway!

Review №8

Parking at this place is ridiculous…. Can’t even get into Reserved parking spot because of how tight it is!!!! Saw a guys truck get hit…. If u going to park here u better be early!!! And don’t think if u reserve a spot and u going to get into it at 9pm odds is not going to happen

Review №9

Worst Pilot I have ever been too, was so bad I took the time to write my first ever review. Paid for prime parking for $15 they let people park anywhere, so can’t do maneuvers with trucks blocking the way. They make the prime parking spots the hardest ones to maneuver into I am new to industry so I buy reserve spots more than I should, but it is normally convenient and are easier to get into. Definitely not the case here. One plus was cashiers were friendly and refunded my money with no problem.

Review №10

Very Clean restrooms! I cant stress enough how important that is for truck stops. Hell the bathroom smelled nearly as good as the consumer section.

Review №11

Typically has some of the best gas prices along the I-88 corridor and defintely better than what you will find on the Thruway. Smallish store, but well stocked and well-lit. Bathrooms are quite clean for the amount of use they receive and definitely better than the I-88 rest stop variants.

Review №12

Small place. But got everything you could want. Large amount of truck parking. And you got to love Dunkin Donuts

Review №13

Mike the manager is sooo cute!! Everything else is cool too...

Review №14

I had a great experience at This Pilot Travel Center location the selection here is great and it’s nice and convenient they have plenty of showers laundry and a Subway and a Dunkin’ Donuts connected to It they have a wide variety of drinks candies and coffee and the employees are friendly the prices are a little high tho

Review №15

Hope that or ever who managed the truck parking lot size and space needed for a truck to swing and park, hope him to go through everything that a truck driver who comes late in the evening to park in his 15$ paid parking and not be able to park and to have to leave cause and lose and 15$ and principle to think that you can count on prime parking and his appointment and his good sleep

Review №16

This place is like an oasis in the desert. It is in a prime location with several distribution centers nearby. They are always friendly. Stop in say hi to Mr. Tor!

Review №17

Horrible lot design- no hot food in the store- store limits Subway on what they can sell because of the Dunkin doughnuts next to it- both stores are owned by pilot so it shouldnt matter- bathrooms were only partially stocked- horrible location what kind of truck stop doesnt have hotdogs.

Review №18

No food. No coffee, bad parking.

Review №19

Great gas, clean windshield washer fluid, great coffee, good stop on the way up north.

Review №20

Great place for gas and food. Dunkin and Subway are both right there. Good fuel prices and very clean restrooms!

Review №21

Decent sized parking lot for truckers easy to access fuel Island. Only three showers no drivers Lounge no laundry. Super busy with trucks on Easter Sunday 2019

Review №22

Small truck lot, few showers, Dunkin Donuts and Subway (both are not open 24/7). Only 2.9 miles Rotterdam Distribution and 1.9 from Golub Warehouse.

Review №23

Semi drivers - be aware that if you park in the back facing other trucks you are likely to get blocked in and will have to wait for trucks to leave before you can. I wanted to leave early morning, but had to wait for 6 hours. The parking lot is too small and too crowded for the layout.

Review №24

Dirty dirty dirty, unmopped and sticky floors near the out of order pop and coffee area. trash spilling over in the mens bathroom. sink and counters a mess. No food options, where is that nearly famous pizza and wings? no soup or hotdogs either... this is an aweful pilot

Review №25

But they really make sure that you have mask on your face😂

Review №26

During the day is not bad ...but after 10pm good luck ...showers will take over 30 mins to get moving ...2 guys would be at the register texting all day and not helping out it’s common sense ...drivers would be just waiting by the register looking very stupid waiting for 45 mins for a shower ...imagine coming there tired after getting parking and standing for 45 mins sad!!!!

Review №27

Taking a break, purchased a bottle of water. no parking for triples.

Review №28

This truckstop is behind the times they need to expand with parking not to mention there’s not enough room to back into the second row. They need to shift first row up some and add more showers. Truck industry is growing it’s going to get worse in this area.

Review №29

This place is so so bad. Watch out for the concrete blocks that will bust your trailer door hinge, in the reserve parking

Review №30

We were in the RV, downtown rotterdam, visiting family. We needed to move due to being a little too long(31´} Thanks to Google we found the pilot truck stop! Has gas! Gas cans!!! A dunkin, and all kinds of gear for the road! Professional and polite! Thanks.

Review №31

To small. Parking is not possible unless there is no trucks there so you canback into stop.. there app says they have 95 spots but they only have 60 and 15 of them are pay to park!! Some of the people inside are real nice, the manager she is robot just says what corporate wants her to say. She not willing to help with any problem that arises unless it envoles losing her job

Review №32

Tight parking lot, only 3 showers and long waiting 😞

Review №33

Half the lot is reserve now. A good way to pull more money out the the drivers pocket.Ridiculous. Take the drivers away, all you got is coffee drivethru.

Review №34

Small...always congested. ..bathrooms arent the cleanest. ...Subway is . Subway. Duncan donuts is okay... overall cleanliness is terrible....

Review №35

Its a good pilot but i told them about expired milk that is 4 days old.but its pretty clean good service no laundry😢

Review №36

Great pilot only problem is the parking Structure full of potholes needs to be repaved Other than that Subway & Dunkin Donuts are your choices. Hot showers a wait drive safe drivers!

Review №37

Nice little truck stop great people here but parking when your close to the industrial park it really needs to get bigger and have better wifi over all its a great place just the parking needs to get bigger

Review №38

Even though the staff were very nice and welcoming, the place needs to be kept clean. Its a little run down but that should not be an excuse to have dirty bathrooms

Review №39

Favorite gas station to stop into whenever I go back home. Mid point between here and there. Staff is wonderful! Its always clean, from restrooms to front area. Never out of stock and FANTASTIC gas prices.Built to cater to truckers, but every customer is treated like their #1

Review №40

Good staff. Welcoming and polite. Clean store. Well stoked. Truck parking is nightmare. Very very very tight. Whoever made it , please do this world a favor find another job. You are horrible in parking design.

Review №41

Probably the worst truck stop Ive seen. Parking and layout are horrible. 3 showers = 3 hr wait. Constant traffic jam due to location. Just bad all around for drivers

Review №42

Nice place, clean but small. Not a huge amount of truck parking, so if you want a spot its best to reserve one ahead of time through the pilot app. Also getting a shower might take a little while due to high volume traffic. Other than that its definitely staffed by nice people and has a pretty good selection of stuff for a driver.

Review №43

Small tight parking lot for tractor trailer parking. Fuel lanes were very busy when I was there but it was the day after a holiday. Id avoid this place if you can.

Review №44

Grateful for the 24 hrs to stop here. Gas, bathroom, coffee in one stop while on the road is essential. Paying too much for that convenience is not. Sometimes you have no choice when its cold. 😂

Review №45

No laundry? Seriously?Awful!

Review №46

I go there for a convenient place to park. Ive been able to find a spot each time Ive been there. The place does fill up but there is a service Plaza on both sides of the turnpike at the same location.

Review №47

Love Pilot and Flying J stores. Theyre almost always clean inside and out. Their point system is way better than Petro/TA. Points work straight from the point card like a credit card. Can use your points at the fast food restaurant located in the store 99% of the time. The app. They have also has great weekly offers for drivers so download and check it out.

Review №48

Decent employees but outrageous theres only 3 showers for such a busy location you can easily sit 2hrs waiting and ive even waited 3 hrs once thier shower problem needs to be severely addressed id rather pay and go to loves in Canaan if its in my route they have plenty of showers and rarely do I wait longer then a hour during daytime hours

Review №49

Nice little Pilot, on the inside. Clean store and personable help. Both DD and Subway up to par. Outside is a garbage dump. Garbage all over the truck parking lot. Definite eyesore.

Review №50

Always clean, fast and polite service. Lots to choose from for snacks and drinks. Large selection. of odds and ends items that a driver may need. The attached Dunkin Donuts is an pretty cool bonus too!

Review №51

Has a DD and plenty of parking

Review №52

Fuel is sometimes marginally more expensive than surrounding gas stations but thats to be expected with the convenience of staying close to the highway. I was working a project near this pilot a few years back and we ate there often, and the staff was always really good with us and the facility was always clean. I often check in for CB radio odds and ends, and in a world that no longer needs a CB, they still have the parts Im looking for.

Review №53

The primary use is to put gas in your truck or car, they are well suited for both passenger vehicles and large trucks. The food seems limited to Subway and Donuts. The location is outstanding, there is lots of parking including a space if you are traveling and want to stop and take a nap for a few hours. It is absolutely at the intersection of New York State 7, New York International between Albany and buffalo and near the cells from Albany to New York City. Also the I-88 route goes south and west 2 Cooperstown and then all the way down to Pennsylvania.Going toward Schenectady from the pilot brings too good restaurants and 2 convenient places for quick food. They are within a mile and a half and can readily be found and returned back to the International highways. Further on Route 7 in that direction will bring to another eight or nine acceptable places for restaurants,

Review №54

So its a truck stop first and foremost, but this has to be one of the nicest truck stops Ive seen. Everything is really clean, well stocked and the prices were reasonable. We were in the middle of a rather long drive and this was a great stop off for a break and some coffee.

Review №55

That one was good. But very, very tight. Even reaching fuel station required sophisticated manuvers between parkedtrucks.No wonder, with TA and Loves so far from Albany area, this Pilot is doomed to be popular.

Review №56

Clean bathrooms, clean store overall. Nice staff! Variety of snacks if you want a quick munchie. They have a Dunkin Donut, the subway inside is getting remodeled so thats closed at the moment. The parking was a little snug so get there at a decent time and you should have no issues.

Review №57

Only three showers, and the shower I was in had ants crawling on the floor. The bathrooms seemed as clean as could be expected for a truck stop. And truck parking was really tight! If I hadnt got there early enough for a double spot to back into the one I got, I wouldnt have even parked. But overall not too shabby for just another Pilot truck stop. Luckily I didnt need much more than a shower and place to park.

Review №58

Waited over an hour for a shower, this truck stop is tiny and doesn’t offer much.

Review №59

Dangerous tractor trailers on both sides of Route 7- in a NO PARKING ZONE. Accidents going to happen! State Police and Schenectady County Sheriff DO NOT ENFORCE! Don’t stop here- it is Dangerous!

Review №60

This pilot is a decent size with a nice amount of parking. The problem with this pilot is it can be pretty tight to park in a spot when there are a nice amount of drivers already parked. If you want to get fuel it can take a long time as well. And a lot of drivers are ignorant by parking in a space thats not a parking space that usually makes it hard to turn to get fuel.

Review №61

This place is a real nightmare. The worst Pilot I have ever been too. Not worth wasting my time or money here.

Review №62

Parking lot is a complete dumpster fire. The last thing a driver should have to do after a 12-14 hour day is blindside into a spot while trying to dodge the other drivers who are packed into the fuel line and decide to park in the swing-arc of your trailer. Its not that it cant be done, its that with all the available space in Upstate NY, there is simply no reason why they cannot expand the parking lot.

Review №63

Slow checkout . Shower personnel was slow and ran out of some towels. Not sure shower completely sanitized. Small amount of showers. No washer dryer and small truck parking area.. lot has construction as of 9/8 .

Review №64

Showers were not available as they were short on staff and machines were broken. Parking is very tight. Definitely reserve a spot if you can.

Review №65

Great place that I stop at often when traveling to the Albany area. Ladies room could have used a little attention though. I did tell the cashier, but its unknown if it was taken care of.

Review №66

Piss Poor lay out for a truck stop. Especially one that has been around as long as this chain has. Once inside employees were great, and very helpful. Nice atmosphere. Then back outside.... my suggestion lose some of that beautiful grass area next to the scale and last diesel pump to have a scale only parking and an exit. Trucks just stopped at end of scale and none can leave if the pumps are full.

Review №67

This has station was wonderful both inside and out. It was very easy to fill up .y car, the price was quite reasonable and the bathroom and store were very clean and organized.

Review №68

Convenient location for travelers needing fuel, food, snacks, coffee, and clean rest rooms. Friendly staff. Great gas prices too!

Review №69

Not to happy about this pilot, Avoid if you can!! I reserved a spot because I heard how bad parking was here. They werent kidding. This is the tightest truck stop Ive been to yet. Not a rookie. Been driving for 7 years but damn come on pilot. $15 for reserved parking at least make it worth the money. Still not the highlight of this pilot. The store staff need to be retrained. Subway staff are in the back laughing and giggling. When you ring the bell to get service they act like you interrupted them. Excuse me youre at work. Went to the store side to buy some drinks and walked up to the counter Im the only one, 3 employees behind the counter and again its like Im bothering them. I will only come back here if this is the last truck stop within 500 miles of Schenectady!! Managers take a look at all the reviews on trucker path and here on Google and maybe try talking to your staff. Communication is key

Review №70

Quick and easy fill up at the pumps.Cheapest gas prices around for miles.At times it can get quite congested to get gas, but luckily there was no waitThe store offers a lot of convince items, from sodas, waters, chips and snacks. They also have a section with parts for cars, trucks, and big rigs. Bulbs, antennas, oils, exc...Theyre restrooms also have showers available for truckers.Conveniently they have a Dunkin donuts attached, with its own drive through.Lots of options. Overall a good experience

Review №71

I always stop here when I’m traveling in this direction. They have great gas prices - some of the lowest in the region. They also have a huge selection of snacks and beverages in the store. It also is connected to a Subway Sandwich shop and a Dunkin Donuts. They have really clean bathrooms too! Safe travels!

Review №72

Met our needs at the exact time we needed it. Bathrooms were clean, coffee was good and available all night.

Review №73

Pilot never has enough truck parking ANYWHERE! Always small parking lots and they call themselves a truck stock. Its a guarantee that you will find 3 of the 4 fuel islands with trucks parked in them not getting fuel. Thats because they dont enforce the move forward after fueling. Only reason it has any stars is because the service people are really nice.

Review №74

If you need something last minute like bread, eggs, or alcohol go find Stewart’s.

Review №75

No food here!!! No hot case, no roller grill, subway is under construction and nobody delivers here. Parking lot is small and icy. Bring food if you plan on staying here over night!!!

Review №76

They dont make a sandwich like that in the South! Bravo! Very fresh food at this Subway, and the girls were nice. Great place to stop, and settle down, but truck parking is limited. Marked as a favorite stop.

Review №77

Great service. The in and out entrances should be better marked. Congestion at the pumps.

Review №78

Its a gas stop, very convenient location for those getting off of 88 and heading East or off the thruway and heading East on 88. There is a DD for coffee and Doughnuts, and showers if you need. Very clean.

Review №79

Great place to get gas very clean and the employee were very nice good place to take a break

Review №80

Great pit stop. Good coffee. And cheap gas. Right off 90

Review №81

Pretty small inside, but has a lot of room for trucks. Even so, they appeared almost full just because they one of the only travel stops for a while. There is a Dunkin donuts as well.

Review №82

Very good Pilot. Everything you could want in a gas stop. Has a Subway and large Pilot store.

Review №83

Coffee machines need cleaned....months ago.

Review №84

Average clean. Did not shower in the new showers yet. Sadly got in to late and passed out. My only suggestion at night would be for the fuel island to lower the loop music or turn off completely at night and leave silent unless a newbie blocks the fuel island. Then I can see night time parking improvement with Less sound. Lets face our trucks are loud enough all day. So if I leave windows open to sleep like last night sadly the fuel island music was blasting. This is not the first piolt I have suggested this to. It made a big difference the next time I stopped at the other location to sleep. So now when I go up 84 if Im not mistaking to Mass/CT boarder theyve lowered it So much they are my new favorite this month. So thats all sorry no more info woke up and out I left.

Review №85

As you go in to get on the scale. Does a big patch of ice that is about 3 ft wide and almost 8 inch deep. It was filled up with water so I was unable to tell that it was an actual hole. My staring went into the hole and turn the whole inside of my truck upside down.

Review №86

Pleasant to go to+the bathroom was clean.Ive been to a couple on a long trip.they were all clean.thats important to me too.

Review №87

Wish it had a real restaurant in there. Parking was the same as every where. Drivers parking wherever they want. With ELD now parking is going to get worse. Unless you pay the price for parking. Dont you think these trucks tops get enough of our money? Doesnt anyone care about the real truckers?

Review №88

Good place to stop. They have good coffee.

Review №89

Great staff, products offered for sale and lowest gas prices around Schenectady area!

Review №90

Parking in here is extremely tight I woke up this morning and found my mirror facing my door meaning someone hit it while backing into a space next to me, not that I blame them considering its almost impossible not to do here, I would recommend not planning to shut down here after 03:30pm...they have three showers, a Subway and a dunken donuts, people who work here are good and polite..Its one of the smaller pilots that tend to get too overcrowded due to lack of parking in the area in general..there is a a little bit of area to walk your dog but you have to go up front by the gasoline pumps...makes me consider owning truck stops instead of being a truck driver.

Review №91

Clean but truck parking spots are very tight. Need to do something with it. Spent 20 minutes to park my truck safely.

Review №92

Store itself is well stocked. Theres only 3 showers, but staff was right on top of keeping it clean. Truck parking??? This might be one of the tightest, smallest, fullest pilots anywhere. If you need parking, cone early, or bring your A game...your gonna need it.

Review №93

Very friendly staff very respectful and always clean facilities.

Review №94

It not a bad Pilot. It is small, parking is limited. There are only 3 showers but they are clean and the water was hot. Subway and Dunkin Donuts are OK for fast food. It a pretty good LITTLE spot. Some people expect room service at a truck stop!

Review №95

This is a well situated location being right off the junction of interstate 88 and 90. The shop includes all the necessary things including coffee and cold drinks. The location includes a Subway and a Dunkin Donuts and a small sitting area. There are multiple gas station pumps so thst you can get in and out quickly. The location is clean and service is fairly quick.

Review №96

The following review is not about the store but about the supposed Manager at Subway.She was very rude, unprofessional and I think she doesnt seem to understand that without customer she becomes unemployed. One of the worst horrible experiences. I spent a lot of money at subways all over the Northeast region of the country. I dont need to be treated like if I was asking for a favor when Im buying and paying for my sandwich. 👿

Review №97

They need to cut the amount of parking in half. There are only 3 showers and the parking is way too tight. If pilot wasnt so greedy it would be a nice spot for 50 trucks.Waited 2 Hours for a shower and thats not an exaggeration.

Review №98

Best fuel prices around. Great variety of snacks and beverages. Dunkin on premesis too. Clean store and nice, helpful employees

Review №99

Could of been better, Tired people leaving their vehicle on the fuel island. The employees are nicer than the people waiting in line for fuel. (DRIVERS)

Review №100

Everything was fine, we did get an alert for $155 against the card for gas but it came off after the final purchase. Gave us a scare at first but all was fine in the end.