Big 5 Sporting Goods - Rexburg
650 N 2nd E, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States
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The store advertises that they close at 8pm. Me and two other customers were waiting outside at 7:55. The employee inside locked the doors early and hid in the back of the store as we knocked to grab his attention. I then called and the employee said they locked the door at 7:57. I then told him we were there before that and that they were locked. He had no response and then hung up the phone.. This is a negative reflection of service and quality. Not happy Big 5. You just lost a customer.

Review №2

Big 5 has lots of cool sporting stuff! I went there for some sturdy sandals and got just what I needed, but I also saw some fishing gear, lots of sport and exercise clothing and gear, and basically lots of fitness related things. Big 5 is a little more pricey than some places around town, but they have high quality name brand stuff.

Review №3

This store is located in an awkward part of Rexburg on the way to the Walmart. Unless you are looking for it, you wont see it. The staff are always very friendly and helpful. They greet you as soon as you walk through the door. The store isnt small but the options feel limited.The store seems really outdated and a lot of the products feel like they have been sitting there for a long time. They advertise sales frequently but I find it hard to find anything that cost the price of a sale. They have lots of different sections: knives, boxing gear, shoes, outdoor gear, camping stuff, and lots of baseball supplies.

Review №4

Every employee in there is helpful. They even know what theyre talking about, which is crazy rare in retail. Some manager is hiring well. And they had a big selection shoes.

Review №5

Helpful staff even though they mis label prices

Review №6

Ive been in Rexburg for 3 years it was my first time there they got good prices on mens shoes Ill definitely recommend this place!

Review №7

I’ve never been to big five sporting good store. Experiences all right it’s not like going in to a well organized and clean looking Dick’s Sporting Goods but they do have fair market prices even compare to Amazon. It is a little underwhelming in terms of quantity of items for sale in their store but both times I’ve gone to the store they have had the perfect ankle brace and the perfect shoe that I needed.

Review №8

A sports store 🤷🏼‍♂️ not big on sports lol trying to get my kids interested

Review №9

I give Big 5 in Rexburg, ID. NO STARS, the customer service is a absolute joke. No help whatsoever, in any department. I went to buy a gun, on two separate occasions, and both times they told me the computer was down. My wife could never get service back in the shoes either. What a huge disappointment. I will never shop at the Big 5 chain of stores again

Review №10

Clean store, friendly staff , good prices on items. Bought a stationary bike there bc Idaho Falls did not have one in stick. Nice drive over there.

Review №11

The store is clean has a lot of different items like for camping, fishing, everything for all sports.

Review №12

Nice to see a store that has everyone safety as a priority. Great job!

Review №13

We were looking for a kids punching bag and glove combo and searched all over our local store was out of them but we found one in the Rexburg Idaho store so we called and put it on hold and drove up the next day to pick it up and was surprised when (I think) the manager gave it to us for less money for driving 100 miles to get it. It definitely made my wife and me happy but not as happy as our little grandson. Thank you Big 5 Sports in Rexburg It may have cost more in gas to drive but to fill like a valued customer is worth it

Review №14

The customer service is excellent.

Review №15

Went to find some cleats for my wife and was greeted by phenomenal employees. Specially the one named Stewart. He was an exceptional help. Although he was little and I could not help making the connection of Stewart little in my head but he was a great guy. Also help me find the exact cleats I was wanting for my wife. Give that man a raise!

Review №16

I have gotten my favorite shoes, socks, and swimsuits here. They have a good selection of shoes. I always get the hiking shoes because theyre so sturdy and last forever. They always have a sale going and have great coupons too. They sell a variety of swim tops and bottoms. My family got two kayaks here last year and they work great. The employees are always so nice and willing to help. I love coming here.

Review №17

Great shoe selection.

Review №18

This place is a great sporting goods store with constant deals to save money.I freaking love this place. I go here multiple times a week and Im pretty sure the staff think, oh its this guy when I come, but are always friendly anyways. They always have killer deals and even have more deals that they give you when you join there e-team. Ive saved hundreds of dollars in deals here.If you are someone whos into the outdoors, sports, working out, or if youre one of those people that just wants to look like you like outdoors, sports or working out, then this is the place to go.

Review №19

The service is great the people are friendly and informative and they treated me awesome was a wonderful experience

Review №20

Great place! Great staff!

Review №21

Staff was very rude and wouldn’t let me in without a mask even though my doctor instructed me not to wear one. 10/10 very unsatisfactory service:(

Review №22

Overpriced walmart stuff

Review №23

Excellent service, awesome people! Really good prices and products. They would respond any questions you have of any product. Excellent service even when returning something.

Review №24

I had no clue Rexburg had a Big 5 until recently. I needed a pair of swimming goggles in the winter, I know right, and they were able to provide. Great customer service and a reasonable selection of outdoor goods makes this a great place to shop.

Review №25

Big 5 is the only place I will buy my kids shoes. They have a great selection and always have amazing sales. Its also easy to return something if the kids dont end up liking what you picked out.

Review №26

Love Big 5 and the dudes that work here are extra chill... Picked up the last zero gravity camp chair they had in stock.... Thanks universe 🤙

Review №27

Pushy staff and make you wear a mask

Review №28

Good place if you are in a pinch for athletic clothing or equipment but I wouldnt want to come back. Its cluttered with all sorts of items that just take up space and make the experience stressful. The quality is poor and prices arent that competitive either.

Review №29

Great spring good store with awesome deals! Probably would feel differently if I were a hard core athlete but for my purposes in just needing an inexpensive pair of shoes, I had great success!!!!

Review №30

When Big 5 has a sale you can get some good deals. Otherwise I find them to be a little pricey. They do have good customer service and usually ever thing is clearly priced so I do like that.

Review №31

These guys do a good job with their store. They have always been friendly and able to answer any questions I have for them. Pricing is interesting, sometimes is feels unreasonably high....but other times its unbeatably low. Definitely worth a look if you have something specific you need for the outdoors or sports. Ive gotten several pocket knives from them that have held up well.

Review №32

You can get some really good prices on shoes especially if you have a coupon to put with your clearance item.

Review №33

Helpful sales people. Good quality gear. Reasonable prices. Sign up for their e-mail service and Big 5 will send you coupons.

Review №34

Great deal on hiking boots. Staff was helpful and friendly. Didnt look at other areas of the store.

Review №35

Cool stuff and friendly staff!

Review №36

I like what is offered in their ads, but thre local store often runs out of on sale items too quickly .

Review №37

They gave my 80 year old dad a N95 mask because we could not find one. I will buy all my sporting goods here from now on.

Review №38

Always get my shoes here. Amazing quality. Great prices.

Review №39

They had the hiking shoes I needed and they gave me the sale price that ended three days ago. That made my day big time. Always friendly and helpful.

Review №40

Rexburg location has best selection of shoes out of other locations weve visited. Helpful staff, great prices, and always great clearance sales

Review №41

Not very friendly at all!

Review №42

Good service. Disappointed though. I was unable to use my coupon. Should have checked the fine print.

Review №43

I absolutely love this place! Always come put happy

Review №44

Most of the time its my go-to for cheaper sporting goods, but today they wouldnt honor a sale on an item. It rang up at the register for more than it was posted on the sign, and the girl at the register was being helpful but then another guy came and starting saying there wasnt a sale on that item. He walked away when I offered to show him the sign in the rack... It was only $5 difference so I just paid and left.

Review №45

I love having a good sporting goods store right in Rexburg. The selection is good and the staff is very helpful.

Review №46

I went in to get boots and a sleeping bag for an upcoming backpacking trip with a 10$off coupon I got in the mail. I found 80$boots and an 80$ 0° 3lb sleeping bad BOTH DISCPUNTED TO $29.99!! They even still applied my $10 off coupon! Thats $160 bucks reduced to $50. I feel like I cheated Haha. Great deals and funny staff. This place is awesome.

Review №47

Usually an decent selection of sporting goods, but because its a smaller store items typically are not on sale. They also have quite a lot of inventory packed into this building!

Review №48

Nice little sports store near campus with some good deals here occasionally

Review №49

Should be called Big 5 Sporting Goods - Lite. A lot of things are not kept in stock. Not sure if orders can be placed.

Review №50

I wasnt quite sure of what I needed, but I was approached by two associates who offered their help and was able to find what I needed.

Review №51

This place is awesome! Great for people like me who are very sporty and need new stuff once in a while

Review №52

You may find here everything from sporting to hunting goods. I bought a pair of sneakers, which had 50% off, however, prices on most articles are not as sky high as you might think. Personnel is very kind and are always at your feet.

Review №53

Out of the way but once you get there best place to buy Sporting goods in Rexburg.

Review №54

Fabulous customer service. Great sales too. Sign up for their emails to get coupons.

Review №55

Very clean and organized. Shoe brand variety was insufficient

Review №56

Very happy got compressing pants for grandsons, they loved them

Review №57

Fine in a pinch. Friendly customer service. Limited selection and not great prices.

Review №58

Customer service is always great for me here

Review №59

I have shopped in this store a lot over the years. Theyve always been friendly & helpful & I can usually find what I need. If you can find it on sale it always seems to be a pretty good deal. Never had any buyers regret.Its tennis season, so I went there looking for tennis shoes for my son. I considered buying some cheap Filas or some more expensive Adidas that my son really liked more. I asked the salesperson, TIM, if he could get me a pair of each. He came back with four boxes. He brought out three different colors in the Adidas even though we didnt ask him to. Glad he did because one of the other colors was the one my son fell in love with. That guy then spent the time explaining to us how the Adidas outperforms the Fila. He told us he has Fila often returned within two weeks of being purchased because it falls apart so fast. The sale was made.But then he took the time to ask me if I needed anything. I told him Id be in the market for running shoes in their future, but wasnt interested in purchasing tonight. He still took the time to explain some of the new shoes out and even had me try on a pair at his own discretion. I didnt buy anything from him but he didnt act put out at all. In the end he even gave us 15% off my sons shoes. It wasnt until then that I realized that he wasnt just an employee but was the manager. He never mentioned it once during our conversation.It was most outstanding service Ive received at the store in all the years Ive been shopping there. Thanks Tim.

Review №60

Very helpful staff. Things are easy to find.

Review №61

Helpful staff that helped us pick out wood bats for our kids.

Review №62

Great sales, good service, small selection, but could find most of what we wanted.

Review №63

Great selection, friendly staff, odd location (but thats ok), but the prices are HIGH. Dont buy anything thats not on sale, and even then, be wary.

Review №64

Considering where it is, they dont carry any snowboard boots. They do have snowboard pants though.

Review №65

Good stuff and all but prices are very high

Review №66

Good prices and items on hand.

Review №67

Excellent prices, service and Good Quality Products!

Review №68

Great customer service!!🙂

Review №69

THE epitome of science, athletics, philosophy, and all other Greek concentrations

Review №70

Good products. You can find lots of camping, hunting, sports apearal and outdoor products.

Review №71

The employees were attentive in answering questions. Some price were not marked making it difficult to make selections.

Review №72

Very helpful and friendly staff, great prices and variety!

Review №73

They always have what I need and the staff is always helpful.

Review №74

Great selection of sporting goods! A little on the expensive side.

Review №75

The young man who helped me really knew fishing and was very very helpful in every aspect. Thank you

Review №76

Good deals on shoes or athletic equipment when they are on sale.

Review №77

Found what I needed quick and easy

Review №78

Great for just needing equipment and great staff

Review №79

Great manager was super great.

Review №80

Nice store, with a good selection of all sorts of sporting and outdoor equipment.

Review №81

Pretty decent prices. They have most everything youre looking for.

Review №82

The discounts are far and few between. Better to shop online.

Review №83

You can find everything you need for outdoor sports here

Review №84

Almost everything you would need for outdoors and sports. Just alittle pricey.

Review №85

Great equipment at a good price

Review №86

The place to be for long lasting Nike shoes. You never get a bad pair of Nike shoes with Big 5.

Review №87

Not a bad store if you are looking for cleats.

Review №88

Its a great variety for sports,hunting,fishing and fun

Review №89

Nice selection of sporting goods, but pricey

Review №90

Smaller than most but not bad

Review №91

Phenomenal Customer service every time we go!

Review №92

They have quality items here and s friendly staff. Merchandise here can be pricy but the sales are good.

Review №93

Big 5 Is A Great Store To Shop In

Review №94

Sporting goods. It has what you need for the most part. But its a bit small.

Review №95

Great shoes and support and supplies

Review №96

Im glad we have a sporting goods store in Rexburg but sometimes the prices are higher than what I expect.

Review №97

Nice store, great options and prices for gear.

Review №98

Friendly service

Review №99

Not the biggest store, but has a good selection of shoes and sports gear. Shop the weekly sales and you can get about anything you want!

Review №100

Great selection of merchandise and moderate prices.

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  • Address:650 N 2nd E, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 208-656-8813
  • Camping store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Clothing store
  • Outdoor sports store
  • Running store
  • Shoe store
  • Sportswear store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7:30PM
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  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7:30PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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