Pep Boys Auto Service & Tire
5630 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, MI 49002, United States
Review №1

When I say this I mean A-M-A-Z-I-N-G customer service!!!! This isn’t the first time I’ve stopped in for tire replacement or repair, they are so great. I went in today and they were super friendly and professional. Not to mention, I was running late for my appointment and they were still so incredibly nice. They patched up my tire, and I was in and out of there in no time. I 110% will be using them always for my tire and overall car needs!

Review №2

Awesome service! Friendly and amazing staff! Thank you all for everything you do!!!

Review №3

Ryan and all the crew (Mo, Larry, Matt, Jim, Johnny, and Eli) are all awesome. I can rely on these gentlemen to take care of me by keeping my car safe on the road. Their work is spot-on, timely and efficient. Thank you so very much!

Review №4

Great. Got two cars tuned up one day with only one day notice. They did a great job and everyone was very kind as well.

Review №5

I was recommended to see Pep Boys for an issue I was having. It was solved in a timely manner.

Review №6

I was shown personable and fast service by Andrew, the shop had exactly the part I needed.

Review №7

Took care of us right away and awesome customer service 👌

Review №8

Was traveling through Michigan when my convertible broke down everyone from the tow truck driver from McDonalds towing to the Woman answering the phones working the front desk at Pep Boys made me feel welcomed and they really take out the time to be kind to their customers and were very professional in the time frame of getting my vehicle repaired Im not from these parts but their warm welcoming and professionalism was very well appreciated in light of my vehicle breaking down excellent staff there and a great group of individuals.

Review №9

Andrew and Eli took care of a nail in my tire very quickly.

Review №10

The lady at the front was nice but they wanted 990$ for a new brake line and someone else did it for 240 🥴🥴 scammerssss

Review №11

RYAN, Andrew and Jim Great people and service. It is a pleasure to find a good Auto service center. (smile)

Review №12

Love Ryan Lee and team. Great job, made it to Chicago without a problem!THANK YOU!

Review №13

Could make change for a hundred and was to busy talking to go get the manager. Last time Im nothing with this place. They used to good. Used to be.

Review №14

They helped us with a sudden dragging heat shield at a moment’s notice on the afternoon of the Fourth of July. We had no appointment, but that didn’t matter and they got us right in and back out on the road again. Cannot recommend the team here highly enough!

Review №15

This store use to be amazing to go to. Huge selection on everything and a great open lay out with isles and signs to identify where product was located. Now its about 20 square feet of bullcrap. Everything is mixed in with products that have no business together. The old customer service was great. It didnt matter if the employees were with another customer or coming from the back room they always greeted every customer with a excited HELLO WELCOME TO YOUR PEP BOYS Noone greets you now!😒 theres more back stock room then store front 👎 awful . If I could give no stars I would!

Review №16

Final leg of cross continent trip from Alaska. As soon as I get into Michigan I catch a flat on 94E about 200 miles from home. I limped 60 miles on a donut and made it to this Pep Boys who were the only tire shop open for miles. Less than 30 minutes I was back on the road cruising home. When I absolutely needed a hand these guys took care of me.

Review №17

Was open and helped us fix our issue to make a safe rest of our journey home

Review №18

Very caring and Professional Staff. Was originally quoted $510 tax already included for a set of 4 tires for my car and ended up paying $473 instead. Told them the situation that my car apparently couldnt be lifted up on a hoist and they said NO PROBLEM thats what Floor Jacks are for. 100% recommend these guys in the future.

Review №19

I would not go to this place if it was my last option. Customer service is horrible. Paid over $600 dollars to get my car fixed and I am still having issues. I am huge on customer service and I am huge on being respectful to people that have hard jobs like this, but this place is out of pocket. They talk down to you and have no sense of urgency and lie. Make sure you check their work before you leave but I am sure it’s half done. Dylan needs to find a different place of work, cause this is not for him.

Review №20

Saved me on my drive home to Canada.Was having the worst day, thank you so much!!

Review №21

My vehicle was returned to me with my radiator overflow hose disconnected, also a vacuumed line was disconnected. Found they had broken the wire to my O2 sensor which now gives me an engine light on the highway. One of the new trans lines they hacked into place leaked slightly.Spoke to the Manager who apologized and asked me to bring it back in, I think not. My opinion, this service outlet is not operating with any quality in their service. Think they should hire a couple of real professionals for the rates asked of us.

Review №22

No ones ever happy when their car goes down, everyone knows that. I wasnt the nicest but Ryan was understanding and very helpful, even after my upsetness. A VERY rude customer came in screaming during my appointment and both Ryan and his coworker (unsure his name) were cool, collected AND still tried to help the screaming customer to no avail. I will definitely bring my business back to pep boys, they did a great job and I can tell they do their best (even when the customers arent the best)

Review №23

Place is terrible. Literally just wanted them to change my tires. Instead, they took it upon themselves to open my hood for no reason and flood my system with coolant causing a giant leak the next morning and I had to take the day off and pay another mechanic to fix it. UPDATE: ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS AND NOT A SINGLE SOUL HAS CONTACTED ME EXCEPT IVE GOTTEN 3 EMAILS FROM CORPORATE SAYING SOMEONE WILL REACH OUT AND NO ONE HAS. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL ROB YOU.

Review №24

The double standards on masks that I witnessed there was completely unbelievable. The service was fine but not the problem I did not disclose this but perhaps I should have that i am autistic and wearing that mask is sensory overload to me, on top of that I am diabetic and already have breathing issues and its very difficult for me to wear it. I go into their competition Monroe on the same street never do they hassle me about it. Only reason I didnt go this time is their tire machine was down and my car was not safe to drive so it had to be done.I have been into the shop earlier this year never hassled about it. But now all of a sudden you decided to make it an issue. The manager (I presume that was his position) Ryan asked me about putting my mask on I told him I was unable to wear one he said he couldnt serve me. Meanwhile I pointed other people in the shop one of them standing in the doorway to the service department with his mask on his chin, there were builders there remodeling and not one of them had a mask on and yes in the service department nobody had a mask on.His excuse was that they arent around customers they dont need it. So by his logic covid only spreads when youre around customers and you make your paying patrons wear it but dont even hold yourself to those standards? You either wear it or you dont Ive been to the store multiple times during covid and never been hassled about it until now. Add to that I had to wait outside in 30 degree weather because I couldnt wear a mask.This to me is disgusting how you can do this I did calm down about it but I was not happy at all, and I will not be returning to any pep boys locations for anything. If he was my employee or manager hed be fired from my shop. If youre not going to enforce the mask for certain people then rip the signs off your door and let people choose if they want to wear a mask or not. You cant have your cake and eat it too, rules for thee and not for me wow...

Review №25

Amber and Larry make this place worth visiting.

Review №26

Great place to do business. Very helpful and friendly. All of your automobile needs.

Review №27

Sam did a great job! Loved working with her!

Review №28

My truck was over heating. I was too stressed to notice till it was too late but they gave me the most expensive coolant they had! And because they are connected to a pep boys they couldnt check anything for me. I was directed to pep boys to PAY for an inspection. If it wasnt for it being an emergency I wouldnt have gone there.

Review №29

I scheduled an appointment online for an oil change which was fast and convenient. Dylan helped me out and was wonderful! They were very busy when I came in, so the service took a while and Dylan was understanding and gave me a discount! Thank you for consistent quality service. I will keep coming back to service my vehicle at Pep Boys!

Review №30

I love them couldnt get my driver window up so they helped me get it up thank god

Review №31

I stopped in to just have them come out to read why my check engine light was on. Ask if they could send someone out because I had my son with me. I was told by Dillan, I believe his name was that they’d be out in a couple minutes to check it. I’ve been waiting over a half hour outside. Called the store again, and there was a girl that answered and said I needed to call back and ask for tires or auto. As if she couldn’t walk over there and ask them. Meanwhile, my sons crying so I just left. Won’t be back or spend my money here again.

Review №32

If I could give them less I would!! They are not customer oriented especially to women. I stopped in when I knew my car was towed and asked if they showed them the trick to shifting my car. The guy at the counter, Ryan, was very rude, stated he was the only one at the counter and then he would go out and let me show him the tricky shifter. He actually made the two finger quotes when talking to me.I only Took my car to PepBoys because they offer a towing service as my car needed to be towed for serpentine belt replacement as my A/C compressor seized up and would need to be replaced at a cost of $1600. owed for serpentine belt. I asked that a bypass be done. To be told they couldnt find the parts because of covid no one was making the parts. There is NO bypass pulley replacement for my make and model of car. All you needed to do was put a smaller sized belt on it to bypass the A/C. Called and talked to Ryan who stated that he needed to talk to the technician who would be in at 11. Called at 11:30 am as I thought a 30 minute wait was acceptable. Was on hold greater than 20 minutes only to be told that he meaning ryan hadnt had a chance to talk with the technician and that he was the only one at the counter and that he had a lobby full of people waiting. I told him I need to know ASAP so I could know if I needed to take my car elsewhere. There was a brief hesitation to which he stated I will call you as soon as I am available . Frankly I do not care about the lobby full of people, I feel like I was being blown off hoping that I would just say fix it and be done. Nope I don;t play that way. They are not honest people, they take advantage of people especially women. This place needs to be shut down. I will be contacting the BBB as well as corporate office. UPDATE: Had the car towed to a reliable mechanic willing to do the work needed. I talked with my mechanic that said he used to work with PepBoys and they work on commission and will always push for the higher cost of repairs. When i explained to Ryan that the bypass would work after he told me how it wouldnt, I told him that I had researched it and had talked with Chrysler he then very rudely told me to have it towed.UPDATE: Not only did they screw up my shifting, but they also disabled my airbags. Oh and car was fixed by a RELIABLE mechanic who stated that the AC was NOT seized up, but that a bering needed to be replaced. Cost of repairs $306 with AC. PepBoys are nothing but frauds and worthless mechanics.

Review №33

The 1st time my bf n I brought r car there they were very accommodating. The 2nd time they werent at all flexible or helpful in problem solving. I was present the 1st time so I kno the info Im sharing 1st hand. The second I wasnt present so Im going on information given to me by my bf. (Hed have no reason to lie to me tho)

Review №34

Trevor Stratton.Upon dropping off my vehicle, I notice his keenness to all around him.No big salesman smile, But receptive and caring, dropped off my vehicle early, figured maybe 4 pm.Noon. Vehicle is ready.I like loyalty. I was loyal to a discount type tire place, but after that ordeal, and the results today?Everything I need automotive coming your way Sir.Thank you for you Trevor, and the amazing team who did exactly what was needed.Highly recommend.

Review №35

I went to pep boys to get my brakes done. For the the most part the guy I talk to on the phone was friendly and in person and when I ask the young woman a question she was helpful and friendly as well. There was one guy that work there that rub me the wrong way. Did not know what his issue was but I know I did not like talking to him or dealing with him.How ever I was happy with the guy who worked on my car and drove away happy🙏.

Review №36

Like always they do a phenomenal job on getting my car serviced and being upfront and honest about any problems that has come up since my last visit! They always keep my little toyota corolla in tip top shape so I can stay on the road! Thanks again everyone at pepboys for all of your hard work!

Review №37

The manager Ryan is always trying to get over on people who dont have knowledge of vehicles. Lying to people about the problems with the vehicle or telling them that they need parts they actually dont need. Knowingly letting employees sell parts to make comission for service not needed. Never take your vehicle here.

Review №38

The reason Im giving this pep boys on westnedge is many stars as possible I have three vehicles that they service for me and we went round and round on a couple vehicles but in the end they made good on everything that they could and I really appreciate that and the manager Dylan and Trevor are pretty f****** awesome and great to deal with thanks guys

Review №39

Beware of this place. I Came here for an oil change and an employee quoted me a price over the phone. Was charged $30 more than the price I was quoted. Manager said “sorry there’s nothing we can do.” Well how about you guys not give inaccurate prices over the phone. Absolutely sickening.

Review №40

Pep boys is now auto value, they sell open packaging with missing parts

Review №41

This location did an awesome job on my van. Was able to get my van in and out in no time. And I had a lot of work to be done on it. 💯💖😊

Review №42

Joe was very courteous. He offered me tire options and we were able to get 4 new tires installed with the warranty for pricing that fit my budget. Definitely will recommend and bring my other vehicles to PEP Boys.

Review №43

I had a flat tire on a work car that I had to have fixed immediately. They were able to work me into their schedule and I was in and out under an hour. They were professional, friendly, and informative. A positive experience.

Review №44

Sent my daughter here for a tail light repair because I was out of town. Hats off to Trevor for taking care of my daughters car. Exceptional customer service.

Review №45

Cool place. Disorganized chaos. I dont get it.

Review №46

Pep boys always takes care of me. Thanks for the great service!

Review №47

If I could give zero stars I would!! I came in completely distressed because my car was literally shaking on my way there due to my tire pressure being so low after work and the guy with the tattoos and painted nails was soo incredibly rude. Literally shrugged his shoulders telling me there was nothing he could do and he had other customers. I understand not being able to provide certain services but there was zero customer service, compassion, or professionalism as a whole. He told me to either buy a whole new set of tires or tow it home then walked inside. Thanks so much!!

Review №48

The service was good

Review №49

Courteous, Customer Focused, Easy Credit Approval

Review №50

If I had been in Michigan longer I would have bought two tires. A bit overpriced but quality tires. Great service and the young man that helped us seemed very knowledgeable about the product.

Review №51

This is one of twelve places I priced out tires for a boat trailer. First time customer with Pep Boys. I paid and left the tires and rims. They had to order tires for arrival the next day. Late evening I went to the store, 40 miles even though nobody called as I was told they would. Only one tire was delivered. Dealt with a different guy than on the first day when I paid. This guy orders another tire. This guy called me the next day and said the tire was in and he was working on it. I believe his name was Sean. Solid tatood arm. This guy I liked.

Review №52

They where very quick about helping me, they helped by putting air in my tires.

Review №53

I had them do my brakes. Even though they were more expensive they said there was a $40 rebate. This was in September. Now in November I am notified by the company newell they lied to you that rebate isnt for the new brakes you got. I feel taken or bait and switched to get me in. I will never recommend them.

Review №54

Great service. Very helpful.

Review №55

Had exactly what I needed. Thier knowledge had me in and out in 3 minutes

Review №56

Waited fifteen minutes for a tech to even acknowledge that I was waiting for service. They definitely knew I was there, and it wasnt any kind of misunderstanding because I had already asked the cashier inside the store what to do if I wanted service.After 15 minutes without even a hello, I got fed up and went to Goodyear down the street where I was promptly taken care of.

Review №57

So happy they had an opening to get my brakes done they were bad. I was there for a few hrs but they did all 4 corners. I will be taking my truck there from now on.

Review №58

I like the pick my parts on line and they are ready when I get there. The staff is knowledgeable. I find there prices lower than the other parts store. They also have a repair bay. I have not had a problem with any repairs they have made. The communicate very well as the progress is being made.

Review №59

Great place to go to get a quick air fill in your tires. One of the very few places left that is free air and will fill them for you if you need help. Bravo

Review №60

Pep boys is wonderful. I always feel like I am treated fairly. My car began making horrible front end noise. Stopped to look and found large piece of plastic had come loose. The service manager was very gracious and said that was the easiest problem he had dealt with all day. Sent a mechanic to bring it into the shop. It was fixed and keys back in my hands in about ten minutes. No charge. He didnt even ask my name. Thank you thank you

Review №61

Had to get a battery replaced under warranty and Pep Boys made it easy for me. Great service.

Review №62

Even during Covid they were pretty quick with the alignment.

Review №63

They took(read stole) my iPhone cable from the car. No words

Review №64

The rewards program is top notch. Great prices. Big selection of parts and accessories. The people are helpful, knowledgeable and will go out of the way to help.

Review №65

Man woman rude

Review №66

I drove 43 miles if you go to this Pep Boys on Westnedge in Portage Michigan.... Managers name is Trevor they do such honest and efficient and quick business that they do not need to fabricate repairs or mislead a customer nor do they need to overcharge them its just busy as they want and you have to make an appointment because it is that busy.. usually its only a day wait for an appointment specially early in the week Thursday is probably a good day and Wednesday the beginning of the week is a little more exciting and the end of the week is more exciting I cannot emphasize what a great place this is... I almost regret telling all you wonderful people out in the world that because then itll be busier and Ill have to wait longer for my repairs but thats what the real world is isnt it you dont get fed on demand we dont get anything on demand we are adults....thanks for reading

Review №67

Took my brother to get his truck new tires... Web site said they were in stock got there they were not. Ordered the tires they assured us they would be over nighted and the truck would be done next day... Next day came they never called so must have been done... Nope they couldnt get the tire he wanted and they never called to say any of this.

Review №68

Have always had good experience with my shopping trips to pep boys. Only had minor repair done but my daughter has had work there a few times. Today I needed my garden tractor tire taken off the rim. Wasnt expecting a free bee. How ever they did it for free and then he asked about a tube. I told him I had one but needed to take it home to sand it down and clean it up first. He told me he could do that and put the tube in as well. I so appreciate you young man. What a great place to pick up parts and accessories for cars. Kate

Review №69

Happy with service

Review №70

Retail not open. Poor customer service.

Review №71

Serious kudos to the shop staff. Sons new old car went in for headlight restoration. The first attempt really did nothing. With no excuses, no back-pedaling, no hesitation they offered to do it again, with a money back promise if not satisfied even. Turned out perfect. Polite, helpful with all that walked through.

Review №72

Being new to Michigan, when my car was experiencing troubles, I wanted a service name I could trust. I had used Pep Boys several times back in California, and figured that I would give them a try here in Michigan. I have to say that I have never received better service than I have at this location.The employees are extremely friendly, polite and professional. I have always received prompt attention, and have never witnessed any employee sitting around or ignoring customers. They took the time to check my car completely and then spent time explaining to me - in simple terms - what was wrong with it and what repairs would be needed. They worked with me to find me the best possible deal, and when applicable, priced out different brands of products to find something that would fit my budget.The technicians took the time to make sure that the jobs was done safely, and correctly. It was evident that they took pride in their work, and that my satisfaction was a priority. I am aware that I am not always the most easy customer to deal with. I can be demanding and am often in a hurry. However, regardless of the time restrictions or attitude I may have given the employees, they still treated me wonderfully, and always got my car back to me within the time range I had specified.I have taken my car in 3 times in 7 months - all for substantial repairs (intake manifold, spark plugs and coils, check engine lights) - and have consistently had a positive experience, good service, and a fair price. Though no one enjoys car repairs (or paying for them) When I find myself looking for a mechanic, I will be sure to come back here.

Review №73

VERY DISAPPOINTED. ONLY IF I COULD GIVE NO STARS!!went in for an oil change exactly on time for an oil change and they still hadnt started working on my car until an hour later. And this was a rescheduled appointment because before someone booked an appointment for me without knowing that they wont be able to help me out because of Black Friday sale so I had to squeeze in another appointment in my weekly schedule and once again came back without the job done. thank you so much pep boys. NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS STORE AGAIN, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! Now the owner will just copy paste the apology response like there is one on every other bad review.

Review №74

Ive stopped by here twice recently and the service has been nothing short of great. Once, I had a seized caliper bolt and the shop removed the bolt for free. Also stopped in yesterday with an odd request: to get a stuck bolt out of a camera tripod and Trevor did that for free as well! Doubt the local camera shop 🙄 would have even bothered attempting to help me out! Color me impressed!

Review №75

I am a high school student. I needed to change tires very badly but I dont have money to buy new tires and I bought three tires from junkyard went to the Pep Boys. They changed my car tires within 20 minutes. I dont even had an appointment. I asked one of the staff how much it will cost me to put on three tires? And he said $30. Than I asked again Do you guys have student discount? He said no but after putting tires on he came to me and said I got you! Excellent staff and terrific service. Highly truly recommend you Pep Boys! I know you will love their service and staffs.

Review №76

Dan is a great guy to work with. He and his staff are very honest. Their prices are great. They also have terrific hours and are open all weekend. I highly recommend this place!

Review №77

Awesome fast service! Had to be towed in last minute on a Sunday for a flat tire. Was told over the phone a price for a tire. Got to the store and they didnt have that tire but price matched another tire for me. Dylan did everything he could to make the dreaded experience of buying new tires as easy and painless as possible!

Review №78

They are great at diagnosing cars but they will charge you an arm and a leg for repairs if you let them.

Review №79

Brought in my chevy trax for tuneup and oil change, tire rotation.. they did not rotate my tires.. at all.. nor did they give me the old spark plugs.. since they said they rotated the tires but did not.. I numbered them 1-4 in black markers.. no movement, I do that so I know the rotation pattern used. but since not done, all trust is out the window, before I knew that I scheduled an oil change for my Jeep. oil change tire rotation.. tire rotation not done.. either the counter guy lied or the service tech lied.. also paid for full synthentic. since unable to watch.. well all trust is gone, oil change was done.. but no idea if was actually full synthetic.. all trust is gone when they lie on one thing.. why not another..

Review №80

Took my vehicle in early morning yesterday. Called me to tell me the problem and try gouge $300 for a tune-up out of me when I just purchased the car and the dealer had just done a complete tune-up as the problem. When I said no, then it’s an oh by the way there is an issue that is 100% covered by my warranty, but they have to order the part. 2 Days later and no phone call from them with an update when the part will be in, I am still waiting. When I said, I am coming to get the vehicle they say the part is removed and I can’t drive the vehicle. I only went there because they were recommended by my warranty company. If you use, Pep Boys in Portage, make sure you have another vehicle and don’t make plans to go out of town.

Review №81

Was a good experience. When I walked in they were very receptive and helped me find exactly what I was looking for, and with a quickness.😊 I like this kind of service. Made me feel right at home.👍😊✌️

Review №82

Made a appointment came in hour before they had it in and out in no time and paid nothing. To have a nail removed and fixed. Went to discount and the guy left the front desk said I will be back. I waiting 15 min he never came back. I have kids and needed my tire fixed asap. Cant count on them. Thanks Pep Boys

Review №83

I got truly dissatisfied with Portage store today. I had booked a schedule for my vehicle oil change and had the confirmation email with me. When I got there exactly on time, the store guys said they couldn’t proceed my booking and they are too busy! The guy even said that online appointments are not always accurate in their store. If that was the case, they should have told their costumers not to rely on online appointments!! At the end, they didn’t even offered me a late appointment for the same day!They treated irresponsibly, while I had my own plan today and was about to hit the road. I needed the oil change and they messed up my schedule for rest of the day.

Review №84

Got a flat tire on the highway. Called them and they were able to help us right away. We got there and in about an hour they had our tire changed out. Quick and helpful!!!

Review №85

They have the best customer service. They were very knowledgeable, also they helped me from beginning to the end. SincerelyMichelle Kuliczkowski

Review №86

No waiting got right in got right out they always seemed to do good work for me. I dont have any complaints with them, the sales team and the workers are very polite and professional

Review №87

They had what I needed for a decent price. And aside fromnone guy everyone there was pretty much clueless and unhelpful

Review №88

Manager Trevor Stratton Ripped us off 1,100...He is a liar and extremely deceptive! dont do business here as long as hes here!

Review №89

I went to pep boys in portage,mi to get my brakes checked on my wifes 2002 ford escape. I met with Andrew Morey and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I needed my master cylinder replaced. He and his team worked very hard and fast to get the job finished because I didnt have a lot of time. They kept me in the loop as to everything that was happening and were very polite and professional. Their dedication to customer service was very appearant while making sure all my needs were met in a timely and cost effective manner

Review №90

Dealt with local pep boys in Kalamazoo Mi. Westnedge store and had a very good experience. The Service guy Dylan went out his way to help me. I’d recommend anyone to shop or get service here vs. any dealership.On a scale of 1-10, my experience was 15

Review №91

Im so happy I came into pep boys with my brake issue. They took every step to help me take care of this and even took into account I was tight on money. Trevor and Larry really made me feel confident in their work and I will definitely be back in the future.

Review №92

Needed a new battery, and @ that time there was a very good sale on Champion brand batteries. He got me a new battery an had it installed for under 100$ (battery + labor). Not to mention how much they worked with me and my car. GREAT customer service. I will be back.

Review №93

VIEW IMAGE FOR FULL REVIEWPart One of This Review:Today I went in to get my tires put on my vehicle. Upon arriving Trevor and a technician was standing at the customer service desk. Trevor was helping someone ahead of me so I waited behind her. He was very pleasant with this lady and seemed to be in a good mood. When I approached the desk his mood suddenly changed because the expression on his face went from smiling to blank. He asked for the key but I told him I wanted to confirm the order and the price before I handed him the key. Thankfully I did because there were several discrepancies with the order that he had printed and the order that I placed a few weeks ago. I asked Trevor if he could explain the differences in the installation prices that I have in my cart versus the price that is printed in-store. His response “it’s on the sheet”. I can read and I see the prices were different but there isn’t laid out in detail online and the price is cheaper online for the installation which did not make sense to me. He explained but it was clear that I had struck a nerve. I am always going to confirm the price because this is not the first time that there has been a difference in prices or work order with Pep Boys. Additionally, I questioned the statement saying that the alignment was marked as declined. I told Trevor that I never declined the alignment and that I did want an alignment but he said I didn’t need it, so asked him why is that? He said I just probably didn’t need it. I asked, why is it that I have been coming here for years for repairs and maintenance and every time I am told that I need my tires balanced and aligned after repairs and new tires. Now, that I paid for the 3-year alignment about 6 months ago you all tell me I don’t need it because now I am not spending extra money. If I was paying for the alignment each time like I use to they always recommend the alignment but now that I purchased the 3-year alignment for my vehicle you all say that I don’t need it. To me, it sounds like I am just being bamboozled.Weeks ago before and after working with Joe we had to work with Trevor and received the same attitude. A few weeks ago we received an attitude from Trevor, maybe because we were asking too many questions and wanted to see the old and new parts. There should not be an issue with wanting to see the parts that were taken off or the new parts that are being put on before the car is “buttoned up “ as they would call it. That day I thought maybe he was just having a difficult day. This time absolutely not! I did not appreciate this treatment and this was the second time that I received the attitude from Trevor so I decided to make a complaint. I called explained the situation to the representative.I was told the Vince would give me a call to go over what happened. Upon arriving at the store Trevor said he could get us checked out and told us to meet him at the far counter. When I approached the counter Trevor immediately brought up the complaint. He stated that he saw that I made a complaint against him and he already removed it from the system. He also said that he was sent the entire transcript so that he could listen and he felt that I lied on him. We went back and forth for several minutes about what I said to the representative. Everything that I said was the truth, I have no reason to lie on Trevor. He did not want to give me the 15% off until I went back and forth with him initially and tried to show him the price that I was quoted. He said well it’s not a big deal and I can just give you the 15% off then. If it wasn’t a big deal why did we just go back and forth about the discount for about a minute or two?I stood by everything that I stated previously. Toward the confrontation he apologized if it was his attitude that was the issue and stated that his frustration was Trevor stated that he was frustrated with Joe because Joe could have just made a note of that in the system. Trevor might have been frustrated with Joe at that time but I was on the receiving end, not Joe.

Review №94

Wife had a 7pm oil change appointment. We were going out of town the next morning. She arrived at 6:50 and the guy at the counter said the mechanic left for the day. He claimed he tried to call but she never received a phone call. She asked what number he had and it was correct. He would not look at her and never apologized for the inconvenience. She was obviously upset and he just kept shaking his head and would not answer any of her questions. Before she got to the car she received an email that he literally sent as she walked out the door stating “we are sorry you missed your appointment, call back to reschedule”! We will never step foot back into that store. We understand things happen but it should have been handled professionally. No apologies at all.

Review №95

Only purchased car care products. Selection was a bit down.

Review №96

Matt helped me our when I came in with tires needed to be mounted. Polite and courteous he got the job done and gave me the best deal ever. I will be coming back due to exceptional service I received. Had my vdub rolling in no time

Review №97

Made an appointment one week ago to have an O2 sensor replaced and a safety check done. just got a call from them at 3 with them telling me that they are cancelling my 4 appointment because theyre Tech leaves at 5. because of my work schedule the weekends are the only time I have to get work done on my vehicle. apparently 1 hour isnt even enough time to change an O2 sensor Meanwhile my vehicle has been dying on me because of it and now I have to find another place to get it done.

Review №98

Was great. Trevor was great about getting our new rim on the bad tire so we could get our truck back there to get rest of rims. Thanks very much Trevor.

Review №99

Ive been to two other mechanics here in Kalamazoo and portage that had high star ratings and neither of them treated me as well or as with as much respect as the pep boys here in portage did. Being a woman, most mechanics treat me like Im stupid and try to charge for unnecessary work, and Im telling you these guys are the best and I experienced none of that. Incredibly helpful, explaining everything that is being done, frequent updates, solving the problem, taking that extra initiative to assist, ect. All I can say is I will definitely go to these guys from now on. Best experience Ive had.

Review №100

Last week during one of our many blizzards this year, my wipers just stopped working! It was terrifying to not be able to see ontop of the already whiteout conditions. I went to Pep Boys because there were the closest auto place to where I was currently. I told them what happened and within minutes I was on my way out the door with working wipers. It was an easy fix luckily, but not one I could remedy myself. They immediately stopped what they were doing and worked on my car and didn’t charge me a penny! These guys honestly cared about my safety and doing the right thing and nothing else. Wonderful Service!

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