Discount Tire
6230 US-6, Portage, IN 46368, United States

Review №1

These guys are the best! Always stellar, friendly service; quality tires; fast service w/ great prices & warranties. I wont shop for tires anywhere else. Thank you Jeremy for making my day!

Review №2

Great service and best price in town for a new set of rims for our truck! I priced rims in the area and they beat everyone out by quite a bit most of the time. The staff is extremely nice and good at what they do keep up the great work thank you for making my truck look amazing.

Review №3

Called once and ordered center caps for rims and they told me they should get them in a week. Called back 2 weeks later because they never called me and they told me that no one placed the order. So I ordered them again and they told me it would take a week. Once again I waited 2 weeks and after being put on hold forever they told me they couldnt get the center caps. Never called me or told me they werent available. The guy actually sent me a receipt by email saying he ordered them. They were so confused and disorganized both times I called them. Not sure what is wrong with management or the employees but I will never be doing business here ever. Wasted a month waiting for something they said was available but apparently is not.

Review №4

Absolutely THE BEST tire service center. Went in today for 4 new tires for my Lexus Rx 350. After the initial picking out tires, quality of tire, price of tire, etc got everything paid for and waiting out n the vehicle where we were warm comfortable and could smoke our cigarettes. My mother and I. Lol after sitting there for over an hour,we walk in to ask where we r in line for the bays and was told the tires we just paid are not in stock at this or any other store location near by. It was then the gentleman graciously offered me the replacement of filling in with the next tire in stock. Which ended up being the next line up on quality as well, then what I had originally had.I travel cross country many times a year and have always had great service from this company. No matter what location, in whatever state I am in at the time. They always give great care with fast accurate service. It is such a HUGE piece of mind know I am safe

Review №5

I have 6 cars and 2 sets of tires for each. All thanks to DTC! I love these guys. Affordable and friendly. These are the most recent! I would recommend!

Review №6

Walked in right at opening without an appointment. Was able to get 2 new tires installed in less than 30 minutes! Thats efficiency! Thanks guys!

Review №7

It took an hour less to do all four tires on my Smart car than they had told me, my car drives like new thanks Discount Tire

Review №8

Great deal. Worked me in. Been doing business a long time now. I dont see that changing. Honest, fast and fair price. Honor their warranties. Some people may not like how quickly they process the transaction, but they are just busy.

Review №9

This chain of locations will work together on your behalf to deliver exceptional quality and service. Today my wait time was cut in half. I had no appointment but as a walk in I was able to pay for the tires I needed at one location and then drive to the location that was closer to my home. Saving me time and put me into the cue from the moment of payment. Time is precious. Money will always flow into your life at the intervals you have agreed to. Time was saved today and that is a huge deal. 4 hours versus 2. Think about it. Think interms of PTO, or think in terms of the time you have to spend with your loved ones. D T will work to find you a set of just right tires for your ride, and will have them delivered to site of your choice, or as I did, I chose to get them installed closer to home and in half the time. Some things are worth doing right. This company knows that and their value driven ethics are there for you.

Review №10

Super fast, even though the were slammed, very polite and helpful, and much better prices than we were worried about. We were 500 miles away from home when we realized they needed to be replaced, so it was a super nice surprise to find this place.

Review №11

Brought my car in for some new tires which was a speedy process. Even though the front desk guy was very pushy for the tire warranty and trying to upsell me some wheels. Overall a decent experience, but the reason for the 3 stars was the fact that the next day the tire pressure read as almost flat. I brought my car back and they fixed the issue free of charge. The only problem with that was I informed the guys there that my valve stem was leaking from corrosion buildup. I was informed they would take care of the issue when the new tires were first installed, but the issue was not resolved the first time and I had to come back again to have it fixed right.Next time fix it right the first time.

Review №12

I have trouble getting around. Fortunately they will check and put air in your tires. Tip the guy a couple of bucks.

Review №13

Always available, generally have any Tire Im looking for, and wonderful customer support and service!!

Review №14

Was looking for a second job to fund my engine building hobby. Noticed indeed said they had open interviews, but when I went in I was told that’s not the case any longer, big ol waste of time. A month later their indeed page still said open interviews. Their loss, as I’m a mechanic and I bet I work faster than any tire tech they have lol

Review №15

My husband bought 4 new tires from them, with in 3 weeks, 2 of them blew out. He was stuck in the side of the road. We got the tires off and took them to have them replaced. When we arrived at 430pm, they said it would be a 3 hour wait. My husband questioned the wait seeing their sign said they close at 6pm. He told him they were going to be there til at least 9pm due to how busy they were. We had to make other arrangements to get his car off the road and back home on 2 spares that barely fit his car. At 715pm they called to say his tires were ready but he had to be there within 5 mins or hed have to wait to the morning to get them, not cool since he works tomorrow. So he left to go pick them up, even though we live 15 mins from there. When he arrived they would not put them on, threw them in his trunk. They also said if he wanted to continue his warranty it would be $20. He declined as we will NEVER do business there again!!!

Review №16

Came in to have my tires rotated. Robert behind the counter asked if I had an appointment. I responded no. I told him when I had called earlier I was told to come in, no appointment necessary. Robert said appointments aren’t necessary, but are recommended. Robert told me if I wanted to wait he couldn’t tell me how long I would have to wait anywhere from 1hour and on. He told me I needed to make an appointment. It was weird because the gentlemen next to me walked in before me no appointment and was getting new tires and wheels put on. They were getting him lined up to get in that day. I am now here on my appointment day and have waited for almost an hour and still have not serviced my car. Now I know they don’t make any money off my tire rotation. However I did purchase the tires from this Discount Tire the previous year. Customer service is definitely lacking. Sad to say I may not be back. This is the first time I have had any kind of problem.

Review №17

Went in for a slow leak in one of my tires. They patched it up and sent me on my way in 10 minutes flat! Friendly service, definitely recommend the place!

Review №18

Always go here for my tire needs. Always friendly service.

Review №19

This location is friendly and professional! Definitely the place to go for tires with great customer service long after your purchase!

Review №20

Always been treated good. Service is excellent. You might have to wait for that service. That’s because a lot of people feel the same way I do about this place. And you can’t beat the prices

Review №21

Had to have a tire replaced. Had to be ordered. In the next day, reasonably quick installation.

Review №22

I took my car in to get two new tires on the front of my car. My low tire pressure light was on before I went to discount tire. After I left I noticed that my low tire pressure light was still on. And they didnt check my tires in the rear. Just beware that these guys ignored my low tire pressure light after they said that the job was complete.

Review №23

Steven is the man to see about wheels and tires great customer service got me pointed in the right direction for the look of my truck.

Review №24

Ordered tires and scheduled appt online. Very fast service.

Review №25

Amazing gave me 2 tires $60 and put them on my car too!

Review №26

The guys that put air in tires have such good manners and do an awesome job with a smile. Thank you for such service.

Review №27

Great Crew at the Portage Location!!! Definitely recommend Making an Appt. Youll get in and Out Faster

Review №28

Good prices fast service courteous

Review №29

Discount Tire is great. Highly recommend them if youre installing new rims and or tires. Costs more than a mom and pop shop,but wont mess up your rims. They are big on driving safety. So dont try and bring a bootleg setup to them. Either they wont let you drive off the lot or wont install them. Great shop in my opinion. They installed rims and tires on my prelude and civic si.

Review №30

Good prices and quick service. Thats a winner in my book.

Review №31

Great place for RV trailer tires! I had some concern of navigating the parking lot with my truck and 27-foot trailer but there was no problem at all.

Review №32

Discount tire was great they fix my tire and was very nice to me i will recommend them to everyone not like tire barn. I went to Sunday. Very rude I will never go there

Review №33

Got in for a 3p appointment and was on the road at 3:45 with 4 new tires.

Review №34

Great service. Fast. Reliable. Cheap. Awesome friendly staff.

Review №35

I can honestly say the service is fantastic and these fine gentlemen are always as understanding and polite as can be-the finest examples of customer service and top of the line automotive work. I don’t leave many reviews, but when I do it’s for a reason-and this place has definitely earned 5 stars in my book.

Review №36

Fast, friendly service customer very price friendly would recommend to all for your tire needs.

Review №37

Dont get me wrong they have great service. i witnessed something Ive never seen before. At the Portage Indiana store i had an appointment, after waiting in line i got to the counter to check in and i was told by the staff that i was late. Well when i walked in the door i was on time, so tell me how do i get 8 vehicles jumped in front of me? It wasnt 8 vehicles in the parking lot. Outside of the fact that they turned about 3 people away and told them to come back tomorrow. People who could and should take their business elsewhere....kinda like I did.

Review №38

It was in an out 20 minutes later great deal on tire

Review №39

Very slow service it took them 3 hours to even get to my vehicle

Review №40

Excellent service, in & out within a half hour. Tire rotation & balance.

Review №41

I payed and made my appointment all online. I came in at my appointment time Saturday and they got me in and got me out in less than 30min. no fuss no hassle.

Review №42

Fast and friendly service

Review №43

Purchased a mount and balance. Badly damaged one of my wheels installing the tire (which they replaced). Installed one of the tires backwards (which they fixed). Noticed some vibration in the front end, so I had the wheels checked at another shop, and only 1 of the wheels were properly balanced. I paid almost $150 for them to ruin one of my wheels, install one of my tires incorrectly, and not balance my wheels properly. I’ve been buying tires and having them installed exclusively by DT for years, but I’m moving my business over to Tire Rack.

Review №44

They did an amazing job fixing my flat and making sure everyone stayed safe.

Review №45

They sent me somewhere else for an alignment ....true tire shop

Review №46

Always get my tires here. Always competitive rates and will cover most things under warranty.

Review №47

I have bought both wheels and tires from the discount tire in portage and they have lasted me pretty well. My favorite part is that I get free rotation and balances with tires that I bought from them.

Review №48

Very good tire place. Great people and they will help you if your in need

Review №49

Friendly, fast service!

Review №50

Long waits, poor communicating among staff, I have not been able to get my tires rotated even after two trips there and one of those I had an appointment but had to leave after 90 minutes waiting.

Review №51

I ended up getting a flat tire in the middle of the night, just halfway to my destination that was still a few hours away. I called this Discount Tire store first thing in the morning and I’m so grateful that they were able to get my tire ordered and delivered within a few hours so that I could be on my way. They topped off the air in the rest of my tires and I was on the road again. Thank you again to the team here. If I lived in the area these guys would have my business every time!

Review №52

Great job

Review №53

Great place to buy tires

Review №54

Ive done business here a lot! This all ends now! Why would you leave the only tire I couldnt replace on the front driver side?! Logically u would put that old tire in the back!Now I have more than one service this and that flashing on my dashboard.Thanks Alot!

Review №55

Nicest group of people!!

Review №56

Great service always fast and friendly.

Review №57

Great place and awesome service always there to help those who need it

Review №58

Great service!

Review №59

Very fast and friendly. Highly recommend.

Review №60

Great place for tires. Reasonable prices. Great service (Christian was awesome). Quick install. In and out in an hour and the place was packed.

Review №61

Went here because its local and they price match, but service is horrible. Had to order tires and made appointment for 4 days later, as they said it would take 2-3 days for them to arrive. They said they would call if tires did not come in before my appointment. Made arrangements to be there for the appointment, but the tires did not come in and they did not call me to let me know, so I wasted the better part of my day. Then said that they tracked the tires and they would be in the next day and said they would call me when they arrived (around noon) so I could come in that afternoon for installation. They never called. I went in there that evening and they said the tires were there, but never apologized for not calling me to let me know. Never apologized for not calling me either time they were supposed to. Never did anything to make up for wasting my time over two days. If you can find a competitive price somewhere else, go somewhere else.

Review №62

They take great care of my car

Review №63

I went in there to get two new tires and the tech who put them on my car didn’t tighten the driver’s side tire. And then the corporate offices have been avoiding me about the damages caused to my vehicle due to this incident.That being said, the employees were EXTREMELY helpful with questions I had and were also very kind. So all in all I have nothing against most of the people here just one who I don’t know. Two stars because of how nice they were.

Review №64

Best tire experience of my life! Sam is my hero. So helpful. Cannot thank him enough for his assistance. Fantastic customer service. I highly recommend coming here! Thank you guys!

Review №65

We were driving from Chicago to Michigan and got a flat tire a few miles away from this Discount Tire location. We were able to change it to our spare, googled the closest tire shop, and fortunately discovered Discount Tire. I cant recommend this location enough. They were very friendly, provided great customer service, and we were in and out in less than 45 minutes (maybe even less than 45 minutes, we enjoyed talking to them the entire time we were there so it went by fast!). We did end up needing a new tire, our old one wasnt salvageable. They walked us through several options, and even ended up finding a used tire that we ended up buying. A+ all around, highly recommend!

Review №66

I was in and out in 15 minutes for a flat repair. Very quick and friendly service!

Review №67

Went in for a tire repair. Walked out with 4 new tires. The nail was too close to the edge and the tires were worn enough to need replacement. The lobby area can be a little slow, but the guys are friendly and knowledgeable. The garage team are efficient. And they offer free bottled water or coffee while you wait.

Review №68

The guys were awesome and I got a great deal on some used tires! Very polite.

Review №69

Good service needs some time and its worth the wait at this location. I suggest make an appointment before heading in. Theyre professionals with great customer service! Been here multiple times and never disappointed. I recommend.

Review №70

This location in Portage is very busy on the weekends. I scheduled an appointment during the weekday, and they took my vehicle on time. Took about 45 minutes for a tire swap and balance. Good job.

Review №71

Excellent product and professional service.As always.

Review №72

Been going here for 10 years and they always take good care of me. The only knock (which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5) was the associate was kind of pushy about trying to sell me new tires when I dont need them. I was only there because the air in one of my tires was low and not because it was old and worn

Review №73

Fast service. Decent prices

Review №74

Great service, 4 tires in 30 minutes. Not one complaint.

Review №75

If you getting tires put on your car plan on being there for about two hours or so, orther then that they do a really good job, I have had no problems with the tire that I have bought from them so far.

Review №76

Bought my tires from here a few years ago and Ive never been more happy. The guys here are always friendly and ready to help. They have great services and warranties. I recently got a flat tire, came right in and they replaced the whole tire due to particular damage and it was covered under my warranty. I was in and out. They even took the time to put my spare tire back under the mat where it belonged when the fix the regular tire. That makes me even more happy with this place. The tires I bought are still in great condition and I do a reasonable amount of driving. You pay for quality here. I paid a nice chunk of cash for my tires but in comparison to the tires my husband bought from Costco, mine have held up 1000 times better than his have. And, thats just 2 years. Granted I bought better tires but it comes with so much more than just a here you go, thanks. Get the warranty it saves you the hassle and headache of coming out of pocket later. Keep up the great job Discount Tire!!!

Review №77

Outstanding service.

Review №78

Good work. Makes me happy they actually are skilled with Impacts

Review №79

Always good service, the tire protection plan is well worth the money.

Review №80

Great service good deals

Review №81

They have fast service there and the workers are very professional they get the job done.

Review №82

Got my tires switched out and all of a sudden my tire pressure sensor not working. Asked supervisor to call me back to discuss issue and did not recieve a call back!!!!!

Review №83

Service is always great!

Review №84

This place has somewhat fast service for the paying customer. I went there about a month ago to have a free tire air check. I noticed that there were only 2 technicians servicing a car in the bay. I patiently watched and waited for someone to check my tires. While waiting I counted a total of 5 employees that looked at my direction, saw that I was waiting to have my tires checked and they just kepted walking as if I was just there to kill time. I noticed that about 30 mins passed by (cause I was busy on my phone) and not 1 employee said to me that someone while get to me shortly. And this is no exaggeration either. I got so fed up with how I was just being ignored that I just turned on my car and left. Should I have known that I was going to wait that long to not be attended, I would have checked the tires myself and be on my merry way. They should just put up a sign that reads Self air check.

Review №85

Be prepared to wait a couple hours. Other than that staff are very nice and do good work.

Review №86

They took the time to explain the best tires for my vehicle!

Review №87

Only place I go for my tires great service

Review №88

Awesome work.Thanks!

Review №89

Great people and were even able to cover my other tires that I didnt get from there

Review №90

I went there in the morning they told me to come back at 4:30 I come backI have a slight leak in the tire I just wanted to get it fixed I was going to pay and theyre telling me no

Review №91

Polite good service

Review №92

I bought the road hazard protection for my tires which were purchased at a dealership. This is great for free tire repairs, rotation and balance. Service was great and from start to finish k was there less than an hour.

Review №93

Had a flat, went in for new tires. They were done in 40 mins and even put my spare and Jack back into the trunk where it belonged.

Review №94

Everyone very nice and very respectful. They showed me everything I needed to see and so far I got a great experience

Review №95

Came in with a flat tire. They patched it for free I was out in 2 hours. I was in from out of town so I was kinda panicked. They really reassured me.

Review №96

Busy there as usual with long wait timesBut great service. And all the tire techs are kids right outta high school. Jamming music and having fun. Great to see people at work enjoying themselves for once! Keep it up!

Review №97

This place is horrible!!! I do not recommend. They are nice...yes but thats it. There work is less than zero. I went in and got something fixed that they ordered a part for and here we are about 6 months later... stuck on side of road. Had mechanic look at it and it was the same thing that got replaced at that shop.

Review №98

Normally very busy. Slow but good service

Review №99

Always good service. Very helpful.

Review №100

Excellent fast service.

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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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