AutoZone Auto Parts
7400 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, MI 49002, United States
Review №1

My brother-in-law (from out of town) needed a new car battery so I took him to AutoZone. The person at the register was very polite and helpful. We told him what the issue was, what kind of vehicle we had, he looked on the computer and...walla (is that a word) he recommended a car battery AND they had it in stock. BUT the greatest thing was the AutoZone employee even installed the battery. Which was so helpful since my brother-in-law was from...out of town and he didnt have any tools. Great service!! And quick!

Review №2

They were good too me so I cant complain

Review №3

I cant believe what I just experienced! There was nobody but me and the store. The phone rang and the manager had them put on hold to listen to their advertisement. Then he stood around waiting. I asked him if that person has to wait to here their sales before being helped and he just giggled. I told them Im good and left. I wont use Auto Zone again.

Review №4

I really appreciated the help of the staff, particularly Anthony, in helping me locate parts for my car. I travel 100 miles a day for work, and getting the parts I need to keep my vehicle safe and running well is important. Anthony took the time to help figure out what parts I needed and where to get them. This level of customer service is why I will shop at AutoZone.

Review №5

The brake light bulbs stopped working on my car, replaced them with new light bulbs from here and they didnt work- I thought that they may have been defective but it seemed odd for both bulbs being new. I asked an employee and she said its more than likely a connection issue, switch or fuse. I thought of the most simple thing first, I had pulled out the tangs and ground outward from the inside of the socket, put bulbs back in and they work! Yes, prices are a bit high (all auto places are like this- they have overhead); their knowledge is often worth it to go there

Review №6

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Their prices are fair, and they usually have everything I need. Its refreshing to deal with a great team. Seems like most places these days (post scamdemic hysteria) are so desperate that they hire anyone with a pulse, not here.

Review №7

They had the product I needed. I had called the store and verified before making the trip. When I got there the gentleman at the counter was so stoned out of his mind he couldnt find what I was looking for in the system. I then began walking the store because he didnt know what to do. I found what I was looking for after some time. Very disappointing service

Review №8

Stopped by auto zone because my check engine light turned on. Matthew provided quick and excellent service and made sure I understood what was wrong with my car. Will continue to support auto zone.

Review №9

Auto Zone is also a great place to shop for your car or truck parts.

Review №10

Has always been our go to auto parts store, the staff is good, the merchandise is almost always available, the tool loan service is great too

Review №11

Since this store opened, I have purchased a good number of parts from them. This is my second choice for my local parts option. I have never had an issue with the quality of the parts that I have purchased. Thanks AutoZone!

Review №12

Great service! Helpful and kind staff! Appreciate the guy who hooked me up with wipers and got me on my way tonight!

Review №13

Went there at 10:08 and not open, doors locked, no sign. Hope everyone is ok.

Review №14

Guys were super helpful, even came out to my car to help me figure out the likely culprit for my issue. Thanks so much!

Review №15

The staff was friendly and helpful. The review would have been higher except for the fact that the brake calipers I bought had some sort of glue all over them. I was able to mostly clean them but I was disappointed they had obviously repackaged returned parts that were in poor condition. Thankfully they still worked safely.

Review №16

They have eager salesman that r real helpful. Give them a five. They could stock more stuff. They seam to have what i need about 70 percent of the time.

Review №17

Knew what they were doing and were very knowledgeable.

Review №18

I went here in the 90s because they were reasonably priced; but more for the help from the staff as I was learning my own repairs..I was there again recently and they were super helpful once again.

Review №19

Friendly and very helpful staff. They were more than happy to help look up and call another location to help find the items I needed. I appreciate you.

Review №20

Good quick service. The gentleman assisting me was knowledgeable and professional. For those that dont know, AutoZone offers a 10% discount for military and veterans. This does NOT apply to dealer direct ordered parts.

Review №21

Good parts at a decent price.Join the Rewards Program and save more money.

Review №22

Always nice and helpful...Always able to get what I need

Review №23

Great customer service

Review №24

Pricy but they generally have everything you need for your vehicle and more.

Review №25

Fast and considerate. What ever you want they got.

Review №26

Went in for a brake bleeder screw and was happily greeted upon entering. Easily found what I needed and was able to check out promptly. Service was polite and helpful, I will be back again soon.

Review №27

Had a rude woman technician or glorified cashier

Review №28

Wonderful service, clean, well stocked store with very helpful employees. Had my battery and alternator tested, confirmed suspicion of a bad battery, purchased and changed and I was back on the road in less than 40 minutes. Thanks Nico!

Review №29

Good customer service quick to answer questions and resolve problems

Review №30

Decent job at parts k knowledge

Review №31

Went to autozone to buy wiper blades because one of mine snapped off in the cold. The service I received was above and beyond!! The gentleman helping me not only recommended a great pair of blades, installed them, but also went as far as to scrape the extra ice build up that I had!!! It was fast, convenient, and genuinely a great experience!! I’ll definitely be back for future car needs!!

Review №32

Fast, friendly, professional.

Review №33

They did not have the parts for an older car. The parts manager was helpful and gave us the part numbers to order online.

Review №34

Went in to get a cv axle and they went the extra mile to help and make sure I was taken care of. Really appreciate them taking the time to make sure everything was good. Would recommend anyone going to them for their needs. Thanks

Review №35

Very helpful at this location! The gentleman at the counter told me about a special deal to save 8 bucks on the set of wiper blades that I was purchasing that I was unaware of. Then he realized that the wiper blades that I was buying did not qualify for the deal but he gave it to me anyway because he had already mentioned it. I will definitely be returning for future needs.

Review №36

Austin was very helpful with putting in all 4 of my new headlight bulbs for me thankful I stopped by! Awesome team here at this location!

Review №37

Great place nice people

Review №38

Friendliest Autozone, ever. I live in Grand Rapids now, and the Autozones in GR are not half as friendly and helpful as this one. I go here for most of my basic car needs and supplies. Theyre really great and have amazing customer service.

Review №39

Man these guys are the best. I came in looking for windshield wipers for my company truck. They removed and replaced them for me so quickly I was back on the road with in minutes. Good friendly service. Thanks guys.

Review №40

Best AutoZone with excellent staff. Always alot knowledge with cars. Service is always good.

Review №41

One of my favorite shops for auto parts. Helpful and knowledgeable staff and great selection.

Review №42

Never really liked the place people never know whats what but if o riley dosent have the part they do here usually more expensive here

Review №43

They make it possible to keep your cars running . Battery and alternator testing and so much more ! Great employees !!

Review №44

Good prices. Normally always have the parts I need for car work I am doing. Staff is very helpful.

Review №45

The guys at AutoZone were great. Bought a set of wipers and asked if they could put them on my van. They always do and are so quick at it. Well I must have bought wipers from Hell because they would not go on nicely. But the guys at AutoZone stuck with it and eventually got them on. Thanks so much guys for your help!

Review №46

Cistomer service wasnt that good

Review №47

I absolutely love the people who work at the westnedge store in portage. I had a bad car battery under warranty. My car would not start. One of the employees offered to change my battery. Thank you Daniel!!

Review №48

I went in today to get an expensive part and my card didn’t have enough on it, the employee serving me patiently waited and attended his other duties. I bought the part and got in my vehicle to leave and he knew I was crunching for money, he stepped out of the store and told me the store was hiring, and I’m glad there are people who would go completely out of their way for a stranger like me.

Review №49

Very friendly. Always get greeted with a smile and great help finding stuff I need and told about good products on sale. Carolyn is great with customer service and never pushy with trying to sell me stuff. She also has a great smile.

Review №50

Knowledgeable staff. Willing to help. Also quick to give returns when I figured out the parts were wrong. Thank you for speedy service as well.

Review №51

Very helpful with my check engine light.

Review №52

I honestly dont often buy car parts. I have a great mechanic Ive gone to for years, but the handful of times Ive been here have been great. The staff has always been very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №53

Always helpful. Last time I came was a questions n about a moped and the guy could answer questions because he used to race motorcross.Very helpful group

Review №54

Love how you can take.your car in and they hook it up to a machine and let u know whats wrong for free!!! Love it...

Review №55

Get what I need every time

Review №56

Rob H from AutoZone was EXTREMELY patient and so so so incredibly helpful. I highly recommend going to this placing and working with him.

Review №57

Posting for the AutoZone on Westnedge in Portage. Great Place. Staff was very helpful and Professional.

Review №58

Depending on the part you need...I also use other auto part stores...

Review №59

Most of the time they know what your doing or can send you in the right direction

Review №60

Great source for parts, but some of the employees know nothing about cars and provide very little help to customers. Some employees are knowledgeable, there just arent enough of them.

Review №61

Great place for part as long as you go to one in portage. Otherwise the price jumps up for almost everything. Get a membership card for online discounts, it helps with price no matter which store you go to.

Review №62

Knowledgeable crew and helpful

Review №63

Great guys down here! Literally the only parts store, other autozones included, that I trust for anything. Theyve always been honest, straight-talking fellas who are very accomodating to the customers needs. I place a very high value on this particular store to my customers as well (tow truck operator). Keep up the good work guys!

Review №64

Helpful and knowledgeable. Nice inventory of items and quick to get what you need ordered.

Review №65

What can I say!! I always have and always will love junkyards. At least you know what your payin for lol

Review №66

Excellent customer service & reasonable prices.

Review №67

Great employees

Review №68

They are great and help ou with codes on your vehicle and help find alternate solutions if possible.

Review №69

Stellar candy selection.

Review №70

Great staff, always willing to help, and offer great suggestions to improve performance on my vehicles.

Review №71

Great place for auto needs. Refreshing to be able to deal with knowledgeable sales staff in person!

Review №72

Staff is very friendly and helpful if they dont have a part that you need they are very willing to help you find it either through ordering from their store or from another store their prices are very good

Review №73

Amazing experience! They have a very friendly and helpful staff!

Review №74

Good staff. More knowledgable than most autozone Ive experienced

Review №75

Good but can have slow service sometimes

Review №76

One of the many parts stores in the area. This Autozone is efficient

Review №77

Nice place the staff here are very friendly

Review №78

Staff was organized, knowledgeable and pleasant. Rachel installed a new battery as well, which was great!

Review №79

Very helpful, extremely nice! Love the tool loan program, essential for those expensive do-it-yourself car repairs!

Review №80

My headlight was out and they changed it for me. Great service!

Review №81

Very helpfull with helping with my wiper blades

Review №82

Great store, clean and well organized. Great prices, friendly helpful service.

Review №83

Nice place and get a veterans discount

Review №84

Bought a $35.0 wiper blade. A week later the wiper blade broke. Took it back to them and the told me they wont replace it.they told me theres no warranty on a wiper blade. I then called the manufacturer they told me that was a lie AutoZone should of replaced the wiper. So I went back to the same AutoZone and spoke with the manager and he told me the same thing that they wont replace it.. I then took the wiper blade to a different AutoZone and they replaced it with no hassel..very poor customer service.

Review №85

They alway help me in the fullist !Great people!

Review №86

Always friendly, helpful, good service!

Review №87

Great staff,helpful.allen Slater is great

Review №88

Amazing service! Its the little things I appreciate for someone going thru not great times

Review №89

Wonderful customer service!!

Review №90

They have always been helpful in getting the right parts for my automotive needs at a fair price.

Review №91

These stores are all pretty much the same. Was good parts to car service.

Review №92

Get in the zone! They have great prices on just about anything for your car.

Review №93

Good service. Good prices.

Review №94

I great way to get your engine check light checked out.

Review №95

Great service and helpful employees.

Review №96

It gets worse every time I go in there. People no sure what they have, where it is or even how to look it up.

Review №97

Always go for some parts here. Great service at certain locations.

Review №98

The staff there are super helpful!

Review №99

Friendly staff is always willing to help you find what you need and sometimes install it for you Id it can be done in the parking lot.

Review №100

Employees do not over think questions. Always has a good deal on what I need.

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  • Address:7400 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, MI 49002, United States
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  • Phone:+1 269-323-7101
  • Auto parts store
  • Car accessories store
  • Car battery store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–8PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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