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1011 W Detweiller Dr, Peoria, IL 61615, United States
Review №1

I had my Kitchen door replaced on August 30, 2021. Jason and Steve provided professional and very knowledgeable service. I will definitely be looking to Feldco for my next home remodeling project.

Review №2

I love my windows that were installed, its making a tremendous difference on my home! The crew that worked on installation were amazing and did a wonderful job! Great company, worth every penny!

Review №3

I live in Davenport Iowa and Feldco was awesome. They were here right away for an estimate when I wanted one and within 2 days of deciding what windows I wanted they were here to get proper measurements. I was changing out windows so the delivery was around 30 days as they had to be specially made. Will be doing more windows soon and will call Feldco.

Review №4

Excellent! Ive researched several window makers and several quotes, feldco does really good. No questions asked warranty and they replace anything damaged caused by mfg or install defects! Theyve gained my trust and business.

Review №5

I must say I was not happy with the service. My windows were installed sloppy leaving gaps around the trim where bugs were nesting now that it’s hot. It took forever for them to come n fix it. N then the guys had a lot of excuses as to why the windows look like this and it’s all because of my house!!! LolI ask to speak with a supervisor who I did leave messages for and not did get a return call.And I only did half of my windows since my house is a big home. I will not be getting the rest of my windows with them!

Review №6

Great experience all the way through process sales staff, office staff, and installers all very nice clean and polite not the cheapest but very best staff and product

Review №7

I love my new windows they keep the summer heat at bay and keep the heat in the house during the winter, they really find out what you want , have lots of styles and even payment plans to fit most budgets....The instalation was AWESOME.....took out, installed and cleaned up ; 8 LARGE windows in less than 3.5 hours start to finish.......Thanks Feldco

Review №8

The total experience was completely unbelievable! From the seller to the installers, they were so very kind! They all were professional in every manner. As you can see from the picture attached just how incredible our new windows look! Of course, the top window is one of our new beautiful Feldco Windows and the bottom an old one. I love how they fold out for easy cleaning! They have screens for either the top or the bottom, whichever you chose to have open, its adjustable. One of the most amazing features are the security lock on them in case you want to leave a window cracked for air flow and you dont have to worry about intruders or little ones climbing out the window. Feldco really does keep safety and quality in mind throughout everything! During our demonstration (before we purchased) Don Q.(Our sales guy, an amazing guy that has so much information to offer WITHOUT pressure) hit the demo window multiple times and with out even a mark on the window let alone a crack! Another thing that I really loved was the capping (around the windows) and window warranty! I am just saying when we were faced with getting new windows I am really glad we didnt go anywhere else and we found out Feldco do a whole lot more than just windows! Im so excited for what our future holds with other home improvement projects! Thank you everyone at Feldco for everything!

Review №9

My husband and I just got 4 more windows. We have had several projects done a little at a time and I will ALWAYS stick with Feldco. Their windows are like none-other out there! Absolutely perfect! Staff is friendly, from sales woman to 2nd measure and installers!

Review №10

If zero stars were available, thats how I would rate Feldco. Our experience with this company has been months of lies and excuses. Ordered several windows in the summer only to have the install continuously pushed back to different dates. We started with a September install only to be pushed back monthly. We were guaranteed an install date in November. I called a few days in advance to double check as we had heard nothing for weeks from Feldco. The customer service rep, April, claimed her system was down and couldnt check any install dates. She was extremely rude and seemed rushed to get off the phone. She claimed that if a specific date/time were scheduled, they would be there. When that day came around, we received a call stating they were coming out but couldnt find our products and didnt know where they are. Their excuse is always Covid shut downs. They also claim they have no way to contact the out of state manufacturer because they can never get through. We were able to reach the manufacturer with no issues. They were confused as to why Feldco would schedule install dates when our custom windows were not available. After several more reschedules and calls, we have cancelled our order and requested a full refund. April (service rep) and John (manager) are the main reasons we decided to cancel. These are two of the rudest, most unprofessional people that lack major communication and customer service skills. April doesnt have a clue whats going on and just gives any answer she can to get off the phone. John did nothing but argue, yell, and use profane language.

Review №11

Very fast and efficient work. The installers stayed into the dark to finish their installation as promised. I haven’t had any issues with the window that we’re installed. I would recommend Feldco, and I will use them in the future if needed.

Review №12

Sales guy was pretty good and install crew was ok. The product quality is about a 0.5 on a 1 to 10 scale. We had a front door and 27 windows installed because they were covered in lead paint. This company claims they are lead certified and all the installers are as well (but they could not provide me with the installers lead certification when a asked for it after they finished) when install crew arrived they had no clue what lead was about and the risk involved (mainly for children aka the reason we had windows replaced to get rid of the exposure). So if you do not watch their crews they will not take the precautions I do not like to be the home owner watching over the shoulder but with them you have to be they can not be trusted to do their job to the fullest for proper lead removal. All of that set aside back to the quality of the windows. The new windows have a worse draft then the windows from 1964. When I talked to them they just said that we must not close the window properly. I would not recommend this company to do any work on anyones home..... quick update. As you can see the owner replied to my review and asked me to email my contact info. So I did and I still have not had a response from the company. Trying to figure out how to post a video of the draft coming through the windows almost blowing out the flame of a lighter.

Review №13

Honestly great customer service, all my questions were answered and just great help, would definitely recommend.Great work too.

Review №14

I got 10 windows and a garage door for my mom thru feldco. I had 4 bids, feldco wasnt the cheapest but not the most expensive either... but everything is perfect! The windows made a HUGE difference in her energy bill! Love them!! Very professional staff. Great job!

Review №15

Update 12/15/20: Feldco Still has not received my window and they have no idea when it will arrive. Again, I had to call to find this information out. No calls from manager, customer service or anyone.Sales gentlemen was good. I cant comment on the install or quality of product yet. The customer service was absolutely no horrid. I ordered a window in September and I was told December would be when install would be. I was fine with that knowing the industry is backed up. On install day I receive a call that the window is now backordered and they wont receive the window for another two weeks. When they get the window they will call to schedule the install. I took off work for installation and didnt receive a call until the day of? I then proceeded to call customer service and spoke with Dustin Harmon. He was rude and no help. Basically told me tough luck and to deal with it. Worst customer service Ive ever dealt with. I would recommend using anyone other than Feldco. There are other quality companies that are competitively priced with better service. Will never shop here again.

Review №16

They were very professional and did a great job on our siding and the garage door

Review №17

I’m very upset and irritated with this company. I am renting to own my house (which they knew up front). The windows are old and let air through. The are hard to open but when they are open they fall shut so I have logs to hold them open. I called to set up an appointment and was told I would get a call back. Two days later I called again because no one had called. I then get told that because I am not the home owner that I couldn’t set up an appointment. So I call my landlord and he sets up the appointment and makes me secondary contact. We were under the impression we were good to go. The guy gets here and we talk about what I want and talk about the financial aspect. They approve us. Great. We just needed to email proof of employment and a note from the landlord stating we pay rent every month. Did that. Then we get told that the note from the landlord isn’t good enough. We need the landlord on the contract because it is his house but he doesn’t have any financial responsibility. Okay we got him to agree. The guy that set it all up said he would be by this evening to get my signature. Then I get told he would come by tomorrow morning. I just got off the phone with him and I am not being told that the landlord needs to be financially responsible and we now will have to pay the landlord back. Absolutely not. The landlord doesn’t want financial responsibility for this house which is why it is a rent to own. Due to COVID we got screwed out of getting a home loan which is why it is a rent to own.Do not tell someone that you are set to have things done and then continue to come back and tell them that what we originally needed is no longer good enough for the company.

Review №18

We got new siding and our house looks great. They were done in two days

Review №19

I had all my windows replaced and new siding last year. No issues with windows, however siding job was not completed to my satisfaction. A year later, I have had pieces become unattached, I have recently found several places where parts of the siding were not even attached when installed. I have a power box that was never changed and reattached. I have made several calls for inspection and left multiple messages and had not received a return call until recently. They now want to charge a service fee for inspection of the issues with Siding stating that the warranty only covers material. The job was not completed correctly and I don’t believe I should have to pay for inspection and then for any labor when was not completed correctly the first time.

Review №20

My boyfriend, John, and I went through this company for windows on our home this Fall of 2020, and let me tell you, they have given us the run-around since the get-go. First, when the salesman came over, he informed us that a team member was supposed to come back two days later to take measurements of our windows... well, no on ever showed up- they didnt even call or email or contact us in any way. My boyfriend called TWO WEEKS later to ask what was going on and why no one had been by. Two whole weeks, thats insane. It was supposed to be two days. Then when they finally did show up, the team wasnt prepared with all of the materials. They had to go back to the shop before they even began the work. Also, the salesman, Misael, told us that they would case the inside of our windows and the team members informed us that they dont do that and when John called Misael to tell him what had been said, he then said that he never told John that. Our salesman even came to our house a couple of weeks before we got our windows inquiring about how we were liking our windows. We hadnt even gotten them yet. How unorganized. When John spoke to a manger he informed John that it was his job to make sure that the team members came to the job prepared.. well why did they come to our home unprepared then? A question we never got an answer to. Basically the only thing this manager, Dave said to John was, well theyre there to put the windows in, and I cant do anything, thats between you and your salesman, and our salesman told us that he cant do anything either. I would like to say that the team members were all nice guys and didnt do anything wrong, management and the salesman are the ones in the wrong here. Please save yourself the headache and dont even bother with this company

Review №21

I cannot say enough great things about Feldco customer service and Scott! Feldco may be a bit more expensive but their quick response and resolution is worth it!!! Thank you Scott for always being polite and professional!!!

Review №22

Garage door was beautiful and installed in a professional manner. Door opener failed after short time and they were prompt to replace it.Overall cost was lower than local.

Review №23

Knowledgeable and professional staff. Reasonably priced. The windows in my house were 70 years old. Im so pleased with my new windows!

Review №24

Why do you mislead people that your windows are buy one get one free?In the fine print is listed that this offer requires a minimum of four windows. That detail pops up on your commercial for a mere 3 seconds in fine print. Really, this is not kind to future customers. This is why we chose another company. Thanks for reading.

Review №25

Great company nothing wrong with felco but i wouldnt reccomend the loan company green sky bunch of crooks

Review №26

This company is fantastic!! From the person (Katy) who spent hours demonstrating windows, siding, guttering! Giving us extremely reasonable prices.The contractors were the most professional and helpful professional people to work with!!I highly recommend Feldco and will use them for future jobs!! Fabulous

Review №27

We were VERY pleased with our experience with Feldco Windows, Siding, and Doors. From our initial meeting with the salesman to the team who came to measure to the team who came to install...every single one of them was kind, courteous, professional, and efficient. The salesmans suggestions were excellent and made a lot of sense. The quality of the windows and the quality of the installation work are and were outstanding. All debris from the installation was cleaned up very well. Nothing was left behind. One window was broken in transit. The problem was immediately explained. The broken window was installed and then taped so that changing the window out when the replacement was received was an easy, 10-minute process. It is such a joy to have new windows that are SUCH great quality.

Review №28

My wife and I had Feldco come do a door on the side of our house that is the main entry. The salesman knew his stuff, they capped all the windows on my house where the paint was peeling for free. Very courteous and professional. Thought it was a little pricey but the attention to detail with the work is well worth it.

Review №29

I quoted out quite a few different vendors to replace a large sliding patio door, and I was impressed by Feldos willingness to work around my schedule to get me a quote. They didnt pressure me to buy, just gave me the cost up front. They ended up being very competitive so I went with them and Im happy I did. I like their 0% financing for 12 months option which I ended up using. They did the install in December and made sure it was quick so I didnt lose too much heat. Ive had the door 5 months now and it is doing beautifully. If you need a patio door replaced, definitely check with Feldco.

Review №30

Very pleased how the whole process went. First off the sales lady was nothing but helpful, no pressure in selling their products. The product speaks for itself. The installation was another great experience. These guys were in and out with no mess. Will definitely be using Feldco again in the future.

Review №31

We had a large picture window and a large kitchen window installed in Oct. 2017. We are so happy with the entire experience, from the quality of the windows, the value, and the installation process. Both rooms are now quiet and a lot warmer, no more drafty windows! In a matter of a couple of weeks, both were delivered and installed. Sales person was great! Very knowledgeable and explained to us every option as far as pricing and function. Installation crew was quick, professional, and cleaned up thoroughly. We will definitely use Feldco with future home improvements!

Review №32

Feldco is great! They were not the cheapest in town (peoria) but definitely NOT the most expensive. I wanted good quality windows but couldnt afford Anderson or pella which were like $1800 per window...Feldco windows were less than half that price are very similar quality. Ive saved about HALF on my utility bills this winter! Very friendly staff too.

Review №33

Very happy with all the personnel that I had contact with during the project.From sales to installation, the reps were very knowledgeable and professional. The windows met my expectations. The office staff was very nice and helpful.

Review №34

From the time we met with the salesman to when the windows and door were replaced, the experience was awesome. The salesman worked with us to figure out the best plan for our budget and made us feel really important. The men who installed our windows and door were extremely nice and friendly. They showed us how to use the windows properly and assured us if there were any issues, they would come out to resolve them. The new windows and door are beautiful!

Review №35

Very happy with service we received from the sales rep and installers. weather delayed their arrival but they stayed until 9:30 on a Friday night when they had completed the job. The cleanup they did was great. I highly recommend Feldco and will use them again if I need more work done.

Review №36

I got five new windows at my house. They made every step absolutely easy and wonderful. The windows are so amazing. My house is so quiet now. Everyone we spoke with from sales, to appointment making, measurement, and installation- was absolutely amazing. Im all about companies who treat their employees and customers with such respect. Will definitely be calling them again when more windows are in the budget!

Review №37

We had a window that was cracked and starting leaking, we kept putting off buying a new window because its expensive. Finally decided it was time to replace it. Feldco was easy to schedule, the sales team, contractor and installation team were easy to work with and very friendly. We had a slight delay the day of installation because of the weather and on the screen arrived slightly ripped. I ended up calling to remind them about the rip and promised replacement and within a few days it was fixed. Now were ready for the winter!

Review №38

Had my window put in 4-14-18. They were very quick and polite. Did a great job at installing it! My house looks amazing with the nee window! Great deals and they also offer financing! Highly recommend them!

Review №39

Had Feldco out to replace all my windows and my front storm door. Absolutely outstanding job. The salesman explained everything in detail to me. Scheduling was easy because they were in contact with me almost immediately after I set up to have a quote done and as soon as they new when the windows and door were going to be ready from the factory. The installers were amazing and did an excellent job. They were extremely professional, efficient and took the time to make sure the job was done right. When they were cleaning up they even picked up a couple pieces of trash that blew in my yard the day before. I would highly recommend Feldco to anyone looking to have windows or doors done.

Review №40

We had Feldco double hung windows installed a few weeks ago and are so pleased with them! The ease of opening them is wonderful! Solid, tight but light to lift. The salesman and the installers were very good to work with and the installers worked nonstop all day and did a very good job!

Review №41

We needed new windows for the lower level of our house. We got estimates from 3 companies. Feldco was not the cheapest nor the most expensive but the salesman Travis did a good job of explaining their product and we felt it was the best widow and quality to fit our needs. The installation team of Anthony and Dan did a excellent job great workmanship and trim well done. They explained how each type of window worked and should be cleaned.Fantastic job by this Feldco Team.

Review №42

The windows do the job, but this installation is poor. I have had so many problems.

Review №43

We had 13 windows to be replaced and the Feldco installation team of three finished the job before 4pm and did it flawlessly. Their professionalism was evident from their introduction until the time they left with the house being as clean if not cleaner than before they showed up. I have recommended Feldco to all of my friends and will be back for more windows when we replace the upstairs windows in a year or two. I cannot be more satisfied with Feldcos quality, installation, and most of all their customer service. 5 stars!!

Review №44

Pleased with experience from estimate to installation. 4 basement windows replaced and 2 replacement windows upstairs. Love the basement windows, ease of use, and look great. Installers worked nonstop and cleaned up everything. Recommend!

Review №45

Doing business with feldco was a wonderful experience: from Johnny in the office to Katie coming to explain about the windows and the workers who came to install them! Gus, Terence and Ventura did a wonderful job installing them and cleaning up. They were very nice and professional and I would trust them to any work. Feldco was a great experience and I would recommend them to all my family, friends and neighbors. Way to go keep up the great work!!!!

Review №46

Absolutely thrilled with our new windows. The installers were very professional and had the windows replaced within 3 hours. They also took the time to show us the features of the windows. We are a very happy with Feldco! Thank you!

Review №47

We had our windows installed over two years and had no issue at all. Called them back to get the garage window done and the patio door. Sales guy was very nice and up front with everything. He even offered a lower end window being that it is going into the garage! Great company and will be calling back later for a garage door replacement A++ service and company

Review №48

We recently had 16 windows replaced and could not be happier! The windows were installed very quickly from time of purchase. I would estimate about 2-3 weeks. The installers worked long days and in the rain for two days straight in order to get them completely installed! They even cleaned up after themselves and vacuumed! Price was reasonable and windows have a great warranty and seem very well manufactured. My only complaint is the bargaining process. In my mind there was a lot of unnecessary back and forth, but I do realize thats also sales for ya. Overall, Im very pleased!

Review №49

We recently got 6 new windows with Feldco. I would recommend them to any friends or family looking for new windows. Thank you Feldco!

Review №50

Mike is one of the best sales reps in the area. Our first experience with him was a big reason we did business with Feldco a second time. Feldco also offers great products. Weve gotten 3 windows and a garage door and couldnt be happier with the quality.

Review №51

Took off work early, went to this location to buy two storm doors Thurs afternoon. The door was locked. Only 800s numbers in the window. I called the number and was told that location is only open by appointment. Would have been nice if SOMEWHERE it would have said that. So I went to Home Depot, got two beautiful Anderson doors at a reasonable price and will not be recommending Feldco.

Review №52

We have used Feldco for all of our window replacements at various times during our first home ownership. They have always been professional and curtious throughout the whole process. They were early to install and within their time allotted to complete, allowing us to plan accordingly around our busy lives. We will continue to use them for any future home renovations. Beyond satisfied.

Review №53

When we moved into our new home in January of 2015 there was ice all over the insides of the old windows, heat was leaking out, and the sliding door wouldnt slide. Feldco changed all of that! We started with a few windows and loved the product so much we have had them back over and over. Now, every window and door in the entire house is Feldco. The front door with side light that our salesman helped us pick out is striking! They install in a timely manner, make sure the job is done right, and even clean up after themselves! I would recommend anyone looking for doors, sliders, windows, basement window wells, or trim around your garage door to call Feldco for their lifetime warranty products.

Review №54

I was very pleased with knowledgeable sales rep and the installation went really well. I would definitely recommend to others.

Review №55

This summer/fall we had 2 sliding patio doors, 2 casement windows, and a new entry door with 2 sidelight installed by the Peoria Feldco team. Our sales rep, Mike, was great to work with. He was at our house for several hours going through each step of the process from what door styles to design to alterations needed to accommodate our needs. The whole process what very easy and even when complications or issues came up (my house has some interesting construction issues, no fault of Feldco) the Feldco team came up with great plans to correct the existing issue. From day one we have been more than delighted with our experience with the whole Feldco team. We plan to use them in the near future to replace additional window in our home. Thanks to Mike, Joel, Jason and install crews!

Review №56

Wouldn’t recommend

Review №57

Initially we where very happy and felt great about our $9,000 purchase. Salesperson (Katie) was very pleasant and professional. Measurement process was completed quickly. During initial phases we asked if they had any concerns about installing our 2 story cathedral windows and was assured they could handle the job without a problem. Initial install date 1 month after purchase was cancelled, 45 min after the scheduled arrival time, due to an issue during transport. Even though we were scheduled for a 2 day install, they elected not to come the second day either. 2nd install appointment scheduled 2 weeks later for Saturday only. Crew arrived, were pleasant and professional but were not given advance warning about our 2 story cathedral window. Therefore did not have equipment necessary to complete the cathedral windows. They did a very nice job with our other windows and thoroughly cleaned up when done. We were told wed be contacted by Feldco office monday to schedule 2 remaining windows. By Wed we had not heard from anyone so reached out with no return call. After a couple more attempts we contacted our sales person who was able to get in touch with the right person who was surprised to hear from us, and thought our install had been completed. It was now approaching Thanksgiving and was well past our contracted install deadline. We have continued to attempt to get our remaining windows installed with several tentative dates given but not followed through on. We are now entering the 12th week of guaranteed 8 week install deadline and still not completed. Communication and planning has been very poor and they do not seem eager to complete the work. It has been communicated to us they are too busy with other customers to complete the work. We have paid for OUR purchase and feel they should honor their commitment to current customers before bringing on new business. We thought using a local company would provide better service than the larger chains. They have not once offered to make things right for us despite multiple conversations and staff acknowledgemt of their failure to follow through.

Review №58

Every step of the process went very well. Installation went above and beyond expectations. Would definitely recommend.

Review №59

Prompt service. Answered all my question. Cleaned up their mess. Product is great. I recommend their windows. Mike the salesman was very polite and knowledgeable.

Review №60

We were very happy with our Feldco experience. Installers were very good & fast. Would definitely recommend.

Review №61

I was very impressed on how quickly my order for windows arrived. The guys that worked on my windows were very friendly and answered my questions. I am very happy with the outcome.

Review №62

I had 5 basement windows installed they did a excellent job they had the windows in in no time the sales rep was very knowable they cleaned up their mess when they were done I would definitely recommend Feldco windows

Review №63

They where very professional and knowledgeable. The salesperson wasnt a typical salesperson trying to sell a bunch weof stuff we didnt need or want. The installers showed up on time and very well kept. They worked quickly and cleaned up after themselves.I personally have worked in the construction business and FELCO was one of the most professional and friendly companies I have met.Well done guys!!

Review №64

This place is amazing. Customer service is top notch.

Review №65

I had an amazing experience from the beginning to end with feldco! Customer service was excellent, the sales rep was very friendly and NOT pushy, and the installation team was professional and impressive! Great job feldco I will be using you on future jobs!!!!

Review №66

We replaced our broken windows with brand new ones from FELDCO. Very professional , no non-sense guys and gals. We have seen big improvements in room insulation as well as clear view since we installed non-grid windows. Planning to replace the rest of the grid windows with Clean view windows through FELDCO.

Review №67

Had all my windows done by them they did them in an timely manner have no complaints. I highly recommend them.

Review №68

Windows are Excellent. Installation team was very friendly and work was done at a professional level.

Review №69

Was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend feldco! Fast and friendly service! Will deffinetly keep feldco in mind for future projects!

Review №70

The windows was top quality the work man -ship was great and the installer did a great job thank you Feldco windows for a great job Larry French

Review №71

Feldo windows are beautiful, they operate easily, they clean easily, and our gentlemen that came to our house did a wonderful job. I am fully satisfied. Cindy-Peoria, Illinois

Review №72

I’m writing this review on behalf of feldco windows. We recently had four windows installed in our home and they look and function great, the installation crew was very neat and very professional, they were on time and even worked in the rain to get the job done. I would highly recommend feldco, great product great crews great appearance, thank you feldco.

Review №73

Love my new architectural windows the feldco replacements look like they were meant to be in my house morr than the originals. The feldco reps kept in touch throughout the installation and completion and made sure i was happy at all times. I found a great company for all my window and door needs. Thank you feldco!

Review №74

Second purchase from Feldco . Both purchases went smooth , and the installers were very professional . Installed new windows and doors and cleaned the entire area . Very happy

Review №75

Straight shooting representatives. Windows work exactly as promised. Energy-efficient efficiency of our home greatly increased. Thank you!

Review №76

Exceptional service all around. Cant recommend enough.

Review №77

The quality, competency, and attitude are above the bar! Friendly and fast service!

Review №78

YOU did a great job like always, was very impressed cleanup was great

Review №79

Upfront estimates friendly service

Review №80

They are friendly and reliable.

Review №81

Good place to buy Windows and Doors

Review №82

From start to finish everything was done professional!!!

Review №83

Feldco was pgenopphen from front to end! amazing!!!

Review №84

Great product!!

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