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9192 W Cactus Rd h, Peoria, AZ 85381, United States
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Brant is very kind and gave me a lot of tips on how to glam up my lampstands and other tables. He has great deals on mirror glass and he is extremely knowledgeable. He went out of his way to help me out. He did take a long time to return my phone calls, but Im so glad I was persistent, because my furniture end up looking amazing on a beer budget bargain price.

Review №2

I called about 13 different people desperately trying to find someone to come today after my sliding glass door exploded! The owner told me he could do the job and would be there in the hour! He was here as promised and did an amazing job out install and was super friendly. Honestly, a life saver.

Review №3

Repeatedly Brant would make excuses as to why they didnt show on time, and didnt call. One day stretched into the next and late into the evening. He got upset with me calling to find when theyd show after missing their appointments. I have roommates that work nights/sleep day which I had to work around. Id rather he told me 2-3 days than keep missing appointments, then getting upset when I called. Matt on the other hand (installer) was extremely nice and professional. The job had many unexpected problems but he persevered. If it werent for Matt Id give 0 stars.

Review №4

We used AZ Alpha to custom cut 3 glass pieces and a backwall mirror for a display cabinet. Matt did not leave until every piece of glass and the mirror was installed. All pieces fit perfectly. The price was reasonable as well. We would use them again and Matt is a very nice guy.

Review №5

I didnt give them much notice on a large coffee table glass, and they were able to deliver in reasonably short time. Gentleman who came was very courteous and made sure to do a good job.

Review №6

This company is a fraudThey do not have a business they are cashing checkTheir license has been revokedDo not deal with this company they are not a real companyBrent is a fraud

Review №7

Matt is a Rockstar. My slider was breaking my back every time we opened it. AZ Alpha came out and squared it up, replaced the rollers and life it to now being able to be opened with one finger! Thank you AZ Alpha.

Review №8

Delays after delays and nothing is ever his fault.. Refused to refund my money after I fired him, have him on tape promising to return it. Brant, Guaranteed a install date and took a 50% deposit. Day the shower doors were to be installed, I text and asked when he would be there, he replied back that he wouldnt and blamed the issue on the company he gets the glass from. We scheduled another install date for 1 1/2 weeks later since I was going out of town, he guaranteed this install date. Three days before the rescheduled date, I text Brant to verify the install, he text back the next day saying that he had another install and couldnt do mine. Brant asked to reschedule for Thursday, I told him I couldnt do afternoon and of course that was the only time he could do it. I rearranged my Friday to accommodate his schedule with a 9:00 am guaranteed install time. At 8:55 am Brant text me that he would show up in 1 1/2 hrs and that he was on his way to get the glass. I informed him that I was sick and tired of his delays and that this would be the last time I would accommodate him. When he showed up a hour and forty five minutes later, the glass was cut wrong and would not fit. Of course nothing was his fault. I fired Brant and he agreed to return my deposit. After waiting a week for it, he started blaming the glass company and has refused to return my money. He went so far as to tell me to ask the glass company for the money even though I was not their customer he was. I had to text and constantly ask for updates, if not, I believe I would have never heard from him after he took my money. I have text messages and voice recordings to verify everything I have written. Small claims court is probably my next move.

Review №9

We wanted a very large piece of glass to cover a table. The table had some unique features so they came out and measured on a weekend. The service was awesome and their work was fantastic! We had checked with several other glass companies and their prices were much higher and their time to complete the project was much longer then AZ Alpha. The other companies also added a huge delivery charge. We will use AZ Alpha again and we will refer them to our friends.

Review №10

Scam & fraud and no real business address and license revoked

Review №11

Had a broken storm window and needed to get it fixed quickly. The owner told me to bring the window over to their shop and they would get it replaced by the end of the day. I brought it over and the guys had it fixed within the hour. Very happy with the work and how quickly they got it done.

Review №12

Fantastic job! Came out within an hour and repaired my glass shower door better than it was originally.

Review №13

Okay now, he did work for me 3 years ago, but hear me out. I had someone come and damage my two front windows late in the night. Finally, after hours of staying awake all night long, i started to call window companies, that specialized in stated they were open 24 hours. Let me tell you, I called about 12 people before someone finally answered. It was this guy. He was super supportive and caring. He said he would be here by 9am (or something like that). His guys were great, took out the remaining portion of glass in the windows and boarded up my windows for safety. I felt much better. Fast forward, my windows has to be ordered and they came in fast and they came and put them on. I had no issues. He didnt have he screens with him, as they still were being ordered but he wanted to make sure i had the windows in place asap. Let me give you a timeline. My issue happened Oct and I had windows within two weeks time max. We even forgot about my screens and then we called him or he called us (i forget) but he said, I am so sorry they came in and here they are and I will give you an extra screen because you waited so long. That was April. I love my windows, I REALLY love my screens. My windows cost 1200.00 two nice windows with three black out screens (for the sun). I write this review after I have to replace another window and I was going to call him. He did good for me in a bad situation!

Review №14

These people were fantastic, friendly, inexpensive, and quick. The other places I talked to told me Id have to wait weeks they were out next day and after I messed up they worked to help me fix my screw up on the dimensions. Reliable and friendly!

Review №15

I hired AZ Alpha Glass back in March to put up our mirrors for our second location salon in Peoria. Brett the owner sent out his worker Cody. He gave me an estimate for very large mirrors for the walls of the salon, they sent me an estimate and after that i decided i wanted to add LED lights around the mirrors to illuminate the edges. They submitted me a new invoice to agree and sign and do the job i did and they came out after the stuff was ordered and did the job. A couple days later my lights started falling and i contacted the worker by text and have the proof of my telling him that my lights are falling and they said they need to order new adhesive to reapply. They came out and did that and the lights fell again. At this point I am being ignored they dont want to fix my mirrors because they dont want to have to take the mirrors down and use the clips on the led lights to secure to the wall. This is back from march. I have been contacting the owner Bret since then and have voicemails and texts to prove that he will fix and hasnt done so. and today he is telling me i never paid for the lights so therefore he cannot fix my lights. mind you he had agreed to fix and also have invoices i paid, and texts that show they agree to come out and fix them. i would not recommend this company. He has given me so many excuses why he cant make it...he sick, he threw his back out, he has a sinus infections, his dad is having open heart surgery. If you want to see pictures check them out on yelp review.

Review №16

I brought in a very unusual idea for a gift I was planning to give. The staff were extremely helpful and made suggestions I wouldnt have thought of. The gift turned out better than I could have imagined. I will bring all my custom glass projects to AZ Alpha Glass!

Review №17

It took them 3 times to finally get it right and replace my windshield with a crack. It worked well for a few months and then I started having an air leak from the replaced windshield.I have been trying to get a hold of them for months and he will not return my texts or calls.PLEASE BE ADVISED. DO NOT RECOMMEND

Review №18

Has always done a terrific job and gave me what I asked for.

Review №19

OMG! These people came out SIX times and never did get one window fixed. I had 3 windows whose mechanisms were shot (16 years old). These people had been a recommendation from an acquaintance in Tucson. The first guy that came out to measure ripped a hole in one of the screens. The second guy that came out to fix a window said he had all the wrong parts and couldnt do anything. He did, however, set all the greasy parts on my carpet, staining it. The third guys to come out STILL had the wrong parts. The same two guys came out two more times and never did get one of the windows fixed. I had had enough by then and hired someone else, who came out and measured, ordered the parts, and fixed it on the next trip in less than 15 minutes. Apparently AZ Alpha Glass was using cheap, inferior parts. And their scheduling system and communication with the client is horrible! DONT HIRE THEM!

Review №20

My husband called this company late one night when our window broke and the guy (Brant, I believe was the name) told us he would could come out next day before noon. The next day around 11:30am he wasn’t there. My husband called him again and he told us things had come up and he would be there in 30 mins. An hour later he came out and looked at the window and told us he had other things that has come up but he promised he would be back in a few hours. After waiting a few hours we called him he said he’d be back tomorrow before 10am. So here we are today past 10am and not call from him and the window is not fixed. We tried calling him twice and no answer. We currently have another company coming over now to fix the window today. I wouldn’t waste your time with this company like we did.

Review №21

Was supposed to show up for an estimate one day never did. Did not call or text that they weren’t coming etc. Next day, called no answer, received a text back they would be there that day. Asked them for a tome frame- no response. Didnt show up again(2nd day)tried calling & texting several time through out the day with no response. Would not recommend.

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Very knowledgeable, great work

Review №23

Worst experience I’ve had with any company

Review №24

Horrible Communication

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