Northern Tool + Equipment
1600 W Interstate 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, United States
Review №1

Cheap Chinese tools. If youre looking for professional hand tools such as sockets ratchets and wrenches, you can skip this place. None of the tools are ANSI tested when I viewed them on this visit. Very slim selection of DeWalt tools and DeWalt power tools. But if you love your Milwaukee this may be your place.On the plus side, the staff are courteous friendly and helpful. They are well stocked in other merchandise if youre not looking for quality hand tools.

Review №2

Great deals. Cheaper than other outlets. Easy to use.

Review №3

I received out standing service from Felix.I order a part on line and I received notification it was in. I went to the store this past Sunday and was immediately greeted when I walked in by Felix. He found my product and helped me load it in my pickup. Felix looked up another part I had order and apologized because it was running late. Not only was he extremely friendly and helpful. Once my order was loaded he had explained that his car had been stolen. What a terrible way to start a day and this did not affect him and his great attitude. If you have an extra Miler award or employee of the Month. My nomination would go to Felix.

Review №4

It took us awhile to find this place with the GPS, although we were in the vicinity and took some wrong turns..our fault. My husband happened to see the huge sign by the highway and then found it immediately. It is located in a sort of strip mall, which we werent expecting. Theres a huge parking lot and we easily found a spot up front as there wasnt many cars here at all.We came looking for a generator specifically. We saw a couple of cashiers in position by the registers talking and on our way back looking for where the generators were located, we also saw a young man putting up stock. No one greeted us or asked us if we needed help. The building is quite large so it wouldve been nice to have some help. We found all the generators on the west wall and the Perfect one we was looking for. They were all locked up and so my daughter and took off to find that young man to help us. It looked like there no other customers in the whole building. When we finally found him he had to go find another person with the key. So this process went a little slower than expected.Once the key carrier arrived he helped us get the heavy generator up the front counter where no one bothered to talk to us. They seemed sort of rude I thought. They gave us the amount and we paid. No one even offered to help us get it out to the vehicle. So my husband got it out with one of their carts and loaded it himself. Where has customer service gone? I know well probably be back because of the good prices here but next time I hope they work on the service.

Review №5

Everyone was very helpful and the warehouse person was great. Very friendly and happy to help us load our order.

Review №6

Not a great selection of hand tools but otherwise a decent location. It is clean and the employees were very polite and helpful.

Review №7

Amber and Julie are absolutely excellent. Best customer service I’ve had in a long time. Don’t waste your time at other stores and come by here! Saved me time and money!

Review №8

Ordered a Northstar pump from them, but they sent me the wrong one. When I contacted them to get it exchanged I had to ship the wrong one back to them on my own dime. So basically it cost me extra money because they screwed up.In summary, the correct product was great, but the customer service was lacking.

Review №9

I went into the store to buy shelving 3 heavy large boxes I was prepared to be tied up for awhile and groaned at by loaders. I was met at the door by Amber and she had my order ready to load by the time I finished gathering my other items which she walked me to each item personally. Great service from Amber and I really appreciated the front door loading service!

Review №10

Went to pick up an impact drill and was greeted and directed by Adrian, the cashier. The drill was priced at $249.99 which I found to be the lowest in my area after searching online. Also left with a working jacket on the recommendation of the aforementioned cashier. All-in-all great customer care and will definitely be back. Adrian, if you see this it was great meeting you. I appreciate your help because I was very lost walking in!

Review №11

Do not reccomend for anyone either single party or company. Lack of communication and in store the lack of knowledge is overwhelming. I dont expect an employee to know everything but the managers dont even have a clue. Also everytime I have came here they act rude like Im in their way for asking questions.

Review №12

I live out of town so I get shipping and its so far has been good. Except my first order through you is triple build so I hope you all got that fixed. Good products

Review №13

Clerk was amazing. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №14

I came in to the store and was greeted by Amber and Julie who helped me with my purchase. They were extremely friendly and helpful (right at closing time, too!). I really appreciated the friendliness, but the fact that they knew what they were doing was fantastic. This was my first experience at Northern Tool, and because of them, it wont be my last!

Review №15

Very helpful with assisting me with this power washer, offering to give me the same price as on web. Thank you for your help.

Review №16

Called in 3 minutes to close 7 minutes away Lori B and Aaron are definitely assets to this company I will continue to bring business to south Oklahoma City location thank y’all very much.

Review №17

Great place to quick shop and carry DeWalt and Milwaukee products and affordable prices.

Review №18

Ordered online, pretty easy and fast, go to pick it up, called in my parking spot letter, told they are on the way ...20 minutes later, my mom gives up and goes inside, there are 4 workers just hanging out at the register... Doing nothing. Literally standing there chatting with each other as the phone rings and customers wait in the curbside pickup parking spots.

Review №19

Was researching to purchase an air compressor. Northern had one thatwas in my final 3. This was my first time to go to this brand. (industry lingo, not at all affiliated or related, im just a new very happy customer.) It came down to Noise Db and Price. My interest here was in the Twin-Stack P1IU-A9 2 HP 4 Gallon Portable Air Compressor by Ingersoll Rand. Not only was there a Save $30, they ALSO gave me A Military Discount for a Veteran with proper ID (look it up on their www). I 100% bought it and will definitely return to purchase more tools and equipment. From my point of view seeing it for the first time, this is a great store if you are in construction, a mechanic, or looking for farm supply items. Customer service was above and beyond! TY, New loyal Customer!

Review №20

Nice friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people. Good selection of tools and equipment on hand to choose from. Prices are comparable to other companies. There website has even more selection to look at with reasonably, affordable prices and simple shipping options. I highly recommend Northern Tool + Equipment for your home and business needs.

Review №21

Great! Good help. Polite and helpful.

Review №22

What amazing customer service. Lori and Amber was outstanding and will most definitely recommend this store to everyone. Thank you guys

Review №23

Dont wast your time with these people they quoted me a price over the phone and i drove over 45 miles to get it then they changed their price on the item they wouldnt honor the agreed price or try to make it good i know for sure ill never return to their store or another northern tool because of this

Review №24

I needed a rise towing hitch, so I dropped by to get one. The one I needed was out of stock but they helped me find an alternative that was actually a better fit for my needs. The staff went above and beyond to help make sure I had what I needed.THANK YOU!!

Review №25

Went there to pick up some needed tools. Wish they had a wider variety of brands but they were fairly priced. Was helped by Julie and Amber, they knew their way around the store pretty well and were very helpful whenever I asked about specific items.

Review №26

I ordered some shelves over the phone and Amber did a great job helping me figure out the order and shipping issues. I recommend this store and Amber.

Review №27

Rudest most unprofessional employee I’ve ever dealt with. I did an online order for curbside pickup. I called the number in my email when I arrived, they ask me to come in and I informed them that I wanted to do curb side pickup and that where the short rather large woman with a long ponytail hung up on me. She then came outside and got my ID. This is not how you get repeat customers!

Review №28

Ordering online and picking up in store is unfortunately the future because of the state of the world we live in. That being said, stores need to keep up, train their employees and make it quick to get your order. Our experience was none of these. Three employees had no idea how to pull up or look for an order placed online. It took calling the manager, several times, to finally get our order pulled up. Then it was a sh*t show getting our order loaded from the dock. It was not a good experience.

Review №29

Good selection Good People Good Prices what else could you want or need? The web site could use some improving, however, I dont need a web site I need an inner tube which they have IN STOCK! Yea!...

Review №30

They sells people had a attitude when asking questions about something they were not interested in.

Review №31

Adrian was really nice and offer to load up my products, defiantly will be coming back.

Review №32

I went in to get a part for my husband and I had a guy in there named Josh help me. He went above and beyond to help me. They didn’t have the part I needed so he called cooperate to find they don’t make the engine part I needed anymore. He continued to help me by calling someone in Tulsa for the part. In today’s society when you have someone who does such an incredible job helping you and doing their job it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Review №33

I had made a trip of almost 40 miles to get a wheel and tire for a log splitter that I had borrowed. I was at the Northern Freight in S OKC.One of the very professional and cordial managers (Stacy) tried to assist me in finding what I needed. Unfortunately, I learned that they were out of the particular wheel combo I needed. This is where Stacy went from being not only a very good employee to an exemplary representative of Northern Freight. She recalled a previous customer had ordered something very similar to what I needed but never came back. After searching the warehouse she found exactly what I needed. To say she made me a good deal would be an understatement. I wish I could leave 5 million stars.

Review №34

James was such a huge help, knowledgeable, very nice and polite He went above and beyond to help my husband. We will be repeat customers because of James.

Review №35

Northern Tool have great prices and I always get the curbside pick up and it so easy and convenient.

Review №36

This is the third time I have ordered online via Northern Tool. Very convenient; on all three occasions, items ordered were delivered to my local store for pickup within a week (at no charge). Great pricing (and very good quality) on everything they offer.

Review №37

Amber in the Oklahoma City store was very helpful and professional. I purchased a Klutch Band Saw and am very pleased so far.

Review №38

The first time I shopped here was several months ago and it was in person. Although what I was looking for was not available, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Today I placed an order online & its supposed to be ready within two hours. Its a simple order so there should be no problem.

Review №39

Good products at a fair price.

Review №40

Drove from norman to get a stool. They said they had 2 in stock and got there was nothing there. Couldnt get help with ordering one

Review №41

Good store, good selection of tools. Adrian helped me Find the items I needed to start a project

Review №42

I went in last week and Adrian, the cashier, did a superb job at pointing me in the right direction to what I needed. Adrian was a very helping gentleman and deserves a pat on the back. Will be returning, thank you, Adrian!

Review №43

Workers in this facility are nice and real helpful, unlike walmart workers who hide from customers

Review №44

I will definitely not be back to this horrible place the two cells ladies Julie and Amber they are horrible at helping customers they try to sell you extra warranties extra protection that you dont really need extra parts they tried to sell me a 31 gallon pressure washer when I only needed the 16 gallon and they tried to convince me that I should purchase the warranty because you never know what could happen to the product because they get a lot of returns on the products so my advice to you is to not go in the store and speak to them because they are both liars..

Review №45

Great service candie was very helpful i would highly come back again 10/10

Review №46

I noticed on the website that this location carry’s a variety of Milwaukee power tools. I made the 45 minute drive to the store. When I walked in the cashier greeted me and asked if I needed help. I inquired about the Milwaukee, he said give him a second and he would have a sales person meet me up front. A lady came up and walked me to the Milwaukee section. I was very pleased with the large selection of Milwaukee tools. I purchased a combo kit and accessory and received a promotional deal of $100 off. I will definitely come back!

Review №47

Online ordering and ship to store....simple. Only drawback is amount of time to get items shipped so dont be in a hurry.

Review №48

I have the best experience ever at this location I went into their being a woman I was completely out of my element and a sweet young man by the name of Aaron Lopez he helped me so much I was able to actually get what I needed plus some things to help me out that I didnt need but came in handy when I got home I will forever be a customer at this location thanks a lot guys see you soon

Review №49

Julie was very helpful she knew where everything I was looking for was and recommended things to go with it .

Review №50

Aaron takes great care of you here, will be a repeat customer for a long time!

Review №51

I had needed to cut chords of wood for our wood stove but my chainsaw wouldnt start. Ran over to your store to see what kind of sparkplugs you all had there. It didnt take that long to find what I needed with the help of Aaron. I told him my problem and he squared it away. I was back, ready to warm up my family and my home. Thanks Aaron, from Northern Tool.

Review №52

Just went into the store and had an encounter with the store manager. He asked if I needed help, I didn’t but I was curious what was going on where the front where the shelves were empty. He told me they where getting a large Milwaukee setup on Monday. He was very excited and told me to come back and see it. Tom was very nice and very personable, great store. I will come back on Monday evening to see what he was so excited about.

Review №53

Aaron and Steven Adrian was also and theyre the best night crew

Review №54

Bought a generator & didnt start for me ,took it right back they went above & beyond exchanged it put my gas in new one & oil in it & made sure it started before I left. 11-1-20 at 4:30p.m.I have bought alot of stuff here awesome store . Always get treated with respect. Thanks guys .

Review №55

Excellent store. Well maintained with a large selection. Good prices too. Perfect toy store for guys/gals who love tools.

Review №56

Had some of the best customer service I have ever received. I was approached by several employee’s in the store while I was browsing for air compressors offering assistance. The level the employee’s went to ensure I had everything I needed was second to none. I will be coming back for more purchases.

Review №57

Great service and got a discount on sale items.

Review №58

Ordered a new chainsaw online. They had a Husqvarna Rancher for a good price. 40 minutes later it was ready at curbside pick up. I like this store because they have great variety and they sell a LOT of brand name tools, unlike their other discount competitor which mostly sells off-brands and odd generics. Ill go back!!

Review №59

Called to asked if they had a specific item. They said they did. We arrived and they do not have it, they dont even carry the brand. The staff clearly dont want to help you and do the bare minimum when asked.

Review №60

Steven is the man! Great customer service will definitely be back!

Review №61

Bought a generator due to power outage. Derek went above and beyond to help me. I am so thankful for the exceptional custimer service. In fact, what Derek did went way beyond any general expectations. He said he wanted to be comfortable in knowing when i get home, I will know basics.of how to operate the generator. Derek showed me the basics and explained everything, wheeled it to my car and loaded it for me. Im still in awe at the level of service I received. Thank you Derek. You are literally our hero. Thank you Northern Tools for making my 1st experience as a customer so special.

Review №62

Store always organized well and folks are very pleasant

Review №63

Always enjoy coming here because the store is well stocked and the employees are always friendly and helpful.

Review №64

I drive 30 minutes to this store to find out it was closed and the hours clearly said its open till 4

Review №65

I found Northern Tools to be one stop shop for tools.Thanks to Candie I was able to find every thing I needed with out having to search the store over to find them and she even talked me into buying some things that I didnt even come for.Sha was very professional and helpful making my experience with Northern Tools a good one.From now on it is my store to shop for tools.Good job Candie.

Review №66

Sales people are slow and pawn you off on someone else instead of finding out the answer to your question.

Review №67

Adrian was very helpful, got everything I needed.

Review №68

The store is good however the two times I have gone there they were short handed and the wait for check out or pick up took quite a long time.

Review №69

Just simply nice people who take the time to help.

Review №70

Great price on oil dry

Review №71

Great customer service! Julie was very helpful and professional.

Review №72

Josh in Small Engine repair is amazing. Purchased a new Stihl MS311 Chainsaw from Tulsa location yesterday because of ice storm in OKC and couldn’t get it started after 30 minutes of trying. Josh identified issue within 5 seconds and had the chainsaw running and provided me with diagnostic fix and solution. In and out in less than 5 minute. All I can say is wow!!!

Review №73

My husband went there to get something, but I was able to find some amazing taffy!

Review №74

They always have the tools I need but their customer service is always terrible. Its like they are too busy to provide good customer service unless they know you personally.

Review №75

Good products on first order so Im back again.

Review №76

Best. Place. Buy. Tools

Review №77

Amber and Aaron assisted me in my purchases of a Milwaukee tool plus free battery promotion. Excellent customer service!

Review №78

Jonathan is the man! Electric Generators out of stock all over OKC, Norther tool has them! All sizes. Jonathan answered every elementary question I had and got me in and out with all the supplies I needed within 10 minutes. Kudos for having a well trained staff.

Review №79

Went to the shop to get some advice on my generators. I was helped and o didn’t get charged for the friendly advice. Fantastic.

Review №80

I went into the store to purchase Milwaukee. I asked a tall gentleman I think his name was Chris for specific milwaukee combo kits and some bandsaws. He was very pleasant and took care of me very quickly. I will be back for more products. Great store and selection.

Review №81

John help me out! And Jeremiah was amazing helping me load up!Chris was spot on

Review №82

Best place to get STIHLand Milwaukee. I was surprised that they had both of these in one store. Very large selection. Cashiers are very friendly.

Review №83

Great place to go get stuff. I come here all the time. Love it

Review №84

Great place to do business with. I purchase most all my hand tools there and lot of other power equipment. service center stands behind all their work. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №85

Came in for a heater and got a great deal the sales manager Aaron even helped me carry it to my vehicle in the ice storm amazing customer service!

Review №86

Love this store, I have had my lawnmower fixed, I have purchased lots of tools. Every time I go into the store they are very busy. I feel sorry for them sometimes. Saw one guy scream at them because the price was different online than in store. But the manager was great. Customer should have been thrown out. I will always come here.

Review №87

Very busy store. I had a warranty return and they took care of it pronto. I have spent a lot of dollars at this store and it is never a waste. I suggest everyone check this store out. The people who work their actually run around the store helping people. Great store.

Review №88

Was at the store to pick up item, line got very big. The lady at cash register called in some help. Really fast, I think he ran the store manager Tom was up to help and called me over. I just left Walmart and the lines were huge, and not one person came over to help. I am very impressed with Tom. He was very friendly and I have never seen a store manager help at the cash registers. I will come here with my husband from now on.

Review №89

I have been going to this store a lot since I got tired of the craziness at Lowe’s. What they don’t have they seem to be able to order, which is really nice. The tools here are more for professional. Always get helped and I have seen the staff deal with some incredibly mean people and they always seem to be nice and helpful. This is my store for tools. Love it here.

Review №90

Went in to pick up my order. Cashier was fast and very happy. Go here all the time. Tools are better than harbor freight, they last. Very nice store.

Review №91

Went there today to pick up some tools. Very busy and an interesting selection of rather large items and small tools. I had some problems finding the correct water pump, and a very tall guy - I think he was the store manager helped me. Very nice guy and answered all my questions. Store is large and seems to have some nice people working there. Very busy and they have trailers too. I think I’ll come back and buy one from them.

Review №92

I have not been in the store in a while I just bought some Milwaukee tools. Man they have a whole new section in the front of the store lots and lots of Milwaukee. I spent over $800 and the store manager came to the front and thanked me personally, nicest thing that has happened to me in a store, ever. This is my new store to buy tools bye bye Harbor freight.

Review №93

Awesome tool store they aways have what i need

Review №94

Had what i wanted. Good price. Easy check out.

Review №95

Everything was fine EXCEPT the delivery schedule. I dont understand why it will take so long to get the hydraulic press here in Oklahoma.

Review №96

Always receive excellent customer service at our store. I shop their often for all types of items related to my small farm and construction business.

Review №97

My wife just did a review so I thought I would too. Love my Milwaukee Drill

Review №98

People in the store where very helpful but knew nothing about the product I was after. It was pallet forks that go on a front loader bucket. Could not find the right specs online or by a phone call. I just finally gave up. I think you should be able to ask questions and get straight answers not I dont know! And if the employees dont know and the manufacturer dont know then who does. ( Lost Sale for Northern). Fyi the product I was after was in there own catalog....hmmmm.

Review №99

I shop there a couple of times and they are willing to help me find what Im looking for

Review №100

Nice tool store. Very bad cashier set up

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  • Address:1600 W Interstate 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73159, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 405-543-2988
  • Hardware store
  • Air compressor supplier
  • Tool store
  • Home improvement store
  • Industrial equipment supplier
  • Repair service
  • Small engine repair service
  • Trailer dealer
  • Trailer supply store
  • Welding supply store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Service guarantee:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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